Randomly on a Thursday

1. My internet keeps going on and off, probably because my neighbours are still renovating. At least I hope that’s what’s happening.  I’ve lost this post three four five times. At least I finally got smart enough to put it in a document so that it would still be there.

2. Joe comes home today, and it will be so nice to see him – however briefly.  I leave for YarnOver and StevenBe tomorrow. I’m almost done packing/cleaning/organizing so that tonight I can actually visit with him for 30 minutes.

3. I think it is very easy to like your husband if you don’t see him much.

4. I finished the socks last night, so I didn’t have to cut them up into a million pieces, which I do truly swear was an option.
socksdonewhole 2014-04-24
5. I think that even if you practice for years and do yoga,  taking pictures of your own feet never gets easy.
socksdonefeet 2014-04-24
Yarn: Hot Socks Nil, Colour 25 Pattern: My own, from Knitting Rules, except I kept two of the ribs from the top/front running all the way down to the toes. Just for sport.

6.These don’t fit me. Which is good – because if they did I think I would keep them.
socksdone 2014-04-24
7. I’m like that.

8. You know, these were feeling kinda familiar, and then I googled the yarn name and my own blog turned up.  I knit just about exactly this pair of socks about a year ago. I totally forgot. Is that weird? (I guess the instinct I had that Ken would like these socks was a powerful one.)

9. In January I said that if I was going to make my goal of 12 pairs of socks done on time for Christmas this year I had to knit one pair at least every 27.83 days.  So far this year I’ve knit four pairs. It still seems wild and obsessive to keep track like this, but infinitely less wild than I feel when there’s three pairs to go on the 15th of December.

10. I gave away one of the pairs for a birthday present. Does that mean I have to knit 13?