Back on the horse that threw me

My fickle heart. No more than 48 hours after the untimely death of the ibook (from which much information was retrieved, many thanks for all of the useful help yesterday) I am bonding with a brand spanking new MacBook. We are getting along ok. (That said, I am using new software to edit pictures for the blog. If anything looks funny, let me know. I have no idea if it’s working, but It looks ok to me.) I am a creature of habit, and new things frequently cause me to throw fits. I do not like being upgraded, and even if the new laptop does things faster (which it does) better (which it does) and more easily (which it does), I end up angry that it does not do things the same. I sit here, incensed with fury that the delete key is now three millimetres to the left of where it was before, ready to completely loose it all over the technology, and then notice a cool feature of the computer, forget I was angry and play with the new toy. Best feature so far? An isight is built into the frame above the lid. This mini camera lets me take pictures of anything in front of my computer, lets me video chat and has a cool little thingie called “Photobooth” where you push a button and the computer goes 3, 2, 1….and then snaps a pic. Tons of fun. and a great way to avoid writing a book that’s due in two weeks. (Ack.)

Here’s me.. with my usual post-tour exhaustion and coffee at my desk.


Here’s the shropshire shawl (bigger, isn’t it?)


Here’s a pop-art option of the shawl (the photobooth options are really endless)…


Here’s Joe kissing me goodbye….


(I am really in love with him this week. While I was gone he repainted the living room, then he put everything back in an organized fashion, and then he stepped in while I was coming completely unglued over all of the computer crap and he just made it all go. He’s the only reason I can post right now (If indeed I am posting) and it’s a wonder, considering how badly I’ve taken this whole thing, that he loves me at all.)

I may have to disable the isight, or cover it with gum or something. (Besides the continuous intrigue, the isight also gives you the disconcerting impression that your computer is watching you all the time. It probably is.)

All said, I think I’m back on track. I have my inbox mostly restored, many of my applications are back up and running, I have a stable connection to the internet, and…where was I? Right.


I flew from Oregon to Salt Lake City, where I was met by the local knit-blogger welcoming delgate, Susan. Susan whisked me briefly around the downtown where I saw The Temple


(added later: WHOO freaking HOO! Is this one working?)

And the Brides. See the Brides?


How about in this picture?


(They may be sort of implied in that one) They are everywhere. Apparently so many people come to be married at the Temple that you can see a plethora of weddings any day of the week. The place is like a bride factory. Every so often the doors open and another on spits out. It’s incredible. The grounds of Temple Square are really something too. The gardens and fountains are breathtaking. (Or that could have been the altitude. Salt Lake City is a beautiful city…but there’s just NO AIR.)

After our quick tour, Susan and I headed out and picked up Miram and Margene and we headed to one of Margene’s loveliest picture spots way up in the mountains. (Sincerely. LESS AIR.) The ladies trouped around, hiking all over the place and I gasped along behind them, mumbling things about dizziness and mountains and how there was only one thing that could possibly make this place any better than it was. Oxygen.

We found the perfect spot to photograph my Icarus Shawl with it’s designer, Miriam.


The shawl reclined on the rocks,


and a pack of wild roaming knit-bloggers were caught in the act. (Any of you non-bloggers ever wonder how we look in public? Here you go.)


A detail of the shawl.


It’s so beautiful that I can’t stop taking pictures of it and admiring it. The specs: Icarus, designed by the very talented Miram Felton, pattern found in Interweave Knits: Summer 2006. Yarn Alchemy Haiku, colourway: Chickasaw Ground, used: very nearly three skeins.


The sock did a little rock climbing, (There’s a really attractive picture of my arse that Margene took while I snapped this one.)


and as we descended from 10 000 to 4 000 feet (and I learned to appreciate what little air there was in Salt Lake City) I took photos out the windshield like any enthusiastic tourist.


(Maybe more so. I get excited.) It is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been, and I couldn’t have asked for more charming escorts. A wonderful afternoon. (I am particularly beholden to Susan, who was gracious enough to tuck a Utah peach into her bag for me in case I was starving. I was. It’s the little things that reallly make a difference when you travel this fast.)

Back down in the city I gathered myself and headed over to the spot for the event, and lo an behold. Utah knitters.




A wild bunch they are too. I’d show you more of them, but things are falling apart in MacBook land. (How do you save as a jpeg? Is this even working? What is Image Ready and why does it keep calling things funny names?) There was Marlene,


and Kate, and Judy.


(Have you seen Judy’s yarn?) and Bobbie from Wyoming Montana (I have no idea. Sorry Bobbie), and a beautiful baby. (Where the H. E. Double Hockeysticks are these images going?) and Teri and Spinderella and Suzette and Alison (who just wrote a knitting book,) and Jacquie and Gwen and Laura and Judy and Shelly and Jan who came all the way from Wyoming MONTANA (holy cow. Get it together Steph) ….


Did that one work? ( For the love of Crap. What’s a psd file? Post Screwed-up Disorder? That can’t bode well. ) I’ve had enough. It was lovely. It was wonderful, Salt Lake City is beautiful, and I owe a debt to Vonnie at The Black Sheep Wool Co. for doing such a wonderful job and I’ve got to go bash my head off a keyboard now. Hard enough to leave imprints of the letters on my forehead. (Wait. Maybe my desk. I wouldn’t want to hurt the computer.) I’ll add pictures later when the new MacBook transition isn’t quite as painful. I’ve got to figure out what my output options are. First I have to figure out what my output is. Then input it. Did I mention that I hate change?

(Added later: I think I got the pictures up. Big thanks to Su for converting the files for me. I think I’ve got it figured now.)

239 thoughts on “Back on the horse that threw me

  1. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m not seeing any pitchers (sorry, Steph). And inquiring minds want to know! I’m dying to see the Icarus.

  2. Hi Stephanie:
    Sob!!!! I am unable to see your pictures with today’s posting but can still see pictures with previous postings!!
    I love your blog and read it daily!

  3. Instead of just chiming in with the news that there are no pictures (already noted), let me say welcome back. I missed you dreadfully.
    And I will try to send you what I promised tonight sometime.

  4. Looks like the software is saving your images as .psd files, which won’t work in IE. You’ll need to convert to .jpg. But by the time I post this, 20 other people will have noticed it and you’ll have it fixed. Oh well.

  5. Lovely pictures. They remind me of……words.
    (I just want you to hurry up and show Eau Claire!!!)

  6. Welcome back…no pics…but I have faith they will come shortly…still…try the champagne and chock… might help!

  7. I can’t see the pictures either. Must be the new computer/software… I sympathize.
    But can I ask and get an answer: My snowdrop shawl does not look like something is wrong with it or like noodles or whatever. Does this mean something is wrong?

  8. Sooo glad I’m not the one to have to tell you about the x’s. I’m going to print the page and let my daughter illustrate.

