Full Coverage at Eleven

 Hello Bob, and welcome to our Olympic Knitting Coverage.  Some wonderful stories out there about courageous knitters, overcoming odds and surprising even themselves with their outstanding performances.

That’s so true Jim, absolutely.  We’ve seen some incredible things in the last 15 days, but today we’re going to talk about a story out of Toronto, where Stephanie Pearl-McPhee is desperately trying to figure out how she’s going to finish.  We’re hearing from so pretty good sources, that doesn’t look good, in fact, there’s a rumour on the streets out there that her husband Joe is expecting an all-nighter really soon.

I know Bob, that’s what we’ve been hearing too.  Near as we can tell, Stephanie is coming in behind the pace at every checkpoint. At the halfway point she wasn’t halfway, then she should have checked in with finished sleeves, and really.. frankly, just didn’t have the sleeves at all.

That’s true Jim, and worst of all, this is an athlete that we all had really high hopes for, and it’s just insult to injury that she’s coming in so late without any real reason.  We’ve been all over this athlete, trying to figure out what the problem is with this year.  She’s had no injuries, no equipment failures –

Hold on Bob, that’s not strictly true. She did have to have a serious hunt for a set of 3.5mm needles that she turned out not to use at all, having seen the competition move to circulars far beyond that point… she lost some significant time there. That said,  if an athlete fails to prepare, that’s not an equipment failure. It’s not like her needles broke or she ran out of yarn.

I know Jim, I’m just trying to figure out what’s going on.  We caught up with Stephanie this morning – she wasn’t hard to find really, considering that she’s trying to make up time by sitting around in her gnome jammies, drinking coffee and knitting her arse off throughout the first part of today’s competition, and all she could offer us as an explanation was a series of pictures from yesterday.

Those pictures are here now Bob, and they’re stunning.  I mean, it would appear that Stephanie is really busting a move. In the photos we can see that she’s adapting well to changing conditions.

She really is.  Having suffered a setback early in competition when she had to combine chart knitting with travel and a a social engagement and failed to make any good time that evening, yesterday when she was presented with more travel and an appointment that she couldn’t shift, Stephanie took a bold step and completely abandoned the first sleeve, since it was at the chart phase, and began the second sleeve for the afternoon.

She did, she really did.  Now, it’s not often you’ll see a knitter do that – she’s really taking a chance here.  Beginning the first sleeve before you’ve finished the second one means that there’s a possibility, we’ll hope it’s slim, that both sleeves can be screwed up the same way. 

I think this knitter can handle that though Jim, she’s done it before, in fact more than once in training we’ve heard her say that if both sleeves match it can’t be an error…. that in fact at that point it becomes a "design feature" and there are plenty of judges who agree.

True, absolutely.  We saw some real commitment from her yesterday, knitting while she was walking- despite some really cold temperatures. 

We know that all athletes knit more slowly while their fingers are frozen, but Stephanie pointed out that "slow knitting is better than no knitting" and it’s that kind of attitude that might make this possible.

We saw her downtown too, navigating some traffic, snow and humanity obstacles..

the only trouble yesterday was that no matter how hard this knitter tries she always slows down a little over the "stout moguls".

It’s true, it really is, but we know this knitters position on this.

We sure do Jim  We sure do- and as a matter of fact the entire Canadian team has backed her up on the beer thing.  Seems as though they all believe that the short term time loss involved in drinking a pint is totally worth the speed they pick up on the other side – and I don’t think I can argue.  It’s certainly cut this team’s injury rate.

That’s right, and by injury rate, we don’t mean that we’re preventing injuries in the athletes…

No, no.  By injury rate we mean the rate at which knitter’s are injuring others. 


Well, I don’t know where that leaves us with Stephanie.  There are two more days to go in this event, and really we’re yet to see a finished sleeve from this knitter, the steeking lies ahead, and I can’t imagine where she thinks she’s getting the time for making up or executing a colourwork neckband. 

I don’t either Bob, and she’s starting to look really sullen and exhausted today, and she was overheard a little while ago saying "What about the way I’m knitting right now makes you think I care about lunch?" which is pretty snippy for this knitter.  I counted five cups of coffee before noon and she’s got a-non knitting appointment this afternoon that just might be more of a penalty than she can handle…but this knitter has surprised us before. She’s going to need the performance of a lifetime.  I hope she gets it.

(Ps. Me and a whack of other Toronto knitters will be on CBC radio’s GO! tomorrow morning, give a listen if you like.)

PPS. The closing ceremony celebration is being planned for Sunday evening at around 7:30 at the Old York (Niagara and Wellington) in Toronto.  If you’d like to come, let me know in an email (stephanieATyarnharlotDOTca) just so that they can prep for the right number of knitters. I’ll be there, celebrating the last day of these wonderful Canadian Olympics, whether I’ve got a new sweater or not.

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  1. Go Stephanie! I am at present working both front halves of my shawl simultaneously. Not sure I’ll get the other 3 chemo caps done, but we’ll see. My arms are still functional, but barely

  2. Steady on, Miss McPhee. You can totally do this! Those of us who have shifted our medal hopes to finishing before the close of the Vancouver Paralympics (March 23?) are living vicariously through you now. But no pressure!

  3. Would that the Other Olympic coverage I’m hearing were so insightful, well-informed and articulate. You do realize the judges do not turn it inside out to check for steek-neatening, don’t you? It’s like how they dropped school figures for the figure skaters. Thought you should know.

  4. Back to knitting and watching a hawk, possibly Cooper’s, eat a squirrel in my back yard. Want to borrow him? I could ask Cooper …

  5. The “Injury Rate” at which knitters are injuring others… Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!
    I must admit that knitting needles look like they do more damage than crochet hooks. Does my laughter sound hysterical at this point? My sleeves aren’t done either!
    Don’t give up, (but don’t send anyone to the hospital with a knitting needle injury either). If it can be done, you (and I and others) will do it! 🙂
    There is no shame in a challenge well met. It matters not in the end if the challenge is ultimately overcome. The important thing is to meet it well.

  6. I think our commentators aren’t giving the athlete enough credit for her years of training up to this event (christmas knitting, immanent-baby knitting, plus the previous Olympics!). I have faith in our knitters!

  7. Even if you get a “DNF”, you will still have a Medal-Winning Sweater in our eyes.
    You’ll just be joining a lot of the downhill skiers this year!!! But without the bruises and other injuries!

  8. Even if you get a “DNF”, you will still have a Medal-Winning Sweater in our eyes.
    You’ll just be joining a lot of the downhill skiers this year!!! But without the bruises and other injuries!

  9. Brilliant post! Love the “stout moguls”–that phrase worked better than the over-the-counter expectorant I’m taking for bronchitis. And what a brilliant hockey game last night. I think if I weren’t a Texan, I’d want to be a Canadian.

  10. I didn’t take on any knitting Olympic challenges, but I’m cheering from the sidelines!
    Go Yarnharlot! (even if you don’t make it, the point is to try your hardest. And that’s definitely what you’re doing.)

  11. Go Stephanie, GO!! Knit, knit, knit!!! Steph-a-nie! Steph-a-nie!! I’m rooting for you (in case you can’t tell!!) to make that big push and wow us all at the finish line!
    I decided to “freestyle” a bit of the felted bag I’m making–actually I think that happened within the first 20 or 30 rows, when I added stripes, I just couldn’t do 20″ of st st in plain black–and I’m hoping that if I buckle down tonight, and the dog that I plan on adopting tomorrow cooperates, I just might make it! I would love to come to the closing ceremony, but have a bridal shower in Brampton in the afternoon and I don’t know what time it will wrap up (dang it all to He-double hockey sticks).
    Knit on, Harlot, we’re all behind you!!!

  12. I’m cheering from the side lines for you to finish by deadline. Beautiful work. Can’t wait to see the finished sweater, whether by deadline or not.

  13. Would it help if you hopped on a plane and flew through another time zone? Not sure which way would be advantageous and clearly you need to pick an airline that allows needles on board, but the time – space continuum can be altered in this way. Merely a thought. Good luck Stephanie, I sincerely hope you make it! :o)

  14. Would it help if you hopped on a plane and flew through another time zone? Not sure which way would be advantageous and clearly you need to pick an airline that allows needles on board, but the time – space continuum can be altered in this way. Merely a thought. Good luck Stephanie, I sincerely hope you make it! :o)

  15. The next person who says to me “it’s just knitting” or some variation on that theme, is going to get a sharp stick in the eye.
    sadly my project is just not portable any longer, although I contemplated doing some colourwork in the round standing at the bus stop in the snow storm this morning. but no, we’ve got the whole weekend still, right?

  16. Did you say 2 days…. as in the day after tomorrow?
    Well, with luck the shawl may be done but I decided that the shawl was too simple and figured I’d try the Stained Glass socks from Cat Bordhi’s Personal footprints book. It seemed to go well but then I screwed up (yeah, I can read but the instructions didn’t sink in) plus I had to babysit my terribly active 15 month old grandson who’s middle name seems to be “trouble”. Now that he’s napping it is time to knit faster!!
    Good luck Stephanie. I’m rooting for you!

  17. The commentary is very good. I can practically see the knitting as it goes on. Go, Steph, Go! Go, Steph, Go! (I would totally be there to watch the closing ceremonies with you if Wisconsin wasn’t so far from Toronto!)

  18. I’m rooting for you too Stephanie!! But I hear ya on all the set-backs. Speaking of backs, I’ve started having back issues and I think it’s because of the extra knitting for the Knitting Olympics! It’s stopped me from knitting for 2 whole days and I think I’m into withdrawals.

  19. I would like to advise those who are dealing with toddlers, dogs, and other known destroyers of knitting that a locked metal box can hold knitting while you sleep with the key around your neck (or combination in one of those emergency-pill bottles).

  20. Go, Steph! Go! I know you won’t let the Canadians down. To see what your stateside competition is up to, check out lambshoppe.wordpress.com. Both sweaters, both with design challenges. Both with determined knitters. It just could be a photo finish!

  21. I was doing well, but have had a slowdown the last few days, something about boys and girls district basketball tournaments. Just because both teams made it to state…oh, and that pesky job thing. If I finish both fronts tonight, I have it in the bag, if not, it is going to be close.

  22. I know you can do it. I am not sure I could, but you knit so fast I am sure you will get it done. I am within 14 or so rows of having the Selbu modern hat done. I seem to be having difficulty with the decreases. I plan to make another one soon. I am glad I tried this because I found I really enjoy this kind of colorwork.

