I’m ready to talk about the hats.

A few weeks before Christmas, I noticed that the Tiny Lumberjack hat that I’d knit for Elliot was too small. (He’s really a rather petit little fellow, but growing like a weed.) Meg had it on him with the brim folded down and well… it triggered some grandmother knitting.

eillothat 2018-01-09

I decided he should have a new, bigger one for Christmas.  Easy enough.  I mucked around with the pattern, changed it to worsted weight, and made it big enough to last him a good long time. One evening while I was knitting it, Joe looked over and complimented the hat and said he’d really like one just like it. Then Pato said the same thing, and then I started thinking about how much Sam loves it when people have matching clothes, and an idea was born.  It was a crazy idea – I see that now. I decided I would pound out eight of those hats, one for everyone* knit in time for Christmas.  This idea, as mad as it was, had a lot going for it.

a) this is a very cute hat.

b) who doesn’t need a hat, also they are faster to knit than socks.

c) Sam loves matching things so much that I imagined that when she figured out we all had matching hats, she would probably go bananas.

I started. I bought the yarn (then I bought more yarn, seeing immediately that I didn’t have enough**) and then I just kept knitting them.  At every occasion I pulled out a grey cabled hat with a red and white striped brim, and nobody said anything.

hatmass 2018-01-09 ahtonatplane 2018-01-09

Nobody in the family caught on that there were multiples of this hat…

hatmassif 2018-01-09 hatandbag 2018-01-09

and as the hats waxed and waned across my instagram feed,  progress gained, lost, then gained again… not a single person left a comment that said anything like “Wing of moth, how long is it going to take you to knit that hat”

hatandfire 2018-01-09 hatandboots 2018-01-09

or “Did you have to rip back? Were you not almost done that beast?”

or “Is this all you knit now?” (Which would have at least been accurate. It was all I knit. Me. That hat.  Morning. Night. By the fire. By the tree. On buses. On airplanes. Everywhere. That hat. All the time.

hat lounge 2018-01-09

By Christmas morning I had (almost) all the hats knit. I wrapped them all up, with a label that read “For Joe (and Sam)” “For Meg (and Sam)” “For Alex (and Sam)” and I handed them all out at once. Sam was enchanted and excited….

familyhats 2018-01-09 hatsandgrampas 2018-01-09 amanda hat 2018-01-09

joeandelliotandhats 2018-01-09 mumanddadhats 2018-01-09 patohat 2018-01-09 megalexpato 2018-01-09

samcloudy 2018-01-09 samhathair 2018-01-09

pennyhat 2018-01-09

It was as awesome as I thought it might be, and everyone was so happy, so delighted to be like each other – it got me thinking about teams and uniforms and that maybe Sam is onto something with the matching stuff – maybe it’s comforting to know who’s on your side at a glance.

This was confirmed for me the other night, at our regular dinner with Elliot (and it’s nice to see Meg and Alex too) when Joe wore his hat, and then Ken arrived wearing his, and Elliot looked up at the two of them and you could just see his little mind processing the fact that they had the same hat on, his eyes flicking from pom pom to pom pom.   Ken noticed him looking and leaned in. “That’s right” he said. “It’s the same hat….”

joeandkenhatelliot 2018-01-09

“It’s how you can spot your people.”

elliot up 2018-01-09

*I look pretty phallic in most hats, and this one is no exception. I skipped the one for me.

**Wrong again. I have heaps of leftovers. Yarn insecurity is a terrible thing.

198 thoughts on “Team

  1. Is it weird that a post about matching hats made me tear up? LOL Adorable. I also had to go back and look through your Instagram to see how many there were. How did we miss it?

  2. Love it, this year I knitted all the men in our family, 4 and 2 friends, the 1898 hat for Christmas. They loved them and on those real cold days my husband wore his in the house.
    Next year I already have a skeleton pattern picked out to knit hats for our teen age grandsons. So fun.

