January 21, 2008

The benefits of procrastination

It's super cold out, and I have to walk to the bank. I love walking, but I hate the cold. If it falls lower than -10, you're going to have to practically drag me from my house, and if it's below -20 (which is where we are today, -23 with windchill) then the odds that I am leaving my home unless it's on fire are just about zero. (Even then, fires are cozy.) I hates it, and today I have no choice but to go out because I've got to go to the bank or something terrible will happen...like running out of food, and when you have three teenagers, you don't want to go there. We have never run out of food before, so I'm not sure what they might do, but the children run in packs, and Joe's still away so I'm very badly outnumbered and have no muscle. Not a good day for experiments. Sum total, I'll be outside for about an hour (it's a bit of a walk)...and I know for a fact that if I had gone upstairs and put on my long underwear (don't laugh. it's that cold) and just got going, I'd have been back in the time I've spend avoiding it.

Still, I have been avoiding it, and so desperate have I been, that I actually fixed the leaf thing. Other than the horrendous upset of having hard work undone, it turns out not to have been that difficult to repair. Not hard...just fiddly, like everything else on this sock.

Step one.


Identify lost stitches. Use crochet hook that Fibergal gave me at SOAR to ladder them back up and otherwise secure them. (I love this hook)

Step two.


Make some sort of crazed guess about what the next step might be. Decide it is decreasing and do so.


Step three.


Begin to work crazy little attached i-cord without standing up, taking the sock from my lap nor...possibly...breathing.

Step four.


Sew down stem end. Drop darning needle, take 14 months off life as I experience flashbacks.

Step five.



Now. I'm going to the bank. I deeply, deeply regret that I thought it was too cold to go to the bank on Saturday and put it off. It was way less cold. (Idiot.) This has got to be the planets way of making sure I learn some sort of lesson about procrastination. (Again.) I wonder if there's some way I could do that later...

Posted by Stephanie at January 21, 2008 10:38 AM