Random Tuesday

1.  I finally feel like I’m back on the horse that threw me.  I had a great weekend, the laundry’s half caught up (which is sort of as good as it gets) I’ve re-established contact with everyone I love (they were sort of neglected through the Summit) and my inbox now makes me feel like I have a lot to do, rather than that I should torch the whole thing.

2. That last one isn’t really true, but it’s like the laundry. 

3. Our beautiful daughter Meg turned 20 yesterday.  I’ve already had one turn 20, so I was just stunned and amazed rather than incredulous.  I swear it took a month for her to go from this:

To this:

and I have no idea how anyone is supposed to handle that sort of pace – and why we’re all pretending that there isn’t a black hole of time around children that makes it do that.  Two decades? I’ve had her for two decades? Not possible. The person who figures out how you can have so many incredibly long days while you’re a mum, and then have it all seem like it went in a heartbeat is getting a Nobel Prize.   She turned out pretty darned good though. You’d like her.

4. My eldest daughter told me last night that one of the reasons she’s confident that she can learn to drive is because (and I quote) "Mum, if you can do it.  So can I."   On one level, I think what she’s saying is "Hey mum, I think I’m as amazing as you are" but really what do you think the odds are that she doesn’t mean what you and I think she means?

5. Jen has not had her baby.  We spent the weekend up at her cottage (she’s a generous person, that Jen) and did all sorts of wonderful things with little kids and ate and laughed and swam and there was a full moon, a meteor shower and a thunderstorm.  Still no baby.

6. This is likely because that would have made the baby two weeks early… and also…

7. Because the blanket isn’t finished, though I am knitting like a demon, and have 1/4 of the edging done and that means that I’m not going to be the holdup here. 

8. Jen doesn’t believe for a minute that I control the timing of her birth with my knitting – but there are still two things that are true.

9.  She has asked me to hurry.

10.  I am.