Today’s the day. Today’s the day that we open registration for Sock Summit 2011.  Last night when we were sure we were done getting ready, and Stephen had gone to bed, and the world started closing in a bit and we started to feel nervous.  We went outside because the best antidote to feeling like the world is really small is to go look at a great big sky, and we stood there and looked at the stars and Tina looked at me and said, "Why are we doing this to ourselves again?"

Last time registration was so hard. I don’t want to talk about how or why because the juju is so good on this one that I don’t want to invoke ghosts, so let’s just say it was hard. We’ve made a million changes to the system, spent a ton of money making sure this one won’t be hard, and now it all comes down to this, and here’s the crazy part.  Last night, when we were listing off everything that could go wrong today, what it really came down to, what were really afraid of surprised us. 

We’re not afraid of losing money.  (Okay. We’re really afraid of that, but there are worse things than losing a lot of money. We could find a way to make more money, and while it might wipe out all our savings- our families wouldn’t starve.) We’re not afraid of being embarrassed (much.) We’ve both been embarrassed before and we lived.  We’re grown up women. We’ll get through. We talked and talked – what were we afraid of.  What was so scary that two mature women would stand in the night staring at the sky? 

It came to us.  It’s that what we really valued about the last Sock Summit was the community. It was being allowed to invest in the teachers careers, and show people a good time, and support the vendors and try to invest in this industry and community in a way that helped create that community and industry, because if we don’t support it, it won’t be there, and both Tina and I love it and have based lives on it… and with that. We knew why we were scared.

We don’t want to let you all down.
We hope we don’t.
We’ve tried not to. 
Wish us luck.

245 thoughts on “Deadline

  1. I won’t be making it to the SS11 :(, but just the fact that you don’t want to let us down for me means that you won’t. I want to say something positive, supportive and hopeful… but not wanting to start a jinx I’ll leave it at that…:)

  2. LUCK!!! LUCKLUCKLUCK and Best Wishes for a Sock Summit even more amazing than the first one.

  3. I’m sure it will be a rip-roaring success – how could it be anything else. You might want to hold a follow up in Europe for all those of us who would love to join you, but for logistical reasons (read money!) can’t. Plllleeeaaaasssseeee!!

  4. Good luck. And, really, it’ll be great. With smooth flying (which I’m hoping for) or with hiccups, it’ll all work out fine..

  5. I know you’ll do a wonderful job! Have you thought about doing one closer to home? e.g. Ontario? I’d love to go but the budget won’t allow for cross country knitting travel expenditures. Hope it all goes well.

  6. Good luck, but you don’t need it, you have probably overplanned so much nothing could go wrong.

  7. I always knew that was why you did it. In fact, I’m writing an academic paper about why your blog is so good at creating community. Yesterday I posted to facebook about my classmates researching war speeches and climate-change denial and marginalization of minorities etc etc BIG SERIOUS THINGS, and an archeologist friend posted back: Thousands of years from now people will still be knitting and writing about knitting.
    It will be fine. Because what you’ve built can’t be unbuilt by technology, or bad things that happen with technology. It is human, and real, and enduring.

  8. Hope all goes really really well for you. You are both an inspiration!

  9. Best wishes, Tina and Steph. Thank you for all you do for this community of ours. Thank you.

  10. It will probably be fine. You’ve lots of experience. You have a great community. You have lots of goodwill.
    And if something should go wrong, you will have forgiveness and understanding.
    Have fun, and stay sane.

  11. Remember that although last time was very difficult, it all worked out in the end and from what it sounds like everyone had a grand time! Wish I could be there!

  12. I can’t even go and I’m watching nervously for you all. I’m sure it won’t be perfect and that it will be great. Good luck (cuz you’ve done all the things that need cleverness and hard work rather than luck) and have fun (who am I kidding – that’s a given for you and Tina)!

  13. My fingers are crossed for you! (And could you cross yours for me? I’m waiting to hear about a job.) It will be awesome, some way or another. Maybe not the way you expect it to, but it will!

  14. And your hard work is always always always appreciated. We know you’re doing your very best. I can’t make it this year so i’m hoping there might be a 2013 for me 🙂 best of luck today and hopefully champagne at the end of it!

  15. I am so looking forward to this – missed it last time, even though I am only a few hours away. Life gets in the way sometimes, but I swore I would not miss it this year.
    WAITING, waiting, waiting.

  16. All will be fine – we are not going to “stop playing” because of tecchie glitches (sorry, Steven, no malice intended). I am so excited to be attending SS11 – my first ever – that even if I don’t get just what I wanted in the way of classes, it will still be special! You two have done an awesome job of prep, and we arw all so very appreciative, don’t ever forget that!
    Cheers, Ladies!

  17. Are you doing the dying competition again? It was a great way to include people who couldn’t attend.

  18. I’ve never been to Sock Summit and it’s not likely I’ll have the chance to go any time soon; life is just busy. BUT: the pictures you and others post, the stories everyone tells and the amazing teachers you line up — I’ve never even been and I feel a part of this whole thing just by virtue of being a knitter. And there’s a sort of pride just in that fact. “Look. Look at the clever things my people are doing! We’re a fantastic bunch, we knitters.”
    You’ve never let us down, even those of us who only get to live through it by photo proxy. The fact that you guys invest so much time and money and sanity into this event is amazing. And let’s face it: many knitters would show up even if it were a half-dozen people sneaking away to a cabin in the woods for a week with nothing but their wool and needles. Knitters love to knit. You take that getaway and pump it up about a million times and there you are: Knitting Nirvana.
    Working as hard as you guys do… I don’t think any knitter could feel let down, even those of us who won’t be there.

  19. Woo, good luck!
    I wish I could come, but Stringtopia pretty much wiped out my travel-for-fiber budget this year. I think that what you and Tina and Stephen and all of the teachers, vendors, roadies and staff are doing for the fiber community with Sock Summit is awe-inspiring, and am just so grateful for you!

