Stick a fork in me knitters, because I am done. Not done with the wrapping, not done with the cleaning, not done with the organizing, not done with the present making, and not done with the cooking…I’m also not done with the knitting, though there’s only a single sock left to do, although it’s a big one.

I am done, however, with the shopping and the shops and the crowds and crush of humanity, and that fills me with a glee that I can scarcely tell you of. There’s a lot left to do, but at least now it’s stuff that happens in the house. That’s a big relief. 

I was standing in a store this morning, looking at everything in my basket and running the mental checklist of everyone I want things for.  I was assembling a stocking for Joe in my head and I thought "Is that enough?"

The dictionary defines enough as "occurring in such quantity, quality, or scope as to fully meet demands, needs or expectations."  Clearly, since we live in a house, eat when we are hungry, drink when we are thirsty, put on clothes when we are cold… obviously we have enough.  Enough of everything.  Where does it come from then, that feeling I have when I stand in a shop, holding a gift in my hand and thinking "Is this enough?" or I bake a hundred cookies, and then stand there surveying the lot and wondering "Is that enough?"

If we’re defining enough as that definition above though- and thinking of fully meeting demands, needs or expectations – then I think I’m probably in a losing game.  Never mind my crazy ideas of a perfect Christmas or the expectations of others,  but what’s a gift but an attempt to show the recipient that you love or care for them, and if that’s what it is, am I ever going to be able to get them enough? Is there anything that I can put in Joe’s stocking to show him fully and completely how much I appreciate him being married to me?  Can I ever buy enough presents to convey the depth of my love?  There will never be enough.  Never, and this year we swore to opt out of the craziness.  Trying to get enough, buy enough, make enough, get enough done – because it doesn’t work anyway. It’s never enough, you could buy or make everything, and all that would happen is that afterwards there would be a big mess, a bunch of exhausted people- all of whom are broke – and everyone then would have too much, just because you were trying to fill something that’s a feeling with stuff. 

All of that occurred to me while I stood there, trying to buy Joe underpants for his stocking (It’s tradition) and wondering if it was enough.  As soon as I caught that- that I had started trying to convey my love with stuff… I left.  I declared it enough, and I came home. 

It is enough.  It is all enough. There are enough cookies, enough underpants, and enough food. Christmas is coming, and not only will there be enough, there will probably be too much.  I hit the re-set button on my sense of self and I did three things.  I made a donation to MSF, for people who actually don’t have enough, then I wrote someone a letter – letting them know that who they are in my life is simply enough- and fully meets my needs and expectations, and then I had a cup of tea.

It’s enough.  It’s all enough. I’m signing off now until after Christmas, because the one thing that I am sure of is that I don’t have enough of my kids, and my husband and my friends and my family and our time.  Thank you for being here this year, and I wish you and yours simply, enough. 

Happy Christmas, and Peace

356 thoughts on “Enough

  1. Thank you for putting it into words – perfectly. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours. Your blog is a bright spot in my day and I appreciate the thought, time and effort you put into it, so thank you again. 🙂

  2. Very well said. May you and yours be blessed with peace and happiness in the coming year! Thanks for being you and sharing yourself with us. Happy Holidays!

  3. Peace to you and your family.
    Merry Christmas and see you next year.
    Thank you for sharing with us.

  4. Lovely Just Lovely it was enough for me… If it is ok with you I would love to paste this in my kitchen for the next couple of days.. Thank You and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  5. Your post should be sent to every advertising agency in the world. You know, the ones who insists you HAVE to have whatever it is they’re trying to convince you is essential to your very existence, otherwise your Christmas will suck.
    Family. Friends. Peace. It’s all we really need.

  6. At some point the fat lady has to sing. You said enough to help me pull in the reins so I can sit down, enjoy the sunshine and knit.

  7. Merry Christmas to you and your family! Wishing “enough” joy and happiness to sustain you through the coming year. Cheers!

  8. I like your “enough”.
    My holiday is long since over, although we still get to exchange presents with cousins, who will visit next week (we only give gifts to the kids, because it’s *FUN*, and we only give to another adult if we happen to find something that “speaks” to us, and is a great joke). So, I’m entertaining myself, in between errands for an almost 19 yr old who just had her wisdom tooth (yep, only had one) out this morning.

  9. Thank you for a year of putting things in perspective — and for laughs when I needed them.
    I wish you, Joe and your lovely daughters all the best that 2011 has to offer.
    Merry Christmas!

  10. Merry Christmas to you – and thanks for the reminder that I already have enough. Getting more “stuff” will not improve anything!

  11. Thank you so much for this post. It is a great, and much-needed reminder as we barrel along toward the big day. 🙂 Have a wonderful holiday filled with family, friends, and love.

  12. Thank You …for you have always given MORE than enough to ‘the blog’. Now should be a time for Family & Friends. Peace and Blessings to you and yours and Merry Christmas to all.

  13. Happy Christmas, Stephanie. Thank you for bring so much joy and laughter into my life this year. Here’s every good wish for a New Year with “enough” for you and your family.

  14. Thanks for sharing, this is just what I needed to hear today! Merry Christmas, and enjoy your time with your family.

  15. This was quite an essay to read. Today. I needed this essay.
    Thank you.
    And, thank you for writing this blog. Always, not just today. It’s a lovely place to head when things are not perfect. When everyone around me is demanding more. More time, more attention, more…whatever.
    Happy Holidays to you and your family. And thank them for sharing you with us.

  16. Thank you for saying exactly what I feel! Looking forward to Christmas, not for the presents, but, for the family get-togethers. Realized this year through the deaths of several family members that our family and friends are more important than a gift or a thing.

  17. Here Here! We opted out on gift giving, this will be our second year at it and can I just say how wonderfully relaxing our christmas has been. We no longer are broke from buying people things they don’t really want or need and we get to enjoy being together.Totally worth it!

  18. You’re wise beyond belief. Merry Christmas to you & your family too. Thanks for sharing them & yourself with us this past year. Best wishes for a great 2011.

  19. Thank you for your eloquence. We not only have enough – we have abundance – which is even more than enough. And thank you for testifying to the action that you took to express your compassion and love. Merry Christmas – ps – you give me more than chuckles and things to think about all year – you give me an abundance.

  20. Perfectly said!
    I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! And, also, THANK YOU for writing this blog. It is a highlight in my day.

  21. Well said, Stephanie. I hope that you and your family have a wonderful Christmas. And if you’ve had enough Christmas, you are welcome here for NetFlix and Chinese food.

  22. Thank you. Merry Christmas to you as well. Keep expectations low, and you’re seldom disappointed.

  23. Yippee! Hooray! Huzzah! That’s it you’ve said it all, nothing to add, that was enough!! Merry Christmas to you and yours and a Wonderful New Year!

