Dashing Done

Just a quickie from me. I’ve got to travel tomorrow and I’m running off to get a haircut. I always wash my hair before haircuts because while I love the guy who cuts my hair, I do think his shampoo smells funny and I’d rather use mine. I’d have tons of time but for the winter. It’s cold enough here that going out with wet hair means frozen hair so I have to budget time to blow dry this mess. I recognize that the fact that this is all I have to tell you….that I’m drying my hair so that it doesn’t freeze solid is rather profoundly boring…so look!



My pair of Dashing was finished last night and are here modelled by Joe (who obviously missed his true calling as a hand model. Look at that elegant pose.)


Joe thinks they are rather good (though they are not for him) and I loved the wool. It’s a mystery two ply worsted from the stash, and I liked it before I washed it, but see below?


Swished in a warm bath the yarn bloomed and softened like nobodies business. (Wish I could remember what it was. A thousand curses on stray tags. This is the downside of a well-aged stash. I’d buy more of this if I had any idea what it was.) The astute among you will notice that my pair has cables crossing to the right on both hands…that’s a mistake. The pattern for Dashing actually indicates that they should cross left on the right and right on the left, but I didn’t see that particular instruction until I had knit both of them and although I can usually compete in the obsessive compulsive error correction category at the Olympic level, I snapped and chose to ignore it.

I’m all for perfection and good knitting, but I just didn’t see how it was a big enough error to rip one of them back. Actually, it not only seemed like it wasn’t a big enough error, but that it was sheer lunacy to care that much. They are good looking. They work fine, are very cozy indeed, and the recipient certainly isn’t going to take them out of the box and heave a sigh of regret that they don’t cable in opposite directions. As a matter of fact, since I am likely the only person who will ever notice, let alone actually care in any way at all… I’m letting it go.

It’s the 5th of December and that’s one item off the list…14 to go.