I’m improvising as fast as I can

This morning I discovered two significant problems.

1. I was out of coffee. This is a shocking and horrific development and is a situation that I normally have several safeguards in place to protect against. I am not (and I really can’t stress this enough) a morning person. It is really only the sacred brown elixer of life that gets me through the first four or five hours of consciousness and the absence of said beverage left a yawning abyss in my morning so huge that it was all I could do to go on. I rummaged the cupboards and finally came up with an old tin of espresso, tossed it into the coffee maker and drank what I though was enough to get me to the grocery store to buy the coffee I usually have. It turns out though, as I sit here listening to my heart beat (straight off…you really shouldn’t be able to hear your own pulse) and typing at the speed of sound that I realize that I may have overshot my caffeine goals. I can feel my eyebrows.

2. My email is not working. Actually, it is more that my email is taunting me viciously. It is delivering some email (four yesterday… ) hoarding others for an random amount of time, then releasing them to me in a bizarre and perplexing order and sending a few of them to me five or six times, presumably in a bold attempt to appease me.

Hear me now. I am not appeased. I told the guy at the sympatico office that I was not appeased. He asked me if I was sure that people were sending me email, with a tone that implied that perhaps I had no friends. I’m not sure what I may have said to him then. I know that I called him “Dude”. (Several cups of espresso can really take the edge off of the details….it all went by so quickly).

If you are not hearing from me…I may not have heard from you.

Three reasons why the Stitch and Bitch at Lettuce Knit last night was a fiercely good time.

1. Free range books. Here in Toronto.


This exited me more than I can tell you. Megan has a stack of them, and as far as I know she’s the only shop in Toronto to have them so far. I’m thinking about visiting them again later.

2. I signed books. Three cheers to Kelly, who was the first person in the whole world to ask me to sign a book live and in person, and a huge shout out to Allison, who was so sweet that I felt like Elvis.

3. Megan made my evening by putting several of my favourite things in one room.


That’s champagne, chocolate, other knitters and yarn. (Yes, yes….oh yes)

And by letting me hold her beautiful new baby Penelope, who is perfect, sweet….and destined to be a knitter.


(Megan and Penelope are seen here in a really charming moment, mere seconds before I snatched the little bummie back into my arms).

Clearly I was overwhelmed with happiness, since moments later I hauled off and bought this (among other things, but we shall gloss over my weakness in the face of 22 day old babies belonging to yarn shop owners who have my book, champagne and chocolate…it’s not flattering.)


It’s Art yarns Super Merino, and Lettuce knit had the loveliest choices. Expect all my present projects to be dumped as quickly as a guy who has his mummy at the top of his cellphone speed-dial.

Finally today, I can make some announcements about the Bookbookbook, Tourtourtour. Where I’m going and where I’ll be doing it can now be found here, on the official At Knit’s End tour page. I’ll keep it updated as I go, and add more stuff as the publicity people tell me what’s up. (I’ll be adding a summer trip to the west coast in a few weeks) I’m thrilled and scared to death, though must admit that I might be feeling considerably less anxious later when I don’t have 7 litres of emergency espresso in me. I’ll let you know.

The official launch for the book is at The Museum of Textiles here in Toronto (Dundas and University, St. Patrick Subway) Wednesday April 13th, 6:30 – 8:00. Wine, books, me freaking out completely ….what more could you want? Please come and help me celebrate.

161 thoughts on “I’m improvising as fast as I can

  1. Oh dear. I really do feel for you re. the coffee thing. I would say that yes, you definitely have over-achieved your caffeine goals. Possibly for two days even. But then, you knew that.
    So glad to see the book launch site. I am marking my calendar and scheduling a vacation day so that I may attend!

  2. Wow, that’s quite a tour. Knit Happens sold out of your book immediately. I just saw your book at a D.C. Barnes and Noble while on my lunch break today. We’ve been anticipating your visit at KH; see ya soon!

  3. I think it’s funny that someone seems to believe you will stop buying knitting and spinning supplies at MS&W long enough to sign books.
    In any case, I’ll be there on Saturday and I’ll be looking for you, pen and book in hand.

  4. Caffeine, book tour, yarn, chocolate, champagne, babies, knitters – it’s a wonder your head didn’t explode! Looks like you had a great time (and are still w/ that overdose) and no one deserves it more!

  5. Hmmm…since I live in Atlanta, I have to decide which is closer, Memphis or Alexandria. The tourtourtour will be so much fun…congrats on all of it! I’m also amazed by your resistance from buying more yarn. Just looking at that baby might have been the end of me.

  6. Ahem, the deep south HAS your book! Bought it at Barnes and Noble in Baton Rouge, LA earlier this week. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I Love it!

  7. I just checked out your tour dates. You have no idea how excited I am that you are coming to Kalamazoo! I thought if I was lucky, you might make it to Detroit or Chicago. See you in May!