  20. If you two fall down, we will ALL pick you up. We do solemnly swear. (’cause that’s how we roll.)

  21. The fiber community has been such a valuable addition to my life, getting me “outside” my self. I can’t thank you, Stephanie and Tina, enough. 🙂

  22. Good luck to the both of you. And congratulations. You both have created something so wonderful in this community that it is so popular that it leads to these considerations, that’s a feat in itself.

  23. I wish I could go to the summit and am wishing you all the best of luck and good servers today.

  24. I forgot to add, there’s a breer convention right next door if it goes to hell in a hand basket……

  25. Oh, I wish i could go!!!
    Anything run by someone who can write a post like this has got to be fabulous! Because you care.

  26. No Matter What, you won’t have let us down!!! The Community will be there, thanking you with all its collective heart for bringing us together in such a wonderful way.

  27. Dude. You said it yourself. Last time (the FIRST time anyone ever did something like this, remember) registration went off the rails. But despite that you STILL managed to “invest in the teachers’ careers, and show people a good time, and support the vendors and try to invest in this industry and community in a way that helped create that community and industry…because both Tina and I love it and have based lives on it…”.
    Think how great it will be for all of these wonderful things to happen AGAIN, and with smooth registration to boot.
    Well done, sweetie, no matter what happens today.

  28. Good luck! I was able to attend the first Sock Summit and it was an entirely marvelous experience… I can only assume you have learned even more in the meantime. The sense of community was evident and joyful. Everyone I passed was smiling the whole time and so was I. It was a wonderful time. This one will be even better. I only hope you will be able to delegate more and have the opportunity to enjoy it yourself! If you’d like something delicious to sustain yourself, have someone make a run to Burgerville and get you a raspberry shake. They are about a billion calories, but I guarantee you’ll never taste a better one. They’re made from fresh berries and, besides, you seemed to be burning that many calories anyway. Not to be missed! Those Oregon berries are crazy good!

  29. I’m on the diagonal opposite side of the country, so I won’t be attending SS (as much as I’d love to), but I expect that it’ll be fantastic, as it was the last time. Best of luck!

  30. If each of you tried your best that is all you or anybody else can ask of you. Try your best. That little motto your parents instilled in you as a child really does work. When we try our best it is amazing what we can achieve. And I’m sure this will be as big as a success as last time.

  31. I just took a peak at the website, it looks outstanding! I hope to join you someday. Can’t wait to hear how registration goes, fingers crossed~

  32. You and your crew will wow the socks off everyone. Look at what everyone says about the camps you and Tina host. Yep. It will be awesome.
    Even shy little ole me had a wonderful time at Sock Summit. I went by myself, took classes by myself and just enjoyed it all. But the best event was the panel of knitting dignitaries on the last day. Wow. The emotions in the room were just without words. I loved it. Me in a crowd, and I loved it.
    Yep. This Sock Summit will be just as cool. There’s yarn, it can’t ever be bad. 😉

  33. You and your crew will wow the socks off everyone. Look at what everyone says about the camps you and Tina host. Yep. It will be awesome.
    Even shy little ole me had a wonderful time at Sock Summit. I went by myself, took classes by myself and just enjoyed it all. But the best event was the panel of knitting dignitaries on the last day. Wow. The emotions in the room were just without words. I loved it. Me in a crowd, and I loved it.
    Yep. This Sock Summit will be just as cool. There’s yarn, it can’t ever be bad. 😉

  34. All will be fine. Deep breath, more chocolate. People will either get the classes they want, or they won’t. The world will keep spinning, women will keep having babies, men will keep telling sexual lies (c’mon guys, you know you do) and SS11 will be a rip-roaring success. But only if we don’t all spontaneously combust from the waiting!

  35. 29 minutes and counting.
    It was wonderful last time – my face hurt from four days of smiling.
    It will be wonderful this time.
    I can’t wait.

  36. It’s big and you’re scared, which is entirely natural, but you’ve done a lot of good work in preparing and I’m sure it will be a huge success. Enjoy!!!

  37. I struggled with registration last time when it appeared everything was full after 30 minutes and you e-mailed me personally to tell me to try again. I did and I got classes with teachers I wanted to be with and I had a great time.
    I so appreciate how much you and Tina have personally sacrificed to make this happen and no matter how it goes at noon today, I am grateful for your efforts and I will have a great time no matter what.
    It’s amazing how much you and Tina “make” the knitting community – your efforts, not the outcome, make the community an amazing place.
    I was so impressed that you personally checked each classroom to make sure we were ok and the glimpses you provide of how hard you’re working now on 2011 – you are awesome.
    Many heartfelt thanks!

  38. I’m getting myself ready here…
    But just wanted to say. There is NO letting anyone down because there is no down side here.
    Best event ever. Classes or no classes. And I seriously doubt this time will be any different.
    Thank you very, very much for all your hard work you guys!

  39. Not even possible. If nothing else, you have given me the chance to tell my colleagues that I’m going to a sock knitting conference. Do you know what a validation the mere fact of SS is? It’s all good, guys, it’s all good.

  40. You are amazing giving women. I think the knitting community and the sock making community will not feel let down for you trying your hardest.
    However, there are haters out there in every group, and so I hope that the voices of the non-haters are loud enough that any naysaying you get is but a puff of smoke in the breeze.

  41. No matter what happens, you and Tina will *not* be letting anyone down.
    I can’t wait to get to Portland — no matter what happens during registration. :o)

  42. we are all our worst critics.
    oh, and you can please some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all the people all the time.
    (with acknowledgement to President Lincoln)
    From what I’ve heard after the last one, you won’t let people down.

