A room of my own.

Except it’s not really my own, and it’s not really a room, and I’ve sort of finished it too late to keep me sane during the March Break, and it’s not really finished since all the trim needs to be done….but let’s put that aside.

There used to be this crappy mudporch off the back of my house. A really crappy dark room with a cement floor and mice condominiums built in the walls and there was this strange little 3/4 size door that led out to the side of the house and the backyard. It’s actually the only way to the backyard. Anyone who saw it could testify that it was awful. It was where we kept tools and the recycling. In the meantime, I was trying to write books and think clearly (and get the kids and Joe to try not to interrupt me) with my office in …well. ON the dining room table. I had to move my stuff every time we ate a meal there. One day, I got fed up with, I don’t know what. Likely one of the kids, (I have a knack for directing hostility into home renovation) and my buddy Sinead and I went into the back room and ripped the crap out of it.


That’s the corner that today looks like…


This! My office. Well. That 1.5m by 3m is my office. The rest is still storage space. Much better storage space, I grant you.


Want a tour?


I even put some stuff in the drawer.


It’s still a backroom. It’s still small and a little crappy, but it’s mine.

It made me so happy I started a new sock.


Happy St. Patricks day. Pass the Guinness. I’ll be in my office.

265 thoughts on “A room of my own.

  1. Yay! A room of ones own is a wonderful thing. The sock is pretty, very green, almost matches the wall too.
    Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

  2. Wow, so cute! It must be so satisfying to have your own place. I think you need to show us what is the in the big wardrobe though….

  3. Wonderful to have a space of your own. My first commnet on your blog and I might be first. Harlot, you are inspiring. Happy St. Pat’s Day.

  4. It’s a great crappy lil office and it’s PERFECT to get away from the kids. Now if you can just install a door with a lock between them and you…. Happy Saint Paddy’s Day! πŸ˜€

  5. This post gives me hope for the future. What a transformation – and I am LOVING the green sock. Gotta git me some of that.

  6. We all need our own space. I’m impressed! You make me want to grab a sledgehammer … and plan a trip to Ikea. Enjoy!

  7. Ahhh…a room of one’s own…how very nice! You did a great renovation job. In fact, I’ll lift a Guinness later this evening to you and your office. Happy St. Paddy’s Day back!

  8. Wow! It looks fabulous… much better than before (well, since the first we saw of ‘before’ was the part you’d ripped up, most anything would be better… but you know what i mean) It must be great to have a place of your own to work! Congrats!

  9. I hope you can lock it from your side to keep the ravening hordes out of your chocolate. What a cheery little room – congratulations!

  10. By the way, you can move your books to the top (I think those metal things will serve as bookends) when you need that second shelf for more yarn space.

  11. Every woman needs a room of her own … you know that if Virginia Woolf said so, it must be true.
    And I see that you’ve given in to the siren call of the Jaywalker. I’ll lift a Guiness to that.
    Erin Go Bragh!!

  12. Wicked!!! What a fabulous transition. But take those 2 measly books that are not numerous enough to merit their very own shelf, pile them under/behind the laptop, and surrender “bookshelf” to its rightful purpose as “yarn shelf”. Oh…and I WONDER what “some kind of shelf” will get used for…

  13. This is my first comment on your blog – what a beautiful room. It’s perfect. Um, did you burn some sage or light a candle or something to consecrate it to your nefarious purposes? Actually, the steam rising from your coffee cup would probably do the trick…
    Your writing lights up my life. And I don’t even knit. Yet. [grin]

  14. A quiet place to commune with (and communicate about) your stash is a good thing. Thanks for the inspiration and can I borrow Sinead?

  15. Excellent room, Dude! I knew there would be yarn storage there. (And nice secret chocolate stash…)
    I can’t believe you would tease us with that delicious sock and not tell us the yarn. Come on, what is it? Can we get it here in Ontario?
    I agree with Kelly – the amount of yarn there looks a little light – will more be coming?

  16. How wonderful to have your own special room!
    I adore the sock colorway… I can’t wait to see the finished socks!

  17. Oh, Stephanie, it’s so lovely. I especially love that your office has a shelf of sock yarn, all for its self. Congratulations!

  18. Wow a room of your own! Looks great. I might get a room of my own in.. oh, about 10 years when the kids leave. Enjoy your space.

  19. You inspire me… not just to knit, but to tear down some crappy walls and create an inviting space of my own – even if small. πŸ™‚

  20. Is that…is that…a…JAYWALKER on the needles??? Very pretty colorway. Matches the room, matches the day–what more could you ask for? I think there’s a Guiness in the back of the fridge I’m going to dig out. Not as good as getting it on tap at a pub, but that’s my life these days. Hope the prospect of a finished room gets you through the rest of March break.

  21. The room looks great and it is YOUR space! Your sweat, blood and sanity went into that room. So when ever your office is being usurped by someone else it is yours.
    Love the Jaywalker. Is it Socks that Rock or something else.

