There’s not a lot of money in Revenge

Graham Norton’s my new best friend. (Sort of. We haven’t met. I mean, he just emailed me a picture, and we’ve only spoken on the phone for a moment, so we’re not that close yet. He sort of lives far away as well. We’ll work it out.)


This, however, is Greg Kinnear, kinneared in London on the set of The Graham Norton Show by Greg Kinnear himself. (I was on the phone. He got three tries.) I worried actually, that if Greg Kinnear kinneared himself and it was sent to the woman who invented kinnearing by kinnearing Greg Kinnear that it might cause some sort of rift in the fabric of time and space… but I’ve looked out the window, and things seem all right. Dudes. Kinnearings gone officially international, and in a really weird way.

Let me back up.

This morning I got a crazy email. I staggered to my desk and found a little email from a guy named Ben at The Graham Norton Show in the UK. (We get that show here on BBC Canada. I’m a fan.) Odd, I think (I think that a lot. I mean, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but things are odd far more of the time than they’re just chugging along) and I read what he’s got to say, which is essentially “Greg Kinnear is popping by to talk to Graham, and we’d like permission to show maybe your blog while he talks about being a verb if it comes up… is that ok?”

Well. I think. Why not. What could it hurt? I mean, Conan used the pictures from the blog without phoning or emailing at all, so I suppose that the least I can do to reward this considerable politeness is to say yes. Which I do, and he telephones and says that’s lovely, and we talk a little bit about what’s going on, and he says “Maybe we can kinnear Greg Kinnear and send you a picture” and we both thought that would be good. Funny even. Unlikely, I think. and I fire off the permission email, and I drink coffee. The last time someone told me they were going to be with Greg Kinnear, it was Carol, and I believed her, because… I’ve met Carol, and she’s a knitter, and if I can’t trust a knitter, then by the wrath of moth, who can I trust? I got on with the rest of my day… until a little while ago when Graham Norton called my house and we chatted with Greg Kinnear (I know), and now, when suddenly I’ve got a Greg Kinnear picture, and I like how it feels.

This brings me to the revenge part. Near as I can tell, what Greg’s got out of this deal is pretty good. He’s got a funny story to talk about on national TV shows with huge stars and he’s been turned into a verb and immortalized as a new word in the New York Times and the Urban Dictionary. That’s pretty good.

I, to be fair, have gotten almost the same thing. I got a funny story to talk about on national TV shows with huge stars… the fact that I don’t go on National TV shows and talk to huge stars as often (or ever, really) as Greg does is irrelevant… It could happen, and if it does, I’ll be as prepared as Greg is. When the NYT listed Kinnearing as a word, they listed me as its inventor… that’s pretty seriously neat too. Me and Greg. Evensies. Absolutely on par…. except for one thing.

Ever since I invented Kinnearing, I have been kinneared within an inch of my life. I have been kinneared at the grocery store, at the airport, at yarn shops, on the bus, at my book signings, at speaking engagements, in bookstores, at festivals…. Everywhere, and all of this has resulted in a plethora of horrendous images of myself plastered all over the internets. Images that, once seen, I have to carry in my heart forever. Now, I don’t blame people. I really don’t. It was my idea. I thought it was funny to do it to Greg, and it’s both funny and flattering when it’s done to me. Turnabout’s fair play. I’ve accepted that if you invent kinnearing, then it’s only fair to have an odd slanted photo of my arse at the post office in a pair of baggy yoga pants emailed to me. I’m the one who went to the post office in my baggy yoga pants. I won’t do it again, and I accept all blame. Lesson learned. That said… don’t you think that if Greg Kinnear is reaping some of the benefits, that Greg Kinnear should have to bear some of the burden? I think that today is a special day. I think today is the day that I tell you that I’m putting Greg Kinnear on my most wanted list, and that I’ll donate to MSF every time somebody mails me a photo of Greg Kinnear, kinneared. (Do try to remember the fine line between stalking and kinnearing.. yes? There’s no bail fund.)

(Ps. Try to get his arse… and try to make it unflattering… will ya?)

310 thoughts on “There’s not a lot of money in Revenge

  1. Don’t be unhappy about the baggy yoga pants. Just be happy the yoga pants are baggy. Overstretched yoga pants (which is what mine would be) would be much, much worse!

  2. I kind of fell sorry for Greg, can you imagine being stalked by millions of women with pointy sticks?!?!?!

  3. I guess the unflattering photos and hideous regret about fashion choices made before sufficient coffee slurpage makes you an honest-to-gawd celebrity now. And now you can enjoy moments of sympathy with all those poor schmucks on and in The Inquirer.
    You may feel that you are too petite to do this, but here is my advice for avoiding unflattering tushy revenge pix from Kinnear’s army of fans. Wear tunics.

  4. Sorry. I read, but did not register, everything past where you said that you chatted it up with Greg Kinnear on the phone. I am not the starstruck type, but he seems like he would be positively delightful.

  5. I concur…if you go out in public, wearing yoga pants, OR sweat-pants (…shudder…), you deserve to get “kinneared”!!
    Congrats on your international fame – and on accepting it graciously! [We, of course, always recognized your ‘star quality’!!]

  6. How very, very funny. I love Graham Norton. Sorry I missed when you were on. How really cool to have invented a word that stuck.

  7. do you really think there is such a thing as an unflattering kinnear of his arse? really?

  8. Just remember, any publicity is good publicity, especially for our own Yarn Harlot, Stephanie.

  9. I suppose that a kinneared photo of an arse would really be a kinn-reared photo?

  10. Can you really kinnear yourself? I feel this is something that must be done to you but not by yourself. That really sounds inappropriate.

  11. That. Is. So. Cool. I’ll be sure to send a kinneared photo of Greg Kinnear should it happen in my lifetime. The odds of this are about as good as seeing real flying monkeys.

  12. I haven’t really paid attention, but is there an unflattering angle in which to kinnear said person’s arse without warranting arrest? Or uncomfortable positions in public restrooms?
    If this isn’t proof that what goes around comes around, then nothing is.

  13. OMG! I would pee my pants if Graham Norton called me on the phone! I think my mom would even pee HER pants! You’ve made it now!

  14. Greg (now that we’re on a first-name basis) owes a donation to TSF for every unflattering shot of you that makes it to the public.
    It’s only fair.

  15. How too absolutely shriekingly funny. We get Graham Norton’s show, too, on BBC America and I can’t wait to watch it (although it will probably be delayed for months here).
    At least if we meet Greg Kinnear, he’ll know what we’re doing when we’re kinnearing him, right! Especially if he knows we’re knitters (did that come up?). I don’t guess it counts as kinnearing if we ask him to hold a sock first. Hummm…
    By the way, could you possibly take an arse-picture of Greg Kinnear and it be unflattering? Just asking.

  16. I almost fell off my chair from laughing at this post.
    I can honestly say that the only knitting celebs that I ever “kinneared” were the Mason-Dixon ladies at Rhinebeck.
    I had a friend be my “paparazzi” when I got to meet you.

  17. Given your natural reticence – you may feel happier exactly where you are.
    I have YouTube footage of you in Portland saying that your celebrity status hadn’t yet interfered with your daily life – like buying a coffee or the groceries – it sounds that this maybe changing. If the ‘celebrity thing’ all gets too much you could do a World Tour and come to New Zealand and Australia – we would love to see you.
    Cool to have some involvement with Graham Norton – before he turns difficult. I think he is halarious(?sp) and clever, though sometimes I wouldn’t want to be on the ‘downside’ of his scapegoating. Great idea to turn the idea of kinnearing into a KWB opportunity.

