Impeccable Timing

Last Monday, in the middle of all the things going on here, rolling up to a tricky Mother’s Day and with Joe’s mum still in hospital, I started not to feel so well. There was a pain in my leg up at the top, and I iced it, thought that maybe I should be going to yoga and tried to get on with everything I had to do. Tuesday morning, without wanting to be dramatic about the whole thing, the pain had spread from my inner thigh up and around to my back, and I was pretty sure something had gone wrong. It was swollen, it hurt, and at 5am I could no longer tolerate the pain and I was pretty sure I was dying of something, and me – the sort of person who thinks that if you don’t feel well you probably need some kale, a bath and to buck up in general – I went to the ER.  Once I was there they confirmed that it was super inflamed and swollen (got that, hot shots) ran some tests, and said the redness was likely cellulitis. They praised me for coming in and not just having a bath and some kale, and sent me home with some high powered antibiotics. Two days later I was back – telling them that their antibiotics were completely full of it, and that I was worse, not better, and the lot of them did more tests, and sent me home with a prescription anti-inflammatory, urging patience. I limped home, and cried. By Saturday I was a mess. I had a rash, I couldn’t sleep or eat for the pain, I was absolutely unable to say the word “groin” even one more time to anybody, and I managed somehow to stick it out until Monday, when my family Doctor took one look at me and said “No wonder you’re miserable. That’s shingles.”

From there, things got better – appropriate drugs for the pain, some antivirals, and the situation came down to a dull roar. There was the day where I took the suggested dose of the pain stuff and accidentally wound up as high as &#$%&$, but I’ve got a grip on the level now.. enough to keep me moving, but not so much that I don’t dare leave the house. (I gotta tell you though, I see why somebody might abuse this stuff. I felt terrific. Really tall.) I’m still not feeling good, and we’re still at the hospital all the time, but it’s clear I’m going to live, and now I’m leaning on distraction from the discomfort.

Wanna see a sweater? Great.

It’s Elliot’s finished Birthday sweater –

Pattern: Hearst

Yarn: Alpha B Yarn “Kiwi B”, an Australian Polworth that she dyed just for one of the Strung Along retreats a few years ago. The colourway’s named for the co-ordinates of Port Ludlow.

I think it looks great on him, and he seems to love it. We gave it a trial run in the park, over by the cherry blossoms.

It’s a little big, because it’s finally warming up here, and I wanted him to have a sweater he could wear this fall, I love it.

And that’s not just because I’m kinda high.*

*I think

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  1. Oh no, shingles! My friend just got over that and said it was some of the worst pain he’d ever felt. Here’s hoping for a speedy recovery…and HOW CUTE IS THAT KID??!!

  2. Shingles are the most hideous things. Mine were on my face, circling my eye. It was torture and I will never forget it. When the pain eventually is just from the nerve damage that’s caused, put ice on it. It’s the only thing that helped me. PRAYING FOR YOU!!!

    • Ice really is the better thing!!
      I have lip herpes, the lighter version.
      When I feel some itchy on my skin, I run to some balm, put ice on it for at least 10 minuts (wrap the ice cube on paper towel, please, or you’ll have ice burns).
      I’m soooo sorry to hear that, hope you feel better soon!

    • Me too. And it apparently it can cause blindness if you get it there, even better news. I still get the odd flash of pain, some years later!

      • my husband has shingles that started on the back of his neck and went up around his head (one side of course) and ended in his eye. 3+ years ago now, and he’s still putting drops in his eye. Steroids for the shingles, and glacoma medicine because the steroids increases the pressure in his eye. The minute I turn 60 I’m getting the Shingrix vaccine.

        • We can’t get it in the UK (the vaccine that is) until we are 70……well I was, last Monday:) So that is one vaccine I will be getting. 🙂

        • Don’t wait until 60. Docs are recommending it at 50 now. Newest vaccine is substantially more effective than the old one (over90%). Even if insurance won’t pay, I’d pay out of pocket. I’d even forego a yarn purchase for the vaccine

          • I totally agree. I had my shot (the old one, as far as I know) and I ended up with shingles this past winter. I know it was a very mild case and I was still miserable. But I’ve seen what a full-on case can do to a person and I made sure I got my shot.

  3. Oh you poor thing. I applaud you for not knocking those ER folks in the nose and blaming it on the pain. Because I think shingles warrants it. Also, how stinking cute is Elliot?!?

  4. So sorry to hear about shingles! I have heard you have to get on the antivirals within a short period of time – hope you beat the clock!

    I can’t believe that’s Elliot! He so big! When did that happen? Plus that year just flew by… beautiful sweater and he looks dashing wearing it.

  5. All the sympathy to you… I had shingles (at 40!!) and got antivirals within 8 hours of the rash emerging. But the pain for days before and after… ooof. Take it easy, if possible!!

  6. I’ve had cellulitis, it’s terrifically painful but should have been accompanied by at least a low grade fever (transitioning to a high grade fever, which lands you in the hospital for a three-day stay, if you’re me). Sorry about the shingles, and do hope you’re better soon.

  7. Stupid hospital!! With all the shingles popping up all over, you’d think you could trust the ER to know what it looks like!! Sounds like you are now in good hands, my Ex was back at work a week after he started the anti-viral meds, so there’s hope. And by Gawd, you DO produce the cutest grandchildren!!

  8. Hope your recovery is as swift as possible, although it will not be swift enough, I’m sure. That sweater is nice and all, but I think it’s cheating to use that model. He really shows it to perfection.

    (Also, not sure how Canada’s medical program works, but look into the newest shingles vaccination once you recover. It’s supposed to be hugely effective and is deemed suitable for those who have add shingles, too.)

  9. I laughed out loud at “really tall”. I am so sorry about the shingles, but even with shingle pain, you still crack me up. Hoping you feel better soon. And Elliot? HE.IS.ADORABLE. What a cutie pie!

  10. First- the distraction, beautiful sweater on the cutest baby ever (I can only say that because my grands are8 and 10 and firmly, NOT babies as they tell me). But shingles! Holy guacamole! My husband had them 13 years ago and my family still talks about how he mixed up the dosage and was high AF for days (and lovely to live with)! Take care of yourself, indulge have people take care of you and know we love you too and want the best for you.

  11. Well….despite your debilitated condition you have outdone yourself on that sweater. It is perfect in color and looks totally snuggly!