  23. Go Stephanie go!! I hardly have sleeves of my own. You are not alone!
    PS: What is the pretty fairisle thing near the pint of beer?

  24. Knitting aside (gasp!), this great post gives rise to a whole other question: just when the heck is your next book coming out?

  25. Knitters on Go!? Great! Hope Brent Banbury keeps it unsnarky; if he does someone may even knit him something…

  26. You are a knitting rockstar.
    You will rock this sweater.
    Just like the Canadian women’s hockey team rocked the Gold.
    I’m behind you, we’re all behind you.

  27. We know you’ll make it, Stephanie!! as for me – no sweater, alas, but I WILL medal in the spinning event – I’m plying today, and since I have to finish by tomorrow it’ll be close but I’m confident I can power through. Yarn for my wedding shawl, yay!

  28. Go Stephanie!
    I am almost done with my sweater too, just had a few set backs. My hands are killing me but I have Motrin and think I can knit through the pain.
    Go for the Gold!

  29. You can do it, Go Fingers Go. Stout mogels is very funny…hehehe. Hmmm, massage lined up for apres-Olympics? I have done backwards, mis-countings, mis-pickups etc., on the two little babysweaters…but coming ’round the bend on the second one. Gee, don’t my bosses, husband, dog, etc., know that I’m in the Knit Olympics 🙂 I wish I could figure out how to knit and drive (no public transportation here).

  30. Way to go, Stephanie! (No Harlots allowed during Olympic-knitting season) What an imagination and what a writer! You could totally turn all your Olympic knitting experiences into a novella at least. I’m shaking a pompom in red & white for you!

  31. Thank you for taking time out to write this post. It’s brilliant and had me laughing out loud!

  32. I am so far behind it’s not even funny but I’m going to keep plugging away and get as much done as I can.
    P.S. I am totally rooting for the Canadian Women’s Curling Team. Gold medal match tonight!!!!
    P.P.S. I don’t really understand the game (just started watching it) but I love that they wear makeup and jewelry and seem like totally cool, tuff chicks.

  33. Don’t they say that all Olympians are winners whether they medal or not? Canada has been pulling off some pretty spectacular medal wins this Olympics, so I have faith that your years of training and conditioning for your event will place you on the podium.

  34. Stephanie, let me just point out that the Canadians have had very good medal karma this Olympics. . .

  35. You can do it Stephanie! I’ve got quite a bit further to go on my shawl edging than I’d hoped. But I’ve decided to extend my Olympic run through the Paralympics as well. So now I have until March 21st. Ha!

  36. I just finished the front of my sweater last night and also have two sleeves and a neckband to go… Thanks for a jolt of ambition. I’ll be knitting like a mad woman the next two days!

  37. I laughed out loud all the way through that – thanks for taking some of your precious knitting time to entertain us. Good luck!

  38. you may or may not want to seek out wooden needles for the radio thing, or the combined efforts of clicking may throw off the radio monitors, or worse yet, the counting.
    hang in there.
    (one kid’s cardi and 80% of another done…)

  39. Priceless commentary, great imagination. No my knitting has been abandoned for the moment.
    …but I did buy some more sock yarn yesterday, Magic Merino by Touch yarns, a varigated colourway in blue, dark green and purply colours, I know sock yarn isn’t stash, but I haven’t convinced DH yet.

  40. Just read your last tweet. Why are you looking at health care when you need to be knitting? Why am I looking at you when I need to be working?

  41. Advice from Vic and Linda and Ray: You don’t want to jam here. You’ve got great weight. Take away the freeze. Great shot. Have you got enough ice. It’s all about the weight. There’s an opportunity for a double. No line – no line. Lock it on. Just a little more leg drive. You have to keep rocks in play. By the guard, no problem. You’d like to be two-up with the hammer coming home. Hurry hard, Stephanie!
    GO CANADA!!!
    PS “Stout moguls” – brilliant!

  42. I’m not playing this year, but I’m rooting for you!
    Your sweater’s black, red and white – it’s dynamite! Go-o-o, Stephanie! (you probably don’t recognize this but it’s my improvisation of a sports team chant).
    I look forward to hearing you on Go tomorrow.

  43. The dedication of these athletes is simply inspiring. Thank-you for excellent Olympic coverage.
    And now back to our regularly scheduled workday…

  44. Thanks for cracking me up. I am inspired to start my second mitt with only 2 days to go. At least, I’m inspired to laugh at myself about it!

  45. Go Stephanie!
    As for me…. ARGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!
    We got “the phonecall” today, to tell us that OFSTED (the school inspectors) are on Tuesday & Wednesday. I already had a ton of school work scheduled for Saturday and now I’ve lot tonight and Sunday too. Poop. No gold medal for me. Only done 5.5 inches on a first sleeve and need a 12 inch garter cowl too.

  46. Go Knitters!
    I finished my felted slippers last night and wore them while watching Joannie Rochette win bronze in figure skating. It was a glorious moment.

  47. Your commentary kills me 🙂 I’m cheering for you from Massachusetts! I finished my scarf today and I’m so glad you posted this challenge. And your sweater is gorgeous.

  48. Your sweater is amazing, but I feel a bit like some of those alpine skiers who smile a bit because the last competitor didn’t beat their time, but then remember they should act conciliatory and so douse the smile… I only have half a sleeve left… Not really gloating though, because unfortunately I am not liking the end result of my sweater. I feel like I’ve knit a really expensive Mexican poncho. The “small” wasn’t really a small. And I am. So I am drowning in yarn. And yours is beautiful! Kudos to you, because in the end, you’re going to end up with a beautiful sweater. And I have a poncho. Hehe.

  49. Maybe you can count it as a gold if you finish the actual knitting during the Knitting Olympics.
    I would say that steeking and finishing could be events for the Knitting Paralympics (March 12-21) At least I feel I have a true disability when it comes to those activities.
    Go enjoy a beer and a cigar on the ice….the right way to celebrate!

  50. Great coverage. Great commentary. Believe!!! WE believe in YOU!!! I’m cheering you on while I knit sock #4-the 2nd Flabella. The Cascadias are both finished. Cheers and red wine, Hazel.

  51. Go Stephanie Go! I’m proud to say I Am Binding Off<:3 Yes, I still have to weave in some ends, block and sew on 5 buttons (perhaps even buy those buttons) but I can see the finish line! Last Olympics I did not quite make it. My Redhook project is sooo simple compared to yours, but still, I am on my way to Olympic Gold and it is a good feeling. I know you will make it too!!

  52. Uh??? “beginning the first sleeve before you finish the second one”-is that possible? or am I being dim? Cheers and red wine, Hazel.

  53. I cannot believe how close you are. Go! Go! Go! Go! (And I can’t believe that you have way way way less snow than we do, here in the middle of Iowa. This sagging jet stream stuff is for the birds!)

  54. I am figuratively ringing cow bells in your honor. Knit on, you’re almost to the home stretch. (And, I have very serious sweater envy now.) I’m actually back on track to finish my first-ever-sweater by Sunday after a brief work-related sidelining incident this week. Glad I went with a plain ol’ v-neck for the first run out of the gate. Next Olympics I’m going for colorwork! Woot!

  55. OK, here’s the *real* deal, Stephanie …
    Your stated intention of doing a sweater was strategy or tactics (can’t remember which because I’m sleep deprived from knitting) to throw off your competition and wow the judges with your *real* plan — no, not a vest, but — wait for it — a plunging vee-neck camisole with coordinating wristlets for that “I’m Miss February, and you’re not!” ultra-sexy Playboy-ish vibe …
    Sure, Rodarte foreshadowed your approach with that amazingly non-beautiful handknit skating outfit they made for Johnny Weir (and, no, I haven’t seen the front view, nor do I wish to, frankly), but your brilliance will triumph by the closing ceremonies!
    Me? After a brief diversion to create an irresistable matching smoke ring (wimple) head cover, I’m 75% done with my thrummed fleece hand muff with neck cord knitted four-stranded in the round on two circular needles. I’m counting the neck cord and the second cuff as the missing 25%.
    Knit on, my fellow Olympians, knit on!

  56. go, go, go, Stephanie. You can do it! Also loved this story. You do story tell as well as you knit. Awesome.

  57. Surely the Stout Moguls will provide the energy needed to finish this thing. My money is on the home team here…

  58. Hilarious post! I’m cheering for you from NYC – I know you can pull out two sleeves and steeking at the very last moment to wow the judges!

  59. I can cheer you on now because I have finished (inexplicably ahead of schedule). And remember, sleep may be for the weak, but its not entirely indispensable…

  60. “Both sleeves can be screwed up the same way”…had me falling out of my chair laughing, dog looking up from his food saying, “WTF???”. Knit on, girl, knit on!

  61. Stunningly funny. The wine moguls might be too much of a hurdle for me tonight. That and the massage I have booked because of all my olympian knitting causing muscular tenseness. Knit on – the sweater is gorgeous

  62. Goodness, I just love reading posts like this – not because I like to see you suffer, but because you write with such humor! Best of luck meeting your deadline without injuring anyone. I have a quilting deadline this weekend. I should be much further along, but it turns out that you actually have to follow the schedule, not just create it. Darn!

  63. Go Harlot go! I’ve just hit the “black hole” stage of my sleeves; we’ll see how it goes this weekend. Glad to see you’re keeping such good humor throughout the whole thing. Good luck to you!

  64. Great coverage, I have compleatly given up on finishing on time now that I have to rip out around 800 stiches to fix my mistake. Oh well it has been worth it, forced me out of my comfort zone and made the kids respect the words “Can’t you see I am knitting” all the more. Way to go everyone! Also congrats Canadas Womens Hockey Team, if we are going to get our butts kicked I am happy it was by you.

  65. You’re doing great in comparison with my effort. I think my project was too ambitious AND my dedication severely lacking. However, the Bex sock-in-progress is so pretty that I’m really not too upset about it.

  66. Love the “stout moguls”…..will have to try those some day.
    Sadly, I was disqualified from my knitting event due to missing my event (family issues…) but the family issues are being taken care of now so I can enjoy from the sidelines!
    Go for the Gold!

  67. 2 days left, and 2 sleeves to go? Sounds like a plan to me 🙂 After you’re done, go get a manicure for the hand massage. In fact, your family should present you a coupon for one as your prize for finishing.

