Happy Canada Day.

The Yarn Harlot, being very Canadian, is celebrating today, and the blog will be neglected while she shows the DB socks a good time (Note the presence of the fine Canadian Beer, of which I have a very Canadian two-four.)
Things for a knitter to do on Canada Day instead of read Yarn Harlot.
1. Knit Koigu. Koigu is Canadian, and is in fact part of our plan to take over the world. (Jim Carey is also part of this plan, which does not involve back bacon)
2. Knit Fleece Artist, Briggs and Little or Mission Falls. Canadian all the way, and really a good deal if you happen to be using American Dollars.
3. Go see the new Knitty, which while it embraces knitters around the world is put together right here in Toronto by Amy Singer. A Canadian.
4. Admire the work of Canadians Sally Melville, Lucy Neatby or Debbie New.
5. Drink 5% beer and eat poutine.
6.Knit Patons “Canadiana
7. Order something from Fiddlesticks Knitting, which wins the official Harlot prize for best charts in a lace pattern. (Again with the exchange rate. Check out the deal you’re getting)
8. Listen to a Canadian book on tape while you knit.
9. Rent a movie with a Canadian Actor or Actress. Listen to some Canadian tunes.
10. Take a whirl around the Canadian Fibre Arts ring. (The link is on the right)
Celebrate Canada!

22 thoughts on “Happy Canada Day.

  1. Harlot, will you be joining us this weekend in celebrating July 4th? I’m always happy to knit some Koigu, even moreso if it involves syncopated celebration! (but please, please KEEP Jim Carey)

  2. I’m knitting a to-be-felted bag out of White Buffalo Unspun… I shall do so today in honor of you, even at the risk of delaying the beginning of my Aslan socks! Happy day!

  3. Happy Canada Day! Of course being Half Canadian, and living a mere 10 miles from the Canadian border, I am semi-celebrating this great day. That is the best list ever, and wow, you Canadians really ARE taking over the world — I didn’t realize to what extent ’til now. 😉 And Jim Carey is one of THE most under-appreciated actors. He’s made some stupid choices (although, how stupid could they be — for the millions and bazillions of dollars that he makes, I’d make the same choices — you kiddin’ me?) but seriously. He’s good, if he’s not doing something …. well, STUPID. I’ll pass on the poutine this time, though, if that’s ok.

  4. OH, and Celine Dion….you can take her back too. But that brings to mind wonders like Rush and Bryan Adams….that’s some awesome rock and roll, eh?

  5. I listened to Sarah McLachlan today. That counts, right? And I can “eh” with the best of ’em (one of the few benefits of being from Minnesota). Happy Canada Day, Steph!

  6. Great Big Sea, Great Big Sea, Great Big Sea!
    Alan Doyle is more than welcome to take over the world as far as I’m concerned.
    Hell, we’d all be happy.
    But where on that list is : Le Vent du Nord, La Volee d’Castors, Andre Brunet, Charbonniers d’Enfer, Slainte Mhath?
    PLEASE keep Celine Dion and Bryan Adams.

  7. In honor of Canada Day, I’ll be working on my Philosopher’s Wool Magical Mandala sweater coat!

  8. “Lukey’s boat is painted green, ah, me boys…”
    Read Alias Grace while knitting Briggs and Little and stomping along to Great Big Sea and watching Andrea Martin as Aunt Voula.
    How about bad Jim Carey as the thespian equivalent of poutine? (I’m so grateful it’s not available here — I’d probably like it.)

  9. Happy Canada day! Off to order something from Elann in celebration (yeah, *that’s* why I’m buying more yarn….ri-ight…)

  10. Hey, Rams. Jim Carrey: poutine. Not bad.
    But he’s maybe not rich enough.
    How ’bout Jim Carrey: Tim Horton’s doughnut?
    That good sweet first bite, then oof, cloying and annoying.
    John Barbour, on Great Big Sea’s latest (Something Beautiful) is probably the sexiest song I’ve ever heard, albeit’s a few hundred years old.

  11. Happy Canada Day, Stephanie. I’m not Canadian, but have had some Canadian friends over the years.
    Have you checked out the new Knitty that just came out? It has plenty of patterns that would be appropriate for standing on the corner (not that you are planning to do that, or that I would approve, of course). I saw those ultra-revealing designs, even more revealing than your mango tank if you can believe that, and thought of you. There’s even a men’s thong pattern, should you choose to make something for Joe.

  12. Okay-I bought some Koigu today, from a Canadian vendor, and would drink some Molsen, but something about mixing with pain meds……Better not. Now-on Sunday you should eat hamburg and hotdogs cooked on a grill, have a Budweiser and knit in red, white and blue. And remember where all the best (Bobby Orr, Ray Bourke, Cam Neely, to name a few) hockey players move to. Yeah, we’ll take ’em!

  13. don’t forget those americans of us who wont be celebrating july 4th.. i for one intend to be hiding inside a darkened house, hopeing that no drunk people will find me and wave fireworks in my direction. for some reason i have a severe dislike of holidays
    *waits for rotten tomatos to be thrown*

  14. oh! steam whistle! My boyfriend and i discovered it when we were in toronto a few years back (we were actually lost and frustrated and decided to stop!) we took a tour of the brewery, had a few samples and bought a case to take home! I even bought a pint glass with the logo! After that, we never cared when we got lost!
    So yay! for canada!

  15. be at home in canada, for all of us Canadians who live in the States or elsewhere!!
    *i wish i was*
    Happy Canada day

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