Today be Talk like a pirate day, and as we knitters steal booty from muggles whenever we can, today be ripped off for knittin like pirates. After all. A knittin needle be not so very different from a sword, and a stitch or two may be dispatched as swiftly as scurvy dogs on the poop deck.

I give ye the followin list.

De Knit like a pirate webpage. It’s got a free pattern for a fancy hat. You should make a whack of them for all yer pirate friends. (Don’t forget to hold the knife in yer teeth. It’s all about yer look and enemy pirate preparedness.)

Arrrgyle2 1

Arrgggyles. (You know I can’t resist it. If the book backs it’s filthy words of doom of of me desktop for even a moment today, then these be on my needles.) I stole the button from Julia’s Blog and you can steal if from mine. Providing you save it to yer own server. I hates bandwidth thieves. Cuts into the yarn money and makes me want to keel-haul the perpetrators.

Pirate Julia’s got a wee felted hat for pirates in trainin. (She’s a fine pirate lass.)

Avast ye! Pirates are no woosies, but dey loose body heat out of the tops of they heads in any case. Make one a We Call Them Pirates hat.

The Yarn Pirate Etsy shop. Very piratey. Got a flag an everything.

A crochet pirate. We don’t care for crochet so much. (Those hooks be useless as weapons) but I’m amused by the dollie of Jack the pirate anyhows. Arrrrr.

Yarn Pirate book. We loves it and we don’t care who knows we can read and write. Make X’s in it if you never got learnin. I be writing down the names of all the yarns that betrayed me, if I gets a book. Those ones be sorry when I write their names, the grog-snarfing privateers.

Go knit like pirates and don’t be botherin me for nothing else today. I’m writing a book.

(PS. NYC was great. )