  8. I’d just like to say that I am having the same issue with sympatico and that you aren’t having a caffeine induced halucination. My test message to myself yesterday came about 8 hours later and three times over.
    Wishing your family all the best in the coming months and hoping the house is still standing when you return from your tour : )

  9. Chickie, when you hit the West coast I will BE THERE! Wow! I haven’t gotten my hands on a copy yet, but not for lack of stalking the B&N knit section. ;-D
    Lisa in Oregon

  10. Aww, if the skin on the top of yer head isn’t crawling so bad you can’t form a sentence, you’re really actually *under* caffeinated, as I see it.
    Just a plug here – Please, oh PLEASE, come to Seattle on your West Coast book tour – we will love you and we will hug you and we will call you George! Janet

  11. April 29th, April 29th, April 29th, April 29th, April 29th, April 29th, April 29th, April 29th, April 29th, April 29th, April 29th, April 29th, April 29th, April 29th, April 29th, April 29th, April 29th, April 29th, April 29th, April 29th,
    I’ma gonna be there!!!!!
    Congrats on the success of your book! That’s awesome!

  12. Goodness, you’re having a day. I heard yesterday that Mercury is in retrograde. When all else fails, blame it on planetary alignment. Sorry to hear about your coffee mishap!
    I just looked at your tour schedule and I’m confused about something: did your publisher really schedule your NYC appearance at the Lord and Taylor department store on 5th avenue? Forgive my puzzlement, but I didn’t know they even sold books. I’m in no position to second-guess a publisher, but I would have thought they’d book you into one of the booksellers or one of our local yarn stores. Granted, most LYSs in NY are pretty small, but they could accomodate an in-store. B&N certainly could. I’m just bewildered, is all.
    Hope your day gets better. Your book makes me laugh out loud every day. Thank you for that.

  13. !. Your email, like your comments box has probably collapsed from overwork.
    2. I’ll be at the Spring Frolic, get your pen ready.
    3. Book Tour! And you thought Rheinbeck was exciting! I kinda, sorta hate to bring this up (waahaahaa), but you remember the Rheinbeck Sweater? Shouldn’t you be preparing your Book Tour Sweater? After all, we’ve seen your other knitting and you wouldn’t want to be caught dead in an older model, right? After all, how many bookbookbook tours does one do ?

  14. According to the delivery page, I am supposed to have my copy of The Book tomorrow. I am sooo excited. Now I am just waiting to hear when you will be making your way to Tx. so I can get it signed In Person and actually stalk you In Person. Wow.
    Hey! I couldn’t post my original comment cuz it found my state name questionable? You havin issues with us southern folk? Cripes….still waiting for The Book, though.hehe

  15. May 6-see you then. Wish I could be celebrating with you in Toronto, but have a glass (or two) of wine for me. Congrats again!!!

  16. I feel for you on the coffee part… My breakfast coffee was sort of interrupted this morning as I was babysitting not only my own 8-month-old but also my housemates’ 1-week-old, and then the day just disappeared. I was just reading your blog entry, happily knitting and sipping my coffee, when I noticed it’s almost half past ten in the evening. *sigh* I know sleeping is a waste of good knitting time, and I’m pretty much immune to caffeine, but I still have the feeling I shouldn’t drink coffee at this hour. After all, my daughter will probably start making That Noise sometime around 3 in the morning…

  17. LOVE the book!!! I just picked it up last night at B&N.
    Hope to see you in WA state when you start on the West Coast Tour. 🙂 I’m afraid my copy may be dogeared by then, but ready for your sig!
    The baby is too precious for words and yay for you to get to have all of that in one room in your honour! 🙂

  18. I’m not going to complain about you not coming to Minneapolis, because I’ll be at MDSW!! Double my delight.
    I’ve been staying up ‘way too late reading your book the last few nights. It’s hilarious!

  19. There’s a textiles museum in Toronto? Is it fantastic? (I sort of believe that it has to be). Must check to see if we have such a thing in Boston…

  20. Congrats on the book again. I’m savoring my copy and trying to limit how much of it I read each night. I’m enjoying it immensely and get quite a chuckle out of much of it.
    I have to second Regina’s comment about your NYC appearance! Lord & Taylor? That’s odd. I might just have to go to MDS&W afterall this year, book in hand for an autograph 🙂

  21. Congratulations!
    I’m seconding the “Lord and Taylor? Really?” comments. Don’t get me wrong–I’ll be there. You’re just about the only thing that *would* get me in there. It’s just awfully puzzling.

  22. Hmmm…now I have to decide which signing to attend. Boston? Amherst? NH Wool Festival? Or shall I become a HarlotHead and just trail you from signing to signing? Oh, oops, I guess that’s called stalking. Oh well.
    Congrats on the book and the tour!

  23. Stephanie – Congrats again on the book tour. But I too am confused – The Lord and Taylor on 5th Avenue in Manhattan??? Please confirm for those of us in NYC vicinity….we’ll bring coffee….not expresso for you….

  24. Well, it looks like the Yarn Harlot is coming to Boston! I should have my bookbookbook in a few days from overstock.com (nice price, NAYY), so seems like perfect timing to get it signedsignedsigned!

  25. Kudos, congrats, mad props! It has been so exciting to see this book come to life- you deserve every once of chocolate on that plate!
    What a beautiful shop, too- looks like a fun night.

  26. Oh. My goodness. 3 in MA, 1 in NH, 1 in VT. Would you feel like you were being stalked if I came to more than one? I wouldn’t want to alarm you or anything.

  27. Count me in on the bunch that think the Lord & Taylor is an odd location for a book reading – let alone a knitting book. I will be there though. (And if not there, MDS&W!)
    Congratulations again. What an absolute, pure thrill to see your words in print!

