Un-integrated Monday

Good: I finished the cuffs of both Vintage socks.


Bad: I finished them yesterday instead of Saturday like I was planning because there was a publishing crisis on Friday that sucked up two whole days of my life.

Good: I am especially proud of my grace under fire this weekend. I got a whole lot of work dumped on me out of the blue as a result of a mistake that entirely belonged to someone else and I just rolled with it, and lived in the moment. I absolutely skipped the part where I try to find out how something like this could have happened… I just said “Ok. So this is where we are. What are we going to do.” and did it. The person who made the big mistake was very apologetic, and considering the size and scope of the problem I feel like it got handled really well all around. I know that’s supposed to be how it is in business…that everyone is professional and cool headed and working towards the same goal….but I live with teenagers, so problem solving that doesn’t include screaming, 24 phone calls, a door slam and 86 choruses of “how can this be happening to me/ any unhappiness I feel is your fault / you did this on purpose” is as surprising as it gets.

Bad: Both socks have ribbing. The sock on the right, however..knit while I was conducting my ordinary life, has 3X2 ribbing. The sock I worked on while I was trying not to compound disaster this weekend, 2X2 ribbing. Now, I’ve got nothing against either sorts of ribbing, but I do feel that they should match. It seems like some sort of idiot move to spend all that time knitting tiny little leaves and embossed grape panels and inlaid toes and wine glass heels and then say “You know….I don’t really need the ribbing to match. I’m not that fussy.”


Out it went.

Good. I fixed it and started the “integrated i-cord bind off” that attaches the leaves.

Bad: That took a really long time, and I haven’t added the other 8 leaves or sewn them down. It looks sort of dumb right now, but I really believe it’s going to come together.

Good: It’s finished.


Bad: It was finished at 2am (I may have got a wee bit obsessed with finishing it while watching The Island of Dr. Moreau, which was a wonderful book, and the sort of movie that you watch all of because you are an optimistic person and you just can’t believe it’s going to stay that bad. (Tip: It does. Unless you are also working an integrated i-cord bind off…which is totally interesting and worth staying up for…Go. To. Bed.)

Good: I have been going for a walk every night and have been wishing that I could show you what the city looks like in the wintertime. Last night I actually remembered my camera.


This is the park by my house that I walk by each night. For the last several days there’s tobogganing there no matter what time of the day or night I go by.

Bad: I don’t have a toboggan.

Good: I also don’t have a broken leg. Probably related.

Bad: No more time today, lunch date and an integrated bind off are calling me. (Likely not at the same time…) I shall record the bind-off for posterity.

Good: I won best activities blog!


Good: Dr. Steph won Second!

Good: Knitnut won fourth!

(Our plan to take over the world continues apace.) I am especially pleased because I won even through Knitnut and Dr. Steph are both smarter than me. Excellent luck.) They don’t announce “Best blog” for a few days, so I won’t know about that for a while. The suspense is killing me. I don’t expect to win at all, but I found some comments on a blog a few days ago where the author suggested that it was sort of silly to have a knitting blog in the category, and well as much as I hate this about myself……. That made me want to squash the competition like bugs – which is really terrible, since the competition didn’t make the comment, and I’m a grown-up and other people shouldn’t need to be squashed for me to make a point and…. Never mind. You know.

Bad: In my next life, I will have to try to be a better person.

177 thoughts on “Un-integrated Monday

  1. But if you tried to be this mythical “better person” you wouldn’t be you, and who do you think we all come here for?
    Congrats on your win, your socks, and your poise in the crisis. Seems like the good outweighed the bad!

  2. For a second, I thought that little animal on your badge was a squirrel! And that almost made my day until I noticed that it was a beaver.
    Congratulations, anyway, on both the best activities blog and your beautiful sock. And I’m sure toboganning is over-rated. Really.

  3. I’m first? Love the comments about working world versus teenagers. And why the heck shouldn’t a knitting blog be in the best blog category. I entertain my mother, a non-knitter, with stories from your blog.

  4. Definitely looking forward to seeing the vintage socks as they look being worn. πŸ™‚
    Re: The Island of Doctor Moreau, the movie– one of the lead actors, David Thewlis (more widely known as Remus Lupin in the Harry Potter movies) is writing/was writing a book about how absolutely f’ing surreal working on that movie was.

  5. Congratulations !!! on the Best Activities Blog award and also the lovely socks. I think I am going to make a pair for my darling niece.

  6. Go buy a toboggan. They’re cheap and so worth it! Besides, if you break your leg, you get to sit around and knit. Now there’s a plan!

  7. When someone is silly enough to say knitting is a dying art/old-fashioned/something your granny does, I haul myself up to my full height of 5’2″, try to fix them with a strong glare and say in my best “school marm” voice… “I have two things to say to you: sock clubs and Yarn Harlot–Google those and THEN tell me knitting is passe!”
    So dear Harlot, now that you are a term of reference for the knitting world and beyond, no need to fuss about what other bloggers think — perhaps they are really in the know and fully comprehend the power of the knitting community and are merely trying to do a pre-emptive strike…We like you just as you are, “warts and all”. Must say I am very impressed with your grace under pressure, even if it did affect the ribbing.
    Cheers, Barbie O. in Montreal

  8. Yea! Congrats and the award!
    Regarding the ribbing: with all the work that went into those socks, ABSOLUTELY the ribbing needed to match. I’m one to let that kind of stuff go, and even I would have redone the ribbing.

  9. Dude, the goods far outweighed the bads, as far as I can see.
    I assume you and Rachel H can’t make it tomorrow? We’ll miss you…

  10. Congrats on all accounts: for behaving like a grown-up in the face of busines disaster; for the finished sock, which is fiddly beyond belief and for the award. All of us know you’re the best—time somebody else figured it out.