  9. I haven’t been to Utah in a Sunth of Mondays. Beautiful state, though. Can’t wait to see your pictures. Eventually. πŸ˜‰
    I don’t think I’m woman enough for a camera on my computer. It would make me neurotic. I’d be terrified that pictures of me looking even dimmer than usual would be posted without my knowledge to the Internet. Or that my laptop would start sneaking around the house in the night taking pictures of all the chaos and emailing them to my mother…”Look! Look! Look at this! She can manage to find time to do fifteen rounds on the sweater, but dusting the piano? Ha! ‘Not enough time’, my mousepad!!”

  10. yep. no pictures. But that’s ok – I’m having a great time imagining things from your descriptions!
    Hope you get it all fixed up. It’s a total bummer to lose your computer like that.

  11. Your pictures are always wonderful, but your writing is so good I’m getting my own mental pictures of Utah, which are beautiful! We can be patient, don’t hurt yourself. Cheers,Maggie

  12. Nope, no pix! A new MacBook you lucky girl you. I bet you’ll love it to bits once you and it have bonded meaningfully. (Probably something along the line of late nights together, just you, chocolate, coffee, and the MacBook working in perfect harmony to reach deadline) Best of luck with your new technology. lucky, lucky!!!

  13. Oh my! Hubby is wonderful! They do pull though for us don’t they?! Share the Champagne and Chocolate with him!

  14. But over here in Mac land, I CAN see your pictures running Safari! Laughing maniacly at yet another thing a Mac can do that a mere Windoze machine cannot! HAHAHAH!
    Oh, sorry. You are saving as a psd file for some reason. Either reset to save as jpegs, or run them through graphics converter to do so for you. I have no idea why you would be saving as psd files. That seems an unlikely default. I know if you stuff them into iPhoto they should be jpg-ing up a storm. Ah well, if they ARE in iPhoto and for some reason are psd files – in iphoto, hit edit, export format jpeg and you should be fine.
    Mac on!

  15. I see the pictures and they are inspiring. And I agree about the photobooth, so cool, it also occupies children for hours. Try the mirror effect.

  16. I knew you were suffering from oxygen lag when you went from 10,000 to 40,000 feet. Hitch a ride on the shuttle πŸ˜‰
    May you make it through your computer break in period. You have a gem of a honey.

  17. Hmm I just wanted to wright you should convert the pics, but somebody else did it before. But if you dont know how, open the pics in a application like photoshop and choose save as, and than choose the name.jpg ok? There should be a button you jsut have to click to choose jpg and it will prevent the given name, but make sure pds disappears from the name.
    Good luck πŸ™‚
    And I really want a MacBook too πŸ˜‰

  18. Welcome back!
    The sock and the temple picture did load while I was reading the comments, but it wasn’t there originally.
    A .psd is a photoshop specific file – I don’t think anything else can read that file type. Hopefully doing as “save as” and making the photos into jpegs will fix your issue. Good luck. I hate upgrades and new computers for all the same reasons that you do. πŸ™‚

  19. The only picture that comes up is the one of The Sock in front of The Temple. All of the others have that little red x in a box in the left corner.

  20. Where’s Joe kissing you goodbye? Where are the brides? I can’t see the pictures… I can see the church though.

  21. Just in case you haven’t read every single comment before me (with the exception of the two Mac users…) – no pictures.
    You’ll figure it out. Or Joe will. Or Ken. Can’t wait to see Icarus. Mine is at the point of starting the feathery bits. I can’t wait.

  22. same here. Only the church. I thought it might be because I’m on Firefox, but that’s not the problem. It’s the same on IE. πŸ™

  23. Yes, with Safari running on a Macintosh I can see the pix too! Hooray! For once, insisting on having a Mac in a PC world is not a disadvantage. The pics are great but yes, I too, missed Stephanie and am way glad you are back. Icarus is beautiful!

  24. If I right click on your pictures and select “View Image”, they open up in Microsoft PhotoDraw by default, just in case that helps you figure out why they aren’t showing up in the blog.
    The pictures of Icarus are marvelous and definitely worth a few extra clicks!

  25. Aaahhh, how sweet about Joe! I love being in MacLand, I know you will love your new MacBook – just hard to upgrade when you’ve been so attached!

  26. I was in speechless panic at the thought of an iBook G4 biting the dust, since that’s what I have (and I love it). But now there’s hope. If it does die of a fractured logic board, it’ll come back as a macBook, just like it did for you!
    Ha. Not bloody likely, eh?
    I’m sure you and/or Ken and/or Joe are getting things back to what passes for normal. I’m sure the pix will be there soon.
    Be good to yourself, you’ve been through a very traumatic time recently on top of major travel-lag. I recommend a shot of Screech, a backrub and some sleep.

  27. Yeah, I know what you mean. Every time I upgrade a piece of software it has lots of new features that I can’t figure out how to use. (Someday I will figure out what the hell vector graphics are and why I would ever want them.) Plus I consider it somewhat spooky that the only picture I can see is the temple. Is this some kind of Mormon mojo? A sign that I should convert? What?

  28. The pictures are beautiful (and I’m glad I have a Mac)! I’m glad to see your internet is back up and running, and to everyone waiting for the pictures, boy howdy, they’re worth the wait!

  29. Thanks for remembering us — Judy, Shelley & Jan — but, just in case our friends log on and think we’ve been cloned and/or moved, we’re from Montana rather than Wyoming (I used to live in Wyoming so maybe I was giving off WY vibes).
    Thinking we were from Wyoming (home of Yellowstone Nat’l Park) is totally logical, since we brought Yellowstone Brewing Co. Wild Fly Ale and Mountain Colors “Yellowstone” yarn, but fact is the Yellowstone RIVER runs through Billings, Montana, our home!
    You were wonderful in SLC and we were so glad we made the trip (1150 miles RT).
    Glad you’re back up. Wish we could see the pics!

  30. I’ve got a Mac running on Safari and I “see” you just fine- pictures and all! I am a creature of habit just like you and absolutely loathe change…..I acquiess by kicking and screaming…and then realize after that it wasn’t that bad after all πŸ™‚ Hang in there!

  31. Got the picture of the sock and the temple but no others. Do we all have to go buy a “mac” in order to get your pictures now ? OUCH that would cut into yarn $$ big time . YAY for Joe, some men just KNOW how to get on the right side of a woman. Enjoy your new toy and being home for now.

  32. All little red X’s except the temple? I understand disturbing… Sure a computer breaks down but my knitting bag went missing…. I freak out about a different tape measure!

  33. i just checked the code on your site and you’re linking to pictures that are .psd files. photoshop documents. all of them are like this but the picture of the sock and cathedral.
    i’m not surprised that you can see them on a mac but the pc doesn’t know what to do with PSD files. so i would convert them to JPGs, reupload them to your blog, and relink your images. make sense?

  34. Click on Miriam’s link to see pictures of Icarus (and Stephanie) – it is stunning and so is the setting!

  35. .psd files are not web friendly and can be huge. I’m just guessing that your using Adobe Photoshop? If you are, there is an awesome feature called “save for web” that you can use to convert to gif or the preferred jpeg. This will help cut down file size for the web (quicker loading..especially for those still on dialup)

  36. I was able to see your pictures by right clicking the little box where the picture is supposed to be and viewing them in photoshop.. except they don’t show up the full size there…they were little..