  28. There is even a intact ballwinder there! it looks like you might have a mightily good time.
    The bookbookbook is still not making it’s way over the atlantic. 🙁

  29. Just thought I’d tell you I spotted the book in the Apple Valley Barnes and Noble (Minnesota) last night. Congrats.

  30. Gee, Seattle’s prominent absence made me almost miss the “West Coast Later” section… …don’t worry about the freaking out bit; just overcaffeinate, the eight eyeballs on newly grown eyestalks will make you seem perfectly normal for the PNW… …July.
    (Bookbookbook still not here. Am becoming irrational. Need bookbookbook. Need less coffee…)

  31. I had *so* decided to call in sick the day you were going to be in NYC, but I am taking my very first spinning classes (whee!) on thursdays and cannot get there and back in time.. I see there is a large chunk of time between Boston and MDSW.. can we possibly beg you to come to Philly??? I’m serious. I’ll make you whatever desserts your little heart desires for the privledge of seeing you in my town.

  32. Oh my God!!!! You are away from home for a whole month??? You are a brave girl. Lucky for you, all kinds of friends will be showing up to keep you company along the way. I personally see two definite dates that I can come by and bring you treats. I can’t wait.
    So you probably didn’t see my emails (I sent two) with the photos from the book seller? Such a bummer. Let me know if you want me to resend.

  33. Hi Steph, sorry to see Utah is not on your tour list yet, but glad to hear it’s very real 🙂
    I did e-mail you. I asked how you go about charting your lace patterns, i.e. what program you use, if you have a template or anything like that. I’m trying to do mine and I’ve kind of rigged something, but I thought I’d find out what the might Harlot does to get her oh-so-lovely charts.

  34. I will refrain from commenting on the oddity of Lord and Taylor for your signing. I will say that I will be there.
    The Harlot On Tour, you’re a freaking rock star. Cool.

  35. Woohoo! Amazon tells me that your bookbookbook has shippedshippedshipped! Can’t wait!
    Sounds like a great Tourtourtour also. You so deserve it.

  36. OH MY GOD!!!! Are you walking around the house and shaking your head in disbelief?! You are a REAL LIVE AUTHOR. With a REAL LIVE TOUR!!!!!! I think I need a “lie down” for you!
    Sorry to be stuffing the comments! 🙂

  37. Amazon says I will have my book today and I can barely stay at my desk at work I am so anxious to get my hands on it. I am sure it will be the hot topic of discussion at my Stitch ‘n Bitch tonight. I hope to catch you in Amherst and what is the deal with NYC Lord and Taylor??? Are you going to have book tour T-shirts made? It would be so cool to have a Yarn Harlotty T!! This could be Canada’s answer to the Sweet Potato Queen (Jill Conner Brown) sensation.

  38. Bookbookbook! I got yours two days ago and have been reading it both to myself and my dh! He’s getting a kick out of it also!
    I’m saddened you’re only coming as far south as Memphis, we knit in Georgia too!
    Great job, please keep it coming!

  39. See, I told you karma would bite me for laughing at your stubby socks: Late June/early July is exactly when this west-coaster is planning to be on the east coast. *shakes fist at heavens*
    That heart-melting photo of Penelope and her mom almost makes it all better, though. Almost.

  40. Well, if I don’t make it to Knit Happens, I will definately see you at MDS&W! DH & I live there for that week-end.

  41. Thanks for the heads-up re. Sympatico. Mine has been non-cooperative all day.
    Champagne at Lettuce Knit. It’s high time I visited that store!
    Don’t look now, but your family is probably compiling their ice cream schedule, for the days when you will be book-touring.
    And….glue down the coffee mugs before you leave. You can’t imagine what configuration they will be in, on your return.

  42. Is it normal that I’m jealous of Boston? A potluck dinner sounds like so much fun! Perhaps other cities could have impromptu potlucks?

  43. Lord & Taylor… yeah, I checked the link just to confirm it was the same one… Is the store manager a fan? Will we all have to hold out our pinky fingers when we drink tea? Well, I’ll be there with (designer) bells on. I just hope they don’t expect us to behave like little old knitting ladies, cus they’ll be in for a surprise.
    My other question: how are we blog sisters going to recognize each other at the events? I mean, will everyone be blog readers? Or should we wear some sign to identify each other? Maybe a pearl earring or necklace?
    Bookbookbook is on the way… I’m as excited as a gal on her first date!

  44. Will the tour be worthy of a bra? And if you see an asian girl staring at the ladies, it might be me. Feel free to glare.

  45. Please come to Dallas, TX? Pretty please? If you do, there will be champagne and chocolate and yarn and other knitters . . .

  46. Congrats on the bookbookbook! I’m patiently (but barely) waiting to pick it up at my LYS when some cash that doesn’t go to yarn falls into my pockets.
    You should really bring the tourtourtour to TX! You’ve got quite a blog-reading, soon-to-be-book-reading fan base here in Dallas. And the women of the Woolie Ewe (woolieewe.com) are really the best.

  47. Oh! If you’re out on the west coast in July, and make it to Seattle, it’d be like the bestest 30th birthday present I could probably get! Aside from my own espresso/built-in-grinder/auto programmable drip coffee machine, of course.