  11. Good on you for taking on the professional crisis professionally. It’s good to not lose your cool in the heat of the moment, but at this point you might feel like going back to your publisher and asking how it happened and what steps are going to be in place to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Not in the spirit of blame and pointing fingers obviously, but to find the weak point in the process and shore it up. You probably know all that though πŸ™‚
    Fantastic socks!

  12. Hey, I have friends who have zero interest in knitting who LOVE your blog, so squash away!
    Love the socks. Better you than me, I’d be having meltdowns every two seconds, especially if I had to frog!

  13. You so deserve the blog award – any and all that come your way :^) Kepp it up!
    I am on travel now and brought Knitting Rules along. I was reading and chuckling so much that I had to put the book away (my seat companions thought me a bit batty)

  14. Hey, many congratulations! I voted for you…may the other woman I’m about to vote for tomorrow win as well. And big points for the grace under pressure. It’s always hard to just skip past the reaction and get down to business. Just think what could be avoided/fixed/settled in this world if more people could do that!

  15. Congrats. Congrats also for persevering through crises without drama (I know how hard that is, having a 13 year old girl). I just love reading your blog and am thankful you blog so often. It’s the first thing I look at when I get to work and makes the transition from home to work easier. Also, great socks.

  16. Congrats Stephanie!
    Hmm, a disrespecter of knitting — what would be an appropriate punishment for her?

  17. I’m not OCD and am a Happy Knitter and I would have ripped and redone the ribbing. Right now I am lookin at having to rip and redo a sock (finished m=ind you) from the start of the heel flap cuz the flap is to long, the recipient says its fine (only half inch to long) but I cant live with it so into frog pond the sock foot goes if it doesnt shrink in the wash. Wish me Luck! And Congrats on your Winnings, I hope you squish the competition!

  18. The little beaver on your award is very cute. This morning my daughter told me she learned all about groundhog day at school. When I asked her what she knew, she told me that a beaver comes out of his hole and sees a shadow. It took all my restraint now to laugh. It makes me happy to see how Canadian she’s growing up.

  19. The small-minded among us are just jealous that their subject of choice can’t command the same level of interest or participation that knitting and our esteemed Harlot do. So, Congratulations! You go, girl!

  20. Congrats on the Socks! I mean the Blog award! Yay for both!
    Here’s a thought for you:
    In your next life you will be a guru that sits at the top of a warm sunny mountain, surrounded by clean beautiful fleece, and all your supplicants will bring hand dyed yarn and hand-crafted needles.
    Indulge! You are an inspiration to thousands. You deserve it.
    (And don’t feel bad that you want to figuratively crush the competition – it just lets us all know that we are human too. As my father the Philosophy Teacher always reminded us as we were growing up, it’s not the thought, but the action that makes you who you are!)

  21. Congrats on winning best activities blog! I voted for you many, many times for both categories and I hope you squash the other nominees like tiny little beetles!

  22. Congratulations !! it is great to hear that people know how wonderful your blogs are and hopefully, due to this win, they will soon all be reading it !
    the socks look great also !

  23. Look at the happy beaver on the award!
    And, you having read “The Island of Dr. Moreau” and all, had no excuse for your optimism — except being an incurable optimist. Have fun with the I-cord. If you drink whilst doing it, make it white wine or beer, wouldn’t want to stain the sock.

  24. The sock looks great. I don’t think I watched all over Dr Moreau, it was that bad.
    Why would someone diss a knitblog? Oh, they don’t knit or get stuff they like knit for them.

  25. Congratulations! You so deserve it. I also love seeing the picture of snow–probably the closest I’ll come to seeing any and yet I knit on (also into the wee hours of the morning–thinking, “I’ll just finish this one little part…). The sock is looking very impressively like a little cluster of grapes on the vine. Oh, and your maturity in a crises is an inspiration. During a minor crises with a teenager last week, it was me uttering repeatedly “why is this happening to me”. Probably why I knit.

  26. “Integrated I-cord Bind Off”. That is now on my goals list to use in an sentence referencing something I’ve knit. WOW. Socks are stunning, and your process confirms the process…learn, switch up, change, keep going forward. The winter picture calls me – what a gorgeous city. I’m glad you could roll with the editorial needs, you inspire again.

  27. 1. Congrats on the award! We are all happy but not in the least surprised.
    2. Socks are gorgeous, and thank you for making them so I never have to.
    3.”The Island of Dr. Moreau” is the worst movie in the history of cinema. It is the movie my husband and I compare all other bad movies to (“yeah, it made me want to gouge my eyeballs out with my bare hands, but at least it wasn’t as bad as ‘Dr. Moreau.’). We paid full price to see this on opening night back in ’96, and still haven’t gotten over the waste of a perfectly good $12.
    4.Saturday’s poem by Joe Sr. was heartbreaking, and I mean that in the best possible way. Tell him thanks.

  28. Congrats on your win! I gotta move to Canada–I’m so jealous of your snow! (I know you don’t want to hear that, but I am, I so am.)

  29. Kristen – you can have our snow!!
    Steph – congrats on the Best Activity blog. And the sock is just amazing……

  30. Congratulations! I voted for you in both categories and I hope you win :). Gotta love those leaves and the sock is looking great, although I have to say after all that work I think I might need to frame it rather than wear it!

  31. Tobaggan? An upside down highly glossed coffee/end table works well and gives you ‘handles’ and something to protect your legs when you crash into those trees (okay, I only know this from my university daze, a very, very, very, LONG time ago).
    I miss tobagganing…I miss winter, oops, did I say that out loud…yikes, snow gods are going to curse me now! (Blossom count starts next week here! Victoria, BC – yes parts of Canada avoid winter…)

  32. I bet if you owned a toboggan and used it in that beautiful park, you would look forward to the cold, snowy days of winter since they make for the best tobogganing conditions. πŸ™‚ Not to mention that after a bout of tobogganing, the hot chocolate by the fire is even better.
    Iwould be afraid to do the same sort of list, but your good so far outweighs the bad – hooray you!