  12. Lets include the thought that there is a shingles vaccine and you as a spokeswoman could describe the pain in detail and let us know if getting the vaccine is a good idea

      • So sorry to hear about the shingles! 🙁 Hope you heal soon! The new vaccine has a lower age recommendation (50 yrs) than the old one, and is supposed to be more effective.

        • Yes. My husband had shingles at 66 and we both got the vaccine. He didn’t want them again and I SURE didn’t.

  13. I’m currently battling shingles on my face and holy moly that’s some painful stuff. It’s pretty hard to get narcotics in the US now because they are trying to tamp down the opiate abuse. But they freely gave them to me with no questions asked once I was diagnosed.

    That sweater is absolutely lovely, as is your beautiful grandson!

    Here’s to feeling better soon.

    • They would only let me have the opiate for a week, which made me really mad, because I really hurt, but it turns out Tylenol worked (at least for me) even better!

  14. PS I sounded like a s$%#*t. I’m sorry you have shingles it is no fun my husband had it but caught it quick enough that they gave him huge black horse pills to deal with it.

  15. Shingles sucks. Worst pain ever. It strikes when the body is already under stress, so resistance is low. Take time off to recover. Like you I tried to carry on regardless. Ended up with PHN (post herpatic neuralgia) which has not entirely disappeared after 8 years. Take good care of yourself…

    Also, has Eliot had his chicken pox vaccination yet? Might be good to get it done pronto.

  16. Get well by being good to yourself. rest and knit away. Lordy, that’s one lovable little guy! And the sweater ain’t bad either…. 😀

  17. OMG… hey, you are aware that Elliot can catch chicken pox from your shingles infection, right? That’s how my daughter got chicken pox (and I did too, for the second time in my life) when she was 3 months old.
    (She’s 22 and just graduated from college, she’s fine, but still).

  18. Ok, one word about shingles – acupuncture. That’s what got me through mine, helped MUCH more than pain killers/anti-inflammatories. They do get better eventually…

  19. Considering the intense stress levels you’ve been experiencing, I’m not surprised shingles decided to rear its ugly head. I had a very (very) mild case a few years ago and that was unpleasant enough for me.
    I’m glad you’re feeling better (and that cardigan is one of the loveliest things ever).

  20. I’ve heard that shingles flare ups are absolute misery. I’m so sorry to see you’re dealing with this. Hope you’re out of pain & healing.

  21. Shingles sucks, and getting it before the age they think is appropriate sucks worse. Hang in there; it does get better, eventually. We’re all sending you good wishes. And the sweater, as well as the world’s greatest knitwear model, junior division, is gorgeous.

  22. I feel for you. I had shingles 3 years ago about this time. I had the older shingles shot a few years before so it was a mild case–but still not anything I would want to go through again! We figured stress had brought it on (our 27 yr old son had passed away suddenly about 3 months before, so yeah a little stress in my life.)
    Rest, recuperate and wishing you a full recovery.
    Love the sweater and your model–he looks like he is really getting into it and realizes it is a long term gig.

    • I’m so sorry for your loss- and I hope Mother’s Day was okay for you. I know that having lost a child, Mother’s Day can be so emotionally wrenching.
      Please be kind to yourself.

  23. Shingles – triple ugh!
    Yes stress is a very likely factor indeed.
    I too had read the new shingles vaccine Shingrix highly is recommended for everyone, including those who have had it (even mild cases). I think you can have the vaccine next year at this time. Apparently as bad as the symptoms can be when one has it, it’s the post-shingles lingering issues which are even worse.
    So sorry you were initially misdiagnosed …
    I hope you are cycling again soon!

  24. Get the vaccine! Never mind that you are having/will have had shingles. They can and do recur! Just so you know.

  25. Shingles SUCK! I’m so sorry you are afflicted, especially with everything else you’ve had to deal with.
    Gorgeous sweater for a gorgeous boy though!

  26. Ow! I know what you’re going through. My mother was diagnosed with shingles 10 days ago. I took her to the ER and they got her on the antivirals the same night but she’s still experiencing some pain as of today. This is her second or third time with shingles. I think the vaccine is the way to go but in Ontario it’s not free and I believe it’s pricy!

  27. You poor thing. I just arrived home from taking my mum to the ER…yep…shingles!!! She is miserable but now is at least getting antivirals and pain meds onboard. I hope you feel better soon and rest rest rest!!!

  28. Good God Woman!!! I’m guessing that the amount of stress you’ve been under contributed a bit to the shingles. Glad you’re on the mend. Now go have a bath (with some lavender in it please) and some kale.

  29. Steph, I had shingles when I was 7months pregnant, and so unable to be prescribed any of the common steroid treatments. Instead, my Dr asked if I’d be open to accupuncture -sure! One session of 45 minutes, and not only did the rash and itching disappear damn near immediately, but I have never had a recurrence (touch wood) – son from that pregnancy is now 25. I’d really recommend accupuncture.

  30. Shingles is not the first thought in someone as young as you. I thought I had pink eye-nope shingles. I drove myself to the opthomologist and had to pull over and scream because the pain was so horrible. I could not even remember the word “shingles” for years and years.
    The worse thought is that once you’ve had shingles you can get it again. Also there is phantom shingles pain. I’ve had the shingles shot and will get a booster if needed – no one should ever have to suffer that much pain.

    • Shingles in younger people is becoming more common. My youngest son had a mild form of it at the end of last year, he is only 13, and when he went back to school there had been someone else in his year also off with shingles. Thankfully when I described the rash over the phone to a nurse practitioner during a telephone consult she suspected it straight away and asked us to go straight down for visual confirmation. I would never have considered Shingles in a young teen but thanks to the anti vitals it stopped the rash development straight away.

  31. Shingles! Oh no! So sorry about that – stress can bring them out.
    Here’s to a speedy recovery.
    Oh, and if Elliot has not had the chickenpox vaccine – avoid him like you have the plague. I got chickenpox as an adult, from my Dad’s shingles. They were everywhere and they were awful.

  32. The sweater is absolute perfection! I can’t believe how much he has changed and grown. And as for shingles? Poor you! I have heard people describe it as excruciating.

  33. OMG you’re too young to be getting shingles, right?!!! I’m so sorry you were blighted with that nastiness. I hope it passes by quickly and doesn’t come back. Best baby sweater ever on the best baby boy ever!

