I swear it’s bigger

Knit knit knit. That was the plan for the next few days until Rhinebeck. Knit that sweater and damn the torpedos on everything else, and then this morning I took a realistic look at my life and wondered how I managed to get that delusion going for even the few hours I thought it would be true.  This weekend is Thanksgiving here in the Great White North, and the party starts tomorrow evening, and after three big family celebrations (one each on Friday, Saturday and Sunday- though I only have full cooking responsibility for one of them) and the minute that’s over, there’s Bike Rally meetings on Monday and Tuesday, and then Wednesday I pack, and Thursday I leave. I’m not entirely sure where in there I thought I was going to have this private knitting party, but clearly the wool fumes got to me.  (Again.)

sweater2 2015-10-08

The sweater is a little farther along than it was, noticeably so, I think, although maybe just to me.  I’m also rather reassuringly still on the second ball of yarn, which means I’m starting to feel good about the chances that I won’t be wearing a Rhinebeck Vest. (3/4 length sleeves are still a possibility.) Today’s the last day for a few that I can reasonably have a big long knit, so pardon me. My wool and I are going to kick back, make some tea, and watch a little baseball.  (Go Jays Go. Sorry. It had to be said. This blog will return to its previously sport free nature after they win the World Series.)

89 thoughts on “I swear it’s bigger

  1. You’ll be fine!
    First of all, you can find time to knit before, during and after family parties and then, don’t you always knit at bike rally meetings? Just make sure you won’t be doing all the driving to Rhinebeck and you’ll have more than enough time! 🙂

  2. Are you the one behind the wheel on the way to Rhinebeck? This appears to be another Yarn Harlot “Rhinebeck Sweater Adventure” in the making…

  3. However, you ARE going to Rhinebeck. My friends and I had to back pedal on attending this year for a variety of reasons…

  4. I do wonder how many of us are out there during these ball games, watching and knitting, either purely out of personal passion or because that’s the only way to spend time with our spouses this time of year. (maybe a little bit of both here – go cubs!)

    perhaps there’s a reason they put playoffs right before rhinebeck. prime knitting time! just sayin’…

  5. Oh, thank goodness! I was worried that this would be an drama-free Rhinebeck sweater knit, but that would be way too un-Harlot like & way too boring for the Blog. Now it’s starting to look like our regular sweater-frenzy.

  6. You will do just fine. If the sweater is not finished so be it. It appears it is going to be a fabulous sweater whenever you finish it.

    As for baseball; who’s playing? Yes, I admit it, baseball bores me to tears. I’d rather sit in the dentist’s chair having a root canal than watch baseball. I do have to admit, however, the dentist has dreamy brown eyes with really long lashes.

  7. I have a sneaking suspicion that you’ll totally bend the time/space continuum and actually pull this off. Keep the faith.

  8. “This blog will return to its previously sport free nature after they win the World Series.”

    OMG —– you’re NEVER coming back??????

  9. I’M COMING TO RHINEBECK FOR MY 40TH BIRTHDAY TRIP! Excuse me, I’m a little bit excited (coming from Scotland…) Will be looking out for that awesome looking sweater in its finished form! Now away to choose knitting for the plane.

  10. It’s a great looking semi-sweater and I’m rooting for you to finish. But as far as baseball goes, my rooting diverges. Let’s go Mets!

  11. I don’t comment very often, but you provoked me! I live in Chicago, the Cubs haven’t won in 100 years and we ar breaking that streak THIS YEAR. That’s all I have. Nice sweater. Happy Thanksgiving!

    • I’m a Cubs girl myself. Born and raised in Chi town now a Texan but I used to watch Ernie Banks play. Go Cubs go! Stephanie I think you should just wear this sweater on the needles and calling new fashion. Happy Thanksgiving to all

  12. Since my guys are out, I’m hoping for my cousin’s sake that the Mets do the job, but I’m secretly hoping the Cubs can finally do it! If the Jays manage to win, I’m not going to be unhappy. I care more about my knitting than who wins the series this year…

  13. Go Jays Go. I remember the last time they won. Great time to knit, except the ribs can go a little wonky at the exciting bits.

  14. So, my son is coming home from Montreal this weekend and we will celebrate Thanksgiving/Columbus Day as he will not be home from school in November. What does one serve for Thanksgiving in the North?

    I will be at Rhinebeck for the first time this year. I will look for that sweater!

    Go Jays!

  15. October seems to be the start of the busy, social season and the start of mad knitting season. Hopefully you’ll be able to sneak in some knitting over the weekend.

  16. I’m knitting and watching hockey since my baseball team is not participating in the post season this year. I would really love to see the Cubbies win it all. They are SO overdue.

    The sweater is looking great. You know you’ll probably have to stop at Webs for buttons – don’t forget a needle and thread! Knit on!

