There is a tiny button in the back

Another pair of socks finished. I tell you, this phase where I’m working all the time and on the go so much means that it’s sock-o-rama in these parts. Easy to pick up and put down, easy to plow through in meetings, no patterns, easy to knit and walk… wait, hold on, I have to make sure the baby is still asleep…

Yes. He’s still out like a light. I’ve got to keep an eye out, he’s my responsibility for a while today, and I’ve got a perfect safety record I don’t want to screw up when some flighty toddler rolls himself off a chesterfield. Anyway, as I  was saying…

All done, one pair of plain vanilla socks, another contribution to the long-range-planning box.  These ones are Gauge Dye Works again (I swear I’m only a little obsessed with that yarn) in a colourway called Azurite B. (Naturally sold out, since I’ve had this one in the stash for a bit.)

I love this style of sock yarn- it’s cabled. Not the kind of cabled knitters think of but spinner-cabled, which means that if you peer at the yarn,  it looks like a tightly plied 4-ply yarn.  Upon closer inspection, each ply is actually a 2-ply which is very exciting indeed (if you are a yarn person. I admit – after conducting several experiments that ordinary people seem less into this.) When it comes to yarn, twist is glue. In cabled yarns, the fact that each ply has two contributors to the twist pile means these yarns are stronger than you’d expect and handle abrasion really, really well.  A tightly plied 4-ply cabled yarn holds up far better than 4 tightly plied singles. (Which again, is a very interesting sentence to most of us, and I assure you isn’t anything you should bring up at neighbourhood barbecues, even if someone seems to be interested in your knitting at the outset.)  Short story – it’s a good formula for sock yarn.

In related news, there were leftovers,

so now Bunny has a skirt and sweater set, and I am only slightly concerned that this latest bunny outfit charmed me as much as the first.

There is no end in sight with the bunny stuff. I couldn’t stop if I tried.

61 thoughts on “There is a tiny button in the back

  1. Please don’t stop with the bunny clothes! We’re all as charmed by them as you are, I assure you.

  2. the socks are lovely, as is the bunny outfit! Just a thought… if the sock club is 12 socks, and you get 2 pieces of an outfit per sock, 24 items of outfit would almost complete an advent calendar… perhaps for next year?

  3. Just an FYI to those who love Stephanie’s socks from the past couple of posts, the Saxe Point is currently in the Gauge Dye Works Shop. I just ordered the French Blue. (Copy-cat much? Touch the cat!)

    • Thank you!! I just ordered my kit in the reddish (original?) colorway for my own self-imposed sock club next year. I was pining for that pattern hard.

  4. The new socks are great! They should work well with that sweater you’ve got going. The bunny’s outfit also looks good. What does the sleeping munchkin (or Commander Data, per your headline) think of all the clothes for the bunny?

  5. I do love that yarn. The colours are amazing! And the bunny clothing is so sweet. Young fellow will love them! He’s pretty spectacular too! I need to finish a stupid baby sweater that was asked for by my sil. I do so not want to work on that thing. I promised myself it would be done by June. Blanket is finished though, so the worst is over. I am so tempted to spout that spinning ply knowledge somewhere! LOL It’s fun to have a language and skill that others don’t quite get. ]

  6. I think we love the bunny clothes almost as much as the socks. Best dressed bunny in the world, and it’s all Elliott’s.

  7. No fair telling us there’s a tiny button in the back without SHOWING us the button in the back, come on! 😉

    Please don’t stop either with the bunny clothes or with the socks! I love seeing this parade of little things…

    • Agree!
      And, tiny button in the back of WHAT? Bunny clothes? On/off switch for Young Elliot?

      AND, what is the yarn for the sock now on your needles? That blue in the cuff is singing to me…

  8. So it has to be asked, do you have patterns for the bunny clothes or do you just riff the yarn & voila??

    Love, love, love the bunny clothes!! What is it with wee little things??

  9. I’m to a point where I’m looking forward to Bunny’s clothes more than anything else. Don’t stop. I want to see what is going to be in the summer wardrobe.