  34. Gentle hugs and what a wonderful sweater. Thanks for reminding me that I really need to find out what I need to do to get the Shingrix vaccination. I “gave” myself the old shingles vaccination for my 60th birthday, but I hear how much better then new one is and I know so many who have suffered so badly with shingles. I’m so sorry to be adding you to that list. Feel better soon!

  35. Sorry about the shingles and totally with you on the recommended pain killer dose and Tall. I had Vicodin after surgery and suddenly understood every House episode. Hooray for your GP and the good drugs!

  36. My dad had shingles a few years ago, and while his stayed confined to his back, he felt incredibly miserable for about a month during the whole thing (he didn’t see a doctor, but after some googling found that ibuprofen/Advil was a good way to manage the pain). I don’t think I’d ever seen him feel that awful in my life. It took about a month for the symptoms to finally subside (since it’s caused the chicken pox virus that lays dormant/latent for many years until it decides to infect you again, you pretty much have to let it run its course and manage the symptoms accordingly and stay away from those who have not been exposed to chicken pox), but once it did he was feeling like his normal self again. After a health scare with his heart a couple of years ago, he’s thankfully now in the care of a good doctor and is trying to stay on top of his health now.

    It will take some time, but get plenty of rest and keep your stress levels down (a great excuse to knit, knit, and knit some more), and I hope you get well soon!

  37. I am mum to a 17 year old Elliot who is definitely past the “cute” stage! Your Elliot is scrumptious x Sweater is pretty cute too!
    Get well soon x

  38. More than thirty years ago my kids hadn’t gotten chicken pox despite multiple exposures. My husband got shingles, and bam! Everyone had chicken pox at once.

  39. I wish you a swift recovery. Shingles STINK!

    I had shingles a few years ago – at 36. It was the worst pain I have ever felt. Even when it healed, I had scarring. When I am under a lot of stress, the scars itch and hurt.

    And Elliot is the cutest!!

  40. Oh my goodness. When did Elliot get so grown up? How does that happen overnight? The sweater is amazing and you did a fabulous job with it. Best wishes for a speedy recovery from the shingles. Hopefully these will soon be a bad memory in your rear view mirror.

  41. Shingles??? !!! really??? Aren’t you too young for that? I had a vaccine against shingles but now I read that there is a (more expensive) better two shot vaccine. Bummer. So glad your doctor got that figured out.

    Elliot is such a ham! and SO cute! Beautiful sweater. I have a grand-nephew so maybe I should check out that pattern.

    • My dad was in his mid-fifties when he had his shingles (he’s in his late fifties now), and Stephanie will be turning 50 soon. While the exact mechanism that causes the virus to reactivate is unknown, high amounts of stress can possibly make the body more susceptible to an infection. At the time he’d developed shingles, my dad was going through some stressful situations at work; and Stephanie has gone through a bit of a rough year herself losing both her mom and her aunt, and she’s kept very busy as a way of coping. It will take some time for it to clear up, but hopefully she gets plenty of rest.

  42. First of all, Elliott, oh my goodness, so cute! Secondly, I hate that you were in pain. Sending you healing and comforting thoughts. Lastly, that sweater is amazing!

  43. Sorry to hear you had shingles. I’ve had them once, many years ago when I was under a tonne of stress, felt like I’d been flayed on my back with barbed wire. At least you’ve got sorted with meds, which is good news.

    I’ve been prescribed muscle relaxant meds for a back issue I have which sound like them have a similar effect to yours – when I taken them, I feel 10 feet tall and bulletproof (and oddly spaced out at the same time).
    Love Elliot’s sweater – the colour is lovely.

  44. The new shingles vaccine is called Shingrix. The efficacy data is strong enough that the CDC recommends this for anyone 50 years or older.

    Which reminds me. I need to get vaccinated.

  45. Yikes, I can’t believe the ER didn’t figure that out. I had a mild case in March (went to the Dr the day I noticed a rash and got on Antiviral’s immediately) and was exhausted for about a month. Still have the scars though and dr thinks they may be permanent.

    Love Elliot’s sweater, he’s a cutie.

  46. Evidently confusing shingles and cellulitis happens fairly often. When my son had a painful rash the doctor said he thought it was cellulitis but just in case it was shingles he was going to prescribe both an antibiotic and an antiviral.

    Feel better soon!

    • My mom was ill two years ago on a Friday night. By Monday we went to the ER, where they diagnosed her with cellulitis, kept her overnight and put her on an IV antibiotic. The rash appeared on her face a few days later. I don’t think she was ever as miserable, and judging from what others have gone through, I’d say her case was “mild!” She’s still taking gabapentin for nerve pain.

  47. Sympathy! Lots of sympathy! Also pain relievers and lots of them.

    (I’ve had shingles twice. The first time (on forehead and up into hair) I went in early enough that the antiviral did wonders. The second time (classic ribcage version) I was away from home and was probably two days into it before I got home and realized what it was. Oy. Round the clock pain relievers for a month. And a shingles shot for my birthday, because twice means there will probably be a third time.)

  48. “I felt terrific. Really tall.” That made me snort my tea … on a more serious note, I’m really sorry you have shingles. They are a literal pain and I don’t wish them on anyone. I hope you feel better soon.

  49. Carrie on May 17, 2018 at 5:43 pm said:
    One of my friends got shingles before he was 40. I’ve heard of teenagers getting it. It’s more likely as you get older, though.
    I strongly recommend getting the shingles shot, if your insurance will cover it. (Shingrix (the new one) is supposed to be much better than Zostavax (the old one), but they cost about the same in the US.)

  50. Oh, shit, Steph. As your exact birthday twin (how ya doin’ as we approach that beautiful half-century?), I am distressed that you have now demonstrated that we are not, in fact, too young for shingles. Enjoy the pain meds (glad they are working), and enjoy that adorable grandson.

  51. Oh my goodness, as though you haven’t had enough to deal with lately!

    As you have so often said, the universe seeks balance, so maybe expect a 50% off sale on cashmere next week? I don’t know what could really make up for all this crap, but, believe me, we’re all behind you, standing ready to help make up for all of this pain and awfulness.

  52. I am so sorry that you got shingles. I got them at 51. It was so painful and no one who has never had them just cannot understand. My ex son in law had them when he was only 25 so they don’t have an age barrier. Please take care of yourself. Doc said mine came from the stress of moving jobs and for my mom whom was diagnosed with alzheimer’s.

  53. Your grandson is starting to look like a little bit instead of a baby! I can’t believe he’s so big already. I remember following the saga of his baby blanket, and that seemed like a month ago!

