It has been pointed out to me a couple of thousand times in my life that I might be a little bit picky – or a smidge of a perfectionist.  Mostly I don’t mind this – partly because I don’t think of it as being picky, I think of it as having really high standards and being precise about what I like – and partly because my perfectionism is mostly directed at my knitting and not at stuff with feelings.  It’s not like I stand around screaming "You’re not living up to my expectations and you’re on your way out of here" to my  children.  Just my socks.

In any case, when it comes to knitting I am sort of picky, and so when I decided to make a big circle scarf, I knew exactly how it should be.  It should be very, very warm, because winter here is very, very cold.  It should be very soft and smooshy, because it’s going to be against the wearers neck and face, and it should be versatile. You should be able to use it lots of ways.  I also wanted it to be fast and easy to knit, and… here’s the big one.  Completely reversible.

I feel like if both sides of a knitted thing are going to be showing while you’re wearing it, then both sides should at least look like they go together, and really, that’s the minimum. 

This scarf fit the bill perfectly, and met all my picky criteria.  It’s warm (it’s Misti Alpaca Chunky – how could it not be?) It was fast and easy to knit, and it’s super versatile.  

Natalie modelled it this morning for me, and she put it on every way we could think of  (Her motivation was high.  It’s was rather cold out.)  Every way she wore it, it was perfect.  Doubled, tripled, over her head, like a scarf… cozy, warm and good looking. I love it.  I’m totally happy with it, and I feel like it’s perfect.  

There’s no right side, no wrong side, it looks the same no matter what you do with it, which is precisely what I wanted for it to be perfect.

I can tell it probably is perfect too.. because while I was taking it’s picture…

Perfect snow fell on it perfectly.

240 thoughts on “Perfectly

  1. nice…It almost makes me wish I lived in a really, really cold climate.
    But not really. Today’s high is 54 degree F. Cold enough for me.

  2. Tease. Do you plan to write up the pattern for us anytime soon?
    As in — tomorrow? Some of us might want to knit a Christmas gift for a friend or family member…there’s still time.

  3. Oh, that’s wonderful! (And how cute is Natalie?!) The snowflake picture is ridiculously pretty – honestly, I suspect you got some snowflake cookie sprinkles and used those…
    I add my voice requesting the pattern, though please don’t do it before Christmas. I am just delusional enough to believe that I could add one more item to my gift-knitting list. 🙂

  4. Perfect snow is right!!!
    Fabulous – an especial gift to those of us not privileged to live where perfect snow falls! (Or ANY snow, for that matter… 🙁

  5. lovely and i agree about reversible scarves. glad to hear i am not the only one who thinks that is neccesary.

  6. I’ve never seen snow that looked like white poinsettia flowers!
    The scarf is wonderful, and Misti in chunky? Hey. Even I could get that done in time; thank you!

  7. Bless Natalie’s good heart and pretty face for modeling the cowl. Loved the snowflakes – while I sit here too hot from hot flashes. Nice work all.

  8. I was just fantaaizing about that scarf this morning! Misti Alpaca and all. It was 12 degrees (before windchill) out when we were leaving for the day. Fahreneheit that is, I’m not sure I even want to know what horrible negative number that is in Celsius. It is the first thing on my knitting list….OK first thing after the still unreasonable number of gifts that need finishing in the next 2 weeks.

  9. Off topic Stephanie, but I noticted that you travelling to the States and take your knitting on the plane. What airline this this? Everytime I travel to the USA I am told no knitting needles or crochet hooks on the plane – like really. And this is with WestJet most of the time.
    What is your secret?
    I enjoy your books and blog. Take Care.

  10. the snowflakes are wicked cool. after seeing the cowl, i’ve been overcome with a NEED to knit it. please please pretty please, post the pattern.

  11. As my sister would say: Holy Crow. First off, before the pic with the snow, it was beautiful and gave me the “I want ones”. After the snow picture (which, by the way, are you sure that those snowflakes aren’t fake? That’s an awesome, awesome picture), I want one now. Like, right now. Seriously.
    Can you mail it to me!!