  10. Keep up the good sock work Steph. I think you need to knit these once each month. It seems to be very good for you as it is for me. I have two pair going right now but I did get side tracked by a Knitting Pure & Simple pattern called Neckdown Pullover For Women and that has me charmed to no end. I have you to thank for that by the way. I will do the cardigan from the same site later this summer! Sleep baby. Sleep.

  11. Socks are lovely and Bunny skirt and sweater are really cute. That is going to be one very stylish Bunny! Lucky Elliott.

  12. Bunny needs a playmate for when Eliot is napping or busy..He/she needs one of Arne and Carlos’s knitted birds! They are in Arne and Carlos Field Guide to Knitted Birds. They use sock yarn and knit up really quickly and are great fun in self striping leftovers.

  13. I’ve discovered the Gauge Dye works yarn within the past year or so, and it is definitely my favorite sock yarn right now. One pair I made last fall was worn almost weekly from November through April, machine washed almost that often in a lingerie bag and hung to dry, and they still look almost new! Another pair on the needles, two more in the queue, and I just ordered two colors for the Saxe Point socks. Wonderful addiction! I’d like to also put in a plug for Socknado from Ancient Arts, another Canadian dyer. In addition to a variety of lovely colors, she does cat and dog themed colors, so there are calico and Siamese colors in my sock list, too.

  14. Wait, toddlers are supposed to have a button in the back to activate sleep mode? I’m sending mine back, they don’t have one!

  15. I did check on the sock yarn lovely colors can be had! The bunny will be well clothed with a really nice wardrobe. Maybe another bunny will be needed to be able to take full advantage of all the outfits.

    Happy Summer!

  16. OMG, the bunny clothes are tooo cute!!! <3 Bunny is going to need friends in order for the entire wardrobe to be worn! 🙂

  17. I think your ply-ception explanation settled the mystery for me as to why so many sock yarns wear like crap and so many others don’t. (The ubiquitous KnitPicks Stroll BTW, is definitely on the “Crap” side of the fence, both in terms of wear and colorfastness AFAIC.)

    I may get back into sock knitting from now on with some confidence that the things won’t pill and fade.

  18. This is going to be the best dressed bunny around! I can’t blame you for keeping bunny in outfits… it is so completely charming.

  19. I confess, I am completely enthralled with the bunny clothing – as soon as I read that you had some leftover my heart gave a little leap. It is good work you are doing – bless you.

  20. I think the bunny clothes are adorable! Do you have patterns for them, or are you winging it? Another knitting blogger I follow (goes by knitpool on Tumblr) came up with several patterns for knitted action figures, which produce a doll that’s about 10″ tall. I’ve bought the doll patterns from her (they’re only $5 US each). While she’s put out some patterns for accessories, I haven’t seen any for the clothes, so I’m still in the “thinking about how I’ll do that” stage.

    Anyway, the socks are great, and I’m glad you’re getting so many of them done, but I really love the bunny clothes.

  21. Where’s the sweater? Bunny sweaters are all well and good, but I need proof that the gauge miracle occurred. It’s been my experience that swatches are big fat liars unless I’m knitting the garment the exact same way (i.e. on circulars if garment will be knitted in the round).

  22. I just don’t understand how you can travel with socks on dp needles and not lose stitches each time. I would love to lick this, as it would be great to always have a sock on the go. I tried WIP tubes, but i seem to lose half the knitting as i pull the needles out of the tube. Any suggestions? Thanks!

    • For DPNs you need Rollie StitchKeepers!
      Go Google them right away – they’re SO useful. Come in 3 different sizes – a number of online yarn stores carry them, and perhaps your LYS, as well.
      Let me add, I do not make or sell these – but I almost always have at least a couple of pairs of socks OTN, and swear by the StitchKeepers to keep all the stitches on my (usually size 1) DPNs.

    • Since she likes to knit top down, eventually she will just be knitting ankle warmers – to ensure an adequate supply of “bunny yarn’!!

  23. I’ve been making bunnies, elephants, bears and foxes all from Little Cotton Rabbit. I understand the obsession 🙂

  24. You realize of course that you are setting a precedent on “knitting for grandchildren”. Whatever you do for one must be done for all. Just saying that future grandbabies will expect bunnies with clothes too! 😉

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