He’s new here

Blog, please meet my grandson.

elliot 2017-04-09

We’d like to introduce Elliot Tupper, and he was born yesterday in the evening, two weeks ahead of schedule. He is 7lbs 3oz, and just about the most perfect human being I have ever seen, with the exception of his amazing mother.Β  We are all beside ourselves with utter joy. I’ll tell the story his trip, but right now I have to go smell his head again.

(PS He is only an hour old in that picture can’t you tell how smart he is already.)


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    • Aw, I just realized his middle name is Tupper, like, well, your Uncle (? not sure how he was related to you) Tupper. That’s so great. That’s just beyond awesome. Awww!

  1. Grandchildren! The best! Mazal Tov.
    He is beautiful, healthy, and everyone is fine.
    Doesn’t get much better.
    All joy to you and your family.

  2. He is PRECIOUS!!! I have a grandson who is 19 months old now. They are amazing and wonderful and all the good things people tell you about having a grandchild is true.

    I am so happy for you and your entire family. (:

  3. Here’s a wish for a long, healthy, and joyful life for him and everyone who loves him. Congratulations all around, and welcome to you, Elliot.

  4. Congratulations to all! What a handsome, brilliant young man you’re holding there–I can see already that he’s going places. Not sure how Meg’s going to feel about you absconding with him to show him off at all the fiber festivals and knitting retreats though. πŸ˜‰

  5. He’s saying, “You! The one with the camera! Make sure to get my good side, OK?” Congratulations to all!

  6. All together now — AWWWW!

    Congratulations to all! (Can’t wait to hear about his first meeting with Millie!)

  7. Welcome to the world Elliot Tupper. Those of us who lurk on the blog know the wonderful man you’re named after and are happy crying that your momma honored him this way. (And best of luck to Grammy on any finishing that needs to be done on your blanket!)

  8. Welcome to the world Elliot! Congrats on the brilliant and beautiful addition to your family. Soak him up! Wish I could smell his head too.

    • Me too! Congratulations Steph and family, I hope you get lots of cuddles with Elliot Tupper. What a crazy cool name! He is pointing at the camera too. Meg can you get any cleverer or more wondrous?

  9. Welcome Elliot! Thanks for sharing the very uplifting baby photo. We can all use it these days.
    Time for an extra PWA Bike rally donation then.
    I know you will have a great week!
    Congratulations all around.

  10. Congratulations! He’s absolutely wonderful! I can’t wait for the trip story and his – however much Meg is willing to share ❀ (I get to tap the cloud, where I think Grammy must be sitting right now!)

  11. He’s gorgeous & brilliant, I’m sure! Congrats to you all! One Q, though – by “schedule”, do you mean his due date or your knitting schedule?

  12. I’m so glad you got home in time! What a beautiful boy, and what a beautiful name. I am absolutely thrilled for you.

  13. Oh frabjous astoundingness magical wonder – welcome to the world, wee Elliot. You will be loved endlessly, surrounded by amazing talented caring family, swathed in lovingly crafted clothing every day of your long and joyous life, and guided and goaded and groomed for all the very best and highest good in all possible ways.

    Congratulations to all who hold him at the center of your hearts!

  14. LOVE !!! ♥

    I have been watching and reading and when I saw the bump! I thought … soon now!!!

    Best Wishes with this Bundle of Joy!


    He’s beautiful!

    *Inhales deeply*

    Ahh…that lovely baby smell…sweetness and light, it is.

    Many, many congratulations to you and Mom and Dad. Tell the new parents that we all said to get some rest!

  16. Congratulations! What a beautiful boy. Love his eyes.

    This blog experience is so amazing because I’ve been wondering about this baby (from a family I’ve never actually met!) and I just got teary-eyed seeing the middle name “Tupper” because I know what that means. Your blog has been a blessing. I only wish I knew you people IRL so I could knit him a hat, but I know this child will never want for any hand knits!

    Congrats to mama, daddy and the whole bunch.

  17. Congratulations! My son is an Elliot and if he is any indication, the name indicates a kid who is smart and kind and amazingly energetic!

  18. My oldest boy weighed the same when he was born. What a lucky boy Elliot is to be born to such a great family.

  19. Welcome, dear little Elliot Tupper! Thank you, Harlot, for sharing the joy of his arrival with us! Love and very best wishes to the grandparents (Grammy and ???), parents, aunts and all!

