A Little of What My Mum Wants

Over the weekend I was tucking things away and taking things out (I’m getting ready to go to Vogue Knitting Live in NYC this weekend) and I was desperately looking for something fabulous to wear, and I took this great skirt that I knitted out of my drawer- and realized that I’d never blogged it.  I knitted it (blog entry here) and had Tina take some pictures of it at last year’s Madrona when I was wearing the daylights out of it.  It’s Ruth Sørensen’s  Claudia Skirt (Ravelry Link) and while hers was knit out of Evilla yarn, I wrangled mine out of three skeins of Kauni – knitting the three skeins at once, cutting and choosing the colours so I could have one sequence of black to pale grey over the whole thing.

Here I am, wearing the skirt last February, and demonstrating my impeccable fashion style-or lack thereof, depending on your perspective.  Now, I look at that and think I’m not doing too badly, and I am rather charmed that I have thought of a way to have a blog entry even though I don’t have anything new to show you really, and I also think of a great truth.  Somewhere, right now, my mum is looking at this picture and thinking several things.  1. RED SOCKS? 2.  THOSE DAMN BLUNDSTONE BOOTS AGAIN? and finally 3. I HOPE YOU ARE WEARING A SLIP.  Undoubtedly, she is also thinking that the skirt is the wrong length. There are skirt length rules that my mother has tried to explain to me several times, and I remain oblivious. I just know that my skirt is always the wrong length.  (Usually she tries to tell me my skirts are too long, but I wonder if the fact that I knit this skirt might have rescued me.  I wear the others too long because I’m short and too lazy to hem, but this time the laziness might have paid off.  I think I quit knitting before it was too long.)  My mum will also wonder why I have two purses. (To be clear, I don’t have two purses, I have two Tom Bihn knitting bags- although I have a feeling she won’t see that as much more stylish.)

I have no defense for the Blunnies and the red socks.  Somehow that morning I thought it just looked really put together. (I still do.)  I have very little fashion sense, and what little I do have is moderated entirely by wanting to be comfortable.  This is poorly understood by my Mum, who always looks fabulous (and never wears Blundstones)  frequently reminds me that a little pain for beauty isn’t always a bad idea, a concept that’s poorly understood by me. The only thing I have to make her feel better about this failing on my part is that I am indeed,

wearing a slip.

273 thoughts on “A Little of What My Mum Wants

  1. OMG! I never thought I’d ever be first!! Love the skirt, Steph. Of course you have the bod for it – I’d look like a pregnant teenager! Getting lots of chores done today, including TRYING to cast on for a new Knitters brewing Company Mystery Sock. Will it ever stop snowing up here??!!

  2. Awesome. Not only a slip – the “correct” colour of slip. And I think the red socks rock.

  3. My word, I covet your boots, your socks, your skirt, and your hair. (I know you’ll find that last one funny, but it’s true. My hair is pathetically thin and sad looking, and I’d be happy to have hair that has some *life* to it, dammit.)

  4. I remember that skirt, I loved it then and love it now. Thanks for giving us the info/links. For my 2 cents, I think you look very pulled together.

  5. You look great! Only two bags of knitting? That’s real self-restraint. They both add beautifully to your look.

  6. Skirt looks awesome on you. Please also bring the February Lady Sweater from your handspun and wear on Saturday when I will get to be in your class all day!!!!

  7. Great fashion sense. Rock on! Cat (Catriona) thinks you should wear more things like that!

  8. I think you look great. The skirt is beautiful. I remember when you showed it to us as a work in progress. Black slip – good job. Black boots – just fine. Red socks – the perfect splash of color. Yup – works just fine.

  9. You have to have almost no hips to wear that. I, alas, have hips. I will stick to knitting for the upper half of the torso, and socks, of course. You look quirky and fun and happy.
    What more could anyone want?

  10. Finally, a pic of the skirt! I remember when you were knitting it–loved it then unfinished, love it more now. Want one, in fact. And I think it’s the perfect length.

  11. I love my Blundstones, they saved my life. Or my feet when I had plantar fasciatis (spelling?). I can stand on my feet for a long time wearing Blundstones and heel pads. But I have to agree they are not pretty shoes.
    I love the skirt and the colour changes.

  12. I think you look awesome. The best part about that picture is that you can tell by the slight smirk on your face that you feel awesome too. How often does one get to feel like that? Go forth with red socks,boots and whatever else it takes to give you that same feeling.

  13. I love that skirt! I think the red socks and boots are great!
    Don’t tell your mom but I don’t think I own a slip… wait… I don’t have any skirts either, so I guess it doesn’t matter.

  14. Great now I’m going to want to make an awesome skirt too, as if I don’t have enough WIPs as it is lol. I looks amazing!

  15. The boots and red socks totally make the outfit. How does your mum feel about your showing your slip to the entire world?

  16. I’m nearly doubled over laughing. I think your mum and mine must be twins separatated at birth!
    My mum’s complaints, however, would not have been about the LENGTH of my skirt, but the fact that I so rarely wore one. …and then there were the (in)famous yellow sweat pants which I loved and mum hated; my mom, who rarely used any variant of bad words, ALWAYS refererred to the forementioned garment as “them damn pants…”
    The fact that you were wearing a slip made MY day! But then how could you NOT? Kauni IS a tad itchy…

  17. The boots and socks are okay, it’s the wrinkled shirt that’s a bit naff. And I speak as a person who is most of the time wrinkled.

  18. I would totally always rather be comfortable than fashionable. Fortunately my mother has never seemed to give a shit.
    In the name of comfort & health, I actually wore a Patagonia fleece to a wedding this past fall. It was raining & cold, and I had left my dress coat neatly hung up, in the closet of my husband’s grandmother’s house, where we had spent the night before the wedding. I’d much rather wear a sporty fleece with a formal dress than get sick.

  19. Nice legs. I would wear that outfit, if I owned boots or a slip. Both of which are entirely redundant in South Florida.

