Maybe just one more ball

Today I’m posting late pets, because I just did one of the wildest things that I’ve ever done, from a knitting perspective. Do you all remember my sister-in-law Kelly? She’s been a regular on this blog since the beginning, and Kelly has a wild life. She lives all over the world, most recently in Madagascar, and now she’s been home for a few months to see Frankie safely born, visit with us all, and… frankly, to restock on yarn.  Kelly and her husband Ben are done their work in Mada, and now are taking off for a few years in Vietnam, and since there will be no access, or limited access to yarn while she’s gone, and since Kelly has a pretty significant knitting habit, and pretty limited luggage space, before she leaves for a whole year without a re-stocking opportunity, today she and I went shopping for (get this) an entire year’s worth of yarn.

That’s right – she’s going to have no stash except for what we were going to set her up with, and the idea was so overwhelming that we decided we needed a good plan. Kelly’s been collecting patterns that she likes, coming up with enough projects to amuse her for a year, and today we took that stack of patterns to the yarn shop, and started.

arrivingromni 2015-08-13

We only wanted to make one stop, and we wanted to be done pretty quickly – that kind of pressure gets to you after a while, and Kell was saying that she thought that if she had to do it alone, she’d end up freaking out, buying weird stuff and regretting it all when she got there. It’s a more complicated thing than you might realize.

checkingthelist 2015-08-13

Not only do you need the right amounts of everything, but to maximize her limited amount of space, we needed to make sure that the leftovers from things can sort of hang together, so that a half ball of this and a part skein of that can be a striped something else – you don’t want to be giving real estate to something that could become an orphan.

Now, Toronto has some pretty awesome yarn shops, but if you have to buy a years worth of yarn in a single afternoon, you go to Romni. It’s the biggest, and has the largest inventory, and we thought it was out best bet for big lots of matching yarn, and since part of our strategy was the same yarn, but in lots of different colours… Romni it was.

Dudes, it was nuts. We had a sheaf of patterns, and it was about 15 minutes before the calculator came out, and then the Romni staff was up and down ladders, finding a bag of this, another skein of that…

onthefloor 2015-08-13

The perfect blue, the softest bit of that, finding the perfect colour, but in the wrong weight, the right amounts, the matching dye-lots…

I think by the end of it the staff there had figured out we were on some sort of black-ops mission and not just total lunatics, but I’ll never know for sure. (It’s possible I should shop somewhere else for a while until the memory of how bizarre we were fades a little for them.)

nevergoingtofinish 2015-08-13

The whole thing was really intense. Really intense. When you’re talking about a whole years worth of knitting, everything has to be just perfect I suppose that if we made a mistake, and had the wrong amount or the wrong colour I could technically mail it to Kelly, but mailing stuff to rural Vietnam seems like a terribly slow and expensive way to solve a yarn problem – and since this was a years worth of knitting, it’s possible Kell wouldn’t even know she had a problem for 9 months, and what happens if it’s your last yarn, and it’s the wrong yarn? What’s she going to do… not knit until the yarn gets there? What if the yarn was wrong for the pattern? What if we miscalculated, what if Luis is way bigger in a year?

We feel really proud that it only took about 90 minutes.

thehaul 2015-08-13

(Note to you: That is not all of it. Note to Ben: Sure it is.) in the end, we felt pretty stunned by the whole thing. Kelly’s got about 15 knitting projects there, big, and small, and creative ways for all the leftovers to go together that will give her a few more…

thisone 2015-08-13

When we were done, we went to lunch, and I got out some paper and we compared the patterns and the yarn, and made a list and put them together so that seven months from now she’ll stand a chance of remembering what we were thinking that crazy summer day in Romni, when we bought everything she’ll knit for a year.

wineafter 2015-08-13

I feel good about it, but I’m not the one who just got locked in.  Good Luck Kell.


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  1. That’s basically having to actually come up with an answer to the question “if you were going to be marooned on a desert island with some knitting, what would it be?”. Incomprehensible. Please do tell us next year how you did with this.

