This time I’m going to… Hey, what’s that?

This post was going to be all about the hat I started last night and how much fun it is, and how well it’s going, but then it stopped being fun for one tiny little second and I switched gears faster than a sixteen year old can wreck the mood at dinner.  I put down the hat, picked up a scarf and I haven’t been able to put it down.

lucyscarf1 2014-04-30

It’s the Emperor’s New Scarf, and the construction is fun and clever and easy (so far, there’s a bit of crochet at the end that I’m a little worried about. I’m not really bi-craftual) and from the minute I picked it up, I’ve been obsessed. Completely obsessed.  The yarn I’m using is Elsebeth Lavold Angora, and it’s totally discontinued, and Lucy and I stood there in StevenBe and absolutely agreed that three skeins would be enough and you’d think between the two of us we’d know that there’s a sub-rule of discontinued yarns that says that if only three skeins are available, three skeins will never be enough no matter what maths you do, and well… lucyscarf2 2014-04-30

Maybe it will be. Maybe.  I’ve got a bad feeling, and you know what you should do when you’re worried you don’t have enough yarn? Knit faster – like it’s possible to outrun the yardage, and that’s what I’m doing.  Maybe I can squeak a little more out of it if it all happens so fast the yarn doesn’t see it coming.

(PS. This is a rookie mistake. What can I tell you.  I was tired.)