  20. I remember when you knitted this, and when you didn’t blog the result I thought it tactful not to mention the skirt again.
    Having worked for the past few years with urban artist girls in their 20s who are totally into thrifting, I don’t have a problem with the boots-with-skirt look. Nor the red socks. But you could also make this a bit more NYC trendy by changing the shirt to a black T or sweater, and then accessorizing it with a couple of knitting needles woven through it, like a broach. That would be cool. And knitterly.
    Or – aw heck, wear your jammies. The ones with the gnomes. Start a trend.

  21. I am currently cerebrally ‘gutting and goring’ too. On some Zauberball Crazy Kleiner Fuchs that is ‘too orange for me’ but that DH says he will wear (that still has me wondering, he is normally so conservative, I was thinking of interspersing it with a plain, a la Noro striped scarves from last year, but for socks). I bought it mail order for Christmas and he doesn’t want me to return it.
    I love the skirt, but I galumph around so much in a day that I wouldn’t wear it (I am sure I would catch it on a myriad of things in a day). Orthopaedic shoes also feature in my life – and that is a hard one to get around for the fashion conscious.
    The petticoat is a must, it allows the skirt to swing free and give it the cache that a knitted skirt should have. Very knitterly.

  22. Love the skirt: admire the shit-kicking, i-dont-care attitude that comes with the boots and red socks; wish with all my heart I had a mother who
    a) cared that I wore a slip
    b) remembered what a slip was …
    But off to check out the pattern … 🙂

  23. Red socks are always right with any outfit. I’m kind of eh about the shoes but they look comfy. Love the skirt even though I don’t have the bottom for it, it looks great on you. Have fun in NYC!

  24. Haven’t worn a skirt in a loooong time, but that would totally be the look I’d go for.
    And Blunnies?! Excellent Aussie footwear 🙂

  25. Mom always pulled up my slip and warned me that she would not be standing there to “hike up your slip” when I was going to university. My daughter doesn’t own one, but she borrows mine …. I think you look great in that picture, and I love the skirt.

  26. Lovely skirt! Now that I see it on you, I think I might knit my own. And the red socks add a nice flair of color to your outfit.

  27. I think it is a fabulous outfit! I REALLY like the red socks and boots. What else would you wear with a skirt?

  28. Love the skirt, and the red socks are clearly called for with that outfit. Remember, every room (and every outfit) always needs a touch of red for “pop”. You did good. 🙂

  29. My mom told me once, “Beauty knows no pain.” I had to tell her that beauty knows a whole lot of pain and I just wasn’t going there! Nice skirt, BTW.

  30. I think you look great! I’m no fashion editor, but I wear make-up everyday, try to look like Anthropologie models in the way I dress and read InStyle every month. So, no expert, but I know an unfashionable lady when I see one, and you, dear lady, are lovely in this ensemble!

  31. I like the boots. They have a nice combat look to them. Only to be softened by the skirt. I think I may have to add this to my queue

  32. I think your outfit rocks. And as my Mum always told me, “A lady never leaves the house without her slip or her brassiere on.”

  33. Three things. 1) LOVE the skirt, no matter the length. 2)Love the whole outfit. 3) The slip, your Mother and mine must be related. I am sure she would bring that up to me too, haha.

  34. Although my mother died in 1997, I still have her voice in my head. I know today she would not approve at all of my hair–al curly as your and worn down today. According to her it should be tied tightly back, up on my head or cut short. Only teenagers should wear long hair down according to her and I’ll be 60 on my next birthday. She also wouldn’t approve of the Birkenstock shoes on my feet. She thought they looked like clown shoes.
    I’m not sure why mothers say such things to their daughters but even though I ignored her advice, I’d love to hear her say those words again.

  35. LMAO. Now we’re up to triplets. Was there a Mom cloning thing going on in those days? Stepford Mom? Because
    a) My mother would have thought the exact same things
    b) Has said similar things about skirt length, Beauty and pain etc multiple times to me
    c) Also always looks fab.
    She doesn’t get Urban Chic either and I’m with you about comfort over fashion.

  36. The skirt, leggings/tights, red socks and boots all work! I would love to see you in a more fitted top to go with it. Not tight, just more fitted.
    You could also take this skirt and wear it with heels to make it more dressy. But that wouldn’t be comfortable. 🙂

  37. My mother would want know why the hell you made something that required a slip. She would think the red socks are a bad idea because she thinks red socks always are (socks are black, gray or beige unless you are a child). She would understand the no-bra thing perfectly not having worn one since WWII but she would think you mad for paying what Blundstones cost. Why are mothers so opinionted?

  38. Looks great. It’s also giving me ideas of what to do with the skeins of Kauni that I scored when an LYS closed last month. Thanks

  39. You rock the skirt! I agree with Adele – a black tee or sweater would make the outfit NYC trendy, but who (besides our mothers) cares? Don’t forget the gnome jammie bottoms – it’s all about comfort.

  40. Going to go out on a limb here and say that your mother is less than pleased that you are showing your slip to the entire internets? Super cute, though!

  41. Great skirt! Perfect length for you. And I always wear a slip under a skirt or dress. Who needs a see-through skirt? Who needs clinging to the derriere?
    I’d wear that skirt with a red top and red lipstick to go with the red socks!

  42. That style of skirts, tights and hiking boots is what I lived in when I was a student and and intern in south and north dakota. I was stylish and comfy…though usually only in doors.
    I still think its great but living in the southwestern US its not really called for much due to our nice temperatures.

  43. The skirt looks fantastic! I take my fashion cues from what’s comfortable too, so it’s great when the two worlds occassionally meet!

  44. Great outfit.
    I certainly hear my mother’s voice from the past so I have a slip tucked away in a drawer, even though unworn for years.
    The lovely gray brings to mind the gray and white baby sweater which I would love to knit. Any chance for the pattern?

  45. My mom has FACES for all of the above, plus eye rolling. Then there would be the sputtering “Come on, Ducky…really?” and expect me to guess what was her particular issue. She would love the skirt, check for the slip, eventually ask me didn’t I have any other shoes, and tell me to press the blouse. She would also try to pin my hair out of my face.