  33. Congrats on the blog award!!! No matter what happens, you are always MY best blog!!! First one I go to each day. If only to see how sock insanity is coming along. Good luck!

  34. screaming, 24 phone calls, a door slam and 86 choruses of “how can this be happening to me/ any unhappiness I feel is your fault / you did this on purpose”
    I dunno, sounds like a lot of businesses I’m familiar with. Though I agree that the professional problem-solving mode is the way it *ought* to be.
    Count me in on your world domination plans. I think you’re supposed to sit with Millie on your lap, stroking her gently while looking sinister…can we do sinister while knitting? Um. Maybe all those evil supervillians just needed to learn to knit.
    And my mother finally surrendered Yarn Harlot (the book) aka my Christmas present. She loved it, and I’ve started and am enjoying it a great deal. Do you have a FAQ for the books somewhere? Where you answer reader questions like ‘whatever happened to the green afghan?’ Or am I committing a terrible faux pas by asking?

  35. OKay, tobogganing could be one of the few bennies of living with snow…but then, so could a broken leg…
    And as for the blogging thing? We all know you rock!!!! It’s just wonderful to see you get the credit you deserve.
    Uhm…and as for the knitting? I almost stayed up to watch ‘The Gift’–now granted it’s one of my favorite movies, but it didn’t end until 1:00…it was the lure of making baby socks in worsted weight that almost made me turn to the dark side…

  36. The top of the socks looks like a wee vase with flowers in it . I’d still frame those beauties when finished. Keeping your cool is a GOOD thing in time of crises , but you already know that . Congratulations on the award you deserve it or you would not have won.As for the tobaggan–we used to use broken down cardboard boxes. haha. NO broken bones for you though so just watching is fine .Maybe in your next life you would want to come back as a pidgeon then you can eat, squawk and @#$% on those that upset you.hehe

  37. I say “squash ’em, squash ’em like a bug” (preferably a spider – blech).
    Can I vote for you more than once as best blog?

  38. Glad you won–your’s is the best blog.
    Where I grew up there was a place called Echo Valley which had (among other terrifying things) a toboggan run. It was icy like the Luge in the Olymics. I went down once-and I still remember the terror and armpit sweat. At the bottom, my date(now husband) said,”Wow, wasn’t that great-lets go again!!” Somehow I managed to forgive him and married him despite his desire to scare me to death.
    Just because we live where there is plenty of snow like us and toboggan runs does not mean we have to avail ourselves of them.
    My daughter’s daughter, having reached the age of 7, is now proving my “what goes around comes around” theory. The stomping etc. has begun. I love it! It warms my heart! It makes me smile. It may sound evil, but it still makes me smile.

  39. Try watching The Island of Dr. Moreau with RiffTrax. (You download them mp3 at rifftrax DOT com. It’s like Mystery Science Theatre 3000 but with newer movies. It’s da bomb.

  40. ARGH! Snafus! You were very mature, such a good example.
    I hope there is actual wine drinking when making this vintage sock?! Otherwise, why bother???

  41. What do they want — a brain-surgery blog???
    Congrats & got my fingers crossed waiting. You Squash, girl!

  42. Can you imagine the depths of sorrow and lonliness that that heathen (ie. knitting blogs are kind of stupid) must be feeling? Perhaps we should all make prayer shawls for him/her, while chanting “knitting blog good”. Well… maybe we should think really hard about making prayer shawls for him/her, and hope that that counts as the same thing….Congratulations Stephanie!

  43. Congratulations!
    I’m hoping you’ll win the “best blog” too.
    I tried reading some of the other blogs in the
    “best blog” category, and, aside from Crazy Aunt Purl, I didn’t see how they enjoyed such an elevated status among the nominees. Maybe I’m just
    not in the “right” demographic.
    Celebrate your imperfections!! Enjoy them!!
    We do!!

  44. Congratulations on all the good and – good: the goods all outweigh the bad. And congratulations for taking your big girl pill in the midst of the crisis! If you’re anything like me it doesn’t happen that often so you have to really revel in it when it doesn happen. Illinois doesn’t look any different from Toronto this time of year evidently.

  45. Big congratulations. I know it doesn’t matter how many people go to your Represent! party. One more acknowledgement that the words you write mean a lot to folks like me, is meaningful. Virtual hugs like that mean a lot, and I’m happy for you.
    You earn it. You don’t just write, you really put out the effort. And the love. We feel loved by you. You deserve the award.
    Thank you for the gift of your blog. It can really turn around my day.

  46. Perhaps the ‘no knitting blogs’ comment was meant in the same spirit as when the NYT took the Harry Potter series off the Best Sellers list, because the point of a ‘Best’ list is not only to reward quality, but to expose it to a wider audience.
    Quality knitting blog (like this one) have a pretty durn wide audience.
    (Oh dear, I didn’t mean it to sound quite like that. You know what I meant. Kiss kiss love love.)

  47. Great park photo! Now I have to believe the snow stories my mom tells of when she and her brother had to walk through snow drifts as high as an elephants eye, up hill both ways to school… My mom is from Winnipeg, but has become a Californian since she has lived here for the last 60 years or so.
    Those socks are awesome! You have my vote for anything you get nominated for. Thought I was a little over board on my yarn and knitting, alas I’m a baby by comparison….