  43. It’s going to be great. Registration will go smoothly. You’ll be juuuuust fiiiiine.

  44. I’m sure SS will be a HUGE success. I’m staying here and going to Sheep & Wool, because it’s just down the road, but best of luck and happy socking to all who attend!

  45. Up until now and again for this year, I have only experienced the SS through the pictures and the posts.
    I have found that people who are nervous about doing someting that they’re good at are simply nervous because they care about what they do.
    I have absolute faith that it will all be / will have been worth it when it’s finished this year because of the amount of care put into it.
    Stay nervous — it helps the rest of ordinary knitters know that we can all be more than we think we can.

  46. The only way that y’all could disappoint us is if you up and disappeared.

  47. You picked a great day – May the Fourth be with you! I bet it’s going to go so smooth we will totally forget about 2009.

  48. We’re all adults, and need to remember that, no matter what happens. No one will die if things don’t go perfectly, and no one’s life will be ruined if they don’t get to attend or get the classes, etc. that they want. I know “break a leg” is for theatre, but either way, it means: GOOD LUCK AND BEST WISHES!

  49. Even if I get none of the classes I want, even if it crashes and burns like last time, what ended up happening last time will happen this time: Sock Summit will be amazing, and the best week of the year for many hundreds of your fellow knit-nuts. Thank you in advance for all you’ve done, no matter how today plays out. We’re not disappointed in you, no matter how frustrated or snitty we get. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  50. You couldn’t possibly let us down. Just knowing how much work you all have put into this makes that impossible. I have my classes picked, but if i didn’t get into any of them I’d still go and have lots of fun. See you in July!

  51. Luck especially the good kind. It will go smoothly as #honeybadger is on the job. Hugs to everyone at Sock Summit World Wide Headquarters.

  52. Ok, here it goes from the bottom of my heart. Goooooooooooooooooooooood luck!!! 🙂

  53. YELLING – GOOD LUCK! GOOD LUCK! GOOD LUCK! HOPE ALL WILL GO WELL. Don’t forget to breathe! All the best for a fantastic summit.

  54. Not a chance. No letdown. A great thing. I just wish I could be there again. Silly daughter, picking that weekend to get married!

  55. You did great last time. You’ll do great this time! As I type, registration is open…I’m praying everything goes smoothly … I wish I could come this year, but I can’t. I’m sending the you and Tina all the positive mojo in the world, because YOU all believe in us. And THAT is why Sock Summit ROCKS! Because you two believe!

  56. Mine just went through flawlessly. Thanks for all the hard work. I’m looking forward to this one even more than the last!

  57. Just finished registration, got the classes i wanted. In and out in 4 minutes. it was a absolute breeze. no disappointment here!!!
    Thank you ST-1 and ST-2!!!

  58. Stephanie & Tina…
    The registration went so smooth, I almost couldn’t believe my eyes. You girls rock my socks off.
    Much love and can’t wait to say hi!
    Ginny from Fairbanks, Alaska

  59. I’m in! I’m in!
    Had a small panic when it said my payment wasn’t confirmed, but then it was, and I’M IN!
    Got every one of the classes I wanted.
    ‘Scuse me, have to go turn some cartwheels in the back yard!
    Thank you.

  60. Oh yeah. I noticed that the internet was slow this morning. Now I know why. How could I forget that Sock Summit registration was this morning? I think it slowed down the interwebs all the way out here in North Carolina! Go sock knitters!

  61. Just made it through process, like buttah! Smooth sailing all the way. Well done!

  62. Registration was AWESOME!! Really user-friendly and direct… (needless to say, I’m a happy camper because I had the good fortune to get the classes I wanted.) YOU TWO ARE THE BEST!!!
    OK, Stephen, you, too! Thanks!
    Cheers, Nan

  63. Despite my coffee-fueled anxiety, my registration went just fine! Thank you so much! This will be my first Sock Summit (though not my first pair of socks), and I couldn’t be more excited.

  64. I just got through registration, and got almost everything I wanted. The process went so much more smoothly than last year, and I really appreciate all your effort in making that so. I can’t wait!

  65. Ok time for therapy
    go sit a corner with a ball of yarn and 3mm needles till you have clamed down and see what you can do.
    And you had douts??

  66. Just by being who you are, and so worried that you might let the royal ‘us’ down, you guys are already goddesses in my book. Just finished registration without a hitch, easy breezy, and got all the classes I was interested in. You and Tina are amazing. Sit back, have a beer, and remember to breathe.

  67. I had to try several times, getting an error message each time, before my credit card payment went through. In the end, though, I got the class and the swag that I wanted.

  68. Everything went so smoothly for my registration! I got all four classes I wanted. I am way excited!!!! (see all the exclamation points!) I can’t wait to go.
    It will rock. We will all have our Swag Beer Glasses full of Portland brew and everyone will be so happy!

  69. Just registered! I’ve got to say that it made me nervous when it took several minutes to process my request, but everything did eventually work smoothly.
    This is also my first sock summit, and actually my first trip of any kind based around knitting. I’m very excited.

  70. Oh, Wow! No way would anyone be let down by what you have done in the past or what you continue to do now and have plans for in the future. You guys are phenomenal for what you do for the knitting community!

  71. I LOVED the new registration process. A big thank you to you and Tina and Stephen and everybody else who set up the system. I’m looking forward to seeing all of you at Sock Summit!!

  72. Hello Stephanie and Tina,
    While I won’t be able to join you this time, I will be there in spirit. I’ve got my wings on and crystal laser wand in hand. Out! Out! bad knitting demons!! Thou shalt not rain on this parade!!
    Much love and blessings to you both.

  73. I got registered in 7 minutes, and most of the delay was the processing of payment (poor server). Anyway, it went well and thank you!
    Yeehaa … here we come!

  74. Registration was great, I got all the classes I wanted. Thank you, both of you, all the ST-2 members, everyone who worked so hard to get this running.
    We love you all.