  3. So what you’re saying is that you’re depriving us of a picture of a penis with a pompom? (Sorry, I tried “phallus,” but you don’t get the alliteration. I’m all about the alliteration.) I think you owe us.

    • She definitely owes us a photo of a Tribe Steph hat.

      How about matching ganseys for everyone next year – after all you have one that is almost complete!!!!

  4. I don’t think you really have leftovers….While Joe and Pato and Sam and….all have full grown heads, Elliot has got a ways to go. Do you have enough yarn to knit the little guy matching hats to get him to adulthood?? Gotta keep the matchy matchy going.

  5. When I saw that first pic of Elliot before the holidays, my heart melted. My husband saw the picture over my shoulder and said, “Cute kid,” which is effervescing for him!

    Love his bright smile, outfit and especially his hat!

    Will you publish your pattern variations in case others of us want to share it with our own tribe?

  6. Didn’t want to say anything on IG! How long it takes you to knit one hat is none of my business. And I’ve made hats that seemed to go on forever.
    What an amazing, wonderful idea! Perfect for the tribe of those who love that darling, darling baby! This was the perfect year for this. (Could you use the same yarn, but A hat pattern that you’re more comfortable wearing? You really should have a team hat!)

  7. It was pretty easy to figure out that you were knitting identical hats for a lot of people on your list! The different stages of the hat kept appearing everywhere but completely out of order! 🙂
    I thought it best to keep your plan under wraps in case someone in your family was lurking around…

  8. Adorable. I love the whole thing.

    As an aside, you can avoid the splotchy effect of changing colors in ribbing by just knitting the first row of the new color. You then go back to the knit/purl pattern. You don’t notice the break in pattern and no Morse Code effect.

  9. How very very sweet, and what a wonderful family you have nurtured to accept and enjoy the love that you give.

    Wonders of wonders, you continue to be a treasure . . . .

  10. So what you are saying is you have enough leftovers to make one for yourself, Yes? And you have to. Otherwise how will Elliot know you are part of his Team? Gotcha.

    • Yep….part of the tribe….phallic or not…. 🙂
      Go on……who cares – its a team thing… wear lycra for the team…..
      beautiful family tradition started right there……hats !!!!

      • So agree with these two remarks. You can’t opt out of the team because you don’t like the way you look (and I know Toronto gets cold enough to dress for warmth, not stunning good looks!).

        (And I had to confirm with the sunglasses – which means that it is a cool idea to participate!)

    • Could you make a beret version, or some other hat shape that looks good on you? A Wurm in these colors? (I have a vague memory that Wurm looks good on you…)

  11. We have about 30000000000 of these (commercially knit) patterned wool socks around here, slowly having holes worn through them over time. They were my husband’s favourites for years, until fun socks for business guys started to be a thing a few years ago. I think I might need to make him a hat like this, reminiscent of his old favourite socks!

    Also, I LOVE the matching hats, LOVE that squishy bebe, and totally realised there was more than one hat (the circumferences looked different) but figured there was a reason in it 🙂

  12. Stephanie, I think it was you that wrote about needing to be IN the pictures, not just TAKING the pictures, not just for you, but for everyone who will want you as part of the family record. I think if the hats designate the team…you might need to also have a hat, because Elliott is going to ask you about it. (I’m sorry for my feelings here, as I also look phallic in hats, and thus feel your pain.)

    • Yes I am in total agreement with you! Can we have a vote in? We want S. to have a matching hat and post a picture of her in it. We want to see what a penis w/ pompom looks like. We want to be able to judge for ourselves. We love you so much we don’t care what anyone else thinks. We want you to match. And a picture!

      • And clearly there’s enough yarn left for one more hat not to be a problem! We are all with you in this one! Everyone looks daft in a hat anyway in their own opinion! Time for us to validate yours!