  68. This post is the very reason why I am an obsessed follower. You are a comical genius. Now, back to my lace chart-where was I…

  69. if you’re so far behind, i have no idea how you found the time to write that hysterical post! it’s just uncanny how well you captured the sports announcers’ voices. good luck and god speed with the knitting!

  70. I changed my Olympics plans, kept going with my barely-started cardigan instead of starting a new tee. But it’s my first knitted garment, second knitted anything (I’ve always crocheted), first cables (wow! they’re cool!). I could call it a vest and manage to finish by the closing ceremonies, but I’ll persevere with sleeves and front band. I am proud to count a bunch of PRs (personal records) even if I DNF! Thank you for the inspiration!

  71. So that Dale of Norway sweater that Seamus was wearing in whistler this morning was not from you?? Oh well. Brilliant post by the way. You rock and should be carrying the flag!!

  72. Go Steph go! You can reward yourself with a cigar and beer when you are done. Just don’t don’t do it in your uniform with the gold medal hanging around your neck.

  73. i am the athlete who took the big leap and landed on my butt. I am ripping back my bog jacket to the thumb rick and there’s no way I’ll be caught up again by Sunday night. But this is still a erpsonal best for amount of knitting achieved in two weeks, and I’m going to finish it by the middle of next week, so it’s not a total fail, I’m just not in the running for a medal.
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  74. So quit blogging and keep knitting! (However, we do realize that you need to air your concerns and make public service announcements.)
    Is it possible we have the same kitchen table?

  75. I went to cast on the project I picked for the Olympics and all the UFO’s on the needles lined up and started nagging at me.
    As of today, I have finished a multidirectional scarf, a lap blanket, woven the ends in on a summer wrap, knit a dishcloth, and whipped out an emergency prayer shawl. I have 1/3 of a lap blanket, an entire sock and a mitten to go ..and a bottle drive all day tomorrow.
    Go Stephanie go!

  76. Nowhere near done, here, either. 3/4 of the body done, sleeves are maybe half-way to the point where they will be attached to the body, so that I can finish that part. Then, there’s the hood…
    I think I’m screwed.
    go canada?

  77. Fantastic post. You’re doing an amazing job. It doesn’t even look good for me to finish Sock 1, let alone 2… Maybe it’s that I don’t have TV, so I can’t sit there and watch the Olympic effort? Go, go, go!

  78. GO STEPHANIE! You can do it.
    (and by the way, that was one of your funniest posts ever. It really has the commentator dialogue down perfectly, and I even had alternating voices in my head as reading it)
    your blog always brightens my day!

  79. Maybe a bendy straw would help with those stout moguls. I know it’s not cool to drink beer from a sippy cup but a simple straw might be just the ticket to keep your hands free for knitting.

  80. I will finish the toes of my socks tonight. I had to switch to a different color yarn, as I miscalculated, and forgot that sport weight yarn isn’t going to have as much yardage as regular yarn. I could not order more in time so I just grabbed a different color and my blue socks will have the last 3 or 4 inches in eggplant. It was either that or red or grey, and I wanted to save them for more socks for me. Who knows maybe I will start a fashion trend, and give them all eggplant colored toes!

  81. *wipes tears of laughter*
    Oh dear. Will she make it????? Well, you know you’re a winner in our books 🙂

  82. I’m changing my jump to a vest, Bob. I haven’t perfected knitting while asleep, yet… 🙂 (I haven’t even started on the sleeves, yet, and still have miles of icord to do).
    Good luck on cutting that gorgeous sweater (gulp).

  83. You can do it! I have the same gnomie pajamas! Very cozy for knitting. I am having some kind of finishing anxiety. Very awful. I feel absolutely convinced that as soon as the neckband is done and sewn on that it is going to be a horrible mistake sweater. Tried to finish a blanket I have been working on and realized that it was somehow too small and frogged the whole thing. Grrrrr.

  84. I extremely unexpectedly finished on Sunday night. I would like to donate my unused time to you

  85. That was the best ever! Thank you so much. I have decided to include the Para Olympics and that means I have a few more weeks to finish my sweater. I am ok with not winning the gold!
    I am very confident that you will indeed finish your sweater.

  86. My money is on you! I know you can do this.
    I’ve entered some weird space/time disturbance where the ball of lace yarn I’m using never gets any smaller. I’m knitting and knitting and apparently making NO PROGRESS. And hating it. Maybe the time knitting slows down in direct proportion to how much you hate your project? If so, maybe you should throw a little hate at those sleeves.
    Although, again, not very much in the spirit of the Olympics.

  87. wonderful commentary everyone. i really feel that i’m getting to know more about this athknitter.
    keep up the good work! i hope we meet at the finish line with new sweaters. 🙂

  88. OMG, I’m dying here. You got Bob Costas’s voice in that first sentence beautifully.
    Ooh, adding in the Paralympics…now there’s an idea! 😉

  89. Keep at it girlfriend. I don’t know how you drink and knit anyway. I can’t seem to do it. Too many mistakes!

  90. Bob Costas’s covering the Knitting Olympics too- man he’s working almost s much overtime as you. I laughed and laughed until I snorted some of the tea out my nose, as daintily as I could mine you. But still sending a certain current through the atmosphere in my local coffee shop. It was well worth the raised eyebrows and curious looks from the other patrons. Knit on! I am going to find me a Stout mogul pronto.

  91. Keep going Stephanie, but don’t make yourself ill, it’s only knitting.
    Did I really say “it’s only knitting”?

  92. And don’t forget, Jim, that this knitter simultaneously blogs while performing in the main event. You don’t see too many athletes who manage to combine these two approaches to the sport. You have to wonder where she gets the stamina!

  93. Very funny post… and congrats on the Women’s Hockey gold… must call my Ontarian daughter-in-law, too… damn, I was looking forward to teasing her.

  94. That was hilarious! But I have to tell you, I have a motto: Don’t drink and knit! For me, it’s always a compulsory frog. Good luck!

  95. I know where I clickied to sign up for this crazy Olympic ride, now I need to know where to clickie to announce my disqualification due to a false start. Meaning – how delusional was I to think I could finish ANYTHING in that number of days? I knit SLOOOOOW. But I’ll keep cheerin’ for ‘ya!

  96. …and dude! Celebrate it ANY WAY YOU WANT – A BIG, FAT CIGAR AND BEER!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whaterver:-)(but maybe put down that irish stuff and drink Canadian)!!!

  97. oh god. Better parodies of Olympic commentating I have never seen. Near spit-take on knitting.
    Doesn’t EVEYRONE knit better post-pint?

  98. You may not realize this but, you and I have a love hate relationship. OMG, a Dale Of Norway sweater in 2 weeks…I should just strangle myself with my circulars and get it over with! 🙂

  99. Bob and Jim sure seem to have the inside scoop at the knitting venue. However, I believe they are underestimating the Toronto contingent. Ms. Pearl-McPhee is showing her team the way to the gold by sheer persistence. She may have had a few setbacks early on, but they only strengthened her team’s resolve to see the competition through to a successful conclusion.
    Gold medals and stout for all!

  100. Good luck! My project is doomed. Travel. Packing for a move next week. 8 month old baby. I might have overcome it all if I hadn’t misjudged the amount of yarn required for a pair of tall men’s socks. I don’t have enough to finish. I went to three yarn shops while visiting Edmonton but I could not turn up the same brand/colour combination.

  101. I want to say “good luck” in a knitterly way that doesn’t tempt the knitting gods.
    Break a leg, isn’t right. How about “break a needle”???
    Hope you get it all done and have a fabulous time at the closing ceremony!

  102. Steph, I am so seriously behind in my Olympic committment that I know there is no possible way to finish by closing ceremonies. Then I remembered something that a close friend of mine keeps saying whenever anyone refers to the Olympics. (She has been very heavily involved in wheelchair and paralympic sports over the years, including being Chef de Mission in Barcelona, I believe.) Laurel won’t let anyone say Olympic Games – it is the Olympic and Paralympic Games. The Paralympic games run March 12 – 24, 2010. Now, I know the commitment was to complete the project in 17 days, but hey, how can we not acknowledge the Paralympics??? I am going to count myself a winner if I finish by the end of the Paralympics!!! 🙂

  103. Did you see the sweater that CTV’s Seamus was wearing this morning (Friday)? I thought of your challenge as soon as I saw it! Black with white & red trim, Dale of Norway – you should have told us you were making two!

  104. I now have 31 rows of the long end of a trangular shawl to go before my finish line. Its an intricate lace, but I have a good chance of making it. Go for the gold, steph!

  105. This makes me chuckle as much as when you were locked out of your hotel room! You are a clever girl.

  106. Looks to me like you’ll have the knitting done! It’s just beautiful! Glad I decided on a hat, not a sweater. It’s Friday, so I should have time to work on it and finish up to wear at the closing ceremony.

  107. Go Stephanie! It’s great to see you’ve still got your sense of humor. And remember, you’ll get a gorgeous sweater out of this in remarkably little time, even if you don’t have it finished by Sunday.
    I started the first of my sleeves this morning. While it’s still too early to call it, I’m pretty sure I’ll have my sweater finished on Sunday.

  108. There’s no question at all! You can do it! *cheers*
    PS Do you write blog entries in your head while you’re knitting? Because for a very busy knitter, this was one clever entry .. the injuries part made me laugh ^_^

  109. LMAO
    You go Steph!!!! That was great reporting. I am so glad someone snagged your computer and wrote a blog for you so you didn’t need to stop knitting.
    You can do this. Remember to breathe and stretch.
    Clapping you on.

  110. You’re much braver than I, walking and knitting, mainly because we do still have about a foot of snow on the sidewalks and streets here in Pittsburgh. Your sweater will be fabulous, and let’s hear it for “design features”. But please, don’t knit near the TV during hockey lest you want to put a needle through the screen. Some of us had that little problem last night.
    Blessed be!

  111. You go, Stephanie! We’re all rooting for you. (I will admit that my part of the cheering section may quiet down a bit tomorrow because I left the intarsia work on my sweater for the end…but still….)
    Just remember, whatever anyone participating in Those Other Games — the televised ones — may say, YOU own the podium!

