Hand of fury

When I got the latest STR sock club package I was heading out for camping. I made a snap decision, wound the yarn and boogied out the door. It wasn’t until I was actually knitting it in the car that I noticed that the pattern called for some things I didn’t have with me (I improvised) and wanted me to do something.

I pondered this something for a little bit in the car, and at the campsite. First you knit the cuff of the sock, then you did this “something” then you carried on and finished the sock. What was this something I was supposed to do to the cuff and why do I think it’s so funny now? (Now that I have skeined and dried and rewound the yarn?)


Wet block it.

Seriously. Do you suppose an overturned canoe and full immersion in the French River for 30 minutes counts?

I guess that’s what I get for sitting around a campsite reading the instruction and saying “I really don’t want to get this sock wet…” and scoffing. “Can’t be that important. I’ll keep knitting and I’ll block it when I get home.”


In retrospect, I imagine the knitting goddess somewhere tossing her hair with fury that I am ignoring a pattern again, and then waving her hand to overturn my canoe while screeching “I SAID WET BLOCK THE CUFF”.