  13. I once knit matching scarves for a family (of three, I am not insane) and they loved it. Your post makes me think that the hat was not knit for worsted yarn. Can you add the modifications in your Rav description, if you have not already? You know we all want to knit them now. I still struggle with how many stitches to cast on. I like to only kit hats in worsted but cast on can be anything from about 88 to 120 and I think an adult hat should be more standard. I am getting used to resizing everything down to about 96 stitches to cast on, but get tired doing math all the time and hoping for the best.

  14. I just thought you were making them for all the little people in your life. I did wonder how many you were planning to make. What a delightful Christmas present for everyone!

  15. So you don’t want a hat. You also don’t want to confuse Elliot, so…how about an ear-warming headband with a pom-pom on top? (Then again, Rams does have a point–I had to “touch” the camera!)

  16. Love the hats, love the colors, even love the recipients (whom I don’t know). Is there any chance we could get the pattern for this beautiful hat?

    • She provided the link. Just click on th “tiny lumberjack”. To change the size of the hat, change the thickness of the yarn and the size of the needles.

  17. Most heartwarming story of Christmas 2017–it was a very hard Christmas for our family with one of our beloved member’s passing this summer. Your hats and resolve to honor your mum’s holiday traditions are a tribute to the true meaning of the season. Next year we will all have hats for our tribe. Thank you, Yarn Harlot!

  18. OK, so I follow you on Instagram (love your account, by the way) and I’ve been wondering for ages how many of the same hat you were knitting. I’m so relieved to have this finally explained! Hah!

    I love the story and the beautiful idea and love behind it, and, honestly, no wonder you were sick of knitting hats– not just hats, but all the SAME hat over and over again!

  19. Just want you to know, you’re not the only one with a yarn insecurity problem. Especially when I order yarn online. Maybe we need to create a new twelve-step group: Yarn Overbuyers Anonymous.

      • When you find yourself buying six skeins of yarn because the color has been discontinued and the online store has only six skeins left, and you adore the color, but you’re planning to make a baby afghan that you KNOW will only take four at the most, and you’re planning on using two colors, it’s a yarn problem. I am a yarn junkie. I keep telling myself that as long as I keep it organized, it doesn’t matter, but it matters.

        • Well, OF COURSE you buy all six! How else can you make the baby and parents (or sibs) hats to match the blanket? I’m currently knitting a baby blanket in the parents’ uni colors, plus a baby hat with three stripes, a larger one with two for his 3yo brother and a larger-still one with one stripe for their 6yo brother. If all are done on time, they will be mailed to Kansas, labeled “do not open until X3.0’s arrival.”

  20. I hope that by knitting these hats with a secret gifting plan, you were able to enjoy your family a bit on Christmas. Your Mum would want you to enjoy your family. You deserve it. Those hats are beautiful and what a great idea!!!

  21. Just for mental preservation, yoiu should probably never do that again. I would set my second one on fire, but no way I could knit that many. On the other hand, that is easily one of the very coolest things you have EVER done.

    p.s. That is the cutest baby in the history of the universe.

    • She almost has to now, for every new member of the family, until the end of time. Every new spouse, every new grandkid and great-grandkid. She should just always have a bushel of infant, child, and adult-sized versions of these hats in a box in her closet for the rest of her life and give them out as needed. It’s the McPhee Family Hat now. 🙂

      Sorry, Ms. McPhee. Didn’t mean to overcommit you, but then if I did, how would you notice? O:-)

  22. What a great idea!! And how clever that you could knit away on each subsequent one without folks knowing they were all different hats. You may have to knit a family of hats now every year…

  23. I knew I was unobservant, but this is ridiculous. I never would have realized you were knitting so many different hats.

    Thank you for sharing the Elliot pictures. Nothing like happy baby pictures to make it a good day.

  24. I love, love, love that you wrote this post just a few posts after you wrote the “What I Have” post! You have people, people with hats, wonderful people with the best hat ever. Well done, you!

  25. I totally understand…last year I knit over 15 Caliometry headbands…there was no end, but it did use up a lot of scraps of yarn.

