Random Tuesday

1. I think the time change thing sucks and I don’t care who knows it.  Making dinner in the pitch dark makes me feel like I’m running behind and I squandered a day.  No amount of looking at the clock seems to convince me otherwise.

2. One thing about going to SOAR and then coming back (no matter when) is that there was buckets of knitting time embedded in the travel. I churned out a pair of big mens socks:

Austerman Step yarn, lost ball band, don’t know the colourway.  My standard sock pattern, 2.25mm needles.

3. Damn.  The 2 on my keyboard is funky.

4. They don’t fit Joe.  That really bummed him out, but pleased me to no end because I wasn’t making them for him.  He tried them on anyway.

5. That yarn is 75%wool, 25% nylon and is treated with Aloe Vera and Jojoba Oil that the manufacturer says stays in for 40 washes.

6. I can’t tell it’s in there at all, so I don’t know what to say about that.

7. I forgot how much I really like knitting up the machine printed yarns like this that do repeatable stripes or patterns. It indulges my complete love of hand knit socks that are identical, rather than fraternal twins. 

9. Not that I don’t love fraternal twin socks. 

Yarn, STR lightweight, colourway called "I don’t know because I stole it off Tina’s desk because I didn’t bring enough yarn to SOAR and I was worried I would run out of knitting on the way there" (Maybe petroglyphs?  Not my job to know.  Just the yarn thief.)

10.  I think she likes it when I steal her yarn, or she wouldn’t leave it right there. She knows how I am.

11.  Is that blaming the victim?

12. The knitting that I finished so that I was forced into a life of crime was another Pretty Thing, this time in the stunningly beautiful laceweight Louet Mooi.  It’s a  bamboo/bison/cashmere blend, soft as anything…

and the only thing it doesn’t have going for it is the price – which is to say that it is priced exactly like high quality exotic yarn should be… which is so say that it’s expensive.  Fair.. but fair still doesn’t put it in the budget a lot of the time.

13. My favourite thing about the Mooi is that the the bamboo makes it shiny, the cashmere makes it soft and the bison gives it a pretty halo, but the halo isn’t light, like the fuzz is with mohair, it’s dark.  It’s like a reverse halo. (Wait, would a reverse halo go in instead of out? Maybe I don’t mean reverse. I mean… well.  I mean dark.  The halo is dark.  Holy cow.  Pass the coffee.)

I don’t know if you can see it in that picture, but it’s really neat.

14.  I still have to weigh the leftovers and the cowl to make sure, but I am pretty darned convinced that it took quite a bit less than half a skein.

15. I think Megan at Lettuce Knit is going to kit this up, Pretty Thing pattern and half skein of Mooi, which would be really cool, because it would mean that you wouldn’t have to buy a full skein of an expensive yarn to make it, which would mean that you could stop tossing around that plan you have to sell a toddler for yarn money.  That’s just wrong. An understandably natural response to this yarn,  but wrong anyway.

16. I can’t be sure she’s going to do that.

17. I can’t find my scale, which would help a lot.

18. I actually can’t find anything around this house right now.  It’s pretty trashed.

19. I have developed a theory that I interrupted a system that Joe and the girls are running.  That I leave the house for a trip and they immediately begin to live like pig royalty.  They don’t clean anything, they eat all sorts of things that are bad for them (there is substantial evidence to support the conclusion that they have largely pancake based diet while I’m away.)  They do insane and wild things like put the spoons in the fork slot of the cutlery tray and they are reckless to the point of using THREE towels per bath.  (That’s just obscene.) There is illicit ice cream eating – people leave their garbage around,  nobody recharges the phone.. they pull out all the stops.  Then, when there is 24 hours left before I return, they wig out, pull together and restore the house to its regular level of filth and disorder before I come home.

20.  I think that by coming home early, they did not have time to disguise their ways, and I caught them in the midst of their defiling.

21. They deny it.

166 thoughts on “Random Tuesday

  1. But Wait! What about the FURNACE. Do you have heat? Are you cozy and warm again? Inquiring minds need to know.

  2. You are so funny, you made my day. Plus socks! and the cool cowl! Thanks! It is too dark,I agree. Pig royalty! Ha, I love it.

  3. Pretty Thing in cashmere? I may have to call Megan.
    The rest sounds like a completely normal household to me….. :^)

  4. The newest Pretty Thing is gorgeous and your lists amuse me to no end. I love them for some unknown reason. When I was younger and my dad was away on work, my mom and I made pancakes. Now she does that for her and their dog when my dad has meetings at night. They love it!

