Meg (16) is going away for the weekend, and this morning she was pulling together her knitting. (The young one has much to learn. She packed her clothes last night but left the knitting until this morning.) She chose a handwarmer pattern from this book – which actually sees a lot of play in our house, and went through her stash to come up with a skein of yarn, and packed the yarn and the book in her bag. While she was upstairs getting dressed, I started thinking. Meg’s a pretty quick knitter. Three hour drive up, weekend at her friends cottage, three hour drive back. Hmmm.

When Meg came back downstairs, I had tucked another ball of yarn and some appropriate needles into a ziplock and put it in her bag.


“What’s this?” she asked.

“Extra yarn.” I answered.

“Mum, I already packed yarn”.

“I know, but there’s six hours of car and 48 hours of relaxing and all you packed was yarn to make one pair of worsted weight handwarmers and that’s not a lot of knitting. What if you stay for an extra day? What if you knit extra fast? What if the weather is bad and you spend the whole weekend inside?” It made me just sweaty thinking about it. I mean, who doesn’t pack a little insurance yarn? What kind of mother would I be if I just let her go without taking enough yarn….


“Yeah Meg?”

“Try not to spread the disease.”