  20. There is absolutely nothing better than being a grandmother. You think you love your kids? Ha!! The love you will feel toward your grandchild will eclipse that by a million! I don’t know why, but it just does. And I’m so happy she included Tupper. Made me get a little teary.

  21. Congratulations to you and your whole family, he is beautiful! I love the name (my youngest son is Elliott and he just turned 6 on Friday)

  22. Of course he is unusually intelligent…look who he picked for a Mama and a Grandma? (Not to mention the Grandpas and other assorted uncle and aunties and cousins).
    Congratulations to all.

  23. Congratulations to all the family, but especially Grammy! I can vouch for the fact that grandsons are wonderful and so much fun.

  24. Like others, I got a bit choked up when I saw “Tupper” being remembered there.

    He’s beautiful. He’s also one of the most alert-eyed newborns I’ve seen. (With the exception of my own perfect baby, says the doting mother in me.) He’s wonderful, and I hope you all enjoy him every moment. All the very best to him and Megan especially as they begin the beautiful journey of new-mother-and-baby. I loved my own journey down that path, and I hope Megan and Elliot Tucker do, too.

  25. Congratulations to Meg and her husband! Enjoy that precious baby! It’s amazing how quickly they grow. Congratulations to you on becoming a grandma. That little boy is so lucky to have all of you. So much love in your family!

  26. Oh warmest congratulations to all..he is darling
    I can only imagine how thrilled you are

    just wonderful, such love

  27. What a handsome young man, obviously brilliant. Reading his name made me weep a little, that’s so precious and touching of Meg (and her husband!)

    How can you stand that much sweetness! I’m guessing you must walk around feeling like your heart’s about to explode!

  28. Congratulations! Thank you for introducing him to the Blog. We look forward to hearing about his exploits and seeing the knitwear he dons for them.

  29. ❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀
    You are going to be loved so fiercely. You are a lucky little boy.

  30. Congratulations to all! What a lovely boy! And a beautiful name-choice, too.
    Your right, go and smell him like wild! It’s the most wonderful scent of all times! Pure Joy.

    (I guess, it.’s the reason why our family has grown so big, btw…)

  31. Congratulations! He is clearly handsome, smart and kind – and he has the best possible birthday (same as mine)!

  32. Congrats on a beautiful baby boy πŸ™‚ Let the baby knitting begin lol. Sooo many baby patterns…so little time before they grow out of them so good thing you knit really fast.

  33. Welcome to the planet, Elliot, you landed well. Not only did you choose the best possible clan to show you the ropes, but you also have a built-in fan club here in the Blog. Hope your mum is doing well and you’ve already got the grands wrapped around your perfect little fingers. Well played. Keep them close, they will teach all the fun things and the really good swear words. (And I have no doubt Tupper the First is raising a glass in your honor.) Much love and joy to all of you.

  34. Yay!!!! Warmest, coziest best wooly wishes to the new mama and papa, not to mention all the wonderful grandparents, aunts, and uncles. Welcome, baby Elliot!

  35. Congratulations and much future joy to you Steph and Megan, from a long time reader (2008) and v occasional commenter. I had my own first baby three months ago and so am feeling all the feels. Best of luck over the next weeks and months discovering the new human that’s just arrived and also the special new bond that a mum and a granny can enjoy x PS As an Irish reader, I have to send you a poem, to follow…

  36. Congratulations to all!!!!

    The best part of grandmama-hood is being able to hand him back to mum & dad when his diaper is dirty!! Now on to your new job of spoiling him rotten!!

  37. Hooray! What joy! Yes, I could tell by the latest preg pic that your daughter was ready to pop. So excited for all of you.

  38. Congratulations to you all, and welcome to the world, little one. So glad new mom and baby are well…and I wish you hours and hours of good baby-sniffing and snuggling time.

  39. Thank you for sharing this amazing little man with us! Best wishes for Meg’s speedy recovery. I would wish you all happiness, but, you’ve already got it!

  40. Awwwww, so happy for all of you, and adore the name.
    Touching the wee baby foot, I think of my own once-tiny grandson, now a sturdy almost-3. May your new little guy have a wonderful life, and may you have all the joys of grand-ing.

  41. Hey kid! How you doing? I hope you like handknitted things, because you’re going to be covered in them for the rest of your life. πŸ™‚

    Hope his mom is doing well and feeling good!