  24. Hugs, and Merry Christmas to all.
    Hubs and I put a dollar ceiling on our gifts to each other this year. Once I hit that, I was done shopping, and that was weeks ago. Everything’s already wrapped,and we exchanged with our friends last week, so we’re all ready, except the cooking. No worries.

  25. Thanks for a simply beautiful post, Stephanie. You are of course wonderfully funny and we all love to read your humor writing, but your beautiful, heart-centered sensibility really keeps me coming back time and again. Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to you and your family.

  26. Merry Christmas! Your daily entries create a ’round the table’ knit session for us all.

  27. Today I found out that my husbands poorly heart is slowly repairing, the knowledge that this is improvement is enough.
    Today I received an appointment with the Geriatric Mental Health team about my mother’s worsening Alzheimer’s – they are there to help, that is enough.
    My daughter has made her house festive, warm and full of nice things, she’s baked mince pies for dozens; just so hubby and I can go and relax and she will do it all. That’s not just enough, that is perfection. Thank you Laura xxx xxx

  28. I wish everyone could read your post! I NEED nothing and WANT very little in the way of what can be purchased. I would so much prefer to share time and memories. I, too, made year-end donations and tried to think of the good that each organization does as I wrote checks. That seemed so much more in the spirit of giving than trying to buy the newest do-dad for kids who have piles of toys.
    Merry Christmas and Blessings in 2011. Now, I think I’ll have a cup of tea!

  29. Thanks for a simply beautiful post, Stephanie. You are of course wonderfully funny and we all love to read your humor writing, but your beautiful, heart-centered sensibility really keeps me coming back time and again. Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to you and your family.

  30. I sent the link to this post to my husband and my closest friends as it so abso-freakin-lutely a perfectly and wonderfully expressed sentiment. Thank you. I hope you have a magical holiday with your family and friends.

  31. This is a great reminder.
    It also reminds me of an episode of Big Bang Theory I watched recently (probably from an old season, CTV had been showing them nightly). In it Sheldon is worried about what to get for Penny because it should match teh value of what she gets him. So he buys several gifts of different value, planning to return the ones that he doesn’t use.
    Penny gives him a napkin from the restaurant where she works signed by Leonard Nimoy. She apologizes for the fact that he had used it and it wasn’t clean. Sheldon gives her all the gifts he bought. And apologizes that they aren’t enough.

  32. I love everything you wrote. Thank you for reminding us all of this. Merry Christmas! (Now off to finish knitting that last sock that I still have to finish as well…)

  33. Dear Stephanie,
    Thank you for giving so much of yourself to all of us throughout the year. What you share of your knitting and personal perspective is generous indeed. Have a wonderful Christmas – enjoy your time with family. Wendy

  34. I don’t comment much (okay only once before), but I adore your blog and read it regularly since I discovered it a few months ago. I’ve also read through some of the archives. I’ve spent a lot of Christmases obsessing about “enough” as well and had a very similar realization to you this year.
    Have a Merry Christmas and peace in this season of peace.

  35. Well said. Thank you for all you do for us.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family.

  36. Thank you. It is enough: enough good stories, advice, and especially laughs!
    Merry Christmas, and enjoy your time together.

  37. Thank you for your books and posting daily posts for us all to enjoy!! Hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

  38. There are only two presents under the tree this year. But that’s enough- my husband is alive and getting well. What more could we ask for? Thanks for supplying some smiles this year when I needed them. Merry Christmas!

  39. Thank you for that. Sincerely, thank you for your words and the time you put into this blog. I know it brightens my day at work, and I can only guess how many others as well.
    Have a wonderful holiday and enjoy yourself and your family. Peace to you!

  40. I’m absolutely sure that this isn’t a clever trick to stop me from asking about December’s socks. Or is — no, no, it couldn’t possibly be.
    Take a well-deserved break, sweetie. See you on the other side.

  41. Huzzah!! Well-spoken, Stephanie! And just what I needed to hear, because I am always wondering if it’s enough. And given what I have…yes, it’s more than enough. As is what I get to show my love, since that’s all it really is.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family!!
    (I’ve been meaning to ask but never get around to posting…did the sock club work out good for you this year? Did it reduce some of the knitting insanity for this Christmas?)

  42. Thanks. I have felt that all month and have purchased almost nothing. My husband and I are going to visit my 88 year old mother and my siblings in Ohio, and, frankly, that is enough. I will miss not having either of my children in Ohio, but both have jobs and have to work. And for the jobs I am grateful. I have had 25 years of having at least one of them home. There is nothing that I need. Please note that I am a Field Partner for KWB and that was $300 for 2010 and will be the same for 2011. And that really isn’t enough.

  43. Years ago we “cut back” and declared ENOUGH. The holidays have been much more enjoyable since. We have a roof over our head, plenty of food, and love enough to go around. We have children and grandchildren who are happy and healthy. We have enough and are enjoying it all. Merry Christmas to and all.

  44. Ditto!
    And I hope you explain the underpants in the stocking thing someday. That’s got to be a good story.

  45. Bless you and your family for the time you give us. Thanks you from the bottom of our hearts.

  46. Wonderfully said. This really resonated with me. This year I decided not to partake in the crazy. I love Christmas and really wanted to just sit back and try to enjoy it. I let my family know early that I wasn’t going to do gifts this year. I didn’t really have a big reason but after reading your post I really recognize that “need to fill” that I am constantly struggling with. This year I just wanted something different. Its not necessarily what I expected either but so far I feel pretty good.
    Merry Christmas! and Thank you for your wonderful words always.

  47. I have enough, too. But it never hurts to be reminded. It’s good to hear others are opting out of the craziness, too. Thank YOU for being here this year, and the best to you and all your family and friends.

  48. I am always trying to define “enough” myself. Sadly it always comes down to a list. But I have used the list technique to keep enough from becoming too much. Hence my stocking stuffing list which I believe dates to Victoran days. Something to eat, something to read, something to play with and something you need. Note that these things don’t always fit into the stocking but it gives a framework for limits. Thank you for your post and may I add my “AMEN” to the message there.

  49. Stephanie — I just want to say thanks for all of the writing you do. For sharing with us on your blog even though you’re a successful author now. You’ve always been so true to your readers, fellow knitters, online buds, and that’s so genuine. We all appreciate it so much.
    Merry Christmas to you and yours. I hope you have a peaceful holiday with lots and lots of family and friend time.

  50. “How much is enough?” is a question that I’ve thought about for years. Occasionally I’ll ask it to other people and I’ve found no one who has a confident answer initially. Thank you for your thoughtful perspective and Merry Christmas!

