I am like the wind

Randomly on a Wednesday: Subtitle – things I have done since last we were together.

1.  I applied all your suggestions in the last post, and the baby blanket is way, way bigger. This picture isn’t even accurate – because since I took it, I’ve picked up stitches all around the sides, and I’m working the border pattern in the round. Hope is on the horizon with this one, because tomorrow I leave for the June retreat, and I’ll have a whole bunch of travel time. I’m sort of excited. (About the retreat too, although I’m super psyched for the knitting time.)

blanketlarger 2017-06-07

2. Jen and I went out and did a training ride together. I’m behind on my rides (you would not believe how completely crappy our weather has been) and Jen is even behinder- since she had to wait for school to end and her job to be over to be able to get out there, but get out there we did. A rather good showing of 50km, with no whining, which you should all be really impressed with, considering our ages and the way you can’t knit while you ride a bike.

ridewithjen 2017-06-07

Jen’s the same as me that way –  her behaviour is mostly yarn led, and we’re both better people when our knitting is in our hands. It’s a wonder we can cycle at all, now that I think of it.

3. I made Elliot a sweet little sun hat (that I assume he’ll wear if summer ever arrives here.)

bonnetforelliot 2017-05-31

It’s the Baby Sunbonnet from Purl Soho (they have stuff besides knitting stuff – who knew?) and it wasn’t too hard. It worked out really nicely, actually. There was only one problem.

toobighat 2017-06-07

It was a little big.  I’ll make him another one.

4. By the way, I think it’s way more embarrassing to have a sewn thing come out the wrong size than a knitted thing. It’s not like it changes with blocking or it’s all scrunched up on a needle, and there’s no gauge to shaft you. It’s just… a mistake. Failure to measure.

5. Meg and I spent an afternoon making her a wrap skirt, perfectly adjustable for the post-baby changing figure. She can just keep cinching it in. Elliot was super helpful.

sewwithmeg 2017-06-07

6. That one came out the right size.

7. I flew to Portland on Sunday to meet up with Stephen, so that we could surprise Debbi for her birthday. (There was a party organized, we didn’t just show up.)

smelltheroses 2017-06-07

I got on a plane first thing in the morning, and so did Stephen, and we met there and went for a walk in the Rose Garden (Fine. We ran. It was ambitious and we ran out of time.) and then we grabbed a hotel, put on pretty clothes and showed up at the party. I’m pretty sure we took a couple years off of Debbi’s life.

threeofus 2017-06-07 debbicupcakes 2017-06-07

8. I flew back the next day. I’m still not sure it was all smart. (I am kinda tired.)

9. I drove Cameron to the airport, because he has to go to Australia for work for five weeks, and I’m not really sure that’s how either of us imagined getting ready for the Rally  – working together as Co-Leads on different continents, but work is work, and we have to pay the bills, and it’s going to be harder on him than me, so I’m trying not to whine. He’s going to do his best from away – and I’m going to pick up the slack here. He packed himself off on the plane with his brand spanking new socks in progress in his carry on (and his almost finished thumbless mittens in his suitcase. It’s like he’s a totally real knitter now- he’s 99.5% of the way there. I’m withholding the .5% because he didn’t worry about being underyarned for the voyage.)

10. I am packing, because tomorrow I head back to the West Coast (I know. I was just there. I know, you’ll say I should have stayed, but I really wanted to have a few days with Joe, and to see Elliot and there was a fundraising meeting last night that I thought was really important because fundraising is behind for the Rally this year) and did I tell you that Jen is going with me? It’s her birthday this weekend (and almost mine) and so we’re celebrating – knitter style. We’re going to party like animals. (By party we mean go to a knitting retreat. It’s the same. Six days away where you only talk about knitting, do work that’s about knitting, hang out around around knitting and only are with knitters? That’s like the non-knitters birthday equivalent of hookers and blow. We’re meeting at the airport at dawn and we’re gonna let the good times roll. )

patoandjoeandken 2017-05-31

11. We did a lot of baby holding. It’s super competitive around here. Stay strong Pato. Don’t let the Grampas get him from you. They’re circling like buzzards.

