Randomly on a Wednesday:

1. I took the morning off today to watch the swearing in ceremony for our new Prime Minister. I don’t regret it at all. The best moment for me was seeing that he had made good on his promise to achieve gender parity in the Cabinet. Half men, half women, for the first time in Canadian history.

2. Best moment of the whole thing? When a reporter asked him why gender parity was important to him, and he said “Because it’s 2015.” Just like that.

3. I leave in the morning for 14 days.

4. I have no idea how to pack for that. I really don’t own that many pairs of acceptable underpants. Or shirts. Or pants.

5. Fourteen days is a long time to pack knitting for. I know I’ll be in woolly places, so I don’t need to fear running out, but I do think I should leave with some sort of a knitting plan.

6. I should make one soon.

7. I opened the Christmas spreadsheet to help make me a plan.

8. I wish I hadn’t done that.

9. Maybe I’ll just take socks.

10. Or not.