Things I learned at the Prince Concert

1. It is probably not going to happen between me and Prince.
I understand that now. There was a moment when he looked right at me and it was so moving. I can tell that he feels the pull that I do, and there was no mistaking that we both have regrets about the last 20 years and a real sense of nostalgia for the good times that we’ve shared, but we both have other commitments now. He has his career, his music, his art…his responsibility to his fans and me, well….I have like, at least 7 loads of laundry.
2. I was glad that Prince searched for me in the crowd so we could communicate our feelings for each other. If he hadn’t done that I would have had to use “plan B” to get his attention. Since it didn’t come to that, and I’d like to walk away from this with my pride I will not disclose “plan B”, except to say that it involved the fact that I wore my “good bra” to the concert.
3. Prince is still a god walking the earth as man. Dude played for almost 3 hours (which is really a long time, I saw U2 last year and Bono totally crapped out before the 2 hour mark). He did all the classics, tons of new stuff and the new band is beyond anything you could believe. There is (for anyone who cares about the music and not what it meant to the desperate yearnings of a beleagured heart) a review here.)
4. Despite the fact that Prince and I recognize that our life paths are taking us in different directions, and that I love my seriously sexy husband very, very much, it turns out that I would still sleep with Prince if he asked me. This is somewhat disappointing on an ethical level, but there you have it.
5. I was, (as nearly as I could tell…there was 17 000 people there) the only one knitting. I knit while we waited for Prince to come on. I didn’t knit while he performed. I couldn’t remember how.
6. Even though the ticket said “Wear something purple” on it, I am really, really glad that I didn’t. Just a little too 1984, ya know?
7. They are very serious about the “no cameras” rule. Convinced by my pals that there was no way I was getting in with my digital camera, I was comforted by my buddy Nick who has a cellphone/camera thingie. He pointed out that they wouldn’t take his phone and that we would still manage to secure a picture of the Dublin Bay socks at the concert. During the concert however, as we joyously held the sock aloft and aimed the cellphone/camera thingie at it, we were warned by a largish thick-necked security dude that we should cease and desist from this activity if we wanted to continue to enjoy Prince’s company. I did point out to him that technically, we were taking a picture of a sock, not Prince, and that cell phone picture quality was really so crappy that it hardly even counted as taking a picture. I told him people were counting on me. He was unmoved.
(I resisted the urge to point out that he was leaning over a girl smoking a joint to tell me and Nick to put down the phone, it seemed petty.)
8. Item #4 on my “Clear indications that Prince must love me the way that I love him” list (a compelling work that I have been compiling since 1984) has always been “Prince is only 5’2″, which is only an inch taller than me”. While I have always believed that this was a very, very clear indication of compatibility between us, as an adult I know see the deeper meaning…that Prince would be really easy to knit for.
9. While Prince would almost fit into the Cherry Aran,
Jodi (from the comments) is right. Even though Prince lives here in Toronto, I can’t really see him wearing a gansey. This is probably the most compelling evidence that our lives have wound their ways apart and that we wouldn’t find true, long, meaningful love together. (This does not, for the record, have anything to do with the cosmic rightness of a meaningless wanton one (or three) night stand).
10. While I accept all of this, I am still a little sad. Even though my heart has been wrung out by the king of all things seriously funky, even though it’s important that both of us grow and mature, even though I understand that Prince and I had a moment, let it go, and moved onward with closure and dignity….even though when he sang “Come on and touch the place in me, that’s calling out your name…” it took all my strength as a woman to walk away from that very clear invitation…
it turns out that casting on a new project can always make me feel better.
Meet my new poncho.
and Prince? I think it’s better we take some time apart to get used to our new arrangement. I’ll call you.

25 thoughts on “Things I learned at the Prince Concert

  1. He’s a fool. A big, funky, cool fool.
    perhaps if you had been working on a Raspberry Beret the security personell would have allowed a pic.

  2. On Point No. 7?
    I don’t think it would have been petty at all to reply, “Well as long as I can fire up a doobie at will, I’ll be fine with no pictures of the sock, big guy…” (Not that you would, of course.)

  3. Just a question: did you wear the mango tank last night, just to give him a little glimpse of what he’s missed? (okay,a big glimpse)

  4. Ha! He’d probably like those mauve Dublin Bay socks. They’d look mighty fine under some purple trousers. But I think Stephanie’s made the right choice in breaking it off with Prince. . . not that looks are everything, but Joe IS way cuter.