  2. I can’t make up my mind about the Next project,never mind a whole year’s worth.Well done on your decision making skills.

  3. What a lovely way to spend a day! This from the woman who has bagged yarn/pattern/needles together that fills (at least) two large Rubbermaid tubs….and keeps starting new projects that aren’t in the tubs. This will bring a kind of focus to what she wants to knit – with some flexibility too. It’s another knitting adventure! Wishing Kelly the best!

  4. Here’s a thought: if Kelly looks to be running low on yarn at some point late in the year, have her let you know which pattern she’d like to do and one of the blog can mail her appropriate yarn from their stash. (I myself, have way more than a year’s worth…just sayin’)

    • I’ll help send Kelly yarn. We can’t let a knitter go yarn-less! Plus, she might end up teaching someone how to knit and need more yarn.

    • I’m in. Dr.H would *looove* for me to share some (all) of my stash with Kelly (anyone)! How much harder can it be to mail yarn to Vietnam than hats to Mongolia?! I’m thinking’ not much.

  5. When I went to spend a year in England, where I knew they do in fact have yarn shops, I took a big project that I’d been dilly-dallying on, and some socks. I thought I would be compelled to knit on what I had! I came home with the big project still half-done and buckets more yarn. I can’t wait to see how Kelly does with this!

      • Choosing yarn for my sweater took months as I kept swatching and rejecting suitable candidates. Admittedly it took a while because it wasn’t at the top of my priorities but I can’t imagine not being able to do that.

  6. Wow. That is so awesome. Fun, and so, so clever. Love the color-strategy. I’m a little curious, though: which patterns did she choose to hold herself over for a year?

  7. I can’t pick yarn for my next project in any reasonable time frame, so I’m gobsmacked that you pulled getting a year’s worth in an hour and a half. That’s nuts.

  8. She is a pretty organized project knitter! The nice thing about having you come with her is that you won’t end up knitting the identical sweater, in a similar colour for the same child!

    Safe travels Kelly!

    • Sure she will, because the notes went with Kelly. Steph is going to think “oh, I wanted to make this sweater in soft blue” but it will be what Kelly planned.

      • I think the organizational skills outlined here, and YHs love of spreadsheets, means that YH will have entered it all on a spreadsheet, including dye lot numbers. I wonder if something similar would work for me and all the sqs of yarn that seem to impel me to cast on another one. Ha! Touch the lock, for Kelly being locked in.

  9. Wow! What a day you had! I can’t imagine planning for a year and then really being locked into that plan and yarn. That takes nerves of steel. Please give us some updates on how she’s doing through the year.

  10. SPLOOSH!
    I am going to have a contact high from the thought of all that luscious yarn, and I haven’t even had any contact with it!
    Good Luck to Kelly and tell her to keep an eye out for silk yarn which should be around in the North; they weave (beautiful stuff) with it.

  11. My friend, who flew B52s during the Vietnam war, suggests Kelly and Bill stay away from mine fields and unexploded ordinance. Whatever they do, I hope it’s fun and fruitful.

  12. I feel for Kelly, you and the staff of Romni–shopping with that kind of pressure, yikes! When I first read a year’s worth of yarn in one shop it sounded exhilarating. But then in reading on it quickly switched to terrifying. And all done in 90 minutes, no less. You guys are shopping ninjas!

  13. That shop looks like what dreams are made of!

    I did two back-to-back three month stints away from my stash or yarn shops a few years back, and had to pack accordingly – having access to my whole stash at the end of it felt like some sort of miracle.

  14. Wow! If a genie popped out of a bottle and offered me a year’s worth of yarn with the caveat that I choose it in 90 minutes I’m not sure I could do it! Great job, ladies, and safe journey to Kelly and Ben.

  15. Best post ever- I hope we get an update a year or so from now about how it went! I can’t imagine shopping for a year’s worth of yarn- I’m so impulsive with my yarn purchases!