  75. I, too, got all the classes I wanted. Hurray! The only question I have is what if you want to see if any more classes are still open? It doesn’t seem to let you do that. LOVE YOU AND YOUR TEAM!!!!!

  76. Registration was a breeze, I got all the classes I wanted and it worked perfectly.
    Last Sock Summit was amazing, and I am *positive* this one will be too. Thank you so much for all the work you did and continue to do. 🙂

  77. My registration got booted the first time I submitted it, and by the time I called event support, whose automated system refused to give me anyone to talk to, and went back through the process, all of my first choices were full. I did get one morning class on Friday, your lecture Friday evening (yay), and am on three wait lists, but I am ticked at Cvent… Hope this is one of the few glitches–everyone else seems to be much luckier today! Good luck, randmknitter

  78. I just wanted to let you know that I registered with very little difficulty (the payment part got a bit hairy, but ultimately worked within a minute or two) and from what I hear, everyone else is having just as easy a time.
    Last time around, I didn’t get any classes but of course I attended anyway. The community and the marketplace were worth it (and I love Portland, anyway) but this time I registered for a few. I can’t wait to be there with everyone again! In fact, it’s making me a little verklempt just thinking about it. See you in July!

  79. Your Sock Summit actually makes me wish I liked knitting socks. But, I would make myself knit socks, if I could attend. Sadly, though, I cannot.

  80. Much love to you and the whole team — you guys clearly put your hearts into all that you do for us. Great job, and I hope you all have some time to relax and pamper yourselves!

  81. You know what? I stumbled across the sock summit event by accident, got super excited, have ended up on wait lists for classes and STILL am so excited and can’t wait for July!! No way can this disappoint me – with or without getting in the classes.

  82. My registration went through so easily, and I THANK YOU for all of the hard work, energy and love you put into this!!!!!
    I hope you get to enjoy it, yourselves. This is a dream event you’ve put together!

  83. Did I have glitches in the registration – well yes, I did, and it meant I didn’t get some classes that were at the top of my list. Do I blame you for not being perfect? Of course not. This is fun, not saving the world.
    Hang in there!

  84. I had a good experience with registration. I didn’t get one class I wanted, but I had great back ups.
    Thank you for your hard work. I know first hand how nerve-wracking it is to put on an event and hope that people are happy. I think the class choices are wonderful – there’s something for everyone.
    Good job!!!

  85. OK. 44 min into registration and you have full classes. I think success is not the word. Lets go with Triumph!

  86. “We don’t want to let you all down.
    We hope we don’t.
    We’ve tried not to.”
    You couldn’t. Even if you tried, which you wouldn’t.
    Also, love what susanc2 @1:43 said. Perfect.
    I’ll be there in spirit. Well, unless I win the powerball tonight, then I’ll be there in body as well.

  87. No luck necessary, you are professionals. Excellent work on your preparation (disaster?) planning. My registration went off without a hitch!

  88. All your hard efforts paid off! Registration was incredibly easy! Thank you, thank you thank you!
    What an amazing job, ladies!

  89. Even though I won’t be able to attend Sock Summit, I know this to be true: you couldn’t let us down if you tried. You both put so much of yourselves into this whole thing that the love will carry it through no matter what happens. Nice work.

  90. I won’t be able to go to Sock Summit ’11, but I know already that it will be magical and amazing for the lucky people who are able to attend. The work is done with passion and integrity, so it’s not going to fail, and you will not let anyone down. Not even yourselves.

  91. The registration process was a million times better than last year, though still pretty glitchy for many of us. But I’ll be there and I know you aren’t going to let us down because the magic of 2009? The community thing? It’s there already. It’s actually beyond your control because the community of knitters is its own tsunami wave of energy that’s going to roll over the Portland Convention Center for 4 days. You’re all taking a risk to provide the space and context in which it can happen, but you’re backed up by several thousand knitters all doing their part to make the magic happen again! That many knitters can’t be wrong!

  92. “Ring out, bells of Norwich and let the winter come and go;
    All shall be well again, I know”
    See, and just like in the song, it was so.
    You two and your crew are the best. One of these years I will have to win the lottery and come join the fun. After the kids get done with college and such.
    Knit one and drink one for me!

  93. The last one was great, this one will be great! I am so excited that you are doing it again and love you for it. Thanks for putting yourself out there. It will be magical.

  94. Registered at 1pm, all my first choices full (!) 3 of my 4 second choices filled while I finished registration, got my 3rd/4th choices. Looking forward to the community experience — the overall BEST choice! 😉

  95. I’m all signed up. Got exactly what I wanted and the registration went smoothly. Looking forward to seeing you there! Thanks so much for all your hard work.

  96. Darlin’…you could never let us down. Neither of you. Just the trying and the love show us that.

  97. You could never let us down. Neither of you.
    You have both worked so hard, that all we can see and feel and taste and smell is the love.
    Now relax and have a beer. Or wine.
    You have all earned it 10 fold over.
    It will be glorious.

  98. It was wonderful, great and super easy–I’m not just saying that because I got everything I wished to have, I didn’t, but because it was super good and super easy, and I know , because I was one of the initial swoop last year when it all got crazy.
    GREAT job all of you! you guys will never , have never let us down! It won’t happen.

  99. Just registered – I got most of my classes, and I am very happy! Nothing crashed, and I am on the wait list for a couple of classes that seemed to fill as I typed! It was a bit of pressure, but I am tickled pink and looking forward to Portland! Thanks!!

  100. I love you all!!! The registration process was a piece of cake this year!! I, too, did not get all the classes I wanted (I guess I didn’t need to try to take ALL of Judith’s classes—dang her for being so awesome!) but I’m thrilled with what I did get! AWESOME JOB TO YOU AND TINA AND STEPHEN and whoever else worked on this!