  48. teehee! the book is most enjoyable steph — you’ve got me chuckling on the subway, and being the recipient of rather bewildered stares. thanks lady!

  49. Hmmm….West Coast, you say? Could that possibly include Los Angeles? If so, I would happily fight traffic so you could sign my book :-).

  50. HA! Lord & Taylor in NYC? I will be the first and possibly *only* poster today to be really surprised and happy at that prospect! My second favorite store (after the yarn shop, of course) and I’ll be glad to come and shop..errr..visit with you on 4/29.
    I do hope they place you next to the See’s Candies display, though! *selfishly wringing hands*

  51. Can’t wait to see how much yarn you come home with from your tour ……………. do you suppose the hosting stores will give you goodie bags of yarn? Bought your book at The Tattered Cover in Denver last week and found out my husband doesn’t appreciate loud laughter when he is trying to sleep!

  52. You’re coming to MDS&W! I’ll totally wait to get the book until then, then you can sign it for me. OH MY GOSH!!! I GET TO SEE SHEEP AND THE YARN HARLOT ALL AT ONCE!!! I think I need to lie down…

  53. WHAT?! No midwest anywhere on that list?! Kalamazoo gets you, but not Chicago, which granted isn’t right next to me, but I’d make the 3.5 hour trip… And I find out that I won’t get a copy of bookBookbookBook until mid-April.
    The only reason I’m not beyond hope at this point is the fact I’m caught up making Ken’s Dulaan Hat right now. And loving it. (Yes, Harlot, I found someone to lend me 12mm/17US needles!)

  54. So Harlot, are you one of those women who lactate at the sight and smell of a newborn? And if so, do you lactate espresso?
    You’ll love the Artyarn. Great colors!
    Hope to see you in Southern CA. Warwicks Books in La Jolla is famous for it’s signings. It’s locally owned, very friendly to writers and the town is fun to walk – you’d love it (hint hint).

  55. NOOOOOOOO! No Harlot in Chicago? This is not good! How can you not come to beautiful Chicago?? We have wine…we have chocolate…we have bookbookbook….we NEED Harlot!!!!!
    Stomping off to sulk,
    Teresa in Chicago

  56. Um, Stephanie, there must be some mistake, I don’t see TX on the list at all. It’s a really big state in the southern central part of the US. And we knit here! And we have yarn stores. And book stores with Knitting books! I have mine, which I love and cherish, but it needs one thing – your personal autograph. I’ll check back on the tour page tomorrow once you have time to correct it.

  57. I keep thinking of that movie Cheaper By The Dozen, where Bonnie Hunt is a mom going on her first book tour as a new author. Chaos does indeed ensue… but you know, it all ends happily.

  58. My book was waiting for me upon return from Spring Break trip last night! I can’t wait to read it! Looking forward to announcement of the West Coast tour – requesting somewhere within couple hours drive of the Bay Area please! Maybe even one of the many yarn shops in SF (Greenwich Yarn, hint, hint).

  59. I’m sulking too…..no mInneapolis, sigh…..I just got your book and I lovelovelove it!

  60. How bad of a mother would I be to take my daughter out of school On May 6th? That would be the only way I could makek it to Kalamazoo. I cannot wait for my book.

  61. Book???? I have not been online since december. The world is running amok behind my back,- but nevertheless I need it, I must have it, I want it, I�ll be buying it.
    Now to more serious matters. NO COFFEEEEEEE send me your adress and i�ll send you a bag of the best coffee available on the danish market. Tsk, tsk, one can�t live without coffee, and especially in the morning.

  62. TN -> OH -> VA -> NY?
    am i the only person that this seems a little zig-zaggy to? perhaps not as bad as it could be…
    but I am soooo looking forward to the potluck in Boston!! yahoo! at Circles! how Fabu!
    and i must admit, when i was in TO last October on vaca i found Romni Wools. (WHAT FUN!!!!) and the knit cafe, but where is lettuce knit? maybe too far from where i was and wasn’t able to make it.. hmm..
    anyways, see you on the 29th!!

  63. Wow! This is really ambitious. How exciting. You are really an author now with an actual publicity TOUR! Hoooray! And much deserved. I’m not at all surprised.
    Just wait until you get to the Pacific Northwest. They have a love affair with coffee not to be matched. Well, coffee and beer. I say they because I don’t actually drink coffee or beer. They almost didn’t let me in the state…
    Is it going to be strange to meet us readers in person? Maybe if we all promise to show up with babies, coffee, chocolate, and yarn…

  64. Oh, yes, please come to the West Coast! There are a lot of knitters in the San Francisco area who will come!
    I’ll even bring my soon-to-be-born baby as a bribe…

  65. can you put chicago on your tour? can you get closer than tennessee? oh please!! i’m happy for you and your tour. just think of all the fun knitters you’ll meet.

  66. I think I’ll be able to get away from work early enough to make it down to the Textile Musuem but, being Canadian and all, might just stand a respectable distance away from you, avoid direct eye contact and think “Gee, I wonder if she’d sign my bookbookbook.” hee!
    Apparently none of the Coles, Chapters or Indigo stores in Toronto has your book yet. Even though the woman who told me this way insanely chipper I still wanted to lay waste to the store.
    My brown elixer of life is Pepsi. At work last night some women were talking how shaky and squiggy they felt after drinking their first Pepsi in years. I thought that I feel that way if I don’t drink it!