  16. I definitely envy your planning skills…I’ve been known to make a few (okay, a lot) of impulse buys when it comes to pretty yarns. I don’t think I’d ever be able to plan my knitting a whole year in advance! Hope they have a great, safe time!

  17. Godspeed, Kelly! I’m glad you got a good-looking drink at the end there, and I hope you have fun with all that yarn. Also? That dress looks fantastic on you.

  18. I am impressed and amazed – what incredible vision & planning skills. I can’t even figure out meals for next week, let alone projects for a year (and actually do them!)

  19. I live in a country without yarn stores. I shipped my entire stash over when we moved. 3.5 years later I’m still working my way through it. This seems like a much more sane option.

  20. “Sure it is.” Oh goodness, did you hear that guffaw?

    If things become dire, she can always tear strips of bright Vietnamese cotton fabric, ending just shy of the selvedges as she goes and knit that up.

  21. Steph, you’re missing the point. I see a great opportunity here. My daughter taught English in South Korea for over a year and then spent months “coming home”. Vietnam was her absolute favorite. Especially, the stunning, delicious, fresh vegetarian food. I’m thinking come deep Canadian winter you may want to give it a go yourself. 😉

  22. I’m sitting here thinking of all the times I order a skein or two of yarn online for a project, and then sit there and look at it a week or so later and try to remember what it was for…
    Yarn for a YEAR??

  23. Maybe Kelly can take a holiday to Hong Kong or Shanghai or Singapore as a break. Yarn store tourism!
    I agree that you should consider bringing yarn to her later in the stint. Cycling tour of Vietnam!
    Excellent post indeed.

  24. If I were going on a yarn sortie of this type, I would be confident with you as my wingman/woman/person. Seriously, finding someone who would understand the mission would be the first hurdle. Well done!

    • Exactly what I was thinking when I read all the yarn for a year. Who better to help than a yarnharlot?

      Are you available for the next Stitches West?

  25. Impressive work for such a short time! Please tell us that Kelly will be packing all of that yarn in multiple suitcases? A few skeins in her carry-on?

    Safe travels and happy knitting!

  26. omg, Romni store is so awesome and big and chock full. What a blast. Personally I wouldn’t be able to do it because I simply freeze when I encounter THAT much yarn and THAT much colour. So many choices. Not bad having the Harlot accompany you on such an epic yarn-venture. Happy trails to Kelly, and don’t lose your finished knits when you come back.

  27. I’m going to Ireland in a few weeks and all I can think of is.. how the heck am I going to get this home? I have an ultimate plan to give my clothes to charity for more room in luggage!

  28. I can relate. I live in western Panama, where yarn is cheap quality and VERY expensive. My charity yarn group makes baby things to donate to the indigenous babies, and we can manage to order yarn once or twice a year and have it brought down here on a container with other charitable donations. I order $1000 at a time. It’s uber-scary. But we get free shipping.

  29. How funny that I prove myself a human by touching the folder – when my tip for packing this stuff is one (or more) of those vacuum bags. you know the ones, you fill them and squash them and fill them some more, then attach your vacuum hose and suck every bit of air out. I guess they are sort of both storage?

    Best of luck packing and knitting for a year!
    Chris S

  30. While I have absolutely no problem buying large amounts of yarn at once and while I have a circulating inventory in my mind of projects I want to work on in the future, I can’t imagine having my whole next year of knitting planned out like this. Makes me woozy just thinking about it.

  31. Kelli, I hope you don’t forget to pack the needles you will need! I also hope nobody sends you a copy of a knitting magazine that just happens to have a half-dozen or so patterns you crave to start RIGHT NOW. . .only you don’t have the right yarn! (Steph, don’t you dare!)

  32. That is impressive – especially the matching everything up so she knows what she was thinking. I too would like an update in a year (or less), both about how their work is going and how the knitting is going. What an adventure! Best of luck to them.

