I thought I would last longer

Oh Blog, thank you so much for the warm reception to Megan and Alex’s engagement. The wedding is soon – very soon, and you’re all right, the froth of white wool and beads is indeed for Megan’s wedding shawl and I need to keep a move on it if I’m going to finish in time.  Megan, I tell you, is my stealth child. She has always gone her own way, and done her own thing, under a clever guise of good manners and charm. Even when she was a little wee fierce thing, she knew enough to be dead quiet while she unravelled all your toilet paper, and so it was with the wedding. My stealth child has been planning for quite some time, and a little while ago dropped it on the family as a near perfect fait accompli. I have time, but only enough to knit a shawl and tidy up bits, and not enough for anyone in the family to get in the way of her plan or make her talk about napkins or invitations.   (She is a clever, clever girl – and yeah Meg, I saw what you did there.) This will truly be their wedding, and just the way they want it. (Almost. She didn’t get the stealth gene from nowhere.)

morebeads 2016-05-12

So, it’s me and the white wool and the beads, and other than a pair of socks in my purse (because really, who can bead on the subway. Even the idea invokes disaster) I had decided to be monogamous and absolutely dedicated to this single cause. It’s a big shawl (but not too big Mum, I know, I know) and I’m not sure how long it will take to knit (forever maybe) and so here I am. Dedicated.  I have knit the first ten of 14 repeats of the first chart (I think it will be 14. There will be decisions made, later today or maybe tonight) and I am starting to come undone a very little bit. As a knitter, I bore easily. (Well, as a person too, but let’s not talk about that.) The first sign that the monogamy was wearing a little thin came yesterday, when on my way to put away some yarn that I bought at the frolic, I accidentally swatched it and got the pattern.

notknitting 2016-05-12

Whoopsies. It all happened so fast. Luckily, before I could break my vow and screw the whole thing up, I realized the pattern I was thinking of needed a Custom Fit component, and would take more that 3 minutes to pull together, and in that tiny window of time – in that little – itty bitty moment, I pulled myself together, put down the silk, and went back to the beads.

There’s no telling how tomorrow will go. I’m really not that strong.