  17. Hmmmm, if only you didn’t have to waste time sleeping. Just think what we could accomplish with that much extra each day. The sweater will be lovely and finished as usual. Focus

  18. Two years ago I was blissfully watching October baseball with my twin boys on my lap. They were 10, but small. This year they could still probably fit on my lap, but have been displaced by circular needles and a skein of yarn. Bittersweet.

  19. Stephanie – I think we’ve all heard this story before. Shall we click back to last year and see what went on with the infamous Rhinebeck sweater then? Or the year before that?

    You know the definition of insanity that is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome?

    You need to make next year’s sweater as soon as the Christmas madness is past. Put it on the calendar.

    • Either that or, when the ‘latest’ sweater is started, accept the idea that it’s for ‘next year’s’ Rhinebeck??

  20. I’m a Tigers fan. We traded Price to the Jays. He is a great pitcher and a really nice guy. I’m hoping for the best for him and the team. Then we want him back and Astro too.

  21. I’ll be the second person to say “Go Cards!” Then duck for cover. I’m just excited for us to go as far as possible, as I have three WIPS and this means lots of excuses to sit and knit. I’m still amazed that you can knit a sweater in so little time. That is goal I work towards – and it is really shaping up to be a great sweater.

    • Thank you! I was feeling very lonely out here as a Cards fan! I know there are a lot of haters, but when you have the magic formula year after year…

      Also, I love 3/4 length sleeves, so I say that is a fine solution.

  22. Nope, it’s not just you. It’s noticeably longer, I see it. I swear I do! Happy Thanksgiving to you and all of yours, all your countrymen included.

  23. Hey Chicago, wadda you say? Cubs are gonna win today! Go Cubs, go!
    (I’ll be knitting on a shawl with my homespun this evening.)

  24. Since my beloved SF Giants aren’t in it this year, I’ll root for your Jays!! (or the Cubbies)….either one would be good 🙂 Can I say I’m ready for Fall? Here in Boise, we had another mid-80s day while I’m knitting wool cowls for the winter…. I’m hoping Rhinebeck will have a little bit of cool weather….first trip also; can’t wait!!

  25. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. Enjoy the knitting that you can do, I’ve been unable to knit for the past few months, sigh, just busy. Hope you get the sweater done in time. : )

  26. I am so looking forward to seeing the progress on this sweater. Good luck to your team. I would be fun to see the Jays in the World Series.

  27. Well, dang it–it’s just so, well, I’m not sure what word to use when the fact that you live a life full of meaningful, thoughtfully chosen and passionately maintained commitments and relationships occasionally means that there’s a big collision on your calendar…frustrating because you can’t possibly get absolutely everything done to your usual standard? Absolutely! But a clear sign of a life being well-lived? Most certainly…and hopefully that brings a rueful but grateful smile in the middle of the frustration… =)

  28. I went and looked at the pattern on Ravelry because I like yours so much. I’m not blown away by the sample one on the pattern page, but yours makes me want to buy the pattern anyway and cast on! I love the yarn you are using too!

  29. I vote family first. Then knitting and lastly baseball. My team did not show up for the season this year so they defaulted to last place. This is my first year to Rhinebeck. A 62nd birthday gift to myself. I am coming on the bus from Webs on Sat. I am just getting the arthritis in my hands under control and beginning to knit again after 2 years. No new sweater-don’t care. On a bus load of knitters? Priceless.

  30. Off the subject but…
    Woke up on a cold, damp day with a bit of a bug; needed a sweater. A nice wool pullover with jewel neck, full length sleeves; something to feel warm in. And I don’t own one! Nothing but cotton.
    Went to my usual Eddie Bauer, Lands End-type store website and they don’t have any! (Just cotton – mostly v-neck and 3/4 sleeves. Very trendy, something to look chic in – not to feel warm in.) Columbia sportswear, nothing. Orvis, nothing.
    I could knit one but I want it now. Doesn’t anybody want something to feel warm in anymore?

  31. Understand about wool fumes! Just completed my first Spinzilla. I have never spent that much time with roving in my life! Did okay for a first timer. Spin a little over 5 miles of yarn.
    In recovery right now…


  32. I have to say, I’m kind of glad you haven’t been writing much. I’m on February 2007 of your archives and it was starting to feel like a neverending endeavor. You’re giving me time to catch up!

  33. I’m really sorry, Steph – this is a first for me, to disagree with you. We share anniversaries (30 Sept., 29 years last) and a birthday, almost (11 June, many years before yours), and I am a crazy knitter lady – but when it comes to baseball, all I can say is that I am from Chicago, and today my Cubbies took the next step toward that first World Series in more than a century. GO CUBBIES!!!!!! 😀

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