  33. In 2001, when we moved DD to graduate school in Virginia, I went armed with the Knitter’s Guide to yarn shops. I stopped in 4 cities on the way home, and petted yarn I’d only read about on line (no LYS, you see). I tried hard to buy a year’s worth of sock yarn each vacation for several years, until we finally got a yarn store here. I understand your pain/joy! Hope she takes pictures of it all for us to see next year!

  34. What?! No spreadsheet?! I hope you included lots of ziploc bags.
    This could be the next reality show!
    She chose the perfect expert for her mission. 90 minutes?! #superstar

  35. Thank goodness you made the list. It would have been a total mess to be looking at a mound of yarn and being unable to remember what pattern went with what yarn. Good show!!

  36. On the way from a trip to Vermont from Oregon last summer, I was driving to back to Boston the day before my flight, saw a road sign that said “WEBS NEXT EXIT” and was dragged out barely coherent two hours later by my family. You can buy a lot of yarn pretty quickly if conditions permit. I’m still knitting some of it. But deciding for a year? That is absolutely hard core.

  37. for anyone visiting Toronto, the Romni shop is well worth a visit. it took me about 25 minutes just to explore all the corners. in the end i was so overwhelmed that i left with just 4 balls of sock yarn and some very good dpns.

    since i cannot sleep on planes i even managed to knit most of a sock using the dpns and one of the yarns on the flight back to Britain.

    best wishes to Kelly and Ben for their time in Vietnam. hope that the knitting goes well too.

  38. WOW what a mission… even for a one/two days of trip to my university I m way overpacking, what would I do for a whole year… here is to her not having a problem with the stash for a whole year.

  39. A whole year’s worth of yarn, in ninety minutes? Romni sounds like one awesome LYS.

    And your organising skillz – even more awesome!

  40. Wow that sounds like an exciting year of knitting ahead. I hope she has all her notions too. Lovely yarn and I cannot wait for you to show us what she makes out of it all.

  41. I’m going away for 2 weeks and having a hard time figuring out which projects, even knowing one has to be a baby sweater (have yarn, pattern and the first few inches done). However I know that feeling. I go to Webs with a friend every winter, and usually have 3-4 hours to figure my projects for the next several months to a year. Between the store and warehouse there is so much there it can be overwhelming even when you go prepared. Kudos to you two for finishing in 90 minutes.

  42. I can’t even imagine trying to lock down what I want to knit for a year and what yarn I want to make it with. I’m in awe! I do think that if I had to do that I would definitely want you as my wingman and organizer. Safe travels and happy knitting Kelly and Ben! BTW how many baskets of yarn did you guys end up with? Like most of the other commenters, all I could think of when I saw the baskets was that you’re gonna need a bigger basket!

  43. I have a mile wide grin reading this post. I feel like making a sweeping bow with some sort of plumed hat. Well done ladies! It took me 90 minutes to pick out scarf yarn for my brother in law. For a whole year? I can’t even! Stephanie you are a great SIL for helping Kelly get over her travel jitters. I totally feel her, please keep us updated. Safe travels to her and Ben.
    p.s. about that gansey?
    p.p.s. I got the light bulb and it made me remember I hadn’t gotten answer the last time I asked that question.

  44. Well done.
    A bit of advice… do not let Kelli pack all the yarn together. Split it up among her suitcases or shipping boxes to increase the chances of it arriving safely. Also if something is delayed she will have at least something to start knitting! Safe travels, Kelli and yarn.

  45. I’m flabbergasted (that’s like gobsmacked, only more Amerikan, LOL) at a)the thought of picking out a year’s worth of knitting and b)getting the Plan together in a 90 minute shopping trip. I’m breathless just thinking about that 90 minutes…God speed, Kelly & Ben!

  46. I’m sure you both thought of this, but if you get those really strong Ziploc Space Bags that are VACUUM sealable, the yarn would take less space in her suitcases. Do they sell those in Canada? Happy travels, and may ALL her bags arrive safely this year!