  22. VERY very nice for sure!!Love the color of the walls and the afghan fits right into the color scheme.Good for you –to have a place of your OWN.As MS. M.S. says don’t waist an inch–put cupboards and shelves right up to the ceiling ,saves floor space and gives you more storage for “”stuff” (yarn ) in our world.I do hope it will be warm enough out there in the winter for you to keep working on books and knitting .Lord its a good thng you take your hostility out on renovating haha.Sure hope Hank doesn’t think this room was made for him to play in .How’s the ball winder surviving this visit ?haha

  23. Lovely! And I love the green sock. I decided yesterday that I have to start me some Jaywalkers, although I was thinking yellow and/or orange for April Project Spectrum. But that green is awfully nice…

  24. How well I know that “fed up with I don’t know what” feeling. It’s exactly what inspired me to tear into the disaster area that was my workroom with a passion and frenzy that, no word of a lie, terrified my husband.
    The workroom isn’t totally complete yet, but it’s getting there, baybee, and is now actually a haven for productivity instead of an obstacle course in which we could easily have lost our toddler.
    If your serenity and excitement at having a lovely workspace is anything close to what I’ve been feeling lately about mine, you must be one happy lady indeed. I think the sock proves it. What a joyful colourway.
    Enjoy all the wonderful green in your day.

  25. I don’t believe for a minute that is all of your sock yarn. I’m guessing it is a representative sample of your sock yarn collection. Either that, or it goes many layers back.
    I’m envious you have your own space. I have the corner by the couch and the kids always knock my baskets over. I love the stripey sock.

  26. I love your room. I would love to have my own room, and actually have everyone stay out of it. If I had my own neat clean space, it wouldn’t be long before my husband the clutter bug moved in. You see, all HIS space is cluttered, and rather than actually clean up HIS space, it’s easier just to take over MY nice clean spots! You might consider a lock for your little space.

  27. It must be something in the air (Olympic fumes) I started cleaning out my sewing room (6 feet by 8 feet) not too long ago and can finally see out of the window! Lovely room. The kids at school are verrrry impressed that anyone can actually knit socks.

  28. good for you! i have countless girlfriends who, once they had kids, gave up even thinking they deserved space for themselves — they just ceded everything to the babies, let their husbands keep whatever private space they already had, and made do with moving their piles of stuff from available surface to available surface. i did the same once my daughter was born, and it choked off my creativity to the merest trickle. i now have my own room (it’s tiny, and dark, but i can CLOSE IT OFF) and i’m back in the swing of things.
    every mom needs her own (relatively) off-limits space!
    enjoy your new-found privacy!

  29. GASP! I must know what yarn you are using for that Jaywalker!
    I love green. And that colourway is GORGEOUS.

  30. Lovely! It looks sunny and warm with that pretty green on the walls.
    Having a room of my own was a priority when we went house hunting last year. It’s well worth it. And I’ve been telling my family that mom needs so much yarn because that way it won’t hurt when she bangs her head against the wall.

  31. CONGRATULATIONS! Especially on remembering to take the “before” picture. That’s what I always forget πŸ˜‰

  32. It’s a miracle I can type at all — I am limp with envy. It might even run to renting a backhoe and a flamethrower and trying to clear a path around here.
    But chickadees? If you’re reading this, and if you want Stephanie to come to your town, what worked for us (no promises, but it did work for us) is to ask, not She Herself, but your local book/yarn store. Stephanie is Canadian, and probably much too polite to drop in without an invitation. But if you can convince your shop to call Storey Press and persuade THEM that your town is thick with knitters with money to spend buying books, Storey is liable to send her your way with a big bow around her neck. Couldn’t swear, of course, but booksellers like to sell books.

  33. That is the cherriest, most colorful, happiest set of pictures I’ve seen in awhile. (Could be the lime sock yarn.)

  34. Ah, Ruth and I are both very fond of Virginia Wolfe’s book, it seems! Your space is just fine for now, in fact, better than fine, excellent! You still have some of Spring Break and the rest of your life to enjoy this space. And now you need a sign like: Stay Out – Best Selling Authoress at Work OR Mom’s Space OR Knit Lit Spoken Here. Get back at all those teenager signs!!!

  35. Great sock – I recognize that yarn! Glad you’re knitting with it. So, how do you like the Vesper? And the office/storage space looks awesome. You did a great job.

  36. Nice office! Is that a Dagoba dark chocolate bar – with lavender & blueberry? Mmmm delicious. I have a Dagoba dark chocolate with chile in my desk drawer right now! I can hardly wait to go out and buy your book next week. Enjoy yourself! You deserve it!

  37. Beautiful! Enjoy every bit of quiet you can get out of it! Love that sock!

  38. That is so inspiring, Stephanie! The whole thing, but particularly the “knack for directing hostility into home renovation”. I love it.

  39. That’s fantastic! I think everyone needs a little space to call their own. I’m so happy for you! Love the sock, really fantastic idea on the whiteboard, and I love the wall color in your new room. It’s so bright and soothing at the same time – good stuff! Congrats!

  40. Virginia Woolfe would be so proud!
    It must be in the air, because after years of moaning an groaning, I just claimed my own creative space in our house a glorified closet/tiny guest room, but it’s gonna be great!
    (and mine, mine, mine)

  41. My goodness what an improvement! Pretty soon it will be an over stuffed with yarn, books, needles, and bags like the rest of our offices! Welcome to the overstuffed office club.