  67. I am so excited that you’re coming to Acton, my little suburb of Boston!! Willow Books had the bookbookbook last week … and now they’re getting You in Person. Won’t miss it, can’t wait to see you.

  68. Your official launch is at the Textile Museum ! i am SO THRILLED to hear this ! i wish i was there ! It’s a wonderful museum, and i am elated for you !
    Congratulations !

  69. I’ve got the book in my hand!! Manchester, Connecticut. It is smaller than I imagined… It’s 4″ x 6″. It looked bigger than that in the pictures. Maybe it’s smaller in the US?

  70. Book, book, book is sitting on the counter right now- I can’t wait to read it. May 12th!! I’ll see you at Kalaidescope Yarns- although I may have two small children in tow! Congratulations. Here’s to coffee, chocolate, and champagne all around!

  71. I was thrilled to receive my copy of your wonderful little book today, and just found out that you’re coming to Ohio! I am filled with glee!
    Congratulations and much success!

  72. Woohoo! More than one stop close to me and I see one is the lovely independent bookstore in the neighboring town. I drive right past on the way to take my son to tutoring. I shall have to stop on the way home and get my copy 🙂

  73. Oh, do I ever know your pain well. I was out of tea this morning. No tea. At all. Until I arrived at school at 10am. How can a girl survive from 8 in the freakin’ morning until nearly lunch time without a sweet taste of her elixer of life?! Ahem.
    I am definately going to have to stop by Yarn Forward on the 7th to stop in and say hello 🙂 Hopefully Ottawa will stay nice and pretty for you.

  74. Stephanie,
    Can’t wait until the 29th for the book signing at Circles. I’ll be ther with bells on!
    Any special requests for the potluck?

  75. I’ve sent you a couple of e-mails, but since we had this happen once before (100 things…) I opted not to freak out, and just figured one of our systems funked out.
    YAY! that you get to come to Maryland! I’ll be there for five days total, so by the time you’re there, I’ll likely be way too glazed over and hysterical to notice, but I’ll feel better knowing you’re there, in the fiber mecca. Hope you have a BLAST!!!

  76. book tour! wheeeeee! I can’t wait till this summer and the west coast tour – this is so exciting! are you pinching yourself repeatedly yet!?

  77. I’m sad there is no Chicago date! I might have to take you up on the mail order signature…congrats to you, can’t wait to read the book.

  78. Stephanie-while at the BooksAMillion in Fort Walton Beach, Florida I looked for your book Couldn’t find it so went to the customer service desk, they looked it up, you were in their system so the clerk told me that means they’ll be stocking your book, just haven’t gotten any in yet. I’m checking a couple of Barnes & Nobles this weekend. Keep your fingers crossed I find one down here soon! When I find them on the shelf I’ll take some pics for you.

  79. My book order was just delayed until April 27th. 🙁 I’m dying with anticipation down here! (Racine, WI)

  80. well I am happy to know that I am comment #90 to say Congrats, I hope you get to sign many more before the week is up. Sadly your tour will take you to Ottawa long before I make it home but I might catch you on the westcoast in July.
    As for the espresso I am on my way to starbucks due to a similar oh my god it is friday and there is NO COFFEE.

  81. I’ve just come back to knitting after 26 years, just found the Yarn Harlot and got your book last night at my B & N here in Montana, of all places. The cashier was in hysterics reading it as I wrote the check and told me that I was the fifth one in my town to order it! And now I wonder who are the other 4 knitters who know about you?? And why don’t I know them?? Your book is simply the best.

  82. BOOO! Tennessee and Ohio but no Kansas or Missouri!! And we’re decidedly not “west coast” so I have no hope. Oh the horror! What an adorable baby 🙂

  83. Okay. I guess I can deal with the fact that you’re skipping little, tiny, out-of-the-way Chicago. (Sniffle.)
    I am guessing it’s because you’ll be coming here first for the out-of-town tryouts of “At Knit’s End: The Musical.”
    Or maybe it’s because Debbie Stoller told you how it rained and snowed all over her when she was here promoting Stitch ‘n’ Bitch Nation. That’s it, isn’t it? It’s Debbie’s fault?
    I knew it.

  84. That is SO COOL that you are going to be at Maryland Sheep and Wool. I will definitly come and get a book signed. You are going to freak when you see the festival. Make sure that your publicist only has you at the book signing table in the afternoon, so that you have all morning free to shop. The crowds aren’t as thick in the morning, and you will need as much time as you can get to shop. I expect to see you at the table sitting on top of garbage bags full of new yarn purchases, big enough to be a bean-bag couch. With an expression on your face roughly the expression of a child coming down from a major sugar rush.

  85. Yahoo! maps says it’s 344.3 miles from my house to the closest place on your tour to me. I was saddened until I realized that I’m vacationing on the west coast in September and maybe I’ll get to see you then.
    Picked up my copy last night, am on page 126, have enjoyed every word (even the intro, great job!) and have 17 markers of which are my favorites so far. It is a VERY GOOD bookbookbook.
    Hopefully, you’ll be adding more dates to your tour and come closer than 344.3 miles…….:-)

  86. BLOODY BLOODY HELL!!! You’re coming to VERMONT? You’re staying here, right?! You’re coming to Kaleidoscope? My yarn shop!? And I have to learn this HERE?! What the?! Holy crap.