  46. Hallooo, Steph’s mum? Are you there?
    (I freely admit it. I love when Steph’s mum leaves a comment.)

  47. I remember horrifying my mom years ago upon my college graduation when I declared that while I had no idea what I wanted to do for work, I knew I would not be doing anything that required wearing pantyhose. I am impressed to see here that you are, in fact, wearing both a slip and pantyhose. Or are those tights? Tights I could manage on rare occasion.

  48. Great skirt, great length, great legs!
    I like the one color gradation idea too…

  49. I KNEW you were wearing a slip the moment I saw the first picture! Knits require underwear to hang properly. Why in the world do people put time, effort and $$$ into making something and then not care that it looks like an unmade bed when they wear it? You can look that way with a lot less effort and for a lot less money.
    By the way, my favorite cartoon has pride of place in the center of my bulletin board: two women angels, one says to the other “I feel so self-conscious about not wearing a slip underneath.”
    By the way, part 2. I made my grand daughter (11 years old) two knit dresses and found out that NO ONE makes slips for children anymore!!! The dresses look gorgeous on a hanger, spectacular spread on the bed, not so much on – even on a very slim child. I have a nice sewing machine that does heavier knits, but light weight jerseys require a really special stitch and mine doesn’t have it. I’ve asked at the stores and they want to sell me a serger ($$$$) but when I get specific they admit they don’t do the stitches I want. I hate not having choices.

  50. My Mom would be thinking, gray and black again? Really, have you thought about wearing a color? And she would also be concerned about the slip, which I probably wouldn’t be wearing and black is a color for the record 🙂

  51. My grandmother would have called that slip a “petticoat”, as she was a Southern lady through and through. I rather like the styling of the whole outfit. The red socks make the skirt pop. Great job.

  52. Wasn’t it Gilda Radner who said she based most of her fashion on what doesn’t itch. I think that is the only fashion sense one really needs.

  53. I think you look like a fashion plate, and the proof is that you look like some of the images featured on the Satorialist’s blog (he’s a fashion industry professional). You have a lot more fashion guts than I do, which is exactly why you can pull this look off beautifully.

  54. Wow, our Mom really got around, didn’t she? The whole spiel, skirt-length, slip, which shoes, yada yada–I can hear it all in my Mom’s voice. Thanks for bringing her back, if only in my mind; I still miss the old broad. On a lighter note, that is one fine skirt! As for color, I would rather not have something that took so much time & effort wind up coordinating with exactly one (1) top or jacket, so nice neutrals are definitely the way to go. You could so dress up this skirt, too — a pretty dove grey blouse, some pearls, you could go to church or a visitation.

  55. Super cute! To placate moms everywhere – I suggest sewing the slip into the skirt (I did this with a couple of knit skirts because I bought the perfect slip to match the lacy skirt) then you can call it “lined” – no searching for a slip necessary.

  56. I think you skirt is fabulous and your outfit is perfectly “you,” and that is all that matters 🙂

  57. I’m very partial to your fashion sense and I find the whole ensemble quite fetching. and most definitely, the Red socks. Every Woman should have a pair of Red socks. and wear them to be showing.

  58. You look great from the ankle up!! And the socks were hand knit, so therefore makes them exempt from the rules of fashion. The Blundstones, I cannot excuse them, however. You win some you lose some.
    And you look like you,re having fun, which when you think of it, is all that matters. A smile does go a long way.

  59. Don’t I recall that you used a slip to line the skirt with? I remember somebody did that and I thought it was brilliant.
    And I LOVE the red socks with that outfit! They’re perfect.

  60. Oh! the slip thing! I can hear my mother telling me the same thing. Skirt slips and pantyhose – i vote for comfy.

  61. The skirt is beautiful! My daughter would approve of your fashion sense. It’s on the same scale with hers. She’s an artist (night-eco.deviantart.com) and is not afraid to be herself. I’ve never had the guts to be myself. I’ve always been a fashion coward. Shine on! I totally love the bags! One can never have enough knitting bags.

  62. Lovely skirt! And here I thought you didn’t blog it because it somehow ended up in UFO limbo, hated for some reason you wouldn’t say.

  63. I love it! And for the record, I think you look pretty put together.
    If I am ever so lucky to live in a temperate climate, I will make one just like it.

  64. I attest to the fact that I saw said skirt at Madrona, and it was a gorgeous thing. Truly. Made me wish I could be thinner and actually wear such a wonderful piece.

  65. Love the red socks and boots. That’s the way I would wear a knit skirt. And I do put up with a bit of pain and hassle to look good.

  66. Lovely skirt! I like the boots, red socks, black tights combo – you do indeed look very hip as well as looking like you are dressed warmly enough for minus double digits weather!

  67. The skirt is very pretty; I love how you worked the yarns to obtain the shading – gorgeous. And it’s the perfect length.

  68. I think the whole thing looks fabulous and you are one up on me, because you’d be hard pressed to get me to wear a slip. They are nothing but trouble and move around too much.

  69. You have Blundstones in Canada? *is overcome with national pride* I think they look great, especially with the red socks.
    I have skirt-length anxiety now. What are these rules of which you speak? I’m not sure I have the wherewithall to knit a skirt of maternal-approved length out of 3 ply, although that is so gorgeous I’m tempted to try … except the only 3 ply in my stash is some pink 1940s angora!

  70. Love the outfit! (except for the blunnies). While I am a great fan of Blunnies in the right circumstances, that gawjus skirt is not right for blunnies. Blunnies get worn with trousers or shorts, never skirts. I wear dress boots with skirts all winter. I have been known to wear Doc Martens with skirts. And interesting socks, handknit or not, are mandatory. Life is way too short to wear boring socks! I wish I had the figure to wear that skirt. It is trooly rooly fantabulous. I love the lace pattern and the colour graduation. And as for style, style is a very personal thing. I tend towards quirky eccentric in my fashion sense. I wear what fits and what I think looks good and mostly I wear black, grey or purple – and yes, one of the pairs of winter boots is purple (and suede, with heels)

  71. Well, I am not your mum, but I am a mum, albeit of four boys. But I think your red socks are dashing with all that gray and black, and since I am a Blunnie lover, I think yours are perfect. 🙂 I’d definitely wear a slip with that skirt, ’cause the itchies would get me otherwise. You look great in this mum’s estimation!