  12. Okay, that photo? *Perfect* as a knitters/spinners/crocheters/fiber artist holiday card (online store like Cafe Press) – money could go to Knitters Without Borders fund. I’d buy more than a few boxes!

  13. Look, I’m saying this because I love you. Before you put up that pattern, warn the nice geekboy at your server, okay? This could be worse than haiku.

  14. I vote for publishing the pattern. It looks fun and fast-perfect for this time of year.

  15. Are those snowflakes real? Really real? We don’t get snowflakes like that here in Kansas 🙂

  16. It always surprises me when photos capture snowflakes looking like…well, snowflakes. There is always this moment of “They really do look like that!” surprise. Great scarf. I’m with everyone else…pattern please?

  17. It’s unanimous!! It’s unbelieveably lovely, practical and we ALL need to make one or two!!
    Pretty please??!!

  18. Oh pattern, please, pretty please??? I am on my 9th Pretty thing and while I love love love it,
    my ears are cold!!! Also the top of my head. Please, pattern???

  19. it is perfect! Yay! for happiness to help get you through the Book deadline. (or is it Another The Book deadline?) or (The Book?), or just plain get you through to 01 January ? 🙂

  20. pattern, please? I could definitely get that done for my sister before Chistmas and it would solve many problems!
    And that is the most beautiful picture of snow on a scarf ever. Publish it for Christmas cards!

  21. So beautiful. I feel warmer just seeing the pictures.
    I’m not sure if I should thank you or curse you, but due to your post a few days ago about the felted clogs I’m now knitting up a bunch of those for gifts. They’re fairly quick (good since I’m a slow knitter) and I now know what I’m getting some of my notoriously hard-to-shop-for relatives. But I was really enjoying stress free December knitting. Now, must stay on schedule…
    Good luck with your own deadlines.

  22. I love the picture of the snowflakes! One of them even looks like a Christmas tree!!
    And Please Please Please publish the pattern for this scarf. It looks PERFECT!

  23. Wow, great scarf/cowl/wrap! Add me, please, to the brigade of followers who’d like to knit one too. Thanks!
    PS: that snowflake photo would make a great greeting card!

  24. Now THAT is an awesome project. I have been secretly knitting cowls around other projects for my family, and I lust after the one you have there. Plus, the snowflakes look sexy on it instead of vaguely menacing.

  25. PPS: please at least post the finished measurements and a rough outline of the pattern. Pretty please with cherries, whipped cream, chocolate, curd cheese, beer, and shiraz!

  26. Even after all these years of living in winter-snow-bound places, snowflakes never fail to charm me. Thank you!

  27. Ahhh, if only I could wear alpaca anywhere near my face — then I would agree that it was perfect! As it is, it looks terrific and I’m sure it will be VERY well received! As for the snowflakes: those are creepy-perfect.

  28. On ravelry there is a free pattern “honey cowl” – not the same stitch pattern but very similar size and shape – for those of us who can’t wait!

  29. And it’s blue… perfect!
    Plus Natalie modeling adds to its delightfulness.

  30. The perfect snowflakes were the perfect touch to a perfect scarf. Everything is just so…perfect. Doesn’t it just make you want to smile?

  31. I’m never ceased to be amazed at how pretty snow can be. Being somewhere in CA where we rarely get snow, I love seeing pictures of how perfect snow can look like. I only get to see it up close every rare once in awhile and I never think to take pictures of it.
    We may have fruit you can pick right off of a tree, but we don’t get pretty white winters (they’re grey, foggy, and rainy winters – which I still love!)

  32. Love that cowl scarf! I especially like it modeled as a hood.
    And those snowflakes? Too perfect – are you certain you don’t have an in with the snow gods or something?

  33. Hum-m-m. That yarn wasn’t included in the pile you showed us on the 7th. Does that mean that all those socks and the hat are finished???? Or are you truly a Harlot???

  34. A big Thank you to Natalie for the update today on the KWB totals! Thanks for all your work.
    And the scarf/cowl is magnificent. It would work so well in Montana. Hmmm.