  37. It’s sadly comforting that someone else is fighting with a computer today. I have an app that will only save the first 700 characters of a 1200+ character string to a 6000 character long field in a database. If I tell it to give me everything from the first character to the last, it tells me a bunch of stuff in the middle doesn’t exist. I’m beinging to think C# was designed and implemented by Beelzebub personally.

  38. And when you do get the pictures to post, remember that you’re going to show us what Harlotty STR yarn looks like.

  39. Only the picture of the sock visiting the temple is showing. All of the other pictures didn’t display.

  40. NOOOOOOOooooooooo…. I wasn’t there! I’m reading your blog after several harlot-starved days and the photos are NOT there yet (I have faith, you will fix it) BUT quickly skimming I see “Bobbie from Wyoming” and it’s NOT ME! Who can it be? I can’t see the photo and it’s driving me nuts– that there could be more than one fiberaddict/spinner/knitter from Wyoming with my name — boggles the mind. Wyoming has less people than one suburb of Salt Lake City. Of course, this close to the weekend (and free-range knitting time) my mind is fairly boggled anyhow.
    Sob. I wasn’t there to see you. I really, really wish I was, but didn’t make it. This time.

  41. Even as the day progresses……I do not see the pictures. I bet this was really a joke, right?

  42. Yup, they’re photoshop files (.psd) instead of jpgs. You need to open them in photoshop and do a “save as” and choose “JPG or JPEG” or whatever it says in there as the file type.

  43. Another note to you. On my iBook I can see the pictures if I’m on the web with Safari. When I’m using Firefox, I can only see the temple pic. Guess there’s still work to be done. Sorry.

  44. if you were to right click on where the pictures should be and select “view pictures” (at least in Mozilla Firefox) you should be able to see the pictures.
    Speaking of which, where did you take the picture with icarus? Very nice!!

  45. After looking at your page source it looks like that all of your photos are .psd (photoshop) files except the temple photo, which is a .jpg. (which is why it’s the only photo that shows up) I don’t think any browsers can read .psd files. So you have to go get a glass of wine and a bar of chocolate, go back to your photoshop app and export each file as a .jpg, re-upload them, and re-link them and then it should work. Good luck! Sorry it’s all such a hassle πŸ™

  46. I am laughing myself out of my chair. I’m trying to transfer stuff between HP’s and have the opposite problem: only the images want to move in, nothing else. Maybe there’s a comet? Or the computer powers-that-be are partying?

  47. oops, I realise that it is somewhere near Salt Lake City, just curious where, as in blablabla Park or ???

  48. At least your back blogging. I was suffering from Harlot withdrawal . . . it’s been over a week!

  49. I thought maybe you were joking with us when none of the pictures showed up because it is the most pictures I think you have EVER posted on one blog. But I see it is no joke, just ironic. Good luck with the new computer (I think beer helps in these situations).

  50. Congrats on the new mac! In case you haven’t been able to fix the pics yet… if you are using photoshop, open the photos, choose “layer” and “flatten image” then, it will allow you to save the file as a jpg rather than a psd, which, incidently stands for Photo Shop Document. Good Luck! πŸ™‚

  51. Okay, it’s a sign. Contact the Mormons – they’re the only ones who get the picture.
    (Snort, snort….”get the picture”. Get it? Heh.)

  52. Thanks for the suggestion to use Safari! Great! The pix are gorgeous. Couldn’t get them with Internet Explorer, tho.

  53. Sorry, but I have no photos either. Just the one of the Temple. But you’ll figure it out, I’m sure.
    Glad you salvaged most of your manuscript.
    Thanks to the blogger who mentioned Publishers Weekly yesterday. I was able to read the article about knitting, knitting books, and your newest endeavour – Cast Off! All I did was type Publishers Weekly Yarn Harlot into the google search, and it was there!

  54. Can’t wait to get home to MY darling Macbook so I can see the iSight pictures, and I agree, iSight is totally addictive and a fun fun way of procrastinating ANYTHING due.

  55. I love the “save for web” feature in photoshop! It is how you need to convert the file .psd (photo shop document)its quick and easy. You may need to re-size your image before websaving though?
    Your blog is great, cant wait for book #4

  56. AcK! I guess you’re not the only one with problems – I posted to the wrong date! You’ve seen my entry anyway, I’m sure. I didn’t get the pix either.
    Sorry for all the confusion. I think I’ll go lay down now.

  57. Sorry Steph. I can’t see the pics. Hey you, the other Bobbie from Wyoming, where are ya from girl? I can’t believe there are two yarn loving, Harlot loving, Bobbies in this state. I am the Bobbie from Wyoming that Steph mentioned. It was great fun. I’m from Rock Springs.

  58. Is it me or did anyone else think it was ODD that the only photo that showed was “the temple”.
    Devine intervention?????

  59. I’m so glad you came here, and that you enjoyed it even if there was no air! It was so great to listen to and laugh with you.

  60. Hello Stephanie,
    I was a lurker on your blog. I am now a bonafide participant in your blog because you are using a MAC, I think, and my little old Sony Laptop cannot see your pics.
    PS. Whenever I am weary of knitting, (yes, I jump from one discipline to another,) I read your blog because I have already read all of your books.
    Thank you

  61. I, too, can only see the temple picture. Perhaps it’s because that’s the only picture that’s in a “jpeg” format. The rest seem to be in a format unrecognizable by my computer – “PSC” or something.

  62. Hmm… Margene said she had worse pics of your arse from that daredevil sock climbing expedition (that was for Ken, wasn’t it?). Maybe I’ll ask her to send me a couple to pass around. You know, just to help you out since you’re having trouble getting photos up today.

  63. Only the photo added later shows up. I use Mozilla’s Firefox as a browser. (IE is so last century. ;))

  64. I’m exhausted just Reading about Your adventures! For the love of wool, will you please give yourself a break after this looming deadline! Whose idea is it that you write one book per year? Are you competing with Stephen King? If my comment sounds offensive, please forgive me…just feeling a tad more motherly than usual : – ).

  65. No photos except the temple.
    PSD is “photoshop document” I believe.
    You likely need to save your edited photos as jpg or gif files (you can either add the suffix in the name, or change it in the “save as type” section of the save window)
    Can’t wait to see what you’re talking about…

  66. try putting the voiceover feature on, and then you know your computer is watching your every keystroke nad mouse movement as well as the goings on on your face ! (My three year old did this last week, after promising ot only play with, and it freaked me right out!) I got Fred’s voice BTW… another way for you to procrastinate…

  67. Photobooth is so fun! My kids are highly entertained by making themselves look completely crazy with the effects. I see your pictures just fine, but I’m using a Mac with Safari also. Your Icarus shawl is making me want to jump into making one myself.