  42. Yes, he is the smartest little sweetheart in Canada! Cutest too! Looking forward to hearing his complete story; and yes, there is something about the siren smell of a fresh baby…

  43. Such a beautiful child. Congratulations to everyone involved in the production of both the new human and the new blankie!

    The moon will be full in a few days. You might consider the Native practice of taking him outside to show him to the moon, length of time depending on weather, to let the moonlight fall on him for luck and blessings. A’ho.

  44. Congratulations to the whole lovely family, parents, grandparents, aunties and everyone! Elliot is so beautiful!!

    Tell Meg watch out…two weeks early can get to be habit. Well, it was for me anyway. Four times. :p

  45. Congratulations to one and all. He’s gorgeous. Great name, my 16 year old son is an Elliot too.
    Happy grandparenting x

  46. Welcome to the world, darling E! You can’t tell how much you will be loved yet, but know that you are surrounded by joy. Blessings on you, dear one (and I bet his head smells wonderful).

  47. He shares a birthday with my youngest. A fine day for intelligent young men! Many congratulations to you!

  48. Congratulations there’s nothing quite like the smell of a new baby. Well as long as you’re at the right end.

  49. Eliot is absolutely beautiful! Congratulations Grammy and all of the family! What a precious addition to your family!

  50. Congratulations to the entire family, Elliot Tupper welcome to the world. Love the link to your beloved Uncle in the name. Oh my what a joy for you all, he looks clever as can be.

  51. Congratulations to you and the whole family for such a wonderful new family member – and congratulations to Elliot for choosing such an amazing family to be born into.

  52. Of course he is brilliant. All Elliots are. Spelled correctly too. (I have an Elliot). Congrats to the entire family.

  53. Welcome little Elliot. Love the name, just perfect.
    Congratulations to you all.
    Now leave the blog drooling over this pic and spend some quality time. x

  54. What a beautiful little boy! Those cheeks are just the sweetest. I sent a bike rally donation to honor this new little life and the start of your time as a Grammy! Congrats to you and yours!

  55. From one Grammy to another, congratulations to you, dear Harlot, and to Joe and Meg and Alex and all the rest of the clan. Meg, I know you will be an awesome parent; you were raised by the best!

  56. A blessing, such a blessing! Mazel Tov, little man, and big-hearted family! Happy birthday, Elliot and new Grandma!

    And hopefully Daddy does not need to be reminded that the love, honor and respect with with he treats this precious little man’s mother extends to changing diapers, helping with night feedings and doing housework. πŸ˜‰

  57. Welcome, wonderful Elliot.

    Wishing you peace, joy and kindness throughout your life.

    Best wishes to the whole clan!

  58. Beautiful baby! Elliot your grandmother knows the first rule of being a gramma is that there are no rules. Stephanie enjoy the journey.

  59. Congratulations to all and welcome to a loving family, both genetic and world wide courtesy of your Grammy XOXOX

  60. How wonderful! Umm. Curious knitter here. But it is none of my business! So glad all are doing well. Assume that includes dad…

  61. Welcome to the world, baby Elliot! It goes without saying you will never be short of hand knits. Congrats to the new parents xx

  62. He’s beautiful! And Tupper for the middle name! I’m crying with joy for you! Congrats to all of you! (and as always, thank you for sharing your family with us.)

  63. Congratulations! what a beautuful boy and yes, i can see he’s a smart one. now i’m behind in blog reading but seriously, i can’t believe it’s been 9 months already.

  64. He’s just gorgeous and I can tell he’s the most intelligent Aries baby ever. My brothers were born on his birthday 61 years ago. Mama and Daddy are in for an interesting ride if there’s anything to astrology.

    I’m teary that they named him after Uncle Tupper. He would have loved that.

    Touched the airplane again. Must mean you made it in time. Can’t wait to hear the tale.

  65. Oh, Stephanie! He is just perfect!! Congratulations to you all. I am ever so eager to hear the story, and find out if you were there (I do hope so!) Enjoy that smell. nothing in the whole world is as wonderful. Best wishes from Arkansas

  66. Debbi was right and he was ready to show up early. I’m glad to hear everyone is healthy and I agree that’s one smart looking grandson. Love the name! May he bring as much joy to your family as Cora has to ours. Sending love and kisses.