  48. Go Stephie! Go Stephie! Go Stephie! I hope you don’t HATE to be called Stephie. Ouch. Oops. Go Stephanie1 Go Stephaie! Go Stephanie!
    Don’t bother trying to be a “better” person. We like you just the way you are. Squash ’em all! Of COURSE there should be a knitting blog in the competition. Who is that nut?
    Congrats to you all!

  49. You’re already a better person, and you’re already trying to be even better. Don’t worry about your next life.
    Congratulations! I hope you squash the competition like bugs!

  50. I like The Island of Dr. Moreau – the original and the remake. Of course, I’m used to watching all sorts of sci-fi movies – Kerwyn will watch any of them and in the interest of spending some time together I end up watching with him.

  51. lent has not started so it safe to say and think those types of things about others….at least for two more days. cecilai

  52. Beautiful, all of it. I love walking in the winter time and observing the landscape. And the socks are awesome! Don’t worry about having to rip back one little cuff. I ripped out half a sweater not too long ago. Far more tragic than a sock cuff. Keep up the great work! And congrats on the blog award. We’re all pulling for you πŸ™‚

  53. That beautiful park looks suspiciously like the beautiful park by my house! Bickford? I’m about to head out with my c(k?)razy carpet.

  54. Oh THAT version of Dr. Mareau. Hideous – quite agree. A friend was on the crew for the shoot. Marlon Brando was past it, but still, you know, MARLON BRANDO! Apparently Val Kilmer was a nightmare diva of the first order – didn’t go down well with the egalitarian Australian crew. Went a couple of months over shoot time, too.
    Yup, i-cord much more entertaining than that film.

  55. Congrats on the socks and the award. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for your “Best Blog” victory. Now back to attempting to get gauge for the upcoming Hat Attack. (for which I hold you somewhat responsible.) See, if you hadn’t turned me onto Ravelry, I wouldn’t be preparing for death by yarn…swatching, ripping, digging through stash… and generally having a blast! Thanks, Stephanie. πŸ™‚

  56. YAY! Congratulations on the win. I think you have an excellent chance for overall blog…I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

  57. CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I see no harm in many exclamation marks!!!
    P.S. Anybody know what you are supposed to knit on 2.75mm dpns that are 18 inches long?

  58. I’m living proof that one doesn’t need a toboggan to break a limb. I broke my arm a couple of weeks ago, and had to have surgery involving a metal plate to fix it! The worst part is that until at least this weekend, I can’t knit! What’s the use of a Minnesota Winter if you can’t manipulate wool?

  59. I say, forget all that “better person in my next life,” crap, and instead, just plan on joining me in MY next life, when I’m supreme ruler of the universe, and plan to rule with an iron fist which is constantly covered in a different kind of interesting textile, as people are required to care about the textile. REQUIRED, I tell you! Just picture those movies that start “In a world…” With me so far? This one starts: “In a world… where nobody would ever say that stupid line about knitting not being for your grandma anymore, because they wouldn’t insult knitting OR your grandma…”
    Anyway. That’s where I’m living my next life, which means there’ll be no worries at all about being a better person. Simple. You can come. Bring wine.

  60. ‘screaming, 24 phone calls, a door slam and 86 choruses of “how can this be happening to me/ any unhappiness I feel is your fault / you did this on purpose”‘
    Gee, sounds like my office some days! I work with some (male!) drama queens, what can I say.
    As for tobogganing, you could use a tray as we did in college (sit on it, lean back, and hold your legs up – or sit cross legged). We used to say, Wanna go traying? The cafeteria staff caught on quickly and we soon had these awful cardboard trays, accompanied by signs requesting the return of the cafeteria trays.
    Or try Target; you might even luck into a sale! My husband bought our daughter a toboggan for $4 a couple of winters ago.

  61. I’m in awe of those socks. I can’t wait to see how it all fits together.
    Once in a while a grown-up takes over my body. I wish she would stay longer.

  62. Whadda they mean…you don’t belong in that catagory? (Best Blog) Obviously you do need to squash them like bugs. And you shall…if for no other reason that to prove to the rest of the world that knitters are indeed out here. Thanks for representing us, Steph.

  63. Congratulations on your win! I know it SEEMS somehow ungracious to want to ‘squash’ the competition or toot your own horn, but if you don’t do it, who will (besides us, your adoring fans)? What’s more, you deserve it. Next year you will deserve it again because of the (vintage) sock drama!
    I was there at first mention, thinking what a beautiful sock, maybe I should try it. Not knowing how addictive and seductive the pattern would be.
    I was there when the sock dropped and the toe leaf calamity ensued, I was on tenterhooks the whole time reading and trying not to scroll down to ruin it for myself. O the drama!
    I was there when the deadline came (and went), it was like playing that sock assasin game, killing myself to finish before I get wiped out of the game! O the supsense!
    I love that sock, and I despise that sock! But we’re almost at the finish line now, and the end of the vintage sock saga will be like the end of an era.
    Until the next project drama ties us all up in knots … can’t wait!

  64. So, which shoes will you be wearing to “squash” the competition (like cockroaches!. . . oops got a little carried away there)?

  65. I have been reading your blog for awhile, but haven’t posted a comment before. I just want to say that the blogger who thinks it is “silly” to include a knitting blog should get a clue. Aside from your very popular blog, the knitting on-line community includes Ravelry with over 2 million hits during January and over 72,000 registered users.
    Knitters are a force to be reckoned with! We have skills that transfer to our daily non-knitting lives, like – oh never mind. I will leave that train of thought for you and others better qualified than me to expound upon.
    Congratulations, and I am routing for you to win Best Blog!

  66. >>Bad: In my next life, I will have to try to be a better person. <<
    You’re a great person right now.
    Ya know, if you knit your socks on two circs, you might have been able to skip that ribbing mistake and the ripping out of the mistake.