  18. Absolutely! (or well, you know, as soon as I stop rolling around on the floor laughing my arse off, and assuming I actually run into him)

  19. Since he is currently in London (deduced by appearance on Graham Norton – I’m a clever one) (also how cool was Graham Norton & if Ken is terribly upset I’ll take Graham off your hands as a BFF) I do not believe my chances of catching Greg Kinnear are good right now…..but…..if he would make a movie in MN I’m soooo In!

  20. I *might* be guilty of kinnearing you at the Rhinebeck Ravelry party with my iPhone. I promise though, it wasn’t unflattering πŸ™‚

  21. Completely and wonderfully brilliant!! I am a huge Graham Norton fan and I think I would have…gawd knows what I would do. But a time rift does sound plausible.

  22. OMG!!! Graham AND Greg!? I am sure I would babble incoherently if Graham Norton ever called me. He’d think I was a total nut.
    He’d be right, I guess.
    I promised the requested Kin-rear shot, should I ever get it, however unlikely.

  23. I tried to kinnear you at Rhinebeck last fall and missed. (Is there a word for that too?) I promise to work on my aim in case I’m ever in a position to kinnear the man himself!

  24. Hey, am I the only one? I will only be able to kinnear Greg Kinnear if he first walks up and introduces himself. I have NO idea who this man is! Even googled him, and the picture does not tickle any memory cells. Is this a symptom of a severe TV deficiency?

  25. I don’t watch Graham Norton on a regular basis but if you find out when your episode will air on BBC America, please let us know. I’m sure BBC America is a few months behind. I suppose I could just stalk the BBC America webpage. Nevermind. I’ll figure it out. πŸ™‚
    My fave episode is one with David Tennant and Jo (somebody, a comedienne). Poor Jo kind of gets left out, but they do several hilarious bits with David. I think he’s on just after his first season on Dr. Who was under way. There is a lot of talk about his role in Casanova.

  26. Maybe I’m strange but I thought the “by the wrath of moth” line was the funniest part of the post! O.K. – not totally, but props for the KWB angle!

  27. Umm did you just put a bpunty out in Greg Kinnears backside?
    I think you did….
    Also- he’s cute.
    And…He took a better shot of himself than you did of him…
    he’s got kinnearability.

  28. Thanks for the tip – can’t wait to watch this tomorrow! Greg Kinnear + Graham Norton + Yarn Harlot? Sounds like perfect telly!

  29. If I ever come within camera range of Greg Kinnear, which seems pretty unlikely but who knows, I will kinnear his backside with all of the grace I can muster. Which is usually not all that much. I did get a rather good shot of you at Madrona – and you look very nice, actually. Although I do have that video, too… πŸ™‚

  30. OMG I love Graham Norton!!! I’ve watched the show for years and saw an episode filmed while I lived in London. YAY For talking to him!!!
    I just thought I’d share my excitement. Happy knitting!

  31. You are awesome! Just wait until the non-knitting world discovers how funny and sweet you are, and then you’ll be invited to appear on the shows with Greg!

  32. Wow….that’s awesome. I’m just going to sit here and laugh for a while.
    And you got to talk to Graham Norton! Totally awesome!!!

  33. In the UK Graham Norton is a cool dude, who makes you giggle after a glass of wine. In the UK Greg Kinnear is a gorgeous god, even in “As good as it gets” when he was gay.
    I cannot believe your life Stephanie PMcP aka YK, how cool does it get to be goddess of knitting (almost, forget the shawl thing)and inventor of Kinnearing. Wow, so totally utterly, wow.

  34. This is officially awesome. Maybe you can get Greg to do a guest blog entry about his experiences. I’ll donate to MSF if he does. (Honestly, I’ll probably donate even if he doesn’t, but maybe it will inspire some other donations…)

  35. hehehe look out blog, here comes twitter. steph just “yarn harlotted” her own blog on twitter. if kinnear kinnearing kinnear doesn’t rend the fabric of space-time, surely the harlot harlotting the harlot will.

  36. Did you know there was someone called Stephanie Kinnear? I admit it, I was searching for a photo of your arse in baggy yoga pants ….

  37. Wow. I love it when Graham Norton calls random people during the show! You are officially one of my heros (well, you already were my hero on the knitting and spinning fronts, but now on the TV front as well). πŸ˜›

  38. tell you what, if I could get Greg Kinnear’s arse in my viewfinder I wouldn’t care if it was in baggy pants or not.

  39. “Ever since I invented Kinnearing, I have been kinneared within an inch of my life.”
    It’s karma, Stephanie. Yarn-harlot-based proof that what goes around comes around. You could check and see how other celebs deal with it: a handknit blankie draped over your head (or other body parts)? Dark glasses (in Toronto?)? Bodyguards armed with double-pointed needles?

  40. I’m pretty sure it’s impossible to get a picture of Greg Kinnear’s arse looking bad. (I have never paid attention to yours one way or the other, but I think we will assume the unflattering photo was definitely the fault of the yoga pants.)

  41. Yay. I knew what was Twittered (Tweeted?) would all be explained here in due time.
    I think I spend too much time on the Internets…

  42. Wonderful wonderful!! Bask in the sunshine lovely yarnharlot! Finally we the knitters are getting back in the action and all thanks to you and your cleverness!This thrills me immensely….

  43. Well, BBC2’s site informs me that in the UK, that Graham Norton will be up tomorrow at 10pm. However, for those of us in the US, we’re a couple of weeks behind – season 5, episode 1 is on March 14 – and this is episode 2. Set your DVRs!

  44. Wow! Just… wow! That’s just… just… I don’t have words. I’m going to stick with wow. I mean really! Wow! What an odd, dreamlike day this must have been for you.
    And, I’m adding Greg Kinnear to my list of pretend boyfriends. It’s usually only populated by musicians, but I’m adding him because he seems like he’s taking all this kinnearing business with good humor.

  45. I’d love to see “The Kinneared Yarn Harlot Photo Album” – another book, perhaps?

  46. Okay, you are officially awesome. Not that you needed a proclamation from me, but just thought you should know. Thanks for always keeping me entertained when I should be working. πŸ™‚

  47. How freakin’ COOL is THAT!
    If we’re really lucky, someone will put the pertinent clip online (so those of us that are “months behind” might not have to be…)
    That’s just awesome – and who knows, someday you might get Kinneared by Kinnear himself.
    That is just too cool (and the best news I’ve heard all day!)

  48. I LOVE The Graham Norton Show! He’s seriously hilarious and any star who goes on is fare game for all kinds of antics. Now I’ll have to try and catch the Kinnearing episode. πŸ™‚

  49. p.s.
    I forgot to say… there may not be a lot of money in Revenge (blog title), but the satisfaction factor is likely priceless!

  50. Our little Harlot, we knew you well, way back when you were part of some little group on the internet and now you are hob-lobbing with the precious dirty boy in the UK…I ADORE Graham Norton cuz he is very very naughty. I guess I will have to try to touch your sleeve (never the baggy pants) of the queen of asides. How loverly.

  51. The show airs on BBC America on the Spring Equinox (March 21st)
    And it may be quite the challenge to find a non-flattering shot of Kinnear’s bum.