  67. Many congratulations to all concerned, especially Elliot for the intelligence he has already demonstrated in choosing your family as his.

  68. Mazal tov to you all!! He is clearly brimming with intelligence, not to mention how handsome he is. Clearly a winner, and just lovely!! Thank you for letting us know and turning a stressful day here into a very happy one!

  69. Welcome, Elliot. We’re glad you’re here. You’ve been born into an amazing family, who know how to love and celebrate life. Long may you all enjoy each other.

  70. Mazel tov! Sweet one, if you ever doubt how much you are loved, look no further than your grammy’s blog. Many people have been looking forward to meeting you and love you so much!

    Enjoy those baby snorgles Grammy! They may slow down the knitting, but so worth it.

  71. Congratulations to all! And I’m especially touched that his middle name is Tupper. I’m so glad that everyone is well.
    I am taking care of my 3-yr-old grandchild as I type and thinking of all the joy you have ahead of you. Much love!

  72. Grandsons wait for no one. We were scheduled to walk a marathon 2 weeks before our grandson was due. Plenty of time, right? The marathon was in Hawaii,we live in Ohio. As we are coming off the course, our names are being shouted out….you guessed it, Woody was born. We went straight to the hospital from the airport in our shorts ( in December) with our medals still around our necks!! love, Mary in Cincinnati

  73. Welcome Elliot Tupper! What a special name for such a beautiful new person. Congratulations to all!! I cannot wait to “meet” you Elliot through you amazing Grandmother’s blog.

  74. What a beautiful & healthy baby! He does look quite intelligent, checking everything out there. Congratulations!

  75. I missed this yesterday because I was in San Diego celebrating my grandson Hudson’s fourth birthday. April 8 is a fantastic day for celebrating small men. Welcome to the world, Elliot Tupper and I love your name!

  76. Congratulations to everyone!
    I love his thoughtful expression and the pointing finger – almost as though he is just about to say “That’s an interesting sweater you are wearing. What yarn did you use?”

  77. Congratulations! He’s beautiful! I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying this sweet new baby as much as possible.

  78. Welcome To The Flock to your wee and stunningly handsome grandson! Thank you so much for sharing. It brings tears of joy to my eyes Grammy Yarn Harlot:)

  79. Congratulations to the whole family!! What wonderful news! He is adorable….looks like he’s taking it all in. What a cutie!!

  80. Congratulations to all of you! He’s adorable! I’m so glad that you made it home from Texas in time. When the reason for your departure was announced, you got a thunderous round of applause! So, if you were worried, please don’t worry any more.

  81. Welcome to the world, Elliot Tupper! We’re glad to have you. πŸ™‚ Congratulations to your parents, grandparents, aunties and everyone else who has loved you for longer than you have existed. It’s not a short list, I am sure.

  82. I just watched the video (from the FB link in Joni’s post above) of everyone at the DFW Fiberfest waving hello to Elliot. That was lovely! Congratulations Stephanie, Meg and family!

  83. Hello Grammy,
    Your grandson is beautiful! Congratulations to Mum & Dad. Virtual hugs all around (since I can’t reach you from Idaho) and all the blessings the world and heaven have in store for you.

  84. Mazel Tov! Your grandbaby is beautiful. I assume new mom and dad are doing fine (and hopefully getting some rest). Can’t wait to see him in wee knitwear!

  85. BEAUTIFUL Of course he’s smart–alert and curious. Very curious–he will be fun. Congratulations to you all.

  86. Of course he’s super smart! You can see how he’s collecting and analyzing data for this reality, just in his own quiet way πŸ™‚

    Congratulations Stephanie, this is so wonderful.

  87. What a lovely tribute, and what an adorable young man. Many blessings to you and your family Steph. Healing thoughts to Meg as she rests and recovers. And Elliot, may your life be blessed with great joy and happiness. Welcome to the world little man.

  88. He is so beautiful and precious; I am glad he waited until you were home! I hope is mom and dad are also doing well.

  89. Melanie Wilkes of “Gone with the Wind” fame said it best: “The happiest days are when babies come.” So happy for you all.

  90. Congratulations to Megan and Alex and all of that darling baby’s family! I wept a little remembering the deep joy and wonder of handing my first child to my own mother. Best wishes for a speedy recovery to Megan, and may Elliot’s life always be filled with love and beauty.