  87. Hi Stephanie!
    Congrats on signing your first book! The artyarns you bought is the same colorway I bought last week!! I LOVE the combination of pinks and greens and thought it would be a great “Spring-y” project. I am making the Chevron scarf (from last minute knitted gifts) out of it.

  88. Is it just me, or are you wearing Rhinebeck on the back cover of bookbookbook?
    Emma from Bedford, VA

  89. Just got the bookbookbook last night at B&N in OKC and couldn’t wait to read it–read almost half last night! (Yes, we have bookstores in Oklahoma!) I think I will take my time with the rest of it, though, and savor it like a fine wine–mmm, wine. . . where’s that bottle?
    If you feel an urge to come to Oklahoma City, let me know–I know an EXCELLENT independent bookseller who would probably LOVE to have you come by.

  90. I’m a Los Angeles-based long time reader/lurker of your site…I’m so excited that you’ll be coming to the West Coast!!! Hopefully southern California will be on your agenda!
    You’re a true knitting (and life-in-general) inspiration!

  91. You had the whole family in stitches here this evening. Pun intended.
    We think you should take book book book on Tour tour tour to the Louisville KY Barnes and Noble, on an Odd Tuesday…that is when a group of us get together in the Cafe to drink coffee, eat chocolate and knit and spin. Odd Tuesdays are just that, odd numbered Tuesday’s. I’d even buy another copy of your book if you were to show up!
    DH wants to let you know that they serve Starbucks in the Cafe and that they do have expresso.

  92. I got bookbookbook at B&N tonight. Bought one of the last 2 copies. I will be at Knit Happens (apparently with a large crowd!) on the 27th. Looking forward to seeing you, with book in hand!
    So Congratulations!

  93. Wow, you are actually coming to Ottawa. First. I now cant decide between Yarn Forward (my main LYs) and Leishmans which is super near my house. Wow.

  94. Have the book, can’t wait to read. Now I just have to figure out how to get to Kalamazoo….(I am directionally challenged. My Dad used to draw me maps with things like “red house with green car in the drive”. He even color coded my first engine)

  95. Please please please come to Chicago! I’ll let you hold my baby! Please, huh???

  96. ooo I love those pictures you posted on the yarn shop meet and the yarns…:) It gives me a insight to how it is for knitters in other countries. Thank you.

  97. Wow! I can’t wait for the tourtourtour to make it to Denver, CO. We’ve got bookstores and independents that would love to have you here. I went looking for the bookbookbook this weekend, but no luck. I did find it yesterday at B&N and bought two copies. Why two? I can’t imagine why, but why not. Oh, and if you can, come take a look at my new blog: http://www.wandawomanknits.blogspot.com.

  98. I also ditto the “Lord & Taylor” confusion. What the… But I do commend you on your choice of dates. April 28th is my birthday, which I was planning on taking off from work and not doing anything wedding related with. Looking forward to meeting you and having you sign my already read through twice copy!

  99. When you come to the West Coast, be sure and come to Portland, OR. Many shops and knitters. You will be welcomed with open arms.

  100. I saw the bookbookobook at my Barnes and Noble today. I was gonna buy it, but then I realised that I have no money (and am in debt to my mother) because I just bought a huge load of yarn. So I read the whole thing and will save up and buy it later. It was VERY cool. ^_^ And I’m very sad about your tour locations — there is no way that I’ll be able to get to any of the spots! *sigh* I’ll wait for your next tour ^_^. Will you be coming to South Carolina any time soon?

  101. Bought your book today at the Borders in Chicago on North Michigan Avenue. (That may not mean much to you, but you’re on the Magnificent Mile, baby.) Also, my husband is not pleased with you and your book as I was continuously reading aloud to him as he dared to be doing (really, merely attempting to be doing) something else. I think it was just some work stuff, so truly, I did him a favor. My husband’s pique nonwithstanding, I love it.

  102. Update on my earlier comment. The Book has arrived. I repeat, The Book has arrived. Done posted a picture of it on my blog. I am so proud.

  103. steph, I got the bookbookbook two days ago and have made a first pass – it’s SO GOOD! How funny that book is. There will be many more passes I can tell you. I have already quoted at least three passages to my fellow knitters. I will continue to do so until they are firmly annoyed. 😉

  104. GOT YOUR BOOK TODAY. Borders. They had already RE-ORDERED! Way to go SPMcP!! I am CRUSHED that you are apparently avoiding the great state of Te*as on your tour. How will I buy ton of your books (preferably autographed) for my not-quite fanatic knitter friends so that they’ll be inspired? I guess that’s just going to be MY snag to fix.
    Like others have written before me, Dear Hubby has been prompted to ask me “Wha…” because I guffaw loudly almost every page. And so I read it to him and HE guffaws too. He EVEN wondered (in the middle of CSI, no less) WHAT it is I like about knitting. So I told him your fabulous labyrinth metaphor (I like walking labyrinths… most any way) and then got wound up about creativity, sensual feelings toward yarn, sheep, etc. etc. I stopped before his eyes glazed completely, but thank you for providing a vehicle that piqued his interest.
    WAY TO GO.
    PS I hope your email is working well. MY blog server is clogged.