  42. Thank You, I’ve been patiently waiting for pix of the furnished room ever since the wardrobe building effort. It is lovely, bright,cheerful, and hopefully, mostly yours. Like Dina, I would love to see the interior of the wardrobe. Here’s hoping it is mostly filled with yarn, safely protected from stash weasels. Enjoy!!
    Also, just bought your 1st bookbookbook and am having to ration the reading as I don’t want to hurt myself laughing and/or falling off my chair. The quotes are excellent, and your thoughts are priceless. Will pick up books 2+3 asap. Thanks again, and keep writing!

  43. Woot! A place of your own to write is so so so damn important (as is the chocolate). I’m thrilled for you!
    (Though I’ll admit that for some reason, though I write best in my own office, I revise best when I take over the dining room table. When I’m in revisions, we eat in the kitchen or in the living room with plates on our laps. Can’t quite bring myself to feel bad about that.)

  44. It is a good friend indeed who will help one tear out a back room and make a bright and inspiring space with you! Congratulations! (I echo the sentiments of an earlier commentor that I want to see what is in the big cabinets…..)

  45. Steph, your room looks just wonderful. I don’t know why you call it crappy. Every mother deserves her very own, special space. I’m glad you got yours. And the sock — that’s a wonderful colourway. I’ll lift a Guiness to it and you tonight!

  46. Wow, the before and after pictures of the room are really impressive.
    How did you get the waves in the sock that you are knitting? (Or where would i get the pattern?)

  47. I’m impressed. Can you do my house next? I have an entire attic you can work on…….
    Nice Jaywalker too.

  48. Oh, neato! Your room is just the color that I want to transform the spare bedroom in our home. How serene! I can just see words flying out of there and into another book from your creative mind. Congratulations! Blessings, Julie

  49. Congratulations on completing the room. Looks great. It’s nice to have a room of one’s own, even if just a small one. Congrats on the book too! Can’t wait to get my copy.

  50. I don’t know what’s cooler–that you’ve claimed a space of your own or the great renovation job.
    And I KNOW that that teeny, tiny bit of yarn we see there is simply overflow from other parts of the house. Right? Come on, ‘fess up.

  51. Lovely! I like the section for the yarn.
    Please do go buy yourself a wrist rest for your mouse. Perhaps one for the keyboard, too. It’ll save your wrists from pain and allow you to knit without carpal tunnel.

  52. Wow. What a change! You guys did an awesome job, and your desk is SO clean. I work out of my home and my desk is in my bedroom and my warehouse is also known as the garage. LOL. But my desk is nowhere near as clean as yours, and I love the beautiful inspiring color on your walls. I guess the green is in honor of St. Patty’s day?? You have been doing so well you deserve a desk. Perhaps next year you will get a whole room to yourself. Wouldn’t that be heaven?

  53. Granted I’ve only got one three-year old girl and not three teenage girls… but I want a room of my own, too! The before and after photos are phenomenal!

  54. That looks like an office! Since you have an office to write in, you know we will be looking for a fourth book pretty soon…heh, heh, heh!

  55. congrats on getting a room of your own! i did something similar, involving a dirt floor basement, about 5 years ago. it saved my sanity and my marriage to have “mommy’s playroom” and it also gave me a place to hoard chocolate (along with art supplies, roving, yarn, etc). i hope you enjoy it alot!

  56. What a sweet corner – no pun since there’s chocolate in the drawer. And, all for you! Enjoy.
    Deep peace of the running waves to you,
    Deep peace of the flowing air to you,
    Deep peace of the quiet earth to you,
    Deep peace of the shining stars to you,
    Deep peace of the shades of night to you,
    moon and stars always giving light to you
    -Gaelic blessing-
    Love the O’Sock! :0)

  57. What a great space! You are going to love it! I’m convinced that I get more work done when I am in pleasing surroundings…maybe it’s just a mental thing, but it works for me:) I love the green stripey socks! By the way…I’m not fooled that you have all your sock yarn in that little cubby. There’s just no way!

  58. You have inspired me to FINALLY paint the little corner in a very large room where my computer armoire (love that word) sits. It’s a beautiful armoire (love that word) from IKEA (best store ever) with a fun red chair from IKEA (best store ever). But the walls are blah. I have red paint all ready for the walls. It just needs to stop raining for a bit.
    I love your corner. πŸ™‚

  59. Oh!!! I’m a little jealous I think! A pretty green room with a whole shelf chock-a-bock FULL of sock yarn!!! And a whole corner for yourself!!! drool…..

  60. Perhaps I should take over my sunroom!! But it wouldn’t work in the winter.. looks really great.. now can you send some of your flooring elves down here so I can have a floor in my kitchen?

  61. Oh, good for you! There’s nothing quite like having your own space! It looks great, too . . . especially by comparison (grin).

  62. I’ve been wondering this week about how your wool room turned out and so I’m so pleased to find out. We’re having plans drawn before ripping ceilings out and going up. When my son leaves home I’ll have the room with the mezzanine floor and two rooflights as my wool room. He’ll be six next week but I can wait.

  63. Congrats, Stephanie! It’s a lovely space. I didn’t actually see a *door* in the pictures, but I hope there is one.
    And if there isn’t, you can always slam the drawer emphatically.
    Dena (whose office didn’t used to have a door; but now it does, and there is occasionally peace.)

  64. Love the office. Love the colours. And I love the sock. I’m still hoping I can knit socks as quickly as you one day – I’m still working on sock #2 (okay, I’m still trying to CAST ON sock #2 without screwing it up!)