    Speedy recovery with the shingles.

  54. OH shingles!!!!!!! My mother had it when I was 4, I caught chickenpox from it, and the situation was not improved by the fact that it was Christmas and we were staying in a hotel with my grandparents. THEN my poor mother (as though that hadn’t been enough) got it in her 80s round her eye — luckily I was visiting her for a few weeks, so spent my time playing nurse. She even wrote a poem, which you might appreciate:
    Here upon my bed I lie,
    With a scarlet, swollen eye,
    Rash on nose and eyebrow too,
    Not a pretty sight to view.
    Daughter comes on three weeks’ stay,
    Hoping for a holiday;
    Has to wash, and shop, and cook,
    Do the ironing, read a book,
    Put on ointment, give the pills,
    Listen to the countless ills,
    Anything her mum to please,
    And to make her more at ease.
    Then I sleep, and in my dreams
    Life is back to norm it seems;
    No more fever, no more pain,
    I am quite myself again.
    Wake … And know the truth of it,
    I lie in my bed — oh @@@@!

  55. Oh My…shingles. I had them in my groin too, way back in 1971 when I went through cancer treatment. You have my sympathy and understanding!!!

  56. Holy cats! Shingles is definitely NOT FUN. My stepmother had an outbreak decades ago, before the vaccines, and it was directly under one of her bra straps. She quickly became one very liberated (and extremely grumpy) lady! Hope you feel better soon — and try to stay off the airport’s landing radar!

    Also, I hope Joe’s mum is well on her way to recovery. Elliot is so-o-o handsome in that sweater, and I’m glad he likes it. Shows he already appreciates a good handknit!

  57. Well that stinks. I hope you feel better soon. Please let yourself rest. Crazy, I know. Stress and grief are hard enough to cope with. No bike riding I suppose. Good thing you have a profession that abides with relaxing the legs.

  58. When you wrote that the pain had wrapped around you, my first thought was “shingles!” because when my grandmother got it, she said that it “ringed around” her. It’s the only medical thing I fear. But on the bright side, you’re tall now.

  59. Holy Moly, Steph – I’m starting to think you should be preparing for a plague of boils, and do watch out for those locusts while you’re at it. I just got the first dose of the new shingles vaccine today; you have to pay for it in BC but I’m treating myself. I have two siblings and a close friend who’ve had it in the past 2 years; I’ve heard their stories and I’m not taking any chances.

  60. I am so sorry about the shingles. Given the stresses you have had in the last year this is the last thing you need.

    Are you knitting while you are high?

  61. Please take all the rest you need. Shingles is not something to fool around with! Even my big, tough, keep working after running foot through with a pitchfork, back in the tractor day after vasectomy, Farmer was on his butt, doing nothing but surviving for like a month.

  62. Oh you poor thing. The pain from shingles is awful. So glad they got you sorted, that you felt tall (though heels are less addicitve, provided you’re more graceful than people (coughmecough) who have fallen out of them) and hey that is one cute distraction sweater and boy.

  63. I can see it now. There’s you knitting yourself a sweater, and frowning at it, muttering “I think this needs to be longer,” and your family are all “She thinks she’s tall again! Bar the door! Disable the appliances!”
    Speaking of tall, Elliot done grew up while we weren’t looking. The next thing you know he’ll be going away to university.

  64. Oh! I live in fear of shingles. I hope you’re feeling much better and soon will be completely mended. The sweater is almost as adorable as the model, and I really love the color. Take care.

  65. I just got shingles too! Mine was on my face and neck and I had been in a hotel so I convinced myself it was bed bugs! But the pain was just so wrong! I battled a week then finally went to the doc. Antivirals did the trick though they’re supposed to work even better when taken ASAP. Watch out for your brain cells being fried and being tired… I’ve been doing some stoooopid stuff.

  66. I had shingles as a teenager and heard it described as holding a lighter to the end of your finger to burn the nerve endings. That description seemed about right, especially when there was friction of any kind. Hope you’re free of it soon!

  67. Oh no…so sorry about the pain and especially the missed diagnosis! Hope it’s easing (a lot) by now.

    But, the good..that sweater is the most! Just perfect. And Elliot…what a charmer that handsome boy is!

    Best recovery to you

  68. A beautiful sweater for a beautiful young man. How he has grown!

    So sorry to hear about the shingles. Be good to yourself and pace yourself where you can.

  69. Gorgeous sweater! I hope you feel better soon, please remember to stay away from pregnant women, although I’m sure you already know this!

  70. Nooooo! I had shingles about 10 years ago. Didn’t take drugs. SO painful. Even a light touch of clothing on them hurt. I sat around with a bag of frozen peas on them. Helped a little. I had the pain for a month. UGH!!

    I should look into the vaccine. Don’t want to go through that again . . .

  71. Gorgeous sweater and model. My sympathies for your shingles. I just had them the month of March and was quarantined. I thought they were spider bites behind my ear…nope! Got the antiviral right away and was lucky I had very little pain. I’m saving up for the new vaccine.

  72. Happened to me about 7 years ago and I still have pain from the nerve damage. I was perscribed 5 different opioids for the pain and they all made me sick. It is a pain I will never forget, There is a vaccaine for shingles,

  73. I had the unfortunate chance of getting shingles when I was 10. I was in so much pain for like a week and the doctor was really surprised that I even had shingles due to my age. I was really lucky that the first time out the doctor prescribed me some cream and an iv. Took a while but I managed to get rid of it but I still have the scar on my stomach. I hope you find some rest and relief, not easy I know 🙁

  74. Damn. Shingles is like being stung by bees over and over and over, relentlessly. Rest as much as you can, I’m so sorry. I got it at the same time as mastitis (my 33 weeker was 7 months old), recovering from a terrible accident, and hosting my in-laws for my husband’s PhD graduation.. When I was in the doctor’s office the doc made vague noises about taking it easy. I listed the above and then said “and I’m supposed to take my in-laws camping in Yosemite for the weekend.” The doc looked at me for a second, then turned back to her computer to type (in all caps), “NO CAMPING” on my visit notes. I cried with gratitude (even though I love camping).