  52. ohhhhh. I *adore* the Graham norton show.
    and YOU got to speak with him! !
    Just how fun is that.
    Now you can work it into future conversations ….
    “like the time i was knitting and Graham Norton called for a chat.”

  53. I have tears rolling down my cheeks. Seriously. After a rubbish day, that was the perfect Roll on the floor laughing my arse off blog to read. Thanks Steph! P.S. Can Greg’s arse BE unflattering? I mean, really?

  54. This is just awesome. I can’t wait to watch that Norton episode! And living in So. Cal, I’ll be on the lookout for Mr. Kinnear for you for sure.

  55. Sorry, but I don’t think there is an unflattering angle of Greg’s arse.
    Maybe an up the nose shot instead? Those are horrendous no matter whose nose it is.

  56. Am I the only one who wants to race home to set my DVR to record every episode of Graham Norton until I see this episode just so I don’t miss it?! And am I the only one who won’t be telling my husband *why* I’m recording it because I want to see his face when my knitting idol is on the phone with Graham Norton?!
    Maybe there is hope that someday he’ll think Stephanie is cool. Knowing that she likes Firefly and BSG hasn’t been enough…yet…

  57. I think this is taking the concept of “6 degrees of Kevin Bacon” to a whole new level. But I’m glad the world didn’t implode!!

  58. I second (or fourteenth, or however many) the opinion that it is impossible to make GK’s arse unflatterning. Simply not possible. Moving on.
    (Do you ever stop and think how weird it is to be you?)
    PS My husband kinneared Gordon Lightfoot Sunday night. He called it kinnearing, too.

  59. Holy crow!! I LOVE GRAHAM. Did you ever see the show where he went to Mexico? I nearly peed in my pants I laughed so hard. I can’t wait to see that episode. I’m going to be checking the listings every day now!

  60. According to the site, Greg Kinnear will be on Graham Norton on BBC2 on Mar 12 – so I don’t know if it’s March 21 or 12.
    I *think* it will be available online (?) once it airs.
    …still chuckling,

  61. This story is fantastic! Did they tell you when the show would be on over in this continent? I just checked the BBC America (I’m an American) website, and Fergie (as in, the Duchess of York, not of Black-Eyed Peas fame) will be on on Saturday here. Bummer!

  62. Firstly, I love Graham Norton beyond reason. Sigh.
    Secondly, I’m sorry about the kinnearing you’ve undergone. Ugh. I think that would be my ultimate nightmare. If I see Kinnear, he’s toast. If I can get nosehair and plumber’s crack in the shot, I will. Even if I have to get arrested in the process.

  63. Wow, love that show. I so miss having cable and the BBC channel. You are “in”! Since you were already working on famous–perhaps now you’re in-famous?
    I’d pat your baggy-panted arse fondly, but that *would* be creepy.

  64. It looks like Greg may have practiced kinnearing himself since the last time you posted one of his shots. I bet that’s his good side.
    Personally, I’ve always figured you’re pretty used to getting photographed and don’t bother to hide it when I snap a shot, but I don’t run into you at the PO, either. That would seem a bit different than one taken while in line to get a book signed.
    I don’t think I’ll see Greg anytime soon, but I could send you a shot of the 1 Kinnear Metro bus. Seattle has a Kinnear district, but I haven’t checked if there’s any relationship to Greg.
    I just remembered that Seattle actually has an anti-up-skirt-photography law they passed a few years ago when they found they couldn’t prosecute a guy who’d made a calling of it. I guess I need to think before I snap.

  65. I love that your title for this blog post is a quote from “The Princess Bride”.
    Maybe is there were enough interesting “kinnear” pictures of celebrities, there could be a ‘Kinnear-a-day Calendar’.

  66. I used the link to go back to your original post about kinnearing (which I saw it at the time and thought it hilarious so I wanted to reread). I was struck by the ending on that post ” But I’m stopping now. I wouldn’t want to take it too far” and now, you have essentially put an international kinnearing hit on Kinnear. Hmm…I wonder too far? (Probably not considering the yoga pants arse shot.)

  67. well you should get an appearence on a big national show. why not? you’re funny. you’re topical. You write books and go on book tours.
    erma brombreck used to be on Johny Carson all the time. YOu are as funny as she was.
    you are a NYTimes best seller list author.
    I look forward to seeing you on late night TV..

  68. Great post, and a great quote from one of my favourite movies of all time. Are you exploring options in the field of piracy?

  69. Kennearing on Graham Norton….omfg! He is by far my favorite talk show host–he makes people work for their appearance, appear in skits and things. Plus everyone gets an adult beverage!
    I think you need to go on the show. We can start a campaign…we know that Graham likes balls and sticks, so it should not be hard!

  70. can’t kinnear yourself! I agree you should be on a national tv show – Letterman seems a good fit. maybe Leno

  71. I can’t wait to see the episode – I adore Graham Norton. (We get it on BBC America here and the new season is supposed to start this week for us…)
    I do solemnly swear that if I ever encounter Greg Kinnear, he will be duly kinneared and emailed to you. I can’t promise, however, to make his ass look bad… but it’s worth a try. πŸ˜‰

  72. Somehow, in my own imagination, I don’t think Greg Kinnear’s arse could be unflattering . . . but we’ll see if someone can do it!

  73. Looks like BBCAmerica viewers will have to wait until March 21 for this one. Or it’ll be on BBC’s “iPlayer” website, probably. This is pretty cool!

  74. Mind racing. This could be the start of a new reality game show, The Biggest Kinnear, where contestants race around the globe trying to snap unflattering pics of celebrities wearing yoga pants. And there is knitting.
    Very cool.

  75. I doubt that Greg and I will ever cross paths.. unless he hangs out in yarn shops, but if by some strange quirk of fate I should stumble across his path, I promised to Kinnear him. I wonder if he reads your blog and now lives in fear of stepping out his front door, for fear of throngs of knitters armed with pointy sticks and cameras?

  76. We love Graham Norton here, I am so jealous that you actually got to talk to him. I’ll be on the lookout for Mr. Kinnear.

    Yes, I’m shouting. And jealous. And now going to track down the show on YouTube or something. Wow. That’s awesome πŸ™‚

  78. Ooh, ooh! Do we get extra points if we kinnear Kinnear and — he’s knitting!??
    BTW, there are FLATTERING yoga pants??

  79. I don’t imagine that Greg Kinnear’s arse could ever look all that bad to me, if I had the good fortune to actualy meet him in person and get a first-hand look!

  80. I’m concerned that the arse-shot may not be as unflattering as is really necessary. Where men are photographically vulnerable are their paunches and necks, especially from below.
    Not sure about the presence of Greggie dear’s paunch, so I’d go for the neck. A shot from below that makes his neck look the size of Texas and his chin the size of Monte Carlo.
    Best of luck!

  81. Not sure whether anyone has already posted this information, but just to say that the Graham Norton show where Greg Kinnear is a guest is tomorrow night (Thursday 12th) on BBC 2 at 10.00 p.m. UK time. Have just checked on the website; presume it will then be available on iplayer or whatever it is called.