  5. I hope your reason for coming home from SOAR early has resolved itself to your satisfaction. That no one was hurt or sick, and if grounding was required it is a good long time for the inconvenience of leaving SOAR. Also convenient that the men’s socks didn’t fit the man they weren’t intended for.

  6. Everything looks fabulous and I love your random thoughts though a bit curious as to what happen to thought number 8?

  7. You said: I think the time change thing sucks and I don’t care who knows it. Making dinner in the pitch dark makes me feel like I’m running behind and I squandered a day. No amount of looking at the clock seems to convince me otherwise.
    I **completely** agree with this statement of fact! Both Hubby and I are wandering around saying “where did the day go?” Everyone I talked to says pretty much the same thing… this year the time shift is something out of a sci-fi movie.
    Can’t we start a movement to just leave daylight savings on permanently?? I know we have spent 1/2 our lives with the increasingly dark days but it t’aint natural!
    My theory is that Christmas is a HUGE distraction to divert our attention away from the freaky thing of less day light. Granted there is more knitting/ weaving time …..

  8. There should be laws against daylight savings time. Yes, I know, laws are what actually create it. But turning the clock backs marks the dividing line between happy denial of cold and sad dark admission of the sun ignoring us (practically) until spring. Sadness. I think the same bad behavior gnomes visit my house… even when I am still here. Oh well. Gorgeous cowl! Congrats!

  9. That mooi is muy bueno! Now I want bison (and I used to live in KS where buffalo STILL roam). My kids and DH do the pig royalty thing too… but do nothing to disquise it. Does is say more about me than them? Surely not. Time changes messes with me for weeks, not days. Cowl is beautiful in blue.

  10. you must be very calm after all that knitting. you don’t seem upset at all at catching them in the act of, well, being not-the-momma.

  11. Time change is a pain for everyone in our house, especially the dog, the most important events in the day are now an hour late! Breakfast, morning walk, noon pee, afternoow walk and SUPPER! ‘Whats up with this’ he keeps asking…we should move to Saskatchewan..
    But I got an extra hour Sunday morning just for knitting!

  12. OMG, I *detest* finding spoons out of place! I mean, the slot is SPOON-SHAPED for a reason people!!! ARGH!
    ::heads off in search of an online Mooi pusher–I mean retailer… ::

  13. Hah–so funny about Joe and the girls. When I was a teenager, my mother let all the neighborhood kids hang out at our house after school (she only worked 15 minutes a day and of all the other parents around, this was the best option in her eyes). Her only rule was that the house better be clean when she got home. Every day, she would call when she left her office and a pack of 15 year old girls would go into full Merry Maid mode and clean the house from top to bottom.
    Looking back, I think it may have been the most brilliant thing she’s ever pulled off.

  14. I too am still recovering from the time change. But I just call this “real” time, or almost real. Where we live on the far west side of the Eastern time zone, the sun still isn’t overhead till about 1pm or later.
    I much prefer the sun in the morning when going to work, and don’t mind the dark later.
    Hmmm. Maybe that’s because the bedrooms are on the west and kitchen and living room windows are on the east where I can see them.
    Love the knitting.
    And I do think you have something there with that theory. I thnk my family indulges in much the same, only on a daily basis.

  15. I hate Daylight Savings Time for many reasons, the primary one of which is that my toddler (and my dog) just DO NOT GET IT. They keep waking up at 5A and barking for their breakfast. (Well, the dog barks. The kid whines. Potato/potahto.)

  16. Yes, driving home from work in the dark is a drag. At least there’s been a full moon this week.
    The house=trashing thing? My daughter has perfected the technique. Halloween candy wrappers under the furniture? What’s wrong with that, mom? The bad thing is I don’t even need to leave the house for it to happen.

  17. Love the new Pretty Thing. And am pleased to see it in Mooi. I just broke down and spent Aidan’s inheritance to purchase a skein myself. My favorite thing about it? It’s the nickname of our puppy, Matilda.

  18. Aah, the flipside of #1 is that my 12 year old is walking to his school bus stop at the corner in daylight rather than darkness. I’m thrilled.

  19. I always feel really sleepy when Standard Time rolls around. I think I was meant to hibernate.

  20. I went digging through my stash to find a treasured yarn for another project and while I was searching I found a gorgeous ball of “Heavenly Alpaca Golden Crown Suri” that really should be X rated it is so soft. The Pretty Thing is its destiny. I am not allowed to start it until I finish the project on my needles – so watch me stay up all night tonight to finish just so I can start knitting something new.

