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  1. I haven’t flown since basic training in 2002 so I’m very surprised they let you on the plane with DPNs? I was sure they’d give you a ton of grief about those!

          • Except on the way back IN to the US from Mexico. They took my friends needles OUT of her project. 🙁

          • Had my Addi Turbi CIRCULAR needle pulled out of my project and tossed in Athens! I cried. That needle was expensive AND I had nothing to knit!

          • I agree about Mexico….took needles for years and last time I had 300+ stitches on a circ..had them cut off the points.
            Also had needles taken away on a Quantas flight

      • PHL will confiscate, as well. Include a lifeline before heading to the airport and bring a SASE to mail needles back to yourself. Clearing security in Mexico and Jamaica also a hit or miss proposition.

    • Certain international flights into the US may give you trouble (Italy, for example). However, the TSA guidelines are fine with knitting needles. Domestic flights and flights out of the US should be fine.

      • Must be hit and miss, flew out of Venice to US a year ago this summer, no problem. To be safe I always ask when checking my luggage so I can throw everything in my checked bag if they say no. I suppose they could say no at the security check-in?? So far have never had a problem international or US.

        • If I fly,I always hit a Walmart/Valu Villageand buy cheap needles, just in case. Those needles are not as nice to work with but who cares if some security person takes them. I have a set of Addi turbos that I would not want to loose any of.

          • The first time I flew to Scotland to visit my daughter, on the return flight from Glasgow, I wasn’t allow to take my knitting on the plane, had to put my knitting in my suite-case to be checked-in because my needles were aluminum. Now I only take wooden needles on the plane. They don’t ‘show up’ when your carry-on bags are scanned. (I found that out by accident on another trip to Glasgow and forgot about my knitting in my carry on bag, went right through, no problem)

    • They are specifically listed as not allowed in South Africa. I went through about 5 bags of peanuts on a 1 hour flight just to keep myself distracted.

      • Not allowed from Edinburgh airport, but are from London Heathrow, according to their websites. Nothing to say they treat wooden ones any differently.

  2. Sometimes it’s even a benefit to fly with a WIP. Once I was flying home over the Atlantic with a nearly-finished baby blanket in my lap… which protected me from being scalded by the piping hot tea the flight attendant dumped into my lap by accident!

  3. I’m so jealous of your speed! It took me FIVE MONTHS to finish my first pair of socks, lol. Since then, I both yearn for & recoil at the thought of sock knitting at the same time…such are the ways of love, lol.

  4. When I started reading this blog the sock was on tour, and posed for a lot of pictures. I really enjoyed seeing the sock’s-eye view, imagining the wonder of the sock, the enjoyment of the sock, the sock inebriated on beer. Then for a long time there were no sock tour pictures, and I have missed them. Welcome back.

  5. getting ready for a trip to Salt Lake City tomorrow morning, for a week! Like all good knitters, I haven’t even begun my clothes packing yet but am knee deep in my stash, figuring out projects! Nice post – love seeing the sock grow….if I did a time lapse of my WIPs, it would be over a month …or two…or 3

  6. My daughter challenged me to knit her a pair of socks within a week’s time, and I was feeling pretty good about myself (although I am only 4 days in and not nearly done) and my perseverance until I saw this post. A sock a day? Really?

  7. Because I simply cannot fly without knitting, and because I remember hearing a woman tell the very sad story of having to take her WIP off the needles, I make a point to ALWAYS print out the TSA note from the internet that says knitting needles are allowed, at the same time that I print my boarding pass. That way I have something in writing with the current date and I have at least a snowball’s chance to convince a zealous TSA employee that it’s okay.

  8. I’ve never had trouble with knitting needles or crochet hooks on flights originating in the US. Not so for outside US–specifically Europe. I’ve been okay with short plastic or bamboo dpns but have had crochet hooks confiscated. So, I knit socks when I travel and keep my fingers crossed that I don’t drop any stitches! It all seems so arbitrary. I’ve never understood the rationale.

  9. For a minute I thought this was about the sock that got lost in the airport! Did anyone ever manage to claim their lost airport sock?
    Very pretty. Very fast. Slightly envious.

  10. My first thought was “if I tried to take a picture of my sock-in-progress sitting atop the railing of an airport moving sidewalk, it would fall off and I’d be scrambling to retrieve it and the ball of yarn.”

    I’ve flown from Detroit to Buffalo twice and both times my flights were delayed. Lots of knitting done in the airport. Usually always in the Detroit airport.

  11. If I saw someone in an airport or on a plane taking pictures of their knitting, that just might be the first person I ever took my “I’m traveling, don’t talk to me” headphones out for.