  26. “It’s how you can spot your people.”
    Perfect. Yes, indeed. Recognize your tribe. It’s where you will always be safe.
    Happy New Year to all of you. May it bring peace of mind and joy of heart.

    • I have a mental image of a total stranger out in the world walking around with this hat and wondering why the little kid in the stroller at the supermarket is staring at him and acting so friendly. 🙂

  27. Okay, photo op here for next year’s Christmas/New Year card:
    All the same hat, all the same socks, all the same colored clothes.
    (While I was reading your blog I kept waiting for the group photo!)

  28. I’m with you on the hats and Sam on the matching! In the last 12 months I’ve knit 22 Clayoquot Toques, and weirdly I’m still enjoying it….colourwork seems fast, people love them, endless colour combinations, I’ve memorised the pattern for most of the sizes now.

    Happy new year!

  29. Oh I also meant to say – I also have the phallic hat problem, big time. The key is a toque that’s knit a bit looser, slightly slouchy at the top, and a big pompom – I’m especially a fan of the faux fur ones I take off weird keychains from Michaels or Ardene’s. I have so far managed to make TWO! TinCanKnits Prism Toque, knit just slightly big for me, and a Gregory Hat in a locally dyed yarn called Dye for Ewe. You can see the Prism toque on my instagram, tiamatfire, if you’re curious! It’s just a few days back. Wild 90’s colours. Also featuring a massive tartan blanket scarf because I was in downtown Winnipeg and the windchill that day was -35C.

  30. I just finished reading your blog from start to finish. The entry on April 28th after Elliot was born made me laugh out loud. I would read a year or so at night before going to bed. It’s taken me over three months more or less but it’s been a lot of fun. I hope you don’t mind but being a believer, I prayed for you and your extended family today—for health and success and continued good fortune and the blessings you obviously enjoy. I Thank you for your blog. Ravelry thanks you for your blog as I’ve bought many many patterns from them on your recommendation. I’ve started my own version sock club hoping to make a gift of socks hat or mittens one a month. Thank you for your wit and wisdom and sharing your talents to help encourage others. Sincerely, Maria. Five year knitter, maker of socks, mitts, hats and scarves.

  31. Splendid idea and perfectly executed! Hmmm, I kind of like that hat too…. Hmmmm, maybe cycling team hats for next summer?

  32. Is there a link to the adult-sized version of this pattern as well, or is it all in your head? Because I would love to knit this, and I *could* buy the original pattern and try to size it up, but math is hard. I am much less likely to have to re-knit it five times if I have a pattern. (It’s still not guaranteed, though.)

  33. Never even guessed there were more than 2 (I saw Elliott’s had got too small and thought all the others were just a bigger version of the original)! Terrific job, way to give everyone something to laugh about this Christmas. Much love always.

  34. Lovely hats!

    Could you just knit yourself a Wurm in those colors, and maybe add a pompom?

    (Since Wurm is one of the few hats that don’t have phallic-appearing problem on you?)

    Just a thought.

  35. I love it — how you knit the same hat for the whole family and no one caught on. I knit red scarves for a hospital project, and I’m often knitting at a group meeting. One of the guys asked me one time, “Don’t you ever get finished?”

  36. Oh, you all having the same hats makes me so very happy. I’m not sure why as I will never see these hats in person but there it is. Sam is contagious. Across the internets. (She is powerful, that one.) The idea that you can tell your people fills me with joy. Must go now. Must search out opportunities for matching.

  37. That is awesome! You are awesome! Thank you for the idea of “how to find my people” for next year. The best part? They’ll think of each and every one of them in their crew every time they put it on.
    Happy New Year.

  38. Well done. I did think perhaps that you’d had to make a replacement hat, but really I didn’t notice. That is a wonderful way to make a memorable Christmas…I’d be worried about it being a tradition. Maybe next year mittens from the leftover bits?