  75. OK I have to go into health educator mode here. I had femoral nerve shingles about ten years ago. It took about ten days to get it properly diagnosed, because I didn’t get the rash until I’d had nerve pain for ten days. I’ve described it as “whimpering pain.” Shingles are more commonly upper body, so not ever the first thing they think of for groin, low back, and leg. The antiviral meds were a godsend, but I wore silk long underwear for about three months because any other fabric brushing against my skin was torture. The usual occurrence trigger is stress (duh) but also sun exposure. I live in Minneapolis, and spent a week in Oaxaca in November that year. The sun was inescapable. Ten days later —> shingles.

    Nice sweater.

  76. Only you could make me laugh about the shingles. So sorry, glad they finally diagnosed you and got you on the right meds. Speedy recovery!

  77. My husband, a doctor, misdiagnosed my shingles. He told me to put calamine on it…oh lord. On day four I went to the dermatologist who started the antiviral on the spot. No return, no post herpatic pain, more like an itch. I have had the first vaccine, plan to get the new one this summer. I agree, Ice is a great thing, just run the cube right on your skin.

    I love little bald guys in grandpa sweaters. He is adorable!

    • p.s. And feel better fast. While I thank you for the reminder to go bug my doctor, again, whether she’s got that new shingles vaccine in yet. They’ve been waiting for it.

  78. I’ve had shingles twice, both times came after periods of intense stress. First time I didn’t take antivirals, second time I did as soon as possible. Both times lasted weeks and weeks. Got both dose of Shingix vaccine – painful shots but no where near as bad as shingles. I hope you feel better soon! Hug and play with that beautiful boy in that fabulous sweater as much as you can! Keeping you and your family in my prayers.

  79. I got shingles in college. I went over to the quack shack and they gave me some kind of cortisone shot and said come back if it continues. When I came back-itchy, miserable, in pain-they told me I had shingles and I said “Thank God it has a name, now you can fix it!” They brought med students in to look at me so they would know what shingles looks like. They pointed out that it has a midline-it attacks a particular nerve and is therefore predominantly on one side of the body. As I felt the pain sweeping across my shoulder, I could tell that, yes, it was a nerve. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy! I hope you feel better soon!

  80. Surely a good Rx for shingles will be knitting along with rest to help you to recover your immune system. Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

  81. Wow! Shingles suck! I had them last year (about 2 months after my Mom passed away….). So painful – for me, it was on my head and man oh man the pain. And like you, I now totally understand how people could get hooked on pain meds.

    Heal my friend!

    • Molly , just what I thought last month when my back “blew” out. I was in agony until I found a doctor when prescribed Gabapentin. Much better now but still on the pills and I now know how people get hooked on anything that will stop the pain. Ice is the next best thing. Hope you heal up soon. Lily

  82. Oh no! Shingles sucks! Take care of yourself my dear!

    But – what a gorgeous sweater. I love me a baby in cables. And that shawl collar is just perfect!

    P.S. Adding to my Monday to-do list – schedule a shingles vaccine.

  83. Oh man! That sounds awful! I hope you feel better soon!

    Just a quick PSA though. *Don’t* knit anything complicated or precious even if you think you’re not really high. Things can get frog the whole thing bad really fast and for heaven’s sake don’t try to fix mistakes while taking painkillers.

    My nephew has a treasured, but slightly embarrassing baby blanket to prove it. lol Dishclothes are surprisingly amusing when taking painkillers and far less risky than lace. 🙂

  84. Yikes, that is some scary stuff! I’m glad you’re on the right meds and hope it all resolves soon.

    Elliot is impossibly adorable — how is he already so big?!

  85. I had a bunch of symptoms, and the doctor kept asking me, are there any blisters? Well, no, so off I went, of all places to help my son deliver a boat to Toronto. We spent hours at customs at Windsor, stayed at a crazy motel overnight (it was so wild that despite my pain I pushed a heavy piece of furniture against the door). Pulling another boat through heavy traffic, my son did drive me past some docks so I could see the visiting Brittania. Back home, the doctor, still looking for blisters, scheduled tests, and wouldn’t you know it, the very morning of the tests the blisters popped out. Yep, it was shingles.

  86. Wishing you quick relief from shingles. I still remember my grandma having it more than 20 yrs ago , her pain was so bad.

    Love the sweater. The yarn & pattern are a great combo.

    Is it just me or is Elliot looking more like you as he grows? Same chin, hgh forehead, cute nose.

  87. Elliot looks so grown up and handsome in that beautiful cardigan his grandmother has made him. The colour really suits him and the cherry trees make a nice back drop. My youngest nephew will be 13 on Wednesday. I miss having wee ones to knit for… and yes, that’s a hint to the older ones to produce some great nieces and nephews for me!

  88. You’ve had enough going on, and now Shingles? Good grief. Take care of yourself, I am glad you don’t have cellulitis? I think?

  89. Get well soon. Shingles is really nasty and don’t let anyone tell you differently. That super is simply stunning and doesn’t Elliott look smart in it.

  90. While I am of course extremely sorry about your pain (really, I mean it this time), I must confess my first thought was for Joe.

    The poor guy, with his mum in the hospital and his wife in agony…and pretty much nothing he can do to fix things. It’s a tough place to be.

    Non-shingles hugs from me, dude.

  91. Please, please, please understand that this is going to take time…more time than you think…more time than you’re willing…more time than you want…for Shingles to heal.
    More. Time.
    Be. Patient.
    And as always…lovely knitting. 🙂

  92. You are not ever to young to have shingles. I had a case first year of law school way back in 1974 at the age of 23. The only thing my dad the doctor could prescribe for me then was darvon and calamine lotion. Yikes.

    Fortunately for me, my medicare supplement plan apparently pays for the new vaccine. I am, going to check it out with the local pharmacies. If so, I’m having it even though I’ve had the original one – that’s only about 50% effective.

    Feel much better soon.

    • And, I only had to tell my dad my symptoms for him to diagnose it because he’d had a patient who’d recently come in with it. My dad was a wiz at diagnoses.

  93. There is something to shingles and stress, I believe. Because, you know, life is calm all.the.time. Hope you got meds quickly, and then make sure you get the vaccine. The NEW one, supposed to be more effective.

    And adorable grandchild in his handsome sweater.

  94. Oh my god. As soon as you said, pain in your leg, I thought, “she has shingles” My now ten year old daughter got them when she was 8, and if we didn’t see an extremely astute (albeit shocked) doc at our walk in clinic, she would have been a sorry sight indeed. Antivirals are a wonder…I hope it resolves as quick as possible. No fun!