  91. Congratulations Grammy and the rest of the family! What a handsome boy already and yes, he is obviously brilliant! There is a lot of love surrounding that little boy – he is very blessed. Enjoy him – no matter how much you thought you were ready, he is going to change your life in ways you never thought possible. The amount of love that wells up with a grandchild is even more than I knew it could be. Blessing to you all.

  92. Welcome to the world, Elliot Tupper πŸ™‚
    He is absolutely gorgeous – a beautiful baby.
    Congratulations everyone x

  93. Awwww. Congrats to all, and best wishes on the learning curve ahead. Hope you and Joe enjoy “granding” – somehow I think you will.

  94. Congratulations, Grammy! Notice how babies usually arrive on their own terms? As you know, it is just the beginning, but what a sweet world it can be. Love to you and yours! :- )

  95. I had to post this: I went into work this morning (Monday) and was about to announce the birth of the new baby, when I remembered that no one would know what I was talking about and would assume I had lost it. My immediate family, who has heard about the blog and only recognizes when I refer to you as the Yarn Harlot, not as Stephanie, only smiled and nodded when I announced the birth of this beautiful baby. They don’t get it, either.

    • I warned my partner that the North American bit of the internet was likely to breakdown after Stephanie posted that photo of Meg! I think he’s starting to get it…

  96. Congratulations to all! He looks like a fabulous little person. Enjoy, Grammy! I’ve got a little grandson too and he’s the best thing ever. The fun is just beginning!

  97. I got a little grandson on Saturday too, Steph! I heard it was the full moon that did it! I couldn’t love him more!!!

  98. Congratulations to everyone!

    The story of how you got home is one I’m looking forward to reading… when you can tear yourself away for a minute… but don’t rush on our account.

  99. Congratulations! Elliot is so sweet, and, yes, I can tell he is super smart and kind already. πŸ™‚ Much love! β™₯

  100. Mazal Tov! to you and your family! Named after Tupper … how sweet. Thank you for sharing his birth and the smell of his sweet head.

  101. Congratulations to everyone and on becoming a grandmother! Speaking from experience, it is just awesome! Thank you for sharing the new addition to your family…blessings on all!

  102. Such wonderful news! I’m looking forward to the story. In the meantime, welcome to the world, Elliot Tupper (love the name and honoring your dear Tupper). What a lucky baby to be born into such a loving family.

  103. Well, you’ve already learned he has a mind of his own. He’s beautiful – congratulations to his parents for this amazing gift they’ve created. Their new world has just begun; trust Mama is well and resting comfortably, and I know that Uncle T is smiling down with tears of happiness.
    Wishing Eliot a life of love, health, peace and joy – thank you (and to Meg and Alex) for sharing.

  104. Beautiful boy, you bring us such joy! Elliott with two l’s and two t’s, I’d like to give you such a (gentle, hugging) squeeze! Stephanie, clean new baby scalp is wonderful to sniff, but my favorites are those tiny pearls babies have for toes — they cry out to be kissed. I’m pretty sure they’ll be adored too!

  105. He has one of those ‘I already know you’ looks. Absolutely beautiful. Congratulations to parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins etc πŸ™‚

  106. Oh, Elliot is so beautiful! I’m so thrilled for all of you. Enjoy every second. I can’t think of anything that smells better than a baby’s head.

  107. Congratulations Stephanie, Meghan and Alex! I love that you gave him Uncle Tupper’s name. What a beautiful thought.

  108. Congratulations to the family on its newest addition! He is a very handsome young man.

    Does this mean the blanket is finished?

  109. Blankets can wait. Smell his head and hold his hands. Kiss his wee feetsys and rub his tummy. He will be a man soon.
    Blankets can wait……


  110. Congratulations & Best Wishes to the new family: Meg, Alex, and the new baby (he is beautiful) and to you and Joe and Amanda and Sam and everyone. You’ll have a lot of fun with him.

  111. Oh, he’s beautiful, clever, talented, and funny! I can tell already! Congratulations to new Mom and Dad, and hey, look, Meg turned you into a grandma! Clever, wonderful girl! πŸ™‚ So much yay! all the yay! A baby, a wonderful baby! Oh, he’s gorgeous! And it sounds like he waited for you, grandma! All my love to you and your family! πŸ˜€

    (I had to touch the world. How perfect, because he’s a whole new world, right there in one tiny perfect person. Yayyyyy!!!)