  82. Ha!
    As an unregenerate blogger:
    If I take your picture (it’s happened a couple times, usually when you’re with a friend, so they can have a pic of you & them) — it’s totally out there in the open, and you’re dressed for public viewing. Plus, since I am usually the photographer in the family, and as such, am either not in pictures, or they are unflattering to the extreme when taken by assorted non-photographer family members, I am very sensitive to unflattering pics. So I won’t put one up of anyone on my blog unless it’s reasonable. No unflattering yoga-pant arse pics here. I think your comment system doesn’t like links, but I put a link in the URL box to a pic from one of my Madrona posts of you & Mary Scott Huff (she’s seen it) — see, pretty good, other than it looks like she’s picking your pocket, but not unflattering! I think “Post No Unflattering Photos*” ought to be one of the Ten Cardinal Rules of Blogging.
    *Unless you really want to start a flame war.
    **So do you really want to start a kinnearing flame war with David Kinnear? Just sayin’.
    ***I’ll have to study the photos you’ve posted. I’m so culturally illiterate, I might not recognize Greg Kinnear if I were in an airport with him. And then where would we be?

  83. Hope you have a great time! I just checked the tour bit hoping you might be coming to our area and noticed it’s from 2008. Do you have a 2009 schedule?

  84. I’ve seen some movies with him in them, but I’d probably walk right past him on the street without knowing it. YOU on the other hand would stand out. Maybe if he learns how to knit then I’ll recognize him more readily.
    ps He’d have to pay millions for publicity like this. He’s even a verb! I say that he owes you big time.

  85. I had to read parts of this aloud to DH after I laughed out loud one too many times. He wanted to know if Greg Kinnear has ever shown up at one of your events. When I said I didn’t think so, DH said, “It is just a matter of time.”
    That may be true. In that case, I think there should be a MSF / KWB pledge drive for that eventuality: the knitting community should be prepared to kick Yarn Harlot’s KWB donation total a lot closer to that magical $1 Million mark! If Greg Kinnear shows up to a Yarn Harlot event, count me in for at least another $50!

  86. This is officially the funniest thing I’ve read today. And that is saying something. I mean, check out lalunera’s twitter stream if you don’t believe me. Maybe you two should have a contest: she kinnears the neighbor who thinks she’s hitting on her, and Greg kinnears her, and both of them email you the pics, which you then send to Graham’s show.

  87. WOW. I’ve got my phone in the giant bag that is my purse and if I see Greg Kinnear I will be SURE to kinnear him in a most unflattering way.

  88. I promise I will never publish photos of anyone’s butt on my blog or elsewhere. Except my bunnies. Bunnies have cute butts.

  89. I love this! I can’t imagine what all these people think of us knitters. I’m just so grateful you’re here to give us such entertaining stories!

  90. Kinnear his rear. Kinrear… I must be coming down with the flu-it’s near epidemic proportions here. Sorry. Loved the story though.

  91. I live in L.A. I’ve seen Greg K. around town quite a bit. I’ll see what I can do!
    Note to YH from my Mom: “NEVER leave the house without putting on some lipstick, combing your hair and wearing presentable clothes. You never have a second chance to make a first impression!”

  92. I LOVE the Graham Norton Show! We get it on BBC America… it is just oodles of fun! Way better than the crappy 2 minutes stars get on U.S. talk shows. And way cool for Graham kinnearing Kinnear. Awesome!

  93. The Graham Norton Show is a favorite of mine too. Did you see the episode where they set up cameras and speakers in a men’s toilet and talked to guys while they tried to pee. Hilarious!

  94. If I sent you a photo of my hubby’s bum, could you tell it wasn’t Greg’s bum?
    How familiar are you with Mr. Kinnear?
    Shouldn’t you have asked the Graham Norton people to send you a photo of Kinnear’s bum as a return favor? Is it too late?

  95. Re: Kinnear Kinnearing himself affecting the time/space continuum in some way…I feel your fear. Every time I chase a piece of pie with a Diet Coke I try very hard not to think about what a matter/antimatter reaction can do….

  96. Dear Stephanie,
    I have always enjoyed reading your blog, but I have never been jealous of the fame and fortune bestowed upon you by the knitting goddess…UNTIL NOW!!!!! Cause after all, it’s not like you get to just knit all day and get paid for it. There’s a huge amount of work going into all those books, and the appearances, and the traveling, and even this blog…the whole thing just smacks of effort!
    But I would fall down and die of sheer happiness if I got to talk to Greg Kinnear on the phone (yeah yeah yeah, I like Graham Norton too, but that’s not even remotely the same thing. At. All.) He stole my heart way back in his Talk Soup days, when he was at the top of my “blond sex gods” list and he has a darling derriere no matter which way you look at it. It may be older now but so are my eyes. He still jangles my hormones…*sigh* some girls have all the luck…
    p.s. to Ellen Bloom – My mom’s favorite (lifted from the Gabor sisters) was,”Never go out without looking your best, for you never know when you may meet a man you love…or a woman you hate!”

  97. I’m so happy for you! Even though I don’t know you in person I enjoy following your life through your blog. I think this is one of the coolest things that can happen. (I hope that Greg Kinnear thanks you for making him so famous).

  98. Now that’s a great day’s work!
    Congratulations! Sounds like it was a lot of fun.
    (p.s. thanks for the commenter who mentioned the Toronto Star article – I had missed it.)

  99. I was drinking coffee, and for the grace of god, I didn’t spit it all over my laptop. I was laughing so hard and several points of this post, that I could hardly read through the tears streamimg down my cheeks. I love the fact that you have “invented” a word! Just wow! and too funny!

  100. How sad is it that as I was reading the comments, I was looking for the Ravelry buttons so I could “agree” and “love” some of the comments?
    I just have to echo the “can there be such a thing as an unflattering photo of his arse?” comments. I don’t think so.

  101. Complete with baggy yoga pants? Got it! πŸ˜‰
    Funny…I was talking about the Kinnear thing in my Online Marketing workshop yesterday…I’m not sure my students quite believed the story…but when they all come thundering to your blog today…HA! Got ’em!

  102. Who is Greg Kinnear? The only way I even know of him, ironically enough, is from your blog. GREAT verb, though. Hope he is worthy (can he knit?)

  103. I think I’m agreeing with a couple people above–
    1. I’m not sure, technically, that Kinnear can kinnear himself… In the original context, after all, the object was to take the photo without bothering him/making him aware of it…
    2. I’m not sure a kinnear of Kinnear’s arse could be unflattering. He’s awfully cute. πŸ™‚

  104. I was watching Conan a few weeks back and a rerun with Greg was on..I laughed the entire hour after he started talking about you. So.funny.

  105. I think it is seriously cool that you got to be on the Graham Norton show, even on the phone. Because he phones people all the time. And it is cool.
    Does this mean Greg Kinnear is a gay icon though? Or did he run out of those a couple of series ago. Maybe you are a gay icon? Hmm.

  106. SO YOU are the one who.. okay..i’m a little behind/new to your blogging, but now I know the whole story! Wow! that’s cool, Stephanie!
    Have fun with it. We only get one trip around, give it all ya got!

  107. I think that since he owes you for turning him into a verb, he should show up at one of your book signings. Madison, WI, on April 28th would be perfect. We’ll bring squeaky cheese. Again.
    And now that he’s talked on international tv about being verbed, performing said verbage on himself, he’s also probably reading your blog so perhaps this subtle suggestion won’t go unnoticed.
    Note to Mr Kinnear: think of the stories you’ll get when you surprise a room full of knitters all trying to get a shot of your hiney “for a good cause”! The publicity!! The laughs!!! And I’m sure there would be a few wanting your autograph on the Harlot’s book (in addition to hers of course!). Madison, WI. April 28, 2009. We Cheeseheads are a fun bunch.