  47. Oh what fun! I do miss Romni Wools though – you could spend hours just trying to decide what to get and that’s before you headed down to the sale basement.
    I like the idea of being mindful of the leftovers. I recently bought 4 bags with 10 skeins in each of them of the discontinued Rowan Summer Tweed, and I purposely chose complimentary colours. I know I can get 4 tops out of them, but ideally, I want to get six garments as each of the tops only uses 6-7 balls. I’m always on the lookout for good striped or intarsia patterns.

  48. I am glad to see that there were restorative beverages after the binge! Will Kelly be bringing the entire year’s knitting home at the same time? I’d love to see the follow-up photos. (And yes, happy to mail sock yarn to her in Vietnam. I have, um, some. . .)

  49. Wow. Sounds like “Operation Yarn Ninja” to me.
    Only 90 minutes is a triumph of organization!

    So, how many skeins does a year’s worth of yarn add up to?

    ( I’d like to estimate how long my stash would last.)

  50. Sometimes, I think I should shop my stash and decide what I’m going to knit for the next year or the next three projects or till Rhinebeck. It doesn’t work; I need flexibility. On the other hand, it would be an interesting exercise to assign a year’s worth of projects to my stash – three sweaters, 4 shawls, a couple of hats, something like that. That would take care of one bin’s worth – what do I do with the other 8 or 9 bins of knitting yarn?

  51. Aww-you were around corner and I didn’t know it!

    Romni makes my eyes glaze over even if I have a very specific project I need yarn for…I can’t imagine making that many decisions that quickly.

    Can’t wait to see what she makes!

  52. That sounds like a really awesome way to spend an afternoon! I would definitely need more than 90 minutes. I’d love to know how it all turns out!

  53. When you posted that picture on IG and said she bought a year’s worth of yarn I didn’t actually think you meant a year’s worth! I should have known better…*hangs head in shame*

  54. What an amazing trip. I think id still be wandering around, overcome by yarn fumes. After last years baggage debacle I would split up the yarn. Good luck and safe journey.

  55. I can’t even imagine trying to plan my knitting for the year. I am terrible about planning my knitting for the month! Good luck.

  56. I have a similar strategy when I go to Stitches Midwest each year, bring a list and patterns and only sock yarn can be an impulse buy. It is so easy to get overwhelmed with all that beautiful yarn asking to go home with me. Best to Kelly and Ben and I too will look forward to seeing the results.

  57. What a wonderful way to spend a day. Having just travelled through Vietnam recently however I can assure you that there is yarn available there – I stocked up in Hanoi Old Town market, and again in Saigon/Ho Chi Minh City, so there is something to fall back on!

  58. I cannot imagine this level of planning. I had enough trouble picking yarn in a fabulous LYS I encountered on vacation–just how much of the stunning yarn you’ve not seen before do you get for a project you don’t know you want yet? It’s one thing to go fondle and drool at the usual LYS–if no inspiration comes today, it might tomorrow and zipping back is easy, but when it’s 400 miles from home, you have to decide then and there. So, I cannot imagine provisioning for a year of knitting.

  59. There’s got to be a television show that can spring from this idea, right? Like one of those “supermarket grab” segments of a game show, or some kind of Big Brother-esque thing where you bunk up knitters together for a year and see what they make. I’d totally watch that.

  60. WOW what a great post! Although I bet that was hard, it does sound like it was also fun. I’d like to know the projects as well, it’s such an interesting concept to plan ahead for an entire year. I’m really impressed that the two of you thought it through to be able to use up the leftovers for more projects. Now that is some SERIOUS planning. Please keep us updated. Good luck and safe travels to Kelly & Ben.

  61. I haven’t read all the comments, but I highly recommend using a FoodSaver vacuum sealer. I had some of Wal-mart’s brand large storage bags (like Ziploc, that you use the vacuum with), and after opening it the first time, it wouldn’t reseal. She could package each project in a separate FoodSaver bag. Heck, even take the vacuum sealer with her so she can shrink the stuff she wants to mail back.
    China, Japan, Australia, NZ…they’re all fairly close to Vietnam and have very happening knitting scenes. I’m sure she’ll be able to find more yarn 🙂

  62. Ah, happy times, I used to have to do this regularly whilst living in Singapore. The pressure is like deciding which and how many projects to pack for holiday knitting, times about a billion… God forbid I got out there and realised I was missing a needle size!