  51. Blessings to you and yours! Thank you for your humor and wisdom and for sharing yourself with so many of us out here in cyberville.

  52. Beautifullly said. Wishing your family a peaceful Christmas.
    I’ll be bringing my sheep sweet grain and apples on Christmas morning.
    PS Does that mean we all have enough yarn?

  53. Happy Christmas, peace and joy to you and your family. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself, it is a precious gift and we appreciate it.

  54. Thank you for this — and all you do! I know that whatever Santa and others leave under my tree, the best present I will receive this year is a note of appreciation that an aunt wrote in my Christmas card. A note can be more than enough. Happy Christmas to you and yours

  55. I have always said I didn’t want to be rich, I just wanted to have enough so I didn’t have to worry. (I grew up in a family that didn’t always have enough, and that worry is hard to shake.) This year we decided there was enough… enough to retire, to move closer to family, to just be. As you said, Steph…. it is enough. Merry Christmas.

  56. The Spirit of Christmas speaks. . .I’ve been running around all day like a chicken with 6 heads, frantic because there’s so much to do. And then a friend called, very tentative and worried about interrupting, because her car had died and she needed a ride home. I was so grateful to have something to do that really mattered!! And other things look much less oppressive now.
    Enjoy your celebrations and get plenty of rest, or at least renewal.

  57. T H A N K Y O U!!! I’ve been saying the same thing all season to myself. Have a restful holiday to you and your family.

  58. Happy Christmas to you and yours! Looking forwards to seeing the full sock club set if there’s a picture…

  59. This year the hubster and I realized we already have ENOUGH, so opted to set a very, very small spending limit on Christmas gifts for each other, and I must say it’s been a great success. It’s just as easy to give great gifts that cost very little as it is to spend a pile of money we may or may not have. As you said, it’s not the STUFF that matters, it’s the time we spend together, appreciating what we do have instead of worrying about adding more to the pile. (Although more yarn is always good, obviously.)
    I hope you and yours have a wonderfully merry Christmas and a lovely holiday time together!

  60. Happy Holidays (and I wish you luck on the wet present issue)!
    My husband and I went in on a single item for the two of us for Christmas, but even knowing that we bought our Christmas present in October I feel like I should get him something else. It’s a kind of uncomfortable feeling and makes me want to punt it all into a snowbank. Christmas isn’t about stuff after all.

  61. amen, amen, amen. rest, that’s what the darkness outside is telling us, and what all nature does this time of year. we have it so crazy ass backwards….peace be with you and yours, stephanie, and thank you for every bit you have shared with us this year.

  62. Can’t say enough how much your words make my days! Thank you and Merry Christmas to you and all yours!

  63. Happy, merry Christmas to you and yours and thank you for another year of entertainment, education and enlightenment in your blog. I have been reading this blog since I learned to knit in 2006 and your writing is delicious and I’m grateful that you’re doing it.
    I sat down to read while sipping a glass of wine, having JUST gotten home and in exactly the same practical place that you write about: Done. As in, “Everything else can be done at home and I don’t need to leave this cozy place until it’s time for Christmas dinner at my sister’s.” I was not, however, in your spiritual place, about everything being “enough,” but now I am.
    Thank you!

  64. I think that will become my new mantra. “I have enough cookies, I have enough underpants.” When you get right down to it, what else is there?
    Merry and Happy to you and yours.

  65. Thank you. That was the best reminder I’ve ever had of what this season is really all about. I’ve been worrying about the same things, and you know… you’re right. We have enough. It is all enough. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  66. Merry Christmas Stephanie.
    Thank you for your eloquence and expressing so very well what I’ve been feeling too.
    See you in the New Year, peace.

  67. Words to live by.
    The last job I took in ’94 I told my new boss that I did not ever expect anything for secretary/administrative day but what I did expect was that I be treated well and respectful every day. When all the other secretaries and assistants were getting their flowers and lunches and I was left behind, I was asked if I was upset. I explained that I was not upset and that my boss and I had an agreement. I was treated very well, was treated to random lunches and received very generous christmas bonuses. In ’06 when I survived a very unexpected right sided ischemic stroke, that same boss was the first to make sure my family was looked after and although I have not been able to return to that job our families have continued to be friends and his family continues to be supportive of me. So the moral is, less stuff, being kind every day IS ENOUGH. Merry Christmas to all and be healthy and safe.

  68. I made a donation to a dog rescue charity in memory of someone generous and offered to help pay for the gas for the wonderful, generous women who went to get her dogs from a shelter where they ended up. That’s ENOUGH for me. It makes me very happy.

  69. Oh Stephanie! Thank you so much for your wisdom and what is enough. And THANK YOU for being here for me each day when I come home from somtimes a very hard day of trying to teach teenagers. You make a difference in my life. Merry Christmas!!

  70. Awesomely said, Steph!!! So incredibly true!!
    Have a wonderful Christmas with your family, and thanks for being on this planet and bringing all of those who know you so much joy!

  71. Thanks for the reminder. It is a blessing to be able to say that I have enough. Happy Christmas!

  72. Thank You for just the right message the eve of Christmas Eve. I too have much love to be grateful for and this Holiday means so much more than stuff. Awesome. Merry Christmas to you yours and all.

  73. I also have the “is this enough” conversation with myself. Thanks for reminding me that my two children, almost 17 and 27, no longer compare loot to see who has the most. Indeed, we have more than enough of everything, except patience with each other. And at Christmas time we manage to find a little extra of that. Merry days to you and yours.

  74. I’ve spent years fretting my husband’s need to buy everything under the sun for the kids. (He’d wrap the sun, too, if he could.) I know it’s just his way of showing his love, but I keep hoping he’ll learn that, as you said, you can’t buy enough to express the depth of a feeling like a parent’s love for a child.
    I’m convinced I was a happier child with less than my children are with more, and the clutter that comes with the “more” makes me unhappy, too!
    Peace to you and yours, and a Merry Christmas with enough to go around!

  75. Ummm – nicely said – I have two sons who are both here for Christmas, perhaps for the last time together as they are growing into men and developing thier own lives. And for me that is enough – I am content, warm and well fed. I wish you and all who read a peaceful, joyous holiday.

  76. Thank you Stephanie, that was wonderfully said and, I can tell, heartfelt. I wish you and yours all the very best for 2011, and I want to thank you for your wonderful words – in print or on blog – and your witty humour, which always brightens my day.

  77. I heartily agree! We downsized christmas among my family last year, and I can say it’s been so much nicer being able to enjoy the season without having ten thousand things to shop for. At the end of the day it’s all stuff, and we are thankful for each other more than the stuff we receive. Merry Christmas, enjoy your family time!