  108. Who is Greg Kinnear and what is Kinnearing? Never heard of him here in South Australia. Would that be because I am not a viewer of any length of TV?

  109. Oooh, I’m sending the Harlot my Kinneared photo at a Los Angeles Kings hockey game. Fun and not too hard considering you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a celebrity in this town! πŸ˜‰

  110. There is no way in hell any photo of Greg’s arse is going to be unflattering. Sad, but true! πŸ˜‰

  111. I’m sorry but I don’t think Greg Kinnear and unflattering go in the same sentence …

  112. Until very recently I lived in England, and I adored Graham Norton. I think I’m experiencing a bit of envy… πŸ™‚

  113. How naughty of Conan. I didn’t realize he had no permission from you to show that photo. You could, like, sue him or something. πŸ™‚
    I think Mr Kinnear is enjoying the kinnearing far too much. yeah, he better not get comfortable or there’ll be horrendous photos of him all over the internet soon.
    Hope you’re well, Stephanie!

  114. ROFL, just ROFL and a little more. Can you feel the Sock-Shaped State jiggling?? NO, wait, that must be the earthquake generated by that weird spacekinnearwarp!

  115. Wow! That’s crazy awesome that you talked to Graham Norton. Any idea when it will be showing on BBC? {Living in the Netherlands has the perk of getting to see BBC shows when they initially air, among other things. πŸ˜‰ }

  116. by the way, we kinnear here in Switzerland now too. or at least, i and my friends kinnear.

  117. Wow, mind blown about pronunciation of “Ayn” as I’ve never heard anybody (fans of her’s included) pronounce it correctly.
    When I first saw that tweet, I thought it had to be a joke associating her with fascist germany — which wouldn’t be funny at all now that I think about it.

  118. Too funny. And is that Ruth Jones in the background of that photo? She is hilarious – plus her character Nessa (in Gavin and Stacey) knits too!

  119. I love that there is now an offical term called “Kinnearing”.
    Stephanie, you are a goddess among knitters!

  120. LOL! What a riot! I can’t imagine people following me around all the time and watching everything that I do, and then taking a picture of me. I would hate that, especially the picture part because I take the world’s most God Awful pictures. I mean, with very few exceptions, pictures taken of me just suck (and before you ask, no I’m not related to and/or look like JoJo the Dog faced Boy!) So, does this mean that if we didn’t kinnear you at SOAR or Rhinebeck that we get extra points LOL? I have to admit it was tempting but after finding a unknown picture of myself on a friends blog, (another friend told me about it. It was a big shock!) I try to control my photographic impulses. The photo was taken at Rhinebeck after a full day of sun, wind, and a bit of rain so I definitely wasn’t having a good hair day. I’m sure you understand. Just remember, the Paparazzi love to get pictures of celebrities with no make up on, eating chocolate or ice cream, and wearing baggy yoga pants, unflattering shorts or a too small bathing suit. Maybe you’ll get a picture of Greg Kinnear in baggy yoga pants or a Speedo. Now that would be the ultimate revenge.

  121. Doesn’t anyone else think it’s exciting to have two posts in one day? (My Kinnear-squared opportunities will be in the slim to none range, but I can try for Francine Prose tonight if you like.)
    On a personal level I don’t think you have to worry until the yoga-pants shots start showing up on Go Fug Yourself. But Donna at 6:09’s right — you can’t, by definition (and excluding exotic neurological conditions,) Kinnear yourself, because the essence of Kinnearing is that the subject be unaware of said kinnearing.
    By the way, your next goal has to be to have Spellcheck recognize kinnear as a verb. You Frindle, you.

  122. And if you didn’t know it’s “Ine” Rand, count yourself blessed — it means you haven’t been exposed to too many of her zealots. She made it up, anyway, so it’s a little like pronouncing it “Kaffie Fahsaht” instead of rhyming it with Safe Class It…

  123. Given the incredibly brash and rude behavior of most photojournalists, it is kind of funny to think ordinary people are so much the opposite that they have to “kinnear” a photo of someone as easy going as yourself…

  124. To Courtney: a miss would HAVE to be a NEAR KINNEAR. Only don’t say it five times fast or you might hurt yourself.
    This post was really hilarious. And how fabulous is it that one of US (well, okay, a star in the Knitter’s firmament) has now made it into the Muggle World as an icon?? Ah, this life is so good and funny!

  125. Hilarious. I’ll stay up and watch tonight. But in my opinion you’ve got the best deal so far. Everbody shows you that you are photogenic from any angle! He can only doubt whether these talkshows invite him because of his work or because of your genius way to use his name.

  126. Excellent! However:
    1 – I don’t think anyone could make Greg Kinnear’s arse look bad.
    2 – you kind of had to expect the kinnearing of yourself after all that, and
    3 – I’m so glad no one is kinnearing me – there is no flattering angle of my arse to be had…

  127. I’m off to my Grandmother’s funeral this morning, and I just wanted you to know that your humor helped me today. Thank you for your important work, because it IS important, in ways you probably don’t realize.

  128. Graham Norton! Well, that’s a serious level of awesomeness!
    (Oh, and being one of the legion that apparently kinneared you at Rhinebeck…the photo was flattering but I will curtain my kinnearing of you in the future. I will use my powers for good. πŸ™‚

  129. Someday, when you’re 80, you’re going to look back at your life and say, “How the hell did all this happen?”
    And Greg Kinnear, who will be hanging out at the senior’s centre with you, will look up from his knitting and say, “I’m not sure, but it’s been a helluva ride.”

  130. Sitting here at my desk laughing…..I just can’t stop…..Greg, knitters with cameras are out there at every turn. πŸ™‚

  131. I think Greg Kinnear should make a donation to MSF every time some one sends him a photo of himself being Kinneared. Now that would be cool.

  132. “Ever since I invented Kinnearing…” Sadly, this is inaccurate. I’ve been doing it since the early ’90’s (and I’m sure many were doing it before that) but couldn’t find a word for it. You gave it THE name and that’s incredible.

  133. I don’t think I’d recognize Graham Norton, or Greg Kinnear, but if I saw you on the street, I’d feel the jolt of celebrity. Can I hold the sock?

  134. I’m trying to work out if I’m ignorant or only sheltered for not knowing who Greg Kinnear is. But I have at least heard of Graham Norton. If I watch the show, will I hear You, O Harlot/Starlet?
    PS: Does the TSF/KWB total need updating? It doesn’t seem to have moved since I first saw it (and gave a donation) around Christmas time. (If you need help, if there’s any – unlikely, I know – way I can help, I’m happy to, by the way)

  135. Stephanie, Sam is so wrong! Her friends DO like you because you are cool! Come on. How many people get to be credited with the origination of a new word, have the person who was the object of the verb creation repeat, repeatedly, that he was the subject of that verb, and be so happy about said verb. You are cool,funny and totally AWESOME! Sometimes those closest to us just don’t appreciate our awesomeness! (especially when they are our offspring!)

  136. The likelihood that I would ever run into Greg Kinnear in order to Kinnear him in Iowa is so minuscule that it’s not funny. So why am I laughing so hard that I’m tearing up right now?