  21. When I come home from travel which has required the boys and Steve to be here unsupervised, it’s like walking into a locker room full of hockey goalies and their gear – neither of which has been aired for weeks. And they’ve eaten a lot of take out.

  22. Have you ever read the children’s book “Piggybook”, by Anthony Browne? It’s about a family with two children, and the mother does aaaaall the work. She leaves at one point for some rest, and you get to watch as the husband and sons transform into pigs! Even the wallpaper becomes little piggies. When she comes back they begin to help out with chores. It’s a book I remember my mother reading to me as a child. Perhaps there was a message?

  23. So, Saskatchewan has no Daylight Savings Time. Not for some people’s lack of trying. The rest of us are of the opinion that changing the clocks doesn’t make the day longer. It is just a figment of your imagination.
    Anyway, my point is that you should move to Saskatchewan. We have yarn, knitters, loads of winter to enjoy said yarn and knitting and the products thereof, and we don’t change our clocks. Although you may still be making your supper in the dark, at least it will be the same time of day as it has been all year round.
    The Mooi is beautiful and now it is all your fault that I must have some. My husband will be so disappointed in you. 😉

  24. I see the dark halo. It might mean that the bison does not take the dye or is already too dark to dye any lighter.
    I am about to dye some cashmere to spin and then knit up your cowl. This will be a reward for getting umpteen backed up things done and one project completed.

  25. Between work and NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month – http://www.nanowrimo.org – check it!), I don’t have much knitting time right now, but when I do knit, I’m working on a Pretty Thing myself, in laceweight (Knit Picks Gloss). It’s my first lace thing ever. Thank you for a non-overwhelming lace pattern! It’s fun! 😀 You RAWK! 😀

  26. I suppose the only thing worse would be to come home to week-old pizza boxes on the coffee table. A Meat Lover’s Special, in all it’s unfriendly vegan-ness.
    I can only hope you see the humor, and don’t start smelling anyone’s breath.

  27. My husband does that too. Then tries to convince me that I left it that messy because of the whirlwind I caused while packing. I firmly deny this.

  28. Nope, spoons don’t belong in the fork slot. Nor do the plated spoons belong in the sterling container. And measuring cups must be in piles of 4 graduated sizes. In spite of the clutter that is my house, I share your sense of order. As for Daylight Savings Time, I’d just as soon keep regular time all year–and I am no longer a morning person. In the early ’80s they changed Alaska’s time zones so that on Standard Time, the sun is at the zenith at 1:00 pm; Daylight Savings is really skewed. My body has never recovered.

  29. Glad to hear from you again. I miss it when you don’t post, although I totally understand. Mooi sounds LOVELY. In Dutch, it means NICE!

  30. I have some buffalo fiber that a lovely Canadian mailed me – looks like I should spin it up and ply it to some colourmart cashmere. that has got to be mighty soft and lovely enough for your beautiful cowl pattern.
    What about heat? Hope you have some and that the family is all safe and well.

  31. Mooi has no halo. It has an aura. A very strong and lovely aura. I enjoy! I’m hoping the resumption of posting indicates that all dire emergencies are under control. How’s the furnace? Are all holes in the house filled in? Here’s hopin’!

  32. If you develop a strategy to cope with #19, I’d love to here about it. It’s the same at my house except that I don’t leave often enough and they behave like that every day. I’m ready to throw in (just one) towel.
    p.s. Arizona? No time change (and still 90 F, which is a bit obscene). Just sayin’.

  33. I think that #9-11 comes under the heading of “victimless crime”. Tina does indeed have to know how you are and it will not hurt Blue Moons biz to have any number of us looking on their website for said colorway. We know how we are too;-)
    Re: Joe and the girls – it is much the same in my house (teenagers and husband here too) save this one thing – mine make no attempt to clean up anything. I have come to this conclusion after many hypotheses: they like to hear me shriek.

  34. Yes, the time changes sucks, not least because I’ve never figured out how to change the clock in my car, so I’m into 6 months of having the car clock wrong by an hour. It can be heart-stopping until you get used to it. I won’t be at Lettuce Knit until November 14th, but I’ll be looking for some expensive yarns to indulge in. I’m glad to see that you’ve recovered your usual aplomb!!! Cheers and red wine, Hazel.