  112. Congratulation! I got a grandson 4 months ago. He’s an Eliot too! I made him the Lullaby Blanket and your layette with the bee stitch. ❀️

  113. Ohhh…he is beautiful! I am sure he is also witty, clever, smart and kind and most of all? Loved. Congratulations to everyone! He is a very lucky little boy to have had the good fortune to be born in such a loving family. Pattye

  114. Oh he is beautiful and so alert! Welcome Elliot Tupper we’re all so happy to meet you.

    PS I had to click the light bulb which makes me think he’ll “light up your lives”, how “bright” he is.

  115. Many many congratulations all around! And bless you for adding joy and love to the world just when we need it most. XXXOOO

  116. Congrats to Mama and the wee one!! Despite his obvious brilliance at 1 hr old in this photo, I am positive he won’t notice that there are a few stitches unfinished on his blankie…
    Enjoy this time!!!

  117. Such an adorable cutie! What a wonderful and beautiful name…I’m sure your Tupper is dancing. Congratulations to all!!

  118. I *never* comment on your blog posts, but this wee one deserves all of our adoring commentary. He is just beautiful. Congratulations to you and yours.

  119. Oh Hooray!!! Congratulations to the lot of you. Tupper couldn’t have asked for a more intelligent-looking namesake

  120. He is soooooo cute-I’m sure you will forgive him for arriving early,(before you finished his blanket). You’ll just have to snuggle him with arms til it is done. mazel Tov to you and the rest of Eliot’s family.

  121. Congrats all around and all the best to the new parents. What a sweet little guy.
    Also I can’t wait to hear if you ever even made it to take-off?

  122. Congratulations to Meg and Alex, Steph and Joe, and Amanda and Samantha! And your entire family. Steph’s mom is now a great grandma. Very cool. Beautiful baby and wonderful family to belong to. Will he be called Elliott or Tupper?

  123. Rejoicing in the gift of him and his safe delivery!!! May he and all he loves be blessed, inspired, and protected all of his days!!!! xoxo

  124. Eliot Tupper has left me weak in the knees! He’s perfection. Much love and many blessings to one and all. Mazel Tov!

  125. Congratulations to all of you! NOW you will understand why having your own children was such a good idea, lol. There is nothing better than having grandchildren! Much love and joy to each of you! Did you get the blanket done in time? More importantly, did you make it home in time for his debut?

  126. He’s a little heart stealer that’s for sure! Handsome dude! Congratulation to the new parents and grandparents. Question is, has he already broken all the rules by arriving before his blanket is finished. Part of me is hoping he did! lol. Blessed beyond measure!

  127. How exciting!!! Congratulations to your entire family! Isn’t it wonderful how our hearts get bigger with every new addition?
    His middle name made me teary…what a wonderful way to honor your Tup.
    He’s a wise one alright- look at the family he chose!!
    Can’t wait to hear his story!

  128. Welcome, little man, you are both beautiful beyond words and obviously in a rush to start your journey with your fabulous family. Congratulations to all of you and much love from England.

  129. Congratulations to Meg & Alex, and a warm welcome to their Elliot . My own Eliott will be 4 in June & time has just flown by since he was born — more so too since his baby brother joined us 6 months ago. Enjoy it to the max, love to all.

  130. I hope your grandson…and all your future grandchildren….will bring you as much happiness as my 5 have brought me!

  131. Welcome young man. I hope you realise just how many on-line blog-aunts you have!! And we are all delighted to meet you and say Hello.

  132. Precious baby, perfect name. This is just the beginning of the joy he’ll bring to your lives.
    Can Meg hear the Blog shouting, “Welcome, Elliot!” ?
    I can’t wait to see the picture with him holding knitting needles. πŸ™‚

    For me it’s not so much the smell of a new baby as the feel – softer-than-velvet cheeks, downy hair …. mmmmmm!

  133. My grandchildren were visiting and I missed a day of checking the Blog. How wonderul!! Love and congratulations to all of you. What a perfect name!

  134. My brother Elliot spells his name the same way.
    What a marvelous little baby! And he was not one bit early; he arrived exactly as he was supposed to. Congrats to all of you.