  72. You know, it’s the socks and the shoes that get me. It’s a really cute skirt. Just… those boots… and shoes… brown + grey/black is kinda a no-no. But all you need to know is that if you’re short, skirts that end mid-calf or awkwardly just over the knee make you look short, especially if you have short calves (I do).
    Also, why slip + tights? I mean… your tights are dark. If you wore white tights, I’d understand, but still…

  73. It never hurts to compromise a bit, and do something to make one’s mother happy. The skirt looks lovely; I especially like the color gradation…which, knowing you, was probably one of those details few people would have bothered with, due to the effort involved. It definitely paid off.

    I think they’re a nice alternative to the Birkenstocks. 😉

  75. I thought that this skirt must have been forgotten in a pile somewhere. It’s beautiful… And my Mom would be the same, asking if I’m wearing a slip!

  76. I love the skirt and the boots, but I wear Birks and jeans most of the time, so your mum wouldn’t approve of my apparel either.
    I, too, am packing for VKL–can’t wait to hear you at lunch on Friday. Your classes were closed out by the time I registered. I’m in Cat Bordhi’s class.
    See you in NY!

  77. Umm, I had the same thoughts as your mother’s #1, 2, and 3.
    Love the skirt; it’s the right length, and glad to see you were wearing a slip!
    Mary G. in Texas

  78. there is a company that sells childrens slips – Hanna http://www.hannaandersson.com Not cheap but they do have them, also have nice tights and socks in fashionable colours which means purple for my grand child- the socks not the slips. I just made one of my own from some plain white cotton -no difficult or you could cut one from a king size pillow case and hem the raw edges.

  79. Totally LOVE the skirt. If I wore skirts, I would so knit one for myself, but I don’t wear skirts and so I shall restrain myself. I love the blunnies and the red socks too. Very funky. I’m all about the funk factor.

  80. For whatever it’s worth, I can only aspire to be as fashionable as you are.
    It occurs to me to wonder what your mom would make of a red slip – it’d go with the socks, and still be a slip… on second thought, that’d be too cruel.
    I notice that to complete the outfit, you are wearing what appears to be a conference badge. You know what it’s called when you go into public wearing a conference badge? Full frontal nerdity! (Can’t take credit for that one.)

  81. Oh, how funny!!!! I’ve been going through the archives because I wanted more to read. I just think you’re so fabulous. And I remember watching for the photos of this finished skirt and never seeing it (like, only a couple of days ago), and here it is! I must have done something good. ^_~ It wasn’t a very long wait for me. It’s lovely! As are you! You look great!

  82. I think you look nice and put together. The red socks go well with the skirt, a pop of color! I am right there with you with being comfortable above all else.

  83. Great skirt! And doesn’t one of those Tom Bihn bags (I love mine! Thanks for the recommendation) hold Wild Apples?! It’s been so long! That would give you something new to blog. Just a thought.

  84. What a lovely lace skirt. You wear it well.
    When I was home visiting my mom last summer she gave me about a dozen slips of various colors and styles, all vintage. I graciously accepted them, but think I’ve only had occassion to wear one – once – so far. Maybe I should knit a lace skirt?

  85. I love the red socks, and I think they look great with the boots and skirt. I had never considered knitting a skirt before this one, but I really like the look you have going and since I am also not of the tall people, I think I could even pull it off. Hehehe.

  86. I think the skirt length is perfect. It’s right where your calves start to narrow up to your knees. It’s a fashion trick to get your legs to look slimmer. Bonus points!
    Can you imagine what your mother would say if you were wearing a red slip? That would be awesome. (and clearly I’m not the only one with that wild idea!)

  87. That’s a great skirt and no easy feat with a knitted skirt! I can count on 2 fingers the number if times I have said that.
    I love my Blunnies and your’s look great- mine are all skuffed up from dog walking and being the clumsy person I am! I think you look fab in the red socks too!
    Knitter outfit A+!

  88. Oh, Stephanie, you look so wonderful! I wish I could look like that. I’m looking for the air vent in the street for that demure-version Marilyn Munroe moment. But seriously. I love how you look. The skirt. The set. The whole thing. (Where do I find boots like that!) And that proud, happy smile totally tops it off–well done!

  89. I’ve never knit a skirt because I’ve always been afraid it would lose it’s shape. So good to see that yours still looks great after plenty of wear!

  90. Beautiful skirt…which you have accessorized perfectly. As for Moms (not including you or me or your loyal fans, of course….)all the same, just with variations. My own is 88, still lovely, still stylish in her size 4s, wondering why I fell off the style wagon some time ago. I would be perfectly happy to spend the remainder of my life in a black sweater and great black pants with an occasional brightly knit “something” to perk up that perfect outfit. Like some red socks 🙂

  91. Love the skirt! Love the socks too, and wish I had the guts to do red socks with boots, because I really like the look. My fashion sense is sort of… free-spirited. I’m the one who once wore two sweaters layered one over the other to church. But hey, I wasn’t cold. 🙂 And the colors did coordinate.

  92. ya well dude, you don’t want yer rump exposed, but could you roll the top up (like in high school) and make it a leeeetlllle shorter. ya have cute legs, show em!

  93. While you’re unearthing never-blogged objects – what happened to the green Peace Fleece sweater with the garter lace?

