and she’s back…

Apologies for the lack of a blog yesterday, I’m fine (thanks for asking/emailing), I went to a birth, so now I am gloriously, fabulously, incredibly “off call” for the rest of the summer. I put my pager in a drawer. It felt good.
Number of consecutive hours awake : 31
Number of cups of coffee needed to do this : 5
Number of cups of coffee that I actually had because the hospital does not have adequate provision of coffee services: 1
The number of times I complained about this to hospital staff: 7, plus I wrote a letter when I got home.
Type of baby: Boy, very cute, and I’m not just saying that, because we all know that there are a lot of babies out there who look like Winston Churchill at first. This one really was cute.
Weight of baby: 9lb 13oz.
Number of times I told the mother she was impressing the hell out of me: too many to count.
Amount knit at the birth: almost one repeat of the Cherry Aran.
Sticking with the Cherry Aran is going to be a difficult thing, since I may have lost control of myself at a S&B at Lettuce Knit on Wednesday evening. I had the best time, and did two of my favourite things.
First, I corrupted another knitter/blogger, Marmalade blogs about it here. (If you are a Canadian, and feel the love that I do for Canadian spellings, check out the “letter zed” button she made. I’ll be ripping that off shortly”) I don’t feel bad about the corruption I wrought either. She’s a really neat person and a terrific knitter who just needed an enthusiastic session of enabling to…er… come over to the dark side of renegade ‘you can do it’ knitting. She’s now going to try converting a sock pattern to “toe-ups”, and she’s knitting a Fiddlesticks knitting “Rippling waters” scarf, and I did sort of encourage her to buy some laceweight yarn. Yes, I’m aware that there is a fine line between “enabler” and “pusher”. No, I do not think I crossed that line. Yes, I will help her if she gets stuck on the lace knitting, and Yes, I do think that she still likes me.
Second, I bought some yarn. Luckily for Kelly (Marmalade) and my bank account, I was paged to the birth before I did any real damage to either of us. The poncho fixation culminated in the purchase of some Mission Falls 1824 wool
enough for a shortish poncho which I am quite certain I am not starting until the Cherry Aran is done. I usually shun superwash, on account of the slipperiness doesn’t agree with me. This time though, I’m sort of looking for slippery. I got the new Interweave knits, and a new circular, and this…
This is Blue Heron handpainted cotton laceweight. There are 1050 yards in this bad boy, more than enough to make a version of a totally funky poncho I saw at Lettuce knit. Laceweight yarn knit on 9mm needles. I’m flipped out about it. Completely flipped out. I have no idea how I’m going to keep myself from abandoning the 49 other works in progress and dedicating every single waking moment of my life working on it.
This is a better representation of the colours. Don’t you want it? Don’t you love it? How can you go on living without it? You should have it. You will be happier and more fulfilled if you have it. Did you hear me say it was more that a thousand yards? That’s a lot of yarn. The sun will shine a little brighter. You know, even if you don’t like cotton, this is cotton on big needles, it’s different. You can do it. It’s going to be fun, we can do it together! C’mon. I’ll meet you at Lettuce knit next week and I’ll admire it and everyone will want to be us.
Now you have a better idea of what happened to Kelly/Marmalade, only she could touch the yarn, thus increasing my cosmic sphere of influence.
I hope she’s ok.