Jacob Damask

When the Jabob Damask was finished, I unceremoniously stuffed it in my suitcase and went to bed. I had an early flight and I just didn’t want to be that crazy lady who shows up for work all exhausted and weird because she stayed up blocking lace.  (Not that Tina and the other Sock Summit team members wouldn’t get it, but it’s still a good policy.)  I remembered on the way to the airport that I’d forgotten my blocking pins, and sent Tina and email that said "bring pins".  I landed, we drove, we got settled, and the next day I woke up chock full of blocking plans.  The shawl went into the sink for a warm bath, and a few hours later I rinsed it,  trotted it over to the bed, and asked Tina for the pins.   She foraged in her stuff for a bit, then gave me about twenty pins.

That wasn’t going to cut it, and there’s no way that you do this much work for a shawl and then half-ass the blocking, so we managed to convince ourselves that a drive to Port Hadlock wasn’t just something that would distract us from our work, but a mission that was noble and necessary.  We would go quickly.  We drove off, and 15 minutes later were walking into Dinah’s Yarn Shop declaring a blocking emergency.  (They’re charming in that shop, let me tell you.)  We were in and out with the pins in less than 5 minutes, and blocking the minute we were back. 

I’m so very happy with how it turned out.  A completely satisfying project. 
I started with a Jacob fleece – acquired when I told Beth at the Spinning Loft that I was in the market for one, and she promptly pulled this lilac one out of her garage.  (I am now convinced that Beth’s garage holds no end of wonders.)

I separated all the locks into individual colours… then washed, carded and spun them all separately.

(For those of you who care, I spun the singles long draw, then plied it to get a 2-ply.  It’s slightly underspun and overplied for bounce, and boy does it have it.)

Then I chose what I think was the perfect pattern – Damask, by Kitman Figueroa, who has nothing wrong with her brain at all.  Great pattern.

The finished shawl is exactly as I dreamed it. Exactly.

It’s wingspan is about 140cm (that’s about 56 inches), and the line down the centre back is 63cm – or 25", which is just about what I was hoping for. 

It is soft, and delicate, and sturdy all at once.

I can’t stop looking at it, or holding it, or squeezing it in my hand, and feeling the bounce and cushiness of the yarn.

It is perfect, and it is exactly the reason I learned to spin.  That shawl started in my head as an idea – and now it exists precisely the way I wanted it to –

and I made it myself. 
I feel really, really clever and happy. 

462 thoughts on “Jacob Damask

  1. WOOT! Fan-freaking-tastic, girl! Looks beautiful and wonderful and awesome.

  2. It is rare that I feel moved to write a comment, but I needed to. I was not sure when you described this shawl (a few weeks ago) that I was going to like it. But I really do. It is truly lovely. And the fact that you took it from raw locks to this is just awesome. You should feel clever.

  3. Holy Mother of God…that is drop dead gorgeous! My mouth is just hanging open in total adoration for that…actually…I am just speechless!

  4. Hooray for the knitting (and spinning!) victories! Congratulations on an absolutely beautiful shawl — AND achieving your vision!

  5. I am in awe of you and your skills and your vision. I loved seeing the project from fleece to finish (and loved hearing about the cat who had issues with the fleece too!). The only thing that would have improved this entire documented project would have been to have met the actual sheep who gave of it’s wooly self to make such a beautiful shawl.

  6. Absolutely utterly gorgeous.
    And totally worth chasing the fleece around the house with a hair dryer. (Dead clever, the oven idea, but not nearly as much fun for the Blog.)

  7. It is really lovely. Sigh. I was skeptical about the graduated colors in such a busy pattern, but it turned out just lovely.

  8. It’s just lovely.
    I do love Dinah’s,they are always helpful. I have to laugh every time you blog from Port Ludlow, you drive right past me. One of these days you should stop for tea.

  9. Don’t you love it when a plan comes together? It’s lovely – the very definition of “heirloom.”

  10. That is just such a beautiful shawl. You better hold on to it tight. I’m sure many will want to get their hands on it! 😉

  11. Oh my! “Beautiful” doesn’t even do it justice! I hope when I learn how to spin, I will make something as amazing!

  12. Oh My that is STUNNING, and you made it yourself from scratch. I am once again in awe of your abilities. I do not wear shawls, but I would wear that one over and over. Just beautiful.

  13. What a beauty! It must be so satisfying to have created every part of it with your own hands. Enjoy reveling in your new shawl!

  14. Whoa. I may have gotten a little dizzy there for a moment. That is amazing – fantastic work. Enjoy!

  15. I just realized: there should be Nobel prizes for things like this. That shawl deserves a Nobel prize for sheer grace and beauty. I hereby nominate you!

  16. WOW! It’s GORGEOUS! And, it’s almost inspiring enough to make me want to learn to spin… almost. 😀 Really, it’s wonderful!

  17. Standing and applauding the effort, and the talent, to create such a thing of beauty.

  18. Love the photographs of your shawl in the dappled light of the Port Ludlow woods.

  19. Wonderful and so nice to see the before the shawl was yarn photos. Very cool to see where processing wool, spinning wool, knitting wool can take one.