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  13. Suffering serious sock envy. I’m currently granny-nanny to a totally adorable 2yo and his 5mo brother. Once in awhile, i get to knit. So I’m knitting vicariously (it’s MUCH faster), thanks to the Harlot. Love the sock!

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  15. Me too, I want to know what yarn you used. I love self-striping with long colors. please share.
    Love the sock and the way it shows where you have been and the people you have seen.

  16. Beautiful, and very quick progress! Just saw your tweet about not tracking the number of stitches you cast on – can you figure it out from the number of picots that you have on the cast on edge?

    Good luck!

  17. I would also like to know what yarn that is, please. I’m a sucker for self-striping yarns, but I don’t recognize that one.

    Great progress on your sock, too!

  18. I’m glad that the little sock and her knitter made it safely home. On the other hand, the spammers seem to have gotten to the blog again.

    I’m envious of whoever gets those pretty socks.

  19. Love the sock. Unfortunately, had knitting needles taken by security it Toronto of all places; but that was a few years ago, no problems recently.
    Really like sock and would also like to know what edge you are using.
    Happy Knitting!!

  20. A lovely looking sock! How do your arms manage to cope with all the knitting you do? (I may or may not have a slight knitting addiction that may or may not sometimes result in my arms hurting. Of course, the answer is to stop knitting when they hurt, but that proves to be difficult.)

  21. O great & powerful Yarn Harlot, please share your knowledge and experience to help this overwhelmed parent. In a previous post—maybe in the last 6 months,—you mentioned a friend & colleague who had written books on parenting that you highly recommended, but I did not take serious note of that information then, but I am REALLY regretting that now, if you understand what I’m saying. I have tried to search you previous posts, but I’m just not finding it. Could you please tell me again the name of your friend and author and the titles of those parenting books??? Please!!! …and Thank you!!!

    • I remember one that Stephanie mentioned was “How To Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk” by Faber & Mazlish. When I was raising my kids I found 2 books by Ross Campbell really helpful – “How To Really Love Your Children” and “Relational Parenting”. Informative and encouraging as well. Hang in there!

    • i read one i loved, called something like “i’d listen to my parents if they would just shut up”. can’t remember the man’s name, but he wrote other ones, too. he explains things well, gives you plans you can really use, and tells you how to apply the information. some authors are not living in the real world, but you can picture him as an actual parent of normal children.

    • Hi Tracey, The post for May 7 2014 mentions 2 books – Kids Are Worth It by Barbara Coloroso and How to Talk so Kids Will Listen by Faber and Mazlish. My wee one’s nearly 3 so my ears pricked up when I read that post too!

      • Thank you, Monkeybee!!!! That was the exact post I was desperately trying to remember!!! And thank you to Sophie, for reminding me of another very good post Yarn Harlot had about parenting, and thank you to Jana and Vicki, for providing me with additional resources. All these helpful responses provided just enough hope and encouragement, that I didn’t have to resort to dropping my children off in a grizzly bear infested forest, and speeding off, yelling “Good Luck, Jerks!” (which, strangely enough was the ONLY part of the original post that I COULD remember, but I had a vague feeling that was NOT the actual parenting strategy Yarn Harlot was trying to convey!) Thanks again everyone!

  22. Speaking of socks going home, whatever happened to the singleton handknit sock found in an airport earlier in the year (Knit Signal)? Any word on that or is it still unclaimed and unloved in the lost and found at the Oklahoma City airport?

  23. One of my greatest hopes in life is that I will one day get to pass by you in an airport while you are trying to line up one of your fabulous sock-on-a-conveyor shots. Just so I can see the look on the faces of all the ‘normal’ people who are wondering what the heck is going on. Love!

  24. Great travelin’ sox. Snappy colors,too. Re knitting needles on airlines, I think it all depends on the common sense of the folks who check you through security as much as the policy of the airline. Some of my friends have breezed on through without a hitch and some have lost Addi Turbos.

  25. Okay, call me suspicious but I don’t think this is YarnHarlot’s knitting….

    No pic of sockie having a glass of wine or sipping a frothy beer…..how likely is THAT around Stephanie?

  26. Woke up this morning thinking how neat it would be to see a group photo of all the socks you’ve produced this year – maybe it would inspire me to get through my attack of second sock syndrome. Please?

  27. Loved your time lapse sock!!!
    Seriously… am I the only knitting,spinning sailor out there who spied the Chapman’s Piloting and Seamanship book in the first pic???That’s some serious sailing reading!!! I’m hoping the Harlot is hooked.

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