  35. Blue cowl is absolutely gorgeous. Yes, please, we definitely need the pattern. It is getting cold outside now.

  36. My LYS carries Misty Alpaca – and they have this big, unbelivably soft yarn that probably needs a US 11 needle! Think how FAST that would make it!
    You do such good work!

  37. Perfect is the perfect word for that perfect scarf.
    And thanks for that last picture. For some reason I haven’t been in much of a holiday spirit this year, and that bumped my “peace and goodwill” level up just the right amount.
    Also, thanks for your “Return of the Light” post. I read it every year around this time, and it helps me remember what’s really important about this time of year. In fact, I took it one step further this year, and instead of buying presents I donated to different charities in everyone’s name.

  38. Absolutley “poifeck” dear Harlot–the scarf and of course the snow too. Seems to me I’ve seen snow like that before someplace.Whenever you do get the time I too would like the pattern, but I am not a fast knitter anymore so after the holidays is fine with me. Please. Thank you again for the posting when you are so pressed for time .

  39. It’s simply gorgeous! I’ve been looking for the perfect cowl for my niece – and this is it!

  40. What a lovely color too! I’d also love the pattern, it looks like I might even be able to knit it! and while it isn’t that cold here, this looks so lovely to wear that I’d certainly love to make one for myself! Thanks for showing it off so beautifully to us.

  41. So, nu? What’s the pattern? If you made it up, when will you be publishing it? (In case you can’t tell, I love it and want one for myself.)

  42. No way! I have to agree with the previous comment, that snow cannot be real…..Okay, okay, I’ll believe you this time. 🙂
    Anyway, long-time lurker, first-time commenter. I love you. I love your blog. I love your knits. I LOVE THIS SCARF!!!!

  43. Wow! Canadian snowflakes are much prettier than U.S. snowflakes! And of course, the circle scarf is a masterpiece!

  44. Pattern, please! This is exactly the kind of thing I’ve been wanting to make for my sister-in-law for Christmas…

  45. Great, now I’m going to be obsessively lost in ravelry looking at cowl patterns to tide me over in the meantime. 😉
    It’s lovely. We all hope you tell us how we can share the pattern soon. Thanks for sharing the pics and post.

  46. It’s lovely but really, all I could think was NO F’in WAY you got pictures of perfect snowflakes… on TOP of a rockin’ knit. Way to go Stephanie!

  47. I will reiterate what has been said so very many time. It’s perfect! I would love one. May we please have the pattern? Thank you! Also, the last picture featuring a perfect snowflake? It makes me happy : ) and one of the many reasons I love winter in Ontario.

  48. I was knitting some entrelac socks (yes, I know how you feel about entrelac socks) at a company picnic last summer. This woman walked by, looked at what I was knitting, and said “I could never do that, I’m too much of a perfectionist. You’re lucky you’re not a perfectionist.” And walked away. I thought to myself as I watched her walk off “I’m sure she didn’t mean that as bitchy as it sounded.” We’re all at least a little bit perfectionist when we knit, or why would we bother?

  49. OK, I just got back from the LYS with Misti Chunky Alpaca, because it’s cold here too and I was thinking how perfect it would be knit into a scarf. So really, I need the pattern now-so I can make a few for Christmas.

  50. Beautiful scarf – and the snowflakes are perfect! Our snowflakes are now piled into snow drifts with more on the way this weekend.
    For Canadian knitters who want to fly with knitting needles, check the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority statement that permits knitting needles and crochet hooks in both carry-on and checked luggage (as long as there is wool attached). You can print and show that to the security people – I have traveled on both Air Canada and US Airways with my knitting and only been questioned once, with the final result that I could take my sock-in-progress on board.

  51. Love the cowl and the color. I remember snowflakes like that from my childhood in Michigan. Do not miss the cold weather though. Love the blog and you humor.

  52. Absolutely gorgeous! Would love the pattern. And the snowflakes in your neck of the woods are perfect.

  53. Are those real snowflakes? The ones coming down in Mississauga today weren’t that pretty. They were kind of wet and mushy. The scarf is lovely.

  54. I first thought those snowflakes were sequins…so well-defined and beautiful.
    These are not strictly Canadian snowflakes however because I swear we don’t get these in southern B.C.
    Gorgeous cowl!

