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I knit the thumb of those mittens last night. Actually- so deep was my shame at abandoning them so close to the end that I knit it pretty much the minute I was finished posting yesterday. Then I washed them, and laid them in the back garden to dry. This morning I went to collect them from where they were laying in the sunshine, and the cicadas were singing and it was hot out, and I briefly thought to myself that it had been rather dumb to rush to finish up mittens in this heat. I mean, who needs summer mittens.  (I am Canadian, but even we only have spring, summer and fall mittens.) Planning ahead is one thing, but it is a bit (just a bit) early to have real enthusiasm for mittens, isn’t it?

Then I looked at them – there in the garden, and I had an idea.

I am rather ridiculously fond of these now. It took only a little while to embroider them and I think now that they are rather sublime mittens to have knit in the summer.

I bet I’ll love them even more in February when there is snow all around, and I’m dreaming of daisies, and tansy and wee wild aster.


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  1. I bet getting that one WIP finished in such a delightful fashion will be just the needed nudge to stay on the “finish-itis” train.

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  3. The mittens are sweet… but my favorite mitten pattern is your cloisonné mitten. I was smitten with those mittens when you first blogged about them and continue to love them when I make a few pairs for gifts each winter!

  4. To branch off Rachell’s idea, embroidery on the Cloisonée mittens would make them fanciful! Embroidery and slipped stitches are natural partners, me thinks.

  5. Oh I love the daisy mittens! KUDOS for doing French Knots for the middle of the flowers, that must have taken such a long time (I have found them to be very fiddly). The colour combination is so elegant and beautiful! They were really worth finishing. 🙂

  6. The daisies were the perfect touch to take the mittens from boring to extra-special! Don’t you wish Joe would let you embroider his boring dark socks? (Sorry, Joe.)

  7. “(I am Canadian, but even we only have spring, summer and fall mittens.)”

    OK, even in Canada, I think you meant winter, spring, and fall mittens.

  8. Not only are the mittens adorbs, but it is so wonderful to have you blogging regularly again. You have been so missed. Welcome back. I hope that you can stay.

  9. Those are absolutely beautiful! A wonderful touch I am sure you (or the recipient) will love come the cold, grey days of winter.

    (BTW…I think you meant spring, fall and winter mittens…)

  10. Winter is my least favorite season, but I think I’d be able to enjoy it if I had such beautiful mittens to wear and remind me that spring is just around the corner.

  11. Oh, they are so pretty ! And your posts are so wonderful; they inspire me, and I remember how much I love to knit, and everything’s so much brighter in my life with you.

  12. I agree with the other commenters – these are great mittens. The embroidery makes them really special.
    It will be very cheering to wear them in our long Toronto winter.

  13. Echoing what many others have said, embroidering those mittens was a stellar idea and makes them super attractive and cheery.

    I’ve always been impressed by the creative titles you give your blog posts; they’re so very appropriate and out of the ordinary. The title for this one comes from a song 2 generations before your time, and now it’s stuck in my mind; such a light and sweet song.

  14. What a lovely idea to brighten up those mittens. I love those flowers especially – remembering them from my mother’s yard. Thanks!

  15. Speaking of weather … I hope Joe’s people on the Rock are safe during Larry.
    (I get to touch the tree; hopefully not too many uprooted.)

  16. Stephanie, it looks like somebody has defeated your spam thing (see posts immediately above).

    LOVE these mittens. Have you finished that cowl yet?

  17. Such a great way to dress up simple mittens! Also, I’ve really enjoyed the blog posts. It’s so nice to hear your voice again.

  18. They are lovely, and I also think they would make a fine addition to the Christmas Box! Is that in your sights yet? I find myself longing for this humid weather (Netherlands, Europe), to stop and Fall to begin already!

  19. How wonderful that you are back to blogging! It feels like something very positive and encouraging has happened after these 18 months of dread. Sadly, over those months I lost the will to knit. But now, after seeing all your Works in Progress, I have a very strong urge to look through all of my languishing projects. Thank you Yarn Harlot. You’ve been bringing it home for many creative and productive years. BTW, any chance of a new book on the horizon?

  20. I can tell you are dreading the return of the Big Cold Dark already…”…who needs summer mittens. (I am Canadian, but even we only have spring, summer and fall mittens.)”

    You know your brain isn’t ready when it blocks out even the word winter.

  21. As always, you are a source of inspiration and delight. Thank you for showing us your backlist! What you have done with those mittens is extraordinary. In these dark days of a world pandemic, they are a a beacon of creativity. I have 2 pairs of unfinished mittens for children in Syrian refugee camps and today I will be getting them out to finish for the next shipment.

  22. My LYS has been helping me in my goal of conquering the Kitchener Stitch. While there yesterday I noticed a project bag with a perfect illustration of how to do the Kitchener Stitch. I coulnd’t resist picking it up, looked quickly for the price tag, ready to put out the cash. ALAS, the project bag was part of a basket of knitting goodies which will be a prize in the Yarn Crawl which will be taking place this weekend to four LYSs. Foiled again. Everytime I attempt the Kitchener Stitch, I have to turn on a youtube so I can be sure I am getting it correct. If I only had a bag . . .

  23. Just wanted to say that it’s awfully nice to read your blog again. I’ve missed you, and I’m glad that you decided to pick up this strand of your life again.

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