Tour de Fleece

On a whim, last week I decided I’d play along with the Tour de Fleece.  I had fun doing it a few years ago and stashbusted a big chunk of my spinning fibre. Sadly, nature (or me) abhors a vacuum, and the stash is right back where it was.  The idea of the Tour is that you spin along with the cyclists in the Tour de France, beginning the spinning when they do (July 3rd) and finish when they do (July 25th).  Everybody has a different spinning challenge, and mine this time is (just like last time) a certain weight – 1400g to be precise.  (I think that’s around three pounds.)

By my calculations I thought that meant that I had to spin about 62g a day, and that seemed doable.  I was feeling pretty good about it, since before I left for Port Ludlow and the silk retreat on Tuesday I had already spun about 300g of some gorgeous Spinners Hill stuff from the depths of the stash.

(Don’t ask for details, the tag’s long gone.)
I was feeling really properly proud of myself, I mean, that’s a pretty good head start, and I know that over the three weeks of the challenge I’ve got a retreat to teach/manage and two travel days and lots of other stuff going on, but really… that was like… 75g a day and that put me huge ahead.  Huge.

I actually managed to feel smug before I remembered one thing.

Plying.  Whoops.  That’s going to throw off the daily count.  Pictures of the red yarn when it’s plied, and when I’m back home.

For now I’m making good time on some 226g of BFL. I have tons to do for the  retreat, and I’m a little behind, since time is really at a premium when you’ve got a crockpot of cocoons on the boil (the smell is really something) but it’s hard to complain that you only have a little time to spin when the view is so nice.

400 grams down… only 1000 to go, and just over two weeks to do it in.  Anybody else got a challenge?