  101. I’m holding off, because until all uncertainty is removed re my being able to go, I refuse to block someone else’s chance of getting into the class of their dreams. But I’ve been hearing all day from others who are thrilled that they got what they wanted and how well it all went.
    You all have done and are doing a great job.

  102. I have a hunch you couldn’t let us down if you tried. Good luck!!! And many, many thanks!!!

  103. I got the Janel Laidman class I wanted, and the longest part of it was waiting for the confirmation to come up…but the whole thing only took about 9 minutes, so that was fantastic! My confirmation still shows my payment as processing, but as long as I have a number, I ain’t worryin’. 😉 Great going!
    Now, when things calm down a bit more, go eat something and have several beers. I’ll see y’all in July!

  104. Registration was smooth and I’ll be there. So excited!
    Wishing there was more room in your class though. Feeling a bit like a celeb stalker right now 😉 Hope you will finally get some real food and catch up on sleep.

  105. Just remember that first child. You know the one. The one that you changed even when she was dry. The one that broke your heart every time she cried and you couldn’t figure out why she was crying. The one that you crept into her bedroom at night to see if she was really breathing. And then remember the second one and the third one. you know the ones. They sat in soggy diapers, ate stuff off the floor and fell asleep on the divan. But you were totally ready for them because you had braved the first one. You had worried and cried and doubts your skills. And you had endured. And remember that this Sock Summit is like those second and third kids. A complete piece of cake. lol And while I can not actually join you I will be admiring Sock Summit from afar and dreaming of the day that I too can be right there with you.

  106. If it helps, I just registered and it all happened crazy-easy. Just like you told us it would. See you in July!

  107. Good bloom’n luck! You are going to be fabulous and jillions of knitters will attend, though I will not be one of them. I will be watching from Michigan. Everything is going to be worth all of the effort and worry.

  108. Registration went like a dream for me. Perhaps 4 minutes of heightened heart rate … but no complaints. Very much looking forward to July.
    Thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  109. I keep looking for the “love” button, for both your post and for many of the comments.
    I have gradually come to think of knitters as My Tribe. We are one.

  110. Registration was a breeze; much nicer than last time for me. I loved SS09 and can’t wait until July to be wowed again. Thanks for the great job, ladies!

  111. I was really worried about registration this time, too. Last time, I didn’t know and didn’t care (enough) what I would be missing. I REALLY wanted to be a part this time, a bigger part. BUT registration started 30 minutes before I had to get my son from preschool, 15 minutes away. And then, just before noon, my 6 month old got fussy and wanted to nurse. So I sat there at the computer, frantically refreshing the page and hopping she didn’t pop her latch and start to cry…or push the “enter” button before I was ready! As it turns out, neither of us needed to worry – registration was a breeze. I got all the classes I wanted, the baby nursed her fill, and both were done in plenty of time for me to pick-up my son on time. 🙂

  112. If the registration system has any moments of wonkiness may they only affect the self-centred, immature individuals who were nasty about it last time, and may the system glide like satin for everybody else (because they are more deserving of getting in anyway)
    Hope every deserving somebody who’s attending has a ball!

  113. You are both amazing. Stephanie thanks for posting so we feel like we are a part of this wonderful event. I can’t believe we get to do it again.

  114. I wanted to thank you and Tina and all who have worked on SS2. Registering was seamless. I logged in late, around 1 not noon, so many of the classes I wanted were gone and so was the opening reception, but so what. I was able to get four classes, my friends were able to get for the most part what they wanted and we can not wait. Portland here we come!

  115. I so wish I could be there this summer. Until I retire (someday!), I won’t be able to be away during audit season. Oh, to be able to pick all those sock-focused brains! Perhaps, just breathe the same air as those wonderful smiling teachers. I’m sure my knitting would improve!

  116. Wow. It worked just fine. And at the rate the classes are filling up, no worries about you losing money, either!
    Nicely done, and we thank you.

  117. Registration went great this year, so very much better than last time! I would love a peek at your server stats, I bet they were impressive! You know, though, even with the difficulties that happened two years ago, SS09 was fantastic.
    For SS09, I didn’t get my first choices, but the classes I did get were so awesome, I was glad I got bumped! And this year, it was smooth as glass. Thank you so much for doing this, it means so much to me and to so many people.
    Thank you, thanks to Tina, thanks to Stephen, and thanks to the rest of ST-2. I can’t wait!

  118. I hope the team is out having a helluva party right now! You guys rocked it hard today. Thanks!

  119. I made it Stephanie! Sock Summit is my first real big yarn vacation and I’m chuffed to bits to be going. I can’t wait to meet everyone!

  120. My first SS and registration was a breeze – got exactly what I wanted and in and out in under TEN minutes. I thought it was well organized and easy to navigate!!! Your hard work did not go unnoticed!!
    Oh – and I just wanted to say THANK YOU for having this on the WEST COAST. There’s already tons going on in the East!! I can’t wait for SS2011 – what is it….82 more days???? Whoooot!!!

  121. Thanks for everything! All of your hard work is paying off. Registration was very smooth and I am so happy you and Tina and the whole team are as brave and crazy as you are. Thanks.

  122. I just need to echo all the happy thoughts. I registered early, and got all of my first choice classes. It was SO much smoother than last time! The worst part of the whole thing was narrowing down the huge list of AMAZING classes to just the few I could actually take!
    Thanks again to you and Tina and ST-2. I can’t wait to land in Portland!

  123. MUCH BETTER this time (got lost in the crash in 2009). Just waiting for my payment to go through…..nervously…why is it taking so long?

  124. Stephanie, you rock.
    Also, you just made me tear up.
    Let us down? Never!
    Have I mentioned that you ROCK?!
    See you at the Summit!

  125. We only hold grudges when we think the person responsible doesn’t care. We all know you are an intelligent, caring person who learns from her mistakes. Besides, you help deliver babies. Women trust you, instinctively, with good reason. Keep calm and breath, right?