  20. It’s absolutely lovely, and I can just feel it in my hands, the soft squoosh of it. Beautiful! I’m so happy for you!

  21. Clever, happy and probably the reason many of us have just fallen off our current wagon of monogamy.
    No had feelings over the distraction. Stunningly beautiful.
    (Make sure Tina doesn’t steal it!)

  22. absolutely lovely. You have out done yourself on this one. It’s incredibly elegant.

  23. So wonderful. I am not an accomplished knitter YET but sometimes I even have to kiss my small victories. A bit of a freak I know.

  24. OMG – this is one of the most magnificent things I’ve ever seen. You must be so proud, having had a hand in ever single bit of this process outside of growing the wool. Any thoughts on how you can do that in the future??

  25. All I can say is OMG that is beautiful. You’ve inspired me to finish my baby llama fleece(i’m at the carding stage now) for my Llama to shawl/scarf series. Thank you so much for inspiring me.

  26. it is indeed, amazing stunning fabulous.
    please bring to SS11 so we can marvel at it in person. I’m still trying to determine the number of distinct colors… 6?

  27. OMG! That’s stunning! I look at that and for one tiny little second think “I could knit that.” Then I remember who I am and move on. It is beautiful though 🙂

  28. I loved the entire process from start to finish. I especially love the gradation of colors from dark to light. beautiful work! You are quite clever!

  29. unbelievably lovely! You are so talented. I don’t wear shawls, but I would be wearing that one every day, every where I went. : )

  30. Wow wow wow!! Yup, that’s a winner in every respect. Here’s hoping we’ll see it at Sock Summit? (Be careful, though – you’ll be petted by knitters and spinners everywhere.)

  31. I have to ask… I’m having a hard time telling from the photos, but did you omit the nupps? I’ve made a Damask, and it’s such a lovely pattern. Did you decide to do a nupp-less version? I’d love to see a close-up!

  32. That is so beautiful it makes me want to both learn how to spin and knit lace shawls, two activities that previously held no interest for me whatsoever (I am more of a sock girl). Wow.

  33. Gorgeous! I hope my sheepies can make a fleece as pretty. I know I can’t spin and knit a shawl as pretty as yours 🙂

  34. Beautiful!!!! WOW! Well, I guess that’s another pattern in my favorites that I have to go buy. I bet designers get SO excited when you pick their patterns for your projects. ^_^

  35. When I do a spinning demo for kids, I ask them why I would spin instead of just buying yarn, or for that matter just buying a finished item. Someone usually says it’s cheaper. I go into a bit of detail on how false that is. (I mention McDonald’s.) Eventually someone hits on “because you can get exactly what you want.”
    Well done.

  36. Your shawl is breath-taking. I have tears in my eyes, it’s so beautiful. I just love the photo of it spread out on the rock.

  37. Really, really beautiful. To be so smart, talented and a knitter too. Wow.

  38. Absolutely beautiful! What a satisfying feeling to take a project from an idea in your brain to a completed (beautiful) shawl in your hands!

  39. Absolutely gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing the entire process from sheep to shawl with us. LOVE IT LOVE IT Love it!

  40. Wow – that is just gorgeous! I am continually impressed with the work you do…

  41. OMG!! That is the absolutely most gorgeous thing ever created by 2 hands and needles!! You have achieved a new height–you must be 6 feet tall by now! What a magnificent piece…you are truly my idol…

  42. That is bloody gorgeous! The thing that intimidates me about spinning is what to do with the yarn afterwards. Nice to see a project from fleece to finish!

  43. Wow, Steph. It is awesomely lovely!! You conceived, bore, and nursed it to completion…even though the weaning was a little difficult near the end! I wish I could see and touch it in person….

  44. Ahhhh, it’s a wonderful feeling indeed. 🙂 Yours is a magnficently lovely shawl — like Mary Poppins, perfect in every way. Salute!

  45. You should feel clever and happy. That is one breath-takingly beautiful piece of work.

  46. I rarely comment on your blog but wow this is beautiful!! When you say you did long draw from the locks did you do it from the fold or the end of the lock?
    Just beautiful work!

  47. It is absolutely gorgeous and you are indeed a clever fiber artist! Great job, as usual, and a great inspiration to us newbie spinners!

  48. Oh gee, after yesterday’s panic, I was holding my breath. It was awful to wait through fixing breakfast to open your blog. And there it is-a beautiful, thrilling work of art from a beautiful, thrilling artist. Thank you for your gift.

  49. Clever isn’t the half of it. That shawl is a beautiful, thoughtful and very true expression of skill.
    I still haven’t made anything from my handspun (not that I have a very large amount of completed handspun), and this is the kind of ispiration that kicks my butt into gear! Thank you for sharing the full process!

  50. Gorgeous!!!! Now I must go spin, forget the laundry and cleaning that needs to be done!

  51. Stunning, amazing, gorgeous…there are so many adjectives I could use to describe your work! Love the shawl!

  52. Wow! Really gorgeous–Congratulations on a job exceedingly well done!

  53. That is so unbelievably and undeniably beautiful. Congratulations on another fabulous piece finished. I wish I had a quarter of your talent.

