It’s all behind (and ahead) now

Whoosh, that thing happened again where it’s taken me so long to get back to you that I can’t possibly figure out how to tell you everything.  Since Christmas Eve this family has moved along at a breakneck speed, and it was only yesterday as Joe and I hefted the spent Christmas tree to the curb and I started to vacuum up all the needles that I feel like I’ve had a minute. I don’t have many minutes today, but I here I am, and here are a few snaps from the holidays and doesn’t it all seem like a blur already.

We overdid it this holiday, and Joe and I both got some sort of seasonal plague as compensation. Joe’s still hacking up a lung, though I’m just about entirely recovered, though the number of flights, work, family and parties over the last few weeks just about killed us.  I’ll share a few of the knitted things that I gave away this year over the next bit, but for now I just wanted to hop back on and say Happy New Year, how did it go for all of you, and boy, to I need to start a blanket.

Our Granddaughter will be with us really soon – I’ve got enough time to knit her a million things if I stay on it, but I’m prioritizing her blanket first, or at least that’s what I’m telling myself as I keep working on a little sweater for her. (I know, knitter logic isn’t the best.)

My mission for today is to decide what stitches and motifs I’d like there to be in her blanket, and so I’m sitting in a mountain of stitch dictionaries, needles and yarn with every intention of having a swatch by the end of the day, and the blanket started by tomorrow. I’m using the same yarn for hers as I did for her brothers, and I have plenty. There may be drama around timing on this one, but definitely not for yarn.

Elliot is coming for a sleepover tonight, and he’s still too little to sleep in Grammy’s big bed by himself, so I’ll have a few hours sitting in the bed after he’s asleep to get it done. (To be clear, Elliot feels that he is big enough, it’s Grammy and Poppy who feel that he should have company. It’s a long way to the ground for such a small person, and besides – could there be anything lovelier than knitting and watching him sleep?)

See you tomorrow – I’ve got a sweater to show you.


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  1. My 3 year old grand boy slept over last week and had some nightmares. I crawled into bed with him and, long after he was asleep, I remained in his bed breathing him in. As an added bonus his 6 year old sister was asleep in the other bed. I know those days are numbered and it was pure peace. How we love our grands.

  2. I used to sit and knit in bed with my children when they were wee ones. I loved to chat with them about their day and knit. I miss those days of staying in bed with them for an hour or two knitting away on the latest project. It was such precious time, I look forward to some day in the future when I can do that again with my grands.

  3. I’m not usually a superstitious person, but asserting “I have plenty of yarn” seems like an invitation to the moths or the gremlins, doesn’t it?

  4. We had good holidays; but, i am glad we’re on this side of them. Now, if I could just have enough time (days really) to reclaim the house and do some things that need doing to the house. And then there are the knit things that need to be finished and those that need started.
    This year will present good things for you. How wonderful!

  5. A girl grand baby to knit for, how wonderful! I have 3 grandsons. Fun knitting, but a girl in the mix would have been nice too. Happy New Year!

    • I’m in the same position. Seven grandsons and two granddaughters, one of whom doesn’t like hand knits. What’s a Nonna to do? (Fortunately the boys, with one exception, seem to like hand knits.)

  6. How is it that Elliot is still so fantastically cute?
    You know, you’ve said this about the amount of yarn available in your stash and the next blanket before…. just sayin’…. maybe you should get another skein.

  7. Given the size of the baby blankets you’ve knitted in the past, you’d better get moving! It’s nice that you think you have enough yarn, but you probably don’t, so you’d better order more. Two or three dozen bales should do. Order more needles, too, just to play it safe. I’m starting the popcorn now…! (PS to Joe: Hope you feel better soon!)

  8. Love seeing a new post from you! Enjoy all the sweet grandson moments tonight ❤️. By the way, I got one of your books (Knitting Rules!) for Christmas and it feels so funny to be reading an official book from you after years of reading your blog and feeling like you’re a friend… reading the book reminds me how famous you are in the knitting world haha! I’m learning a ton from the book.