  68. Technology make me want to put a fist through it too. Maybe I’ll wait until I get the hang of that new feature though. We did have to get a new mouse since I banged the first one down a little hard after trying unsucessfully for three hours to find that freaking download that is saved somewhere on the damn computer. It is still there somewhere damn it. I am pretending I have never heard of it though.
    Hope you manage to figure out the picture thing without hurting yourself, Joe or the children in the process. Know any computer guys that work for beer? Might save you a few keyboard headaches to have one sit with you for an hour or two and walk you through it all.

  69. This is quite funny. I can’t see the photos in Firefox, but I can in Safari.
    And yes, PSDs are Photoshop Documents. That’s an easy thing to change.
    Love the smooch photo. Very cute.

  70. Doncha hate it when this happens…..or doesn’t. Having been there…wish I could see what you saw. It was a blast – come back again!

  71. A number of photo editing software packages save pictures default as a .psd – you have to manually save it as something else. Luckily, I can still view the ‘blank’ pictures by using Fireworks to open them. Icarus is absolutely gorgeous, and you picked a lovely spot for its photographic debut!

  72. As has been noted, users of Safari can see the images (because Safari understands what .psd means (it means photoshop something)). In Photoshop, open your image. Click ‘save as.’ Towards the bottom quarter of the dialogue box that opens, you have a choice of ‘format’ – choose JPEG. This will change the extension on your image to .jpg (for example, icarus.psd will be icarus.jpg). Upload the jpegs to the blog and they should be viewable by all. I hope that helps and wasn’t redundant.
    The better question to ask: why are all of your photos in psd? It seems there may be a setting in your new imaging software that automatically saves as a psd. You need to change that to save as jpeg… But I’m no expert.

  73. I went to a conference in SLC last November and although I saw no brides, I was amazed by the whole architectural array around the Temple. And since at that point I was living in Colorado, the lack of air didn’t seem to matter.
    On the other hand, moving from dry dry dry Colorado to, well, not so dry Toronto a few weeks ago also took some getting used to. Not the rain, which I’ve been totally and completely enjoying, even living in an apartment and not thrilling to the idea of my lawn getting watered by the sky, but the humidity. Which is, well, humidity.
    And I think I blame any current Mac problems on their new ad campaign, because John Hodgeman is just so much more appealing than the scruffy slacker guy who’s supposed to be the Mac. I mean, really!

  74. Even without the pics, your posting was the high point of my day! Had a great time Saturday at Full Thread Ahead – thank you!

  75. By using Mozilla, right-clicking on the image, and choosing “view image”, I was able to see everything!
    Very impressed by Utah. Usually, pictures don’t do scenery justice, and if this isn’t justice? The real thing must be fantastic!

  76. PSD is an acronym for PhotoShop Document. It’s the native form of Photoshop. The default in your new photo editing program is probably to save as a .psd file which can’t be read by most browsers. You need to save your photos in the .jpg format. Call or email if you want a quick tutorial. (Remember, I do this graphics thang for a living.)

  77. ksfish and …oy, someone else have it – psd = phot shop document. not sure how it works in photshop, but in fireworks, I need to “export to jpg” to get the right doc format.
    we’re thinking about investing in a macbook too – have you had it long enough to figure out if yours has any of those over-heating problems?
    Can’t wait to *see* your icarus shawl!

  78. In Image Ready, you have to “flatten” the file before it will let you “save as” a jpeg.
    I’m likely not the first to tell you that, huh?

  79. If I right click, go into Properties, copy the URL, and paste it into the search bar that displays where you are on the web, it will open the picture in Photoshop.
    That doesn’t mean a damn thing except that I saw the pictures, just not imbedded in the post.
    Isn’t technology fun? I’m a capitalist, I use Internet Explorer and have a PC as opposed to a Mac (why is there only one button on the mouse? WORTHLESS, SES I!) so I can’t help you. But I will send you good vibes and hope that it all resolves itself and wish you good luck with your Mac (it really IS watching you, wooOOOooo).

  80. Mac users unite!
    Firefox is only showing the temple photo, but Safari is showing them all (once again proving that Safari is far superior in many ways, though the slowness of loading is getting ridiculous and is making me remember why Safari recently became my secondary browser).
    OMG Icarus is stunning. Not that I expected anything but stunning for it, though.

  81. Photobooth is highly addictive. I make the visitors to my home take their photos with it like I had a real photobooth! Also isn’t it strange to see what you really look like when you’re working on the computer? That glazed expression… that’s how it is for me anyway.
    Wishing you and the Macbook all the best. Give it a day or two and you’ll be in love.

  82. Maybe your Photoshop has “actions”. If so you can record an action to save a photo as a jpeg in a particular size in a particular place, which can make things lots quicker. But yes it’s a different way of working. What several people said above, “save for web”, not just save.

  83. second comment after pondering your photo issue.
    Let’s assume you downloaded 50 photos from your
    camera and they all got saved in psd – yeah…sad.
    Isolate those beasties into a folder.
    Look around your mac for GraphicConverter X – I got it on mine in a bundle so you may have it lurking on yours probably under applications. Click on it, and run a batch conversion of those photos into JPGs. If you don’t have it, download it at
    Problem solved for those. Now, figure out which
    program is uploading those photos and switch it to default
    to JPG instead of PSD. I seriously doubt your camera is saving them as PSDs so whatever is saving the photos is doing it. No idea which camera you have, but it sounded like that cool little “photobooth” jobbie might be the one who needs a preference head slap.
    Ah, the joys of setting up new computers!

  84. Bwahaha. I fired up Safari to see the pics. πŸ™‚ The Joe is majorly sweet and cute. Thanks Joe, for getting the Yarn Harlot back online.
    The Icarus is STUNNING. I think that picture deserves a bigger picture size, like double the size of what it is. Gorgeous.
    iPhoto might be a better option than Image Ready for resizing photos. (My macbook doesn’t have image ready) Just plug in the usb cord to the camera and macbook, turn on the camera, launch iPhoto, and let iPhoto import all your photos. Then it is pretty simple to resize them or select a few and click File > Export > Web Page. iPhoto is just about as fun as Photobook, especially when you import lots of photos of yarn and just scroll down the page looking at your stash.

  85. Only the picture of the Temple came thru. The rest are the dreaded red x’s with the file name.

  86. On the one picture of the sock in front of the temple. The others are all tiny boxes… Although it appears they are TRYING to appear then shrink to just the file name.

  87. I’m not going to point out the blindingly obvious fact that your photos aren’t showing. I’m going to confess to shouting at my techie partner because my Internet Explorer was clearly broken again because I couldn’t see the photos! “Everyone else can see the photos” I’ve yelled at him…
    Then I read the comments.
    You should hear the ones I’m getting.

  88. Just in case you’re not frustrated enough–here is a note from yet another reader who can’t see the pictures. Drat. I wanted to see that finished shawl!

  89. I’m seeing your pictures just fine here both on my PC and laptop. I’m no computer whiz, so I have no idea what application either computer uses, but both bring the pictures up beautifully. And beautiful they are.
    Good luck with your computer adjustments! Hang in there.

