May 7, 2009

That Magic Moment

I know that this is going to be another one of those times that a non-knitter reads the blog and shakes their head sadly that I could even be capable of this sort of incomprehensible thought, but I'm just going to let fly with it.

I am just at the most exciting moment with this sweater.


Cabled cardigan (#19) - that's a Ravelry link, from Vogue Fall 2006, knit out of Cascade Ecological wool.

Some people like the beginning, of a sweater. They like choosing their yarns, checking the pattern, the cool feeling of having the whole thing stretch before them... the sparkly new beginning when a whole project is filled with possibility. It makes them feel full of hope.

Some people like the middle, doing the real work. They are process knitters, and they love the meat and potatoes of churning out the body of the knitting. It makes them feel accomplished and competent to watch it all happen.

Some people, they like having the finished thing. They don't like the other parts as much, for them the fun body of the work also has worry and indecision. Their knitting is about making something, and the majority of their happiness and fulfillment happens when they have made it.

Me, I like this part, I've knit the two fronts, the back, the two sleeves and I've picked up all the stitches around the fronts and back for the great big collar. I am almost done, and almost done is my favourite way to be. Right now, I've had the pleasure of choosing the possibilities, the satisfaction of watching the work grow, and the fulfillment of having the end in sight...

but I haven't actually finished, tried it on, and found out what the *&^%$# is wrong with it.

See? Right now, that sweater is perfect. I love this part.

Posted by Stephanie at May 7, 2009 2:00 AM