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  1. Go! Never give up! I’m mid washcloth and 3/4 done a shawl (thankfully it’s a heavy weight yarn, but oh those ends to weave in for the colour changes!) I’m rooting for you and all the knitters out there cranking out the stitches!

  2. Cookies?! You’re supposed to be knitting! Stop making cookies!!

    Oh . . . I mean, the cowl is almost done by my standards. The sweater – is a little less done. You’ve got 24 hours. You can do this!! (If you stay away from making more cookies . . . )

  3. I love top down knitting……no seam’s.
    Last year i knitted a sweater for a larger member of our family and remember the elation of yay I’m all done and then the oh but I’ve got to sew it……I was seriously considering gifting it in kit form.

  4. I feel your pain! I still have so much to do before tomorrow! Why is it that even with a lot of planning I’m always rushing to get to Christmas on time?
    Knit like the wind, you can do it!!!!!

  5. Knitting and beer! And a pot of coffee for the mornings.

    I am just about to start baking and my kitchen it overrun with ants. Not sure how this is going to work. But going to give it a try.

  6. You’ll do this and fly. I have to have 2 hats completed by tomorrow at 11:30 am (when I pick up my offspring)… finished the bigger hat today. Now it’s wrapping gifts….

    You got this! this is why they invented COFFEE and 5 hour energy!

  7. You’ve got this. We’re all in the same boat.
    Top off that espresso and grab the cookies.
    We can knit around the clock. We’ve got the Magic of the Season on our side.

  8. Happy holidays to you, Stephanie, and to The Blog. Celebrate everything with everyone you love. Life is too short not to cram in as much fun as possible.

    Joy to the wooled,
    Steph’s yarn has come.
    She’s cast on two more gifts!
    Let every knitter
    And hooker wish her well,
    While her needles click,
    While her needles click, while her needles,
    Her needles, her needles click!

  9. Looks like just the right order to me, distract them with cookies while you finish knitting!

    There is not a single person in the world, especially those that are knitworthy, that isn’t willing to wait for the knitting to be complete.

  10. Be thankful for your time zone: where I am the Big Day arrives in about nine hours, and I have yet to send out my Christmas cards. Oh, and the machines (electrical and otherwise) that make brandy butter have all decided today is the day to not quite work. You depend only on your hands – you can do this! Or at least, you can if anyone can…

  11. Thank you for posting – I have been wondering. Knitterly things will be done – I am sure. Beautiful colors of yarn too. Yes, coffee, good film, music…no baking. Perhaps another can bring more cookies if needed?

  12. I’m playing with time myself and have been reading your blog this week with great empathy! I am just now casting on the neck band for a sweater for my 22 year old son. To add to the anxiety of a time crunch, I am also feeling a little pressure from the yarn chicken. I’m glad your yarn arrived! And I know you can do it!!!

  13. Just to play it safe, do you have:

    Instant coffee, in case the coffeemaker goes on strike?
    Emergency shelter (i.e., your mom’s place) for Millie, in case she decides to be super evil?
    Store-bought cookies, in case the oven goes on vacation?
    Gift wrap &/or IOU plans for at least two gifts?
    Enough screech, beer, bourbon, wine, etc. to see you through this?
    Egg nog for the men in the white coats, the ones who’ll be coming to take you away?

  14. You can do it, Steph! . In the event that the clock beats you, partially finished and wrapped are almost as good as the recipient still has an additional gift to look forwaed to.

    Best wishes to you, Joe and your expanding family and friends.

  15. I am finishing a gift card holder…I abandoned the kitchen scrub cloths (made by knitting cotton yarn and strips of nylon net held together) as the arthritis in my hand is protesting too much. But I got the cowls done, and the headband for my daughter in law, and that is the end of the knitting projects…I am going to try to finish the blouse I started for myself and set aside to work on the gifts. Oh, did I mention we’re having Christmas on Tuesday? I have a few more days…

  16. I decided to cast on a pair of knee socks for my one year old and thought “Who do I think I am, the Yarn Harlot?!” At least she is wee so the first one is finished already!