  67. Better person? Screw it. Have fun. Life’s too short. Besides, it’s a cyber-squashing so it doesn’t count.
    The leaves dangling around the top of the sock are… interesting….

  68. You’re a better woman than I am for that ribbing. I once knit a sock leg a whole 2 inches longer than the other. Think I ripped? My pantleg did the recovery work by covering it up. Fab job on those socks.

  69. Squash them – yesssssss! Knitting blog – crush them my preciousssss! Sorry! In a more mature moment – good luck to you and all the best to the oppostition ans well!(Crush them – crusshshshshs themmmmmmm)

  70. So what do you wear on you feet to go out in a Toronto winter? I’m with you on the Birkenstocks as long as the warm weather holds but what do you wear when it’s cold and wet? I’m in the Hudson Valley, which is only marginally warmer than Toronto. My old boots are on their way out and I’d like to know what you recommend.
    And I’m nosy. (or is it nosey?)

  71. I read a story about the filming of The Island of Dr. Moreau that said (supposedly) the first thing the director said after he said “CUT!” the final time was “Now get that b*stard off my set!” while pointing at Val Kilmer.
    The poem this weekend was lovely, and the socks are insanely fun.

  72. Impossibly lovely socks and I am jealous of the snow. It has been years since we had snow that pretty in the Poconos. But really, Steph, I was waiting for “the ugly” in with the good and the bad. Perhaps that was The Island of Dr. Moreau. Kudos for watching it!

  73. Congratulations! That is really awesome. The socks are awesome too. I laughed at the 2X and 3X ribbing though. That is totally something I would do (have. As for the sadly uninformed and perhaps intellectually challenged, person who thought knitting blogs somehow don’t qualify?
    In the immortal words of Bill the cat PHFFFFFT!

  74. What pretty snow! And congrats! I hope you win best blog regardless of snooty people. But I want you to win more because of them. πŸ™‚

  75. Congrats all around (except not having a toboggan or even any kind of sled? That seems so very hard to believe. Even w/minimum snow, we have 2-3 around. Once purchased, it seems they become a permanent part of the household… but I digress). Nice socks, nice award, nice fantasy (the squashy one), nice handling of the difficult situation.
    While knitting a washcloth yesterday, I came across someone who was simply dumbfounded that a person could (would?) do that. She couldn’t believe it would be used (it will). Maybe to her all knitting is heirloom, but I think it more likely that she believes knitting is silly. “They” just don’t get it. Squash!

  76. I forgot to mention, in the list the other day of good things about winter, what must be the very best thing about winter in Los Angeles: Walking through a camellia forest in full bloom, on the day after a rain.
    Great socks.

  77. Congrats on the award – Knitters Unite! Oh and by the way, I loved your comments about the corporate world “I know that’s supposed to be how it is in business…that everyone is professional and cool headed and working towards the same goal….” I hate to tell you – my job sounds more like living with teenagers, not like the cool headed hope you voiced, I find that if I approach my teens as if I’m living with teenagers we get much more done – hence my love of knitting, I get to have sharp pointy needles in my hands at any given moment.

  78. Congratulations on the award! And what a cute little piece of HTML it is!! I don’t see how that makes you a BAD person, wanting to squash the competition. You’re a knitter (AND a Canadian), so you’re bound to squash nicely, at least.

  79. I’m keeping all my dpns crossed in hopes that your blog will be awarded Best Blog. I tried crossing the circs, but they kinda spiralled away…. :O) This is a wonderful blog, and you are a very good person. Thoughts of squashing are quite understandable in this circumstance. We Canadians might be polite, but nobody could say we are not tough. Great socks! I’d be followed by three cats if I wore them, tripped up as they tried to catch the vines and leaves!!!

  80. Island of Dr Moreau movie is that bad, I watched it when it came out at a drive in (probably just before it shut down, and the last one up here in york region) It truly is that bad, and we kept watching just to make sure it stayed that bad. For anyone who enjoys Val Kilmer movies it must have been a really bad movie(of which I am one).
    Socks look great BTW.
    Congrats on winning the blog thing and good luck on the Best blog one.

  81. Congratulations from one of your “constituents”!
    And thanks so much for the tip on Moreau. I read it years ago, and had the movie on my rental list. You have just given me back, all fresh and new, the time I would have wasted watching that movie and the time I would have spent being pissed off afterward. THANK YOU.
    Looking good on the socks, there, blog queen.

  82. Congratulations on the win. I trust a win will be a proper “enlightenment opportunity” for the non-knitting competitive voters. Thanks for writing something we all look forward to reading each day.

  83. you deserve the win and to win
    one uses metal garbage can lids
    to go down inclines -i put the
    other into telephone poles
    you are fine like the rest of us
    we are called fiber artists
    i think it was sam johnson said
    discussion is the first infirmity
    of feeble minds
    we await the sock
    with grape vines
    upon our heads

  84. Congrats to you on winning best knitting blog. Jeers to whoever thinks they are stupid.And jeers to me and my ADD addled mind for wondering how in the world you were going to sew all those leaves together to make a pair of socks. I guess I should come down to planet earth and think inside the box once in a while.I’m probably the only one who will admit to wondering that,but “Oh well.”…

  85. Congrats on winning best activities! The top of the socks look complicated! You made everything else look so easy! I hope you do win best blog! That would be sweet!

  86. Well, better to come back as a more altruistic person than say, the bug. πŸ˜‰
    Congratulations on the award! And the fortitude to rip and re-do ribbing. I’d have done the same thing, though I can’t say I’d be making that mistake on those particular socks. Chiefly because I wouldn’t ever make those insanely crazy, gorgeous socks. While I love those leaves, the intricacy makes me a-feard. Of the crazy-making. And the intricacy. So it is nice to just sit here and watch you make ’em. And as a kindred spirit in Truth, Justice, and the Knitting Way, I hope you squash that jealous competitor/complainer like a …grape! And then we’d have whine/wine.
    I’m obviously ready for bed. at 5:11 pm.

