Keeping up with Yesterday

I’m starting another project. I know, I know, I’m a little out of control.   I know I have Fox Paws, and I probably have another pair of socks due, and the sweater… There’s a lot on the needles, and I’m tempted to cast on even more, which is all a sign of the times.  Three things are coming together here to put knitting forefront on the agenda, whether I have time for it or not.

First, the time of year. It’s cold here. Someone flipped the switch on this part of Ontario and there’s snow in the forecast, and it’s going below zero at night, and when it gets like this, some part of my knitterly intelligence doesn’t say to put on woollies.  It says to knit them.  I’ll be sitting in the house and get chilly, and I don’t think “Oh, I should get a sweater” I totally cast one on.  It’s a disease.

Second, in a week it’s the start of the November Strung Along Retreat, and it will be all knitting all the time for three days, and to get ready for the knitting I have to think about the knitting, and plan the knitting and organize the knitting and I’m just so excited about three days of knitting that I’ve been giggling a little bit when I think about it. (Technically, I’ll be teaching, not knitting, but it’s almost the same.)

Lastly, there’s Christmas.   I’m sorry, I know I just dropped the C word on you with no warning there, but really, it’s coming.  There’s no need to panic, but it is close, and I’ve got no interest in being hit by the festive train that flattens me some years.  I’m working the same spreadsheet as I have the last few years, because it’s changed everything – although I’m already a little behind, because there’s one gift that I want done early, by December 1st, actually, and if that’s going to happen, I have to start right now. Or yesterday.  Or maybe the day before that. Here’s the plan.  I have a whack of felt, and I’m going to cut out a tree shape and sew it to the background, and then knit/sew  24 ornaments that will stick on the tree. There will be 24 pockets on the background, and every day, starting December 1st, you take an ornament out of a pocket, and hang it on the tree, and when you’ve got them all on, you know it’s Christmas Eve.  I’m going to stick a dowel through the top and bottom so it hangs nice.

adventtreestart 2014-11-07

I have no pattern, and really, I’ve just explained the entire idea to you.  The whole thing. That’s as much as a plan as I have. Today I’m going to lay the whole thing out, and cut pattern paper into the tree shape, and see if I can get it sewn on.  Then I have to knit the first ornament. (Maybe two or three, I’m a little behind.) I don’t know what that’s going to be either, but I bet I can figure it out.  I was looking on Ravelry to see if I could find a starting place for knitted ornaments, and most of them aren’t quite what I was thinking.  They’re lovely, and so many of them are perfect for a real tree, but the ones I’m looking for need to be two, rather than three dimensional. (I suppose they could be slightly puffy, but that’s it.)  I’m on a hunt.  Not all of the ornaments will be knitted, but I’d like most of them to be. I’m going to embroider on a few pieces of felt, and I have some beads. I’m not sure what I’ll do with that, but we shall see.

The first step though, is laying it out, drawing the tree, tracing it onto pattern paper, figuring out where the pockets can go and how big the ornaments can be, sewing the thing together and then getting Joe to stop and buy me the dowels. Operation knittertree is afoot.

Unless I knit on the sweater. I’m a little chilly.