  5. I know that this will seriously put a crimp in our fledgling relationship, Stephanie, but do you…er…know that Prince is MARRIED? Yep, I’m as gobsmacked as you but, cross my heart, I saw him and his wife on some entertainment show a couple of weeks ago.
    Well, it’s been nice knowin’ ya’.

  6. watch what you say about Bono,harlot or there may be a cat kidding people,really.speaking of seeing u2 last time they were here.did you go to muchmusic after to see them too?dh had to grab the back of my jacket to hold me back from grabbing him.if i were you i would keep riding my bike up and down his street,he’s sure to notice you lol

  7. In 1969 a groupie said the same thing to me about Timothy Schmidt of the Eagles (then he was with Poco)…same words, I swear. That Mango top really might have made a difference, however.

  8. Oh Great Yarn Harlot, I swear…you are about the only person I know who’s writing can actually make me, without fail/warning, spew Diet Pepsi out my nose….not to mention the strange, concerned looks from co-workers regarding this bizarre occurrence. Thanks for laugh!!

  9. Ah, concert love. I remember when I saw the Smashing Pumpkins for the first time… holding my lighter aloft, the lights passing over the crowd… James Iha looked *right*at*me. No doubt about it. In that brief moment, we knew each other, and the love we shared – though it would never be realised in the flesh – sparkled through the arena like lightning.
    …then I dropped my lighter because it burned the hell out of my thumb.
    At least the socks got a good show. You should have offered to knit the security goon a namebadge cozy in exchange for the picture. 😉

  10. Well, if Prince won’t wear a gansey, how a bout a purple motorcycle jacket, a la Deborah Newton. Didn’t she knit a purple one with cables?

  11. Bless you Miss Yarn Harlot, err.. Mrs. Yarn Harlot. I wandered in from Margene’s blog and this is clearly on my top 3 list of blog posts. Now to find the other 2!

  12. Oh, Stephanie, I am shedding a single, perfect tear after reading this post. For what could have been, but never was? Hmm. I think it’s because I’m laughing. Perhaps His Purpleness has been prevented from contacting you, for his own safety. Maybe his people are afraid he would abandon his career for you.
    One of the best stadium concerts I’ve even seen was, yes, Prince: Lovesexy Tour, 1988. Fabulous. Amazing. If I recall correctly, he did seem to be looking for someone in the audience, but this was in Vancouver, so he must’ve known you weren’t there.
    (I’m pretty sure that knitting for Prince would involve novelty yarn.)

  13. One of my straight guy friends said once, “At least once in every man’s life he wonders if he’s gay, and usually the reason for that question is Prince. No man should be allowed to be that beautiful.”

  14. I’m glad you had a great time! Even though I almost peed my pants thinking of Prince wearing that sweater, it would be nice to have such a small husband/lovah to knit for, wouldn’t it? No more 22″ to the pits sweaters! You could start decreasing at 12″! * wistful sigh*

  15. Oh Stephanie, that was so graceful, your acceptance. But you know, everyone is talking about sweaters, without even considering how totally BAD his Highness would look in that male thong they have a pattern for on KITTY!! Quick knit, too, to enjoy the modelling of finished product!…

  16. OMG…I googled Prince concert reviews and found THIS, your entry! It was the perfect read, especially after attending the Prince concert in Philadelphia myself just a few days back. You put into words so much of the same silly, certain, uncertain things I’ve also felt for him. I thought that I was the only one! LOL!
    If we have this much in common, there must be even more, so I will continue reading you to find more joy. I also like to knit…woohoo…but am merely an amateur!
    Loved your writing, your wit…
    You can find me on Free Open Diary under the name “Blonde Harlow” ‘Seasons of a Garden Sprite”.
    : )

  17. PS…I posted a bit of this entry in my own diary because you summed up things so eloquently. Hope that was okay!

  18. EXACTLY the way I felt!! I wanted to kick myself because I didn’t find out until after my SECOND concert that he didn’t allow jeans on stage, and I wouldn’t have worn them if I knew!! Of course, I know that’s the only reason I wasn’t picked for the stage lol…glad you had fun, me too!!

  19. After re-reading your hilarious piece, I had to especially defer to #4…I, too, would sleep with him if he asked…hey, you can always get a new husband, but THERE IS ONLY ONE PRINCE!! And as I keep hearing, life is not a dress rehersal, it’s the real thing!!


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