  65. Now that you have an office, you need an office assistant…preferable one who is tall, dark, and handsome, gives a great neck massage, and can keep the heathens, I mean, children, out of your workspace.
    I think I’ll call him “Kyle”………

  66. Happy St Patricks Day! What a festive sock! Your new office looks just lovely, and so bright! Here’s to a place (and drawer of chocolate) of your own! *cheers*

  67. You and I have the exact same dictionary/thesaurus (I think). I can’t quite tell from the photo because the resolution isn’t great, but if yours is a dictionary/thesaurus combo, then I’m sure it’s the same one. As a grad student, and an editorial staff person for a journal, I do a lot of writing, and I love that dictionary. I hope you appreciate yours as much as I appreciate mine πŸ™‚

  68. wow! it looks great and so much happier than the “before” picture. mmm… hope it’s nice and work-conducive for you. πŸ™‚

  69. I really enjoy reading your blog as well as your books! Your new room looks amazing….what’s the name of the colour that you used on the wall? It totally rocks!!! Enjoy your new space!

  70. I’m jealous. What used to be my desk was carted off when I went laptop to be replaced by my hubby’s much larger corner desk. Granted he let’s me keep my swift attached to it, but I still “homeless” in my home.
    BTW, LOVE the color on the walls. Not too bright but fresh and inviting.

  71. I am totally jealous! Not even my office at WORK is an an office! Just a corner of a shelf/desk in the point of a pie-slice shaped room. You may have inspired me to repaint my bedroom though…

  72. My house walls looked exactly like your before picture. I did not,alas, end up with a space of my own. I am sitting here trying to figure out how old your youngest is and how much time I have before I can have a “space”. I used to write…before children. I do have a very similiar chocolate stash hidden in my house, thanks to RAMS. I tried the Green & Black on her recommendation. It was heavenly. Thank you RAMS!!

  73. Wow, I have some of the same chocolate at my house–I’m taste testing various brands of dark chocolate. No one hired me to do that, it’s my own enterprise. πŸ™‚
    Great job with the room!
    Sheila in Boston

  74. Happy St. Office Day. Nice green sock. I recognize that yarn…I got some of that from Carole, too. πŸ˜‰

  75. A fine office it is! I’m especially impressed that you did so much of the work yourselves. That, & I admire your taste in office supplies. I need to clean out my drawers & stock them the way you do yours.

  76. Happy St. Patrick’s day indeed. Hope you drank stout and found four-leafed clover growing over the sill of your office window. And as for the office — Virginia would be proud.

  77. It looks great! Does the door locks? and if it does, does the lock actually keep the kids out? if so, may I have the name of the magic lock?

  78. Excellent room, excellent sock… all it needs is a little clutter and some pattern books and it will be perfect. (The room that is, the sock is, of course, as perfect as it will be while it is under construction…)

  79. Guinness?? How about Bushmill’s? (I’m not a particle Irish — rather, I’m Scots/English — but I know my whiskey!)
    Top o’ the evenin’ to ye!

  80. must be in the air – I have been thinking about how to turn our small (read teeny tiny) bedroom into MY space. For knitting, my hopefully someday stash, my books,a comfy chair, a little tv, the printer, fax, copier and a small air conditioner for the miserable hot summer. Of course to be realistic if I get the air conditioner I am sure it will mean that DH will want to come in during the summer — hmmmm how to keep hubby out – ????

  81. That is just so . . . so . . . Wow! And chocolate, too. My Dad made beautiful pigeonholes to go over my plywood desk, and I adore them. Maybe he would make yarn cubbies for me. I have it in cardboard boxes, now. I love shelves and cupboards and containers. In fact, my three favorite inventions of all time are string, handles and containers. Best wishes, and I anxiously await your new Tour schedule.

  82. Just lovely! You may have inspired me to dig out my “sewing room/office” from it’s latest layer of dust and clutter. However, I am easily distracted by things like socks and spinning, so don’t hold me to it.
    I’m taking Rams’ advice and begging the bookstore to have you visit, in addition to begging you: Please come to Rochester, NY. I called and reserved Book3 today.

  83. I have that desk, although looking at your drawer I think mine needs some chocolate as well! Gotta love IKEA πŸ™‚ The room looks great, congrats on finally getting some space of your own…

  84. Oh my gosh! That is incredible! It looks lovely and a wonderful place to escape to. Congratulations! (I have the same desk πŸ™‚

  85. Ah. You’ve finally given in to the jaywalker siren song. It’s fitting that the green stripey jaywalker should be born on st. paddy’s day, or thereabouts. Congrats on the new office. Enjoy every last bit of silence out there!

  86. Wow! I love the color of the room! It all looks so nice, especially that drawer o’chocolate. MMMM.
    “And I’ve been telling my family that mom needs so much yarn because that way it won’t hurt when she bangs her head against the wall.” posted way above by LaurieM. Oh man, that is funny.

  87. Happy St. Pat’s to you too! The office looks great, you did a fabulous job. I love the color, it’s so nice and cheerful. Enjoy the clean desk now, somehow mine never stays that way. Maybe I need more chocolate for it.
    You know we don’t really need a picture of what’s in the big cabinet to know what’s in there, it’s yarn…. How long did it take you to collect your stash from the far corners of the house and put in it’s new place? And did ALL of the stash make it, or is there some still lurking in various forgotten hidey-holes?
    And to the person who asked, even magic locks do not keep children out when you are trying to work. Sad, but true.
    A heads up to all of the Colorado knitters – visit teamcolorado.blogspot.com for party details.