  112. Cheering for you and the Canadian curling women! And I think your tweets are way more entertaining than Apolo Ohno’s (but he may have stronger thighs).
    I raided my colorwork successfully and retrieved enough main color to pretty much finish my sleeve. (where “pretty much” means “those last 8 stitches of the sleeve castoff won’t show except in the seam, right?”) Now to repair the colorwork (3/4 done and it’s working!), and figure out the hood alternative…

  113. Go for the gold, Stephanie! Just don’t smoke cigars after you win – makes the yarn smelly.

  114. I love this witty post, it made me crack up. Best of luck, and I hope you keep that injury rate low!

  115. So funny, love it! I really didn’t know if I could finish a pair of knee high socks in 17 days, but I did ~~~ Thank you Stephanie for encouraging us all to challenge ourselves 🙂

  116. Note from stashmuffin’s hubby (with no attempt at causing offense):
    Steph – Relax!! The real deadline is the Para-olympics (paralympics) which follows the Olympics, you know the Special Olympics for (he-hem) “special olympiads” as yourself. So, take a pace lap and relax.
    Stashmuffin – what he’s trying to say is that you’re special.

  117. I am extremely, extremely awed by that sweater. I must knit one. My goal this year is to learn colorwork, and hey, a Dale sweater would be a great learning choice, don’tchathink? 😉
    I finished my shawl yesterday and am going to block it tonight, and am hoping to wear it for the closing ceremonies.
    (BTW, did I mention how I chuckled when the US announcers talked about Screech during the opening ceremonies?).

  118. My Knitting Olympics project sucked. View it at your peril on my blog. I continue to blame everything that doesn’t work out on the fact that I have a broken leg. Somehow blaming inadequate knitting on the fact that I have a broken leg doesn’t really add up.
    Oh well. I still had fun. Thanks for carrying the knitted torch again this year. And hey, congratulations on those super duper Canadian olympians! They have, with accustomed grace and poise, kicked some serious arse!

  119. Here’s a glass raised to you and your new sweater celebrating the closing ceremonies together! Thanks to all of our Canuck mates for hosting a wonderful Winter Olympics! Here’s to ya Eh!

  120. I am standing here at the side lines squeezed into my cheer leading out fit from twenty years ago cheering you on at the side lines. GO! KNIT! GO!

  121. Dude- this is why I read your blog. I love the way you add humor to your life and give us a glance into it. Very clever post; I enoyed it. Viva Knitting Olympics!!

  122. I am working all night and if it stays quiet I will be knitting. I can do this..I have about 6 inches of one sleeve left along with the neckband, and front bands.
    What a challenge this has been for me, thanks Stephanie..You Rock!!
    I will be sleeping tomorrow but my hubby says that he will record GO for me. He has been wonderfully supportive of my Olympic Knitting.
    I Rock too!

  123. Go! I have decided that MY project will be “complete” if all the pieces are done – and let the judges decide – but I will be happy. I LOVE your sweater, and I have one in my queue (also Dale of Norway, but not the same as yours). And I say, you are a winner even if the neckband is not done.

  124. Cut and paste, that does it! Presbytera! Okay: now we just have to figure out how to cut and paste a sleeve half–it would be so much easier that way.
    (Moral of the story: never try to type after a day at Stitches.)

  125. I DID IT!!! Finished knitting EZ’s Baby Surprise Sweater on the 24th at my daughter’s in Florida. Did the shoulder seams today. May I count it done even though I don’t have the buttons? Thanks for the challenge, it would have been awhile before I tried this sweater without it. LOVE you Steph, the blog and all the commenters!!! Blessings to all!!

  126. I’m struggling with second sock syndrome, but may just overcome that obstacle. I can knit while listening to the radio tomorrow morning. Nice that they have a live feed through the internet now.

  127. Good luck with the all-nighter. I am struggling to stay awake just so I can Kitchener the toe on my sock. My eyes are itchy, my legs are twitchy and I just called the dog using my son’s name. I don’t know how you do it.

  128. Steph, I’m right there, too, though you have better odds of finishing than I do. Who the heck said we have to knit this while real life goes on–at the same time!–and messes with our knitting? Stupid real life getting in the way. Humph.

  129. Too funny Steph… although I have to disagree with Charmaine at 2:04pm. The funniest post ever (in my opinion) was in December 2007… you know the one, the school Christmas Pageant post… I laughed until I cried, nearly peed myself and finished off with an asthma attack. I’m a mother of 3 (boys), and I felt your pain. 🙂

  130. Crap…I was almost sidelined here..a slight slip on the ice, I need to tink back a sleeve. Apparently the faster they skate the faster I knit and with total disregard for the stitch count.
    Oh well, I can make up the time. There have been a few calls but so far the police station is quiet..Dispatchers like it that way..

  131. Love the blog. Love all the Canadian athletes (but still withholding such feeling for the Canadian men’s hockey team. Will have to see how Sunday goes. Was at a concert by James Kelaham tonight in Madison WI where he predicted a stunning Canadian victory. We’ll see.) Keep knitting. The parts of the sweater that are done are fantastic.

  132. I really would love to be wearing my new sweater Sunday evening for the the closing ceremony. But at this point, as we all know, anything can happen.

  133. Well, you’re still closer to finishing than me. I realized a few days ago that I was staring at my stash with loathing. I didn’t want to knit a stitch. So, I didn’t. No sense despising my dear hobby. The rollercoaster which is my emotional life isn’t at an UP right now. My little coffee cup sleeve set will still be cleverly named after Olympic events, it’ll just be finished significantly later.
    I’ll train hard for the next four years, maybe I can knock out a sweater myself next time! You keep at it, though, and show us how it’s done!

  134. I love your writing! and your knitting! Keep it up 🙂 you’ll have a sweater eventually. And isn’t there some time difference thing you can take advantage of, since you cast on while visiting the west coast where there was a time delay before they showed the opening ceremonies? You actually get 3 extra hours to finish!

  135. Aw, whadda “Bob and Jim” know, eh? Sportscasters everywhere are just…um, blowhards. Right? RIGHT! You can do it!

  136. When you got to the point where you mentioned that both sleeves could get screwed up the same way, I was sure that bad, bad things were about to happen. I’m so glad you avoided that (I hope…there’s not another post coming on that front, right?).
    Personally, I knit a set of sleeves in the normal one-after-the-other fashion…and managed to screw it up ridiculously. Apparently, I can’t count past 10. If you want to read about the whole thing, I posted about it here: http://gknerd.com/index.php/2010/02/26/they-got-me-again/

  137. Stephanie, you rock! I’m amazed that you are even able to blog right now. I’m happy that you are, even though I know that it eats into your knitting time.
    Go Team Harlot!

  138. OMG. Was that thing at the bottom of the last photo one of the charts you have to work from?
    If it was me, we’d be talking about finishing by the end of the 2014 winter olympics – maybe… Who’m I kidding? After finishing “the other sock”, I started assembling a sweater started about fifteen years ago. One sleeve is attached and waiting.. Good thing I believe in knitting the classics. (But I’m nearly done the back of a baby sweater!)
    When all is done and you’re showing off your beautiful new sweater, would you please also post a good photo of one of those charts so we can all bow down humbly before it and you? Please!

  139. Love this: “beginning the first sleeve before you finish the second one” – sort of the kind of mishap that stout moguls might cause, right? As for my Bittersweet tee-shirt – I’m stealing the “running out of Yarn” equipment failure. – well, right now I am, we’ll see what happens by Sunday night, and using the chocolate brown single discovered in stash – you know, the one that matches? (How does that happen, I wonder?)
    Go Stephanie! Go Knitters. Brilliant commentary, thank you for the giggles

  140. This is a gold medal worthy post! The pictures are outstanding, I don’t know how you get your knitting to pose like that! The fact that you can keep your sense of humour in the last part of the competition is why we love you! Keep calm and carry on. ((cowbell))

  141. The Knitting Olympics commentary has reminded me of NaNoWriMo – even when the goal isn’t entirely met, the competitor still wins, with a very serious body of work as a reward.

  142. Wow Bob. I think our athlete Stephanie really has a tremendous amount of grit and determination. I mean really, who else would be crazy enough, I mean.. ah…mmm… bold enough to take on such a complicated and dangerous project such as Whistler? You know an athlete like that can pull off a miracle save at the last minute.
    That’s right Jim. Plus I hear that she has a serious ace up her sleeve (All puns intended Bob) that just might help her navigate all the “stout moguls”, speaking engagements, appointments, and all the other distractions that face a mother of three.
    You’re absolutely right Bob. Word has it that the Doctor has let her borrow the Tardis for the last two days of this event. You know with that advantage, she will definitely succeed.
    Absolutely Jim! In fact, if she was any other knitter I’d say that she would need a miracle to finish, but because she’s the Yarn Harlot, and especially because she has the use of the Tardis, you know she’ll come through with flying colors and take the Gold! I know that all the Canadian and American knitters are really pulling for her to finish. I’m not sure if our viewers at home can hear it, but the sound of cow bells here in support of this tremendous athlete is almost deafening. Will all this support, and the time advantage of the Tardis, she will be on the podium for sure! I know I’m rooting for her!
    Go Harlot Go!!!

  143. This is great stuff–exactly the kind of strife we have come to expect from Olympians. What kind of show would it be if everyone had a perfect life, straight teeth, and were also enormously gifted? –BORING!! Keep overcoming those obstacles.

  144. It is a gorgeous sweater, and remember, it’s an honor just to get to the Olympics, and a gift to be able to laugh at yourself! Plus,you might just pull it out of the bag…Thanks for sharing!

  145. Go, Stephanie!!
    You’re closer to the finish than I am. I believe you can do it. Thanks for another great post.

  146. Stout moguls are my favorite kind. I like the ones of the Young’s Double Chocolate variety and I agree they do cut down on injuries to others. 😉 I’m just doing a baby sweater and might not make it. I’m on the hood now but we’re having guests for board game night. Darn socializing!

  147. You nailed the interview style! If this Olympic level knitting thing doesn’t work out for you – you could take up writing. Oh yeah, you already did that! Carry on. Hope you cross the finish line for the gold!

  148. YAY Team Stephanie. My own personal quest for gold has fallen somewhat short in the wake of a spate of injuries and penalties in the form of five days without power. You don’t want to know about cleaning out the fridge and freezer and how many times I had to mop the floor (the house was 42 at the time), so we didn’t stick to it after a box of melted popsicles leapt to its death on the kitchen floor. Add in some illness and me being the chair of a committee for a charity auction and my Olympic hopes for more stopped at the Baktus I completed!

  149. The amazing quality of your knitting will last far beyond memories of when the sweater was actually finished. It’s another well-deserved gold for Canada.

