Process- time lapse

Have I mentioned to you (maybe not, because I still can’t quite believe it myself) that this year I’ve expanded my commitment to the Bike Rally? Maybe because I have trouble saying no, or maybe because I really, truly think that they’re changing the world a little bit, I agreed to be on the Steering Committee for the thing. It’s been a pleasure so far (if you like hard work, which apparently I do) but this last few days it’s taking more time than I thought. (This has a lot to do with my almost criminal inability to work a complex spreadsheet, and I’d rather not think about it. There’s a reason I keep my pastimes analog. Knitting? I can freakin’ ALWAYS work that.)   In lieu of a proper post, as I head downtown for another meeting (at least I can take a sock) I give you the last few days, in fibre pursuits. Enjoy.

coffeebookspin 2015-01-27

singles 2015-01-27

pliedonnoddy 2015-01-27

pliedonfence 2015-01-27

skein 2015-01-27

skeinwound 2015-01-27

almostdone 2015-01-27

See you tomorrow, and by the way? Thank you for the wonderful comments on Friday’s post.  I read them all. (Really. Always have.)