January 7, 2010

Still hearing David Bowie

Still swamped, my little flowers of joy, and so you will have to content yourselves with this bizarre drive-by-blogging that's the best I can muster.

I've been working away on Wild Apples, all the while remembering what a pleasure these kits are.  The yarn is so beautiful, the colours so lovely, and  really (this is the moment when a lot of you sit there, re-reading the sentence I'm about to type and shaking your heads sadly, thinking that I've finally snapped and that you can no longer relate to this sort of bonkers talk) I really love knitting whole sweaters on 2.5mm needles. It's satisfying the way that real oatmeal or baking bread from scratch is.  It's not like it's hard to do it.. it just takes longer and you have to content yourself with slower progress - assuming that you care, and if you're knitting a bohus, I suggest you not care and try and get all Yoda-knitter on it.  "This is not the sweater you seek.  The process is the sweater. The sweater is progress alone without becoming a sweater."  (It helps.)

Along with those pleasures, I've been re-visiting the joy of arsing up a row of colourwork and tinking back 325 fuzzy little stitches to fix it.  (I tried to get Yoda Knitter on that one, but I couldn't.  It sucked.)  It's fixed now, but for the record, it takes up pretty much an entire episode of Law and Order (or a whole glass of Shiraz- depending on how you like to measure these things) to get it done.  Bad-ass.  That's what that was- but the truth now is the same as it was in grade 11 when I learned it from watching a girl named Tracy.

If you're really good looking, you might be easier to forgive.

I wanted to run a question by you all, since it's coming up more and more often.  I had planned on repeating the Knitting Olympics this year, like I did four years ago, but I think maybe things have changed too much.  I always intended for the Knitting Olympics to happen in conjunction with the Winter Games (what can I say.  Something about the Winter Games says knitting to me) and two years ago when the Summer Olympics came along, I didn't run them- Mostly because I thought that it would be less special if it happened every two years, and because I really did think of it like it was an Olympic sport.  If you're an   runner, how often do you compete?  Every four years.  If you're a skier, how often do you compete? Every four years.  That was my thinking anyway - I remember suggesting at that time that if you wanted to compete in both the summer and winter Olympics, then maybe you needed another sport.  Maybe you would have to be bi-craftual?  Like... the winter games are the knitting ones, and the summer ones were for a crochet challenge?  

Turns out that nature really does abhor a vacuum, and there were enough knitters who wanted it to happen anyway, that when I didn't do it, it really sprang up on Ravelry where knitters were gathering, and the Ravelympics were born and executed.  This year while I've been getting ready to decide how to handle my plan,  I've gotten a bunch of emails from people asking questions. They've asked if I'm joining the Ravelympics, what Ravelympics team I'd like to be on, if I'd like to start a Canadian Ravelympics team... Even a few people who wonder if I know about the Ravelympics because it's a cool idea (it is!)  People have been asking me too if I'm planning on doing my Knitting Olympics... It makes me wonder if doing something his year (which isn't an insignificant amount of work, really) would be sort of stupid?  If maybe the idea that was born here hasn't moved on to its proper home on Ravelry?  That maybe some of the qualities Ravelry has makes it a natural place for the Knitting Olympics to go- I mean, every team can have it's own group - there's forums, it's easy to put up pictures... it's not at all that the Knitting Olympics isn't a great fit over there- it is. It might even work way better...  I can see that. 

The sense of it all (and the way that really, it's all set up already) makes me think that maybe I don't have a decision to make at all... that the move has really  already happened. Things change, ideas shift, grow and move, or they wouldn't be ideas, they'd be statues. (That's a really dumb sentence.) The idea was to have some knitterly fun, not to necessarily have it here.. and it's not like it won't still have a way to be fun for me.. or you or anyone.  Heaps of fun, actually.

Thoughts? Ideas? Comments on how clever I am to notice now that the barn door's been open for a while and how I might want to stop looking for a horse in there?  Input and suggestions welcome.

Posted by Stephanie at January 7, 2010 3:01 PM