  90. Photos are up now, they are stunning, Icarus is breathtakingly beautiful. Looks like a good time was had by ALL. Love the photo of you in the morning and Joe giving you the smooch, nice.

  91. Congratulations on getting your pictures up. I never doubted you.
    You look very happy to be home. For a day or two, anyway.

  92. Hi Steph,
    Cute photos. They all came through for me ‘cept the last one. I love the one of Joe kissing you goodbye. What a sweet moment.

  93. Looks like the pictures are fixed – they weren’t coming in earlier, but now they’re loverly.
    I’d have way too much fun with the photobooth option. Good thing we only have this clunky PC!

  94. Yay home, yay working computer, yay um. Stuff working! Yay random things. I hope you’ve managed to catch up on a little sleep, I don’t know how you managed to come from Salt Lake to CA and then out to WI in 3 days –

  95. these posts must be timed by EST, since up here in Alaska, it’s only 2:40 pm. sigh…..anyhoo, the Icarus is truly something to behold – congrats! one question: when, oh when might you make it up north? this book tour is making me jealous of all the knitters out there in the pix!

  96. Beautiful Photos! I am assuming that you have the gremlins worked out by now as I am using a PC and IE and the photos came up just fine.
    Oxygen deprivation MUST have set in… I’m with Duffy on that one! Didn’t know you could climb that high. Mt Everest is what, 29,000 feet or there abouts?
    Happy knitting!

  97. Yeah, my sis has one of those macs…hours of fun…I especially love the face altering photos…like enlarging your nose to make it look like you have a really bad sinus problem!

  98. Ohhhhhhhhhh the pics are lovely!!! Thank you for getting them up and running. Yay for Joe again –he also knows how to put a glorious smile on your face. The icarus is absolutely beautiful . Thank you again

  99. Awwwww (with the photo of you and Joe, that was lovely). No problem with the pics from here, but it’s good being several timezones along…

  100. Hoo and RAY! It was so fun having you here. Please come back soon. We can make it happen again, you know. Hope you get some time to rest. That Joe is a keeper;-)

  101. Just wondering — how does one decend from 10,000 feet (high) to 40,000 feet (very, very high)? I think your new imac is self editing and inserted one too many zeros. (Either that, or the sock got at the keyboard). Anyway, thanks for keeping us armchair travelers up-to-date and eagerly awaiting each new adventure.
    Leslie, in Beautiful Bucks County, PA.

  102. Pics are up, and Beautiful. Lovely to see you in california! (i was the one with the very loud baby) πŸ™‚
    Hope your “sanity” is being restored and your book going well.

  103. Hurray for the finished Icarus! I had to laugh when you had “emotionally finished it” a while back, because my own Icarus was sitting in its dog hair protection bag, waiting for me to catch a second wind on it. I’m closing in on the end of the last chart now, but I’m jealous of the pretty colours you had to keep you motivated… I’m knitting teeny tiny stitches of blindness inducing, mindnumbing black Zephyr…

  104. All the pictures worked on my computer, except you mentioned a beautiful baby, and I didn’t see one. Your Joe–what a sweetheart.

  105. Don’t worry too much (ha!), it IS a Mac. You’ll find a comfort zone very soon.
    Really, it doesn’t seem your uncomfy problems are as much with the Mac as with the Adobe software you’re not used to. Photoshop/ImageReady and other such programs can surely be frustrating to the uninitiated. As a (former) graphic designer of about 6yrs, I know all about that. πŸ˜‰ Hell, it drove me to *gasp* accounting!
    I’m so sorry for you loss of the iBook but I have to admit I’m a bit jealous of your nifty new buddy there. As I mentioned yesterday, I really hope my current iBook (Lily, if we were to get formal… yeah, it has a name πŸ˜› ) can hang in there until I can afford an upgrade. I’m now at the point where she has a big crack across the left handrest area, a little piece missing on the corner, a broken latch, and little to no battery life (making it a not so portable, portable computer). Still, she works like a charm and you do have to consider that she’s 5 1/2 years old. That’s past geriatric in the computer world!
    Hang in, you’ll get used to the new toy. πŸ™‚

  106. Your pictures look great now, Stephanie. I sympathize with you about the crashing computer. I knew something was amiss when you went for several days without a log entry.
    I am so glad I met you at Full Thread Ahead in Los Altos. The dpns that I used as a bookmark in Knitting Rules! are now holding half a Koigu sock in progress. Your Sock Mojo works! It’s my first sock, and I’m using your pattern. I’ll let you know how they turn out. Tell Joe he’s terrific, and you are a lucky lady to have him.
    XOXOXO (Fair Isle Hugs and Kisses)

  107. I love you babe, but you’ve linked me to the wrong blog *sob*
    I don’t think anybody will visit now though, they’ve already seen my name linked to kate’s blog.

  108. Welcome back! I’m so glad you enjoyed Utah, even if there is too little air and too many brides. The pictures made me incredibly homesick though. It was always great fun to sit out by the Temple with a beer secreted on your person and count the brides. My record for one sitting was 23.

  109. Yay! This is the post I’ve been waiting for! My Utah Girls! Sounds like you had a great time with Margene, Miriam, and Susan. They are loads of fun, don’t you think? (even if they do things like take pictures of your arse–they haven’t shot my arse yet, but I do recall some hideous pictures of me surfacing on the blogs) Well, anyway, I miss them and I’m glad you got to see them.
    Not to kick a dead dog or anything, but I can see your pictures fine.

  110. Pics came out great by the time I got around to reading the blog. In fact the pics of Icarus are great. I may have to put that one the “knit this soon” list, after my Handmaiden SeaSilk shawl, my Kiri shawl, the new Sivia Harding shawl……..and then there’s the Christmas knitting to get started……..oh well, maybe it’s not as far up the list as I wish it was.
    How do you make places I have never had any interest in visiting look facinating?
    I’m with you Steph. That isight feature might be cool, but I think it would creep me out a little too.

  111. I LOVE the photo of Joe kissing you! Your grin is priceless…you so obviously DO love him this week!
    (Did he know you were taking that photo??)
    oh…and Utah is obviously an amazingly beautiful spot and Icarus is GORGEOUS!

  112. Cracking Up Steph! Okay some clarification. Bobbie (me) really is from Wyoming. You did take my picture and wrote down my name. However, that is not me. It it some other fabulous knitter. I bet your notes just didn’t jive with your pics ya know. Maybe she is from Montana. Hmmmmm. Who are you lovely knitter person? I think those other lovely knitters in the bottom pic are the mysterious Montana knitters? Yes?

  113. Two weeks or so ago I vacationed in Wyoming and Utah. Wow. Gorgeous. Dry. And we were fortunate to attend the Great Basin Fibers Arts Festival in Salt Lake City, out last official tourist visit. There we found beautiful alpaca yarn courtesy of Pedro the Alpaca, who lives at Blue Moon Ranch. Lots of groovy knitters and spinners at that beautiful show, which I understand was their First Annual! (Back in Massachusetts now, son in middle school…….end of wide, open spaces.