  55. SO lovely! Yes, PLEASE share the pattern. This is my first winter in Portland, OR and I am seeing the utility of warm hoods to ward off the rain. This would be PERFECT and a good excuse to buy some bigass skeins of that Misti Alpaca!

  56. After the Christmas madness I beg of you- Please post the pattern!
    It’s exactly what I am looking for in a cowl too!
    But if you don’t I apologise in advance- for I will shamelessly (rip you off) unvent one.

  57. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.
    Oh, and the snowflakes were definitely the perfect touch.
    I’m on it like a robin in spring as soon as you tell us where to buy the pattern.
    Then all I have to do is find something other than the alpaca that I am (sob) allergic to!

  58. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE GIVE US A PATTERN. It’s beautiful. We are supposed to have a high of 18 this weekend. I need it.

  59. Wow…what a wonderful Natalie…just perfect. Forget about the scarf pattern, let us replicate Natalie in this world.
    Merry to all.

  60. Beautiful model, beautiful scarf, exquisitely beautiful individual snow flakes. One more gift DONE!

  61. Perfect snowflakes? How amazing is that? Snow here always falls all mushy and in pieces. Your snow looks like awesome sprinkles.
    Love the scarf, it looks very cozy.

  62. Awesome! I’m crossing my fingers for snow here, because if I have to walk Victor in stupid cold temperatures it should at least be really pretty while I do so.

  63. Wow! I had no idea real snowflakes were really shaped like, um, snowflakes!!! Amazing! And so perfect. Love the scarf too!

  64. Wow! Those snowflakes are awesome, what a great picture. It almost makes winter bearable.
    The scarf is pretty nice too!

    Now where’s the pattern??? Did you honestly think you’d get away with that post without including the pattern? 😉

  66. Given that the criteria are perfect (especially like the reversible bit) I hope a pattern will soon follow… or if you are looking for test knitters, you give a shout.

  67. So I picture myself, camera ready, capturing the perfect snowflakes on my perfect knitting, I’m so clever don’tchaknow, and while I’m focusing the fool camera I breathe out….. That’s the way MY life goes. I can only tell everyone about the snowflake shot that got away. I agree that the last shot would make a great Christmas card. There’s a real market out here, you know, for something besides the cliched art work.

  68. Hey Harlot, need the pattern – winters are pretty cold here in the Rocky Mountains too!
    It’s bee-yoo-ti-full!

  69. You just can’t tease us all like this and post such a beautiful thing and not tell us how to get the pattern—-don’t you know we all want one now!!!!
    You have done this before (that gorgeous cowl you made) and should know better–We want to make one NOW!!!!

  70. Perfection! The new camera makes a huge difference. I love the color (and I generally don’t care for blue.) That was nice of the snow to cooperate for once.

  71. You have such perfect snow up there, no wonder you knit perfect things. (There’s logic in there somewhere, really.) Now I want to knit one for someone.
    Do you have a preference or list of pros and cons re circle vs. moebius scarves?

  72. Lovely scarf, lovely girl, but…that last photo made me smile all over! Some pictures are just perfect…

  73. What charming adorable models you have!
    Snowflake Bentley labored for years to get snowflake photos like that. I haven’t seen anything that charming in a modeling photo in ages.
    Oh, and the scarf looks awesome too.

  74. Oh how lovely! I do hope eventually (maybe not in the next 15 days…we are on Christmas deadline and you’re on book deadline too) we get the pattern! 🙂

  75. I absolutely love your snowflake pictures! Ihave never seen more amazing snowflakes than the ones that land onyour knitting.

  76. at 1:49 Barb wrote “I wish I lived in a cold climate”. I DO live in a cold climate. Please put up the pattern. Even though I’m supposedly on a yarn diet I’m ready to buy the yarn RIGHT NOW …

  77. Cute model and beautiful scarf. I love when perfect snowflakes fall and you can actually see how pretty they are. Although, maybe 6-13 inches and heavy winds besides, not quite so perfect. (This coming weekend!)
    I’d love the pattern, too.