  94. So you look like you grew up in the eighties, where women were first going to work in any great amount. Also, dance fashion was mainstream. Lily Chin gives interviews about how fabulous she was, before anyone else, wearing dance fashion. The rest of us caught the Madonna wave, which was more accessible out in the hinterlands.
    I’d like to point out that the women who grew up in the seventeen hundreds swanning about in sheer muslin dresses- the ones with ribbons caught below the bosom, and, honestly, sometimes wetted down to be utterly sheer, wrote letters to each other about what snotty prudes their granddaughters were, wearing sensible wool skirts and petticoats.
    Fortunately, my mom has spectacularly bad taste. I never have to listen to her. Gold high heels, with tan panty hose ( she’s white as a sheet, so it has that ever- so- becoming orange spray on tan look) with lined linen shorts. It’s still one of my favorite outfits, to explain her. My MIL, on the other hand, has this odd mix between Queen of England and the queen’s charwoman. I never know who is going to show up.
    I keep trying to find a somewhat, sort of, modern style. Nothing works. I miss the eighties, with black tights, and Chanel jackets, and loose- ish plain white tee- shirts- versus what’s in now, with the too-tight rayon/poly teeshirts and the bra- straps hanging out.
    BTW, you can seam in a slip, out of knit slip fabric- sometimes you can order it in rayon, that’s soft and compatible with wool, so you never, ever have to keep track of a slip. And if you do the waistline stitched to a rayon petersham ribbon- you can shape the waistline, and have grip, so the skirt is not in danger of falling off of you. Well, unless a dog or a toddler gets a good grip. You know that already, though.

  95. I love your outfit. I don’t see anything wrong with it and I agree with you, that clothes need to be comfortable and pain does not go with fashion.

  96. Ah…yes…a slip. My mom was a stickler, too. No one seems to wear them any longer. My mother would be rolling over in her grave.

  97. My mom burst into tears when she saw my hiking boots one summer–I was a camp counselor and hiking leader for energetic girl children at a wilderness camp. I’ve always wondered who she thought was going to be the fashion police out there? Did she prefer I have mangled feet? Maybe mothers have foot fetishes? I hold out for comfort plus looks. Traveling and knit tops were made for each other–try a long sleeve black heavyweight T shirt or lightweight sweater with that skirt and rock around the clock! Does your mom believe in beautiful hair & eyes showcased by a beautiful haircut? You look very happy, which very few “fashions” can give you. You go girl!

  98. That is a fabulous skirt. I love skirts and am always looking for cool knit pattern skirts, so I’ll definitely bookmark that one. I have a self-imposed “Wear a Skirt/Dress Friday” going on…I managed about 6 months last year before late-December weather derailed me.
    In any case, I also work in a raised floor lab that requires sturdy shoes, so I am always wearing my skirts with boots (cowboy, combat, whatever). Your boots look awesome and I think the red gives it a little flair/contrast. Rock on. 😀

  99. And even better-smiling like you mean it in that first photo! May each & every new day bring a reason to smile like that into your life 🙂

  100. I was wondering what ever happened to the skirt, and now I know. Thanks so much for sharing it with us! It really is a lovely skirt and I have the urge make one now!

  101. Personally, I think the boots and red socks add a certain insouciance to a lace skirt. I like it. It works. What’s more, my fashionista of a lawyer daughter would like it, and she only appreciates my knitting because it keeps me out of her hair. And she gets wool socks.

  102. My mother, God be good to the poor dear woman, lived by the “You have to suffer to be beautiful” rule as well. She would have been so proud of your slip! You would have been held up as a paragon of ladylikeness for me, as, indeed, you are.
    That skirt is absolutely fabulous, and you look fabulous in it.

  103. as always, another beautiful FO! i don’t think my shape would ever permit me to wear a knit skirt and now i rather regret that after seeing yours!
    also envious that you get to go to VOGUE LIVE in nyc! can’t wait to hear all about it!

  104. Still more fabulous than I can pull off. Especially with the handmade goods. For some reason, my knits still don’t agree with my shape. ugh.

  105. I think your outfit looks great! I have to believe that some people just don’t appreciate our style. I, too, can’t have fun if I am uncomfortable. I have similar hair, and I have come to actually love mine for the first time since I discovered a product called Curls Rock, by Catwalk. You put it on your hands, run your hands through your hair, and let it dry. You have ringlets instead of fuzz! You don’t comb it or anything for the rest of the day- if it needs smoothing, use your fingers just a bit. Keeps the curls separate. But you look great now! Vicki in Portland

  106. You look comfortable and gorgeous, a style I admire and don’t always pull off…..sometimes my comfort looks like bottom of the laundry basket….and sometimes it is.

  107. The only thing wrong with your outfit is that your skirt needs to be shorter. Blunnies are indeed totally sexy, but you must have a miniskirt on. Legwarmers also help the look. Trust me, I landed a very hot Aussie that way.

  108. you totally have a sense of style! just not a conventional one.
    the best style is always a personal style, one that you own.
    and you own it!

  109. As a dyed-in-the-wool Tomboy, all through the dress-code days of high school I thumbed my nose by wearing hiking boots with my long skirts. I switched to pants-only seconds after graduating. Thanks for awesomely combining my favorite hobby with my favorite way to wear a skirt. I just might have to knit one someday…but only if I can wear it with big boots!

  110. I am a lurker; rarely commenting, but must speak here. I so enjoyed and appreciated this post. My mother always looks great, very put together, and the two of us always struggled in this area. “Comfort before beauty!” I always said, but she was never convinced. “As good as I can look, while still being comfortable!” I tried to say again. My mom is also really big on panty hose. HUGE! wears them ALL the time! In summer in Texas! I only wear them when absolutely necessary – just not comfortable! Anyway – you look great and the skirt is very chic, and I’m so glad you’re promoting sensibility and comfort and handknits and your own unique fashion sense. Bravo!

  111. *** WOLF WHISTLE *** lol, you look fabulous! I don’t normally like knit skirts (it accentuates every little bump I have…) but this one is lovely on you! And, I have a rule, sock colours don’t matter if you knit the socks yourself or someone else did! xoxo

  112. Love it! You need red or orange tights with it. That would really make your Mom crazy!

  113. I love the red socks. I used to have a pair of bright yellow Doc Martens that I wore with every black skirt I owned, regardless of length. After several years of indiscriminate wear, I finally destroyed them. If I could find another pair, I would buy them without hesitation!

  114. My mom would ask the same questions as well. Except I’d be wearing some awful thing I found at the thrift shop, and I wouldn’t look at all stylish. Just, well, cheap (and not in the thrifty kind of way). You, however, look marvelous!