  63. Oh wow! That is a dream come true! AND you could still afford lunch out, with wine! 🙂 The blue in the middle of the stack is gorgeous – could you say what that is without putting her in jeopardy with her hunny?

  64. There is a haberdashery street in Hanoi where I bought knitting needles and they had big hanks of unidentifiable yarn. I also bought a big bag of natural silk spun yarn in a clothing shop there. So, there may be opportunities for stash enhancement if Kelly keeps a look out.

  65. Kabowzer – that is an AWESOME thought – to buy all yarn for a year. Bags, Patterns, Notes – intense, committed, deliciousness.

  66. 90 minutes. Were the guys from the Guinness book of world records there??!
    Well done both of you! I can’t wait to see the results in a year’s time.

  67. I’m impressed! I can spend 90 minutes in a yarn shop debating the yarn for one project. Who knows how many days an entire year’s worth of projects would take.

  68. I cannot imagine doing this. It takes me much longer than 45 minutes to choose the yarn for one single project, let alone a whole years worth!!! Well done the both of you!!!

  69. Hah, that Krombacher parasol! The Krombacher brewery is practically around my corner (actually next small town, maybe 20 km away from my house. My former landlord was a technician there and got lots of free beer every month. I was allowed to help myself very often.)
    Also, what an impossible task. I need days and weeks to decide on yarn and/or project, if its something else than socks! Good luck to Kelly.

  70. Every year after the holiday are over I go to my Ravelry queue and plan what I am going to knit this year. I put the date by it, or change the date from last year to the new one, and I gather yarn from my stash or make a list of patterns that need yarn. While I knit some of these, I get distracted by newer designs released. Heading back to that basket with the yarn and patterns paired to get inspired for the rest of this year.

    Thanks for the reminder.

  71. Have you thought about using those vacuum pack bags to increase the luggage real estate for the yarn? I stored some of my stash that way, and it all bounced back when I opened it after a year!

  72. Kelly, please, please put the yarn and patterns in your carry-on bags. And ditto for the completed projects next year when you return. I’m not sure how you can guarantee your needles safe arrival – perhaps interchangeable circulars can all come aboard?
    I still shiver when I think of your missing bag!

  73. On the hottest day of the year, this makes me want to go yarn shopping so much!!!!! Good luck to Kelly; you were really smart to make notes.

  74. Vietnam has a yarn industry. Like the Brazilians they mostly crochet light weight cottons and silks. Hot, humid climate, you knoe. So, send a set of smallish ( say US #1, 2, 3, and 4) crochet hooks with her an she can use U-tube and learn to crochet. Or a beginner pamphlet on “How to crochet”. Remember that old green one that taught so many of us the basics? Like that.

  75. I entered the shop just as you were leaving. I was visiting TO and as I always do when there, I think to myself, maybe I’ll see you on the TTC or somewhere. Lo and behold, it happened right there at Romni!

  76. VN does have a pretty good cotton yarn industry – friends from Malaysia go often and stock up. It is rather fine, have to use 2mm or so needles for it. Thailand also has a thriving cotton yarn industry PLUS silk … and we are only a hop skip and a jump from VN. Also in VN can get fibers from China which produces a lot of pretty good quality wool.

  77. I can empathize with the emotional rollercoaster of buying a year’s worth of stash in a short periodof time! Last month, I moved to Laos (so I’m actually neighbors with Kelly 🙂 ) and I’ll be here for a year. I found out, on a visa run, that they do have some yarn and needles across the border in Thailand, but it was verrry limited. Plus, I’ll be in a rural setting for most of my experience too so I packed LOTS of yarn. I also tried to find skeins that would look good together and ultimately just ended up with a veritable rainbow. Fingers crossed that Kelly and I both make it through the year – the thought of not realizing I’d be out of yarn until months and months in makes me think of Andy Weir’s “The Martian,” except being stuck without yarn is far worse than being stuck alone on Mars. 😉

    • Oh, I wish you’d contacted me! There is actually a huge supply of both needles and yarn of all types here, from imported to local acrylic and cotton! And I will be happy to take you around, be a personal guide to all the yarn sources here in Bangkok, including silk. And can always post to you as well. Where in Laos are you? My folks will be visiting several spots in rural Laos in November and would be happy to take some in to you!