  137. Good thing I’d already finished my tea. My husband really hates it when he has to clean off stuff that gets spewed onto the monitor and keyboard. If Greg comes to Colorado- I’ll be on the hunt! (Watch your arse and jet-lagged, altitude challenged under-eye bags Greggy!)

  138. Holy Cow! You were on (well, technically) the Graham Norton show????? I love that show!!! I watch it on BBC America – hilarious and brilliant!!Do you know when this airs? Must see it!

  139. Had to click links and read the history of kinnearing. I admit that some mornings I don’t read Yarn Harlot; pre-coffee can’t deal with too many words.

  140. Great Story Stephanie! I met you in Boston the afternoon of you airplane trip when the beginning of the kinnearing started and I have loved hearing how this has grown so! You’ll go down in history!
    PS tell Joe we LOVED your/his Twitter comment about the kids doing labor, and “how can they get kids to do ANYTHING”..!! SOOOOO true!

  141. Poor man’s gonna need a bodyguard. Seriously. No, on second thought, he’s gonna need a full-time style consultant. He’ll never leave home less than perfect again.
    Seriously cool that you’ve gone international-famous on us!

  142. I have a quick Greg story. Everyday I go to the little store by my house in Portland and ask “Anything exciting going on?” Usually just the usual, but one day Britany says, OH this guy came in and I said wow, you look just like Greg Kinnear, I bet people think that all the time. And of course he says, “I am Greg Kinnear”.

  143. OMGOMGOMG, I love Graham Norton! Has the episode aired yet, and if not, when will it?

  144. How cool is that?! Graham Norton!
    I love Graham Norton’s show and the Greg Kinnear episode is on tonight. I’m looking forward to it more than usual now. πŸ™‚

  145. The odds of my being in the same room with Greg Kinnear are about the same as the odds that I will find the 37 nail clippers that are hiding in my house somewhere (with you it’s tape measures, with us it’s nail clippers), but I will keep my eyes open all the same. I do work with a guy whose last name is Kinnear, but whose first name is not Greg; would he do?

  146. OMG – this is quite possibly the funniest, funnest, bestest thing that you’ve ever done! Don’t get me wrong, I love the books, the blog, the talks, everything, but, dude, seriously – GRAHAM NORTON AND GREG KINNEAR!!!! Now, when I watch the Graham Norton show, I’ll actually KNOW someone they call. Too, too, TOO cool!!!!

  147. I doubt Greg’s ass would look bad, kinneared or otherwise:)
    PS: this post explains why I had some traffic to my blog when I kinneared my cat…which isn’t nearly as interesting.

  148. I’ve never Kinneared anyone before. But, if it pays the bills, I will work for you, Vicini!
    …have fun traveling!

  149. someone really should update Greg Kinnear’s wikipedia page (and imdb biographical info — you just become a member – free – and email them the text you want put in, with any source references) with the story of how he became a verb…
    [i would do it, except i need to send in a conference paper this weekend AND hand in a finished chapter to my adviser….!! getting on to either one of those two sites means i lose 2-3 hours….]

  150. ps. okay, i just gave in and checked his imdb info…you’re already on there dear y.h.!
    now, wikipedia?
    btw, stephanie’s wikipedia entry already has the “kinnearing” reference…

  151. pps. wikipedia’s up to date too. just scroll alllll the way down, beyond even the filmography.

  152. Please tell me this illustrious interview will be watchable somewhere. Please. This is awesome.
    And I just know that some day, if Greg Kinnear is in Toronto, you’ll have to buy him a beer. As penance.

  153. LOLOL — I honestly think you have just started a “stalk greg kinnear” program. If it wasn’t started from the first Kinnearing shot, it definitely will now.
    What if for a brief second, he actually thought about yarn and knitting and how it might be fun, until, all of a sudden, everywhere he went, knitting paparazzi AND regular Graham Norton-watching joes were trying to Kinnear him?
    What if he, instead of learning to knit, began to despise sock knitters everywhere and insist on wearing Birkenstocks on naked feet for the rest of his life in utter yarn defiance? Would you want to be responsible for that? Would you? lol

  154. Okay, I think it would be cool to have Greg Kinnear come to your house and get kinneared with you in the pic. Maybe he can even fix dishwashers and you can rip open the time/space continuum by having Greg Kinnear kinneared with the kinnearing inventor at the inventor’s house, and have a happy dishwasher (and a happy Yarn Harlot) at the same time.
    Greg, are you reading this?

  155. Too funny! So that’s him… ah, is he famous? Is he an actor or something? Should I know about him other than from your blog? Yes, I live almost in the middle of nowhere in northern New York.
    Seriously,now, another question…please ask the blog… if someone is dyslexic, would she have a hard time seeing stitches and a hard time telling the difference between a knit and a purl? I’m serious here. I have been trying to teach some of my college students to knit/purl and several just cannot seem to get it no matter what and it’s been 8 weeks of 3 hour classes. Spinning on drop spindles and on my wheels, on the other hand (so to speak), they seem to have figured out just fine.

  156. OMG I love Graham Norton! Almost as much as I love Greg Kinnear. Which is, of course, almost as much as I love you! I cannot possibly think of 3 more random, yet wonderful, people to think of at the same time.

  157. Hmmmm. With that sort of gauntlet thrown down, I’m not certain if it is more likely you’ll meet Mr. Kinnear in person or his legal representative. Good fun for all the rest of us, and for a good cause. (PS Is a picture of GK’s arse called a “kinnearsed”?)

  158. I’m thinking it would be difficult to get a bad picture of Greg’s (like I know him) behind!

  159. Let me just say, the kinnearing of Greg, the blogging, the authoring of a new word (no less); what a concept! The entire thing…..pretty damn cool. Congrats.

  160. haha just seen you on the Graham Norton Show.
    You must have a lot of spare time in Canada.

  161. Just watched it and very funny. Graham N is such a bitch, so you got off rather well πŸ™‚
    Nice to hear the voice of a knitter I admire so much!

  162. I love the Graham Norton Show. How great that you were able to be on it via the phone. I cannot wait until it is show on BBC America. Also, tell Meg congratulations, I saw that good news on your twitter.

  163. I stayed up late just to watch. It was worth the effort. I loved it! But I don’t think they understand knitters. I shall cross Graham Norton off my Christmas card list. He was only on there in the first place for phoning you.

  164. Well. I *used* to love Graham Norton, but I think he was snide to you just now. He may even have taken the piss. He was *gulp* laughing at knitters! Stephanie, I very much fear I will have to kick his not inconsiderable arse for him if I should ever happen upon the man.
    However. Great idea, I’m in, despite not knowing what GK actually looked like until about 5 minutes ago, when I was interrupted in my surfing by some phrases on his show that sounded eerily familiar.

  165. I just saw you on the Graham Norton show, great blog. It’s so cool that you invented a verb. ^.^

  166. Greetings from the UK, just seen you on Graham Noron, funny stuff πŸ™‚
    Keep on Kinearing x

  167. Dear Stephanie, I just watched the BBC, I caught the show after reading your blog Thought it had been broadcasted already. Funny, two hours ago I heard suddenly Greg Kinnear mentioned and could watch it. I loved it, although men don’t understand about knitting, ah well, they do understand nice warm socks. I heard your voice too and I think deep in my heart I knew you would not have a high pitched voice, but more like amezzo opraan or alt. Now I can say I have read and heared you, knowing how you sound is nice, now I can kind of imagine your sound when reading your blog. Thanks for alerting us.