  54. It is gorgeous! My gut tells me that this is going to be an heirloom piece for sure!
    p.s. After reading your blog for many months, I have finally cured myself of my dpn fear and have succesfully knit my very first sock; it’s a very basic sock, but it’s a sock!! Thanks for the inspiration…

  55. Absolutely beautiful! I can’t wait for my spinning class this summer, though I doubt I will ever be able to achieve anything this wonderful.

  56. You are a true artist. From concept to completion, it’s all yours. And it’s BEAUTIFUL. Well done, Stephanie!

  57. It’s bloody breath taking amazing beautiful butterfly….
    You s/pin my head right round 🙂
    …..*tres grandes sighs*

  58. Gorgeous… (Hummm… I wonder if I have any jacobs. I have that bin of random, assorted stuff from ebay… time to go rummaging…)

  59. WOW! Absolutely gorgeous. A shawl beautifully completed. Congratulatons Stephanie!

  60. It is beautiful and perfect.
    And you are the woman who believes the Universe seeks balance.
    Remember the big foot at the end of the Monty Python intro?
    I do love you. Just check between the sheets, sit with your back to a wall and let someone else take the first bite. Just for a while.
    It is beautiful and perfect.

  61. WOW! THAT is why I started spinning! I have not yet managed to finish a project myself – spinning on a drop spindle doesn’t go as fast as I’d like it to. Your Damask just gives me that extra tad of motivation!

  62. Hold onto that shawl for dear life because it’s something awesome. Knitters and non-knitters alike will vouch for that.

  63. WONDERFUL! Congratulations. It’s lovely, and I’ll bet it feels even better than it looks. Carry it with you everywhere, please, so I can admire it in person the next time our paths cross.

  64. Gosh – how beautiful – well done happy and clever one – that realisation of ‘idea’ is one of the greatest things about crafting

  65. Breathtaking! I’m not especially a fan of knitted things that change color from section to section. It must hark back to those old 1970’s ripple crochet afghans. But Stephanie – this shawl is stunning. The quiet shades of gray blend into each other so well and it LOOKS as soft and wonderful as you describe. The first picture of it immediately made me think of a luna moth – all soft and quiet and graceful. I HOPE this one is for you. You have every right to be feeling proud.

  66. …aaaaaaaaaand I wonder how many people are right this minute out looking for a lilac Jacob sheep in need of a little trim…

  67. You’ve got to feel great about creating a ONE of a kind “Damask”. It is beyond Gee-Orge-Us!!!! Don’t let your daughters borrow this shawl….you must keep it safe. Gosh, I hope I didn’t jinx it.
    Anyway it is simply Yummers.

  68. Oh. /sits and contemplates the shawl for a while. It turned out even lovelier than I had been imagining. You make me want to be a better spinner, for sure. Someday I want to be able to do that.

  69. This is my goal that in the next three years I will have learned enough to create something this gorgeous. I am in awe!

  70. Oh! It’s just beautiful, I can hardly believe how soft and squishy and delicate it looks. Great pattern, really perfect for the yarn. Congratulations!!

  71. You knit more in one year than I could knit in a lifetime. What do you do with all your knitted items????

  72. You are clever and you should definitely be happy. When you described what you wanted, the picture I had in my head was something just like what you photographed. Excellent work!

  73. Lovely. I don’t blame you for just wanting to sit and stare at/pet it. I want to as well, too bad it’s so far away. 🙂

  74. Absolutely stunning! I’ve enjoyed following this journey from sheep to shawl, and the end result is fabulous!

  75. I like it so much I’m going to go see if you’ve put it on ravelry yet, so I can ‘favorite’ it. It really is a lovely shawl. Just lovely.

  76. Oh good lord above – that is one beautiful shawl. I actually have that pattern, but I’ve not made it yet. Good thing you aren’t my neighbor as I would be planning a covert mission to whisk that away to my house. The yarn is just spectacular in it’s variation. So, the question is, when and where are you going to wear it first??? Pictures please!

  77. It’s stunning! And it was wonderful to watch it go from an unwashed fleece to such a beautiful shawl. Inspiring!

  78. Wow! That is a lovely shawl. The sheep would be proud!

  79. Oooooh, it is so pretty! I am sure you will enjoy wearing it.
    Sigh! And now the saga of the Jacob Damask is over…

  80. As a fairly long-time alpaca breeder, about 4 years a knitter, and really brand spankin’ new to spinning, I am inspired beyond belief. I’ve followed all the individual posts, but thanks for doing the grand “sum-up” here. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

  81. That…is so worth the emergency spinning at the end and roadtrips for pins, isn’t it? Absolutely gorgeous!

  82. AWSOME! You produced a most beautiful shawl! If you ever need and/or want to purchase a Jacob fleece again, I have an inside with someone in Maryland who owns a Jacob sheep farm. She is a most charming Biologist and her farm is wonderful. Her name is Ralene and her is her webiste: http://www.blueflowerflock.com/. Again, I say AWSOME!

  83. You should feel absolutely clever and happy. That shawl is a thing of beauty. As the little red hen said, “And I’ll do it myself!”

