Random Wednesday

1. The back of the Garter Stitch Jacket is done so fast that even I can’t believe it.


It’s knit on 6mm needles, so it practically knits itself. That kelly green you can see is not really there. It’s a trick of the camera. It’s more dirty-lime…but I can’t seem to talk the digital wonder into registering that right.


2. One very crazy part of me thinks that this means I can knit two fronts and two sleeves, sew it up and knit the collar and then wear it on the tour that starts Thursday. (That would be tomorrow.)

3. I know that’s nuts, but apparently my inner knitter is an unrealistic optimist.

4. I have been working hard to process all of the Knitters without borders emails you guys sent to rebuilt the database. There were a lot, so it’s taking a long time. I think if I can keep up my current pace I should be done around the time that I get back from tour, and then we can give out some karmic balancing gifts, including some beautiful Bohus stuff…or maybe you all forgot about that.

5. Working on the emails means there is a new total. $ 368 318.41. (I’ll update the sidebar later) That sort of money changes the world, and not in a little way, either. I have hopes of hitting a half a million dollars.

6. That is probably only a little nuts, considering what you guys have done in the past.

7. I’m getting organized for the tour, and I’m sure you all know by now that we use the events to collect hand knit hats of all sizes and sorts to give to folks in the local communities who need them. I’ve been over my tour spreadsheet (kill me) and I think I still need a volunteer to be the hat lady or gentleman in Atlanta and LA (That’s Los Angeles, not Louisiana, I have a hat lady for New Orleans.). (Do people need hats in Atlanta and LA? Is it too hot? ) This volunteer takes the beautiful donated hats all the knitters bring, from the event, to a charity that would like to distribute them. Would anybody like to do the honours? Never mind. You guys are awesome. Got me some great hat people. Knit on.

8. Can I ask a research favour for the new book of the sock knitters out there? I’m wondering how fast you knit on a sock. If you have time, could you pick up your sock in progress, check your computer time, knit for one minute, and see how many stitches you accomplished in that time? Don’t really pour on the burn, just knit. I’m not interested in knowing how fast you CAN knit (which is likely quite a bit faster, especially over such a short time) just how fast you knit at your usual, relaxed, non-deadline, just for fun speed. I’m trying to establish the range of normal. Any takers?