  114. Just a smidgen over 29 years ago, I was one of those brides popping out the door of the Salt Lake Temple. I don’t know how many dozen of us went through the temple that day, but I do remember that each of us was cared for and fussed over as if we were the *only* bride.
    I’m glad that you got to see one of my favorite places in the world. Did they take you over to the Tabernacle to hear the pin drop? Not sure if that’s still part of the tour of Temple Square, but it was pretty impressive, way back when.
    Drop by my blog and say “howdy”!

  115. Maybe the isight (ispy?) needs a little knit cozy for when you should be working cranking out text for we hungry hoards. (‘Tho the photos are fun too!) Mayhap you should knit a wee eyepatch for the beastie before the 19th!!

  116. Holy crap. Is that really my arm and hand I see on your blog?? And holding the more photogenic sock, no less. Can I faint now? Seriously, thanks for swinging by and keeping us entertained for an entire afternoon and evening. It was just wonderful.

  117. Sigh your pictures of Utah reminded me of my mountains from Colorado. I miss them. High altitude can be a bit of a bite. Did anyone give you the high points of what to, and what not to, do when you try to make a fast transition? Small meals, lots o’ water, no booze, EASE into the exercise? Good Wool woman you went from sea leavel to 10,000 elevation. LOL – Seems to me like you did really well. Icarus is stunning! Hope you and the new computer bond quickly.

  118. Great to see you up and running again. You have a great view of my knees in the crowd shot – must sit more ladylike when wearing a shortish skirt
    Icarus was photographed at Silver Lake where you can go cross country skiing (when it snows) at the top of Big Cottonwood Canyon near the Brighton ski resort. A mere 10,000ft above sea level, hence not much oxygen!
    Thanks for visiting us in SLC – I haven’t laughed so much in ages. I hope you will come again on your next book tour – I know that probably doesn’t bear thinking about right now!

  119. The only person I ever dared do video chat with is now right next to me, and refuses to have his picture shown on the internet, so we can’t use our handy dandy five thousand ways to take a picture…but I remember feeling like the comp was watching at all times. Freaky. And this was on a PC…
    Yeah. I have a PC. I’m married to a Programmer. It’s illegal to be married to a Programmer and not have a PC. Actually, we have eight at last count. This may account for the muscle spasms below my left eye.
    Joe’s a cutie, dude. I can hardly believe he actually put everything back in order after the paint job. How’d that happen? Could he, you know, have a chat with my guy?

  120. You don’t know me from Jack, Stephanie, but I love you. No, for real. I read your blog daily (okay, I check it daily. I only wish you wrote in it daily). You make me laugh, you make me cry (well, let’s just say weepy, sometimes) and you’ve transformed my knitting life. Truly. As my dearest friend (who taught me to knit) said when she read my copy of Yarn Harlot, “She’s one of us, isn’t she?” So, there you have it…another devoted fan. Keep on doing what you’re doing, and come down to Richmond VA, will ya? But not in summer…it’s too hot for Northern girls down here in the summer.
    ps. Congrats on the new Mac πŸ™‚

  121. You know, I almost feel badly leaving a comment when it will be 160. I get overwhelmed with eight. Anyway, we have PCs at our house, but this year Meg got an ibook to take to school with her. The best form of entertainement EVER! On the photo thing you can distort whatever is in front of the computer camera and then shoot. It is freaking hysterical and your girls will have hours of shreaking and howling using it. Save it though, for when you really need to get them off your back. I can’t recall what it is named, but there are different distortions you can try. I just know you will appreciate it the same way we did.

  122. Hi there! Your pictures look great, and I agree Salt Lake City and the mountains are beautiful.
    By the way, the comment about the “she was a few yarn over short of a shawl!” was something I thought you might be able to use in your writing somewhere. (When I re-read my post, it didn’t come across right.}
    Also, by the way, the Icarus shawl is beautiful–the yarn delicious.
    Good luck with the MAC. I don’t like change either, even if it’s an upgrade.

  123. Your Icarus looks absolutely wonderful!
    I look forward to the day that mine is in that state, however remote that day may be.
    And at some moments, in the middle of those rows, that day seems pretty remote indeed…

  124. That cathedral! (swoon)Icarus.(swoon) The rocks were a nice touch. But where’s the picture of your arse? You can’t mention that, and then not include it!

  125. Ok fine. I can see the pictures now. And I think I’m a little in love with Joe too now.
    But I’m still gonna ask Margene for the other photos.

  126. i read Susan and Margene everyday. My younger DD is going to be wearing Susan’s Forest Canopy Shawl on her wedding day; provided i do my part that is…LOL…your pix look just fine.

  127. Oh we loved having you here! The pictures are great! And, if the adorable baby you are talking about is mine, her name is Amelia and I am Kim (her Mom). She will be very clever at knitting as Stephanie placed needles in her hands and she wouldn’t let go! πŸ˜€

  128. Congrats on the new MacBook. It’ll take sometime, but you’ll learn to love it, I promise. And so far the iSight on mine doesn’t seem to be watching, but it can be unnerving.
    The Icarus Shawl looks wonderful. Good luck with the deadline crunch, I know you’ll pull it off, just be sure to keep the coffee flowing.

  129. Joe is certainly a keeper, bless his heart! Glad you’re up and running again. Computer problems are one pain in the ass (ummmm, make that arse) that you just don’t need, especially while you’re on the road.
    Looking forward to your NY visit!

  130. Long comment, but so many things to comment on… So glad to see you back, Stephanie, we’ve missed you – congrats on new machine! Ohmy; fantastic bunch of pix, wonderful report. (Awwww on the pic with Joe.) Icarus – drop-dead gorgeous. The detail shot looks like a gigantic maple-leaf in gorgeous fall colors. (I’m very fond of maple leaves, not just for Canadian connotations; we had a huge one shading the house when I was a kid.) Mountain shots are superlative. And if those are *the* pants, you look great in them! [g] Even in the pic of you climbing on Margene’s blog. (I couldn’t resist going to see, but you had to know we would…but *barefoot*???) And simply love the Sock on a Rock shot. Hee. Is it really using dpn’s as pitons?!
    (PS–After resisting for years, I have one big skein of gorgeous handpainted sock yarn; a book about nothing but socks, in addition to your sock recipe in Knitting Rules, of course; and am waiting impatiently for more yarn and ridiculously skinny needles from KnitPicks to arrive. I’m blaming you and Franklin on my blog. You guys are *totally* responsible for sockBorging me, and that’s the story I’m sticking to. Thanks much, btw. [g])

  131. Thanks for coming to Utah and putting up with the lack of air. We love you to pieces. By the time I logged on, all the pictures appeared for me. In the third audience scene I am the blue-shirted person blogging you from the front row πŸ™‚ I feel way famous now.

  132. Hi Stephanie,
    I am trying to find a person who is willing to make me a cuttyhulk shawl sweater. It is a vintage look male sweater that is back in style. I am willing to pay decent. Could you please respond as soon as possible. Thank you!