  126. Well done! My registration was speedy, painless, and clearly laid out. Y’all done good!
    I am, of course, delighted that I got my modest wish list of classes (the “modesty” due entirely to the time & money I had to invest! There was so much to choose from!) – but I would be going anyway, even if I hadn’t got one single class. Why? Because of the community. Because of the magic that happens when the Knitting Tribe gathers. Thank you for creating another opportunity to be part of that magic!

  127. Last night I couldn’t sleep-until after 4am, even when I had warm milk and 2 tylenol PMs- because I was so excited/worried about SS registration. I had booked airfare and hotel the day I found out when SS2011 was going to be, and based on the wonderful time I had at SS09, I knew I’d have a blast classes or not. I knew I’d meet awesome fellow knitters, see sock knitting celebrities in real life, and that the marketplace would be amazing. But still I worried….
    Wow! I was able to register for all my first choice classes/lectures-and it was done in 15 minutes!! Thank you and Tina (as well as your tech guys) for the fantastic work you did. I used a browser you recommended (thanks!), and had my spreadsheet color-coded and credit card ready and it was like “buttah”.
    Now I’m even more psyched than before (if that’s possible). You guys ROCK!!!

  128. Dear Stephanie and Tina and The Team:
    Thank you for being willing to do this to yourselves for us. I registered today and, while I had a “D’oh!” moment, that was all me. The registration process was as clear as it could possibly be, I am successfully registered for a couple of classes and your lecture (which I admit I squeed about in a highly fangirlish way), and I am on the waiting list for a couple more classes.
    You are all wonderful, and don’t let anybody tell you different. (Including yourselves.)
    With Much Appreciation and Affection,

  129. Sock summit is magical. And you and Tina created it, in honor of knitting, for the love of socks, and all that represents. The community at sock summit reaches out to all of us, even those who cannot go, because those who can go for all of us. The experience is clearly beyond knitting socks, Thank you for stepping up and doing what had to be done.
    As a knitter in the midwest, thanks! Got three on the needles as usual.

  130. Due to time and budget constraints I am not enrolling in any classes this year, but I will DEFINITELY come to stroll through the marketplace and soak up the community!

  131. Mo worries, even though Imcant be there I know it will be Awwsome!!!!! Why? Because you are a huge part of the community, you make sure with your blog, books, and SS11 and everything else, that we feel it. I “tune” everyday or so becauseI am interested….in knitting, and everything else it brings to enrich my/our lives. LUCK LUCK and FUN to all who participate. Thanks so much!

  132. You didn’t let us down! This is my first Sock Summit, and I registered at 1 pm my time, and was complete by 1:07 with no glitches. I can’t WAIT for July 🙂

  133. Registration was fine, even with my son’s wonky home network. I got one of the classes I wanted. I’ll have more money & time for the marketplace & get to watch more demos. SS11 will be fabulous, we will knit & party and spin and knit and shop and learn & laugh & talk and… you know.
    Thank you for doing this again. Don’t get too crazy worrying, get some sleep. Although you’re really funny when you’re sleep deprived, I’d rather you keep healthy

  134. You. Are. Amazing. I added the unnecessary punctuation to show you that I am enunciating each word. I think that if I met you in person it would be the equivalent of a 13 year old girl meeting Justin Beiber.

  135. My registration was a nightmare, but it was entirely my fault! I left my power cord at my mother’s house and then tried to register with a teeny bit of battery juice (which ran out), then with my ipad, even though you told us not to. Then my very sweet sister spent her lunch hour registering for me, after she finished hers, and she got me a few classes!!! Big hugs to a kind sister!
    The weird thing is that I’m not that disappointed — last time was so great that I realized it doesn’t matter what classes you get. They are all that good.
    Great job on the registration! I’ll never forget my power cord again.

  136. So, are we going to yarn bomb the Portland Convention Center???

  137. I liked the color coded schedule of classes. The only thing I didn’t like was that one of 4 classes was full, so I had to start over rather than just click on a spot that said “remove”. So when I went out to remove that one, I lost the one I most wanted to take, so then I had to go out and start over again!
    If you had a “remove button”, registration would have been easy indeed.

  138. I wish you the very best of luck. You won’t need it because you have the eye for detail and if there’s anything left to be done, it isn’t needed. Luck, luck, luck!!!

  139. I registered. It was easy and less frustrating than last time.
    My only problem was that there were TOO many terrific classes, and I had sworn that I would NOT book myself solid this time. I want time to relax and enjoy being in Portland with “our people”.
    I was able to restrain myself, and I’m ecstatic with the two three-hour classes, two one hour wonders, and ticket to the opening ceremony. If I don’t get the three-hour class for which I’m waitlisted, the world will not stop spinning on its axis.
    I hope you two get to smile a great deal more this year. Real smiles – not just giddy, spacey, sleep-deprived grins. Enjoy yourselves too!

  140. Woohoo! Registered early and snagged my first picks. From my vantage point registration went smooth – it didn’t crash, I got my schedule (albeit after a scary wait during checkout while I was afraid the system was locked in an endless loop), and I was still able to get back in to register my husband for your lecture. You guys did your homework well and your investment paid off.
    I’m excited about coming. I had already committed my fiber travel funds to SOAR 2009 when I heard about SS 2009. I’m so glad you were brave enough to organize #2. (Or was it selective amnesia?)

  141. Steph, you have not ONCE let us down – why start now? Anything you put your juju into has so much good going for it! Now just take a deep breath, and know we love you.

  142. Well, I did not go to SS last year, but read and read and read and listened and listened to the tales of love, knitterly revelation and community from those who did. I simply imagine, since the same people are birthing it and the same people(PLUS) will attend this year, the love and caring will abound. Bravo you two!