  35. Since returning home from Sock Summit, I’ve been waiting for a time that’s not insanely crazy in your corner of the world to ask you this. It’s been weeks and that moment never arrives. So, here’s my question: Will there ever be a DVD available for purchase of the Luminary Panel discussion from SS09? I choked up several times listening to the women on the panel and have wished over & over that my 22 year old art student daughter and her friends would have the opportunity to hear the thoughtful, experienced answers to the questions posed. Inspiration is a rare commodity. We should share with those who will hear. Thank you. PS- Sock Summit was the highlight of my year. No wait, make that, my 40’s. (PPS: I’m 48)

  36. OK, I’m just gonna ask once, and in a little tiny voice, that you are free to ignore if you so choose:
    Are we ever gonna find out about what happened with the rediscovery of the Tiny Blue Baby, and, um, are you re-furnaced?

  37. Oh, and one more thing:
    “Mooi” means “beautiful” in Dutch. And it’s pronounced “MOY” (rhymes with BOY) not “MOO EE”.
    That Pretty Thing is definitely mooi in more ways than one….

  38. I thought day light savings time occurred in the summer months, and that we are now on regular time. I am confused. I hate how long the summer version of this time system runs. I like everything to be an hour later, as it is now. Getting up that hour earlier in the summer months is a real bummer. However, it is so hot here, that an hour extra during the morning is helpful. I just like to get up later.

  39. The cowl is lovely. Other than the halo how does buffalo compare to say, strait cashmere? I’ve been thinking of picking some up, but I’d love some insight before such a splurge.
    I totally concur on the time change, as a full time bike commuter, it now means I am riding home in the dark dark, rather than just the twilight.

  40. You put #19 in there like it’s a bad thing. If a system works, baby, don’t fight it. I’ve got some angora fiber and some camel fiber that I’ve been wondering about combining to spin. This might be the project to shoot for. In fact, I may also have some white bamboo that I could add into it. Wouldn’t get the reverse halo but it would have all the same characteristics as above. That’s a thought… I’m going to the stash.

  41. Um, sorry to point this out, but what is #8?
    Self-Striping socks are soothing, they lull my fingers into thinking they can accomplish anything.

  42. Well, at least they clean up before you get home. I feel like my DH leaves the house a wreck to punish me for leaving him with all the work. Which cracks me up because when he is out of the house….it stays clean….it isn’t the kids who make the mess.

  43. I knitted my husband a pair of socks out of that same yarn a few years ago. (Well he was merely a boyfriend then. Lucky boyfriend!) I also have a pair for myself in another colorway. Really, the aloe and jojoba thing is a nice thought but you’d never know it’s there. While I was knitting them, if I looked verrry closely at the spot on my index finger where the yarn comes over, I could see a slightly shiny spot. So maybe all of the good stuff wore off on my finger. At least the socks are wearing very well!

  44. LOVE LOVE LOVE the pretty thing – there is definitely one in my future! Socks are beautiful too – glad to have a post. LOL – I a jealous – they at least return it to the usual level. When I get home (not sure who is the culprit but it is just me and my husband who lives here) there has been no effort to do any clean up whatsoever – doesn’t make for a smooth homecoming to say the least!

  45. Holy jeez, you weren’t kidding about it being expensive, and I have a pretty generous yarn budget. Maybe that’ll be my reward for knitting down the stash a little =0

  46. Crisis averted? Resolved? Standing by for its own blog post? Hope all is well.
    And all those socks! Something to be said for travel knitting.
    The Pretty Thing sure is pretty. I wish liked to wear cowls, but I hate pulling things over my head if I don’t have to (no half-zip jackets or sweaters for me!). I suppose a scarf version would take a Fort Knox’s worth of yarn – not to mention figuring out how to make all those lacy bits when knitting back and forth. Guess I will just have to admire yours. Sure is pretty!

  47. 1. Irena is now 11 and can make pancake dinner for herself, which she is doing tonight. I’ll add celery sticks and call it a well-balanced meal.
    2. I thought you were going to tell us a horrible tale of H1N1 hitting your family and you swooping in to save them (which is one of the only reasons I could imagine leaving SOAR). I hope everyone is fine.
    3. I’m working on Pretty Thing right now in some Barbara Parry/Foxfire filigree wool-silk that is soft and lovely, and will not be a gift. It is a great pattern. Thanks!

  48. I understood the reverse halo until you tried to explain it. Maybe because I’ve used bison but the writing teacher in me says that sometimes less is more.