  133. I’m very impressed, Steph–you managed all of that travell and still navigated your new computer…seriously, if it had been me, I would have been posting prose and eyeing the camera and the i-sight with supreme suspicion, waiting for it to jump up and bite me…you travel alone, knit lace, and blog on the fly–truly one of the most courageous women I’ve ever had the priviledge to know–even if it’s just on the blog! (And the Icarus is ic-tacular. I hope it was worth the boring part to you because it sure is awesome to look at…)

  134. Wow, your Icarus looks incredibly out there – very much at home.
    But I can’t contain it, I have to say – I’m going to see you at the Barnes & Noble in Park Slope!!!!
    It’s gonna be a great knitting weekend here in NYC, and I have both an unlimited metrocard, and no immediate deadline hanging over my head (ooh, sorry to have mentioned deadlines). *My* sock is going to get much more adventure this weekend than it’s ever had before. Life rocks.

  135. I lived in Utah for 10 years and find it STILL the most lovely of all the places I’ve ever lived. The air thing take a while (like ten years) to get used to.

  136. The HUGE question is …. did you pay extra for the black one??? I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I get a new MacBook (maybe Pro) from work soon… My Dell is on its last leg ..err.. disc.

  137. You reeeeeeeeeally need to come to Colorado! There’s probably slightly less air here than in Utah, but you get used to it. We also have the same amazing skies you were going on about in New Mexico, and our mountains are prettier. (Neener to Utah-ians. Just kidding.) We would love to have you!!! How about Denver on the weekend of the 14th of October, I’ll be in town! πŸ˜‰

  138. Loved the pics, especially the ones including the sock in progress. reminded me of my vacation, the lighthouse tour, during which my sister and i took many pictures including a small plaster lighthouse we painted at the childrens activity tent at a local festival during the planning of said tour (need I mention the painting took place after seveal margaritas?).

  139. Gosh, I love your Icarus! I hate to
    say it, but you’re looking kinda down in that pic.
    Is it switching time zones? That really stinks.
    Have fun with your new gadget.

  140. This is my first time commenting, but I thought I should since I live in SLC.
    I’m glad you liked Utah; I wish I could have come to see you when you spoke, but I had to work. I live 2 blocks east of the temple, though. I bet I could have found you if I looked hard enough (and hadn’t been at work).
    Your temple pictures are beautiful! In exactly 100 days (on Dec. 23) I will be one of those brides popping out of that temple with a new husband in tow! πŸ™‚
    Glad you got the new computer under control!

  141. You must come to Winnipeg. Winnipeg is wonderful. There are no misquitoes this year. None at all. This is the best time to come, while it’s not too hot or too cold. Thuogh you are from Toronto, so I suppose you think you know cold. If you do then you should definitely come to Winnipeg and show me hot you are not cold.

  142. Hooray, you got the pictures to show up! I especially love the one of you and Joe.
    It was wonderful meeting you in Los Altos. (You’re right, those Utah knitters are blurry.) Can’t wait for your California post.

  143. Stephanie, As one of the final knitters in line in SLC, I want to thank you for still having a sense of humor 3 1/2 hours after you started talking. You were the highlight of my trip from Washington, DC.

  144. Hey, I just got a new macbook too- of course my previous computer is still working (an old indigo iMac….) but the previous iMac had the hard drive and the video board both go out not long after the warrenty expired as well. But it seems to not be the norm with macs. The one I had through college was a handmedown that was probably used for over 5 years by my dad or myself.
    The photo booth thing is fun. I took a picture of a newborn guinea pig with it today!

  145. Hi Stephanie, it looks like you got my link up but no picture but that is ok. It looks like you were having a little bit of trouble with that. It was a pleasure meeting you. I have been enjoying reading Knitting Rules and look forward to the new book. I too thought the pic of Joe kissing you was sweet. He seems like such a nice guy.

  146. I love the look on your face in the Joe-kiss picture.
    The fact that you are still giddily in love with an amazing dude shows. And it’s awesome.

  147. Hi – THANKS for putting up our photo! I am one of the 3 “mysterious knitters” from MONTANA (according to the comment from Bobbie from WYoming up above). Yes, that is actually the 3 of us in the last photo holding your sock and Judy’s sock “this is how far it is from Billings, Montana to SLC”. We are the ones who gave you the Yellowstone Pale Ale and the Mountain Colors sock yarn in color “Yellowstone”. We had a great trip and loved your talk and meeting you. Thanks for putting us up on your blog. Now the rest of our knitting group will believe us!

  148. Hi Steph. Wonderfull post (as always). Glad your new toy is up and running. Icarus is drop dead gorgeous (of course). I have a totally off topic question for you or anyone out there who can help…a teacher at my sons’ school is writing a book (fiction). She has previously published a book with an education-type publisher where she didn’t need an agent. This time around she wants to get a “regular” publisher and so needs a literary agent. How does one find such a person? Are they specific to a geographic area or do you want one from a major city like NY or Philly? Do they specialize in a particular type of book or subject matter? If anyone can shed some light on the subject I would be gratefull. Thanks! My e-mail is ssbt at hotmail dot com

  149. Utah is absolutely fantastic (my family and I spent three weeks at many of the national parks in Western United States and Utah is flush with them!).
    Your shawl is awesome. I think it is so cool that you waited to show us with Miriam. You are both very talented!
    I also had to recently replace my laptop. I feel your pain. I spent all yesterday afternoon working on something and spent all evening trying to figure out where it went!

  150. Congrats on the new MAC! Painful learning process, but well worth it in the end. In a month, you will be wondering how you ever did without all the new-fanged gadgets. The shawl is totally awe-inpiring! And I love the picture of Joe kissing you, too. It proves you are getting real life love in addition to all this admiration from the net. πŸ˜‰

  151. We did that same altitude trick last month while visiting Denver. Our hosts drove us up to 14,230 feet so that when we got back down to Denver (oh, only 5000 feet or so) we would feel perfectly fine. It works!
    I’m so very jealous of your new MacBook. I’ll be buying one someday, when I finally get enough scratch (and don’t blow it all on yarn in the meantime…) πŸ™‚

  152. And just for your information, your pictures do not have the total cute and petite hothouse flower factor that you have in person. Some people (those 14 foot, 12 pound gals?) look great in photos. They do not however, have the ability to write well enough to have people spit coffee out their noses, find a sport that is both interesting and fun, raise children who, to all appearances HAVE personalities,talents and opinions not nueroses, get people ANYWHERE to listen to them talk, since they have not much to say nor do they have the ability to have Joe love them. And just FYI, that is one honking big ability.
    So when you are being hard on yourself when you look at that post-tour, pre coffee, hate-your- hair photo…remember that you are a real, contributing PERSON, not a Barbie doll.
    Plus you started the Knitting Olympics. How many 14 foot, 12 pound women could think THAT up? Their JOB is to…well, be 14 feet tall and weigh 12 pounds. Your job is a little more complicated, rich and rewarding. I mean, you make PEOPLE.