  87. You absolutely deserve the Best Blog award. I do love the way the award was presented for best activities, check it out –http://cdnba.wordpress.com/2008/02/03/best-activities-blog-of-2007/
    And may the goddess of bad karma forever visit the commenter who thinks a knitting blog should not be in the competition for best blog!

  88. My favorite kind of blog entry: chatty, cozy, as if I’m right there watching you lovingly rip out those stitches. I’d be sitting warm by the fire, though, waiting for you to come back from that chilly walk!

  89. I am so much into the Saga of the Socks with you that I actually threw up in my mouth a little when you divulged the ribbing differences.
    The night time snow shot is gorgeous! I live in the Portland, OR area and it rains here. Always.
    I don’t know who is allowed to vote for the blogging awards, but I’m heading over to check it out and IF I’m allowed to voice my opinion you can bet it will be for you. Knitters Rule!

  90. You are a wonderful write and blogger. You absolutely deserve awards. If a knitblog is great, well, it just is. And this isn’t “just” a knitblog. What about MSF? Cats in the tub? Elementary school Holiday Programs? Flight of the Hamsters?
    Your blog brings many people great joy. Go Harlot!

  91. Congratulations on winning THE BEST ACTIVITIES BLOG award!
    I am going to knit those socks and wear them even though I am 70 years old! Your running commentary about them has gotten me thoroughly intrigued with them! I am going to wear them with cropped pants too! LOL. Thanks for the updates. Now on for the BEST BLOG AWARD! You deserve it! Carolyn

  92. Those are SOME socks. I feel that because they are so well and truly special they should only be worn naked. I mean, why take away from their glorious-ness? Mind you, we will understand no full length photos of the socks in this state.
    Congrats on the blog awards, fab!

  93. Congrats on the win!!!! Oh, and what the hell is a tobbaggan (or however you spell it). Sometimes you need to be more clear for those of us who live in the warmer climates (i.e. the southern US) who hardly EVER see snow much less on a consistent basis just because there is this so-called thing named winter. Just as an added informational bonus – it was 67 here today and we are slotted for 72 tomorrow in the ATL – woo hoo!!!

  94. There is no doubt in my mind that the poster who disrespected knitting is…a squirrel…in every sense of the word.
    Appropriate punishment? I recommend lots of fleece held j…u…s…t out of its reach. That’ll teach it (insert Harlot’s maniacal laugh here).
    Congratulations, Steph.

  95. The Mr. read that last bit and said, oh, she’s going to be a man in her next life then.
    Shall I bonk him on the head for you?

  96. Congratulations on the win!!! I can’t wait to hear that you won the Best Blog, too. πŸ™‚
    When you were talking about the movie, I was so feeling you! I saw it once and my sad self keeps mis-remembering it because I’m STILL trying to be optimistic. The idea was so good (and yes, so was the book) that I just WANT it to be a good movie. So I am thinking to myself, “maybe I should go and rent it again.” Ha! Bad idea, huh? Okay. I’ll just remember that it sucks!

  97. Great! You won! And love the beaver on the blog awards button.
    While I am not of the “winning is everything” frame of mind, usually, I fully support your inclination to rub those commenters noses in it. Hope you win best blog.

  98. Strength and grace in the face of adversity. I have only one teenage girl, and you manage 3. You’re my hero. (My mom had 4 and somehow survived).

  99. Isn’t the category ‘Best Blog’? Not ‘Your-Particular-Favourite-Whiney-McOpinionated’?
    Sheesh. I had no idea Knit Blogs weren’t Real Blogs. Strange since they are so common…
    Ummm…I think you won’t be alone in the next life as a better person place…if it’s real…
    Toboganning is fun! Much safer than knitting at 2 AM watching bad Marlon Brando flicks. And isn’t that little THING terrifying?! I haven’t read the book but if that tiny terror is in it UGH.

  100. Congratulations on the win!!! I voted for you for both categories, and I hope you squash them too πŸ™‚
    The socks look beautiful and I can’t wait to see them when they’re finished!

  101. Am I crazy, or did I just see you on the final reveal of Restaurant Makeover for the Old York?

  102. Great socks.
    On a completely unrelated topic, did I just see you on the reveal segment of “Restaurant Makeover”?

  103. Hey, sometimes bugs need crushing.
    Congratulations on the blog award (and fingers crossed for Best). Well deserved.

  104. Totally off topic, but I was having fun reading knitting blogs through the eyes of “gizoogle” and thought you might appreciate the idea that you’ve been “knitt’n tiny shawty leaves.”
    Congrats on the socks, and well done with the grace-under-pressure!

  105. The socks needed to be ripped back–you knew the mistake was there and it would have driven you nuts. (If I can rip back and start over after eight rows done on at 350 stitch/row swing coat, you can rip back two measly inches on a sock!)
    Congratulations on the award! Squish the competition a la Ricki Lake in “Hairspray”, doing “The Bug”, cockroach dress and all!!
    And don’t go tobogganing!! I work in the xray department of an orthopaedic office, I guarantee you, given that you knit profusely, the bones broken would not be your legs! There’s nothing worse than having the time and the desire to knit, but not being able to use your hands for anything! (This also includes personal situations that arise in the course of the day.)

  106. I saw a bracelet made out of tapemeasures on Etsy.com and thought of you. If you’d like to see them, I included their address as the URL.