  84. I Love it! Beautiful. I just finished my very first real lace shawl–Gothic Moss by Kitman Figueroa as well.
    Your shawl is truly beautiful!

  85. Breathtaking. Absolutely phenomenally beautiful. Congratulations on a fantastic job well done. 🙂

  86. You should feel very smug. There’s nothing like taking a big pile of greasy fuzz and making something beautiful and useful with it!

  87. You are very clever and talented! What a beautiful shawl. So perfect!!!

  88. This is one of those projects that makes my heart flutter just to look at it. I’d be in the park showing it to perfect strangers…it’s that lovely.

  89. YAY, it’s awesome! That’s one of the most exciting things about knitting — something starts as an idea in your head and then you make it so. Non-knitters (and non-crafters, for that matter) just don’t understand. : )
    Kelly @ http://www.allaboutknitting.net

  90. I want to say, “That’s stunning!” But I find the term is totally inadequate. Wow. Just, wow.

  91. Wow. That really is an accomplishment. I love the natural colors, too. Our great great grannies would be very proud of you, too. It’s just lovely.

  92. The shawl is absolutely gorgeous; it is just as I imagined it when you first described it a while back…GREEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAT JOB!

  93. And things like this are exactly why I’ve just bought my first drop spindle and bag of fluff 🙂 It’s beautiful.

  94. By far my favourite FO of yours. It is perfect, and inspires me to get going on my plans to learn how to spin (I have the same spinning wheel sitting in my dining room, but sadly, I don’t know how to use it yet.)

  95. Yep. I’m jealous. My spinning prowess isn’t nearly as good, if it ever will be…and my attempts at lace are laughable.
    Oh well. I’ll live vicariously through you.

  96. The fourth picture stopped me in my tracks, eliciting a whispered “Beautiful.” Very well done, stunning shawl!

  97. Oh Steph, when I first started reading your blog a few years ago, phrases like “I can’t stop looking at it, or holding it, or squeezing it in my hand, and feeling the bounce and cushiness of the yarn.” would’ve had me going “what is it with this woman and wool?” But you’ve infected me.
    I can now proudly say that I had that EXACT situation happen to me with my last pair of mittens. I too felt clever and I wanted to thank you for all of the inspiration (PS you’ve totally converted me to wool – which is saying a lot as I was solidly cotton for YEARS).

  98. Be committed – do what it takes – you will have what you want.
    From Conversations With God. — guess you got that message!!

  99. Beautiful, simply stunning!!
    I wish I could spin as well as you do, but I am still “in the beginning stages” with my spinning wheel.
    I am glad that you like, no love the shawl is all its stunning glory!

  100. I am speechless with awe!!!Beautiful, beautiful work! You are so amazing. From the bag of fleece at the first to the wonder of the thing of completion is just fantastic. It looks like a beautiful moth spreading its wings for flight. Good job you creative genius.

  101. WOW! The finished product is just beautiful! It’s beyond words! I hope that I can knit like that some day! Enjoy!

  102. You are really clever and you should be happy. That is a beautiful shawl, and always will be. You should be ver proud and pleased.

  103. wow, it’s so beautiful, and call me crazy but having read all your ups and downs with it, I feel part of it. lol. nonsense, I know. Anyway, what you gonna wear it with???

  104. Drop dead gorgeous!!! I LOVE IT!! And…I’m not a fan of gray, but the edging on this and how it blends up into the white is stunning. Awesome work!

  105. Utterly amazing.
    Classy, classic and oh, so beautiful.
    Congratulations on an outstanding achievement!
    I am in awe of your mad skills!

  106. I have yet to understand the attraction of shawls, but even I can see that one is a stunner. Amazing work!

  107. I love the last two lines. They made me smile as reading your blog often makes me do (if not laugh out loud and spew tea out my nose) I know the feeling, too!

  108. Photo shoot of you in Volt skirt, Jacob shawl, and Bludstones (plus a T shirt)- I can see it in my mind’s eye. I don’t know if these will be quite ‘right’, in the colour similarity/contrast vision.
    Very knitterly. Lovely project execution.

  109. Strikingly beautiful. I have wool I am spinning now, but think it will be more like lace weight. Going to try the Damask pattern on it. Again, strikingly beautiful. Wish me luck.

  110. We throw words like “gorgeous” around a lot when it comes to describing knitting FOs. Which leaves me at a loss as to where to go about this.
    Yeah. That works.

  111. You are really clever – with the spinning, knitting, words and photos. This is what knitting is all about!
    Just keep the happy scarf for yourself – don’t you dare give it away!!

  112. De-lurking to say that this is the perfect use for that fleece. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything so lovely, and I really, really want to give it a squeeze. Maybe it’s time for me to dig out the fleece that’s in my closet, and dust off that spinning wheel.
    Fantastic, and extremely inspiring!

  113. What a beautiful piece of work. I have two, count them, 2 of my very own Jacob fleece sitting in big plastic bags. I’ve been sitting at the edge of my seat to see how this project turned out. I am so excited and inspired to get started! Thanks for sharing.

  114. Totally makes me want to cross over to the dark side & learn to spin! Gorgeous!

  115. I love it. I love that you had this awesome idea and followed through on it. And I love that some sweet little sheep had the courtesy to grow wool in all those lovely colors just so you could knit up your dream shawl.

