You were saying?

Yesterday proved a smashing success. As far as I can tell, Ryan’s Dublin Bay Socks (DBS) had a pretty good time, though they are hard to please. (Lace is like that. All you gotta do is buy a stockinette stitch sock a beer and they’re pretty happy, plain garter stitch is thrilled if you stick ’em in the bottom of your purse when you go to the grocery store, but lace…bit of an attitude)
We took them to Ontario Place, and they had a good time on the play structure,
and Ken and Megan took them on the log ride.
They whimpered about getting wet though, but the way I see it, they should be grateful that they are getting to go on rides at all. All the other knitting I know doesn’t get to go on a log ride. I threatened them with a ziplock prison and they shut it up pretty quick.
We finished up the evening with fireworks,
and the DBS and I had a little chat. They would like to know why it is that I persist in thinking that I can knit lace in the dark. They took a nasty hit at the movies the other day, and last night may have been the last straw. We are in negotiations.
Meanwhile, I was preparing for another ordinary day, doing ordinary things, like laundry, or trying to cover my breasts with a mango tank top, when I opened the door and found a package from my talented and generous friend Laurie. (You remember Laurie, she made the yarn for these socks. She’s a genius.) She sent me an incredible box of birthday treats.
Doesn’t it just give you a little hitch in your throat? It’s all so beautiful. The white is a romney fleece that Laurie bought and combed into roving. It couldn’t be more even and perfect. (Can you tell? When I grow up I want to be Laurie)
This is a little birthday laceweight. I love laceweight, and Laurie knows the way to my heart is through skinny little yarns. This is from “A touch of twist” in New York. It’s actually a little darker (and bluer) than the picture suggests. The colour is called “Evening Magic”. It’s heartbreakingly beautiful. I might swatch the butterfly shawl and make a scarf with it. I might design a whole other scarf. I might just get it a little velvet bag so that I can carry it around with me everywhere I go, you know, like a little fibre pet.
In the box, there was also two of these.
I am not worthy. I can scarcely breathe. If you aren’t impressed then you haven’t figured out what this is. Never mind…all will become clear in the fullness of time.
Hey…did you hear that noise? That screeching noise? It’s the sound of every other project in the queue coming to a halt (along with any personal growth I was making about sticking to one or two projects at a time)
What was I working on? Can’t remember.

18 thoughts on “You were saying?

  1. Excellent treats! I especially love that colorful roving. I have the same sort of gut response to gorgeous fiber that I have to beautiful organic produce from the Farmers Market (only stronger).

  2. I am not allowing my socks to read your blog lest they start getting ideas that I must let them run around free to have fun. They are simple stockinette socks they shouldn’t be getting any grandiose thoughts, like those uppity lace socks of yours!
    The roving is gorgeous. Don’t worry I’m positive I heard you say you had no other projects…really.

  3. I think you should carry around that GORGEOUS twilight yarn around with you as a Fiber Friend. Its gorgeous. (You wouldn’t be the first – I had a coworker once who, upon seeing the glorious wonder that was Touch Me, bought a skein to keep on her desk and just touch….oddly enough, in deep blue)

  4. Ohhh… sometimes, I really wish I had an interactive computer monitor. I’d pet and pet that beautiful, soft purple-blue yarn. You should talk to it; maybe it wants to be a lovely, lovely collar to caress your face on top of an equally lovely sweater?

  5. That’s a darn lucky little sock. You remember… the sock? earlier in the post? lace in the dark? negotiations? Ringin’ any bells?
    Gorgeous stuff, though. I can see how a snooty lace sock with a bit of attitude might be given a time out to think about it…

  6. How is it that you manage to get birthday things several weeks after your birthday?
    Seriously, I want to know. I can start planning now for November.
    You owe me, since I now have some cheap acryllic critter-knitting yarn that is whining that it wouldn’t mind getting wet at all, so when am I going to take it on the log ride?

  7. You lucky, lucky harlot! What GOREGOUS fiber!!
    {Although, I’m thinking if you wore the tank-of-mango-wickedness around to a few sheep fests, you’d get plenty of roving thrown at you in tribute 🙂 But I’m naughty like that…}

  8. I’m putting shoes on right now. I don’t want my toes to go into the same depression that happened last time they saw those socks with Laurie’s yarn. Yikes. Lucky girl!!
    Off to knitting group I go!

  9. Can’t wait to see what happens with the new roving…
    Uh…. Laurie…. My birthday is coming up on July 15th…

  10. I hardly feel worthy to even look at a jpg of that roving! How does she know how much is enough for two socks?!?!
    Does this mean we will get to see the Harlot try out some navajo plying? (Isn’t that what it was called?) ooooohh! I can’t wait!

  11. Gasp! Utter gorgeousness. Glad yesterday was such a rousing success! I’m off to Vegas to show Kate a similarly good time. Woohoo!

  12. Oh, such lovely fibery goodness! It’s (almost) enough to make me wish I had a wheel.
    Two socks I’m making for my mother were lucky enough to go to a play this week, but they’re a bit cross, since each one only got to see half of the play. Since they are made of weird stretchy “Fixation” yarn, they should count their blessings!

  13. You know, Touch of Twist vends at Rhinebeck.
    Yes, I know that I am evil.
    Although, were you to actually go to Rhinebeck, you just might explode. And that would be messy.

  14. What other projects? I mean, the tank is DONE, sister, just hand it over to some girl working a corner, and you’ll be free to be really happy, the kind of happiness that comes from roving….and as far as the socks, geez, they get to go lots of cool places. Can I be your socks when I grow up?

  15. Knitting lace in the dark is one thing, but don’t ever try to knit lace in a little puddle jumper plane during turbulence. Been there, tried that.

  16. I am very much looking forward to how you work that floriferous batt, because I have one not entirely unlike it from Indigo Moon that a friend bought for me at Maine Fiber Frolic (there’s apiture of it on my June 14th post) and proto-spinner that I am, I have been looking for inspiration on how to proceed. What better mentor that you, dear harlot, so please get to it soon. I can’t wait until Tuesday. (please spun some this Tuesday? pretty please?)

  17. That’s some LOVELY roving–WOW!
    Wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your piece on family history in the current issue of SPIN OFF. Thanks for sharing your wonderful life and fab writing skills!

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