  95. Shingles is absolutely the pits but your distraction is beautiful. What a beautiful sweater on a beautiful grandson.

  96. The sweater is beautiful and Elliot is quite the model! It and he look wonderful!
    There is a new shingles vaccine (Shingrix) that is 90% effective, not a live virus like the old one, can be given even if you’ve had the Zostavax vaccine or if you’ve had shingles, and is recommended for those 50 and over.

  97. I had shingles – at a young age like you – it’s awful. My understanding is that it is caused by stress – and you’ve certainly had a lot of emotional stress since your mom’s death and the aura of Mother’s Day looming.

    On a bright note, however, it looks like Elliot is the worlds greatest knit wear baby model!

  98. Shingles is a raging storm. Hope’s yours pass quickly.
    Sweater is so beautiful; I wish I were Elliot (who is too cute and standing up already?!)
    Somebody needs to tell the Antirobot people that a treble clef sign is not a “music note”.

  99. Just getting over a mild bout of shingles myself. Fortunately it’s in a place which only my husband or doc ever sees. I had the first vaccine the minute I was old enough, which probably kept this outbreak contained. Will get the new vaccine as soon as I can.
    I found that Arnica ointment helped with the pain.

  100. WAIT!! Is that baby standing by himself? How did this happen? WHEN did this happen? How is YOUR family making me feel old (gee whiz, I remember when we were waiting for his birth blanket to be knit, know he’s standing. Soon he’ll be off to college.) (I won’t say anything about my own kids making me feel old.) Good luck with the shingles. Ouch.

  101. Sending all the gentle hugs and healing purrs I can.

    Equal part blend of frankincense, copaiba and balsam fir EOs can help with the pain (those can also be ingested in capsule form).

  102. Oh Steph, I’m so sorry. Shingles are the worst. I hope you feel better very soon. Please get the new shingles vaccine when you’re feeling better. My pharmacist son says it’s the best one yet. I don’t want you to get this ever again!
    Gorgeous sweater and gorgeous baby!

  103. I’m so sorry you have shingles! And I can honestly say I have never heard a shingles story told in such a humorous way.
    The sweater and the darling boy wearing it are beautiful! I hope you have lots to distract you as you heal in the coming days XXOO

  104. Just a reminder to all those over the age of 65 — there is a shingles vaccine available. You can ask at your local drug store (CVS or Walgreens) and you don’t need a doctor’s order, at least in Texas.

  105. Steph, please find what works for you for the pain. I had shingles 6 years ago. I’ve had them 4 or 5 times since and the pain is still excruciating. They started in my trigeminal nerve in my face and my side, and have now involved almost the entire left side of my body. PHN is horrific. I still work full time, but do very little else because I just can’t. I knit, crochet and quilt when I can, but I rarely entertain, even family. My husband now does all the cleaning, laundry and a good bit of the cooking. I occasionally cook, but it’s rough. I’m on nerve medication, opiates and medical marijuana to get through the day. Shingles has completely changed my life. My first grandchild (a girl!) is due in August and I hope I have her little sweater and quilt done in time! I pray that you get through this and have no repercussions. It’s exhausting, yet I can’t sleep. Acupuncture helped for awhile, then it didn’t. Opiods help the most, then the MMJ. Cold is excruciating for me, as is heat. You need to find what helps and hurts you. Sorry to be such a downer, but the reality is that some people develop PHN and it doesn’t go away. I truly hope you’re not one of them, I wouldn’t wish this on anyone! On the other hand, I love Elliott’s sweater! Gorgeous color and a beautiful knit! He’s lucky to have you as a grandmother!

  106. First: The knitting model torch has been successfully passed to the next generation. What a suave cutie-patootie!
    Second: Wow. Best health wishes to your MIL, Joe, you, and family.
    Then: Shingles. Yuk. So glad yours are under control and that you’ve learned how to feel tall. (I’m still searching.) I’ve had them, got the scars and PHN to prove it. I’ve done the vaccine and hope I’ll never have them that bad again. Take care, Grasshopper. Seriously. Rest. Restore. And Knit On.

  107. Those photos are the most gorgeous thing, and the sweater isn’t bad either! Ditto all the shingles comments, that sucks but looks like you’re on the mend. No knitting with sharp needles while under the influence… good luck and heal quickly!

  108. I have just completed the new 2-shot vaccination for shingles (called Shingex in the US) and am so glad I did. During the time I was contemplating and getting my shots, I spoke to lots of people like you and so many of the commenters who have terrible stories about getting shingles. And so many of them were people in their 30s and 40s, not “old people”. Adults of all ages–protect yourselves!

  109. I had the shingles a few years ago, in my 30s, and it was a ball of suck for about a week. It felt like I was being stabbed by a thousand tiny, sword-wielding Lilliputians. I’m so glad you’ve been properly diagnosed now and are on your way back up. The worst is over.

  110. Oh my goodness, HUGE HUG! Shingles are the worst!
    Take every drug they give you.
    Elliot is the most adorable child ever! That sweater just makes him cuter! Way to go Steph.
    Take good care.

  111. I’m astonished how often the shingles diagnosis is missed! So sorry you’ve had to go through this, Awesome sweater and grandson. Feel better soon.

  112. This really is too much. Heal quickly, and take the best of care of yourself.

    Beautiful sweater, grandson, and cherry blossoms.

  113. I am really sorry you have shingles. My mother had it in her early 90s and was in the hospital for rwo and a half months. They said it was the worst case they had ever seem. She had Post Herpetic Neuralgia and pain until she died a few years later. Stress is a major cause. I got the original Zostavax in 2011 and a few years ago got it on my right arm. Not fun. Definitely get the Zostavax II or the newest Shingris. It is worth whatever the cost. I had chickenpox at five and a half. Seems that everyone I know has had it. Sending healing, soft hugs!! . BTW, Elliot and his fantastic sweater look cute.

  114. Oh how I understand! I had one painful episode of shingles that literally popped up within 2 days on my chest and neck. Even when healed to the visible eye, the nerve pain! Yes,, unfortunately, isn’t stress wonderful??

  115. Awesome sweater!!! Best wishes for a quick recovery on the shingles. When I started reading I was worried that it was a blood clot…

  116. Considering how much the minion has grown already, is it too soon to open the pool on whether the sweater will be *too small* by the time fall hits your region?
    He looks great in it now though, and evenings should still be cool for a bit.

  117. Love the sweater! The color is absolutely beautiful as is the the young man sporting it! Hate that you had shingles! What you described is everything I have heard about them. Thank you for continuing to write your blog!