  78. That is so not real snow!! Snow like that doesn’t exist in nature!!! Well, at least not where I live, lol. The scarf, however, is inspiring!

  79. Beautiful!! Please share your pattern with us. And that snow? I have NEVER seen snow like that.

  80. is there a pattern for the reversible scarf-it is beautiful and I too want something that is beautiful no matter which side shows

  81. It’s the snowflake seal of perfection! Perfect flakes for a perfect cowl. They look too good to be real. So does the cowl. And so does the fact that you could take the time to shoot such perfect pictures. I hope this means the back is much better!

  82. Oh my goodness, I had no idea that snowflakes could actually look like that! I thought that was just the prettier version of them, like when people draw hearts.

  83. Please please please with gingerbread on top can you tell us the pattern? Real gingerbread. I promise.

  84. Are you kidding me? Those are real snowflakes? Awesome! Oh, and it goes without saying that so is the scarf…but we expect that from you…you know, being a perfectionist and all…

  85. Love the scarf. The detail in the snowflakes is amazing. What kind of camera did you use to take the photo?

  86. Love your work, I really do, but you are the one who said you were sort of a perfectionist. I pondered if to tell you, but your Lenore socks look like there is a big mistake in the picture (petal swooping the wrong way), course maybe you wanted it that way. If so – oops, sorry. Will have to get the pattern ‘cuz I love them.

  87. Oh beautiful! I’d love to knit one up it’s perfect! Are you going to make the pattern available?

  88. Pattern, pattern, pattern, Please, Please, PLEASE!?!?!?!?!? Don’t make us beg, but we will. I love this.

  89. Are those snowflakes for real? Apparently living in Georgia (USA), I’ve only ever seen snow ‘dots.’
    I want flakes, and I want them now. Which might happen–we’re supposed to get snow this weekend!
    Lovely cowl.

  90. You know, Steph, last year I really loved the Little Thing that you designed. I knitted one for myself, and a friend also made one (different color) for me. I wore them everywhere, including out to the barn while tending my flock. But it looks to me like this winter is going to be much colder. . . here at least. So would you *pretty please* post the pattern? It’d be just perfect for the many hours I’ll be spending out there. (Lambs due end of January/beginning February.)
    I’ve never seen snowflakes that look like that in real life. Thanks for sharing the great photo!

  91. Oh my! Lovely. Beautiful. Gorgeous. And, of course, “perfect” says it all.
    Hope you’ll share the pattern with us.

  92. I don’t need the pattern, just the finished dimensions. I’ve wanted to knit such an item, but was completely clueless as to what the dimensions should be to be so versatile. You’ve created perfection. thanks.

  93. I love the snowflake photo! Thanks so much for posting it. One of my favorite things to do in the winter is look at the snowflakes that fall on my sleeve to see the crystal shapes.

  94. “having really high standards and being precise about what I like” – LOL, this reminds me of what Russell Crowe says about his infamous on-set behaviour: “I’m not a control freak, I’m just very specific”.
    The snowflakes are beautiful. But then, I like the cold. 🙂

  95. I, on the other hand, just finished a scarf that I thoroughly dislike–it’s a lovely pattern from Vogue Knitting on the Go! Cables: Mittens, Hats & Scarves. The yarn I used was rose pink & the scarf is too bulky & doesn’t drape well. It’s so bad that I went to T.J. Maxx & bought two scarves to use. Will do the scarf pattern again as I loved the cable but with a dk or a softer yarn than worsted!

  96. Yes ma’am…pattern perhaps? The circle scarf is delightful and I believe those are snow flakes of approval from the Yarn Goddess too. Chunky Misty Alpaca was my first big-girl yarn – I will always have a soft spot (PUN) for it in my heart.

  97. It is a beautiful pattern…does it exist somewhere? Or your own? Would love to purchase (I have not progressed enough to make up my own patterns from photos!)…glad to hear you are feeling better…thank you for another wonderful year of your blog…I greatly appreciate the emotional lifts!