    • Knitting Rules is one of my favorites and I grab a copy everytime I see one to gift to new knitters. I learned so much from this book while laughing my way through it. Felt like my favorite female relative was sitting next to me, teaching me to knit.

    • I’m right there with you! This is very dorky, I know, but sometimes when I’m very stressed I listen to the audiobook of At Knit’s End. Stephanie has a soothing reading style anyway, but since I’ve been reading this blog since I was 17 I feel like The Yarn Harlot is sort of like a long-distance aunt & it’s nice to have her tell me little stories.

  9. I’m glad that you are nearly recovered. I’ve stalled out on my 5th baby blanket and another couple babies are waiting in the wings. What is really wonderful about baby blankets is the degree of creativity allowed and the (relatively ) small amount of time it takes to knit them. Hope all goes well with your blanket.

  10. Welcome back Steph. You’ve been missed. A very happy, healthy and prosperous 2020 to you and yours.
    I’d like to say peaceful too, but that may be asking to much of the universe right now. Peace to you anyway.
    Thinking about it and wishing it can’t hurt.

  11. Wonderful to see happy smiling faces!
    Glad you’re getting snuggle time with Elliott.
    Thrilled we have another round of Baby Blanket Bingo!!
    Will it be the size of a king size bed? (Must be metric crib measurement conversion)
    Will there be heroic measures taken to get the one needed skein for the edging?
    Which comes first? The baby or the blanket?
    How many stitch patterns will Harlot use?
    Grab your popcorn, pour your adult beverage and watch the sparks fly from her needles!

  12. Happy New Year!! I’m glad both of you are (almost) recovered – so many people were sick this time, it’s crazy. It looks as if you had an amazing family time though, and I hope Elliot is still excited to be a big brother!!
    Good luck with the swatch and finding motifs quickly!

  13. After several decades of off-and-on knitting I no longer call myself a beginner. About a low intermediate. However, I am chancing it by attempting the City of Fountains scarf designed by Cheryl Murray. I’ve gotten about four inches, and although I feel like I’ve gotten a good start, I was planning on going to a cast-on party on Sunday. Alas, maybe not — it’s thundering outside my window and we’re looking at snow.

  14. Get the Blanket Yarn in a protective zip lock STAT- you’re practically begging for moths to only eat that precious yarn, talking that way!

    Wishing you & yours a very happy New Year!

  15. How wonderful to have a little girl to knit for. I have 4 grandsons and 2 great-grandsons. Sigh. I will think of your little wonder as “Celeste” (heavenly!) until we know who she really is. I can’t wait to see the story the blanket will tell. I get to click the tree … as in family tree!

  16. Welcome back! The holidays were busy but good. You inspired me to host a cookie decorating and game party for family Christmas Eve. Nothing like yours but it did help keep this first Christmas without Dad better. I’m trying to do some gift knitting while getting ready for the next semester (Monday, Yikes!!). This weekend our tree will come down and the 3 months of sweeping pine needles will begin. That is almost my favorite part of a live tree. Everytime a pine needle gets stuck in my shoe or pricks my foot, I’ll be reminded of Christmas.

  17. I’ve been re-reading your old posts, and just came across your Halloween post for 2004, where little Meg was a sniffly princess. The fact that she is about to have baby number two is amazing, and beautiful.

  18. I haven’t commented here for awhile but I’ve been reading your posts faithfully. I just have to say thank you for your “knitter logic” comment. I never had a name or explanation for some of the things that happen while I’m knitting, such as convincing myself that I’m going to have enough yarn when even my dog knows I don’t, or deciding not to fix a mistake because “no one will notice”. I think this knitter logic thing which can make common sense go right out the window, needs some further study. Thank you for giving it a name.

  19. Love the crowns! Is there a story for that?

    We slide a pool noodle under the fitted sheet as a bumper, so to speak, for the edge of the bed on any open side. It’s worked well for my kids when at the grandparents (and they are moving sleepers).

    Happiest of New Years to you!! May 2020 be amazing!!

  20. I get ridiculously excited every time you start a blanket as I can’t wait to read the letter that will finish it. Glad you’re feeling better, hope Joe is right behind you on recovery, and happy happy new year.

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