  88. Schweet.
    That Virginia Woolf? She wasn’t no dummy.
    And if you managed 3 books in a year on the dining room table, girl…who knows what you can do now!
    Congrats. And excellent use of the drawer. I gather the kids read the blog? You do have a key for that drawer, right?

  89. I literally burst out laughing when I scrolled down and saw that your very “own drawer” was filled with chocolate. And *just* chocolate. My kind of girl πŸ˜‰
    Your own personal little corner in this world looks lovely.

  90. Yay for you!! That is so wonderful for you. It’s so nice to have a place you can call your own no matter how small.
    Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

  91. You know, Virginia Woolf was a knitter. That’s right, the woman who wrote A Room Of One’s Own. You don’t have to be a great writer or scholar or scientist to have one. Women still have a tendency not to prize their time or space or talents, whatever they may be. We still have to be reminded that yea, a room of one’s own. That means me.
    And a beautiful room it is Ms Harlot. Congratulations!

  92. A room of one’s own is essential to a woman’s/mother’s/wife’s happiness. I discovered that and made my own studio in our house. And I lived happily ever after. The end.

  93. I have the larger more beastly cousin of your desk and the same laptop. As soon as I fixed up a nice corner of my bedroom for a crafty, yarny, laptopy area, I found out I was pregnant and some months later I had to take the entire thing down and put a crib there. Enjoy your space so I can live through you.

  94. Yay! How wonderful to have your own room. I was dreaming earlier of my own tiny apartment. I was actually thinking of the first apartment my husband and I shared and I thought it would be perfect for just me (aside from the scary neighborhood.) lol.
    Lovely St. Patty’s Day jaywalker! Lovely room!

  95. A nice little room it is too even if it’s a backroom. I have thought about moving my office into our new mud room except that it is often filled with stinky sweaty teenaged male sports equipment. I have a very similar laptop. Currently my office is in the hallway between the stairs and the kitchen and 2 other rooms. The hallway has 3 doorways plus the staircase, not a room at all but I don’t have to share the computer, that is all mine. I ordered a copy of your newest book and look forward to reading it.

  96. I know you hate to answer this question but what kind of yarn is it? My hubby is Irish and I’d love to make some for him.

  97. Great way to de-stress! I used the very same method to redo my landscaping many years back. It’s amazing how easy it is to move enough 1-2 man rocks to build a rockery wall, with the proper motivation. Your room is way cool. May you have many happy hours there.

  98. Lovely, cheery room. Since my DD’s graduated college & moved out on their own, I have the luxury of having not one but TWO rooms of my own – my own bedroom & a computer/yarn storage/guest room (mostly for my most adorable grandsons). SO has a room of his own too (he has the big BR – I get the 2 smaller ones). I don’t think anything has ever given me a feeling of greater luxury

  99. Dagoba chocolate…gooood chocolate…Am currently scarfing a European jar of Nutella imported by my favorite Middle Eastern deli…in my own office.

  100. Wow! It’s lovely! And as someone else who has used the dining room table for years and years and got her own studio this year when we moved, I know exactly how excited you are. May you have warm, wonderful, creative experiences in your new room. And lots of privacy. πŸ˜‰

  101. WARNING: Objects in the photograph may appear larger than they really are.
    Congrats on finding your own little piece of backroom heaven, Steph. I love the sock yarn shelf!

  102. Hooray for you! Having a place you can go (and hopefully shut the door) makes a huge difference when you need to concentrate. My “office” is in the upper landing, basically a traffic center. Sigh. Oh well, it’s fun to see where you work and create all those Pearl-McPhees of knitterly wisdom!

  103. I love your office …and Dagoba bars! They’re so yum. Aren’t Jaywalkers a blast to knit? It seems like everyone’s knitting them now. It’s such a brilliant pattern.
    Your new office looks so …what’s the word I’m looking for here? Maybe enlightening. Peaceful, spa-like. I love that shade of green.

  104. Ah, a lovely office space. What is the paint colour on the walls? It looks almost perfect for what I want – not a cold green.
    Here’s to another crazy 365 days – as long as they are GOOD crazy! Good people should have good things, and that means you!

  105. It’s all in the simplicity of that one caption: “my own drawer”. Yes, you now have a lovely, sunny “room of your own,” but what gets me? “My own drawer.” Seeing so much good dark chocolate (all organic?) melted the catch in the throat right into a guffaw. Grand good writing you do, Stephanie!

  106. FοΏ½licitations pour ce joli bureau! Not only this gives me great hopes for my own renovation project, but I’m sure it’s great news for us all because now, you can really achieve five book-book-books during the next year… Go, Harlet go!