  78. Thank you for sharing this and all the other lovely stories on your blog. I love reading them: you have made some really good points.
    Have a lovely Christmas together.

  79. I have often said that the ‘work’ of my life can be summed up by the word ‘enough’.
    I have spent far too much of it worrying whether I am smart enough, pretty enough, thin enough, good enough, enough-enough’.
    I am here, I am healthy, I am wealthy, I am enough. And so are you!

  80. Very nicely put! After having the conversation with my kids this week about wants and needs, I know that we NEED nothing. Enjoying family and friends at this time of year is the best gift I can ever receive. Thank you for giving us part of your life and reminding us all that “Enough is enough”. Enjoy your family this holiday season!

  81. And to you and yours, a Very Merry Christmas full of the kind of blessings that only come through a peacefulness and a knowingness of simply being who you truly are.
    You have enhanced my year, Stephanie, through your words and actions. You have made me laugh and cry. You have made me feel outraged at some absurdity. But through all that, I simply love you for being you. You don’t make excuses for yourself, you simply are.
    Oh, and yes through you I am a better knitter too and I beat myself up less if something isn’t perfect. I used to think that a seasoned knitter didn’t make goofy mistakes – well that is just hogwash! We are human and so we make them.
    Blessings for a wonderful year ahead.

  82. This is just what I needed to sit down and read tonight – thank you! And I think I will adopt the policy of “enough underpants = enough all around” and be done with the crazy shopping. Good way to keep things in perspective. All the best to you and your family at the holidays and in 2011.

  83. Thank you for putting into words everything that I have been trying to put into knitting and “stuff” for ever and ever.
    Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  84. A wonderful tradition, and a beautiful thought.
    Happy Christmas to you and yours–may it be filled with enough.

  85. Merry Christmas to you and your family.
    I have been reminding myself through music and blog thoughts that it is supposed to be The Most Wonderful Time of the Year. And it can be if we remember the small things that make the season what it is.

  86. Beautifully said. I especially like the part that you could never buy enough gifts to express your love for someone.
    I finished my Christmas shopping a couple days ago, so all I have to do today is find somewhere in the house that I can finish my Christmas knitting for both my parents without them realizing what I’m up to.
    Have a wonderful merry Christmas!

  87. Merry Christmas, Stephanie! There was a very excellent column in our Rochester, NY paper this morning, in which the writer reminded us that WE are the gift to other people, and to “give ourselves” away…in light of that profound definition, your presence among us is “enough”…you give of yourself every day in your words and in your deeds…may the New Year be abundantly blessed with happiness and good health…!

  88. Beautiful column, Stephanie! I’m going to print it out to share with my husband becuse you’re absolutely right–there is no way that I can buy enough stuff to show how much I love him.

  89. Thank you for keeping me connected to others, less lonely. still have the ability to laugh, and reminding me all the time it’s OK not to be perfect.
    May you and yours have a wonderful Christmas and a spectacular New Year!

  90. You’re right, enough.
    And thank you for your wonderful blog. You are the writer I always wanted to be, and I love to read your blog. All my best to you and your family for the holidays.
    (Can’t wait to knit your ‘perfect scarf,’ now that my Christmas knitting is about done.)

  91. Awesome post. You expressed the sentiment beautifully. Have a Merry Christmas. Looking forward to reading your words again after Xmas.

  92. Bravo!!!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you, Joe, and The Girls! Also, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to The Blog!

  93. Exactly!
    I have my family, they are healthy and safe. My son is relatively safe as a deployed Marine,and I can live with that, for right now. Thank you for your unique perspective on all things yarn-y, fibery-y, and just plain fun!
    Blessing for a very Merry Christmas and a Safe, Happy New Year!

  94. Merry Christmas Stephanie, Joe, Megan, Amanda and Sam! Any gift IS enough to show someone they are loved but,you are right,there can never be enough time to spend with loved ones. Enjoy all your time together!

  95. Yes Stephanie, it is enough..
    This year I called it enough a few days ago. For a change I am not frazzled beyond belief, we are having a simple turkey dinner where the turkey and the dressing are the centerpiece. I will make mashed potatoes because my hubby thinks that they are important, but we will not have 6 different side dishes or 5 kinds of desserts. There will be cookies, coffee and egg nog..maybe a bit of wine or Baileys..LOL
    I am doing less, but truly there is nothing missing…we have everything we need or want.
    (easy to say that, I know that Santa brought me the spinning wheel I picked out and drove home)
    Merry Christmas to you and yours, enjoy your holidays.

  96. You are a such a fine writer.
    Having lost my mother-in-law and a dear friend (two weeks after a cancer diagnosis) this year I’ve been thinking a lot about these kinds of things and about remembering to focus on what’s important. I’m going home to hug my family now and going to try to remember to tell people I love how much they mean to me and to live my life accordingly. And I constantly think about how, even though we struggle a lot financially, that we are very lucky that we have what we have when so many others have so little.
    Happy holidays to you and your family.

  97. You’ve hit the nail on the head with today’s blog. I’ve had those same thoughts of “enough” recently. Instead of worrying about the cooking for Christmas day, I’m going to go sit in the family room and watch a movie with my daughter (who’s home from college) to show her how much I missed her. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  98. If only everyone had this kind of perspective… the world and the mall would be a much happier, saner place! Merry Christmas!

  99. Happy Holidays! My sister and I raised our right hands and took the “I will not be crazy at Christmas” pledge. I’ve tried to honor our pledge by preparing for Christmas by doing things that mean the most to me and my dear ones. I sent fewer cards, bought fewer gifts, wrapped fewer packages. I knit a few well chosen gifts and baked cookies because I like to knit and bake. Thank you for the creative spirit, good sense, and humor in your blog. The blog is a gift and I appreciate it.

  100. Thank you.
    Enough was instantly redefined here this afternoon with an emergency text from our child. Always, always, love your dear ones.

  101. happy christmas & new year, ms. harlot! thank you for all the laughs and good cheer. it is all absolutely enough+ .

  102. Thank you for the reality check. As always, you are so right. A warm, safe and merry Christmas to you and your family.
    Love and hugs from Canberra, Australia.

  103. I just read your post out loud to my husband and cried about there will never be enough to convey my love. Such a special and heart-felt message.
    Thank you!!!

  104. I’m so glad I took time out to read your post. Thank you for the sensitive sharing and the reminder to all of us that we do indeed have enough and so do most of those for whom we buy gifts. My husband will not be with me and our children this Christmas, I hope during our time together I was able to convey my love through actions rather than possessions. When life is over, it’s not going to be about what we have, but what we were to and how we treated others.