  105. I am so excited about your book — and hope that you come to Vancouver, BC so you can sign it in person!

  106. Any hope for the east coast out here? I don’t even have a copy of bookbookbook, but I’m going to bug the Coles in town until they get them. Maybe in the fall? (tourtourtour in Nova Scotia perhaps? lobster? chocolate?)

  107. Congratulations Stephanie and may there be lots more champagne and chocolate…and coffee of course.

  108. Congratulations again!!! Very exciting to know that you’ll be in NYC. I find your appearing at Lord & Taylor a bit of a strange combination — Yarn Harlot at a dept. store rather than a yarn store? Veddy, veddy strange!

  109. I wanted to let you know that I bought your book in our local Barnes & Noble (yes, here in the middle of nowhere TX) and love, love, love it. I christened it with a big coffee splotch on the side the very first day….
    BTW–can’t add my full blog address because your spam blocker kicks out the TX full word (I know, I know, I want to ban TX because of the Shrub in the white house too….) So, it is amyknitstx

  110. Yippeee!! Mt. Vernon Ohio! It’s close.. I think! Hey! I rode in the car for two hours with my husband (when I was 8 1/2 months preggo with my 11 pounder) to go see one of his favourite writers (and he didn’t even get his book signed!!)
    SO I’m due!
    I’ll try to get ya some nice coffee spoons at Harry London’s Chocolate in Canton… since it looks like you won’t have time to drop in there with that schedule!

  111. OMG that is so weird – i KNOW one of those women at the Lettuce Knits meet – that is Lorraine and we were hoping to hook up with her in Toronto but she was sick. Will you tell her anna from England says hi? ; )

  112. Yikes you’ll be in Kalamazoo Friday night and here Saturday for MS&W? Boy will your arms be tired… We’re looking forward to seeing you!

  113. I looked at your tour listing in vain last night for Nova Scotia.
    And I am in agreement with Cheryl above – we can offer lobster and chocolate. (Although perhaps not at the same time.)
    Let me make a suggestion about May 9. It is presently listed as TBA.
    Now having just spent the two previous days in Maryland, it could very well be that you anticipate the need for a day of rest.
    So do your “resting” in Nova Scotia!
    You are on your way to Maine for the 10th, etc. – and Nova Scotia is on the way.
    You could even visit Lucy Neatby’s home shop, as well as meet people on your thrum-along list. (Come on, Barbara of Nova Scotia, give me some help here!)
    All the best – wherever the tourtourtour takes you (or not).

  114. I can report that the Barnes & Noble in Marietta, GA had 5 copies last night. Of course I took one home. I’ll check again this weekend. I’m loving your book.

  115. I am picking my copy up today at noon at Borders here in Wichita, Kansas!

  116. Yowza, you are gonna be one busy lady!
    I’m gonna try to make it to Knit Happens in Alexandria … but if I don’t (we are moving that weekend ~ blech), I’ll be sure to stop by and see you, and get an autographed bookbookbook at MDS&W.
    Good luck with the tour!

  117. ok. I can’t wait til May. I’m buying the bookbookbook now through the link on my site … I’ll just bring it with me to MD for your autograph (gotta have that, don’t ya know!)

  118. saw your book at Books A Million in jacksonville florida. congrats! it’s lovely and one of those things that should be kept stashed in one’s take along project bag.
    i have three bundles of Opal Tiger in my stash. i, too; am shocked when i see them on Ebay at that 50$ price. however; that does not move me to put them up for sale. one of these days i’ll use them for gloves and / or socks so there! really, i will. but as i was reading i was moved to send you a bundle but you’ve got yours through love and good grace and i’m glad .

  119. I just found your blog a few days ago, and have been catching up with the entries. I have only really been a knitter for the past couple of months, but I am officially addicted and have made several small projects in that time (including the Sophie bag).
    Unfortunately, South Orange County, CA doesn’t appear to believe in independent book stores, so I will have to search in my local Borders or Amazon for your book. I really enjoy reading your blog, so I know I will enjoy the book. Congratulations!
    I also want to thank you for all of the helpful information and links you provide on your site. They are very useful to a newbie knitter like myself 🙂

  120. You’ll have a laptop, won’t you? So you can keep blogging while on tour, right? You wouldn’t expect us to go for days without a word, would you?

  121. You should know- The Barnes and Noble Chain here in Pittsburgh has your book in stock- I think they’re on backorder from Amazon, mine is-I’ll be buying from B&N today- I think you’re well on the way to Best Seller-dom. Congrats Lady-

  122. My bookbookbook is finally hereherehere!!! (from Amazon) I’m just waiting for the nasty storm to come in this evening so I can put a fire in the fireplace and start reading. (I don’t dare open it now or the kids will go hungry and the errands won’t get run. If only we had a bus in this area so I could read on the way…although the 13yo has been wanting to learn to drive…..)