  143. Registration took 6 minutes including the paypal payment. Easy, peasy. And I got what I wanted.

  144. Thank you!! HOpe you guys are enjoying a beer tonight! Thank you for this community you and Tina have fostered so well! I just can’t wait!!

  145. Best wishes for lots of good things at Sock Summit, from the other side of the pond xxx

  146. Other than being disappointed, a wee bit, to not get my second choice because it was full, I got into Anna’s class and my 3rd choice was still open. It went as smooth as silk!!
    Brava to ST-1 & Blessings on Stephen. Many thanks for all your hard work. Any time you are throwing a party like this, I’ll be there. I look forward to seeing you in 12 weeks!

  147. I know it will be great! How? Well, I looked at your list of classes and I desperately wanted to come, even though I am not a sock knitter. (I’ve managed three me-sized socks – yes, three socks, not three pairs – and one mini test sock…)

  148. This is why you rock! Because you care. Keep up the great work and I can’t wait to hear about how awesome Sock Summit is again! (Wishing I could go but that would be awfully financially irresponsible for me at the moment)

  149. I am in!!! System worked great! Although classes filled up fast – will know next time – Thanks for all your hard work – how it went well on your end!!!! – J

  150. Best of luck! I know it’ll go great because you care! Wish I could join you!

  151. In the end, this is about love. Your love for knitting, and the knitting community… and their shared love for you and same. At the core, even if something does break down on the way, that love will still be there. You’ll be fabulous.

  152. Good luck, though I think all your hard work counts more. Is it like planning a big party, hoping people will come and hoping they have a great time?

  153. Steph,
    I’ve seen your teacher list. I don’t think there is any way at all possible that you could fail. (Unless having all that knitting mojo in one place starts the apocalypse or the building gets bl… uh… nope, not even putting that one in the ether.)
    I so envy those who can make it and wish one of them were me.
    Have fun!

  154. While I won’t be at Sock Summit,(sob) I will be there in spirt.
    Thanks for trying not to let knitters down. I know that you won’t, I’ve read about how hard you’ve worked on this, and if anyone can say that you didn’t try, they must just be trying to be mean.
    Wish you the best of Luck at Sock Summit!!!

  155. It won’t be perfect. However, it will be great. When you bring a lot of people of good will together for a common goal, they will help you through whatever hiccups occur, and be happy to do so. Knitters are great people, and we love you, and will be honored to help however we can.

  156. Speaking of socks I was just wondering, which do you like better: dpns or magic loop? I’ve done both and I’m not sure which I like better.

  157. My registration went well. The main classes I wanted were filled by 2:40 central, but I knew immediately and signed up for the wait list. I was a wee disappointed I couldn’t get into the opening session and there was no wait list button. But I have a fun set of activities! I really loved the print my agenda button. Thanks for the improvements! I appreciate your efforts on behalf of the knitting community. You are so right, if you and Tina didn’t do this it wouldn’t be happening. What a wonderful gift to us all. Thank you for your dedication!

  158. I’m in — it worked — like warm butter on toast!! I can’t tell you how excited I am to be coming to your conference. All your hard work made this possible. Thanks!!

  159. Registration was great–OK not totally great; I did not get one class because it filled. Everyone wanted that class. But it was easy; no crashes (they finally learned to listen to knitters); and so much swag!!! Thank you so much for doing this again (and I hope again).

  160. Best of luck!
    That said, I think the best plan is being prepared for everything that you can think of, and then being supported by people who are good, fast thinkers in a crisis. I think you have done everything you can to assure success.
    Also, think about this. If Sock Summit wasn’t a great idea, people wouldn’t be falling all over themselves to register and so bummed about how registrations fell through.

  161. I had a wonderful professor in college who inspired us all to heights of research and writing we never dreamed we were capable of reaching. Once when I was bugging him about when the grades would be posted (for the umteenth time), he said this to me: “It’s my experience that the ones who stress about it the most are the ones least likely to have reason for it.” I pass his wisdom on to you, Stephanie, with love.[Thank you Dr. Smorynski.]

  162. Couldn’t let us down if you tried and I know you are two clever women and one clever man. Hugs to all of you, thanks and I feel the same way about supporting this industry and this community . Artists are the sole of our time. Hope you all get a recharge time even if it is a short one . 🙂

  163. I’m only disappointed because I can’t be there. Good luck! And to those fortunate enough to be there… have fun!!!!

  164. The registration showed a lot of care – making it simple and easy for us to come together as a community. Thank you all so much for the work and the lost sleep (and of course knitting time). I am heading out for my first time (a total newbie to the knitting community) and am really looking forward to it and hope to meet you there.

  165. Yay Jennifer at 11:38am. Summit NORTH! Summit NORTH!! In the mean time, I will read all the posts about SS11, and have a vicariously wonderful time.

  166. We’d never blame you – ever. The fact that we all love you and Tina, and love knitting so much that we crashed your server last time is not your fault. Everything went like clockwork yesterday and it’s going to be a fabulous party!
    Now get some sleep. 🙂

  167. Oh – SusanC2’s comment just jumped off the screen at me, and I love it. Love it. This, what you do, is Important. And Important things survive no matter what.

  168. “The best antidote to feeling like the world is really small is to go look at a great big sky.” Amen.

  169. My question…would somebody like me feel at home even if I don’t make many socks? I’m more then kind that takes sock yarn and uses it for something else.

  170. IT WAS GREAT! smooth… plenty of time to think, pick, and now we get to look forward to SS11!!!
    thanks for all your hard work!

  171. The only let-down is that I can’t be there. Next time. Maybe I’ll have my first pair of socks finished by then.

  172. Love the stargate feel of the sock summit logo 🙂 Sad that SGU is ending

  173. I am a new knitter and this is the first I’ve heard of Sock Summit. I live in Oregon and am so glad to find that it takes place in Portland! Unfortunately, I will not be able to make it this year, but I will have a chance to plan for next year! I can’t wait! 🙂

  174. From what I know of knitters, you could set foolding chairs out in an abandoned lot and they would all be happy. The company of other yarnies is a joy unto itself. No worries. I’m going to try to get down this year. just from Seattle, so it should be easy!

