Hey sailor

Attention: This photograph was carefully staged. First I stood in this position, then the tank top was arranged (by Megan, who reminded me that this was absolutely not going to work if I couldn’t concentrate and advised me that the tank top may not be the right size.) to cover my rack in an artful way, then I held my breath. If I breathe, move or attempt to live a life in any sort of way that is not desperately centred around keeping my rack covered, It is not covered.
harlot(Yes the picture is a little fuzzy, Megan’s focussing ability leaves a little to be desired, although in this case I’m ok with you all being a little sketchy on the details, Well, honestly it isn’t you. It’s some sweaty guy named Buzzy in a trailer park somewhere with a high-speed hookup, a 12 pack of Miller and….well, let’s just leave it at that)
Since I am exactly the kind of careless woman who is going to breathe, move or drink coffee, and since this is exactly the kind of tank top that is then going to then dump my breasts into public view, A Plan has been formulated. I’m going to frog back to the solid bit before the cups start, do a little more solid stuff so that the vee doesn’t plunge quite to mid thigh and then stop decreasing sooner and make wider straps.
If that doesn’t help enough, then as Jenifleur pointed out, at least I may have found a way to make more yarn money. (Actually, I find it sort of reassuring that I may have found something that I will not do to get yarn. Who knew?)
Tuesdays are for spinning was observed with the spinning of the third bobbin, and the plying of the first (be still my heart) 300 metres of yarn for the G4 project. All hail the mighty spinster, for she has made three ply and did not utter foul words , imbue the yarn with bitter invective or abandon said G4 project and claim that she was never going to spin for a stupid gansey anyway. I am in love with the finished yarn.
Total hours spent on G4: 23
The Dublin Bay Socks (DBS) are continuing their exciting tour of Toronto. Last night they enjoyed the pleasures of Riverdale Farm. The socks didn’t say much about the farm, but I know they had a good time because this morning they were already bugging me about where we were going today. Like I don’t get enough pressure.

24 thoughts on “Hey sailor

  1. Hey, I was going to vote for the idea about a matching thong for your next wedding anniversary (but the aside about ‘Buzzy’ cured me of that thinking)… I’m surprised your guy let you alone long enough to take a pic; I thought the focus problem was your guy jostling Megan around to get her to hurry up so he could, heh, “help” you with that tie… so to speak.

  2. Ha-cha-cha-cha-cha! I see what you mean about busting out of it. The Harlot does sexy!
    G4 is looking fabulous! Almost makes me want to take up spinning… until I think of the mountains of untouched stash in my closet…

  3. Lovely three-ply! My first three plying involved a LOT of non-PG13 words. Finally I figured out how to tension three separate strands by running them over the back of my hand through the “finger gaps” and then around the adjacent fingers. I realized at that moment that I would NEVER be doing four-ply.
    This is really the way to go with Joe’s Gansey. Three hundred meters here, three hundred meters there in a leisurely fashion certainly beats trying to do production spinning all at once to get to the knitting part. Besides the spinning time gives you lots of time to design the gansey, right? 🙂

  4. think i can borrow it the next time Bono comes to town?maybe if i was wearing that tank i could get his attention.lol.atleast you were brave enough to wear it on your blog.;0)

  5. personally, I think the tank looks FABULOUS on you, but then again, I may be more harloty than the Harlot 😉

  6. BOO!!! Oh, just thought a scare might make you jump. It does look like you can’t move a bit without disaster. Love the color and hope the changes make it more wearable. You can always make it into a vest.
    Hope the socks have another nice day!

  7. Dear Yarn Harlot, I am having the exact same problem with my Not a Honeymoon Tank Top, recently renamed “Tittilicious Tank Top”. http://www.yarrrn.com
    I will probably do the same as you, rip out and put in thicker straps. I’m looking forward to see how it comes out!

  8. Anxious to see how your modifications work to make that into something you can wear without care, because that really is a cute tank. I think it will still be appealing without being quite so revealing!

  9. Sure you can wear that tank! You just have to have someone with you to be on boob watch and work out a code to help you stay covered. This technique was recently utilized by my friend (in a skimpy swimsuit that we both SWEAR was not so tiny in the dressing room) and I when we were at the water park. I was actually on boob AND butt watch. Should she at any point be showing too much rack, I was to ask her if I had left my headlights on. If too much tushy was starting to show I was supposed to tell her that drugs are bad. Luckily we didn’t ever need to use the code, but if we hadn’t formulated it, there surely would have been some sort of swimsuit disaster that would have exposed her to all the sketchy people hanging around that place (you know, the guy with the twelve pack you were mentioning…they gotta get out sometimes, right?).

  10. You go girl! Your artfully posed pic makes the top look scrumptious but I can see how not being able to breathe, let alone move might be a bit difficult. Still the color and style is great. With a few modifications it will be an absolute stunner.

  11. Double-sided tape.
    (Hey, if it works for Hollywood starlets…) 🙂
    I’m sure you’ll fix it. Better tell Joe to enjoy it while it lasts!

  12. It really is cute, if you could just stand there a while. But what fun it would be to have your own wardrobe malfunction for just the right audience. Oh, I think you have the recipe, you know what you’re doing. I really do wish they would use real women in those magazine shoots with realistic dimensions so we don’t waste out time ripping and redesigning.

  13. Wow, that looks great on you!! I mean aside from the having to remain perfectly still part of it. Fix it up and make it work because that tank was MADE for you. It would be a crime to give up on something that flatters you so well! Love the G4 yarn also, how much of the wool stash have you used so far? As I recall that was quite the pile-o-wool.

  14. My friend Bella has two words from her ballroom dancing days – Eyelash Glue – if it can keep the straps of a ballgown attached during competition, it will keep the rack covered.

  15. Wowie! Summer comes on HOT up in Canada, eh? I just asked my better half if *I* had the mango tank on, would he tell me it was too revealing?
    “It’s revealing… but its alright.”
    So its obviously more of a guy tank than a gal tank. It is a gorgeous color though, and such a cool “crochet” stitch… I can’t wait to see the modifications.

  16. Oh Lordy, the boyfriend’s name is Buzzy!! Luckily, he doesn’t drink Miller and we still have dial up:)
    Love that tank!

  17. It looks fabulous! Good plan to reknit the top so it also works for those times when you can’t stand motionless all day. 😉

  18. You are a better woman than I am because I avoid frogging at all costs. How about wearing a tube top under the tank. Showing layers seems to be the trend these days, so a little patch above the V-neck would added a little interest without getting you arrested.

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