96 thoughts on “I am like the wind

  1. I’m confident that I’m speaking for The Blog when I say that you can post as many photos of that wee babe as you like and we won’t complain.

    “Trying not to whine” is my mantra today. Right up there with “Not letting things get under my skin.”

  2. AM I FIRST!!!! love the blankie and Elliot and all. SO much fun to read you. Please come back to Minnesota. (lame comment but if I can be first!!!!)

  3. If it weren’t for all that teaching and hanging out with knitters you both could get a training ride in here in the NW, Cascade bicycle club is doing their “Flying Wheels Summer Century” (yes, that’s an american century)…and hey at least one knitter will be there…though hope number 1 is that I finish in time to make hope # 2, that there will be another mini marketplace with this retreat…

  4. When DH had to go to Australia for work, I sent him to Morris & Sons (stores in several cities) to pick up some yarn for me. They were very helpful, so if there is an yarn emergency while Cameron is there, they could be very helpful.

    Jealous of the knitting retreat. I’m sitting here in Texas waiting for a call letting me know that my grandson is getting himself born so I can head north and meet him. Loving the photos of Elliot!

    • And there are knitters here – we’ll help. Where is Cameron in Australia? We’ll totally be supportive if he needs us. Yarn shop directions – check. Coffee shop suggestions – check. Showing him the sights – check. We Aussies like being friendly and adopting out-of-towners. I get the feeling that Canadians are very good at that too.

  5. If you frame the preceding picture and #6, it looks like a commentary on Elliot’s birth weight/length. Not that anyone’s disagreeing.

  6. Oh how I miss wearing my boy! At age 8 he’s gaining on me pretty quickly height wise (I’m only 5’2″) and I don’t think he’d appreciate me trying to put him in a sling or Pikkolo carrier at this age. And he probably wouldn’t fit. I only got to have one, so I’m dreaming of when my nieces and nephews who are much older than my son start having kids.

    You got a lot done! Have fun with your hookers and blow.

  7. Worry about being underyarned is serious. I’m going away for a week, the hotel is 10 min from a reasonable yarn shop. I’ve packed 6 projects. I have two little kids I need to supervise, there is no way I will run out of yarn, but still…

  8. Cameron did not worry about being under yarned because he was going to Australia, a place where there are way more sheep than people, and where they certainly sell yarn. Ask your Aussie readers what the best stuff is and get your order in with him!
    Julie in San Diego, where it is cool, overcast and a little misty. Misty, does anyone remember the Clint Eastwood movie, “Play Misty for me”? He was young and hunky in those days.

  9. When I saw the photo of the sunbonnet on the newel post I thought “well, that’s going to be too small” because we grow grandbabies with giant pumpkin heads in this family. Then there’s the picture of you holding Elliot drowning in the hat. Meg should be grateful; ask my daughter-in-law.

    Summer’s coming to Toronto. It finally arrived in Wisconsin a couple days ago so it should be headed your way very soon. Okay, it stopped raining every day and the daytime temps got about 60 F (15.5 C)for more than one day in a row.

    • Ok in RI the last 5 days have been 60 F and rain or mist, it hit 70 today and the sun made an appearance. But I leave tomorrow for WA where the weekend forecast is 60 and rain.

      • In our little corner of RI the high temp yesterday was only 52! And before those last five days of rain, there was one day of hide n seek sun and five OTHER days of rain. Done, I am done, bring on summer!!!

  10. It was beautiful in Portland this weekend! Hope you have great weather for your retreat too! Plenty of (training) riding that could be done… 🙂

    • Once Cam learns that he will need to find a yarn store (stores, perhaps?), he will be almost at 100%! ( full 100% only once you go on a trip and discover that you have packed 8 projects, but no underwear. Way more fun to buy yarn, than to have to waste potential yarn money on new underwear!)

  11. I had to show your description of a knitting retreat to my husband, he just shook his head. But he did send me to your June retreat for my 40th birthday 3 years ago, best birthday ever.