  115. Great skirt! try pairing it with a black sweater/shirt – it will visually lengthen your figure (always a plus.. ;-))

  116. I think you look great, and like yourself! But what I really want to know is: does the butt of the skirt bag out over time? I have never even seriously thought about knitting a skirt, for fear of butt-droop.

  117. That outfit is SMASHING!!!!!!!!!! Of course I have the fashion sense of a goat. Or so I’ve been told.
    (no offense intended)

  118. I remember seeing you at Madrona and telling you that you wore the skirt well. We decided you wore each other well. 🙂 This post reminded me I left fully intending to knit my own. I think you look fab. as always.

  119. Boy, does that bring back memories of my mom and her obsession with wearing a slip! I’m sure you’ve made your mom happy today…

  120. My brother (who lives in Toronto, too; maybe it’s the air or something) would approve very much of the red socks. Feet in red socks, he says, are happy feet. Or orange or hot pink or anything really bright, to be honest.
    Also, the skirt’s nice. 🙂

  121. I’m so glad the close-ups were taken to show the slip – as the stitch work and color gradation is gorgeous. The boots and red socks are perfect – I love the entire outfit in the graphite, black, red mix. Go For It…

  122. Socks and boots look great to me, but I am NOT the one you want to consult about fashion. Going to a Vogue Knitting event would send me into a panic of wardrobe anxiety and indecision.
    Even if I have a fabulous knitted thing around which to compose an outfit, I rarely manage to collect the appropriate elements to bring it all together, so I’m fully impressed that you can wear that skirt in public and look great in a fun, red-socks-and-boots way (a touch of insouciance, I say.) And a SLIP – now that’s maturity defined. Slips are more elusive than bras around my house.
    My tactic is usually to go so motley and textile-swathed that people are confused, and thrown out of their normal system of judgment, but this only works in layer-friendly settings and climates.
    It’s largely about attitude, and as others have said, you look happy, so it works.

  123. Blunnies! Best boots in the world. My dad always buys the young ‘uns in our family pairs as they grow up. I’m looking forward to my son turning two and getting his first pair 🙂

  124. I have for so long been wanting to knit a skirt or dress in wool to wear with a pair of smashing boots for winter. But I haven’t, in fear that the wool will pill or felt in those areas seeing most wear…which in a skirt or dress would be the bum, and my bum would not benefit from being covered by a fulled cake of wool.
    How did your fab skirt hold up to being worn the daylights out of?

  125. Great skirt! I definitely think that’s a great picture of you, and you look like you’re having a great day. As someone who cares much more about comfort and function more than fashion, I always wonder why some people get so upset at those of us who feel that way? I mean, I’m a t-shirt and jeans sort of girl. I’m a bit of a tomboy and proud of it, but that’s part of what makes me…well…me! I do dress up occasionally and wear a dress or skirt (which always amazes my friends. I always get comments like you clean up well LOL!), but if I wear a skirt I like them long. It’s just my preference. Personally, I think that all the different styles, colors, and all the different pieces of clothing that people wear and how they put them together is what makes the world go around. You know, kinda like all the different foods and cultures that all we share. It would be so boring if we all had to eat only one type of food. I feel the same way about clothes. So, all that being said, I think you look really nice, happy, and comfortable in your skirt, slip, Blunnies, and red socks. You look like Stephanie (and how cool is that!)

  126. No offense but the first thing I noticed in the pic was the bag beside you! Nice bag! I guess I prefer bags to skirts because a great handbag (or knitting bag) always fits. Great skirt and socks on you though. I love how you put it together. Perfect!

  127. Comfort before beauty every day. Especially comfortable footwear.
    And that’s a lovely skirt.

  128. I love the touch of red. Of course, I own two pairs of red shoes, a pair of Mary Janes and a pair of Doc Martin boots. The boots do not give one a touch of color, but rather scream at the public. They are very popular in my circle. They are also definitely bulkier than the boots you have on, adding to their effect.

  129. I love your skirt. And I love your fashion sense – comfort first, always! And your mum and mine should get together for tea sometime. They seem to have a lot in common.

  130. Beautiful skirt! I’ve been thinking of the cork Bihn bag. Are you ever concerned that the cork might crack or tear?

  131. Yes, you do need the slip, both for fashion and modesty – especially with a knit skirt.
    I love the boots! However, do they hide too much of the socks?

  132. Its a lovely skirt, I particuarly like the shading of the yarn. And the colour scheme totally works. I would not have worn ankle boots with it (no, I am not your mother in disguise), being more of a long boot person myself, but my guiding rule in outfits is that if you feel good, you look good. You obviously feel good, ergo you look great!

  133. 1) You dressed yourself. In my books, regardless of age, that means you get to create and own your own look.
    2) FWIW, I think you look great.
    3) No excuse is EVER required for red socks.
    4) Uncomfortable feet = grumpy people. People CAN be happy when their feet hurt, but why start off on the wrong foot (ha! I amuse myself!)?

  134. I still have a desperate need to know what the sock yarn is from January 13th’s post. So many of us want to know….pleeeaaassee…

  135. No no no no no… not AGAIN!
    There I think, hmmm, I kinda want a nice, not too long, knit wool skirt to go with my new boots. And what do you do? AGAIN? Bring up one that looks real good and is way not yet in my abilities to make. Damn, I should quit reading here, I might end up a knitter some day ;-P

  136. That skirt is lovely. I think you look totally pulled together and the red socks just add that bit of interest.

  137. Clearly that skirt is the perfect length for you – great calves, girl friend!
    I too enjoy toying with my mother’s blood pressure with some of the things I wear….one might even say I pick out things deliberately to mess with her head. My bright purple half-boots were a particular eyebrow raiser…>:-) We’re never too old to rebel against our mothers!

  138. It further occurs to me that, as pleased as your mom might be that you are wearing a slip, she is going to be appalled that you actually yanked up your skirt and showed your “under things” to the world. >:-)

  139. Love your look. Why can’t being fashionable also be comfortable? Except for neckties, you don’t see men putting up with even a slight degree of pain for fashion’s sake. Looking good should feel good.
    The skirt is beautiful.