  116. The shawl is drop dead GORGEOUS.
    How long do you suppose it will be before one of your girls steals it? ;o)

  117. wow doesn’t even come close! this is beautiful! i have chills just looking at it. THANK YOU so much for sharing it with us!

  118. Oh my gosh, Stephanie, that is absolutely gorgeous! Shawls are generally nice and all that, but not something that really trips my trigger, however, this is very different. A real masterpiece!! Congratulations on a perfectly executed plan 🙂

  119. AAAaaaoooooowoow (or however that is spelled) WANT!! What a gorgeous job!

  120. Take a nose to toes bow Missy that is a seriously beautiful shawl. The Queen herself would be honored to wear it.

  121. Oh, the child in me really, really hopes you have some just-barely-chilly nights to come before summer swoops in smothers us. Is the person who taught you to spin around to see this? Hope so.

  122. Just perfect. I have a lovely tablecloth and bedspread from my Great-Great-Grandmother Anne America Virginia who grew the flax and spun the linen and crocheted the pieces–so does my sister and so do my cousins. They are true heirlooms– and so is yours. I can imagine the Jacob Damask warming some future grateful great-great-grandchild of yours…what a wonderful feeling to have created it. Congratulations!

  123. I look at the pictures of that lovely shawl, and imagine it created by a woman of an earlier century, on a bleak frontier, who labors day after day to wrest a home from the wilderness, and at night by the fire spins and knits until she has created a gossamer wing whose warmth encompasses her body as its beauty soothes her soul.
    Or a more modern woman, who, spending much of her time racing through airports, is no less in need of comfort.
    It’s a vision fulfilled. Perfect.

  124. It’s not often I see knitted work these days that really stuns me, but boy does that ever do it. Gorgeous.

  125. I usually covet all of your knits, but don’t comment. This shall is absolutely amazing! I am sure the pictures don’t begin to do it justice! Job well done, Stephanie. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  126. Stunning. Just stunning. You have definitely inspired me to start spinning again, after about a 4 year hiatus while I’ve been too busy having babies to spin. My Saturday night plans are set: spinning!!

  127. Lovely. And I think that’s one of the coolest things about knitting–a single person really can go from raw material to finished project. Well done!

  128. Wow, that is absolutely stunning.
    I wish I could touch it, but my monitor wont’ let me 🙁

  129. That is absolutely beautiful. A work of art. It must feel sooo nice to wear! You.Are.Awesome.

  130. It’s beautiful and absolutely perfect. Thank you for sharing the whole project here: your’ve reminded me why I learned how to spin, too, and given a small boot to the arse that I should get back to it to create my own fluff-to-thing projects!

  131. What a lovely creation! Really stunning. I hope it is for you and you wear it often.

  132. As so you should. That shawl is glorious, absolutely glorious.
    The Jacob Sheep Association (is there one?) could use it in their ads.
    Way to go Steph!

  133. …………..wow.
    would that i could… someday? 🙂

  134. Absolutely stunning, Stephanie. I wish I had a pinky’s worth of your talent and ingenuity.

  135. Please, please, PLEASE wear it to Rhinebeck this fall, so we can all see it, and appreciate it!!

  136. Soft and strong as a dandelion in the wind. Nothing
    like complete creative control and mastery from beginning to end. Enjoy your clever self, until your next brilliant idea strikes. It’s OK to say it out loud, I made this and it’s beautiful! I sure would!
    Eve from Carlisle

  137. Funny that you mention “wingspan” in your post. I was thinking of a bird in flight as I was looking at your photos.
    This is truly one of the loveliest handmade items I’ve ever seen, and made even more so because it started as an idea that you brought to fruition so succinctly and beautifully. Well done.

  138. Stephanie, I actually gasped out loud when I scrolled down to the first full picture of the shawl. So incredibly gorgeous. Well done.

  139. Gorgeosity incarnate. I should think you would feel clever. It must be wonderful to have something turn out exactly the way you pictured it in your head.

  140. Given that wool, and the gorgeous thing you did with it, I wonder why the sheep doesn’t manage to ‘wear it’ in the same beautifully graduated stripes.

  141. Wow, that shawl is phenomenal. It reminds me – in an impressionist sort of way – of watching a bald eagle soaring overhead – the white top and the dark “frilled” edge. Just amazing.

  142. I don’t know how to spin. I barely know how to knit. I’m pretty good at crochet. I like to “pet” soft yarn, but I’m not “into” yarn so much…But this takes my breath away!

  143. I’m a longtime lurker on your blog, and never thought I’d ever comment, but the absolute beauty and wonder of this shawl requires acknowledgement. I have been going through a knitting doldrum of late, but this shawl is reinvigorating my desire to make pretty things out of sticks and string. Well done, and thank you for sharing!

  144. Absolutely lovely, and nothing like that feeling when the item you’ve made looks exactly as you have imagined, feels wonderful, and inspires others.
    Well done!

  145. Nothing left to add after all those comments summed up my reaction. But congratulations on an impressive accomplishment, from start to finish!
    And so fast!!!