  150. Well, my Whistler sweater has fallen to “the agony of defeat”. I realized sometime last Monday, as I was attempting to negotiate the charts for the upper chest (& back) that this was not a “travelling knitting” pattern and it was definitely not my best work. I’ve decided to frog it, and do it right. No deadlines next time. This sweater pattern is definitely “gold medal” worthy. Platinum even!! Go Steph!

  151. Knit! Knit! Knit! You are getting there, just keep knitting! If anyone asks, you are making history (You really are!) and you have to finish. Me, I was being wheeled into surgery before I gave up my afghan, and I was knitting on it again long before I should have known what I was doing… The nurse was perplexed that I was uninterested in painkillers, but I darn well knew my pattern required a multiple of twenty-four stitches. You have a spot on the radio, so someone must think this is real- go with it, and insist it is. Just keep knitting, I know you can finish!

  152. so, did you guys at Lettuce Knit finish the underwear for Brent Banbury? – the show cut out for the olympic update and we never knew.

  153. aggggggggggggggh you’re not the only one behind, I’ve not even finished one sleeve… forgot about working at trade show, then laid out with killer back ache… aggggggggggghhhhh. At least I finally got the jumper back out of the bag and started on it, it will be finished for Spring….

  154. I’m still hoping to finish as a gold medal Paralympian. I knew going in that the combination of chemo brain and radiation fatigue would make a lace silk shawl an truly olympian challenge, but I forgot to factor in the travel time that us rural residents need to get to the city for treatments. Even as an experienced brakeperson, I can’t quite manage the chart and the silk during our daily 6 hour trip, despite the best efforts of my experienced driver. Best wishes and congratulations to all for taking on this challenge, and then moving on to the next one life throws at us!

  155. Bonne Chance! Take care of your hands. Mine are wrecked from rows and rows of tight cable and grading papers.
    Finished or no, that’s a beauty of a sweater, total bragging rights on that one.

  156. Love the commentary (stout moguls – hah!). The sweater looks gorgeous. Glad you’re close to the finish line. I wiped out a while back trying to do lacework with the wrong needles. (Sigh.) Luckily I was only a few inches in to the project.
    Go, Stephanie!

  157. We have not yet heard the broadcast on the west coast. CBC offers it online as well. However, I think they need to do a small correction: They spelled the yh’s last name: Pearl-McGee. Someone ought to change that. I am on the west coast and look forward to listening to the broadcast.

  158. Oh, Steph, I just heard you on Go! and didn’t understand how you had time for a break from your intense Olympic marathon for that kind of frivolity…. but I see now. Anxiously awaiting to see how you and your team do with his challenge. Briefs indeed!

  159. Hello to the Beyonce of the knitting world. Did Brent Bambury really say that? The fact that you are a world-class knitting champion, have a wicked sense of humor, and are a mother of three stood you well. Brent didn’t faze you. You and the knitters from Lettuce Knit ran rings around him. And congratulations on learning to “scratch!” Now back to the Olympic Village and the prep for your final slalom on Whistler! Go, Stephanie, Go!!!!

  160. Woderful post and keep on treking to the end. Gold is good but silver and bronze are also a real accomplishment, go Stephanie go .

  161. Injuries caused by knitters, LOL! I have asked one of my Teens when they were being pissy with me, if it was such a good idea to do that when I had sharp pointed sticks in my hands, LOL!!!
    BTW, finished my Cowl, weaved in stray ends & all last night during the speed skating coverage, WOOT!!!

  162. Bust a gut laughing at the interview! I’m giving myself two extra days due to drive time for conference and given it was at the beach, might even return time to the schedule to replace time spent walking the dog on the beach which is not a penalty at all with sunshine out there. Not going to freak out. But your project is spectacular with or without sleeves – just incredibly Canadian, beautiful, complex – ok – not enough adjectives. You ROCK and WHISTLE.

  163. Listened to you this morning on Go. You were awesome, as always… but you did sound a little out of your depth with the whole scratching thing! (Who wouldn’t be??!)
    So nice to hear you evangelize on CBC. 🙂

  164. I totally understand about arsing up both sleeves before even 1 is done. I decided to do both sleeves at the same time so there was no ‘second sock, er sleeve syndrome’. Then I remembered that I twist my stitches in the round, normally I like it, but it messed with the cables too much. So they got ripped out and started again, more than 1/2 way but sick of them now. I really do want a sweater not a vest.

  165. Yeah I had to pull out of the competition. Frankly, even without distractions, I’m just not a fast knitter. At least I can admit that of myself.
    To Stephanie and other Olympic knitters:
    Go Boldly for the Gold Medal! I’m cheering for you!

  166. No advice here. I’m just being entertained as a knitting by-stander. Perhaps I’ll wait until after the olympics are over to ask about that green afghan again…probably, most certainly should…wait. I think I’ll just wait.

  167. Stephanie – you go! I was able to keep up the pace after half a bottle of wine last night. It turns out that isn’t the best idea when doing something lacy, but I recovered, retraced my steps, and in a final huge push was able to get through the last picot cast off in true American style. Still rooting for the Canadians, though.

  168. Way to go!!! I’ve just finished mine – I never thougt I would – thank you for the challenge – and good luck to you – I have every faith in you.

  169. Wonderful coverage! You can do it! More barriers broken!
    I’m out of contention, even though am getting extra knitting time since the roads are closed here (waiting for the tsunami to arrive, from my house on high ground). Roads are closed, can’t go anywhere (yay). But am glad I entered for many reasons. Nice to have something to think about and do besides the impending storm surge and our Chilean friends (I mean it, The Games are valuable in this way. Hugs!)
    Since we’re all basically safe and sound here in Hawaii, my wish is that the all clear will come in time for us to see The Hockey Game. (“We now return to regular progamming.”) Plenty of ice hockey fans here, especially for this great matchup between these Two Great Neighbours. And would NBC please feature a shot of you in your Maple Leaf sweater?

  170. Sooooo…maybe I shouldn’t mention that I finished yesterday. I adore my Oregon Vest! I am very proud of myself for finisheing and have complete faith that you will finish in glorious form as well! Good luck!

  171. Olympic Challenge Met! Finished the last seam just as Jasey Jay Anderson got his gold.
    Don’t worry, Ms. Pearl-McGee. At least they put in a link to your website, so the spelling glitch won’t stop people from finding you. Did you notice they can’t spell hobbyist, either?

  172. I’m rooting for you!!! Go! Go! Go! Go! Actually, you deserve to earn extra points. That’s just such a gorgeous sweater and worth every frustration, happiness and stitch you put into it. Yum!
    I finished up my very first matched baby set of sweater, hat and booties ever!!! I’d probably finked out on the booties if I hadn’t signed up for this. I hate doing booties – too fiddly. Yay!

  173. You’re doing great.
    This Olympic athlete is going to have to drop out of the games due to a family emergency – my 4-year old kitty died unexpectedly this morning and I can’t bring myself to knit without her – she was my knitting companion and my Addi chewer.
    Good luck to the remaining athletes.

  174. The knitter at the curling must have roomier seats than we ever did; one reason my Olympic knitting is no where near done. We could barely move our arms, much less knit. But it was wonderful to be there, anyway.

  175. I absolutely loved the photo of the knitter in front of Harper at the final curling match. The power of knitters yes!!!!! I told my husband that if she can do it right in front of Harper, then I can do it at the next baseball game.

  176. Finished my knitting olympics Harry Potteresque aweater. Teenaged daughter ecstatic….better than a medal!!!!!

  177. ..traffic, snow and humanity obstacles… not to mention the fact that you were actually taking a photo at the same time.

  178. That sweater is going to be absolutely *gorgeous,* whether or not you finish it on time! And it’s really how you play the game that counts, right? Not where you finish? Right?? 🙂

  179. I love your clever and hilarious posts!
    Go! Steph! Go! I know you can do it! You are gold.

  180. Was anyone watching the curling today when they cut to Prime Minister Harper. Right in front of him was a lady knitting what looked to be like a sock. I only caught a quick glimpse as I didn’t see her until they were ready to cut away. I watched for PM for the rest of the event but didn’t see her again. That’s really knitting olympics.

  181. Ok, I read the rules again.
    Since you did not start your knitting until 9pm due to the extremely LAME American Olympic coverage you need to finish in the timezone you started in. If you finish in the Toronto timezone you are taking away 4 hours of knitting time that is rightfully yours.

  182. What a surprise this morning on my early knitting shift …..Heard you on Go and enjoyed great fun and laughter!
    Thanks for your inspiring company through the air waves while I frogged a shawl….. It actually didn’t feel so bad ….
    I bet Brent Bambury and his audience have changed their minds on the topic of Knitting as ” Hobby ” ! Not so innocent, huh? You have once again promoted knitting to the status of Neuroscience! Thanks!
    Go Yarn Beyonce, Go!

  183. Woo-Hoo! I’m done! A whole sweater in 16 days is a personal best! (Anything less than a year is probably a personal best.)
    Keep going Steph, we have faith in you…you’ve pulled out some surprises before and I think you can do it again. Warn the family to adhere to a strict safety zone around you and your sweater. 😉

  184. I did it…I am finished…a personal best for me with a sweater to show for it and a day to spare.
    Thankyou for issuing this challenge Stephanie, I never would have tried it otherwise.
    I have to say that I love Dream in Color Classy..and my sweater.

  185. “Beginning the first sleeve before you’ve finished the second one…”
    HA! So that’s what I’ve been doing wrong this whole time….. 😉
    Thanks for the laugh!!! 🙂

  186. Great news story! Its twelve midnight here and I just have to graft the ends of my lace border of the Stonington. So what if I have to be getting ready for work in three hours. Knowning me I will. come home pass out from exhaustion and sleep through the closing ceremony with only 16sts away from gold. haha..no way am I grafting tonight. Where’s the coffee???Good luck!! You can do it!

  187. There is absolutely no hope of me finishing my Coraline. I’m not even done with the body yet, let alone start the sleeves or the yoke wherein begins scary smocking!

  188. Keep it up Stephanie!! I just finished the Whistler Hat and cannot imagine knitting the whole sweater in just 2 weeks, so you’re a gold medalist in my books.

  189. Have been up since before the crack of dawn knitting… this is going to come down to the wire for me. Thanks for your encouraging posts throughout this Olympic challenge. They have helped to keep me going!!
    Now for the final push for gold. Can’t wait to see your sweater finished. Thought of your often throughout the night!

  190. I’m done!!! I finished today, sewing the damned thing up while watching the figure skaters doing their free choice program. Bamboo tape yarn is the most horrible stuff to sew with, but lovely to knit with. I’m loving the top I made and I’m flushed with success!!