  105. You are right. Every year I try to buy things that will show my husband the depth of my love for him, as if he didn’t already know the depth of my love. It is made worse by the fact that his birthday is Christmas Eve. It is made worse yet by the fact that he is older, much older than I and every birthday makes me remember that and worry. When I read your post, I was just thinking that I didn’t have “enough” presents for him. Maybe I should go give him a kiss and apologize because I yelled at him that he didn’t buy “enough” honey for the ham glaze. (Well, I did write in the list that I needed two cups.) The ham will be good enough. And so will our Christmas together and with our loved ones.

  106. I did the something..I am giving my married children a spaghetti dinner and dessert each month for next year..could not buy when we all have enough. Food and family will suffice

  107. Ver well said. Thanks for reminding me what Christmas should be: a celebration of family, not a season of stress and worry. I wish you and yours the very merriest of Christmases.

  108. Thank you for the reality check. I needed that for a multitude of reasons. Hope you believe in angels because you are one…you arrived when you were needed most.
    Christmas Blessings to you and your family.

  109. Thanks so much for this reminder. I get that feeling ALL the time of thinking I haven’t made/bought/done enough…and it’s not the stuff that matters at all. My brother and his wife (! as of the Solstice this year!) have a tradition of stopping at a gas station and buying each other gifts for under $5 apiece for Christmas gifts. It’s fun and pretty low-stress…and totally enough.
    Merry Christmas!

  110. Thanks for that. I was just wondering if I had enough and I think you just gave me the answer.
    I hope you have an excellent Christmas with family and friends and a happy and healthy 2011.

  111. As I sat doing some panic knitting today, I suddenly realized that I was knitting faster and faster in hopes of finishing the project before I ran out of yarn (like that works).
    Well said. Enough. Loved ones–the real blessings in our life will benefit far more from our presence than our presents.

  112. Oh, this is blessed!!! You are so right. The cleaning and the wrapping and the cooking and the planning are overwhelming me right now. Thank you so much for reminder! I love this blog. It is a joy to me all through the year. Have a wonderful holiday.

  113. Happy Christmas. Thank you for sharing that. I always feel like it is never enough, and I know that I am trying to show them how much I love them and that I can’t, but I always try. I will try to make my mantra for the remaining few days, it is enough.

  114. Thank you for another year of delightful reading, and knitting inspiration. Wishing you a new year filled with good things to write about and share with us.

  115. I loved what you wrote.
    I am done with Christmas preparations except for buying groceries for Christmas dinner and putting the gifts in the stockings on Christmas Eve.
    Oops, and choosing something around the house to place in the annual white elephant gift exchange. I think this year I’ll put in my extra (due to gifts from kind friends) copies of Three Cups of Tea and Half the Sky.
    This year we are hosting Xmas dinner; counting us, relatives, and other hangers-on, there should be 32 of us. We’re pulling a large folding table from the garage and having our son bring some folding chairs from his apartment. Plus we have two dining tables already set up that each seat 8 comfortably (and 12 if you squeeze).
    I read recently that scientists have found the secret to happiness. If you feel you have autonomy, competence, and relatedness (social/love connections), you will be happy. Unhappy people often try to make up for a hole in one or more of these areas by buying more or consuming more (including drugs and alcohol).
    You clearly are blessed with more than your fair share of all three. Enjoy your family, the holidays, and your life.
    Merry Christmas!

  116. Thank you for writing the words that many of us feel. “Enough” often has a negative feeling about it, but this year it does not. Enough was finding or making just the right presents for my family. I’m really content with that and thoroughly enjoyed baking cookies and listening to Christmas music today.

  117. Lovely – time for so many to get this message and stop making themselves and their families crazy. We do not need all that the adverts say to make us happy – the constant want for more is what gives us the most unhappiness and stress.
    Have a wonderful, happy holiday with your family filled with much love and laughter.
    Wishing you an amazing new year!

  118. Dear Steph and family,
    Thank you for all that you say and do for so many. May you all have a blessed and beautiful Christmas. Won’t it be wonderful when all we touch realize that everyone is enough in all our lives.

  119. Merry Christmas Stephanie – Peace and joy to you and your family now and in the new year. And to all of my fellow knitters that see this – peace and joy to you as well. I thought I had enough, but I found this year that apparently I did not have enough knitting friends because you all have entered my life in your own way and made it a fuller and more beautiful experience here on this earth.

  120. Wisdom. Priceless! Thank you for a brilliant post on how the world could evolve. Have a wonderful family time.
    Eve from Carlisle

  121. Thank you. I really needed to hear that.
    Have a peaceful, beautiful Christmas, and enjoy every minute of it.
    I will enjoy mine much more, having read this.
    Besides all the knitting and the gifts and the cookies, your writing is also a gift. You should know how much it means to us.

  122. I “dropped out” in 1980. That was the last time I had a real, full-time job and 1979 was my last “big” Christmas.
    Almost all of us in N. America have too much stuff. And our things can own us and our time because they require maintenance and resources, especially our time.
    How is a life measured? In the “stuff” we own or gave away? Or in the comfort, attention and love we gave?
    I’ve opted for the latter.
    Blessings to you and yours Steph.

  123. Happy Christmas to you and your family.
    Thank you for making my knitting life richer, and the humor which I count on, but the wisdom is what brings me back, day after day.
    Have a blessed holiday. Take plenty of time to listen, breathe and knit.

  124. I get what you are saying to some degree. We are all busy, life is hectic, and we need to figure out how to balance what we want to do and what we have time and/or money to do for this holiday of giving. I personally only exchange gifts with immediate family at christmas, and enjoy selecting something that I hope they will love. I also frequently give random gifts to friends throughout the year, just because I want to. I can’t help but thinking that your essay was a bit of a cop out. How much is enough? I don’t know- but if my spouse spent so much time making and doing things for others and discussing it at length, and only got me a pair of briefs and a letter, I would be royally pissed. Talk about a lack of imagination. It isn’t about the money at all. Your post is like the people who propose to their mate on tv or at a baseball game: Look at me and my deep feelings everyone! I am not afraid! When really these things should be private, and the grandstanding should be reserved for less weighty subjects, like yarn and knitting.

  125. You are so very right! Thank you for putting it into words, so beautifully.
    Thanks also for sharing your thoughts and talents with us, giving us those bright spots throughout the year.
    Go, and enjoy your time with your family and friends! This knitter is delirious with joy at having received TWO(not just one!) of your books as gifts today, and cannot wait another minute to delve into them.
    Happy Christmas!!