  146. I believe that is what one calls “heirloom” knitting. Something worthy of passing down from generation to generation. Absolutely lovely!

  147. It has been an honor and a privilege to watch the progress of your lovely shawl. It truly is amazing, and speaks volumes about your love of knitting and fiber and creation. Awesome. Thank you so much for sharing!

  148. Absolutely stunning! It’s highly accomplished artistry when you start with an idea and use highly developed skills to make it a reality.

  149. It’s not so often that i comment, but your shawl is absolutely gorgeous. You have a right to feel satisfied and wear a smug-face until Monday. I would.

  150. Wow!
    I’m seriously awestruck (again) with your abillity to make a yarn to fit a certain project. And fit it does, down to a tee. Just like the february lady all that time ago. Hope to learn a bit of that fine art, in due time.

  151. I love that that beautiful shawl began as an idea in your head and turned out just as wonderfully as you imagined it would be.

  152. that is just so beautiful! i love undyed yarn in natural colours and once i’m better at spinning, i want to try something like this myself! thanks for being an inspiration – and indeed, for everything you do. i love reading your blog.
    love from vienna!

  153. This is so lovely. I suddenly want to learn to spin. Where can I fit roving amongst all this mess…..

  154. The word “heirloom” is the first that springs to mind, like many other commenters have probably said… Also, it illustrates so beautifully what a Jacob fleece is (and I had never heard of those before!). All those colours from a single sheep! A lovely idea, executed wonderfully (and skilfully).

  155. Lovely. And pretty amazing, when you stop to think about it. That beautiful shawl was once a SHEEP. How can that be anything other than magic?

  156. This is so stunning that I called my husband and son over to admire your amazing work. They asked if you’re going to start raising your own sheep now. ;0)

  157. That is absolutely mind-blowingly gorgeous. I’m in awe of your spinning and knitting skills. It’s beautiful!

  158. Gorgeous! Have your girls put it on their “I inherit that” list?

  159. >I feel really, really clever and happy.
    And so you should do! You should go up to people and say “See this? I made it out of fluff!”

  160. Mazal tov!! Congratulations!! It is beautiful, and embodies everything I love about making stuff using the original technology. All my archaeological training and instincts get up and shout when they see this, not to mention my aesthetic and craftsmanship ones. Maybe I will actually wash that stashed fleece this summer, finally drag someone over here to teach me how to spin on a wheel (I’d never finish with just the drop spindle), and knit something — with your inspiration in front of me, it actually seems possible!

  161. You have now earned all the positive knitting/spinning karma you will ever need to combat any possible knitting/spinning dilemma that you may ever encounter.
    This means that swatches won’t lie to you any more, just to the rest of us.
    If it turns out I am wrong you will still have an awesome shawl…

  162. What an accomplishment. Kudos to you Stephanie. And – wow – is that Jacob white! Beautiful gorgeous shawl. I can only get the creamy from my Jacobs. One day, tho, I might get a baby with some whiteness. 😀

  163. So gorgeous. You do such beautiful work and you’re an inspiration to us all.

  164. That is also why I learned to spin, although I haven’t “graduated” to spinning for a shawl yet. Beautiful work, Stephanie!

  165. WOW! That is so beautiful. Every time I start to think I would like to knit a lace shawl I get a vision of that time you posted a picture of some lady’s shawl that she had all pinned down trying to go back and fix a mistake. Remember that? YIKES! My daughter always brings me off of the ceiling by saying, Life Line Mom, you have to use a life line.

  166. It’s beautiful! I’m so glad it turned out how you imagined it would. It’s so great when that happens!

  167. I’d say you deserve to take another victory lap with this one, Stephanie. Let your Freakin’ awesome shawl fly high!

  168. Wow! That is awesome! I am almost ready to start my first lace shawl project (not with self-spun yarn, however). I really enjoy your blog; thanks for sharing!

  169. I keep telling myself that learning to spin is just one more thing & not to do it (I reason that can’t afford ($ or space) to add roving to my stash of fabric & yarn). Just don’t do it, my brain says, then you post something like this shawl, & my resolve falters. The fact that you spun & knit that gorgeous shawl just makes me wish you lived nearby so I could touch it! ..maybe I could touch you & some of your knitting genius could rub off on me.

  170. Wow. That did turn out lovely! I’m just starting the whole Spinning Adventure now, but someday… someday, I will be unafraid to face a fleece!

  171. Good lord! Breathtaking. To make something like that totally and completely from scratch is amazing!

  172. Wow! The only way that could’ve been more your own project is if you’d raised the sheep yourself. Maybe that’s the next step?

  173. I know, I know; you DON’T do it all, but that fact that you did it ALL on this shawl – from sheep to shawl – in such a short time with all the other stuff you have on your plate, blows me away! It’s gorgeous wear it with pride (would love to see it on you at SS11!).

  174. WOW. That is simply stunning. I look at a lot of shawls every day, but this one stands out from most others. It really is … Well, I can’t even find the words for how beautiful it is! The colors, the pattern … Wow.
    I hope you shared a picture with the pattern designer. It would be so cool to create something and see such a stunning rendition of it.
    You should be quite pleased with yourself! I know I would be!