  118. After my spouse had shingles, and the pain, I got the vaccine even though my doctor said not to bother and the insurance didn’t cover it. $200 plus dollars to avoid all that agony was well worth it.

  119. About 4 years ago, I got Lyme’s disease. The same weekend I was diagnosed with that, I also got shingles – on my face! It was awful – all of it!!

    Hope you feel better soon!!

    Linda in VA

  120. Shingles never fun, and often are produced from stress and there’s been none of that in your life right??? Elliott is as adorable as always and his sweater is lovely

  121. We’re going to start requiring daily – nay, bi-daily * – check ins! Good grief, you’re gone for more than a couple days and all heck breaks loose.

    * I’m really glad you’ve gotten things under control.
    * I’m really, really sorry for the misery over the last week. Gentle, virtual hugs to you and your no doubt frantic family and friends.

    * Or is it semi-daily? Whichever it is that has you telling us you’re still alive and stuff twice a day is the one I mean.

    (I’m kidding, of course. You should continue to take whatever time away from the blog that you need for whatever reason.)

  122. Had shingles several years ago [age 60+]. Self medicated with large amount of Vitamin C. Treated rash with zinc oxide. Diagnosis confirmed by nurse practitioner [did not seek medical help until it was too late for treatment – it started on December 24th]. No recurrence, no follow-up pains. Lucky me…

  123. 1. Wow, I got shingles when I was 13 (which is totally not the age you’re supposed to get it) and I will never forget the unique pain and itchiness it causes. I’m glad you figured it out and hope it passes as quickly as possible!!!

    2. When looking at the photos I did a double take… all of a sudden Elliot is a little person instead of a baby! Is he walking? Time flies…

    Get well soon!

  124. Same thing happened to my husband. They were calling it cellulitis, gave him “treatment” twice and it didn’t get any damn better. I didn’t like his doctor (at that time) anyhow and powered him to the ER where he was properly diagnosed. After I wrote a really nasty letter to his partner (head of the practice) about the misdiagnosis and immediately got me and my husband transferred to his (head of practice’s) service. I truly hope it gets better soon and you don’t need anything for post herpetic neuralgia. Here in the States it’s now classed with opioides and parceled out like gold. I hate US “Health for Profit” care.

    Great sweater! It’s nice when they’re small and you can knock it out.

  125. Shingles is awful! When the ER doc diagnosed mine, I wouldn’t believe it, because I thought shingles was just an itchy rash. SO MUCH worse than that.
    There’s a new vaccine out for it, and I hate shots, but I was perfectly willing to run in and get the first one (it comes in two parts).
    Also, one of the B vitamins is supposed to help – I forget which one. You might want to see what your doc says about that.

  126. Never had Shingles and hope to never have them/it, ever. I am glad it got diagnosed and you are receiving some relief with the help of medicine and not kale. Would a kale bath help? Probably not. Meanwhile please take care and rest as much as you can. You have had a rough time these last few months and seems like you have continued to press on … no matter the consequences. Rest now, Please?

  127. Bless your heart, and I am sorry that it was misdiagnosed originally. Hope you ar on the path to recovery.

    Stress is a trigger, and we know you have had plenty of that in the last year. My understanding is you have to be free of an outbreak for six months before getting the vaccine. I don’t think anyone here can add anything to how painful they are.

    Elliot looks amazing in his sweater. I am very impressed that you could get it done while so ill.

  128. Elliott looks just like a young Hank doesn’t he? Especially in the first picture of him above. How is Hank, by the way? Does he still love skein winding? He must be a teenager by now. Holy cow. I think of him as being about 6.
    The sweater is beautiful. Your finishing is always spot on and really brings out the beauty of the pattern. All that blocking is well worth the effort to get an end result like that.

    I am SO sorry you have shingles and hope it’s a speedy recovery.

  129. Omigod, was there ever a cuter baby?
    Sounds like you needed some cuteness for distraction. What a lot you’ve had to deal with lately! I’m impressed that you can continue turning out gorgeous knits even in extremis. Hang in there!

  130. Beautiful sweater on Elliot–and a beautiful kid! But gosh, way up north in Canada, the kid’s gotta start some hair! I say this remembering photos of myself bald, bald, bald until I was three–and a Christmas photo six months later with all my hair gathered up into a tiny curl on top of my head.
    But the shingles! Ah, it’s the worst. When I tried to describe the red patch just under my bra line to my doctor, I said it hurt in all the ways anything could–it felt burned, scraped, bruised, tight like a pulled muscle, deeply itchy. I was told it was stress (my mother had died just two months earlier and I was trying to get a few family mementos back from her partner). My hub finally convinced me to go to my dermatologist about it–I think it was the morning I was crying on the couch because my large, soft tee shirt had brushed up against my skin. But it passes. Take those giant antiviral pills!
    And again, what a beautiful grandson you have!

  131. Oh sh!t the shingles is just vile – worst pain apart from gall stones I have ever experienced. The emergency Doc said it was eczema and I continued to suffer- my wonderful nurse mother took one look and called my GP sister in law who prescribed these amazing pills – they are an anti- depressant whose major side effect is to deaden nerve pain. I still felt a bit grotty but that’s the being run down bit that’s a factor in getting shingles, hallelujah though, I had no more pain! Not keen on anti depressants but these were so worth it.
    The sweater and grandson are gorgeous individually, together they are magic.

  132. Oh ouch. I hope you are on the mend. My 21 year old son has had them twice! The first time when he was 17 and then again this year.

  133. Elliot looks amazing in that sweater, and so grown up already! Thanks for the wonderful Elliot pictures (and the sweater is beautiful, too)! 🙂

    Glad your family doctor is on top of things & you’re starting to feel better.

  134. Oh wow, Stephanie, I’m so sorry about the whole shingles thing, I know how painful that can be!! Elliott’s sweater is the bomb! Man that thing is gorgeous, as well as the model! You really did a bang up job on that for someone higher than a kite, lol!! Even for someone not high, that sweater is just amazing!

  135. Bless you, my friend. I came home from housesitting for my sister in early April and had the shingles. Went to the DR at the VA Clinic early that next day and told him that’s what I had — they require that we come in for him to look, too, so I pulled up the side of my shirt. He agreed with me. He gave me meds for 7 days that helped and I did a bit of working on my self — I used Betamethasone cream on the spots. It helped. But this is late May and I still have spots that are very tender; makes it very hard to wear pants since the area of infection was front tummy to the back. Here I sit stuck in the house most of the time. The wonderful part is that I had taken the Shingles shot (1st one) which kept the worst of the pain down.