  135. Congratulations! So glad he is here safely and everyone is healthy. And, of course, that you made it back in time! Can’t wait to see all the fun you will have being a Grammy.

  136. Congratulations all! He’s adorable (and thinking – it’s going to be a lot of work raising these people.) Have fun Grandma!

  137. Felicitations all around! He looks sweet and wonderful, and how perfect that he’s named for Tupper (I’d been thinking about the possibility for that) <3

  138. I’ll bet he waited till you were away just to make things more interesting. Congrats! You are sure to be such a fun Grammy.

  139. Aaw! So cute! Of course he’s smart-He’s looking fright at the camera, isn’t he?!
    Congratulations to you, Grandma Harlot, and the rest of your family. Take care of that new Mom, too.

  140. What a lucky family – and a lucky little boy to be joining such a loving family! Congratulations to all and welcome Elliot!

  141. So happy for you all!!! Blessings on the new little one – I can tell from the picture that he is perfect. And he is a very lucky kiddo, being born into such a family.

  142. My squeeeeeeee went so high dogs were barking for miles! I’m so happy to see that sweet little face! Enjoy those smells, sights and sounds, they are so fleeting. Congratulations to his mom and dad, grandparents, aunties, dozens of cousins–all of you!

  143. Bloody nora congratulations to you all. And especially you grandma! (Can’t get my head around that as I always think of you as slightly older than me. I’m 35) happy becoming a grandma to my favourite person-who-writes-a-blog.

  144. His middle name is Tupper! πŸ˜€ I love that Meg and Alex chose to honor the family in that way.

    It sounds like you made it for his birth. How wonderful! Congratulations to the new Mum and Dad, AND his grandparents!

  145. A warm and wonderful welcome to wee Elliot, may his
    life be blessed. His fingers seem ready to wind a butterfly.
    Is intarsia in his future? To his parents, grands, aunties,
    assorted cousins and friends, congratulations!

  146. my very first grand niece was born on 4/7… I am over the moon happy with Ella as I imagine all the Pearl-McPhees and outlaws have joys with the lovely Master Elliot. He is precious

  147. Congratulations to everyone! I LOVE the smell of new babies. It’s one of those special things that you forget about until you smell it again. Yes, he is the smartest looking little guy.

  148. Wonderful news, beautiful baby. Congratulations to all. And you know that Uncle Tupper is smiling with pride at his little namesake!
    Enjoy every moment of grandparenting. It’s a wonderful time of life

  149. So happy for you all! He is clearly brilliant as well as beautiful. Could he be anything else with those genes? And his name. Great Uncle is smiling down on you all.

  150. Awww, so sweet! Congratulations to Mama and the rest of the clan! My husband thinks brand new babies have a look of “oh my gosh I can’t believe I’m here again!” :-)) He looks beautiful and perfect, enjoy every second! Love!!!

  151. En stΓΈr tilykke til familien!
    Big congratulations to the family! Such a lovely event and the smell of those little ones…
    Suddenly, they are two, so go be with the family, we will still be here when you have time!
    (My grandson is suddenly 2…and acting like it!)

    Best wishes for all!
    Helle Koustrup Berry

  152. Congratulations! Can’t wait to hear the story of his arrival (as much as you all wish to share) and his lovely blanket! Grammy is a lovely title, you wear it well! Good sleeping to you all!

  153. what an absolutely beautiful, precious little miracle!
    I had four of them and never got “over” the Miracle of it all! Truly!
    Enjoy every minute – and give him lots of love. He needs love and guidance even more than he needs food! Lots of colors and stimulation and LOVE!
    I would so love to hold that perfect little creature in my arms….they grow up way too, too fast!
    Love him and then love him some more…and guide him on the Right Path of life.
    Enjoy that precious boy….

  154. Aww, congratulations on your first grandchild Steph, he’s a real cutie pie. And yes, he looks very smart. You can see the wisdom just verberating off of him.

  155. Congratulations to everyone, Stephanie. It’s not often a blog post will bring me to tears; this one did just that. So beautiful in every way. As a Mom to a glorious girl, I know I’ll feel the same when / if she ever gives birth. All the best to you all during this beautiful time.

  156. Welcome to the world little one- and well done Meg, from a fellow “boy mama”! they break your heart but, oh, what an amazing ride!

  157. Just catching up! Congratulations to the new beautiful family! I love his name and the inclusion of Tupperware! <3

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