Same old, same old

Voila, finished Jaywalkers.  My October Self-Imposed-Sock-of-the-Month-Club, which brings me smartly up to date.

Yarn: Must Stash Yarn in a one-off colorway called “Bete” that’s almost like her Beauty and Beast skeins, but with one missing set of stripes, which I quite like.

Pattern is the much loved and oft-knit Jaywalkers, by the inestimable Grumperina, who is still around, thank you very much, despite this being a pattern from 2005.  I knit them as written, and they fit just fine – not me, mind you – they’re way too big for my petit pieds, but they’re for the (not so) long-range-planning-box, so all is well, even if they do look a little sloppy on me. They won’t when they’re on the feet they were knit for.

I don’t have much else to say about them, except that it remains, as ever, almost damn impossible to take pictures of your own feet –

even with a timer.


30 thoughts on “Same old, same old

  1. Wow! I had forgotten about that pattern! I’m going to find and get that one going soon. Your socks are beautiful! Someone will love them dearly. Glad Grumperina is around and well!

  2. What a treat! Two recent posts and beautiful socks! Socks are my favorite items to knit and sock yarn(s) always come home with me from fiber festivals.
    I think your pictures are fine.

  3. Wow! The combination of that pattern and that colorway is magic. Have you started the November socks yet? Remember, X-mas is coming!

  4. They’re great socks. Thanks for letting me know that Grumperina is still blogging — I used to read her blog religiously and somehow got away from it!

  5. Thanks for reminding us of Jaywalker. I have it printed, in a sock pattern ring binder. Now I have it downloaded, able to add to Knit Companion. Happy dance, happy dance! To paraphrase our Louisianan saying (Laissez le bon temps rouler), let the cast-ons begin!

  6. I don’t have much to say except:

    a) Reading your words and admiring your pictures warms my heart
    b) You knit and write beautiful work
    c) Your taste is impeccable
    d) That last picture made me laugh in public!!!

      • I have 3 karmic gifts that I’d like to send out to those who were good enough to support the cause. Just want to see them get out to the lucky recipients, that’s all.

  7. It seems the wee bit of pre-planning for knitting a dozen pair of sox worked especially with your hectic life. Inspiring!
    Of course there’s the Tribe Toques to be knit for the newest family members so they too can match everyone in holiday pics.
    Start your super self care now since the flu hunts you down close to holiday deadline every year because you Refuse to Nap and Must Do Everything.
    You amaze me. Thanks for The Blog.

  8. The Jaywalker pattern is such a good one! And the striped work really nicely!

    One of these years, I’m going to have to do the self-imposed sock per month thing. Maybe 2020 will be the year to get that long range planning box into my repertoire.

  9. I dreamed last night that you and Joe went on vacation and I was house-sitting for you. I found your stash and was playing in it like a kid in a ball pit. Then you came home unexpectedly and I had to scramble to put everything away before you caught me.
    Cool socks.

  10. I knit something like 6 pair of those back in the day using Cascade Fixation. They were my go to sporty socks for the longest time. Such a fine pattern! Yours look absolutely smashing.

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