  126. Stephanie,
    My daughter Alison, an accomplished knitter and huge fan of your writing and knitting, read this post to me tonight and then said “You should use this in your sermon this week”. I thought that was a good idea. The text this week is the story of the wise men bringing gifts to the new born Jesus. I wonder if they wondered if their gifts were enough. Or maybe they just knew that when you give yourself to someone you love it is always enough. If you don’t mind being quoted, I think I can do something with that idea.
    A delightful epiphany. Thank you.

  127. One of my favourite quotes:
    The Good Life:
    The good life exists only when you stop wanting a better one. It is the condition of savoring what is, rather than longing for what might be. The itch for things – so brilliantly injected by those who make and sell them – is in effect a virus draining the soul of contentment. A man never earns enough; clothes are never new enough, food is never fancy enough. There is a point at which salvation lies in stepping off the escalator, of saying, “Enough. What I have will do, what I make of it is up to me.”
    – Marya Mannes

  128. Thank you. This is exactly what I am feeling too.
    Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas and New Year. I appreciate you, and your words of widom every time you post. Thank you for your gift to the knitters everywhere!

  129. This is off-topic:
    I had quit reading blogs more than a year ago – just couldn’t keep up. But I’ve realized more and more in the past couple of months that there are a couple of bloggers I really, really, miss. You are among the top 3.
    So, carry on – just wanted to tell you I’m back (not that you’d remember I was ever here in the first place…) and looking forward to catching up.

  130. Thank you for saying what it has taken me 51 years to realize. For the first time in my life, finances did not allow for a HUGE Christmas expenditure for my family and friends and I was feeling very deprived and I suddenly found out that I should be ashamed. We have plenty to eat, we are warm and we are all together for the holidays with lots of love, good cheer and those I love and cherish will receive enough to know they are loved and they will appreciate it.
    May you and yours always have enough to be happy just as I realize that we do.
    Merry Christmas and a peaceful, loving New Year.

  131. Once again Steph you put into words so eloquently the feelings of many at this time of year.
    Thank you and I wish you and yours a happy and peaceful holiday.
    With blessings from our house to yours. xx

  132. Thank you Stephanie, for putting so eloquently that feeling that many of us feel at this time of year. You are a wonderful human being and your family is so lucky to have you in their lives. Thanks for being you and for giving me that little bit of sunshine each day when I read your blog. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  133. Happy Christmas. Enjoy your time with your family and friends – I know I am going to do. And thanks for entertaining me and making me think throughout this year. See you next year!

  134. And I have no doubt that you are exactly enough for all of your family. Have a sweet, sunshine- and laughter-filled holiday.
    We’ll all be here (with our stuff) in 2011.
    Will there be enough fiber????

  135. I agree – there is nothing I need and very little I want. My husband and I are together, and well, and still in love. My children and grandchildren are all well, after a bad year. What more CAN I want? Bought minimal gifts, gave donation to charities close to our hearts. And we are set for a white Christmas here in the deep-frozen U.K. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE.

  136. Well, Stephanie, your blog is a gift which I get to enjoy anew every day – thank you for sharing your life with us.

  137. Thank you. I am so with you on this one (on all of them, actually, but this one especially). Happy Christmas, Yarn Harlot and Family.

  138. Thank you for the wonderful present of your blog. Thank you for reminding me that I, too, have let my sense of proportion slip. Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and the happiest of New Years.

  139. Merry Christmas to you and yours. I hope you have a wonderful, joyful day with your family. As for the underwear thing, I understand completely. We do the same thing in our house, everybody gets new underwear and cool new pajamas too!!!

  140. We came to the same conclusion. Since about 4 years mr beest and I try to alternate a family Christmas with a “just the two of us” edition. No Christmas shopping, other than nice food (and a drop of booze) to last until the shops open again. We’re not minimalists by any standard, but we just don’t understand why people make such a fuss about the “perfect” Christmas.
    He did get a pair of socks from me- because there are never *enough* handknit socks. Even when the drawer is overflowing…

  141. Well said. Merry Christmas, and may the Light and Peace of the world fill you and yours with enough so that you can share it with others, always.

  142. I couldn’t agree more. Have a wonderful Christmas and a fantastic new year.
    I’m still not convinced I can have enough hand dyed sock yarn, but that’s a problem for another day.

  143. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas, and there is still time for the presents to dry.

  144. Have you heard of a book called “Radical Homemakers” by Shannon Hayes? I just finished it and (only knowing you from a blog) I think you’d really enjoy it. There’s even a section about what is “Enough”.
    Happiest Holidays

  145. I know this is a knitter’s blog, but I plan to share your words with my daughters and daughter-in-laws who are not knitters. So many of us try and try and try to fill our lives with stuff only to feel empty. Thank you for your words.

  146. Happy Holidays to you and yours, and to everyone out there. Let’s hope that this coming new year is a happy, healthy and safe one. Peace.

  147. Wow! Your post really hit home and could not have come at a better time. May you have a joyous & peace filled Holiday.

  148. This post was awesome!!! You put exactly in words how I feel about “enough” in such a way that I think it finally got through to me as I saw in your words the feelings I have had for years. I. Am. Done. also. Hope you and yours have a very happy, safe and joyous holiday. Thank you so much!

  149. Thank you for writing this post. I was worrying about if I had ‘enough’ gifts for my family this morning and thanks to your shared wisdom I’m back to reality. In that spirit I made a donation to a charity for those who truly don’t have enough, instead of heading out for more stocking stuffers. And bonus for me, I now may have enough time to finish that pair of fingerless gloves for my sister!
    Wishing you and yours a happy holiday!

  150. I am going to make my kids read this post – or read it outloud to them! My friend at work was just saying this same thing to me this morning – it’s the time with family and friends that’s important, not the number of gifts or how much food there is, etc. If my kids can learn that now, then I know we’ll be much happier for it.
    Merry Christmas to you and yours and best wishes for 2011!

  151. I wish I had told this to my new husband as he ask me if I had any last minute present inspiration. He’s not really got me a main present this year, mainly because I couldn’t give him any hints. But my main problem is that we are not that materialistic. There’s not a lot I want (I have run out of room for wool) and I have what I need. A roof, money for food, a husband who loves me, family and friends.
    At the end of the day, none of that present stuff matters. Not really.
    I wish you a happy Christmas and a most excellent new year to you and all your loved ones. Peace right back at ya. x

  152. thanks for expressing that so well. I will not stop on the way home for any more stocking stuffers. we have ENOUGH and then some.
    have a great Christmas and best of all for the New Year

  153. I couldn’t agree more. These are things I’ve learned since losing our house and going bankrupt. I really believe this is the true spirit of Christmas. Besides, Jesus already did enough. 🙂

  154. Perfectly said, Stephanie. I, too, am so grateful to have “enough” and more, and hope to find more ways to equalize that balance in the world.
    Thank you for being who you are in this world. I appreciate your voice so much!
    Merry, merry Christmas!