  49. I hate to ask again, but I’m veeeerrrry curious about Blue Tiny Baby’s reunion with her owner! And how is furnace war going? I’ve been offline with the worst move ever. I’m back! And curious!

  50. I try never to come home without notice, for just that reason. With a husband, three sons, and three dogs, cleaning is pretty much a full time job for one experienced neat freak. Since I am the only person in the family who fits those qualifications, I try to let them know enough in advance that they have time to clean…or call in HazMat.

  51. Um… try just breathing for a few minutes. Nice, slow, deep breaths. It will help.

  52. #s 19 & 20 are my favorites! “a largely pancake based diet” & “put the spoons in the fork slot ” Aaaack! I’m so sorry, but I love it! Totally made my day!

  53. I would LOVE a Pretty Thing kit. I’ve bought only US$20 of yarn since SS09, so I could justify a little splurge. My birthday is this month anyway!
    So glad you’re back up and running — thinking about you!

  54. Lovely yarn but out of my budget this close to xmas 🙁 Have you seen Great Northern Yarns? Mink (sheared) and cashmere? Lovely too and about 1/2 the price.

  55. Yep, the time change sucks. Sucks sucks sucks.
    The stolen yarn socks are pretty darned cute.
    Three towels per bath? How…?

  56. A few days ago I went out to dinner with my husband, and at one point he asked, “So, did Stephanie Pearl-McPhee get her furnace problems straightened out?”

  57. So many things to comment upon but what strikes me the most are the pancakes. My girlfriend’s husband would travel to England each year, around Christmas time to visit his mother, she and her children would live like “pig royalty” and dine at 2 am on pancakes from Denny’s (always open coffee shop with barely decent food – are they in Canada?) in their near jammies (before this was a trend.) She looked forward to her “holiday” each and every year. See, Steph, you’re the source of order in all these peoples’ lives. Without you all hell breaks loose!

  58. p.s. to previous post — I couldn’t hear very well in the restaurant, and I have a niece named Stephanie, so I thought that’s who he was asking about — except that she has not had any furnace problems. Eventually I figured out that he was not talking about our niece but about the Yarn Harlot.

  59. 1. When I was around 11 we traveled across country – California to New York and into Canada and back. Every meal for me was pancakes with butter and sugar – no syrup. Still to this day (ummmmm48 years later,) I love em!
    2. Did the cat fall into a hole while you were gone?
    3. Sorry, I’m opposite. Love the time change as I get up long before the sun and love to watch it as the day starts. Once it gets dark, my eyelids follow suite, and it is time for bed.
    4. My cat is ALL discombuberated. Treats for her are 10 am, 2pm, dinner and bed time. She looks at the clock and can’t figure out why her stomach is an hour early. She is NOT a happy camper!
    5. Definitely will have to look into the Mooi. Too pretty for words!

  60. It’s a very valid theory. That’s exactly what my sister and I would do as teens whenever my parents went away for the weekend. Things would degenerate until an hour or two before my parents said they would be back on Sunday, then we’d go on a cleaning blitz. The trouble was, my parents had a bad habit of getting home early, so we’d get in trouble for trashing the place, while being annoyed that if they’d just been home when they SAID they would, order would have been restored and everyone would be happy. What parents don’t know can’t hurt them… 😉

  61. I too love the Mooi but haven’t taken the step to buying it yet. Still in the fondling and holding it up to the light stage. That reverse halo of which you speak is one of the best things about it! It reminds me of certian kinds of taffeta or jaquard that do that…so riche!

  62. Does a “largely pancake based diet” include Bisquick’s Impossible pies? Because there were a few years when the kids were learning to cook that we had those every week in just about every permutation possible on the planet. And everyone survived and even thrived.
    Very Pretty Thing! Poor Joe, no socks for him. Love the stolen yarn socks too.

  63. I love the randomness! I halfway agree with the time change-I like it to be light when I go to work (accomplished by the time change), but I also like it to be light when I leave work (effectively abolished by the time change).
    I love your colorway name btw. Sounds perfectly legal to me. You didn’t steal it, you re-directed it to the intended project.

  64. Re: #6. I have made three pairs of socks with this yarn, and while I may not notice the aloe, I love the socks.

  65. I like the time change because I don’t wake up until it starts getting light, so every fall I start coming in to work later and later until my boss starts to lose patience, and then finally the time changes and all is peaceful again.
    Furnace update? Do you have a beautiful new piece of machinery down there in the basement to post a picture of?