  107. What a transformation! It is a gorgeous little space to call your own. i have a little space that is mine, but it is covered — literally COVERED — in paper. I think the paper multiplies on the days the laundry isn’t mltiplying. Or maybe they take shifts — paper multiplies from 3 a.m. – 2:59 p.m., and from 3 p.m. – 2:59 a.m., the laundry multiplies. That’s probably it. (Someone stop those men in white coats…I know they’re coming for me and I won’t have it!)
    Thanks for sharing with us. πŸ™‚

  108. HEY… Harlot’s COPYING!!!
    Kidding… last week I TOOK over our seldom used dining room… did some rearranging… and strategic HIDING of stash… (not the first time I’ve hidden my stash!) Now I have a space with a “Desk”— (diningroom table) seating… storage…nautral light (table is shoved back into the bow window nook) a view of the backyard… (gotta have the boys clean that up!) and a space to write, knit or SPIN!!!! YES.. best part:
    FREE. just rearranged and organized. (20 minutes to return to dining a\room for company)
    Be creative.. use what ya got…. take over a closet- take off the door– remove some shelves.. add a chair….
    GET A SPACE. πŸ˜‰ You NEED it.
    Besides- your family is sick of sock needle “Booster shots”.
    pic on blog- thnx for sharing Harlot!

  109. That is one lovely Space. The socks are quite nifty and the chocolate has gone on my To-Do list as well, but the thing that caught my eye was the cabled wrap-y/throw-y thing draped over the chair. It looks like the same color as the yarn I’ve got waiting patiently for the right pattern. I know the Harlot is quite busy enjoying her corner, but can any of her readers tell me where to find that pattern?
    (Oh, and I’m also off to follow someone’s earlier advice and go nag my local book and yarn stores. Wouldn’t Florida be a nice place to tour this time of year? πŸ™‚

  110. Yay!! Love the room, and green is my favorite color. Maybe it’s a Stephanie thing? I also am not convinced that little shelf contains your entire stash of sock yarn….you’ve let us get to know you better than that, dear Harlot. Can’t wait to see what wonders issue from this special space. Enjoy it!

  111. Office. Sacred space. Congratulations!
    Can you tell me about the sock pattern? And the yarn? I love them both!
    fellow writer. Also with a small, crappy office. That’s mine.

  112. ==================================================================================================
    Your ‘corner’ is beautiful – I really love the color of the walls. Everyone should have their own little space – good for you – Spring Break Ends When? you’ll miss the noise and kids :o(

  113. Oh, it’s wonderful! You’re so lucky. Maybe there’s something here I can rip up! Now I’m committed to finding my own space too! Love the color on the walls.

  114. Jaywalkers! You couldn’t resist any longer, eh? They’re lovely, as is your office! Enjoy!

  115. Congratulations, Steph.
    A tremendous improvement, I must say. I seem to remember that room being a refuge from the urban grey squirrel. Now, it’s a really cool one! I’m envious – I need an escape like that. *except mine being from 5 children, 2 dogs, 3 cats, one husband and, what the hell, anyone else who wants to bother me. Does this haven of knitterly joy come with a door and a lock?

  116. Hooray for Jaywalkers!
    I am working on my office too, my loom replaced the armoire that held the printer, files etc. A loom is a better piece of furniture, don’t you think? I have since taken the child size closet in the “Loom Room” and turned every square inch of it into an office. You can’t sit in it, but it sores extra yarn (of course) files, printer, and other stuff like, oh, paper clips.
    Congratulations on your new office!

  117. Just read through the comments and a thought occurs to me: “You know what would be fun?” A space of our own. Dear Harlot, you are a force to be reconned(sp?) with. A cute little idea led to over 4000 people knitting together, this summer will no doubt see an overwhelming number of home improvement projects with one objective :A Room OF Our Own! (Well, that and chocolate)

  118. pass the Guiness and the DAGOBA!!! yum!! now that is fine chocolate πŸ™‚ glad to see your drawer is being well used!
    congrats on your own tiny corner of the world … every woman should have one

  119. That is such a big change! It shows hard work and I really think you earned it. BTW, what yarn are you ising for that sock? I just loved the colors!

  120. Congrats on the new room! It’s lovely, I really love the colors. I finally went through all the old archives and was dead set on finishing them before commenting, I love the blog btw.

  121. I was just thinking of your mudporch the other day… Congratulations on having your own office! If anyone asks, tell them it’s a corner office. I live in a studio apartment, so I made my office by partitioning a bit of the room off with bookshelves!

  122. Your new space looks perfect. I just have one suggestion. I have a coffee mug warmer on my desk that I wouldn’t want to be without. It saves me running to the microwave to warm up my coffe or tea.

  123. Congratulations on your new room. It looks fantastic and I know you’re going to enjoy it!

  124. Congrats on your own space!
    But aren’t you afraid that now you won’t have any excuses on being behind?

  125. Dear Stephanie, I have been reading your notes for a while, and now I JUST realized that you are an LC and doula. I am the founder of Lactnet, and also a LLLeader, and a knitting wildwoman myself, and I volunteer for the SPinners and Weavers Housecleaning pages…. we have a lot in common. I am glad you chose to be at home with your girls. I also chose this… mine are 14, 18, and 21 now, and I don’t regret it for a single second. Cheers. I bought several copies of your little meditation book, and have given it as a gift. You do great work. Peace. Kathleen Bruce RN IBCLC and knitting nut.

  126. How wonderful! I’m soooo jealous! But in that “I’m so happy for you I could just bust” sort of jealous…

  127. Er…don’t the kids now know where you hide the ‘good’ chocolate? (the ” are to imply there could ever be such a thing as BAD chocolate)
    Loverly room. Did you keep the window?