  155. Steph-Wishing you and yours a blessed and prosperous Holiday and New Year! Your thoughts and musings have provided interest, discussion and food for thought all year. Thank you for your connection with DWB, I am a field member for the 3rd year and will continue in ’11.

  156. And, all the best to you and yours! Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and a happy, healthy New Year to you all………

  157. Thank you! I really needed to read this today. I’m finally getting a chance to sit down for a minute and drink my morning coffee, and contemplate all the things I have to do today. Now, I can say I have enough. I don’t have to run to the store to find a little polar bear stuffie my son wanted because he didn’t get it in his stocking last year. I don’t have to find another gift for my Dad (felted slippers will be fine by themselves). Thank you. Peace is such a gift!

  158. Stephanie & Family – Merry Christmas to you and yours. I wish you a peaceful day, full of wonder and joy. Thanks for keeping us all honest, and thanks also the hearty laughter over the year. You are a gem! xoxo tree

  159. Somehow or other, it came just the same. How could it be so? It came without ribbons! It came without tags! It came without packages, boxes or bags…

  160. Thank you, Sstephanie, for you many insights and reality checks! Your blog means a lot to me and helps keep me centered and compassionate!
    Happy holidays to you and yours!

  161. I plan on writing my sweetheart a love note for his present
    Re: twitter post about crazy knitting, my mom actually thinks she can get 7 pairs of socks done for me by tomorrow when she is not starting till noon today. True she is using a sock knitting machine but she is still crazy.

  162. Stephanie: Please convey my Thanks to Joe and the Girls for sharing you with us. Merry Christmas, Cool Yule, and Happy New Year – to You, your family, and all the Blog readers!

  163. Thank you for your holiday wisdom. I forwarded your essay to those I love. Many have replied thanking me for it. It’s good to remember what is really important. Thanks for reminding us [again] of what matters the most in our lives!
    Merry Christmas, Harlot
    [I’m really going to miss ripping yesterday off my “Never not knitting” calendar to see what today brings. I’m sad there’s no 2011 edition and am hoping that you’ll feel up to doing one for 2012]
    Whatever calendar we’re looking at, I hope that everyong has a great New Year!

  164. THANK YOU for putting these words down on paper…. The budget was tighter than it has ever been… I have really been struggling, wondering if my small tokens were going to be enough… Of course they will! Our whole family will be in on place, we are healthy, we gave plenty of food. So much to be grateful for. It is ENOUGH!
    Merry Christmas

  165. Stephanie,
    Thank you. I am printing this blog as I write. My middle child and I had a conversation about “enough stuff” this afternoon. I will now share your words because they are mine as well. Blessings to you and your family for Christmas and the new year.

  166. We’re having a rough runup to Christmas, and I’m saddened because I keep losing that wondrous feeling I usually have in the days before the 25th. Today I’m home with my family, cooking, wrapping and dancing in my kitchen to Christmas music and remembering why I love this holiday in the first place. Its about family and caring and being together, no matter what keeps trying to get in the way. Thanks for putting it so beautifully. Merry merry to you and yours. Now off to finish that Christmas stocking to hang by the fire tonight…..

  167. Beautifully said, Stephanie.
    I hope you and your family have a wonderful, love-filled Christmas, and that you will always have Enough.

  168. So true! This year my immediate family decided to give gifts made from stuff we already had(easy for a knitter I Know)- not one trip to a department store or mall and yet lots of opportunity to express love and thoughtfulness.
    Michael Vashon Island WA

  169. I don’t always have enough of those “enough” moments. I do reach them eventually, though. Thankfully. And, it’s also a tradition to give my brother underpants as well! I’m glad to know someone else does it, too.

  170. I comment only here & there, but your entry has made me want to let you know how glad I am that you write. You make me laugh, you make me think, you are often the bright spot in an otherwise difficult day–so I thank you! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you & yours. May 2011 bring you and your family good health and much happiness.

  171. i am thankful i have enough and thankful that you and yours have enough, too. merry christmas.

  172. As Goldilocks might have said, “Not too big, not too small; not too hard, not too soft; not too hot, not too cold; but just right, just ‘enough'”
    Thanks for all you do (unfortunately, we’re all looking forward to more in the coming year!).

  173. Thank you for this post. While on one hand it made me cry, on the other it brought comfort to be able to say in agreement “yes, what I can offer this year is simply enough.” Happiest of Holidays to you!

  174. My father passed away 10 days ago. We knew he was dying, but I fully expected that he would live until after Christmas. I racked my brain trying to think of something to give him for his last Christmas, to show him what a lifetime of love meant to me. It was impossible. Now, I wonder what I should have given my mom to somehow make the lose of a spouse of 47 years somehow less painful. Of course, there is nothing. All I can give is being here. It doesn’t seem like enough, but it’s the best there is. Maybe that’s always the best there is because i could never wish for a better gift than my dad back, healthy and well. Merry Christmas.

  175. Merry Christmas Stephanie. Thank you for sharing your knitting through your blog!
    I send many wishes of happiness and prosperity and health for you and your family in the New Year.

  176. Merry Christmas, Stephanie, to you, your family and to all your loved ones. May you always have ‘enough’. 🙂

  177. It very much is enough. This year we are so lucky and grateful to have a home, and underpants that our empty stockings are just fine. We managed to buy exactly one present to put under the tree this year, for our son’s first christmas.
    And I am so happy about that. It is enough.

  178. Christmas Day mostly finished on this side of the world, so on the other side of the world I hope you enjoy your Day, and Stephanie and family, happy dancing tomorrow. Let the fun begin.

  179. Thank you for your writing, your blog, your ideas, your instruction, your wisdom, yourself. It is enough. It is more than enough.
    People all over the world sit and read your blog daily. You’d be overwhelmed if you really understood how much you mean to those with whom you share your life and thoughts. You’re more than enough. Much more. Thank you again.