  66. The Austermann is colorway 06 – I knit my first pair of socks from that yarn/color. Wearing well after quite a few washes and even some inadvertent machine drying …

  67. I think I love your random posts a lot. Probably cause it’s sort of how I tend to think.
    By the way, I’m guessing now’s not a good time to ask how the gansey’s spinning’s going, huh?

  68. Yeah but this is what the time SHOULD be. DST ended. Spring is when it gets all messed up and it’s daylight at 9:30

  69. Is it plausible deniability? I must say that I can sympathize with them. Once when my husband was on a business trip, I ordered a pizza which lasted my stepson and I two days. On the third day after getting home from work, I asked my stepson what he’d like for dinner. He said, “Can we have pizza?” and I said, “What the heck!”, ordered another pizza and it lasted two days. When my husband came home on the fifth day, he saw the two large pizza boxes, laughed and suggested we have something other than pizza for dinner that night.

  70. Today, I’m making a Pretty Thing from an Etsy recycled Alpaca and it’s so beautiful! But the best part: enjoying knitting the pattern. It is perfect! I want to make it again… and again… and again…
    Thank you for such a wonderful design.

  71. Ah, that’s our Harlot, back riding atop the chaos with her usual mad skills and verbal kung fu. Rock on, witty thing.

  72. I ALWAYS use 3 towels per bath. I have a thing about damp bath mats ewwww. One for stepping out onto, one for my hair and one for thhe rest.

  73. Maybe a dark halo is an umbra (plural umbrae)- or shadow such as cast by the moon on to the earth during a solar eclipse

  74. I live in Tokyo where Daylight Savings does not happen. Instead it naturally gets dark earlier and earlier little by little. It still leaves me wondering where the day went when it is dark at 4:30pm. Depressing. I’m not sure the culprit is Daylight Savings… knitting pretty things with soft and colourful yarn does help!

  75. I’ve asked Santa for some qiviut for Christmas. I think a Pretty Thing in qiviut would be enough to drive me right over the edge of knitting passion. I would have to wear it till I die, because if I ever took it off, my mother would grab it and go off the grid.
    I totally know what you mean about daylight saving time. It’s silly. My poor little dogs turn into vampire doggies every winter. They go outside before I leave for work and it’s dark. They go outside as soon as I come home and it’s dark again. Poor babies. Come the weekend, they stand outside in the sunshine, blinking and looking confused at why the world is so bright.

  76. Haven’t been leaving comments but still reading your blog. The randomness was just too good to pass up.
    Maybe you should change the blog title to Yarn Thief. 🙂 Love the cowl but Dubai does not have cowl-wearing weather. Maybe when we finally move to Edmonton….

  77. (Hoping I’m not repeating myself, I’m bad that way.) I was sure that that was Mooi! When I was so very ill last January, and sitting up, much less knitting, was a thing of the dark distant past while I waited for a hospital room to open up, Nathania, Sandi, and Kaye at Purlescence gifted me with TWO skeins of Mooi in that same color you’ve got there as a get-well card. They knew I couldn’t knit it, but they knew I needed something just then to keep looking forward to.
    Yeah. I get pretty emotional about that yarn. It is not just nice stuff. It is *powerful.*

  78. Yup. The whole time change thing stinks, and I also don’t care who knows that I feel that way!! As to the house when one is gone; I find it best not to dwell on the ‘what goes on’ part….I’ve gotten it down to only worrying about whether or not the pups got food and water regularly.

  79. Pig Royalty!!! just brings such tears of joy to my eyes!!! not to mention a great visual 🙂

  80. What gorgeous yarn. I would be on the kit list, for sure, and that blue just reels me in.
    I live in a place without Daylight Savings and I kind of miss it. I don’t miss the falling back, which I think is actually the real standard time? But I do miss the springing forward because it means more light at the end of the day. Right now, my day ends at 6:15 pretty much all year round.

  81. Here in the UK the clocks went back a week or so ago – the cat still hasn’t adjusted! Seriously – LOVE ‘pretty Thing’. Hope that the emergency wasn’t.

  82. I have knitted an almost identical pair of Austermann socks – and after many washes (in the machine) they are still as soft and look just as good as new!

  83. Your STR socks (the fraternal twins)… what is the pattern? They are beautiful! And I love the pretty thing cowl.

  84. When you said that the Mooi was expensive, I didn’t realise that it was THAT expensive! I think it’s a good job I haven’t felt this yarn, otherwise I would be looking to steal toddlers to sell (not having any of my own…)

  85. One of the advantages of being a relatively slow knitter with little spare time is that I can justify using expensive, luxury yarns and have plenty of time to save up for them!