  136. I’m so sorry to hear about your shingles. They are a terrible disease. My mom got them last year in her left ear and spent a week in the hospital on all kinds of antibiotics and they didn’t figure out what it was until a week after she left the hospital and developed something called Ramsey Hunt Syndrome. It’s a temporary paralysis of the side of your face. We thought she had had a stroke. Back to the Dr we went. She was super sick for a month and it took her awhile to recover. Just as we thought she was getting better, she developed two blood clots in her legs and two in her lungs. Another week in the hospital. She has recovered, but lost about 70% of the hearing in her left ear and has to wear hearing aids now. She also walks with a cane as it messed with her vertigo too. That is a step up from the walker she needed to use last summer, so we are happy.

    I’m not a huge fan of vaccinations, but after witnessing hat she went through, I tell everyone nearing 60 to get a shingles vaccine and I will definitely be getting one myself when I’m older.

    The sweater is beautiful!

  137. I survived and you will too but it sure isn’t fun. Get the shot or shots and know that you may have residual twinges forever but that is nothing like the real deal. My sympathy and compliments on the beautiful sweater – and grandson.

  138. Hope that you heal soon Stephanie. I had the shot after I saw what my sister went through. Take care and be careful on the drugs they are potent for sure. The sweater is lovely..really lovely. I think I want one just like it but a bit bigger.

  139. I am so sorry to hear you have shingles. I had that when I was 14. The only thing worse than the pain was the itching,which when scratched released the excruciating pain. Both the pain and the itching did go away, but I have scars. They will itch occasionally and I forget and scratch and then I feel the pain. Fortunately, it’s been several years since the last itching flare up. I wish you a speedy recovery. The sweater and Elliott are adorable as always. Get well soon. Darci

  140. I’ll have to come back and read your 180 comments when I have a little more time. You are so funny! Love the sweater. He is adorable. So sorry that you got shingles. I know what you mean about the pain meds. I got along so much better with people when I was on Percocet. I took it after having both hips replaced. I was so impressed with it, I googled it. It’s in the heroine family…

  141. As a nurse I will not tell you shingles stories cause everyone is different, but I will tell you I have heard it is hellish which you have confirmed. I haven’t heard many cases where it’s on the thigh-but wrapping around your back-welcome to the club. It’s painful cause it’s usually following a nerve. But you likely already know that. Be careful around Elliot but maybe he’s been vaccinated for chicken pox. And you likely already knew that too. I’d say the shingles is a stress reaction–jeepers, have you had much stress in the past year or so–like 100 on the stress scale maybe?
    Even so, the last thing I know you already know is that kid is a natural. Put something knitted on him and he instantly poses in that devilishly handsome way he has. He is adorable. I hope you get well soon.

  142. Terribly sorry you must experience shingles. I add my plea that your life can off load some responsibilities so body mind and soul can have time to heal. There are many many years ahead for schedules packed with conferences, rallies, and lovely travel.
    The sweater is delicious, I’m grateful you have this sweet grandson.
    Take care

  143. One more shingles treatment suggestion. I had some success with using sunburn lotion to calm the skin reactivity. I have heard that what works is often quite variable from one person to another.

    Your grandson and his sweater are most handsome!

  144. Oh no. Please try to get some rest and feel better. Wishing you a speedy recovery. The sweater is absolutely beautiful and Elliot looks mighty dapper wearing it!

  145. No!!! Shingles pain is just the worst! At least if you ever get them again you will know right away exactly what it is. Elliot is so charming, cheer yourself up by just looking at how cute he is. Feel better soon!

  146. So very sorry about the shingles!! My friend gets it and it’s quite horrible. The sweater on the other hand is amazing and terrific and beautiful!! Cute kid too! Hope you are feeling better by the time you read these comments!


  147. Well, with all the stress you’ve experienced lately I’m not surprised you didn’t get shingles sooner! I hope you’re feeling better quickly. And how adorable is your Elliot? Darling sweater too.

  148. How lucky are you to get pain pills? I was told that since it was a nerve thing, pain pills would do nothing and they gave me NOTHING. Worst pain and fatigue for a month. I still get shots of pain from my breakout, which was around my rib cage (I thought I either cracked a rib or was having a heart attack!) and this was over 3 years ago!

  149. Oh, darling. I’m so sorry you’re going through that. I’ve heard it’s hellish, and you’re confirming that. Take care–gentle hugs. I was so grateful when our insurance dropped the age requirement to get the vaccine from 60 to I RAN to the doc to get mine.
    That sweater is gorgeous and the small boy is adorable!

  150. Wishing you a speedy recovery. When my little guy had chicken pox he wasn’t allowed to visit my mom in the hospital. She’d already had both chicken pox and shingles years before but they were concerned about the other patients on the ward.

  151. Lady, I am heading to the pharmacy for that shingles shot I’ve been putting off TODAY. Thanks for the story and the kick in the . . . well, you know. (I’m prompted to click the pants. Seriously.)
    Keep feeling better.
    And that kid in that sweater! Melting over here.

  152. so very sorry to hear you have shingles, they are awful, i’ve had them three times and it took me a while to realize that each episode had a connection to dates of sadness….anniversary of my friend’s death, first year anniversary of my dad’s birthday in the year that he died and while my grandmother was in hospice… luckily for me by then i knew what it was before i even got a rash and was put on the antivirals… the old shingles vaccine was thought to cause a re occurrence in folks like me but it does sound like the new one is proving to be better like folks like me…so, once you are better keep an eye out for a second batch, and know that we all are sending good vibes to go with your good drugs, hugs, kathy

  153. Oh gosh, Steph! Shingles are horrible, awful, nasty things! I’m so sorry you are suffering with them. Take care and heal quickly!
    The sweater is beautiful as is your darling grandson. How did he get big so fast?!

  154. I had the shingles almost 10 years ago. MY girlfriend diagnosed me. I told her how I was feeling and she had me go to the school nurse who shipped me to my doctor. Take care of yourself. It does take time. My husband is right now in the middle of getting the new vaccine.

    Don’t let people tell you it is stress related. I had just dropped my younger son at college where I knew he was in the place he wanted to be and dh and I were pretty much starting to enjoy our last few years of teaching before retirement.

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