With Apologies

Dear Knitting,

I’d like to apologize for the way I’ve been treating you these last few days.   You’re a beautiful Laminaria shawl, and you’re really the prettiest green silk thread, and I feel badly about ignoring you.

I could see the way you were lurking at me while I was looking at the Margaret Stove book this morning, and I could tell that you were angry that I was ogling  other laceweights, but it’s not what you think.   It’s just that the shawls in there are all shiny and new and sort of exciting and it’s not that you’re not pretty or exciting, because you really are, and I love you a lot,  it’s just that our relationship is,   well… you’re sort of  ummm… mature, and I mean that in a good way.  Who really wants one of those floozy fancypants wedding ring shawls anyway.  They’re not even green.  You’re real and experienced and we know each other and I’m happy with what I’ve got here at home with you.

In any case, I was absolutely not thinking about actually knitting with those other shawls in that book and I know it sort of looked like I was looking at their charts, but I wasn’t.   I was just… reading it for the articles.