  168. Just heard you on the Graham Norton show. LOL, you might not like the little cheap shots @ Canada, but apart from that, great show~

  169. I love that you knit, and that you love knitting because I knit and I love knitting and so I love when you write about knitting and how much you love it. But dude, you are just a funny woman, and you write like the devil, and if you suddenly lost all interest in knitting (unlikely I know. I’m thinking tear in the fabric of the time-space continuum)) but if you did and if you started writing about stamp collecting or rosemaling or woodburning, I would still read you because it would still be your uniquely quirky mind viewing the world and passing along what you observe. Rock on!

  170. Just watched the show — it was great! Kinnearing, knitting, and Canada all featured highly, and all came in for the usual Graham Norton treatment. They showed the blog a few times — and ended with this Kinnearing post. Fab!!

  171. Haha, greetings from London, fellow crafter. Just watched Graham Norton, this Kinnearing thing is hilarious. We knit here too but it’s so darn rainy all the time that we need waterproof wool. Give my love to Canada xx

  172. You forgot to factor in the massive publicity for your blog and your knitting activities that this whole thing has generated for you. There isn’t an equivalent payoff for Gregg, so I’d say your revenge campaign is not ethically justified.

  173. haha iv just seen this on telly aswell! just wanted to sy that the dude doingthe james bond dancewas hilariouse

  174. I guess you are going to get a lot of hits from the UK following the Graham Norten Show.
    I’m not a knitter, but enjoyed your blog, so I shall get a donation to MSF sorted right away!

  175. Stephanie, just heard you on the show, very funny!
    Good luck with the Kinnearing! πŸ™‚

  176. Hi there Stephanie, just looked up your website for the first time after watching the Graham Norton show tonight on BBC2 in good ole England.
    It was very funny indeed and you held your own with Graham.
    Greg didn’t like the photo he said it wasn’t accurate Kinnearing but Graham insisted he use it anyway. Oh and I see you’ve got our National Comedic Treasure: Ruth Jones in the background, who is currently Number 1 in the UK!!
    Well done you – keep it up. I’ll be looking in from now on despite not being a knitter

  177. Hey, I live in the UK and just finished wathing The Graham Norton Show and saw your blog on the show! so i thought i woud check it out….just to make sure it’s not a fake site really lol! Anyway just wanted to say the feature with u was was hallarious!!! as were the dancers afterwards!!
    Anyway just thought i would say hi! soooo HI! lol!

  178. Hi, I’ve just watched the Graham Norton show here in Harrow, Middlesex (just outside London). Thought the bit about Greg Kinnear and kinnearing was hilarious. Went straight away to look up your site and the pic taken on the show was there. Graham Norton is the best presenter on TV today in my mind (it’s a plus that he’s Irish of course!). He is so hilarious it’s unbelievable. Well done you LOL

  179. You have heightened my photographic ambitions. My mum and I both love Greg Kinnear (she refers to him as ‘that handsome boy’) and will keep an eye to spreading word of your word. Cheerie!

  180. Does it really count as Kinnearing if the person doing the Kinnearing is Kinnear himself? I thought that to really be Kinneared (as you described it) the picture had to be taken without the kinnearee knowing that they were being Kinneared….. just asking πŸ™‚

  181. You rocked. (I have to admit that I only found out who Kinnear was via kinnearing… but he was cute too).

  182. OMG. IF he is on with Ruth Jones (from the pic it seems so)….I will be definately catching that episode!

  183. I’m British and was watching Graham Norton today, we fell about laughing. He really does take the mickey about everyone and everything, but when I saw that you had posted something on revenge with the Greg Kinnear picture, I just had to find it, it took me ages, having never heard of you and Yarn Harlot. But having now found it and read your article, I had to laugh at that as well, your little act of Kinnearing has brought you fame throughout the world in circles previously oblivious to the knitting world – not that I cant knit because I am one of the fortunate (in my world most cannot)I love a bit of fancy knitting now and gain, usually baby mattinee jackets, but I’ll never be an olympic star. They say everyone achieves 15 minute of fame, I think your Kinnearing will bring you many more than that. PS I’ve been kinnearing for years without even knowing that is what it was.

  184. Just saw your good news on twitter. Congratulations to Meg, and to you! That’s pretty awesome.

  185. You know, sometimes you must just shake your head in disbelief. I mean…really. Who would have THOUGHT?! You’ve invented a word, become an internationally recognized name, have thousands upon thousands of people reading your blog, and yet you still need to get the laundry done and scrub the toilet.
    Boggles the mind, doesn’t it?
    (and, I mean that in the most wonderful way)

  186. If this has come up before and I missed it – I apologize (I only skimmed all of the comments this time – I need sleep!). But if one takes a surreptitious picture via camera phone of Greg Kinnear’s rear end (or anyone else’s for that matter), wouldn’t the “proper” verb usage in the past tense be:
    Just wondering…..

  187. Stephanie, wow that is so cool i have been so far behind in reading your blog.. i didn’t know about your kinnearing.. that is sooooo coooool… and especially getting Graham Norton to call you.. I have met him.. when i was living in nyc i was at the show twice and one of the times Kevin Bacon was one of the guests and i got up and was part of the six degrees of separation of Kevin Bacon.. it was cool.. but I think you are imortalized now!!! hugs karola

  188. Wow…how great to have chatted with Greg Kinnear and Graham Norton!!! As for the show calling for permission…that’s the English for you, they’re politeness personified >^..^<

  189. Kinnear can’t kinnear his own person, like one can not shadow or stalk his own person.Verbs that can only be done by one person to a third person like:kinnear, shadow, stalk (I don’t know where the second person is, watching the kinnearing, shadowing, stalking?).

  190. I didn’t watch it last night, but I just watched it on BBC iplayer, and as much as I love Graham Norton, I don’t think he appreciated that you are fairly famous in the knitting world! I would moan about his taking the p*ss out of knitting, but hey, that happens every day for me!
    I think that Kinnear can kinnear himself since he is Kinnear, and therefore exceptions should be made. Especially since he can’t kinnear himself without knowing that he is kinnearing himself. Kinnear?

  191. Watched Graham Norton lastnight and he irritated me lots “a website? for knitters? have you ever heard of such a thing *smug laughter*” but I daresay other chat show hosts would have done the same. Heathens.
    I didn’t know who Greg Kinnear was (except for through your blog) beforehand, and am still not much wiser, nor that bothered about finding out – even now I’ve seen him clearly I probably couldn’t pick him out of a crowd!

  192. Watched the show last night, yes there were the obvious ‘knitters are a bit wierd’ jokes, but I still loved it that YH got that much attention on a show I enjoy where all things crafty wouldn’t normally get a look in. And just wait till you get to see it and watch the whole programme including the bloke dancing to the James Bond theme, absolutley priceless.