  175. The shawl is absolutely beautiful, and I admire you for making it from the fleece up. Something to be proud of for sure!

  176. It’s gorgeous. I have a question, though. When you look at the ones on Ravelry, some are LACY and some are moderately lacy and some are hardly lacy at all. Why is that – is it a gauge thing? It’s kind of amazing how one pattern can look so different when made by lots of different people.

  177. Just perfect, all around. I definitely got the color scheme you were aiming for, but couldn’t quite see the pattern. Seeing the two together, now, is really special.
    Every now and then, it does work out exactly as we want it to. 🙂

  178. Oh. This is magnificent. What a beautiful shawl – I love the start to finish project and am so impressed. This makes me want to start spinning. But, perhaps I should start lace first!

  179. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!! That is one gorgeous shawl and may actually be enough to draw me into the evils of shawl knitting… Love it. Did I mention that? 🙂

  180. OMG that is amazing – the flow of colors, perfect for the design, and really going from sheep to shawl is just mind boggling. Thanks for the recap on the process. Now, how am I ever going to get my brain back to work when it is frantically juggling color ideas?

  181. I usually don’t comment, but I feel like I need to on this post. I absolutely love how you can have an idea in your head and the end result is just what you imagined. Also to take raw materials and be able to create a gorgeous shawl…awesome! This makes me want to try to spin again. I got so frustrated when it was just me, my drop spindle, and online videos to try and learn. I put it down and haven’t tried since. Maybe today will be the day?!

  182. I love that; have I said that already? I just washed a Jacob lamb fleece yesterday; if it ever stops raining here, it’ll dry and I can spin and knit my own Jacob shawl (but not Damask; I love that pattern, but I have something else in mind).

  183. Awesome! Beautiful shawl. Beautiful! I hoped it would be just perfect and it is. 🙂

  184. Oh, well done you! I love the pairing of the pattern & the yarn, and the way you chose to work the color shifts really adds to the overall project. It’s truly beautiful. Again, well done.

  185. “Kitman Figueroa, who has nothing wrong with her brain at all” – THAT’s going on a resume…

  186. I gasped, literally gasped out loud, when I scrolled down the page and reached the shot of the shawl in all its glory. Stunning, gorgeous and, yes, very, very clever.

  187. You should feel clever. That is an awesome shawl with the colour graduations. You inspire me!!

  188. It’s time to try and say something original fo r a change.. How about …oh wow…oh wow….oh my….oh wow and ditto everybody who came before me?! That is definitely to die for. Oh wow…

  189. Questions for the Harlot!
    1. What were the wraps per inch?
    2. How many yards did you get from the spin?
    3. Gauge?
    I also want to spin for such a shawl. My Kromski Polonaise is up to the task and I may soon have a poly pay fleece that will meet it’s destiny!

  190. I love that you have that, “I Made This” excitement. It is truly cool and amazing that you really did make that; from sheep to shawl. It is lovely. Wear it in good health!

  191. Totally wonderful!!
    Conception; Nurturing; Birthing; Revel in the warmth of your labor!

  192. There should be an Oscar for knitting. This incredibly gorgeous shawl would win hands down. Truly an heirloom piece. Your daughters will cherish it.

  193. Your words and your pictures clearly convey your sense of accomplishment, fabulous work! It is wonderful of you to share this with all of us so we can share this feeling with you.

  194. What a magnificent piece! The Jacob would be proud to know he or she gave 3 bags full into your capable hands.

  195. It is so beautiful. Glad it worked out just like you planned. 🙂

  196. Absolutely gorgeous. Just had to comment on your tweet about paying for health care for the first time ever. Actually, I’m sure your taxes go towards your health care. You just don’t pay at the clinic like we do. Sure wish we had your plan…

  197. It is a true work of art – I love it! What a feeling it must be to conceive a project and be responsible for each and every step. Next thing, you’ll be raising your own sheep so you can start at the very beginning. Job well done!!!

  198. This might be the loveliest piece you’ve ever created. It’s absolutely awesome & beautiful! BTW, it would take me a whole year or more to accomplish such a project.

  199. I loved knitting this pattern myself, but I really love your tonal interpretation of it. Makes me think I’ll knit it again differently.

  200. Absolutely fabulous 🙂 I wish i could spin and knit like you. My spinning is terrible! Yours is wondrous

  201. Stunning! Such thought and love went into this project and it shows – enjoy it forever and thanks for the inspiration from start to finish!

  202. Wow! This has inspired me to finally get around to washing and carding all the raw fleece I have sitting around here (don’t ask how many kilos of it I have o.O) and spend my winter spinning and knitting it 🙂 The shawl is stunning, I’m a fan of Kitman Figueroa’s patterns too. And I agree with everyone else who said you should feel very clever – it’s so satisfying making something as beautiful as that from raw materials, isn’t it?

  203. This is just lovely! It ALMOST makes me want to spin. I am slowly backing away from the computer…

  204. That shawl’s color combo would look perfect on me. How many thousands are you asking?

  205. This reminds me of the shades of grey skirt that you made…I just favored it on Ravelry. It’s beyond gorgeous. And this shawl is so similar in coloring! Congrats.