  140. Love the skirt – I think you look great AND comfy. And I can’t wait to meet you in NYC and take your class on Friday afternoon!! Yay!!!

  141. What it with that generation and slips? I love the skirt and the red socks add just the right touch 🙂

  142. Does your mum know my mom? I think you just described my mother to a tee and it’s so comforting to know that there are others in the world who suffer as I! All kidding aside, your skirt is gorgeous and I love the way you worked the colors for that gradual fade. I’m a sucker for comfort too and my mom would just as soon burn my Dansko clogs or Ugg boots along with your Blunnies! Great post!

  143. I absolutely love the skirt! Length and all. Despite all the rules, your mother sounds fun.(Maybe even because of the rules) Now that my kids are “young adults” it is amazing the things that they remember me saying and the crushing effect on their tender egos (oh well, I tell them that I’ve admitted to my contribution to their issues and if they like they can pay someone to tell them that “it’s their mother’s fault).
    On a different note, I just saw the Squam Art Workshop information, and although I cannot attend, I am soo excited that someone else (lots of someone elses) thinks that a long weekend of knitting, yoga, lakeside cabins, kayaking, AND spending time with Stephanie Pearl-McPhee would be a blast. Alas, this is not the year, for me, for that gathering but you guys have fun.

  144. I laughed and cried at the same time about your mum’s fashion requirements, especially the length of skirts and always wearing a slip. My mother was the exact same way and kept at me for years about it all. You know, even though she’s gone now, I still hear her voice in my ear saying, “Why do you wear those long, tacky skirts and are you wearing a slip?”

  145. Stephie:
    In fact you are wrong. I love the red socks and the outfit would be too boring for words without them. I love the skirt, too, and the slip is NOT for modesty, but to ensure it hangs right and doesn’t crawl up your legs.
    I don’t even object to the Blundstones…this time. It’s the fact that you’re always wearing the damned things, and they come in such dull colours. BORRRRRING! I woudn’t say you have to have pain for fashion, but would fun kill you?? Hope you wear the new dress boots I got you, and remember that you NEED RED SHOES! SHOP!
    Love Mum

  146. I feel oddly jealous about all this – I can’t remember my mum ever saying anything about what I was wearing and I was probably one of the first girls in the area to wear a mini skirt back in the day and then progressed to flower child hippie stuff -long skirts and no shoes etc.
    I feel as though I had a deprived childhood!!!

  147. Well, I think your style is FABULOUS!! That skirt is TDF! 🙂 And the knitting bags look so sleek and stylish!! I love it!! Wish I could pull off wearing a handknitted skirt!

  148. I’m not usually a fan of knitted skirts, but yours rocks. And I think you look comfortable, confident, and I love the red socks. Still I have to agree with Your Mother above (really? if so, very cool) that red shoes are way too much fun to miss out on!

  149. Whenever I’m wondering about what to wear, especially if I’m not sure if others will appreciate my taste, this is the thought process that works best for me:
    1- If everyone thinks I look fabulous, well then . . . I look fabulous! All is well.
    2- If I look like crap, well then . . . I’m doing everyone else a favor. They’re all so worried about if THEY look good, they’ll be deeply appreciative of anyone who doesn’t look as good as they do. I’m helping other people feel superior. How nice of me.
    3- The Emperior’s New Clothes: No matter how I look, there will be a least a few people who — even though I look goofy — assume I’m on the cutting edge of fashion. . . and the next time I see them, they’ll be wearing the same thing.
    It’s a win/win/win. : )

  150. Love the Blundstones! They’re popular among horseback riders, so there you go! I love how found a way to tell us something new by sharing something old!

  151. Tell your mum that when I looked at the photo the first thing I thought was, “Hey, Steph’s rockin’ the boots and socks thing! She is more fashionable than I thought.”

  152. The red socks were a good idea: a nice pop of color. The skirt is gorgeous and there’s nothing wrong with boots and a skirt when done correctly. You’re IN!

  153. Just found the pattern on Ravelry and added it to my queue…seems like I’ve been knitting for others for months, price of yarn be damned! I’m making that skirt for myself! I LOVE it!
    Btw, the red socks and boots totally make the outfit lol!

  154. You look absolutely put together, boots and all. Then again, I’m not from New York and can’t remember for the life of me what time of year gets black or white handbags.

  155. I feel like you could go shorter on the skirt. There will probably be a collective gasp at above-the-knee skirts on women over 40, but those are opaque tights. And shorter women generally are better off with shorter skirts, yes?

  156. I admire anyone who can wear a knitting skirt, no matter what the length. Personally I’m enthralled by those knitting bags!

  157. Just the fact that you are wearing a skirt+tights and not pants makes you more fashionable than I am. My first reaction though has nothing to do with fashion:
    Tom Bihn makes knitting bags??? Awesome.

  158. I think you look super – the red socks give the look a bit of interest. And shoes should be comfortable and wearable! But then, I’m a Seattle child and there was a reason we all ran around in flannels and Doc Martens.

  159. I am a 47 year old judge who was carrying on a professional conversation with someone at a social event. Mid conversation my mother reached out and yanked on my blouse because it wasn’t hanging straight . . . .

  160. Also, mom would approve that you are wearing tights. No bare legs with skirts.
    That is why I started wearing boots with skirts. Black motorcycle boots. To church.

  161. I was going to type that I don’t own a slip. But I think I do. I think I saw it in a trunk the last time we moved. When Partner asked what was in there, and I said books and baseball cards, and he opened it up and I discovered there were clothes in there. I remember we just closed it again.
    So, I think I do have a slip. Don’t know what color it is, though.

  162. I love the whole look!!!
    All those things your Mom says now will be ever so Dear to you at a future date. You and your sibs will have a list of Momisms with which to regale each other.
    My Mom once had her slip fall down at a wedding reception. She bent down, picked it up, put it in her bag, and ordered another Manhattan.
    Have a great trip!

