Where to?

Whoosh, I’m back on other side of the continent, for the third time in four weeks though I didn’t make it as far as I have the other two times.  First there was Madrona in Seattle, and then I was back for the Strung Along Retreat and now – hold on. Let’s back up. I’ve known for a while that if I’m not careful to keep a firm grip on my schedule these few weeks it will all turn into a nightmare rather than an intense phase, so let me try to keep it all in order, and let’s do it on the basis of what I was knitting when.  We’re all really knit-centric anyway, it probably matters more than location.

So, first I was knitting gnome socks – that was Madrona, and I was knitting them because it was Cameron’s birthday, and he’d been gone for several months, working far away. He got this idea to combine his birthday with a homecoming party, and somewhere along there it became a Gnomecoming party (don’t ask, the man appreciates a pun more than I do, and that’s saying something.) The minute I heard Gnome I was on it, thanks to this pattern.

Well, you’ll notice that mine is quite different than that one, so maybe it’s more like thanks to the inspiration of that pattern.  It comes in a women’s medium, and Cam’s a men’s large, so there was some upsizing involved. Also (and here’s sentence I never thought I would type) there was a few too many gnomes on those other socks for my liking, so I reduced the gnome intensity. Also, Cam likes stripes.

The yarn is West Yorkshire Spinners Signature 4 ply (a favourite of mine, especially for nice solids.) Most impressive about these socks is that not only did I trot them all over Madrona -but I managed to finish them before the party, and I had a few minutes to make appropriate wrapping arrangements. (Full disclosure. I finished at 1am the night before, which is technically the day of, but I don’t think so because then I went to bed.)

It turns out gnome wrapping paper to put your gnome socks in is harder than you think, so I drew some.  I feel like leaping on a theme is always best – and these count as my February socks, so I’m two months into my own little sock club, and doing fine.

Next, I was off to the retreat and so I wound some…

Actually – I can’t tell you that now.  Joe and I are on holiday in Lake Louise, and I just bugged him to get ready to go ski, and now he’s ready and I’m typing, and that doesn’t seem totally fair – so off we go. We had such a gorgeous day yesterday, and today we’re both pretty excited to get to the mountains.  Stand by.

(Or sit by, it’s easier to knit that way.)


44 thoughts on “Where to?

  1. As soon as you said “gnome” I thought “Spillyjane!” She’s made a name for herself in the gnome department, I guess? Hah!

    I love your interpretation of the socks, and I can’t wait to hear about that yarn– mohair and silk, perhaps? Enjoy your vacation!

    • OK, Stephanie, I hope you’re enjoying your skiing and après ski knitting and…


      and yet… CLIFHANGER, MUCH? I really want to know more about that exquisite, lustrous, soft yarn!

  2. I totally LOVE the Gnome socks. Cam will love them. Glad you are having a fun ski trip to Lake Louise. You have really turned into a skiier! Have fun!

  3. If you love some gnomy goodness, you should check out the adorable patterns by Sarah Schira/Imagined Landscapes. I knit one just this weekend!

  4. YH, Location DOES matter — otherwise, you’d be skiing in the Everglades. Seriously, have fun. You can tell us later about your adventures in winding cobwebs into center-pull balls.

  5. Lake Louise is one of the most beautiful places on this earth! I hope to bring my husband and son there someday. Enjoy!

  6. While I do enjoy the downhill that I am forced (or cajoled) into doing every weekend I have been immensely enjoying my X-Country skis I got for Xmas! It’s like downhill but without the imminent threat of death – maybe you’ve done lots of that already. Have a wonderful day – I hope the sun has come out for you! Kim

  7. My father, who grew up spending his summers at a cabin at Lake Tahoe, told us kids that summer of ’69 as we were approaching it with our station wagon pulling a camping trailer that Lake Louise was the most beautiful lake in the world.

    Wait. OUR dad? Puts Lake Louise over Tahoe? I remember being dumbfounded. He said yes, yes it was.

    Okay now this I had to see!

    And it was absolutely gorgeous. Cold, too.

    As for Tahoe… The cabin his folks built a hundred years ago on the Nevada side was bulldozed for a large casino. Lake Louise totally wins again.

    Have a great trip! And I adore those socks!

  8. I must confess I like your interpretation of the socks better than the original. The stripes on the foot make them classy rather than kitschy, if that makes sense.

  9. Ack, not a knitting cliffhanger!

    Love the gnome socks, and I hope Cameron appreciated your dedication. Enjoy your ski trip 🙂

  10. Welcome back! Anyway, glad to see another post. Glad you changed the pattern. I wouldn’t want Cameron to be gnome sick 🙂

  11. As if the socks aren’t cool enough (I sooo love them), but then you throw in that you drew the gnomes. On the gift bag. Just like that. No big deal. OMG huge deal! I would need to keep the bag, too. Maybe frame it. A talent you are 😀

  12. We Finns call them tonttu. Love the socks.
    I was at Madrona but couldn’t get into your quickly filled classes and didn’t see you in the wild.
    Have fun on the slopes. Elämä on hyvää. Life is good.

  13. My family has always loved gnomes – we had call them Tomte. This year they seemed to appear everywhere in stores and now in our homes 😉 . Love your variation of the socks better than the original. Understated is always classy!! Makes me was to with you God Yul och Gott Nytt År!!

  14. You know you are busier than a bee at cherry blossom time! And … that is saying something! Glad you are getting some miles in and having fun with all the important people in your life! Love the Gnomecoming socks!

  15. I cannot express how much I love the Gnome Socks. I might want a Gnome Scarf or Gnome Cowl. I haven’t really done colorwork but this may be the impetus needed.

  16. So glad you are back out in my part of the world. And you picked a good time to come. Not too cold, not too hot, just right (for skiing, that is). If you want a tour of the beautiful new library in Calgary, I’m your woman !!

  17. Such Gnomeness in this post – must be something in the air as my husband recently received a gnome for his birthday. I love that pattern and I just zipped over and purchased some of the sock yarn too.

  18. Congratulations on posting an interrupted entry
    A quick partial update is SO O O much better than radio silence ,

    And PS Did you draft that co chair yet ????

  19. The gnome socks are a perfect balance–when standing up, it will look like Cameron’s got practical socks with a bit of funky (striped) attitude…but when he sits down, especially if he crosses a leg, suddenly his inner rascal will be quite evident to observant eyes…

  20. I am another Brit with a soft spot for West Yorkshire Spinners – the self striping sock yarns are also a delight to knit. Just saying!

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