  191. I got up at 5:30 a.m. to start my sprint to the finish. I turned the heel on second sock late last evening. I should pass the finish line before the final ceremony, if I am not interrupted by something silly,like cooking. Not my best effort – I got out of the gate late, skipped the cabling – but I WILL finish!
    I am glad to be a part of the Knitting Olympics.

  192. You and the other Lettuce Knit knitters sounded great on the GO radio program. Congratulations.
    It’s quite a coup to be knitting on radio. My sister-in-law, from Winnipeg, emailed me when she spotted a knitter sitting in front of Harper during the curling olympics. So now our friends and relatives have joined the challenge of spotting knitters in public. It’s a wonderful network (knitwork?)
    Marlyce in Windsor.

  193. That post cracked me up!
    It’s Sunday noon here in Iceland and I finished my Thordisarhyrna shawl yesterday, blocked and all. My first lace project and my first blocking, I can hardly believe that I made it to the finish line. Thank you for hosting this event that made me step out of my comfort zone and do something new.
    Can’t wait to see your sweater finished! It doesn’t matter whether you finish today or later, you have already performed a Grettir boulder with that beautiful creation. I know you want to finish today so I’ll be cheering you on, go Stephanie go!

  194. As I was hopping in the car yesterday to run an errand, I heard a familiar voice coming from the radio … I drove a half a block before I heard the word “Knitting”, and grinned the rest of the drive – how lucky for me to hop in the car just as the Yarn Harlot was being interviewed on CBC!
    Good interview, by the way! I enjoyed hearing you agin (I’ve been to one of your book signings in Halifax, and have you on audio book)

  195. Woo Hoo Steph, you can do it! @Marlyce, I love the ‘knitwork’ – I’ll start using that.
    As for me, Hat completed, blocked, dry and Hubby won’t take it off; very gratifying! Sock is only about halfway down the leg, so I may not make it through a heel turn today unless baby son decides to take a looooooooooong nap. Ha! Still, this has been a great time hearing about everyone’s projects and following the ‘coverage’. 🙂

  196. The podium is in sight! I’ve only one set of toe decreases to complete and the kitchenering to do and I’ll have completed both patterns of the Rocking Sock Club January kit. I’m thrilled with the results and I’m 2 more Christmas presents to the good for 2010-BONUS!!!!! Cheers and red wine, Hazel.

  197. Cast off the Hemlock Ring Throw last night watching the US men win the 4 man bobsled. Managed to dodge the Marguerita moguls. Weaving ends and blocking for Sunday—THEN DONE!
    The Whistler sweater is beautiful. Finished or not, its quite an accomplishment.

  198. I think I’m gonna finish on time, and learned a whole new technique (entrelac)! Life is good!

  199. I finished my sweater Saturday. My computer and camera have decided not to work together so I can’t put photos up on Ravelry and it will look better once I’ve blocked it, but it is finished. I watched the women’s 30K cross country ski competition and saw Norway beaten by Poland in a photo finish. It’s the first Winter Olympic Gold Medal ever for Poland. This may be another Norwegian photo finish, but any way you will have a beautiful pullover which can help you survive the rest of winter. Good luck. We’re all pulling for you!

  200. Socks are done. Even with restart on new needles with new yarn. Now going to try and finish other started-but-not-finished items in stash. Know I can do it.
    Good interview on ‘Go’. Suitably Fierce!
    Keep knitting!!!

  201. I still have a ways to go on my bookmark. My schedule was insane the last few days and didn’t leave me much time or energy to knit. Good luck with your sweater.

  202. This morning – after ripping out thumbs twice, I completed my pair of mitts. This project helped me use the thoughtful ways of a curler with the never say die of a bobsledder. Good project – glad it is done. Small in size compared to yours, Steph, but, high powered in the learning department. Thank you again for conducting the games – I look forward to the next round.
    Keep knitting – will be cheering you and everyone else on during closing ceremonies!

  203. Brilliant!!! Thanks for the good laugh Steph.
    And in the true Olympic spirit I’m cheering for you all the way from Norway, even if you beat us in the curling final yesterday 😉

  204. Go Stephanie!!!!! You can do it! I just finished mine today (not that exact sweater, one of my design) at 5:48am.

  205. I am so urging you on! That sweater is beautiful, and wouldn’t be quite right with no sleeves! I have finished my socks (yeah!) and DH LOVES them. He wore them the evening I gave them to him and then the next day to work. Wants to know when the next pair will be finished. What, no socks for me first??
    thanks for the motivation to get a project on and OFF the needles!

  206. You can do it – I have my fingers crossed an am sitting on the edge of my seat to see if it will be a photo finish. I finished my project last night. My setback came in the form of sickness that took hold of my family and held on for a week. But everyone is on the mend now and my project is done. whew.
    Your sweater is gorgeous – I cannot wait to see the finished project.

  207. 1:56 p.m.-Finished!!! Toe closed, ends woven in, sock tried on, sock admired!! We’re golden. Well, actually, this pair, Flabella, is Raspberries and Chocolate, a Dye For Glory winner. Cascadia is resplendent in Tina’s Happy Go Lucky January colourway. I can’t believe how much this feat(ugh! bad pun) has improved my confidence in my ability to knit a charted sock. Next???? It’s going to be either lace or colourwork-must get ready for the next Olympics! Cheers and red wine, Hazel.
    P.S. We’re going to need a really BIG podium.

  208. 2pm finished!! It is going to be a huge podium and we have utter faith in you, Stephanie! Can you feel all of your teammates breathing with you? This was so fun! My clapotis pics are up on the blog. I wish I could be at the finish line with the rest of you but know I am there is spirit! Go Go Go!!

  209. My goal all along was to wear my warm woolly socks during the closing ceremonies. I finished them yesterday (2-27-10) and am wearing them to Fur Rendezvous today, here in Anchorage. They will be “worn in” by closing ceremonies tonight.
    Glad to see so many Gold Medalists!
    Stephanie, thanks for the goal – this has really been fun.

  210. I FINISHED! I FINISHED! I am ringing my metaphorical cow bell for you!! GO GO GO GO!

  211. Stephanie, My hero! You knit like a dream, your writing is terrific, your humour tickles me, and your radio stint was great! Your current project has me intrigued, and am I right in thinking that you spoke of a kit for these types of sweaters? I’d like to tackle one and a kit supplying yarn and pattern would be perfect for me- a knitter on the road. I got a Dale of Norway sweater for a trip to the Olympics and the obsession of creating one myself has hit. Thanks, and keep the needles fired up. Ann.

  212. Keep knitting!! You can do it!
    I cannot believe I finished my Stonington Shawl! I had to work thirteen days straight so only two days off during the whole Olympics, had my nineteen year old move out( so of course dealing with all the emotions that brings), and during the last five days two sick children. In fact me being up all night with my little one is how I managed to finish the last lace border. Then managed to sleep two hours before going to work at 5am this morning so I grafted my lace border at 4am afraid that I would come home after work pass out and miss finishing by 36 sts in need of grafting.
    Again you can do this!!

  213. My husband came downstairs at 0100 saturday morning convinced I’d fallen asleep with the TV on. Sheepishly I held up the knitting and said “I just want to finish this panel”. He shook his head and stumbled back to bed.
    I still have hope I’ll get it finished this evening…

  214. My goal was to finish both fronts and the back of Mendocino, by Alice Starmore. DONE! finished the cast off on the back, the final piece to be finished just a few minutes before midnight on Feb. 26. It’s been great watching your progress Steph on your gorgeous sweater. Brilliant choice, brilliant knitting. I hope you make it, but even if you don’t you’ve inspired over 4,000 others to give it their best shot and that’s a winner in my book.

  215. Hey!!!! I finished! I finished! I finished! –Sorry, I’m just so excited. This is the first sweater I’ve managed to start and finish for myself. I made a Transitions Yoke Cardigan by Becky Harbour (free pattern on Ravelry). It took some time and thought to work out the math, but I had help from EZ and some other sources. And in the end, it fits! Hooray!
    Thanks so much for the inspiration!

  216. We all rooting for you! You are the champion knitter! I surprised myself and finished the Selbuvotter NHM#4 mitten!

  217. wha-hoo… I’m tired, still in my jammies and my husband has just ordered out, but I’M FINISHED!! What a great way to celebrate my first year of knitting. Thanks for the inspiration. It’s been an amazing 17 days!

  218. Go Stephanie. I’m sure you will get your gold. I’m done and cheering you on. Do we need to post a finished pic of our project to get our medal from you?

  219. Just finished substitute knitting event! Yay!
    Go, YH, Go–you can do it! I have faith in you and your abilities (forget about weaving in ends–leave them alone and they will felt themselves to the rest of the wool) (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it)

  220. I finished my knitting olympics project at 5:30pm Eastern time – felted clogs. I don’t know where to post that they are finished. I looked for a link in the original knitting olympics blog post and did not find it, nor did I find it on the main blog page. Hopefully this post will count as being finished before the flame goes out. Thanks for the fun! I hope you finished your sweater — what an amazing project!!!!

  221. Canada’s guys won gold just as I sewed my last seam together! Victory on both sides of the television set!
    And I must confess here, in this safe place, I sat in my Indiana home and cheered Canada on, not the U.S. team. Canada wanted it more. Canada deserved it–hockey gold on home soil!

  222. Thanks Steph for agreeing to inspire the Knitting Olympics 2010…Congratulations to the Canadians for thier Hockey GOLD. Your sweater is a true keepsake and will be such a delight to wear. It reminds me of the sweaters of a Canadian Knitting Group you showed us some time ago, each one a masterpiece. I feel great to have completed my Olympic sweater and another that was begun on Feb 2. That one does not count, except to me. The encouragement of the KO games helped me to use my beautiful well aged yarns. Congratualtions to all the participants, may the spirit carry your work forward with confidence as you have stretched yourselves to reach new goals.

  223. I’m getting very nervous here. I’ve crossed the finish line, the guys won us our gold (that last little bit contributed a few grey hairs, but my pulse is almost back to normal now) but we have yet to hear from you! I hope you are doing like that Norwegian guy who won the 50K cross-country skiing by the skin of his teeth and then lay down on the snow for a good few minutes…

  224. I finished my selbu modern hat Friday the 26th at 7 pm CST. I love it. I already have plans to knit several more. I was not sure about how it turned out until I blocked it. Oh man,did that make a big difference. It looks great. So glad I took the challenge. Thanks, Steph for the motivation to try something new and expand my knitting skills. I am cheering you on to the finish of your sweater. Patsy

  225. O Canada! It’s Sunday afternoon and the Canadian men have just won gold in hockey. Congratulations! These things are always better when you do them at home.