  153. I’m so excited! You’ll be in Brooklyn tomorrow! I happen to be knitting Miriam’s “Blessing Socks” right now, so I find it interesting that you just visited her. Your Icarus is beautiful.

  154. TECHNICAL QUESTION: In your first photo, the word “Aquarius” on your coffee mug is written backwards. Is this something isight is doing, or did the mug come that way??

  155. Everything is working for me to see- but I use Firefox on my MacBook, also. Talk about learning curve- I just bought this Apple thing after working with a PC for years. Scary.
    I did have to tell you that my son, Dean (3 yrs. old), is sitting in my lap as I browse around The Internet today and he saw the Icarus close-up and said, “That’s cute, very cute” and “You should get one of those.” So, compliments from Dean (and from me) on your fine work; it is very beautiful.

  156. Yeah I had a hard time adjusting to my new mac book too. But I had a PC before…I do think that the mac technicians can remotely turn that little camera on and amuse themselves watching you try to work on their laptop.
    Plus my pc crashed the week after I opened up the shop so learning how to use the new mac with the new shop was a treat…all works out in the end but good luck keeping the white computer clean!

  157. I got most all the photos today. A couple of blanks but that could be MY computer which is old and on dial up. Loved the Icarus. My drool runneth over.
    I totally agree with you though about change especially in computer land. I JUST DON’T GET IT.
    Which is why my computer is old and on dial up.
    Your work on shawls has me eyeing the Feather and Fans projects in Knit picks. I even bought some Merino on sale yesterday at our new Yarn store (Harmony Yarns) isn’t that a great name? Neat ladies too. I really am going to try my first lace. Oooo and they have a beginners sock class next month. They warned me about the “heel turning ceremony” but would say no more…

  158. I’m glad you made it home safe and sound. You two look cute together, by the way ^_^. And how sweet of him to paint the livingroom and put things in order while you were away!
    Try and get some sleep before you sink your teeth in your book again? Might help you think a bit clearer again (and the MacBook might like you better after some sleep ^_~).
    Good luck with the MacBook! I hope it will be your friend for many years

  159. I have a MacBook on the way right now after my notebook turned, quite suddenly, into a doorstop. I hadn’t really cared about the iSight, but now I can’t wait to play with it!

  160. you are an amazing person you know that?
    you have a whirlwind tour and a laptop malfunction
    yet you still have a sense of humor. although i can see you bashing your head against the wall
    and melting into a puddle of uncontrollable cursing when the laptop crashed.
    have a beer or three – give some more kisses to that lovely man -Joe and then work like the devil on your manuscript.

  161. All pictures are showing now (as you already knew) and the one of you and Joe is especially great (as you probably also already knew).
    And you’ll be in my neighborhood tomorrow night – woohoo! πŸ™‚ Welcome to Brooklyn!

  162. I’m really happy to hear that you have a brand-spanking-new laptop and that you were able to retrieve your information from the ibook. Love the pictures of Salt Lake City. And the temple? What a behemoth. That’s one imposing building. Icarus is beautiful.

  163. Icarus = gorgeous. Joe painting the living room AND PUTTING EVERYTHING BACK! = Too fan-frickin’-tastic for words. Keep that boy and make him happy. Whatever it takes.
    After 22 years in a PC world I’ve been thinking about getting a Mac. Your new toy, er, tool is just another brick in the wall.

  164. The shawl turned out beautiful! That was really neat about the church and how many people get married there. That would be fun to visit and watch all of the newlyweds coming out of the church.
    The sock went rock climbing? LOL. The sock is awesome.

  165. And my Utah-ites are here in DC. Isn’t Salt Lake wonderful. Next time you go through that area, if you are so inclined, you should go meet my llamas in law . They are divine. Their people are pretty cool too, and are gleefully wandering around the Smithsonian while I (pretend to) work my butt off.

  166. Icarus is just breathtaking!
    Steph, I use SnagIt from Techsmith for working with screenshots at work and photos at home. It costs a whopping 39.99 USD. I love it. It’s easy to convert formats with it, too. If you’re still having trouble, it might be worth a look-see.

  167. Man I’m a slacker. I should have driven down to see you. Good luck with the new computer – I think I want one of those MacBook thingies. Maybe I don’t.

  168. OK. Imageready is a program that gets installed when you install photoshop. Infact it is in the Photoshop folder whithin your applications folder. It is Adobe’s answer for preparing photos for the web. But because you have a great new MacBook you should be able to adjust your photos whitin iPhoto.

  169. When I first got my macbookpro, I was a little creeped out by the isight too… it really is a disconcerting feeling thinking that it is watching you… but now I don’t even notice it! It’s like its not even there… πŸ™‚

  170. Stephanie your photos are absolutely beautiful! What a wonderful, peaceful place the mountains with that lake looks.
    You have done so much and are so loved by us crazy knitters. I sure hope you get rested up and take out time for yourself and throw away the alarm clock for awhile and sleep in.

  171. Steph, Icarus est magnifique. Especially in the colorway you chose. Just. Gorgeous. And what an endearing photo of you and the Big Man of Canada for Whom the Gansey is Knit. And you get to be in Utah, land of lakes and rocks and canyons and sandstone and more lake and rocks and trees and DRYNESS. Here in Louisiana, I often forget what dry is like. Even when we have a drought the air isn’t dry, no matter how much the poor trees and plants suffer. Get some rest, kiss Joe and finish the book already … I’ve read all your other ones, want more!

  172. Hi Steph! To save as a jpeg for the web:
    1. In Photoshop (which I’m assuming you have since you have ImageReady) make your image the final size you want, and 72dpi.
    2. Sharpen. (Filter > Sharpen > Sharpen)
    3. Save for Web (File > Save for Web)
    4. Make sure the following settings are used: JPEG, Optimized, Maximum, Quality 100. Click Save.
    5. Choose a name and the location you want to save the file, and click OK.
    Now, for ease of use, you can set up an Action to do the resizing and sharpening automatically. I’m only going to confuse you if I list it here, but if you get your sea legs on this and think MAN, I WISH THIS WAS EASIER, then drop me a note and I’ll write you through it.
    Let me know if you need any more help! πŸ™‚

  173. Stephanie,
    You are fabulous. Is there any way I might be able to convince you to come on our show, “Knitty Gritty?”
    Give me a call so we can chat!
    Sonya Edelman
    Show Producer
    “Knitty Gritty”
    O: 818.781.5600 ex. 105
    F: 818.781.5601

  174. I haven’t been up to much today. I’ve just been letting everything happen without me. Basically nothing seems worth bothering with. I’ve just been hanging out doing nothing. I just don’t have anything to say right now. More or less nothing happening.

  175. I just don’t have anything to say right now. I haven’t been up to anything recently, but it’s not important. I’ve just been sitting around waiting for something to happen, but shrug.

  176. I’ve more or less been doing nothing worth mentioning, but eh. My life’s been really bland today. I don’t care. I’ve just been letting everything happen without me these days. That’s how it is.

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