  12. Enjoy your retreat, and tell Pato that the time to hand the baby to a Grampa is when the baby’s diaper gets full.

    • Nah, just right before the ‘deed’ when Elliot get that look on his face. In my family, whomever is holding the baby gets to change the diaper. ;>)

      It appears to me, that Elliot has the whole lot of you spoiled rotten!

  13. “That’s like the non-knitters birthday equivalent of hookers and blow.” That actually made me spit out the water I was drinking because I laughed so hard. You are awesome and I hope you have a fantastic time.

  14. What a lovely newsy post!
    Enjoy your retreat — I wish I could be there …
    I love the circling buzzard-grandpas!
    And the way the sling makes Eliot’s already impressive cheeks force his mouth into a perfect tiny ‘O’ of surprise is wonderful! Enjoy him too!

  15. Sounds like things are going pretty well. The baby blanket looks amazing (as all of your baby blankets have), Elliot’s bonnet is just precious (even if it is big), and his mama’s bangs/fringe (not sure which word Canadians use for the hairstyle) look absolutely lovely on her.

    Hope things go swimmingly for you and safe travels!

    • There is no such thing. There’s only not enough yarn and not enough time. Never “too much” in knitting.

  16. So understand the birthday party for knitters! I visited friends who own a century farm and RAISE SHEEPI, then went to PlyAway2 to celebrate. But, when I got home, my husband (who tells complete strangers that “we” don’t like cruises) gave me a KNITTING cruise for my birthday (it was a major decade birthday).

    So, how do you work baby time into your next two month?

  17. Around here (my house) hooker=crocheter.

    I’m looking forward to a perfected self-driving car (so I can take my hooking on the road when traveling alone.) Maybe after that someone will make a self-driving bike.

  18. Hookers and blow
    Hookers and blow
    I want me some “Knitter’s Brand”
    Hookers and blow.

    I will be laughing for days! Thank you – I needed that today.

    Hmm – click the airplane, so I’ll wish you safe travels.

    Chris S in Canada

  19. Cameron is undoubtedly saving some space to buy some irresistible White Gum Wool. It’s ethically produced (no tail docking or mulesing), superfine Merino yarn in beautiful colours that go together like the landscape that inspired them.

    • I was going to suggest the same brand! there are so many lovely local yarns. don’t forget Bendigo woollen mills.

  20. Good grief! Fund raising is behind….. put the links in!

    Love the baby’s yarn dimples! (Why are baby arm dimplesn adorable and my old-lady arm dimples are not?). Sigh.

    • Same reason baby anything with big bellies are cute, and mine is not. Figures. I was a skinny baby. Not a skinny senior citizen.

  21. If you ever feel like you owe the blog a post and are too tired to actually write anything, I will happily “read” a post full of pictures of baby cheeks, just saying.

  22. Hookers and blow? Man, you ARE tired.

    (I tried to post this and it said it was a duplicate? How many comments are there on this?)

  23. Good to see a photo of Pato holding Elliott – Note to self: must remember to go to Rally site and sponsor Pato :>)

    • Port Ludlow, WA in Puget Sound….absolutely gorgeous. I’m really bummed that I didn’t go this year and will miss meeting Jennifer ☹️

  24. Elbow dimples. Baby scent.

    Good luck with everything else you talked about that I couldn’t take in, because elbow dimples.

  25. BIG sunhat on tiny Elliot…but then I saw the dimpled elbows & just died. Little pudgy arms, pudgy knees, all those extra creases on babies! Well, I think that’ll keep me going through the day, thanks!

  26. Hey now, remember how fast babies heads grow!? That little brain is expanding so fast with all this new stuff he is learning, that hat will fit him in no time.