  39. I can barely cook the same recipe more than once. While I absolutely love the hat idea, I can’t imagine knitting more than one. Good on you, Stephanie!

  40. Will you please publish your adaptation? I’d love to knit a few for my tribe, assuming you don’t mind if we copy your brilliant idea.

  41. I actually thought “Is she knitting yet another one of those hats?!” – but I didn’t comment as I tend to feel a bit “shy-ish” seen that I know you only from your blog and Instagram.
    The hats look great – but it truly looks best on Elloit!

  42. Fabulous!
    I saw the various pictures of hats but imagined that if you are halfway as terrible/careless at cables as I am, you’d need to do a lot of frogging on a hat like that!

  43. Sometimes hats look funny on me, too. I have found that if I wear a hat a little back on my head, so that my hair frames my face…that it looks a lot better. Like night and day, really.

    Great idea, matching hats!

  44. So I love the idea of the matching hats! I’m totally doing this next year! I have five kids and whenever we go out I put everyone in the same shirt so 1) I can spot them and 2) if someone wonders off a helpful stranger can easily help out, “She’s wearing this shirt.” I get the shirts at Christmas. One year we got our favorite sports team shirts, one year we all got Harry’s Quidditch team shirts. I love it tells everyone, we are a team.

  45. I was inspired seeing you knit this hat, and bought bulky yarn and knit myself one. I had it for a day when my teenage son who never ever wears hats noticed it and took off with it.

  46. My emotions must be on overdrive. The end of this post gave me ALL. THE. FEELS!! I literally felt the tears and the catch in my throat as I read:
    “That’s right” he said. “It’s the same hat….It’s how you spot your people.”

  47. Just had a thought about all that “extra” yarn: you have a large, loving extended family. I suspect there is going to be lobbying for hats so additional members can declare themselves to be part of the clan.

  48. I guess it’s just that we trust your knitting and if you are knitting the same damn hat for 17 days then you have a reason. 😉
    Also- Elliott is a tremendously cute baby. And that’s saying something because babies are just super cute in general, but he is exceptionally adorable. I mean, it’s almost unfair to other babies. Thanks for all the photos of the fam.

  49. You’ve inspired me to do this too. In our house it’s just me and my 2 sons, and I’d love it if we went out together in matching hats. I’d say it would make my boys easier to spot, but my youngest is 6’4″, so I can pick him out of a crowd anytime. 🙂

    Personally, I don’t look phallic until I take the hat off, but with a hat this cute, why would you want to take it off?

  50. The next to last photo slays me… I LOVE when big, burly guys (or manly men, who may not be burly) are playing with babies and answer the phone they are given by said babies.

  51. Adorable Family (especially Elliott!). I, as well, do not like the look of a toque on my head. I think its the curly hair that makes the wrong shape. I much prefer a tammie and the way it leans does something positive for me. Love your hats!

  52. Steph, you are totally awesome. Everyone looks great in their hats but you definitely need one as Tribe Leader. Please make one for yourself also. Tell Sam that her green hair is awesome. I was thinking of purple but now everyone is doing purple. Maybe deep copper with purple streaks!

  53. I did this with socks for our troop’s hoarde of little girls. 7 pairs of wee, pink striped socks. Pair that with a blanket I made this year that was mostly pink, I never want to knit a pink thing again.

  54. There are just no words for how awesome this is.

    And my mind is blown at your determination and commitment to keep knitting those hats. I never could have survived it! Well done!

  55. I did the same this year with matching socks for my family. I have the say the pattern (Arinn) was darling the socks knit so fast I couldn’t believe how fast they knit up and how much I enjoyed knitting them. Yarn insecurity is the reason I have four skeins of untouched yarn I **knew** I was going to need for these socks. I have however hit peak saturation for the pattern it’s going to be several months before I even think about knitting them again.

