I got up before the sun today, and so it happened that at 8:30, when the light was absolutely perfect, and the sun was shining, I was sufficiently caffeinated to be able to notice – and I went straight out the door, camera and shawl in hand.

Laminaria and I headed for the park, and I found a perfect spot to take pictures.

While I was taking pictures, the wind started to blow.  (It is very windy and grey now.  I absolutely got the best of the day.)

As I kept shooting, the wind pulled it free of the rail..

…and landed my shawl on the stone bridge.  I ran to pick it up,

but it looked so beautiful lying there that I couldn’t help myself.

I almost left it there, it looked that perfect.

Pattern: Laminaria, (I invented a size halfway between the scarf and shawl. It was easy, you could too.) Yarn: Silk Thread II (much less than one skein) Colour: Pondscum.