  163. Personally I think the red socks make the outfit, they give just the right pop of color.

  164. Went to a social function sunday. Did not realize till I was half way there that I’d forgotten my slip. I lived, nobody seemed to notice or felt moved to tell me if they did.
    My Mom always said “if you walk fast enough no one will notice”.
    Don’t lose the red socks, love them! The skirt too.

  165. Oh my goodness, that skirt is beautiful! Apparently I am still naive in the ways of knitting, because I thought there were certain items that just wouldn’t look good knitted (like skirts and dresses). But that skirt makes me want to knit one myself. (Didn’t I say that about the Spilly Jane mittens too?) You are definitely an inspiration. And I think the whole ensamble actually goes together…you make it work. 🙂

  166. I’m somebody’s mother and I think the outfit is perfect. Any artist will tell you, a work of art needs ‘a spot of red’.

  167. Skirt is gorgeous! You may not have much of a fashion sense (I’m not saying you don’t – since I don’t have one, I’m the wrong person to ask) but you have a great sense of your own personal style which IMHO is far more important. Style is about wearing things that you like, that you think look good on you & that you feel comfortable in. Some people may feel comfortable in 4″ spike heels (although I can’t believe they’d be physically comfortable, I have heard women swear that Mahnolos are very comfy indeed). Fashion is about following others’ rules for what you should wear to look good. Style is about adapting garments & footwear that express who you are – what you feel comfortable in, what you know looks good on you. And you look great in that outfit.

  168. You make my day. And thanks to your inspiration and online tutorials, my FO’s stack is building. Not as fast as my yarn stash, but life is good.

  169. Funny you should mention it-I was wondering about the fate of that skirt and if it ever got out of the UFO category just the other day. Random thing to wonder on my part, but thanks for the update! It came out nice.

  170. That is a beautiful skirt, you do your Mum proud. Length, perfect. Look with the Blundstone boots…well, not so much in my book, but you’re the one who has to wear the clothes, and if you like it that’s good enough for anybody.

  171. Ah mums. It sounds like I torture my mum much the same way you torture yours. Mine always wants my hair out of my eyes and is forever explaining winter whites and summer whites to me which goes right over my head. Well, it actually just makes me grumpy because I think those are stupid rules.
    She has given up getting me out of clogs except for the occasional gift of ladylike shoes that just get dusty. Sorry Mom!

  172. There is a poem about ‘Baun Boots’ going around in my head in Stanley Holloway’s voice and my grandmother telling me how hopeless my grandfather was for wearing brown shoes with a blue suit. (They ought to have been black, don’t you know.) I am wondering if that outfit would not offend your mother so deeply if the Blundstone boots were black?
    I like the red socks.

  173. I think this is one of the best photos of you EVER! The red is your “accent” colour. The skirt is the perfect length…just below the kneecaps. It’s all perfect!

  174. I LOVE the skirt! I don’t have that sacrificial gene where I’m willing to go with discomfort just for beauty. I just can’t bring myself to do it. I have too much else going on to even bother. I think you look great and put together and comfortable. I probably wouldn’t have gone with red socks, but hey, if they work for you, then more power to ya.

  175. Lovely! Your skirt should always be short enough to show the top curve of your calf, and you hit the perfect spot with this one. Yay for laziness!
    By the by, what socks are those?

  176. I really like this outfit. Love the hit of red in the socks in the otherwise monochromatic palette.
    Bludstones vs. most of those sky-high gladiator-clenching platforms I keep seeing in the magazines. Look better and must be damn more comfortable.

  177. The red socks make the outfit! Your mum and my mom could go shopping together. The have the same concerns. I have a dansko clog thing right now, and you should see what she says about those!

  178. Love the colours / shading in the skirt – worth all that cutting and joining in.
    And great to see the Blunnies – their headquarters are in Hobart – capital city of Tasmania – and we live in their boots!

  179. Gorgeous, lovely, exquisite skirt — love the yarn, the length, the style, the boots and the red socks. Oh, and the slip, too.

  180. I think you look way cute!! I admire people that dress how it makes them happy and your skirt is beautiful! I think the boots work!

  181. That skirt is super cute- and I think it looks great on you. I don’t understand the physics of skirt length either though.

  182. It turned out beautifully and the color changes are great. And finally I know that the “unterrock” (German) is called a slip. I never knew that. And my mother would buy me these slips for Christmas all the time and they were way too long. I have not worn a skirt in such a long time, but this one would be fun. Love the boots and the red socks. Great outfit.

  183. I’m not going to piss in your pocket, that skirt probably isn’t that fashionable. But you do look very cool in it, and definitely ‘put together’. I beleive it’s possible your mum might even approve of the length as well. And, I might add, you have pretty good pins. Even the cool blunnies can’t hide that.

  184. If I was your Mum your wearing a slip with a knitted skirt would not impress me since you would get it all butt-sprung if you didn’t.
    Sorry, Stephanie,
    Jo in MN where the subzero temps are making us crabby.

  185. Canadians wear blunnies! I’m beyond thrilled. (I’m Australian, as blunnies used to be.) PS love the skirt too.

  186. I noticed the hair first. Loveliest shade of coppery wool. I wanna knit it. Have you heard of anyone knitting hair. I have heard of knitting your pet’s hair, but not human. Just a thought.

  187. Your skirt is the perfect length, judging from the top photo…. It covers your knees, but does NOT hit your leg at the fullest part – which make a leg look heavier. Your calf curves in before the knee, and your skirt hitting it right there – just right! 🙂
    That’s the only rule that still exists, to my knowledge. And I have about 15 years on you, and remember rigid “rules” for lengths of skirts – measuring sticks and all. But now – just don’t let it hit at the fullest part of your leg. (And I suppose, common sense, which some older women don’t show…. like wearing the length they did in ’68, when they were 42 or so years younger than they are now…… ew…. (There is proportion to consider, like Long skirt – short jacket, and vice versa, but that’s a bit different.)
    That said, I think your look in this outfit is great!

  188. I am 100% behind your choice of Bludstones with skirt. This look may not appeal to all, but they are silly. Its that perfect balance of bada** and cute- you look lovely and now I want to knit that skirt to wear with my boots.

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