Random Monday

1. Ken changed some stuff with the blog again. It should be another awesome step towards thwarting the piece of crap spammers who’ve been making my online life a place where no expletive is ever good enough.  From now on, when you leave a comment, you’ll still put in your email address, but it won’t be published on the blog. I can still see your email address, but you (or the rat bastard spammers) can’t see each others. Should help.

2. I finished another pair of socks. I am not going to say anything cocky about anything to do with any upcoming day on which I will be expected to have many pairs of socks, but I am going to say that this is a step in the right direction. 

Yarn: OnLine Supersocke, 6-fach, Murano Color 1507.  (I got mine at Over the Rainbow Yarn in Maine) It’s a little thicker than a regular sock yarn, I used a 2.75mm needle instead of a 2.25 – and went down a few stitches.

I used my regular pattern from Knitting Rules, and they fit like arse because they’re not for me. I swear they’ll fit the intended recipient a lot better.

3. I started a scarf out of this yarn that I ordered from True North Yarn.  (They  were awesome, btw.)

It’s too dark to take a picture of it underway, but trust me it is very cool.  I’ll show you tomorrow. 

4. The Strung Along November Retreat is this weekend at the Resort at Port Ludlow, with Judith MacKenzie, Nancy Bush and I –  I know, it did sort of happen in a really quiet way.  I was going to announce when sign-ups were, but I said in the blog post that if you were sure you wanted to come to let me know, and well. That was a lot of knitters.  I thought that a few people might sign up that way, but it only took about a day to get a the whole thing full, and a waitlist going on.  I think that next time we’ll think about another way to do it, because that was a lot like getting hit by a very flattering bus. 

I thought I’d let you know though, if you’re in the ‘hood and you’d like to see what it’s like there, or do a little shopping (woolly and otherwise) We’re having a tiny Community Marketplace on Saturday.  It’s an experiment. In the afternoon, from 2-5:30, we’ll have a few local vendors set up (Fleeces! Roving! Yarn! MiniSpinners and a chance to try them! Other stuff you will like!) and then there’s a little break, and in the evening 7- 8:30, the students will be out of class, they’ll have their stuff to show off as well, and we’ll all have a bit of a visit and a bit of a shop. (Nancy and Judith will have things to sell too. You might not want to miss that. I don’t know what they’re bringing, but it’s gotta be good. Right?)
I think it’s going to be a lot of fun. Please join us if you think so too – and if you’ve got friends and family in the area, you might want to mention it. It’s a good way to point them in the direction of a present you would like. 

Saturday the 16th November, The Resort at Port Ludlow.
2:00 – 5:30 local vendors (and some student and teacher stuff, but students and teachers are in class, with Debbi Stone minding the store.)
7:00 -8:30, the whole banana.