  123. Hi Stephanie,
    Just wanted to let you know that Chapters has just shipped your book to me. I pre-ordered one for me and another for a friend. Looking forward to reading it. 🙂
    Gina Ritchie

  124. I have to leave the country or go to Toronto (from Qu�bec, that IS like leaving the country ;-))) to see you? siggghhh…
    I wonder how my six year old would feel about a road trip.
    Wish you were coming to Montr�al, but I’ll deal. Frenchfry has never been to Toronto so this might be an opportunity to change that. 🙂

  125. Oooh! the Harlot, a potluck, and a fab new book! Heaven!
    I have also been wanting to go to Circles for ages.
    (de-lurking for the moment…)
    Jessica in Cambridge, MA

  126. I’m putting in another vote for you to visit Chicago. If not, I will ask for a mail-order autograph.
    I love the book. I’ve read several pieces to my husband, too. There are a few passages I’ve read that I don’t think he quite gets, while others he found quite funny.

  127. I wanted to go to that SnB on Wednesday so badly! I was in Toronto on business and saw your post that day about going to Lettuce Knits and I was seriously holding back tears that I couldn’t go and meet you and pick up your book! I’m a total groupie, there you have it. I promise to (probably) not stalk you, though. 🙂

  128. I am way too excited that you’ll be in Ohio — now I can get that coveted autograph!

  129. Hmm, your west coast tour won’t stretch out across the Pacific, methinks.
    My word, Mr Washie is going to miss you! Looks like you’ll be having brief but passionate catch ups!

  130. Just checking on my Amazon order… and they say I can’t get my copy of your book until JUNE 1st!!
    I know the Lone Star state is the outer limits of reality but we have lots of malls and bookstores here… I’m so bummed that I have to wait! This calls for desperate measures.

  131. It’s one thing to own panties that match your bra, but it’s another to be able to find the two.
    P.S. The “book, book, book” is wonderful. Margene and I bought out all the copies at B&N before they even had a chance to put them on the shelves.

  132. bookbookbook arrived at my local bookstore in Halifax yesterday. I didn’t know that and it was just by chance that i dropped in there today on my way to the bank to inquire about the status of my order. Imagine my joy and surprise when they handed it to me.
    I will add my voice to those bitterly disappointed that you are not coming to Nova Scotia. I don’t see any east coast canadian dates at all. Ottawa is not in eastern canada nor in Boston which is about a 15 hours drive and just too far away.
    How come you aren’t coming out east, tell me where to write and complain as i know that you personally wouldn’t have chosen to pass on this wonderful part of our great country!!!!!

  133. Ohhh, you get to go to davis-kidd. I love davis-kidd, and miss it dearly. any chance of you coming to Oklahoma?

  134. Just so you know, the Black Sheep Gathering is a big wool fest on the West Coast at the end of June. Lots of fiber and yarn and people interested in both. Just, you know, in case you needed ideas for how to handle your West Coast visits.

  135. Congrats on the fabulous bookbookbook and tour. I’m anxiously awaiting the announcement of your West Coast cities. I hope the silicon valley or somewhere near San Francisco is on the list.
    ~ Christina

  136. Simpatico has a message to their “valued customers” that the email slowdown was due to congestion of their SPAM filters, which peaked on March 30th.
    The slowdown was all week. I’m now getting emails on time, but there are some sent several days ago I have yet to see. I suspect some are just lost.

  137. I have to be the second person on this list to beg you to attend Black Sheep Gathering in Eugene, OR on your west coast tour. It’s a wonderful fiber show with wonderful people. The dates are June 24-26, 2005 and the URL is http://www.blacksheepgathering.org/ Sheep, goats, alpacas, fiber from over 20 species, yarn in every color of the rainbow. My wife has to confiscate my checkbook and credit cards …
    If the show organizers can’t make a place for you, we’ll be happy to make space for such star power in our booth.

  138. I was so totally stoked to find your book at Gallery Books and Bookwinkle’s in Mendocino on Friday… first, this is a wonderful independent bookseller near the town where my in-laws live, and second, I live in such a tiny place that I had pre-ordered a copy through Amazon, as even bestsellers don’t always arrive around here, but they weren’t going to be able to provide me with a copy till mid-May (it will be a gift for a friend). I shamelessly stole a picture of the book from Amazon to put in my blog with the stories of our trip and knitting store searches. Glad you got to sign books in your own town at a favorite shop.

  139. Your book is at Book City on Bloor near Bathurst. Apparently somewhat prominently displayed, since my husband brings home this report, and he wouldn’t be upstairs in the knitting books.
    Congratulations again!

  140. Stephanie,
    this is my first time leaving you a note, but I’ve been a big fan of your blog for about a year now. Just wanted to tell you that I’m going on the hunt for your book today and also that I knit a beautiful pair of socks out of the very same colorway of art yarns yarn that you have there! They’re a beaute.

  141. How exciting to have a book tour scheduled! I was even willing to drive a bit to seek you out, but you so nicely have arranged to be in two spots when I will actually be there too. That was very considerate of you. 🙂 Hope you have a great tour!

  142. Having just got the book finished, you may shoot me for suggesting another project. But I wonder, are there any plans to have it published in audio form? This sounds like a wonderful book to knit to!

  143. Have been reading your blog forever, and cannot wait to read your book… Am slightly disappointed that there were no Colorado dates on your tour… Maybe later?
    Oh, the real reason for this comment… I almost fell out of my chair laughing when I read about your coffee mess…. Very funny!

  144. Since you’re going to be so close (by that I mean actually somewhere in the vicinity of the South) why not stop in Atlanta? I’m sure the very best LYS in Atlanta would love to have you.

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