  78. Great job, the both of you! What an undertaking and so well executed. You totally deserved the lunch/beverage celebration afterwards!
    Also–The Blog is the best! Stephanie, you have built an amazing community!! Where else can we get reliable first hand info about yarn/fiber availability in SE Asia? (My daughter made a trip to SE Asia (loved it!) and had the sense to come home with silk for her Mom!) I love knowing I could go someday and find both fiber and fiber friends!

  79. I’ve had to pack a year’s worth of yarn a couple of times for working trips to Antarctica. The first time I ran out part way through the year and unravelled a project that I wasn’t happy with and reknit the yarn. I then turned to cross-stitch. The second time I had plenty of yarn and converted a couple of non-knitters to the dark side with the lure of all the pretty colours. I’ve never been so organised in planning and buying for a trip. Now I’ve seen how the experts do it I’ll try and be waaay more organised for next year’s expedition. Thanks guys, for showing the way!

      • I did share some yarn with the new knitters, but the craft club group that grew in the lounge on Tuesday nights was worth it. In what is normally a very blokey environment a bunch of knitters and crocheters was a nice change.

  80. I would definitely mail yarn from Thailand in case of a yarn emergency. I travel a lot, live with a giant stash and would always be willing to help a fellow knitter. Just pass on the word, Stephanie, and the Bangkok knitters will have a care package on the way!

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  82. What a lovely trip, and a daunting exercise! Does she use Ravelry? It’d be awesome to see that stash whittle down into those lovely projects.

  83. I have to wonder in amazement at the pre-trip planning that went on. Knowing that I can change my mind a dozen times for some projects and be locked into an idea for others, I’m envious of this ability. Of course having your own yarn harlot to plan with is an enormous benefit. I must also admire Kelly’s ability to stick to projects unlike my start something new all the time habits.

    Well done, ladies. And you know this is the stuff legends are made of. This will be a hard event to top at the store.

    Safe travels to Kelly and Ben. Have a great time.

  84. I can’t even imagine picking projects for a whole year, let alone doing it in 90 minutes!I would be there for hours! Is she going to set up a blog ?

  85. To not have a stash would be wonderfully freeing to me. The accompanying year’s worth of project decisions would not. I hate to bring up a sore subject, but was the backpack every found?!!

  86. Ooooo….it’s every knitters dream to be able to go into a yarn shop and purchase enough yarn to have a year’s worth of knitting ready and waiting. Oh wait….if I pull out every skein of yarn and every pattern off my shelves then I guess I DO have enough yarn/patterns for a year’s worth of knitting. Silly me! 🙂

  87. I just found out I may be marooned on an atoll for a year! And I bet there are no knitting stores in the Marshall Islands. This boggles my mind. The closest knitting shops may be Australia or New Zealand. I haven’t made any snap decisions since my last child umpteen years ago! I wonder which is cheaper and faster…postage or airfair…send yarn or me fly to get yarn. I don’t know if I could bring projects for a year…..panic will set in………

  88. Great colorway, even better people. on another note, I dn’t see Cincinnati on your docket. How the heck do we get you to Cincinnati?!!!!

  89. All may not be lost in Vietnam if she spins, or has worked with silk handkerchiefs. They farm silk in Vietnam and a friend brought back a few handfulls of cocoons for me from a trip there. Could be a whole new fiber adventure!

  90. My idea of a dream come true – but how on earth did you do it in just 90 minutes – it would be an all-day project for me. I’ve been known to spend 2 hours in a yarn store and just come out with a couple of projects-worth.

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