  27. I recently became a great-aunt… well, I’ve been a great-aunt long enough to be a great-great-aunt but I only get to see those babies once in a while. This one lives close.
    We were all at a party last weekend and Baby Q was being fussy. My niece said “Give him to Aunty Mary, she can calm him down.” And I did! It’s nice being around a baby enough to know what it takes to calm him down 🙂 So I made him another sweater. (Q is colicy. All my kids had colic. I’m good at that.)
    My daughter doesn’t plan on having more kids, and my sons are too young to have them. I’m going to have to rely on nieces and nephews to provide my baby fix for a (hopefully long) while… and friends of my kids… and total strangers in the grocery store who’ll let me hold their fussy baby while they pay…

  28. Lawd…that was the best read in a long while! I had to wipe down my monitor after the hookers & blow comment (which I totally understand) but it needed it so no foul… :o)

  29. I am so bummed that I couldn’t do the June retreat. And now I could’ve met Jen! I kept being tempted by the “there’s an opening” notices, but I stayed strong, mostly because the dogs just spent 3 weeks with their beloved sitter and neither they nor my pocketbook could face another stint so soon.
    Okay, they probably could have, it’s on me.
    The blanket looks great (note: you were knitting one at the April retreat, too!), may your travels go smoothly, and have a wonderful time.

    • Hi Judy – I just left virtually the same comment!! Next year you and I need to meet up and attend. Keep in touch. Helen (Boise)

  30. I’m a long time obsessive knitter (and crocheter) and have just leaned to sew in the last couple months (and I’m still very mediocre at sewing) but I LOVE sewing now and I’ve been so excited to see you talking about sewing in some of your posts! Congrats on the beautiful grand baby!

  31. Great post, Steph. Love the baby photos, love the funnies, and you’re encouraging me to sew up some fabric that’s kicking around (once I finish the time-sensitive project on my needles), and Elliot is delicious. Have a fabulous time at the retreat.

  32. Thanks for the link to the bonnet. New grandbaby who rushed her entrance and isn’t quite up to newborn sized head needs one, or two or several.

  33. Love seeing pics of your grandson. I’m feeling inspired by all your new clothes… I need to sew some for me! I even have fabric. Also, trust me when I say that a sewn item for a baby is better too big than too small, they grow into them, much the same they do for knitting. All too quickly!

  34. The Grampas are good grampas. I think they should circle..and circle and put their hands on your shoulders and peek over and see the grandbaby. They are proud grandparents and all that stuff.
    Circle away!

  35. I was beginning to wonder if your grandson had wandered off to somewhere tropical or every camera and phone in your family had all died simultaneously. Nice to see the little bean growing – and by summer his head will probably fit that hat anyway.

    However, I think you should give Cameron the other 5% – he has obviously done his homework and realized that he can purchase scads of possum/silk yarn at his destination. Did you notice if he had a collapsible duffle bag stashed in his carry-on as well?

  36. The photo of Elliot in the bonnet is my absolute new favorite. And “hookers and blow” made me laugh so hard that I may have peed a little.

  37. She is talking about she and Jen not whiningo. The bike ride, no whining (correct). She then talkd about how she will not whine (correct)while Cameron is gone. Now if I missed a reference to having a glass if wine then okay, but I reread and did not see any of that in this post.

  38. No worries about being underyarned? Definitely needs a bit more work to make it to 100%. I just came back from a retreat. I brought 2000 yds of lace weight and then thought, “What if I run out?????” so naturally I threw in a couple balls of sock yarn and a whole range of needles. Never mind there were classes, the lake, and walks in the woods to distract, no one needs to be underyarned.

  39. Maybe if you and Jen plotted your long rides from yarn store to yarn store…the kilometers would whiz by!
    And of course a reward of some kind is in order…
    The blanket is beautiful. Your family is so accommodating to keep having babies!
    Have a great time at the retreat! And Happy Birthday to you and Jen!

  40. Thinking that today is your birthday? Sending hugs, with thanks for a blog-based friendship which feels very important to me — hope your day is delightful!

  41. you are not like the wind. you are like the dust on the trail 3 miles behind the wind. [grin] WE ARE ALL OUT HERE PINING FOR AN UPDATE, okay???? We all love you, but jeeez, girl, don’t leave us hanging like this; we all start thinking you’re ill or injured or run over by the potato chip truck.

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