  17. What pretty colors of yarn, well worth waiting for!

    I’m sure you’ll whip these two little things out with time to spare. Have a lovely Christmas!

  18. Ah, the Yarn Harlot Christmas scramble. At a time of year when everything on the internet is either depressing or just blathering crap, we can always count on you to give us something Real and fun. I sometimes wonder if you do it on purpose to give us all a nice xmas gift. Either way I love it! Even when things are going much better than this year, it is super fun to watch your xmas come together.

    Thanks and good luck! Go Stephanie Go!

  19. In awe – only started baking today. My dad’s other sock is sans heel turn. I turn here for inspiration and voila! I am definitely inspired. Merry Christmas Eve.

  20. As I wait with baited breath to see if the all the things were knit, I wanted to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and All the best in 2017!!
    Thank you for sharing your world with us!

  21. I wish you a blessed Yule, a Merry Christmas, and all the love and joy that 2017 could possibly bring to you and your family. Thank you so much for being here for us all when we needed an escape, a comrade, a listening ear, or a knitting buddy. To several religions, this time of year celebrates a light in the darkness, and you have been our light more times than you could ever know. On this dark (though not the darkest!) night, may you find your light, and may you and your family be blessed with peace and abundance in the coming year. Merry Christmas, Harlot, and blessed be, coming at you from mid-Missouri.

  22. I’m not the only one who’s been checking in multiple times a day just to see how this turned out, right? 😛 Last-minute knitting is riveting!

  23. I too am checking in several times a day while at work, interested in how it turned. I’m still slogging through my Christmas projects. Wanted to wish you and your family a wonderful New Year. I hope it brings health and happiness to you and yours.

  24. I gifted my daughter a sweater without a neck band, and when she tried it on, we all agreed that it looked better without, more modern and interesting! Hope the outcome of your knitting crisis was similarly serendipitous. Happy New Year to all! See you on the flip side.

  25. Stephanie, are you okay? I’m a bit worried about you. Or selfishly needing more posts here? Happy New Year to you and your family,
    samm in Welland

  26. I am holding my breath to find out how it all turned out …… I hope you and the family had a fab day anyway, whatever the state of the knitting.

  27. I love the simplicity of this post and, as always, your humour. Sincerely, hoping you survived those 24 hours. All the best in 2017, the year which is … not finished either!

  28. Hope all’s well with you and yours, Stephanie. When you’re so quiet, your fans worry!
    A very happy and healthy New Year to all.

  29. For those who are worried about Stephanie’s well-being, pop onto her Instagram page. She is having what appears to be a lovely vacation

    • You’re very welcome! (I was getting a little worried too – I think I’ve been a mother too long!)

  30. OK, time’s up! you HAVE to let us know how the knitting turned out! It has been almost 13 days and we NEED to KNOW!!!!

  31. Since we’ve not heard from you since before Christmas, I hope, dear Harlot, that all is well. Happy New Year to you and your kin. Blessings to the mama to be, especially, and to you. I’m sure everyone can join me in saying that “we love you, dear Harlot”

    • It seems all is well! Check her Twitter or Instagram pages (up in the right-hand column). She and Joe are happily skiing…no internet. Ahhhh…good for the Harlot!

  32. Do you think she . . . forgot about us? 🙁
    No, no. She wouldn’t do that . . .

    Hm . . . She’s torturing us!! No, no. That doesn’t sound right, either . . .

    Hm . . .

  33. So, apparently the blog is broken. Someone asked in the comments on instragram if the blog would be fixed by its 13th anniversary.

    Well, at lest she wasn’t toying with us . . . 😀

  34. Knitting of all kinds can keep. Even when very unfinished. Even knowing it’s coming can make someone feel warm and happy. But everyone is warmer and happier with actual cookies inside them. So just to say I’m totally with your priorities.

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