  56. I ended up doing something simliar for the men and little boys in the family. Like you it started with one hat, than others saying they like it, ans suddenly All i was knitting was hats.
    During last week’s very cold snap all the hats were worn and loved.
    Durham, North Carolina

  57. This confirms it – I am going forward with my plan. There is a very good chance my nephew will participate in the next winter Canada Games. My plan? Matching hats (possibly mitts as well) using the colours of the NS flag for all the family – that’s TEN hats – a team within the team.

  58. Also, that hat reminds me of the Sock Monkey hat you knit a few years back. Elliot would rock that too. You could knit him a Union suit out of sock monkey yarn…just saying…

  59. I like what Claire C said…”everyone looks daft in a hat”. You could try a matching cowl for yourself, though it seems The Blog is pushing for the hat.

  60. As a fan of your blog – I did wonder! I saw you made one hat for Elliot already and assumed from your pics that you were working on another one for Joe (it seems like his kind of hat!) – but had no idea this is what was going on.

    I did wonder why you were working on ONE hat for most of December! However – I chalked it up to your being sad (and busy traveling) and thought your knitting speed must have plummeted to a “one hat per month” speed.

    Anyway – what a wonderful post. (I knit a grey sweater once and miles of grey can feel like a prison after a while. Lots of grey knitting in the winter is not a great idea! It requires some funky self-striping sock yarn to avoid melancholy!)

  61. What a great team and great hats with the cutest baby mascot ever! Now I did notice the same knitting in subsequent posts but who would I be to ever question the Yarnharlot’s knitting decisions or how long it was taking? Never! Knew she was up to something!! Well done!

  62. How I love this. And this is obviously why Ken is your BFF.
    Matching cowls for Valentine’s? Sam’s turn to knit!
    You have enough knitters in your expanded family that the Team gift (terrific idea but madness if you’re the one knitting and on a deadline) shouldn’t rotate back to you for at least 5 Years, hopefully more. Long enough to forget the imprint of the hat when you closed your eyes and the muttering of the pattern in your sleep and long enough to be totally charmed by the idea again.
    Looks like someone is working on a tooth? Or has he nailed his signature look for knitwear model shots?

  63. I sure did wonder but I didn’t think to comment. Glad to have that mystery solved! Have fun with your non-lumberjack hat knitting!

  64. When you said you pulling of the Hat Extravaganza of knitting, I pictured a wide range of colours, patterns, yarn weights….but THIS situation more than explains the ennui you said you were battling!!!!! Not only so-many-identical, but so-many-in-a-row!!!! At least previous commenters were right: if you want to keep subsequent additions to the family in the “your people” category, you’ll only have to do ONE at a time, assuming you can face it by that point!!

    (That “is that all you knit now?” paragraph is ripe for a rewrite as a Dr. Seuss-ian rhyme….Anyone??)

    • “Me. That hat. Morning. Night. By the fire. By the tree. On buses. On airplanes. Everywhere. That hat. All the time”.

      Maybe: By the fire, by the tree. Knitting, knitting, only me. Only hats, all the time, even though the weather’s fine. Buses, airplanes, subway too, knitting hats is all I do!

      [alrighty, somewhat lame: game on, let’s hear your versions!!]

  65. Nothing whatsoever about this post (which I have not read). I’m a completist, and I’ve been reading your blog from Ground Zero and am up to 12/2006. I just wanted to say that today I listened to an NPR article in which the organization MSF was mention, and I knew exactly what/who that was and that there was a knitting off-shoot, all because I’ve been reading your blog. I could even picture Ben whenever they mentioned MSF! Thank you for expanding my world and my understanding of my place in it.

  66. You need a hat. It has to be the same. Elliot needs to know that YOU also are part of ‘his people’. Elliot will not yet have the discrimination to see that ear muffs, or a cowl, or a Wurm in the same yarn is the same thing. Tiny Lumberjack for the win. Team Harlot!