  107. Congratulations. You are well deserving of any award you win. I’m crossing my fingers for you on the Best Blog award – I feel no guilt in saying I hope the competition is brutally squashed in the name of defending all that is knitterly. >:)

  108. Congrats on the win and the sock. Here’s keeping fingers crossed for Best Blog.
    And I’m not suprised somebody dissed knitting blogs. I still have endless conversation with my colleagues (all very tech-savvy) about the fact that there is a very strong knit-blog community out there with thousands upon thousands of blogs, several web rings, forums, you tube vids, Facebook groups and of course, the magic that is Ravelry! And they still think me knitting is quaint and outdated!
    Oooh and how much do I want to go for a crisp winter walk in that snow!!

  109. On a totally unrelated subject… I was watching Restaurant Makeover yesterday with me hubby (makes me homesick for T.O.). The episode I was watching was from Aug. 2005 and the poor woman, Erin, was sick with worry because she sacrificed her son’s education fund to make this work when lo and behold – there at the end of the episode, you were. Suddenly I felt the kick start of brain cells and started putting two and two together and realized that the little guy (whom we were commenting was sooo cute) was THE Hank, your little nephew.
    So how’s your sister’s restaurant doing anyway?

  110. Congratulations! Of course you won … and I hope you kick ass in a big way – how dare someone diss knitting blogs! My husband got very short shrift for calling Ravelry a “minority networking site” recently!

  111. Best!
    Because I am wearing (I say…wearing!) my third (yes, third!) pair of handknit socks, dear friend, because of you. You don’t even know me, but you’re my friend for life.
    I bought Knitting Rules because I couldn’t put it down at my fav Borders store…and people were beginning to wonder about me. *grin*
    That third pair was knitted according to your general recipe. Now I am looking at my fourth pair on the needles and had to tell you how much I appreciate your books and your blog. Thank you! You deserve winning it all.

  112. Congrats! And a question— Did you knit one sock ribbing on wood, and the other on metal??? I have awful guage differences between wood and metal……any tips? (well- aside from changing needle size, that, I know…;)

  113. For survival of a business mistake and meltdown, all hail. Usually those *do* resemble a bunch of teens angsting about something. But the sock is finished, and it’s beautiful! So is the snowy park at night. (Ahh, memories…of hitting the bump halfway down Suicide Hill in Pier Park, and flying into the air. For brief moments.) Congrats and wine on the win; yay, Stephanie!
    Good hunting on the competitive front. πŸ˜‰

  114. Steph, CONGRATS!!! and of course you will win the other categories… and you are already a good person! Could a bad person– I mean really now— knie so many beautiful things?!!! BTW, sometimes people do deserve to be squashed like bugs!

  115. Congratulations on the Best Activities Blog Award and good luck with Best Blog!
    How does “Canada Intends to Knit” sound? I’ve started a little campaign to have the CBC Radio program, Sounds Like Canada, host a segment called “Canada Intends of Knit” this summer. Perhaps you remember, one summer in the not too distant past when Jian Gomeshi hosted SLC in the summer and had time devoted to Canada Intends to Read? Why not “Canada Intends to Knit?”
    I figured I should mention it because, well, Stephanie is in my proposal as the fantastic and entertaining panel guest!
    Please check it out http://beautylovepleasure.blogspot.com/

  116. well, I finally bit the bullet and bought the grape socks, in the wine colour way (purple socks)… I am looking forward to doing them after I finish the Dale baby dress with ducks that I am working on for a friend due March 1. Hope you win the blog awards. I have voted. I have the worst cold I’ve had in 10 years, and so instead of working with mothers and babies as an LC today, I am home knitting, doing new business cards for my LC business, and buying books and calendars on Amazon. I just bought your new book and calendar, as a preorder! I have great faith in you. I cannot wait to start the little leaves on the socks. You inspire me Steph. Be well, and blessings to you. Kathleeen, your fellow LC, and knitter/spinner. http://www.kbbspin.org

  117. If you think the movie of Moreau is bad, you should see the stage play. It’s possibly the most terrible thing I’ve ever seen.
    Back to the house of pain!

  118. I confess, on reading that remark I wanted to kick him/her in the head. And far from being The Harlot, I’m just a fan. Better person? Nah, we love you just the way you are.
    Best damned blog I ever read!

  119. I’ve neither seen nor read Dr. Moreau, but every time I read Nicholas and Alexandra or see a movie about the end of the Romanov Dynasty in pre-soviet Russia, I always hope for a different ending and end up all depressed because it ended that way. I’m the eternal optimist hoping for a more romantic ending.

  120. So, best activities..does that make you the Julie (activities director of the Love Boat)of the blogosphere? Congrats!
    My real question is….where’s the grey sweater in progress?

  121. Totally unrelated to your post (but nice socks)… I just have to share with SOMEONE. I AM GOING TO SOCK CAMP!!!!!
    Aaron and I figure screw worrying about IVF/pregnancy/whatever (doubt you remember that quick conversation we had at Rhinebeck when you asked if I was going this year) – I want to go so badly that we’ll just deal with whatever life throws in the way, but I’ll be at sock camp whooping it up. Care to share a beer?

  122. Oh boy. I can really relate with the whole winter blues. I guess that I’m pretty sick today,so this might explain why I’m so emotional, but when I was watching the weather forecast this morning and saw that it was going to snow in Montreal tomorrow, I started crying. I told my boyfriend that I couldn’t take another winter. I named every other warm place in the world that we could live in. I’m so tired of wearing heavy boots and jackets and losing mittens. Now that I’m sitting in a coffee shop drinking tea and eating soup though, it all seems more livable with, for now. But I’m definitely staying in bed tomorrow!

  123. Well done you. BTW I did the very same on dearies socks I knitted him for Chrimbo….only being a lazy cow and as I only finished them at 11pm on Christmas Eve…… I just wrapped them up. Has he noticed?
    But every time I see them they bug the pants off me, so I won’t be doing that again!!!
    Love the blog, been reading it for 2 years and we Scottish Knitters/Cornish have the same ups and downs, only with less Snow, and 2 boys rather than 3 girls!
    Keep it up girl.