  98. OMG, that last picture WAS perfect.
    What a great scarf! Is there a pattern in the offering? Hmmmmm? 😉

  99. I love your approach to knitting and the wearability of the things we fiber addicts produce. Beautiful yarn – perfect for us in the northern climes, great color, awesome texture and you are absolutely right about reversibility in such objects. I agree with the others who’ve requested the pattern –

  100. And it IS perfect! So perfect I “almost” (but not yet) searched out yarn and needles. All in good time! Hey, baking cookies? That’s one to skip, and it picks up 6 days according to your calendar!

  101. Oooooooooh, I need one of these and I need one now! It’s been so cold over here in the UK, and the cold weather is due to return again at the end of this week. Please, please, pretty please let us have the pattern! xxx

  102. SOOOOOOOOOOOOO beautiful, I forgive you for making me email my nearest (and totally dearest) Twist Fibre Craft Yarn shop in snowy Newburgh, Scotland, and got them to send me yarn and a pattern for their cowl. I am meant to be working on a University assigment.

  103. Dear Santa,
    I have been a very good knitter this year, and have attempted to control stash and finish wip. All I want for Christmas is the pattern for the lovely scarf cowl created by the Yarn Harlot
    Thank you very much,
    PS – I will make a cowl for Mrs Claus…

  104. Those are most of my standards for knitting also. Especially the reversible part. Those are great photos and I’ve never seen a shot of snow that displayed the details of the flakes so clearly. Lovely.

  105. Yes, I need this pattern, too.
    Yes, I want it now.
    Yes, I will wait patiently, if required, but I won’t like it.
    Yes, you should let that nice boy at support know you are posting the pattern, so he can go hide before the server crashes.
    Thank you for making my day!

  106. I misread the “before you put the pattern up, please warn the nice geekboy at your server” comment as “please WARM the nice geekboy.” (and for those of you whose minds went straight to the gutter, I was thinking hat or muffler, honest!) and I add my vote for doing both (warning and warming) — because Steph? once you post that pattern? he’s going to be very VERY busy. Jes’ sayin’.

  107. Also, is there a pattern in the offing? Or at least dimensions? We are closing down the yarn shop now but I am passing around the laptop and my two closing-time customers are ooh-ing and aah-ing over that scarf, and that is indeed a most versatile garment for our schizophrenic, chilly, rainy Southern winter (think scarf/sweater/raincoat combo). This is versatile and perfect for when it is spitting sleet at you (which is what we get for winter precipitation, with the occasional snow flurry). I’d also like to work out the dimensions of the scarf in a sportweight yarn. (“Oohs” and “aahs” have now escalated to full-on pattern demand from customers).

  108. Love, love, love the scarf!
    Although I live in New England, I’ve only seen snowflakes shaped like…well, snowflakes, once in my memory. Usually, it’s just clumps of tiny ones that come down, not those perfectly shaped thick snowflakes.

  109. Okay, you are right, this is not only uber kuhl, but perfect in every way. Please, details! Yarn, pattern, modifications?

  110. Re: your Twitter comment–I always knit at the TSO. (Also at Tarragon, Soulpepper etc.) You are not alone!

  111. I love the cowl, it is just beautiful. I would really love the pattern. this has got to be the most beautiful thing i have ever seen!

  112. OH my goodness…I live in the southern US and I had no idea that snow actually came like that, or I would have ordered some a long time ago! The weather people are threatening us with snow and I assure you, it will look NOTHING like that.

  113. Having seen snow falling from the sky exactly three times in my life, I have to thank you for the perfect snow. I had NO idea snowflakes could really look like that.

  114. Just saw your tweet about the Toronto Symphony Orchestra. Last week Verdi’s Requiem performed by Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra: woman sitting in the grand box knitting something (i sit in peanut heaven, so couldn’t tell); me working on socks until the music got too exciting and I started to strangle my yarn.
    Hope your concert was fabulous.

  115. Lovely scarf! Lovely daughter! Lovely snow!
    Must have pattern! I’m working on my first mobius scarf, but that one is, well, perfection.