  67. Raise your hand if your faith in the YarnHarlot was so unbounded you just assumed she was knitting three million of the same hat. And now I know why.

    Adorable baby, hope you recover from the lumberjack hat exhaustion soon.

  68. Last year I knit hats for my family (not the same). Took me all year! I used the hashtag #christmashatsforeveryone
    I guess using that would have ruined your surprise.

  69. I’m thinking that perhaps you might reinvent the wurm hat with some striping. That hat looks cute on you. I, too, look phallic in hats. I’m not sure if it is actually me or the fact that I have zero ability to accessorize. I fantasize about a perfectly tied scarf or a little shawlet thrown casually over my shoulders. And I generally end up looking like I should be pushing a baby carriage full of kittens and empty Fresca cans. Crazy!

    • Okay, that so totally cracked me up, especially as I have exactly the same problem! Your image is priceless. If I try to put a “fashion scarf” around my neck to look glamourous, I just look as though I have the mumps, or a dreadful tooth infection.

  70. An excellent scheme! Take a bow.
    That is a very charming hard but it looks best I think on Elliot.
    Having extra yarn in this case is a very very good thing because when the family expands… you’ll be ready!

  71. “It’s how you can spot your people”. I just burst into tears. Must be something about being in my 40s and having a 6mo old? Now I want matching hats too.

  72. Sweet sweet gifts. Breathtaking focus in the photos. The one of the three guys – Joe, Ken and Elliot is a heart-stopper. As always, World’s Best Knitwear model is gorgeous.

    Maybe you make yourself a tam o’shanter or a beret from the same yarn? That would give Elliot something to parse!

  73. What a lovely thing, (although clearly a heck of a lot of work for you). Reminds me of Tim Minchin’s modern Christmas carol, “White Wine in the Sun”, where he sings that these are the people who’ll make you feel safe in this world. You did a good thing, thank you for sharing it with us.

  74. Wow… love it. Fiona Alice’s Designs are so great!

    I have designed a worsted weight connections hat. It has ponytail, and messy bun options and just a plain worsted hat. I have all sizes and you can coordinate colours for everyone. I love this. Mine is reversible cables so no pom poms. It comes out on my calendar in September 2018.

  75. I now understand why you felt the urge to slap hats off strangers! As fast as you produce finished items, I am truly amazed that nobody in your family thought it odd that you kept reappearing with the same work in progress.

  76. That first photo of Elliot in the hat is just absolutely adorable. So cute it could be in a catalogue. And the matching hats for all the people just made me tear up a bit. It’s so wonderful. Sam knows what she’s talking about.

  77. I love matching hats.
    My family all has matching hats. We wear them every time we go out (not in summer, obviously). We also wear matching clothes sometimes. People used to comment on how we all match, but it doesn’t happen anymore. I can easily spot who has my babies! I have 3 toddlers to keep track off, I like that I can always pick them out of a crowd fast, while my friends are struggling to find which baby is theirs haha. The thing that makes them stand out from each other is their hair colour, they’re all different. Brown, platinum blonde, and red.

  78. When I saw the title, I immediately thought you were going to announce Elliot will have a sibling sometime this year. For some reason, in my family, when anyone turned up pregnant (love that phrase) my parents would say, “I saw ________ today. The rabbit died.” I’m pretty sure this refers to the male rabbit’s reaction to successful sex. Took me a while to figure it out, though.

    So, just hats…….so far.

  79. The first time I saw Ellit’s hat I immediately thought “sock monkey”. (On my phone, in the stands at the hockey rink in low light the hat looked brown rather than grey). So maybe you could use the leftovers to knit El a sock rabbit to match his hat and perhaps the competition will cause Mr. Disappointing Rabbit to up his game. (Haven’t blog cruised in a while so I’m reading in reverse chronological order.)

  80. I always tell people that beanie-style hats on me look like I have a condom on my head. I have to do a brim or it doesn’t look good. The last one I made for me that worked was the 76-Stitches Hat.

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