  206. Absolutely beautiful! And the story of the shawl’s creation is truly inspiring.

  207. Love the shawl. The colors are really beautiful. GREAT JOB!! Thanks for sharing.

  208. The shawl is absolutely stunning. What beautiful work, from beginning to end.

  209. Beautiful shawl! You should be amazed at yourself to have done the whole thing yourself, well, except for actually growing the wool… the wonderful sheep gets the credit for that!

  210. Oh My….that is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!I just love reading your posts… besides always learning something new, I get such a chuckle. It’s good to know that someone else tries “knitting faster” when the yarn is running out. It’s like driving faster when the gas gauge is on empty.I’ve been following the shawl since you brought home the wool.What a treat for us to watch the whole project from start to finish. Thank you!

  211. There are days when I think you’re crazy, other days when I know you’re crazy but this time honey, you’re crazy like a FOX. What an absolutely STUNNING project!!!

  212. Like anytone really believes you bought nothing other than pins in a wool shop???

  213. I have been made speechless by the beauty of that shawl and knowing how it came to be. Congratulations.

  214. Hi, your tweet from about 1 hour ago is just what I was thinking about! I was sitting on the plane knitting, and thinking, wouldn’t it be nice if Stephanie were traveling back home and sitting here and we could discuss knitting together!! Someone else got the pleasure. I understand you just want to be a private person sometimes. Your happiness with the wonderful shawl is infectious!

  215. Oh my stars. If I ever made something that beautiful, it would have to go everywhere with me so I could pet it and admire it and murmur sweet nothings to it from time to time. Simply lovely.

  216. Are you okay? Haven’t heard anything in awhile. Althought I can’t say much as I post when I can on my blog as well. I do hope you are okay though.

  217. Ethereal. It seems like wings, real feathery wings. Strong and light. Bravo you. Stunning.

  218. Just FYI in the first line of the post you’ve written “Jabob” instead of “Jacob” 🙂

  219. Unbelievably beautiful and with such a backstory! I can only aspire to ever look at photos of such loveliness.

  220. Like several other commenters, I’m de-lurking to join the chorus of very well-deserved praise and appluse. That sheep would indeed be proud to have given you the fleece off his back.

  221. Just gorgeous !!! and I’m sure the pictures don’t do it justice…..

  222. And so you are, little missy! Because of your project, I almost bought a Jacob fleece this weekend at the KY Sheep and Fiber Festival. But I’d been given a freshly shorn (like 10 minutes before) Polypay fleece (4lbs) the day before and I thought that deserved all my attention! (Almost fell for a Cormo fleece, too, but escaped by the skin of my teeth.)

  223. When I finally saw the finished shawl, I “had” to show my husband. I showed him all the pictures from fleece to the finished piece and even he, who has not much of a clue about wool and knitting, was mightily impressed. I…am basically speechless at the beauty that is the Jacob Damask. Sigh…someday

  224. That is so lovely!
    You should feel clever and happy!
    Even for process knitters, it’s so wonderful when knitting just turns out right.

  225. We were talking about your shawl Monday night at our Spin Night!!! Seems I am not the only one in our area that reads your post!

  226. Beautiful! Amazing! Beyond amazing! Possibly your best work ever ( after your children ).

  227. that yarn and shawl is shockingly beautiful. makes me want to learn to spin!

  228. the wool, how you spun it, the pattern, the skill–all resulted in an amazing and beautiful result. Congratulations!

  229. The prettiest, most delicate shawl I have seen in a long time. Stunning. Congratulations.

  230. Loved watching this progress! I am sure you also had your photo-op in mind as it all came together beautifully!
    You are my spinning/knitting Goddess!!!

  231. Hope you are doing well. You keep talking about MRI’s and doctor’s appointments and I’m about to get worried… I know it’s none of my business, I hope you don’t think I’m being nosey. The Blog just luvs you is all 🙂

  232. I have a blog addiction and I will admit it. I need to focus on many other things, but the first thing every morning I check to see if you’ve posted. Then, if you haven’t posted, I check back several times a day. Sick behavior. Then when you don’t post I have to fill my blog reading addiction with blog surfing. It’s an enjoyable pastime but dangerous. I’m always looking for the post that will satisfy. It reminds me of Brenda Dayne, who used to say she was my knit sib…but clearly she’s not because she quit podcasting, leaving me in the lurch. I’ve found one nice replacement, but nothing is Brenda. I read a lot of knitting blogs, but you are the rock. So I hope you are ok and your life is good. I know everybody has tough times and I hope to goodness that is not why you are so quiet. You are amazing and have a really good influence on a lot of lives. Take care!!

  233. Praying you are ok and just taking a blog break because of all the busyness in your life.

  234. Wow!!! This is absolutely, incredibly, utterly amazing. Just unbelievably gorgeous. So glad I happened by – read about the Jacob’s fleece a while back and now, to see it crafted into sheer lovelyness, well, now, that was a treat indeed!

  235. It’s gorgeous!!! You are very clever, and it is very beautiful. So glad it turned out exactly as you’d hoped!

  236. This (physically) took my breath away. Thank you for us beauty. It made my week.

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