  175. Just another reason why we love you and Tina–you two are so dedicated to what you do, and you hold yourselves to (almost impossibly) high standards. I understand why you put a lot of time and effort into making the registration process as simple as possible for everyone. (And I won’t even get started on the two years of preparation and many hundreds of hours put into all the other details involved in organising such an event–I can’t even imagine.) However, I don’t believe that any of us want to see either of you stressed out of your minds or burned out.
    Okay–mini “Mum-like” lecture over. For all the insanity, I’m sure that when Sock Summit ’11 hits, there will be several moments of “look what we did”.
    Like you, I find that when things are overwhelming, I want to go and stare at either the night sky, or the ocean. Works every time.

  176. It will be marvelous and I wish I could go. Maybe next time….have a blast, relax and enjoy!!!!

  177. Thank you for caring so passionately about this craft. It takes a special person to believe in a craft and draw others from all over the world to celebrate it. I’ll see you there!!!

  178. There will be snafus, there will be gripers, there will be problems, but your people will arrive and community spirit will be there.You and Tina and staff are doing so much for the growth of the fiber industry that I sincerely believe that, afterward, you deserve a long week-end at Knothysteria (maybe it should be called a retreat rather than hysteria) to relax. Oh please, please, please have it this year???

  179. Ever since the announcement that Sock Summit would return this summer I planned and saved to be able to attend. And unfortunately JUST earlier this week I found that I would not be able to go (to say that I am broken hearted in an understatement) I have been studying socks trying to decide where I needed the most help and which other types I wanted to learn so I could decide on my classes. During this time I have knitted quite a few to help make my decisions and the fact I can’t attend is sad but I am happy that I have made some forward progress in my sock knitting. I have hopes that maybe something will change so I can be there if even for only 1 day which not great but better than a sharp stick in the eye. So if those of us who would like to be there and can’t have faith that it will be great I think you will be fine. Now pour a drink or glass of wine and TRY and relax.

  180. you can’t please everyone.
    you can try.
    in the end you can only please you.

  181. Here is the thing. We love you, so even if this went haywire, we would still love you, enjoy reading your blog, buying your books, encouraging your creativity, and cheering you on. You work in a field that will be vaild and interesting 2000 years from now, and you encourage us to take leaps into projects that we wouldn’t feel comfortable attacking if we didn’t know that another human, who occasionally has ‘issues’, did them first. So you allow us to make errors, and then often help us fix the errors. How on earth could we possibly be upset or disappointed with you and your cohorts if things weren’t perfect. We, your loyal fans, aren’t.

  182. with all those sock knitters in one place, how could anything possibly go wrong? These are all knitters!

  183. Just wanted to say my registration was smooth and easy. I got on an hour and a half after registration opened, and got my second choice of classes. No glitches, no ambiguity, no disappointment. 🙂

  184. If you were just at the portland airport. I’m the crazy person who was staring at you at check in. No you did not have anything on your face although I’m sure you might have thought that based on my abject ridiculous stare. I’m sorry ! And if it wasn’t you I’m sorry to the stranger who looks like you.

  185. I’m afraid allo you ever see of Vancouver is the airport…It is actually very nice

  186. Because you care so much, all will be okay…and even with a glich or will all be sorted out and..well…there is always HOPE!
    It is what keeps the human race moving forward in war, peace, hurricanes, tornadoes, and all manner of desasters imaginable. That was why you both went outside. Hope. It is what will keep us all alive inside as the world around us seems to spin out of control.
    Hope. Thanks for keeping us all hoping Steph.
    I will not be at SS 2011. No money for airplane tickets or classes. Such is the economy. But, because of hope, Sock Summit will be around for better times.

  187. By the very virtue that you’re doing this shows what neither of you could let us down. Were there’s wool, there’s a way. Wish I could have gone but alas, could not get the time.

  188. squeeeeee! i not only got in and got some classes i most wanted, i went back later (after an encouraging note from you, stephanie) and added a couple of classes and splurged on swag.
    i don’t have a formal bucket list, but if i did, sock summit would be VERY high on it — hilarious, because when i went back to knitting for the third time about 5 years ago, i never wore socks and laughed at the silly people who used all those stitches to make something so mundane when they could have been making sweaters.
    now i have enough sock yarn for at least 60 pairs, and enough completed socks to last more than two weeks.
    i’m sure there will be other hassles/glitches, but i’ll keep calm and carry yarn, and so will you and tina.
    see you in portland!

  189. Did a few of the Friday afternoon classes miss getting on the registration….like Judy’s Magic Heels?

  190. I was part of the infamous crash SS09; I did not get in any of the classes. We made the trip our family vacation that year and had a blast – my daughter and I took part in the World Record event. This year I was so afraid that it would happen again. There were a few tense moments, but everything worked out in the end. Thank you soooooo much for all of the effort you and all of the SS team put into this event.

  191. You people are doing a wonderful thing. I wish you all the best. The karma gods/goddesses are watching over you, anyways, so DON’T WORRY!!! It will be fine.

  192. Caring is what makes this an unbelievable event. Caring is what makes it work. Caring is what makes us all want to be part of it.
    Thanks for taking a chance on our young little company. We’re very proud to be part of an event with so much heart.

  193. looking forward to the day when the advertising for something that I can’t possibly attend stops and the blogging starts again.

  194. I couldn’t attend last time and I can’t attend this time (I’ll be in St. John’s NL!) but I hope that you and Tina keep making yourselves (not too) crazy every other year and that one of these times I will be able to attend!

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