  116. Wait, snowflakes really look like that? I’m from L.A. so I have never seen actual snowflakes before. They really do look like little tiny white flowers!
    I might be charmed. Utterly. Inexpressibly. Snowflakes!!! OMG!
    Also, the scarf is really perfect!

  117. Gorgeous model, gorgeous yarn, gorgeous pattern. I am glad you are picky about your knitting! Are you making (did you make) your book deadline?

  118. What an awesome scarf,I will have to see if that yarn is available here in Aus., it is perfect for the job, I can’t abide anything that is the least bit itchy or scratchy near my skin.
    Re. Twitter….Cats like to drink out of pottery or ceramic as first choice, then glass, metal and plastic last, I think it is because the container taints the taste of the water

  119. Wow! That really is the perfect scarf!
    Are there directions somewhere so we can make something as beautiful?
    Also: That snow is just too perfect! It can’t possibly be real! Why does perfect snow like that ever fall on me or my hand knits?

  120. I love your perfection! Please share? : ) Quickly though, us mere mortals don’t crank out the FO’s as quickly as you do – and CHRISTMAS IS COMING!

  121. That is stunning! The colour is beautiful and it looks extremely cosy. The snow flakes are stunning also…I didn’t know that is what they looked like. The closest I’ve been to snow in 43 years is sleet….and it really didn’t look like that!!!

  122. The cowl is as lovely as it is a multitasker, but man, those snowflakes were breathtakingly perfect. I’ve never seen such perfect little flakes, apparently NJ snowflakes are slackers!

  123. No snow where I live, so I was mighty impressed with those fantastic little snowflakes. Do they really look like that? Magical! And the cowl’s not too shabby either!

  124. PLEASE Stephanie, I really need that pattern! It would be perfect for my niece … and maybe one for me … please? It’s gorgeous!

  125. Indeed the snowflakes are absolutely perfect. But the more I look at them, the more I wonder. Are they really real? You didn’t exactly say so, did you?

  126. I just learned of your blog last week. i have begun reading from the beginning; your writing is sharp and witty and reflective of the richness of life and knitting. I am mesmerized by it. That being said, i absolutely love love love this big circle scarf and yes, want to buy Misti Alpaca yarn and knit a few. Count me among the many who are yearning for this pattern; personally i would pay for such a wonder! how about a hint: how many hanks of the yarn per scarf? 🙂

  127. Wow! Those are some perfect snowflakes. We don’t get those in central Ohio. They’re sort of spikey and angry looking. Love the cowl, too!

  128. It is perfect, and just what I have been trying to figure out how to make. So count me as another member of the “pattern, please” chorus.

  129. Wow, I’ve never seen such perfect snowflakes! And on such a beautiful scarf… well done!

  130. I hate to be a follower but North America has spoken and we need the pattern!!!! Really fantastic!

  131. LOVELY! I have been looking for the perfect cowl with chunky weight yarn forEVER. Pattern, pretty pretty pretty please!!!!??

  132. Love!! x 1000!!
    (and why is my personal info never remembered even though I always check “yes”? rhetorical question, really – for someday when your tech guy is bored)

  133. Yes! I’m hoping “someone” will be willing to share the pattern with us. Maybe consider it our Christmas present. It’s beautiful!

  134. Beautiful scarf! I’m thinking people in the middle of the United States aren’t enamored with the snow flakes!
    I’m in Colorado and we usually have had a lot of snow by now (well, the mountains have been dumped on), but on the east side of the Rocky Mountains, we are w-a-y behind on snowfall. Denver area normally has had 19-1/2 inches by now and they have had 1-1/2 inches. I’m in Northern Colorado and we have had even less.

  135. The scarf is gorgeous looks great on Natalie. Would really love to have the pattern when you have the time. This appears to be the 2010-2011 “edition” of Pretty Thing!

  136. so pretty, and yes, I want to know what pattern it is, too! Is it yours? Please let us know!

  137. V. snuggly-looking circle scarf indeed 🙂
    Good on you for the amazing snowflakes shot, it must be *verrry* cold indeed for them to not melt in between the time it took to take the picture.

  138. Oh please post the pattern. My daughter who is on school in Rochester NY is dying for it…Please and thank you.

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