  226. I was hoping for a great game and got more than that. Congratulations Canada! You guys were great.
    golly. sudden death OT. wow.

  227. What a great Olympics!!! It was a great hockey game and so much fun to watch!!! Congrats!!!

  228. Best of luck crossing the finish line! I managed to complete my Olympic knit this afternoon during the amazing hockey game. Now I just have find a way to get a decent picture.

  229. Done! 43 dishcloths and three very sore fingers(cotton yarn is evil)are what I have to show for the 2010 Olympics. Not bad.Hope you finish as well.

  230. Keep up the good work!
    I wanted to compete but couldn’t find something that really caught my eye… and then, I broke my wrist, needed surgery and will be in a cast for who knows how long.
    Congrats to all of you who finished!

  231. I FINISHED!!! I’m so happy. Crown Prince Shawl from Knitted Lace of Estonia. Pics on my blog:-) Thanks Stephanie for challenging me in this way. It was fun. Let’s do it again in 4..okay??:-)

  232. Congratulations on the hockey win! If you didn’t finish the sweater it’s understandable because valuable time was expended on rooting for the hockey team.

  233. As I mentioned earlier, I way overestimated the complexity of the Star Crossed Slouchy Beret—or way undersestimated myself. Whatever. The upshot was I finished it in 24 hours. Hmmm…I then attempted the Greenery Hat but was unsuccessful in getting it properly going in time to complete it before the closing ceremonies. So I decided to adjust a top down baby hat pattern for a smaller preemie hat and try to get that done. I decided that on Monday and, by grabbing knitting time during rehearsals for the Monteverdi Vespers of 1610, managed to get it 95% complete Saturday. With a performance Saturday evening, I had no knitting time yesterday. With a rehearsal for something else today, I had only one knitting hour before my self-imposed 7:30 deadline. I got the hat finished, bound off, and the ends woven in at….7:26 PM!! Yay!!! So I completed 2 hats for this Knitting Olympics! And the crowd goes wild! (And my family breathes a collective sigh of relief!!)

  234. I have underestimated the power of second sock syndrome, but will finish this week.
    Congrats to all of Canada…great hosting and fabulous athletes! As much as it’s desirable to have my own country (USA) win, I think it’s extra cool that Canada’s athletes did so fabulously well on their home turf.

  235. Finished my In the Pink Shawl!!! Blocked and wearing it for the closing ceremony 🙂 In patriotic red of course.

  236. Today’s calender entry, “Tender and affectionate, it is woman’s highest bliss to minister to teh wants, the convenience, and the pleasure of those she loves… fabrication of articles calculated to accomplish those desirable ends.”
    This sort of thing is repeated over and over in 19th C writing. It’s sort of like one of those things that they keep saying, over and over because it’s Not Being Done! Like all the rules, stated virtually every week, in George Washington’s army, about no women in wagons…if they hadn’t been there to begin with, they wouldn’t need to keep forbidding it. So since I’ve seen this stuff frequently in 19th C writings…I think things *haven’t* changed, and they were admonishing women to be more selfless than any woman was acting!
    Nothing, really, has changed 😉

  237. Woot! I made it! Not only did I finish both socks but – and here’s the challenge – I finished the OTHER two pairs that I had in progress, too! It was a very knitting intensive week, I must say.

  238. Finished Gytha and posted on Ravelry, crummy picture and all. The closing ceremonies are just starting – hope you’re having fun. Congrats on that hockey thing (again)!

  239. Just finished sewing the buttons on my clock vest. So glad to have finished it and now be watching the closing ceremonies to some great Olympic games.

  240. Great Hockey game. Couldn’t ask for more except my side to win…but not this time. They all played their heart out. I finished my last project during the overtime period!

  241. I did it!!!!!! Shawl is done!!! Well it isn’t blocked yet. I have nothing to block it on until Tuesday when another knitter is bring some styrofoam mats. I learned the importance of using lifelines and that I can.not.count. At all. Also learned that doing somethhing new and different is really fun – even while banging my head on the wall! Thanks, Ms. Stephanie

  242. I finished with time to spare thanks to some snow days. Pictures are on my ravelry (cathariknitter) of Trellis sweater with hat and Moebius 2. Good luck to those of you racing to the finish!

  243. Congratulations to Canada for putting on a wonderful entertaining Olympics. And what a Hockey Game. Sorry we lost, but the game was well played.
    And thank you Stephanie, for hosting the Knitting Olympics and making a bunch of us athletes in our own right.

  244. Yeaaaaa! finished my project and will probably not knit a stitch the rest of the week. This was a photo finish but in true olympic spirit I did it. Congrats to the hockey team. The only thing that would have made it better was if my team won but there you are. (Sleveless shell in Creme from Crystal Palace.)

  245. It is finished! C’est finis! My Jared’s Hemlock Throw is done, all the way through its monster bind-off. And the Olympic flame still burns in
    Vancouver. What a thrill! U-S-A!! U-S-A!! U-S-A!! U-S-A!! How did you do, J. D.? Stephanie, if you did not finish your sweater, you still deserve a medal for the noble attempt. Shall we meet in Russia in four years? Yeah!!!!!!!

  246. I’ve just finished binding off.. go me.. and did you SEE that game!! Go Canada… I’m so proud of all the athletes from every country… and SO proud to be Canadian!eh!

  247. I finished my Quant this evening. I am happy that I took on the challenge of learning Entrelac. Have always thought that I would find it too aggravating or something, but it was fun! Look forward to working it again.

  248. I finished my Central Park Hoodie! Not a gold medal sweater–I don’t recommend placing buttonholes just before bed, but it fits my daughter like a dream and she loves it. Looking forward to next time.

  249. Just saw your finished sweater- beautiful! Congratulations! I’ve finished, too, although I had a project substitution last minute when my scarf yarn didn’t arrive… I have one finished Barefoot Knits Twirly Skirt for my daughter- done at 9:30ish PA time! Woo-hoo!

  250. Finished my Helena baby sweater and matching hat a couple of days ago. Couldn’t do the booties as planned t=due to yarn shortage, so subbed a pair of socks for a good friend that needed to be completed. Finished at 5 p.m. EST and delivered to my friend at 7!

  251. Sad to say, I didn’t finish… snow delays and shoveling “injuries” delayed my knitting… I did, however, finish the sweater for my friend and send it to her (it fits perfectly! http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=3739662&l=854e603d8a&id=719157683 ). I started my vest, but decided cotton would not work and scrapped the idea. I substituted reclaiming yarn from a sweater I found at goodwill and starting a lace cardigan that I am designing. I only have the bottom band started so far… we’ll see how it goes!
    Congrats on the Knitting Olympics!

  252. Me too! Me too! Me too! Me too!
    Just finished weaving in the multiple ends in the 37″ by 48″ Sunny Cables and Crown baby blanket. Should be blocked and shipped from Oregon to Maine in time to meet the littlest one when she arrives. Whew!
    Wish I’d had time to watch the hockey game, too, even if you did beat us! Congrats, dear neighbors, I understand you earned it in spades.

  253. Well the flame has been doused, and I officially declare my Farmers Market Cardigan a DNF. I did my best, but nothing will make the blocking sleeves dry any faster! And frogging the diagonal cables six times to sort out the short rows means I only have the first of two done. So unless I sign up for the paralympics, I’m out of the running. But it has been the most amazing time. I was out on the streets in normally staid Victoria after the Gold medal men’s hockey game, and the jubilation was amazing! Cars honking, flags all over the place, people cheering and singing Oh Canada. I’ve never been so proud to be Canadian. And no – I’ve not made love in a canoe (yet)!!!!! Never say never – eh?

  254. Congrats to Canada on winning the gold in hockey. Great game! And my baby blanket was finished on time. Even had time to make a couple of baby washcloths!

  255. Missed the closing ceremony although I enjoyed the last bit of the hockey game. Wow. What a thrill it’s ALL been. Thank you for hosting the knitting games! Same time next year?!

  256. So did you make it, Steph? I’m dying to know. I still have one ewe left to deliver in our Lambing Olympics, so I guess I didn’t. . . or she didn’t. Anyway, your sweater will be gorgeous whenever it’s done. And, BTW, Canada Rocks! You guys did a great job hosting the Olympics. You all must be so proud. . . well, modestly so. . . After all, you’re Canadians. 🙂

  257. Well, the closing ceremony is still rockin’ here in California, and I’m done done done! Yay Olympics!

  258. Mot Awesome hockey win!!! Go CANADA–Well Done!!
    what a fabulous Games!!
    I know *you* finished–I did too. Finished my little girl’s dress for the Knitting Olympics a couple of days ago, then slid under the wire with minutes to spare on my Ravelympics goal–WOOT!!

  259. Whoo-hoo! I finished my hat and renewed my love of knitting! Just in time even tho I didn’t realize that finishing with 2 snaps could be done wrong 5 different ways! Gold Knitting Olympic Winner!!!!!!! Thanks for the inspiration. Thank you, Canada! Thank you, Stephanie! Long may you run.

  260. Thanks Canada and Stephanie for a wonderful 17 days of inspiration and fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!Great job by all!!!!!

  261. I’ve seen the pictures on Twitter–Congratulations on finishing your sweater on time! It looks great!

  262. Well, I did set out to complete a shawl which my SIL’s mom had started before she passed away. It ended up that she had made a booboo so all I had to do was sew 4 seams (after I spent hours figuring out that she had screwed up). Instead I bought Cat Bordhi’s book(s) and learned new techniques for socks. This yielded a pair of socks for myself and a pair for hubby who has size 13 feet. Does that count for Olympic gold?

  263. Done! Finished! Just trying to dowload the picture of 3 fabulous dead fish hats to FB. And it was truly heroic! The hats are done! The dishes aren’t, and the house is messy, tomorrow’s super busy and guests are arriving for the night, and I don’t have time to clean, but the hats are done and I didn’t think it was possible! Thanks for the challenge:)

  264. Done. Big Sweater. Thick Wool. Ends sewn in. Got it on. 🙂
    Congratulations Canada! Thanks for being such gracious hosts.

  265. Did it – one argyle sock! Photos posted! Congratulations Stephanie on finishing your sweater, and Thank You, for hosting another great Knitting Olympics! Congratulations Canada on all the gold medals, and a great Olympic Games.