  193. Darn, I missed the show. However, I wouldn’t take any negative remarks Mr Norton may have made too personally – he does that to everybody bless him.
    Oh, btw. I hope your budget can stretch to cover all the donations you’re going to have to make πŸ™‚ Mr Kinnear is now on EVERYBODY’s most wanted list it would appear…maybe Graham would shell out a few notes towards it instead? Then you could get your dishwasher fixed…

  194. Just caught up with the Graham Norton Show on BBC iPlayer online. I saw just a bit last night at 10.10 pm or thereabouts when phoned by excitable daughter (see Ellie 6.26pm) shrieking, ‘Turn to BBC 2! They are being unkind to Stephanie, and mocking knitting! And is that Greg Kinnear? I didn’t know what he looked like!’ Husband and self were slumped in front of tv watching news on BBC 1, oblivious to delights on other channels, as we were knackered from playing with said daughter’s toddler son earlier in day. I flicked over to Graham Norton, daughter still shrieking in one earhole, and started shouting myself, ‘It’s Stephanie; on the phone…’ and other such nonsense. Husband half rose from sofa-slump, ‘What? I was watching the news! Who’s Stephanie?’ I sort of explained (he HAS heard of the Yarn Harlot, but tends to forget.)My apologies to you; the world is all too full of such ignorance. What excitement! All sorts of non-knitty people are swarming all over your blog as we speak, and probably not getting it at all, not knowing their rib from their elbow. But one lives in hope; there might be the odd convert.

  195. I hadn’t seen your blog for a couple of days (internet issues at work) and I’ve never watched Graham Norton before so imagine my delight when you were on there!

  196. Sooooooo funny! I wish I could get somewhere near Greg to kinnear him but he never goes through my neck of the woods. I love that he was on Graham Norton. Will have to look out for that!!

  197. Ha! That is so awesome. I love the Graham Norton show, it always makes me laugh out loud. Congratulations on your phone appearance and on becoming the creator of a verb. Very proud that you’re a Canadian.

  198. you haven’t really been kinneared until kinnear kinnears you…

  199. Saw Graham Norton last night- I stayed up to watch especially because I’d read about it on your blog first! And you really did us knitters proud. It amazes me that the world at large has not yet recognized what a powerful force we are. πŸ˜‰

  200. I just watched! I don’t have a tv so have to watch stuff on the internet the next day. You were your usual awesome self, nice work!

  201. WE have all kinneared. Stephanie, you just called it something. We were just sneaking around before! Thanks for the verb!

  202. All of those things are brilliant (well maybe not the unflattering internets pics) but I LOVE that you have invented a word for on-the-sly picture taking and that you are being recognized for it.
    Now as for Kinnearing Kinnear…I’ll keep my batteries charged!

  203. this whole thing turns my brain inside out. i feel like you ought to be able to wear the baggy yoga pants in peace… without having images plastered all over the interwebs. yet, it’s no darned different than posting gk at the airport. i dunno.. i might just be glad to be infamous or in-famous.. just not famous.

  204. hahahahahaaa, i was watching on thursday in england which is when i first heard about kinnearing :O and yes it will be on BBC ” iplayer ” if you havent seen it… pretty awesome

  205. I too stayed up to watch the said program – not usually my cup of tea, but it was great to put a voice to your face and words! – I can not believe how cool and unflusterred you sounded! Although you more than held your own, I felt they were slightly dismissive of knitters in general – and Canadians in particular – but maybe that’s just because it’s not my sort of humour. (I feel more comfortable with your self mocking style which seems altogether more civilized and much kinder – at least you know the recipient can take it!) (BTW I have finally finished my February Lady – I am so delighted with it, I can not begin to tell you!)

  206. I saw this on thursday on tv here in the UK. Greg is awesome! I had to check this out for myself!

  207. It must be really cool to think that you are the inventor of a word/verb and that you have international fame for it. It will go down in history. But I am fearful, that the true meaning will be lost. I’m afraid you will be remembered for the kinnearing and not the knitting, so I propose that all future kinneared shots must include a bit of knitted something, just to keep it real.

  208. I just watched GN on BBC i-player and you were brilliant! Graham was determined to take the piss out of the whole knitting / Canadian thing but you totally held your own!
    I think Graham’s just jealous that you’ve invented a word and he hasn’t, even though he’s been on TV for at least 15 years now.
    I’ve actually met Graham (about 10 years ago), and I met you at I Knit last year, so I just feel that we’re all just great friends now.
    Yay! Go knitters!

  209. Oh my gosh, I just looked up Graham Norton on YouTube, and he’s hilarious! Particularly on the clips with Robin Williams and Ricky Gervais.

  210. This is one of the greatest combinations of random things I adore. I love when little, unconnected fragments of my life collide in completely unpredictable ways. I guess it makes it seem like I am not the only thing holding them together, and somehow justifies my many, mini obsessions. ( I hope that doesn’t come across as terribly creepy, especially since you seem to be verging on justifiable paranoia. I just spend a fair bit of time reading your blog, and a rather larger amount of time knitting, so in combination it is a quite large bit of my life, really.)

  211. Wow i just found out that the Graham Norton show will be on here BBC-America this coming friday!! yippee.. i’m so looking forward to seeing my buddy! karola

  212. I have no idea what “kinnearing” is– can someone please explain. Sounds like I’ve been missing alot for a long time. Thanks

  213. Hi, i just watched the rerun of the Graham Norton show, really funny. I’ll start Kinnearing right away.

  214. To kinnear – what a fun idea… I saw the TV show in UK (with this article shown at the end of the programme), so searched for Kinnear online and got a link to your web site. I wonder how long before the verb kinnear gets its own page on Wikipedia…

  215. I’m yet another Londoner who just watched the re-run of the show and thought i’d hunt down this website πŸ™‚ It suprises me the number of people who have no idea who Greg Kinnear is, and the fact that i think like one person on this blog has mentioned Ruth aswell, who is a bit of a legend down this way. Anway i think you’ve created a new phenomenon(sp?) with this Kinnearing business. Congrats on getting on the show, and coming across cool as a cucumber when receiving the Graham Norton treatment. I’m not even a knitter but i think you’re more awesome than scones and jam.
    Next time Greg’s down this way, i’m whipping out the camera.

  216. I think if Greg Kinnear kinneared you then we would be in some serious trouble of the rift opening.

  217. Saw the Graham Norton show where you were featured, and loved the fact that Greg Kinnear – while trying to ‘Kinnear” himself – actually “Kinneared’ the lovely Ruth from Gavin and Stacey.
    “Tidy”, as her character Nessa would say.
    However, GN was disparaging about knitters, and not for the first time.
    Which is why I have decided to send him one inch of yarn with a knot in the middle, to tell him ”knot’ to be so rude about us. My friends have all decided to do the same and bombard him with knots.
    Graham Norton is gonna Get Knotted!

  218. I was away on business, went back to my room and switched on the tv to watch Graham, and what did I hear?? Yarnharlot on the GN show, talking about kinnearing, very odd experience. Couldn’t dash back to the bar to tell everyone, they wouldn’t understand, but it made me day πŸ™‚

  219. Stephanie, you rock! Graham Norton makes a living of mocking everything and everybody and you survived! And finally I get to put a voice to your blog….
    As for Kinnearing, I have a camera charged and at the ready all the time now!
    Keep rocking girl!

  220. I thought it was hilarious and cool that greg loves the idea of kinnearing. I laugh may arse off thinking how cool that was kinnearing himself. I watch the gm show every weekend he rocks balls.

  221. Watching the show right now! Oh, it’s hilarious! I think you sound perfect in your own inimitable way. :>

  222. Show aired on BBC America saturday 21st March. So now your famous all over USA ..( again ) LOL..I am a Brit, and watch BBC america from Florida.

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