  86. Yeah, that sock yarn was trashed on tequila and wearing a really slutty outfit. It was asking for it.

  87. Yeah, that sock yarn was trashed on tequila and wearing a really slutty outfit. It was asking for it.
    Plus, daylight savings time = crap. I feel like we live in the Arctic.

  88. I downloaded the Pretty Thing pattern when you posted it and LOVE it! Am in the middle of making things (for others) for Christmas and will save that for ME when I’m finished.
    I think I’m definitely in the minority – I love this time change. One of my sons who is a teacher and I celebrate every fall as we gain an hour and mourn in the spring when we lose it. Another son used to live in western Indiana and they never had a time change at all – wouldn’t mind that myself. I think I remember that the original reason for DST and changing twice a year was that the farmers needed more daylight to get the crops planted and harvested. Don’t know if they still need that or not.
    Also, LOVE the Mooi! Glad you’re back, Steph.

  89. Time change or not, winter sucks (cold, wet and dark…), and the time change means it IS here. I heard some swiss state declared no time change as one cannot “set back” the cows.
    But then again long evening can mean more knitting,eh?
    Lovely stuff, I love the color on the blue socks.

  90. I have the opposite problem with the time change. I live 20 miles from the far western edge of a time zone; hence, (Hey, I never get to use that word!) our standard time is practically daylight savings, making DST almost two hours off of nature’s time. Since I’m more of a morning person, I hate those early hours of darkness and going to work way before daylight. I’d be happy with standard time all year.
    Lovely cowl!

  91. Can I just say that I love your blog? LOVE your blog. So much so that I check it every single morning when I get to work.
    And, I love the time change because that means my children go to bed earlier, which moves me closer to my knitting time.

  92. I love the Austerman Step socks! I knit a pair in that colourway this summer while camping. I was trying to be less obsessive about matching socks though, so I didn’t make the stripes match up.

  93. Forks in the spoon slot!?! Uncalled for!
    I have to say, I knit something with Mooi and it’s totally worth trading out a toddler. Totally.

  94. Whatever. Ignore the denials. You know you’re right. Happens at my house, too, except the sole food group is macaroni and cheese.

  95. Love the picture of the “tried-on” socks being returned. Is there a subtle message there perhaps? haha

  96. I have a toddler that may be up for sale. She throws her milk on the floor every chance she gets, wakes up at 5:30 then wonders why she needs a nap at 8am. But she is adorable, so I should probably keep her until she, her sister, and Nick can get up to antics like your family. I’ll have to hold off on the Mooi, but I totally get what you mean about the dark halo (shadow?).

  97. The confluence of time change and fool (sorry, was that a subconscious typo?–full) moon was staggering.
    On a much happier note, Step has become my go to for man-socks. Regarding pancakes, I just saw that IHOP has gingerbread in their holiday lineup–not that we go, but gingerbread pancakes? Yum!

  98. Hate the time change. Didn’t realize it coincided with the full moon. Yikes – no wonder everythings gone to hell in a hand basket.

  99. Still adjusting to the time change too… Don’t have kids or husband to “trash” the house, as my boyfriend says I can do that all by myself. Of course, I disagree, as I’m not 15 years old anymore (am just 6 months younger than you!).
    Loved the Louet yarn, and checked out their website to see how expensive it is. Ouch. All I can say. Still, lovely to look at, and will trust you on how good it feels!

  100. Here’s a random observation: while watching one of the numerous news spots of folks queued up to get flu shots, lo & behold, I spotted a woman happily knitting while waiting her turn!

  101. You say exactly what I think about most things that are aggravating; I love it: Ditto!
    I get he same crap from my guy too.
    This year will be our 35th year, December.
    I love anything Louet; the price point keeps me back though. I am happy spinning.

  102. ‘… its regular level of filth and disorder …’ I love it! That’s about how my house is. One would think that because I am unemployed, my house would be immaculate and sparkling. One would be wrong.

  103. The Pretty Thing is exceptionally pretty. I love the way the Mooi works up (and would definitely sign up for a half skein of Mooi… a full skein is a bit much for my budget right now).

  104. I have to say I love falling back an hour. Did you miss the whole extra hour of sleep? And this year I found it was the gift that kept on giving b/c for a few nights in a row I went to bed on time but it was really early!!