  128. I’d love to have my very own drawer (and closet, and desk and a little niche) like you do. Maybe you want to add some music, too. Do you have another outlet for that?

  129. I have to say you’ve got me hooked on socks! Can you share your favorite patterns and how quickly do you knit a sock? It seems you have incredibly quick hands! Thank you for your inspiration! I loved your meditations. Can’t wait til’ your new book arrives at my post!

  130. Speaking as a freelance writer and textbook editor who WORKS ON THE DINING ROOM TABLE, I must say – or imply – AND to you on getting your own space.
    Is it “maternal” of me to covet my oldest child’s room for my OWN office/needlework area???? No, I didn’t think so.
    Best to you! I have 2 of your books and will most certainly look up the third one. As a newbie-knitter just out of “scarf school” I have to say, I’ll take any rules I can!

  131. OK, I should know better….
    The “gap” in my post? “applause”, “applause” to you for your new space!!
    And Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

  132. Hi, caught your blog via ‘Elephant’s Gestation’ and I have some questions I’d like to ask you if you could find some time to chat in the near future. If you can, email me please, it would mean the world to me… thank you. -Amy (& one very sound asleep miss Ruby Cate)

  133. Mazel Tov! The room looks great! And so does the sock. I am really impressed — you make me feel so schlubby. We’ve been talking about redoing the kitchen for two years, but I don’t know where to start. I admire your initiative!
    So what is next?

  134. Small is Beautiful – especially when its a pretty little space that breeds creativity! Wow!!! Green and white and chocolate – just perfection! And the sock is really cool, too…

  135. Space to oneself is good purely because it *is* space to oneself, no matter how small. (How else can you explain why kids will curl up in tiny spaces like toyboxes?)
    Congratulations on a successful renovation. πŸ™‚

  136. Wow! That’s a great space. I love the shelf full of sock yarn and the chocolate drawer πŸ™‚ My kind of space.

  137. Love your workroom ..most of all this is a thank-you from my Mum who was really delighted to see pictures from “Fleece Artist” Novia Scotia ..she has been trying to persuade an English stockist to approach them ..enjoy your room.Hols.

  138. Can it possibly be…that you read my request and responded? Naw, others must have wanted to see your new room as well. Anyways, congrats, goodness knows you deserve some space to call your own! It’s lovely. a late happy St. Pat’s day to you and yours. May the road rise to meet you, may the wind always be at your back, and may the sun shine on your endeavors. Bless Ewe!

  139. Congrats on such a neat space to yourself. Everyone needs one. Especially the drawer-(am I the only one sort of pondering how good a chocolate would be if names after Yoda’s planet?, just asking)
    As for the book tour I had been planning to travel 2 days (yes a full 48 hours) by bus to go to Knitter’s Frolic this year. Sadly the store, where I am manager lite, lost 2 staff members and the trip has pretty much been called off. Very Sad. Kinda Dispondent Even. They didn’t want to work with me for a few weeks, I was, apparently, a bit hostile. My friend cheered me up by pointing out that the Harlot on Tour was coming to Calgary (a mere 6 hours away) the day before my birthday. It was fate. It was serendipity. It was damage control that kept me from being so scary that all the rest of the staff quit. We had a van full of people who wanted to go-we …..were looking at the wrong year. I need to go lie down now, kay?

  140. So are you going to wear your Jaywalkers the next time you come to Boston? I’m working on sock two’s heel as we write. Love the greens, btw… And congrats on achieving some much deserved personal space!

  141. It’s beautiful! The color especially. I’m currently considering moving to a somewhat boonie area of my state because there would be a spare room that could serve as a craft studio. Sigh, we crafters need our space.

  142. yay! it’s great to have your own space. the color is great! it looks like a page out of Real Simple.
    love the colors of the sock!!

  143. Your room is lovely! Is that an afghan or a sweater on the back of the chair? Such a beautiful rose shade, and the sock colour is so springlike. I too have the good fortune of having a room of my own, with space for my computer, a drafting table for my art stuff, and even an extra desk to throw junk onto. It’s heaven, even though I have to share my room with the family hamster.

  144. Having a room or corner of one’s own is very important. I am most impressed at how neat your corner/room still is!!!!

  145. What an amazing transformation. Steph, you are without a doubt my favourite blogger. I loved the tour of your desk and I noted that Sockyarn had a capital letter to start and all the other things were in lower case. Says it all really!
    Points deducted for not labelling the afghan on the chair. It’s gorgeous.

  146. That looks marvelous! Congratulations! πŸ™‚ I’ve been working at home for over 6 years now, and I have never yet had the foresight to build whiteboard *into* my desk — that is absolutely brilliant. Right now the walls of the desk are papered with my 5-year-old’s artwork, which I can’t fathom replacing. But I wonder if I could do something with the back of the door that encloses my books? I must ponder this.
    By the way, I’m not normally a green person, but I love the color on the walls. It’s very cheerful and soothing. Wonderful choice. πŸ˜€ May you enjoy many happy afternoons there that result in many wonderful pages for us to read. Slainte!

