Just poking my head up to assure you all that I’m fine.  I sort of like the way that if the blog goes dark for a few days, the emails start coming to make sure I’m okay.  It makes me feel like if I’d ever fallen and couldn’t get up that I wouldn’t be eaten by my cat before my body was discovered.  (I know that realistically I would be found by my family long before that happened, but apparently I was really shaped by one bad episode of Law and Order. Note to self. Maybe not watch that show.)  All is well here, though I’m trying to power through family stuff to ready myself and them for some away/ teaching/ talking/ time

(Insert imaginary picture here, which would be a grand one were it possible to get it off my camera, which it isn’t because the cable that I deliberately put on my desk to make sure this never happened again is missing, which I’m sure is not the fault of anyone who lives here except me, because nobody who lives here is the sort of person who would ever, ever, ever touch another persons stuff.  Except maybe a lipstick. Or a book. Or mascara, or a black tank top, or that skirt.  Or a bag.  Never.)

I did finish my socks.  I did start more.  I did forgive myself for not finishing my January socks until February 2nd. Breaking a self imposed knitting rule is still not a federal offense, so I’m letting go. Tomorrow when there’s a photo assistant available I’ll take some pictures for you, and until then all I have time to say is that the Sleepy Hollow socks have a dead sexy heel turn and gusset increase/decrease  combo that I hope thrills you the way it did me. 

(Note: if you’re a non-knitter, don’t even try to understand that last sentence.)