  105. Oh my, but how you do keep me laughing.
    Most people would think that you have a vivid imagination.
    However, my days to run like your’s, I know your stories can and do happen (I had to lay down a law that each person gets one towel per week).
    Oh, and a thought just occurred to me. Since your family insists on living like pigs, why not just throw slop in a feeder (makes dinner much quicker this way, leaving more time for knitting and spinning), have them roll around on a pile of towels you keep on the floor, and call it a day.

  106. A brunette halo as compared to a blonde halo? Regardess, love that color and want to snuggle with that yarn. What furnace project when you have stolen yarn and bison yarn?

  107. I just spent from Oct 5th – 19th in the hospital.
    I left the house squeeky clean. There was only one lil husband piggy in the house.
    And Husband worked during this time too…
    So was my house clean when I got home? Surely one domestic short haired cat could not have wrecked the place by himself…ya think???

  108. Re: 19, 20 and 21. . . I have the same theory about my husband. Only he works from home. This means that he goes feral around 8:30 every day then tries to cover it up before I get home at 6:00 every night. He is frequently not successful. Like Joe and the girls, he denies everything. If only the cat could speak, we’d know the truth about the soda cans.

  109. Time Change = Insanity! I feel like I’m forever late for everything. I don’t get out of work until its been dark for quite some time already, and I feel myself starting to drive like a maniac because I feel like I’m soooooo late getting home! :O) (giggling) I have a feeling my husband has his friends over while I’m gone, and does EXACTLY what you said! And I know for a fact nothing gets picked up-cleaned up-put away until like three hours before I’m due back!! hee hee…

  110. Delurking to ask if anyone knows what pattern was used for the second pair of socks in the post?

  111. Do you catch them putting the clean mugs back in the cabinet open side up? Maybe they fix those too when they see you coming…

  112. I, too, hate reverting back to Standard Time. Monkeychild and her dad came home from the park around 5:30 p on Sunday (right after the change), and I said, okay, everyone to bed.
    I wasn’t joking.

  113. Also? Your Mooi matches *exactly* the (store-bought) cardigan and shell that I’m wearing today. Will you please send the pretty thing over so I can be oh-so-fabulous? Thankyouverymuch.

  114. I have to admit that when I was home with my oldest child (for a year), we did the slob thing on almost a daily basis. Right up until the day my husband came home at 4:00 and caught me washing up the kitchen from the night before. To my benefit, however, I was home with an infant and we played all day, no pancakes or ice cream.
    Love the yarns . . . and I might sell my toddler . . . although I don’t have one, would someone take my 15 year old? She is only slightly a princess but does have expensive habits.

  115. In the days when we still had Young Adult Children at home (son and daughter) they would be mightily offended if we came home from a trip a day early.
    That last day was ear-marked for an almighty clean up and shake up.
    The only exception was the 10 days I spent in hospital for a hysterectomy – the house was immaculate when I got home, and they maintained the high standard of helpfulness and domesticity until I hollered ‘enough’.

  116. Brilliant idea, selling a toddler for yarn money. Too bad I haven’t got one… must think of other way to get fast cash.

  117. Re: 18 & 19 – except for the fact that my children are male rather than female, our families could be clones. Even if I’m not really away and just working obscene hours, they live like pig royalty. The phone is never on the charger, the evidence of the food they have eaten is still on the counter or coffee table or stove, there are 17 beverage containers within view as soon as one steps in the door (for 3 people who were at work or school most of the day) – and they wonder how I know what they’ve done!
    All three of them routinely wonder why the clothes they put in the washer have not jumped from there into the dryer and thence folded themselves and landed in a laundry basket…I blame it on the fact that they’re all from Mars.

  118. What everyone who complains about the time change seems to forget is that this is the same time it would be if there was no daylight savings time…therefore, even if there was no time change, it would STILL be dark at dinnertime!!!

  119. ‘Pretty Thing’ indeed! And my step-brother, father, and I used to run around without calling or leaving notes or cleaning up or anything when my stepmom was gone. She’d arrive and the house would be clean and we’d know where we were and we’d be shiny-faced big-eyed angels.
    It’s tradition. It eases the pain of not having mom there, honest:-)

  120. That’s pretty much how I act when my husband’s out of town! Good thing he won’t be reading this. I wouldn’t want to confirm his suspicions…
    Love the cowl!

  121. Today’s page ( 11/11) on your “know when you knit too much” calendar talked about knitting socks for soldiers in past wars. While they probably don;t need socks anymore there is a need for lap rugs, hand knit with love , for disabled Veterans in our VA hospitals.

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