  266. I think you’re doing an amazing job with the knitting, it’ll all come right in the end, never fear!
    I’ve never done a sweater in the round – over this side of the Pond we haven’t been much in to that method of sweater construction historically – and I’ve read about steeking, and had to be revived with a pretty hefty dram afterwards, so I’m lost in admiration that you’re doing this as part of a competition.
    While the Olympics has been going on, I’ve moved house (a week later than scheduled thanks to snowfall) and have clung to the last shreds of my sanity by completing a baby blanket (the Apple Tree Blanket from the Rowan website) and starting another (the Cable Blanket from Debbie Bliss’s “Simply Baby” book). I’ve watched some of the Olympic coverage while doing that, and it was fab to see the Canadian ice hockey team win last evening – Go Canada Go!!
    Seriously, though – you’ll be fine, Steph, it’ll all go right eventually. Hell, I was supposed to move house over a week ago, couldn’t, then was let down again with the availability of the removals van (damned van hire company!!), rescued by a friend with a trailer for the big furniture on Friday last, and then by family and friends with cars for the boxes of stuff on Saturday last – so when the Lady throws us a curve just for her amusement (or so it seems at the time!), She’s usually got a bit of “wiggle room” for us tucked up her sleeve somewhere……..
    If it came right for me, it will for you too…..

  267. WOO!! I finished mine with a day to spare! Got the buttons sewn on Sat afternoon. it’s a little wiggly, and I finished the trim in crochet because I had a hard time learning how to pick up stitches, but I did it! My first sweater! 🙂

  268. i dearly wanted to come last night, but my 6-year-old was All Olympic’d Out by the time 7:30 rolled around. hope it was awesome!

  269. Just stopping in to let you know of my progress. I finished my Millefiori Cardigan February 28 at 2:30 pm (EST). I was frantically sewing on the buttons and hollering at my father to please check the time for the closing ceremonies so that I could know FOR SURE when the flame was being extinguished. Dude, I was serious about finishing this Ravelympics, purely because I didn’t finish my project for Ravelympics 2008. You probably can’t see it from there, but I’m beaming.
    Link to my Rav page: http://www.ravelry.com/projects/citizenhappy/millefiori-cardigan

  270. Yahoo!!! We both finished our Olympic projects. Emmerson, my 14 year old daughter completed her lace tank top on Thursday last week. I told her to sleep with it under her pillow so I would not be tempted to FROG it!!! I completed my fairisle vest in the nick of time, sewing in ends as the closing ceremonies were on. All complete by the time the torch was extinguished!! Lots of fun!

  271. I have to say that even if you didn’t manage to finish the sleeves that you got further than I did. Of course, I set myself a new goal! Finished sweater by the local yarn crawl near the end of the month.

  272. Thanks to some snow days I did get my project done – a pair of socks designed and knitted! Congratulations to all knitters who finished!

  273. Thanks to your inspiration I finished! I was so excited, it was a race to the finish, that final skein was weighed 6 times and the cast off ended with only 3 grams of yarn remaining! let’s not talk about the frogging of three rows late Sunday afternoon. I now have my first sweater for me all finished. I made a whole sweater in 17 days. good grief. this would never have happened without the knitting olympics. I ran around the house looking for someone to share the joy, but the people at my house are surprisingly blase. the cats were more excited.

  274. You are hilarious! Thank you for hosting the Knitting Olympics again! It was my first time and what a time it was!!! Can’t wait for your wrap-up!

  275. Go Steph, I know you made it.
    I did get the two halves of the sweater knit, but not the sleeves. RL interrupted in a sad way. But — I did achieve getting this sweater started, which means it will be finished soon.

  276. Finished! I didn’t see a way or place to post pics of finished projects but I finished my sweater just before closing ceremonies. I even added a bit of crochet to the bottom because it looked unfinished to me.

  277. Alas, I did not finish my sweater. Finished the back, the sleeves, and half of the front, so I’m pretty close. So while I didn’t finish, I will finish, and some days THAT is an achievement!

  278. Finished my lace scarf, blocked and all, Sunday morning. Then picked up the half done pair of socks.
    Congratulations to one and all for a fabulous Olympics, we are all winners.
    Stephanie, your sweater is AMAZING! as my 13 year old daughter would say.

  279. I finished 17 preemie hats and one hat for me.
    Your sweater looks awesome – I wouldn’t be able to finish even the sleeves in 17 days.

  280. “Stout moguls”. I love you.
    Hope the celebration was wonderful and restorative. You are in great company whatever the state of the sweater. What’s more, this whole thing wouldn’t have happened without you. Rock on!

  281. Congratulations to the Canadian hockey team and all of their fans. I’m sad my guys lost, but I’m really happy for you. It’s always good when the home team wins. Sid the Kid is absolutely unbelievable!
    I finished my Olympic project yesterday. I probably could have gotten it done a day or two earlier, but I enjoyed finishing it up while watching the Gold Medal hockey game. I’m wondering if there will be a link to post our finished projects. I’d love to see what everybody else has accomplished. And can’t wait to see the finished Whistler.
    Congrats to all!

  282. Finished my shrug as Michael Buble was singing the last bars of his song! It was diffinately a sprint to the finish line for me, but so worth the reward of a completed project.
    It isn’t blocked as yet, but I am so happy I finished with the knitting!!!
    I felt like a contestant on Project Runway, after hours and hours of unsuccessful lace knitting and lots of frogging I scrapped my original project and cast on a totally new shrug pattern Thursday night! Thank goodness for an understanding hubby, while all I did was knit the last 3 days!

  283. A few days into the games I revised my goal. I am not experienced at seaming and finishing off and no help would be available until March 3. I did not want to ruin a job well done by doing a poor finishing job. I decided if I finished the body and sleeves that would be good enough. I accomplished this goal! The pieces for Hollyhock from Knitting in the Sun are done!
    Thanks, Stephanie I couldn’t have done it without your invitation. This is quite an accomplishment for me. I have never got so far on a project in so little time!

  284. So…did you make it? Did you? Did you? By the way, i ADORE reading your blog – if only because my husband wonders why he finds me with tears of laughter running down my face whenever I do!

  285. Bound off the last stitch, looked up at the TV, and saw the last flame flicker for a moment and go out. I am so proud of myself.
    When I started, I didn’t believe that I could have done it. Almost 19,000 stitches in 17 days. For me, this *is* a miracle.

  286. By Friday the 26th I had 4 “Knit for Kids” sweaters completed(sewn up & ends woven in even). That met my challange, then I tried for extra points by starting a 5th sweater. When the flame went out I had 5 rows to go. Finished those on the way to Baltimore to buy Orioles tickets–it’s time for Spring.

  287. Yay I made it, but then I didn’t overdo the challenge. I was operating on the theory that if I have a deadline, something will happen to make it impossible to do it in that time. So like the biathalon, I took a penalty lap and added a second pair of socks which I haven’t finished, but am 3/4m done with. I’m rationalizing this with the idea that all the athletes haven’t cleared out of Vancouver yet so I can get through this sock before they do. But I did make my original deal because I hit one of those rare calm spells in my life.

  288. I finished at 5:50 p.m. Pacific Standard Time Saturday, February 25/10. One pair of Rushing Rivulette Socks designed by Cat Bordhi in Fleece Artist 100% Merino. They are beautifull.
    I don’t have a blog so I cannot post a picture or a medal, but I won anyway. I knit more carefully than I usually do, and I knit all the way through to the end. I did avoid dishes, grocery shopping and bathroom cleaning in the final week, so I guess I was pushing the rules there, but I did get to work on time and do my work. I did fall off the project fidellity wagon late one night and knit a badge for my membership in the Knit 1, Take 2 Knitting group. Pitures to be taken next Sunday and posted to the group’s blog! I am very pleased.
    Thank you for doing this Stephanie. My first Knitting Olympics and definitly not my last.

  289. No word from the Harlot ey……
    Did the hockey game and resulting celebration get in the way? Too many “moguls”?

  290. I have been afraid to say “Boo” since I started, knowing I would jinx myself if I did, but I can claim victory! I successfully knit a pair of lovely striped socks, the first of my career, accomplished in spite of myriad hurdles.
    My sock yarn is shades of gray and black, with some sprinklings of taupe, while my needles were a low contrast pale olive green. I spent two weeks turning on extra lights and fearing I was going blind. The second hurdle was knitting in the round with such fine yarn, and trying to keep a tight tension. Let us just say, I got good at picking up stitches. Finally, when I looked like I would finish early, I realized I had failed to read the directions properly for the heel flap. I did the second one correctly, then had to rip half the first sock to redo. In spite of all this, I finished with mere minutes to spare. My body has suffered, my home has suffered, I am way behind on my computer tasks, but I am a happy knitter. I see more socks in my future. Sorry to run on so long, but I have no blog of my own, and only this chance to toot my own horn.
    Thank you for the challenge and inspiration.

  291. Stephanie – I just listened to you. You were inspiring! Congratulations on completing your sweater; I agree that the hockey game was a big impediment to knitting (or breathing). I finished my own challenge. Thanks for the push.

  292. I knit like a mad woman yesterday and finished weaving in my ends midway through the closing ceremony. I most certainly would not have completed the project had it not been for the Olympic challenge. Thanks for the inspiration – now I have a warm shawl to accessorize my early 1800’s dress when demonstrating bobbin lacemaking in freezing weather!

  293. I finished my Tree of Life baby afghan about 1 hour after the end of the gold medal hockey game!!!! And the baby’s not due for 10 more weeks. Back to knitting baby blankets for babies already born.

  294. That was in your top 10 of posts. And I have to say that the steeks on my Father’s sweater did me in. I got the sweater steeked and knit the neck band. But I could not see the stinking black on black to sew in the sleeve. And she stumbled and missed the gate. : )

  295. Congratulations, Stephanie! That’s a gorgeous sweater. I finished my Central Park Hoodie late Saturday night. I didn’t really believe I could do this when I started out, and was pretty amazed to make the deadline. First sweater in years. First mattress-stitch seaming ever. I’m so pleased. Thanks for leading the way in all this crazy fun.

  296. A “whack of knitters.” Brilliant. I always wondered what the official grouping name was. Flock, pride, gaggle, school…. none of them seemed right. But Whack– yes…. that does it!

  297. I know you’ve been mega busy this month but I’m dying to see what your February sock club was going to be! 🙂

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