  180. Lovely, beautiful, perfect, Stephanie.
    I can never do enough to show how much I love those dear to me — but the trick is not trying to do it all on one particular day of the year.
    The adults in our family donate to each others favorite charities, partly because, in the department of “stuff,” we have “enough.” I did buy my husband an e-reader for Xmas because holding books for long periods of time has become difficult for him after two strokes and a bout of cancer. Due to working long hours at my yarn shop to keep it afloat in a struggling economy, ironically, I had little time to knit, so only a few near and dear ones got socks/scarves etc.
    Me? I don’t want anything. I have enough — my mother’s health is stable, Dave is cancer-free for two years, we had enough money to meet our needs this year and my shop is surviving the economy. I couldn’t think of a single consumer item I wanted, except perhaps a Beatles version of Trivial Pursuit I saw at a bookstore. Or maybe a new pair of moccasins.
    I am content. If those I love are healthy and happy, there is not much in the way of “things” I want. My single gift to myself from my own yarn shop was a luscious skein of yarn from Knitivitiy — from yarn dyer Ray Whiting, you remember him, he sent you a gift of his yarn for you to review and enjoy and was your alternate hat person on your Houston book signing?
    I am content. I just don;t want “stuff.” I have a roof over my head, my loved ones are still here, my pets are healthy. My wants besides those things are very small indeed.
    I do “want” one thing — I want to thank you sincerely for the many hours of joy you have brought be through your blog, and for the fun afternoon we spent tearing around New Orleans on the Emergency Sightseeing Tour. I still remember you taking a picture of your coffee at the Cafe Du Monde, and I am so glad you got to see a real bottle tree.

  181. I just wanted to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I hope the coming year is even better than the last. Thank you very much for all the laughter you’ve given us this year, and for giving me hope that my knitting can always improve as long as I keep working on it LOL!!!!

  182. It’s been bugging me trying to figure out why I get so irritated at Christmas and you answered it. That belief that you must turn a wonderful feeling into a tangible item you can see and touch which is impossible. Now I can relax knowing that I show that love all year round to my family and friends and that a present can’t express that enough. It’s enough that I love and am loved. Thank you. Merry Christmas and enjoy your family time to the fullest.

  183. I know you’re busy and you have so many commenters and fans, you probably won’t read this, but if you do, here’s a huge thanks from a single mom with three jobs who knits to stay sane. Your posts, no matter how menial they might be to you, mean a lot to me. Thank you for taking the time to share with us. I hope to be as inspiring to others as you are to me. And yes, as much as I think I don’t have, I do have enough. Peace and Love to you and your family.

  184. Skeptic: if your husband loves you, surely that’s enough?
    Thank you, Stephanie, for the blog, for your wisdom, for your humour.
    My two sons are wonderful, thoughtful, compassionate young men who love me as much as I love them. Thank you for reminding me that I have way more than enough.

  185. And to you and your whole family too.
    Thank you for writing and thank you for making me laugh and thank you for being and thank you for saying so much of what I think we all would like to say but just don’t have the great way of putting it that you have.
    Blessed New Year.

  186. Yay for you – good job! Today I’m in a warm house with 7 cousins over 40 and 7 more under 25 (which is how we differentiate btw kids and adults now). It’s perfect. Peace to you and yours.

  187. We (my husband and I) used to get each other underwear for our stockings- the only catch was that it was ugly underwear. We looked for the ugliest underwear for each other. The only catch was that it has to be a style that we usually wear. The tradition died out a few years ago, but every now and then we think of resurrecting it! Merry Christmas!

  188. I and the one I love are still above ground for another year. That for me is more than enough…..
    Merry Christmas and Happy 2011…what ever happens. God Bless You All.

  189. I love this post so much that I copied part of it and put it inside my christmas card to my family today. I credited you of course. Thanks for making my day more meaningful. Love your insight, wisdom, and humor. “although it’s been said many times, many ways, Merry Christmas to you”

  190. This is part of a copyrighted piece that I dearly love that I heard many years ago. An older gentleman has just watched his daughter board a plane to return to her home and is was obseved by the author – “When you were saying goodbye I heard you say, “I wish you enough.” May I ask what that means?”
    He began to smile. “That’s a wish that has been handed down from other generations. My parents used to say it to everyone.” He paused for a moment and looking up as if trying to remember it in detail, he smiled even more.”When we said ‘I wish you enough,’ we were wanting the other person to have a life filled with just enough good things to sustain them,” he continued and then turning toward me he shared the following as if he
    were reciting it from memory.
    “I wish you enough sun to keep your attitude bright.
    I wish you enough rain to appreciate the sun more.
    I wish you enough happiness to keep your spirit alive.
    I wish you enough pain so that the smallest joys in life appear much
    I wish you enough gain to satisfy your wanting.
    I wish you enough loss to appreciate all that you possess.
    I wish enough “Hello’s” to get you through the final “Goodbye.”
    He then began to sob and walked away.
    My friends, I wish you enough!
    Bob Perks
    Dona Nobis Pacem, Stephanie and family. And I wish you enough.

  191. What a wonderful post. If we could all move back to the simplicity of “enough”. I have a good friend who gave each of her three children three gifts at Christmas. Her reasoning was that if it was enough for the Son of God, it was enough for them as well. I love that idea. And I know I can’t convey to my daughter how much love there is in my heart for her, but I want to buy her the world. Why? She has enough. How can we move ourselves back to something reasonable? The post resonated with me on several levels. Thank you. I hope you and your family the best – time spent with each other with love in your hearts.

  192. So perfectly stated. Thank you for your wonderful words. And that you for being there.
    I hope you and your family had a very happy Christmas celebration, reveling in enough.

  193. And a very Merry Christmas to you and yours. May the new year bring you ENOUGH time to accomplish all your goals.

  194. “just because you were trying to fill something that’s a feeling with stuff.”
    I’m going to frame this and put it on my fridge.

  195. Hello Stephanie….I recently got “At Knit’s End” and tried to make it last as long as possible. I’d read a few pages each day until, “alas”, it was all read..so I started over! What a nice little book and it made me laugh and feel good. Thanks for writing it. I live in a little place called Odessa, Florida..sort of west central and close to the coast. I knit, not expertly, but it gives me great pleasure and that’s the point. Thanks again for the writings..Cathy

  196. Thank you for your wise words. I have printed it out to remind myself on a regular basis that not only do I really do have enough but that I have an abundance of gifts for which to be thankful. One of those is definitely your blog. May your New Year be filled with peace & joy!

  197. I noted to myself a bit earlier this December that it was the best Christmas Season in recent memory. Why? Because I, too, realized it was all enough. We did what pleased us. We didn’t make all the goodies we usually make. Only what we had time for and enjoyed them immensely. Some presents were set to be late, but, guess what? They arrived on time anyway. You are perfectly right. The only thing most of us need is more time with friends and family. I appreciate you and your blog. I enjoy the glimpse you give us of your life. Happy, happy new year to you and yours.

  198. What a lovely, lovely post. Your blog always inspires me. I’m saving this to re-read when feeling overwhelmed, to remind me that it is enough. Wishing you and your family enough time to enjoy each other, at the holidays and throughout the year. May the New Year bring many blesses.

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  201. Wow, so right on, and a delightfully written post. I need to save that somewhere.

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