  124. I am so fighting the impulse to call Canadian Tire and have someone bring you over a toboggan right now, you know, for a victory run. Congrats.

  125. I would like to share some words that I found on A Dress A Day blog – go there if you have an interest in vintage patterns and or fashion – wherein hostess Erin shares her wisdom about having a hobby. She’s talking about sewing, but I think it applys to any, hmmmm, dare I say, errr, “obsession”?
    “Sewing is no longer something people need to do to survive on the frontier [if you ARE on the frontier, pls ignore this part]; it’s a FUN HOBBY. Vigorously expunge the parts that aren’t fun. So you screwed up. So what? Bury the evidence, deny, deny, deny, and move ON.”
    I especially like the part about “Deny, deny, deny” What sweater?

  126. Congrats on first place!!!!!
    Hum, toboggan + hydro pole = 22 stitches on head.
    Naw…you don’t want to toboggan!

  127. The guy who said a knitting blog should read these comments and get over the jealously that your page gets more hits than his!

  128. I’ve been wondering what the socks would look like when done, and now with all the lovely leaves, they’re a stitch!

  129. 2.75mm dpns 18 inches long were used to knit guernsey sweaters, using a knitting sheath to hold one needle steady. Since those were the standard needles, they were also used for hats, socks, and gloves.

  130. I’d say wanting to squash the competition is a natural reaction, especially after knitting so many little leaves and re-knitting fiddly bits of amazing socks. As long as you don’t find yourself cackling and shouting, “I’ll show them. I’LL SHOW THEM ALL! AHAHHAHAAH!” at random moments, you’ll be fine. πŸ˜‰
    Also–bad as the Dr. Moreau may be, I’ve been told that you can’t sneeze at a little David Thewlis. (I’m inclined to agree, although I haven’t seen the movie.)
    Looking forward to seeing how those socks come out!

  131. You finally did it… you got me out of years of lurk-dom. WELCOME to my world! The world of ripout. Not to distract from your lovely entry, (which I only got to the ripout part – at which point, I am here, commenting!!!) The world of ripping out is really quite a paradox, isn’t it? you have the fun of knitting…yup…..you have the fun of perfecting your craft because you ‘get-to’ re-knit….you get to multi-task away, and be totally distracted from what you are trying to accomplish-oh yeah!! …. and you get to get frustrated because you want to be finished with that and move on. I tell ya.
    Thanks for fessing up and drawing me out of the closet. uh-hem. (I know, I know – you always fess up…the mood just hit me right this time.)

  132. I think your snarkiness over knitting dismissal (always a hard one to take) is forgivable in that you may have overextended your buddha-like serenity on the aformentioned book drama. It is always a pleasure to read your writing.

  133. I have crippling snow envy, and I hate that DC has decided February should include temps in the way-too-warm-60s. Sigh. If you all in Canada can spare some snow, it would make me very happy. I’ll pay for postage and everything.

  134. Stephanie, I just finished “Yarn Harlot, secrets of a knitter.” I bought it for a young gal that I work with who just taught herself how to knit, and I wanted to encourage her. Before I gave it to her, I flipped through the pages, then started reading the book from the beginning. I kept telling her I was going to give it to her, giving her bits of the stories about the squirrel, the brain surgeon, etc., to keep her interest up… So, I finally gave it to her today. I’m sure she’ll love it as much as I did. Confession: I do not knit. I tried–I love the look of hand-knit things, I guess it just wasn’t my bag–I quilt and other things. Anyway, you are a riot. I was happy to find your website, because I didn’t want the book to end, and now I see that your blogs are just a continuation of your book and your life. Keep up the good work in making people laugh while life around them is chaotic!

  135. Hi Stephanie,
    I have never posted before, but had to comment about someone dissing your work; in the electronic world as in the real world, there are some people with NO inner filter on their thoughts, everything they think just comes falling out of their mouths. They can’t help it, their brains have actual leaks! They are like an evolutionary aberration. So of course, they don’t usually come across as being too intelligent, since everything is always leaking out of their brain. The problem is, most of them think that they must state and make clear their opinion about EVERYTHING! and that the rest of the world is waiting to have an opinion based on what they think. I have run into several of these kind in my life. Gee come to think of it, I think I gave birth to one of these, of course the defective trait was certainly inherited from her father not me!! HA. (he tends to prove this theory daily!) And I learned that no amount of motherly guidance can totally correct this. She has been able to LEARN the art of discretion with other people just not consistently with close family members. But there are others out there that never develop even that far. I just enjoy feeling superior in the fact that they probably aren’t as EVOLVED as the rest of us. But I wouldn’t dare say that out loud, it would disprove my reason for feeling superior! HA!!!! Absolutely love the socks and your blog!

  136. Dear Stephaine,
    Some people look at a Salvador Dali, Pollack, or … (enter your choice of artist) and say “that’s ugly…who in their right mind thinks that’s art?”
    I guess chalk up the “ugly” comment to a person who is uneducated/rude/not open to explore an appreciation for the “differences” of life.
    Those socks are fabulous! Not only in looks, but in appreciation for the artistry and skill it takes to make these wonderful creations! I wish I had just plain old socks down – let alone the skill to create something as unique as these!
    As you already know, people “speak” before they think – and unfortunately as a society we continue to be more and more rude to each other. (My Mama always taught me if you couldn’t say something nice about or to someone, then don’t say anything at all)
    This is the first time I’ve ever written to you – but I felt moved to tell you I for one (and I’m sure I’m in the majority) LOVED the socks and all of the other wonderful creations you share with us!
    Celebrating creativity!

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