  147. Lovely room, great cubby for working/knitting/dreaming….love the big honkin’ Oxford dictionary on the shelf — did anyone else notice that? And what would be the other volume?
    Enjoy your space – like many other commenting knitters, I hanker after my own space, but then I am still grateful that my passions (knitting and writing) are portable.

  148. It’s lovely, Steph. The sock, the office, all of it. And the rest of the room doesn’t count – it’s still *your* room. πŸ™‚

  149. After 200 comments, I feel kinda silly, but… Congratulations on your lovely space. I love the paint color (and any space you can call your own is pretty darn cool in my mind).

  150. Your room IS inspirational…please keep the photos coming so we can see the transition of NEW room into established STASH room! The green sock yarn is wonderful and I do hope that you share the source (and pattern) I’m new to this blogging business; so is the pattern already posted?
    I was looking through the book “Where Women Create” today (lots of inspiration there too ladies – and gents) and one of the quotes sited was “What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?” It took me a while to come up with it, but ‘writing something’ seemed to call to me. I am passionate about knitting and feel a great kinship to you when I read your works; did you study writing? What did you do before you do what you do now? Look forward to your next entry. Thanks for the smiles…Lynn

  151. Love the space! Wish I had extra space to do this with. Made almost the same socks out of a different self striper. Used make one’s instead of YO’s.

  152. My laptop is on the dining table, my sock yarn is squashed between the chesterfield and the wall. But I have about half a metre in the basement where my drill press and dozouki live, and a small room in my Dad’s basement that holds my lathe and sharp chisels and brand new table saw. THAT’s my space. All Mine. Mostly coz no one else wants ’em, but that’s ok.

  153. Congratulations! Every woman needs a space from her own. Especially on spring break (and summer break, and winter break and so on….)

  154. Oh, Stephanie, it’s beautiful! And I’m not just talking about the chocolate. Is it Lindt Excellence 80% because the room’s not q-u-i-t-e finished? Cuz it looks 100% gorgeous to me! Enjoy your space, Girl. You’ve earned it!

  155. Hee hee – I have the next size up of that very same desk. Mine has 29840 books crammed into it though πŸ™‚

  156. Just as I expected — sock yarn easily accessible from the keyboard, current project close to hand and chocolate in the drawer. Now you need a coffee maker on a shelf under the drawer, and beneath that, a wine rack and a glass. . .
    Btw, help. I’ve been feng shui-ed by a friend. I have to move everything in the apartment to a new arrangement. Paint. Lay a kilim over the 20-year-old wall-to-wall. Rehang pictures. I need Guiness just thinking about it!
    80% done on the KO sweater — which must wait for a bit till I finish the bro’s birthday sweater, cause his birthday’s only 20 days away and I’m only 50% done with it . . .

  157. How terrific is that room of your own! After years of sewing in a hall closet (all of 14″ x 42″), one daughter left home, and her room was completely made over one week later. Too sweet! And when second daughter left some 15 years later, I grabbed that room too (Don’t feel sorry for hubby; he has the family room & garage). Now my knitting has expanded into the living room & hallway. Just wait till your first child leaves and see how you do then!

  158. A room of one’s own… sadly, I don’t have that freedom. My stash has to be housed in the living room, between the guinea pig run and a stack of the boy’s giant speakers and amplifiers…

  159. Love the socks! I don’t suppose you could share the name of the yarn and where the pattern is from? This is my first post, so I just wanted to say that I LOVE your books and your blog. Can’t wait for the next book to be available in the UK.

  160. help needed here. Does anyone know where i could get a pattern for the “”Lotus Blossom Shawl ? I know you’ve knit it Steph and it looks like a project that I’d like very much to try. I’ve never followed a pattern before so maybe this would be a good one.TYVM in advance. Hope you have time to enjoy your new Lovely room.

  161. It is NOT crappy. It is BEAUTIFUL! Love how you carved out a little bit of space for yourself in a housefull of people.

  162. My son has that same computer desk. Quite a handy thing. I yearn for my own space and can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Eldest child moved out and youngest child got accepted to university. Looking forward to your next trip to Seattle!

  163. Congratulations, Stephanie! I can’t believe you wrote three books sitting at the dining room table instead of in your own office space. How on earth did you do it? But you are in good company–I believe Jane Austen had to write all her novels in “public” space too.

  164. There is nothing like a bit of space for yourself. I am also a writer who spent 20+ years writing at the dining table, “cooking” up my books. I finally have a room of my own, too, at 46, and it has made all the difference, as Robert Frost said. Happy knitting!

  165. The dining room table is the traditional office space for writers and academic types everywhere, I think. My mother never bothered to remove her papers before meals, since we foraged for ourselves and never sat down together to eat. My brother dissected an owl pellet on the table one week, and that was the last any of us had an inclination to eat there.

  166. I’ve just found you!! You are marvelous and I’ve never laughed so hard. Been knitting (pretty much continuously) for 40 years (I believe I had a few children in there but neither they nor my husband have lost patience yet), but never stopped working the needles. Congrats on your wonderful room … we all deserve a room of our own … keeps everyone’s complaints about tripping over the yarn stashed here and there to a minimum!!
    Happy knitting!!

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  184. Just skimming through the archives, and noticing you have the same desk as I do.
    And it may sound creepy, but as a seventeen year old that’s been knitting a year, I’m freakishly proud to have the same desk as the Yarn Harlot.
    You rock. Really, you do.

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